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Invisible Ink
Chemical : Heat : UV Light
All of the inks listed below have a common flaw in that they are liquid. Liquids will cause a slight disturbance in the fibers of the page making your message vunerable to discovery by various means. To stop this you should first prep the paper by spraying it lightly with water then allowing it to dry by air or by toaster oven. Also don't forget to write something safe and appropriate on the other side of the page with a ball-point pen. A fountain pen or marker may bleed into the places that have been written on with the invisible ink revealing that there is another message on the paper. Here is a list of ideal properties for invisible ink taken from a british special forces manual. Read this before you get started. Note that #6 & #9 usually conflict with one another. I. Very water soluble, i.e. non-greasy. II. Non-volatile, i.e. no pronounced smell. III. Not depositing crystals on paper, i.e. not easily seen in glancing light. IV. Invisible under ultraviolet light. V. Does not decompose or discolour the paper e.g. not silver nitrate. VI. Unreactive with iodine, or with any of the other usual developers. VII. Potential developers for the ink should be as few as possible. VIII. Should not develop under heat. IX. Easily obtainable and has at least one plausible innocent use by the holder. X. Not a compound of several chemicals, as this would violate #7.

Inks processed through chemical reactions. An Iodine Solution can be made by mixing 1 teaspoon iodine with 10 teaspoons water. Ammonia: Turns colour when exposed to red cabbage water.

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White Vinegar White Wine UV Light You will need a black light to develop these. Lemon Juice: Turns colour when exposed to an iodine solution. 1/3 starch. 2/3 water. 1/2 water OR 1/3 sugar. Most of the inks listed below turn brown when heated to a certain temperature due to oxidation. Urine Cola Drink Honey Solution Juice: Apple. Some Liquid Laundry Detergents Some Soaps ^^ Back To Top ^^ 2 of 3 18/2/2013 20:30 . Good ways to process these documents is by using a toaster oven or a 100 watt bulb. White Vinegar: Turns colour when exposed to red cabbage water. Onion. These inks are not recommended due to the relative ease involved in processing them.. Lemon.. Semen. Baking Soda: Turns colour when exposed to purple grape juice. 1/2 water OR 1/3 baking soda. Baking Soda: 1/2 baking soda. Semen Milk Printer Cartridges: They sell them online. 2/3 water. 2/3 hot water. 1/2 baking soda. Starch: Turns colour when exposed to an iodine solution.Invisible Ink http://xqz3u5drneuzhaeo.onion/users/heidenwut2/spyvsspy/COMM_Inv. Bodily Fluids: Saliva. 2/3 water. Be careful not to heat the paper to 450*F. because that is the temperature at which paper ignites. Cobalt Chloride: This turns blue when heated and usually returns to normal later unless overheated. Bodily Fluids: Saliva. 1/2 water OR 1/3 baking soda. Heat Inks processed through heat. Orange Milk Soap Water Sugar Solution: 1/2 sugar.

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