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- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates http://www.sonoranbloom.



- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

A Note from the Author
This guide is meant to be a due diligence resource for the Sonoran Bloom product line as well as the accompanying Sonoran Bloom Affiliate Program. Hopefully through these pages I can paint a picture of the science behind the Sonoran Bloom line (particularly the flagship product, Nopalea) as well as offer some insight on how you can not only participate in the Sonoran Bloom affiliate program for a reasonably low cost, but use it as a stepping stone to branch into the higher affiliate ranks in TriVita later. If you have not read my previous guide on TriVita itself titled “The TriVita Advantage”, I’d encourage you to do so simply to get the full picture of what this business has to offer and why it’s in your best interest to at least consider it as a home business option... It can be downloaded at

Enjoy! Christy Edwards

Disclaimer & Rights
This guide was created by Christy Edwards, TriVita Affiliate #13152046. It may be shared with others in its current form only. It may not be duplicated, translated or edited for personal use without written consent from the author. Any opinions posted in this guide are solely those of the author herself and do not necessary represent the opinions of TriVita.Inc.


- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Understanding the Power of the Product


- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

In order to promote a product and feel confident doing so, it’s important to understand where the product comes from and how it works so that’s what I am going to lead this guide with. If you already feel you have a good handle on how the Sonoran Bloom line is intended to improve consumer health, please feel free to skip ahead to page 9 where discussion of the business opportunity begins.

The Common Link between All Diseases
Most of us don’t take the time to think about how every action we take throughout the day has a direct impact on our body whether it be mentally or physically. Take the act of eating for example… it’s something that we HAVE to do, but simply taking the action effects the body on a variety of different levels. The act of chewing involves the use of muscles in our face and grinding of our teeth. Swallowing requires the use of our throat. But in addition to the bodily motions we go through, the quality of the food itself has an impact on the body- Were pesticides used on the food? Are you unknowingly allergic to that food? Are you eating something that you KNOW isn’t healthy? It probably seems weird that I am opening this guide with a discussion on the effects of something like eating, but I think it will help bring to light what the importance of the Sonoran Bloom line truly is. You see, though you might not think of it from day to day as you carry on with your life, every action you take results in your body literally fighting for ITS life.

- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Your cells spend their existence scrambling to repair any damage you do through your actions in an effort to keep you healthy and they are always fighting the same opponent- Inflammation… Inflammation is a bodily response to stress that we often pass off as a harmless sign of the body doing its job. In actuality, however, Inflammation is the “silent killer” at the root of a number of severe medical conditions! To illustrate why, let me give you a commonplace example of how inflammation works and then we’ll compare it to a less obvious instance. The Common Example: You twist your ankle. It hurts and it’s swollen- that’s obvious inflammation and a sign of your body working to repair the damage. So, your body will repair it and you’ll be fine, right? Well… in most cases the answer is yes. The body sees the affected area as causing obvious impairment of your physical ability to carry out normal life and will label it a priority worth fixing. But what if while it’s sending cells to repair your ankle there are a variety of smaller sources of inflammation throughout the body that it regards as less significant at the time and it doesn’t answer the request for help in those locations? THIS is where the real problems start to occur… Minor untreated inflammatory responses become a “norm” to the body and yield chronic inflammation- your body literally regards the inflamed condition as normal and rather than fighting it, it fosters it into a much more severe medical condition!


- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

The Less Common Example: Let’s go back to eating… You eat an apple that you picked up at the store. Just an ordinary, everyday, good for you apple… You know about pesticide spraying and all that so you do what you are suppose to do and wash it before eating it. BUT, can washing it really take away all of the pesticides? For the sake of this example, we are going to say no… Once you ingest that apple, the pesticide residue goes into your body and actually travels through the bloodstream. That foreign substance in your body is going to have an effect on the cell it travels with and will cause an inflammatory response. If that response goes unheeded because it is deemed insignificant in comparison to other problems and that pesticide particle has a chance to bind itself to the cells and cause a malformation of the cells over time, the end could be cancer… Mind boggling, huh? Your body’s natural urge to act in a way which keeps you alive and functioning normally may actually lead to it prioritizing its response to calls for help in such a way that it might miss, or even help cause, the beginnings of a more severe problem down the road… As reported by Time Magazine in their 2004 article titled “The Fires Within”, not only is inflammation the trigger-factor for various forms of cancer, but also Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, heart attacks, allergies, arthritis and even obesity!


- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Investigating the First Product of the Sonoran Bloom Line:
Understanding how Nopalea can Solve the Inflammation Problem The first product to be released from the Sonoran Bloom line is a nutritional supplement drink called “Nopalea”. The intended use of the supplemental drink is as an aid in the body’s ability to ward off inflammation in the body. It accomplishes this by detoxifying the cells before the toxins have a chance to set off the chain reaction that could cause more severe problems down the road. In other words, Nopalea works to solve the “little problems” that your body doesn’t have time to direct its attention to while it’s busy repairing any serious damage elsewhere. It’s like your secondary inflammation task force! So how, and why, does Nopalea work against inflammation? The answer to that question lies in the explanation of where the main ingredient comes from… Think back for a moment to the days of grade school science class where you learned about how organisms adapt to the surroundings- the polar bear’s fur being white but skin being black to help capture and hold the sun’s heat in such a cold climate; the duck having webbed feet to aid it in swimming; the camel storing water in its hump so it can survive in the harsh desert.


- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Well, the foundation of why Nopalea works the way it does against inflammation is thanks to an adaptation just like this… When we think of inflammation, we typically think swelling, pain, stiffness, and most importantly, HEAT. Therefore, it would make sense that to find a solution to inflammation; we would analyze the organisms that have adapted to a hot environment around- namely, the desert.  The Nopal, or Prickly Pear, Cactus, the plant that the main ingredient for Nopalea is derived from, is one of the few organisms that not only lives, but literally THRIVES in the Sonoran Desert- widely regarded as the most extreme environment in the world. It is this fact that lead to the Nopal cactus being the ideal candidate for research toward a supplemental solution to inflammation and ultimately lead to the creation of Nopalea. If the Nopal Cactus can not only survive, but thrive, in the most inflamed region of the world, it HAD to hold the key to solving the problem…


- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Share and Earn:
The Sonoran Bloom Business Opportunity


- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Along with the introduction of the new product line, TriVita instituted a brand new accelerated compensation plan designed to put more money back in the pockets of affiliates faster that they have coined “Share and Earn”. The concept that the Share and Earn program is founded on is team building and good old fashioned person to person networking, though you are just as welcome to, and capable of, marketing it without face to face contact. The great thing about this program is that it’s simple to get started in, cost effective and allows you to “wet your feet” in the TriVita business to decide if it’s right for you. Though the primary objective given to a Sonoran Bloom affiliate is to sell the Sonoran Bloom product line, that does not mean that they do not have the ability to take advantage of sales on the other TriVita products as well. In fact, as a Sonoran Bloom affiliate, you have: • The ability to buy customers from the MAP program • Your own replicated affiliate website for and (as well as • Access to all of the standard training, support and tools that steadfast TriVita affiliates have Sonoran Bloom Affiliates ARE TriVita affiliates in every sense of the word. The only major differences lie in your earnings plan- You will not be qualified to accept coded bonuses if you sign up a steadfast pack affiliate beneath you.

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- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

The Math Behind the Share and Earn Compensation Plan
The Share and Earn Compensation plan allows affiliates to earn a potential total of 70% commissions through 3 levels in their organization on sales of the Sonoran Bloom products. There is no separate compensation plan for sales to customers versus sales to affiliates as there is with the main TriVita compensation plan. All Sonoran Bloom product sales made to individuals on your first level will earn you a flat 30% commission for the first 3 months of purchases that they make. After those first 3 months however, you will earn 21% on all customer purchases and 3% on all affiliate purchases of Sonoran Bloom products for life (just as you would if they purchased any of the other TriVita products). All Sonoran Bloom product sales made on your second level will earn you 15% for the first 3 months of purchases made and then 4% on all customer purchases and 7% for all affiliate purchases of Sonoran Bloom products made for life thereafter. All Sonoran Bloom product sales made on your third level will earn you 10% for the first 3 months of purchases by anyone and then 4% on all customer purchases and 7% for all affiliate purchases of Sonoran Bloom products made for life thereafter.

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- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

(The additional 15% of the total 70% commissions paid out is to members in the upline at the Director Level or higher based on their rank.)

Why the Sonoran Bloom Opportunity is the Perfect Launch Pad for TriVita Success
Just because you register as a Sonoran Bloom Affiliate, that does not mean that you cannot easily upgrade to a higher affiliate level later. In fact, most of the affiliates I have registered are looking at the Sonoran Bloom opportunity as their launch pad toward getting a steadfast pack membership later. There are 2 options for upgrading from Sonoran Bloom affiliate to a Basic pack or higher TriVita : 1) reregistering through with your new package choice (though you’d want to request full instructions on how to do so later) OR 2) purchasing 10 or more customers ($50 each) through the MAP program while you are a Sonoran Bloom affiliate. Obviously number 1 is the quickest way, but it will require the full priced upfront payment of the package cost. Number 2 is a slower process, but might be ideal for someone who has a fixed amount of funds per month that they can put back into their business as they work it. 

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- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Sidenote: With option 2, purchasing the 10 customers over time will upgrade you to a Basic Level membership with TriVita. If you wanted to upgrade further, you could just buy more customers- 15 total would qualifiy you as a pro pack member and 25 or higher would qualify you as a premier pack member.

How You can Join Me in the Sonoran Bloom Opportunity Today
The cost of joining the Sonoran Bloom Opportunity is $35 plus the cost of shipping. The only other monetary requirement you have to participate thereafter is a monthly autoship of at least 1 bottle of the Nopalea product ($39.99 + shipping). You will have your choice of when to start your shipment when you begin the registration process. Your initial $35 start up cost will buy you the Sonoran Bloom Starter kit containing promotional DVDs, brochures, letterhead and affiliate applications to help you start building your business. To join us, please follow this 3 step process: Step 1: Contact Me for the next available link. Step 2: Go through the actual registration process at the Sonoran Bloom site using the affiliate link you are given making sure that you set up your
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- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

autoship either during the registration process or by calling the company at 1-800-TRIVITA Step 3: After your registration is complete, send me your new Sonoran Bloom Affiliate ID (it’s an 8 digit number) as well as the name and email address that you registered with That’s it! I’ll send you all of our welcome materials and promotional tools and add you to my team list!  If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact me. I look forward to helping you build your TriVita business soon! Bob Gates
Send Me an Email

703-619-0897 Internationals:
If you are interested in joining Sonoran Bloom but are not currently residing in the US or Canada, please Contact Me for further instructions on how you can join.

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- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Other Important Links and Information
If you haven’t already read the original TriVita Advantage Guide which contains information on the regular TriVita Compensation Plan, you can download it here:

Every Monday at 8pm EST / 5pm PST - New Nopalea Testimonial Call with Michael Ellison and Dr. Minshew - Dial 212-461-5860 - Pin 0752# Listen to Dr. Minshew talk about the science behind Nopalea:

Check out the Sonoran Bloom Website:

Is there a Sonoran Bloom Tour Coming to Your area?

Download and print the informative flyer that matches your respective destination. Registration is FREE, and you can bring a guest to this exciting 90-minute event! To register, please call: 1-800-TRIVITA (1-800-874-8482) or visit: Please mention my Affiliate ID number: 13272655 if you register for the event. You'll get a FREE bottle of Nopalea just for attending!

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- Understanding Sonoran Bloom- The TriVita Advantage – Distributed by: Bob Gates

Full List of TriVita Information Calls hosted by the TriVita Team Build: Our team provides the best support in the company!!! DIAL (212) 461-5860 – (unless specified to be different, use Pin 7878#) Monday - 8:00pm Eastern (Pin 0752#) and 9:00pm Eastern Tuesday - 12:00 Noon Eastern and 8:00pm Eastern (Pin 0752#) Wednesday - 2:00pm Eastern and 9:00pm Eastern Thursday - 12:00 Noon Eastern and 9:00pm Eastern Friday - 12:00 Noon Eastern Saturday - 11:00am Eastern and 6:00pm Eastern Sunday - 8:30pm Eastern

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