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some bizarre facts: Hillside Strangler Ken Bianchi was a biker with a tattoo that said 'satan's own

mc' Sir Mick Jagger with his Hells Angels security guards check out the trailer for the 1969 film 'Nam's Angels':

Arthur Shawcross was a Vietnam vet who killed and ate prostitutes: Both Shawcross and BTK killer Dennis Rader were involved in Operation Phoenix during the Vietnam War. Berdella was employed as a 'drug counsellor' in Kansas City. Tobias Schneebaum served as a radar repairman for the U.S. Army during World War II %2Fwiki%2FTobias_ Schneebaum&ei=8GsKR9btBKfkiwHh063ICQ&usg=AFQjCNH1jb0BMpp6AE0VI14XKJDDz04cw&sig2=rX5_hSO3aYDSLSIyyUlIEQ and later worked as a Merchant seaman on shipping lines operating between Korea and Japan. He became interested in New Guinea after hearing of the disappearance of Michael Rockefeller in Papua Indonesia and rumors that Rockefeller had been killed by cannibals. Further evidence of how closely the whole Harley Davidson/ Hells Angels biker scene is linked to the military. check out the Harley Davidson Military Sales Program (discount deliveries of Harley Davidson motorcycles for overseas armed services personnel) Featured in this website is the Special Military Pricing for Harley Davidson Military

Sales Program the AAFES/NEXCOM program was authorized by the U.S. Congress in the mid-1960's. They make sure you are able to purchase a Harley Davidson , wherever you are stationed overseas, at a fair price, with convenience, choice, and exceptional service. effrey_ Bleustein_122_387lo.jpg ( image=th_00835_President_Clinton_and_Harle y_CEO_Jeffrey_Bleustein_122_387lo.jpg) President Clinton and Harley CEO Jeffrey Bleustein Schwarzenegger in Motorcycle Accident (Harley Davidson) Police: Schwarzenegger riding motorcycle illegally ( %20garland.jpg " Snuffing the Rooster "....Vietnam era army slang meaning : to kill or waste a bigmouth or narc or someone very unpopular for some reason......usually an officer...also used in the same context as " fragging "....Rooster was also a slang term used to describe

american soldiers by the viet, stranger, etc......something to do with the americans landing in viet nam in the year of the Rooster as well.... " Fragging :. When one American killed another American, usually a superior officer or an NCO, the term "fragging" came into use. Although the term simply meant that a fragmentation grenade was used in the murder, it later became an all encompassing term for such an action. It is known that "fraggings" did occur during Vietnam, but the precise number is uncertain. "During the years of 1969 down to 1973, we have the rise of fragging - that is, shooting or hand-grenading your NCO or your officer who orders you out into the field," says historian Terry Anderson of Texas A & M University. "The US Army itself does not know exactly how many...officers were murdered. But they know at least 600 were murdered, and then they have another 1400 that died mysteriously. Consequently by early 1970, the army [was] at war not with the enemy but with itself. .....the term is said to have originated in china from the description of an ancient ceremony which involved the snuffing out of sacred or ceremonial candles took place on the 9th day of every month in the chinese year of the rooster......... William Burroughs had one of his fingers cut off mysteriously. Hells Angels cut this woman's toe off during torture: Monday, July 16, 2007 Hells Angels To Blame For Five days of rape & Torture A SENIOR Hells Angels bikie has been accused of leading a gang that raped and tortured a Melbourne woman in a cruel, five-day abduction. The woman, 39, said she had spent seven years on the run from the gang after they dragged her into a car from a Coburg street in May 2000 and used her as a sex slave. "Michelle" has alleged a prime figure in the pack rapes was a senior office holder of the Hells Angels. "I thought they were going to kill me," she said. "They gave me two choices: a single bullet to the head if I was good or, if not, they would put me through the mincer and then feed me to the pigs." Despite her complaint to police in December 2001, the case and the alleged culprits have never been prosecuted. She believes up to 15 men raped and tortured her over five days. Michelle came forward about her brutal treatment at the hands of the Hells Angels after the CBD shootings on June 18. The trauma of the attack left her suicidal and in fear of her life. In September 2004, Michelle, who went to police 18 months after the alleged offences, was awarded crime compensation of $7500. She still needs counselling. The tribunal was satisfied an offence occurred even though it could not be prosecuted. The Hells Angel accused of leading the assault is a member of the East County chapter, which is based in Craigieburn. This is the chapter where Collingwood footballer Alan Didak is believed to

have been taken by accused CBD gunman Christopher Wayne Hudson. Hudson is not linked in any way to the allegations raised by Michelle. Since the alleged attacks, Michelle has lived at a secret location, changed her name, and has been too scared to have contact with her children. In her statement to police, the former stripper says her ordeal began as she walked to the Coburg Leisure Centre and a group of men forced her into a car and drove her to a suite at one of Melbourne's top hotels. Michelle said she was paraded naked in front of at least six men and then taken to a bedroom and raped by the senior Hells Angel and another man. She told police that up to two days later she was moved to a yard in Melbourne's northern suburbs and chained and handcuffed in a large shed. There she lay naked on a concrete floor and was tortured and sexually assaulted for days. Apart from the several sexual assaults, she stated she had a gun forced down her mouth, and was made to perform sex acts with a dog. Her torture also included having a steel truck gate placed across her legs before being run over by a ute while her attackers laughed. Her toe was later cut off with an angle grinder and sealed with a blow torch to stop the bleeding. Michelle said she was fed a base form of drugs while held captive, and she would never forget the men, their tattooed bodies and the AC/DC song played throughout her ordeal - Thunderstruck. She said she was about to be killed when taken to a caravan park in Campbellfield, where she was rescued by a disgruntled gang member who took pity on her. The pair fled and eventually headed north in a stolen car before being caught by police. Michelle pleaded guilty to theft of a motor car, handling stolen goods, possession and use of cannabis and possession of a regulated weapon. The rapes and bashings left her with hepatitis C, a fractured skull, an injured spine and shoulder, no feeling in her left foot and cracked and missing teeth. She uses a walking stick because for months after the assault she was too scared to seek medical attention. A psychological report states she suffers depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and could expect a short life span because of the assaults. A police source with years of experience investigating outlaw bikie activity has told the Herald Sun that women kept captive in clubhouses were called a "house mouse" by gang members. He said women were usually chosen for pack rape after getting to know a member. Police are investigating if five members of the notorious Black Uhlans motorcycle gang-raped a woman, 19, at Lakes Entrance in February. Michelle said she did not know the men who assaulted her before her abduction, but she believed they knew she was a stripper. "I can't imagine any human being being in that frame of mind," she said. "I can't imagine Hells Angels Australia-wide all being like that. "I haven't been able to have contact with my children. I can't live a normal life. "We (she and her partner) can't visit family whenever we feel like it. You start to get over the posttraumatic stress and then you see them on the news or making headlines for all the wrong reasons. "I live in fear on a daily basis. I have to watch where I go. I try never ever to be alone." No Hells Angels were charged over the alleged assaults. Michelle has made assertions of police corruption regarding officers who dealt with her case. The case was investigated by the police Ethical Standards Department and the Office of Police Integrity. But investigators found there was no evidence of corruption and there was not enough evidence for a successful prosecution.

The bikie accused of leading the attack on Michelle said through a worker at his company he was not interested in speaking to the Herald Sun. source: This Australian woman reported being abducted, held captive, and raped in 2000 by Hells Angels who threatened to put her through a mulcher alive and feed her to the pigs. This happened in Australia, but the interesting part is that this was reported to the police in 2001, and this would have been two years before Pickton was even charged with the 56 Hells Angels pig farm mulcher murders in Canada, so there would have been no question of whether these bikers were simply copying something that they heard about bikers (Pickton brothers/Hells Angels) doing in Canada. Either this woman's report is true, and therefore feeding women to pigs is commonplace among biker gangs,or this woman has heard of the biker gangs in the B.C. Pickton case, and has made up or embellished this story to implicate the Australian biker gang. I would say the latter is unlikely, as the fact that the Picktons had such close associations with the Hells Angels, and in fact were likely biker gangsters themselves, is not very well known, and has been largely concealed by media reports. Another thing to consider here is that the crime was reported to the police in 2001, but there is no mention of when the woman reported that they threatened to feed her to the pigs. If she specifically reported this threat of being to fed to pigs to the police in 2001, then it is impossible that she is simply fabricating a lie based on things she read on the internet about the Pickton case, because that would have been before Pickton was even caught and charged with the murders. She told police that up to two days later she was moved to a yard in Melbourne's northern suburbs and chained and handcuffed in a large shed. There she lay naked on a concrete floor and was tortured and sexually assaulted for days. Apart from the several sexual assaults, she stated she had a gun forced down her mouth, and was made to perform sex acts with a dog. Her torture also included having a steel truck gate placed across her legs before being run over by a ute while her attackers laughed. Her toe was later cut off with an angle grinder and sealed with a blow torch to stop the bleeding. Even more parallels here: These Australian Hells Angels tortured her in a shed and the tools and car parts she was tortured with in the shed sound like a chop-shop or car salvage operation. Sounds exactly like the Pickton farm:

The brothers also ran a demolition and car-salvage business on the property. "When Dave started dumping it got messy with cars and it was just a mess with old machines. It was just a junk collection in the end." Holy hellhole, could there be any more similarities than this? Hells Angels rape a stripper at a 'yard' on the edge of the city, in what appears to be a car salvage/chop shop shed, and threaten to mulch her alive and feed her to pigs: Port Coquitlam? No. Australia! WISH FAIRY: I'll make your wish come true The Marines Motorcycle Club is open to all honorably discharged Marines, Corpsmen (FMF Fleet attached to a Combat unit with MOS of 8404) and currently active duty USMC. We ride American made motorcycles. The Marines MC is dedicated to preserving the oath of honor we have all pledged in becoming Marines, the welfare of our brother Marines and the memory of all Marines who have passed before us. We wear a three-piece patch to signify our commitment to each other and to the honor of being the few who can rightfully wear the Scarlet and Gold. Our club supports several charities and participates in a variety of events across the country. Nationally we host an annual Lupus Run as well as several regional Lupus events. Our national office also provides security and manpower for Special Olympics events, MMA events and support for other motorcycle club events. The Marines MC is not affiliated with the United States Marine Corps, however (as former Marines) we do have their permission to utilize the Eagle, Globe and Anchor on our patch. The Marines MC patch, all information on this site and any use or reference to the Marines MC is forbidden without written permission. Any unauthorized use of the Marines MC name or patch ; will be dealt with swiftly and accurately by a former Marine Sniper. You can run but you will die tired.

Hillside Strangler Ken Bianchi had a very high IQ, a motorcycle, and a tattoo that read 'Satan's own MC', and then later became

a security guard. He and Angelo Buono allegedly bound and tortured ten young women to death alone. What does the MC really stand for? Mind Controller? Manchuran Candidate? Bianchi was born in Rochester, New York. His biological mother was an alcoholic prostitute who gave him up for adoption at birth. He was adopted at three months by Frances Bianchi and her husband Nicholas Bianchi in Rochester. Bianchi and Buono would usually cruise around Los Angeles in Buono's car and use fake badges to persuade girls that they were undercover cops. They would then order the girls into Buono's unmarked police car and drive them home to torture and murder them. After being abused by both men, the girls would be strangled. Other methods of killing such as lethal injection, Electric shock, and Carbon monoxide poisoning had been tried by the killers but would be ultimately be rejected in favor of strangling. Even while the girls were being killed, Bianchi applied for a job with the Los Angeles Police Department and had even been taken for several rides with police officers while they were searching for the Hillside Strangler. In 1980, Bianchi began a relationship with Veronica Compton, a woman he met while in prison. During his trial, she testified for the defense, telling the jury a false, vague tale about the crimes in an attempt to exculpate Bianchi and also admitting to wanting to buy a mortuary with another convicted murderer for the purpose of having sexual relations with dead bodies. She was later convicted and imprisoned for attempting to strangle a woman she had lured to a motel in an attempt to have authorities believe that the Hillside Strangler was still on the loose and the wrong man was imprisoned. Bianchi had given her some smuggled semen to use to make it look like a rape/murder committed by the Hillside Strangler

Compton was released in 2003, and wrote a book on the penal system called 'Eating the Ashes'. She also had a website where she wrote: At 23 years of age I was a very damaged and mixed-up girl. During those years of fierce inner-anguish and with the excessive use of drugs, especially cocaine, I became a dangerous and crazy person. My addiction drove me to actions that I regret and am ashamed to recall. My inner life was one of hell. There was no peace, no joy and no hope.

I had so many secrets bottled up inside me I felt compelled to use any means possible to forget them. Terrible situations and desperation paved the road to my crime. There was no pleasure or excitement in becoming a criminal. My life was so bleak and plagued with fear that drugs seemed the only option in my coping with the inner terrors that surmounted my sanity. Quite unexpectedly the drugs I had used as a coping method of self-medicaiton, to hold back the horrifying memories of past abuse, overwhelmed my best intentions. I became that which I loathed.

another Biker gang/club knowingly or not they use an MK trigger in their 'Logo', the hourglass, reminding slaves that their time is running out, interestingly they also use the skull. the skull/hourglass combo (appropriate considering the message of the trigger) is also used in the Golden Compass movie where in one scene they zoom in on it. so what's the deal with this club ? i mean besides the obvious brotherhood symbolism in their logo. one of the requirements to join is that you're a full time government employee. The Illuminati Motorcycle Club was formed by a group of government employees to honor and represents the hundreds of thousands of people serving in City, County, State, and Federal Agencies and Departments as full time employees. We reflect this diversity in our membership, which consists of people from many different facets of government. Personnel representing Civil, Administrative, Military, Law Enforcement and others are welcome to join with us in creating a close-knit community of motorcycle riders who are also in government service. We are an international club with chapters in the United States and Europe. their code of law has 13 articles btw ;)

you mean jacobs ladder ? reminds me at that movie about army experiments, soldiers going berserk killing each other instead of the enemy, hallucinations, nightmares.. The scene In Jacobs Ladder here: Is almost Identical To The Abduction Of Travis Walton.. Being Dragged Down A Filthy Corridor, Being Restrained On An Operating Table, Crowding Around The Operating Table, Filthy Surgical Equiptment, A Drill Going Into The Head, Even The Aliens/Demons Are The Same The Demon Doctor From Jacobs Ladder.. Alien From Fire In The Sky... The Same (Derivative) From Carnival Of Souls.. Notice The Decapitated One..!!!! "The Ladder" Jacob is told that the horrific events he experienced on his final day in Vietnam were the product of an experimental drug called "The Ladder", which was used on troops without their knowledge. This is an ambiguous element in the film, particularly since Jacob is given the information by a character in his own imagination. He is told that the drug was named for its ability to cause "a fast trip straight down the ladder, right to the primal fear, right to the base anger," although the name "The Ladder" also has a metaphorical and religious significance beyond this, which is relevant to Jacob's predicament: it is notable that he ends his hallucination on a staircase. At the end of the film, a message is displayed mentioning the testing of a drug named BZ,

NATO code for a deliriant and hallucinogen known as 3-quinuclidinyl benzilate that was rumored to have been administered to U.S. troops by the government in a secret attempt to increase their fighting power. Central effects of BZ * Disturbances in level of consciousness * Misperceptions and difficulty in interpretation (delusions, hallucinations) * Poor judgment and insight (denial of illness) * Short attention span, distractibility, impaired memory (particularly recent) * Slurred speech, perseveration * Disorientation * Ataxia * Variability (quiet/restless) Central nervous system mediated perceptual disturbances in BZ poisoning include both illusions (misidentification of real objects) and hallucinations (the perception of objects or attributes that have no objective reality). Hallucinations resulting from anticholinergics such as BZ tend to be realistic, distinct, easily identifiable (often commonly encountered objects or persons), panoramic, and difficult to distinguish from reality. BZ produces effects not just in individuals, but also in groups. Sharing of illusions and hallucinations (folie deux, folie en famille, and "mass hysteria") is exemplified by two BZ-intoxicated individuals who would take turns smoking an imaginary cigarette clearly visible to both of them but to no one else. More Info On BZ Here...: note Harley Davidson butterfly t-shirt women's motorcycle helmet imgurl= :&tbnh=124&tbnw=119&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dbutterfly%2Bmotorcycle%2Bhelmet %26sta rt%3D40%26ndsp%3D20%26um%3D1%26hl%3Den%26safe%3Dof f%26sa

%3DN .jpg Motorcyle butterfly

THen there is this story of Earl Stefanson, (another Germanic name) the son of the Oakland Hells Angels president who was convicted of murdering a woman with 'puncture wounds all over the body' He liked to lock women in trailers and torture them. The autopsy description of the body sounds like some satanic sacrifice trauma was done to the body, and she was killed in a soundproofed, boarded up house, with a grow-op in the basement. I think she was not the only person to have ever been killed there: Police found a torture chamber and blood of three women in his basement: The Silence of Leslie Lamb Posted by Stephen McCaskill on October 7th, 2006 At 12:30 PM on August 26, 2006 a bruised and beaten woman was dropped off at Highland Hospital. The man who brought her in claimed he found her in a car near his home. The young woman, who was later identified as Leslie Lamb, was pronounced dead almost immediately. She had sustained a terrible beating from what appeared to be a wooden board. The police began an investigation into the womans murder and upon speaking with her friends they determined she had been dating someone earlier in the year. His name, Earl Stefanson, was not new to police. He had been arrested in 1995 for running a methamphetamine lab. His wife at the time was also arrested, but told the officers who arrested her that they were a godsend. I remember saying, You know what, you guys coming here and getting me out of the house is a godsend, she said. I figured now I can go to prison and not be afraid of who I sleep with. Earl StefansonAnother ex-wife of Stefanson, Antonia Gutierrez, had obtained a restraining order again him in 1985 for harassment. Police determined that Stefanson was also the same man who brought Leslie Lamb into the hospital in August. Friends of Lamb

told police that she was frequently beaten by Stefanson while they were dating. Police then received a search warrant for Stefansons home. They were looking for evidence that Lamb was indeed beaten inside his home, since there was no evidence she had ever been in the car, as Stefanson claimed. But what they found was far more distrurbing than just evidence of a beating. Stefanson Home When they went down the steps to the basement, they discovered a site that one homicide investigator said was frightening even to us. The basement of the house had seemingly been converted into a torture chamber, akin to the one seen in the Silence of the Lambs movie, where a serial killer kidnaps and starves his female victims in the basement before killing them. Police also found traces of blood from Leslie Lamb and two other victims in the basement, leading them to believe there were at least two other potential victims. They are currently searching through unsolved cases and asking that anyone who was a victim of Earl Stefanson or knows anything about the case call the numbers below. Police are adament about finding his other victims, stating they want to locate every woman (Stefanson) has ever attacked in his life. Oakland police homicide investigators can be contacted at 510-238-3821, or on the departments anonymous tip line at 510-777-3211. Police: Suspect's Basement Like 'Silence Of The Lambs' Police Say Man Suspected Of Torturing, Killing Woman May Have More Victims On Aug. 26, Earl Stefanson, 41, drove a woman suffering from severe trauma over her entire body to Highland Hospital, Jones said. The woman, later identified as 36-year-old Leslie Lamb of San Leandro, was pronounced dead at the hospital. Stefanson, who was employed as a roofer, claimed he found her in a car. Police said they were able to determine that Lamb had not been inside the car where Stefanson claimed to have found her. Police said they determined Stefanson had a history of abusing Lamb. When authorities searched his home in the 3400 block of Coolidge Avenue, they found Lamb's blood and the blood of two other unidentified women. Police said Stefanson tortured her in a room set up in his basement, which they described as frightening. Jones wouldn't elaborate on what the basement looked like, except to say that "it was a 'Silence of the Lambs' type of setting down there." He also said that the room was "very dark and frightening" even for the experienced police officers working the case. It appeared as if Stefanson had made an attempt to clean up the blood and conceal evidence of Lamb having been at the residence, Jones said. At this point, police have no idea who the other two victims are or even whether they are dead or alive. Earl Stefanson When police attempted to arrest Stefanson Tuesday night, he led them on a lengthy chase

through Oakland and Hayward, Jones said. Oakland police, with assistance from Hayward police, were eventually able to capture Stefanson and take him into custody. Jones said that Stefanson was uncooperative during questioning following his arrest. However, from talking to acquaintances of Stefanson and Lamb, police were able to determine that the two had been dating since early this year and that Stefanson had a history of being extremely violent toward Lamb. Jones attended Lamb's autopsy and said "the attack was very, very brutal." According to Jones, Stefanson didn't have a "lengthy criminal history" and was known by most people as Earl. However, "We know that he has a history of abusing women," Jones said. "It's important that we locate every woman he has ever attacked in his life." Police are looking at other unsolved murders in Oakland to see if any show signs of torture similar to what Lamb suffered. They are also asking anyone who has been a victim of Stefanson to contact the Oakland Police Department. note how intimidated the police are in dealing with the CIA/Hells Angels crowd (especially in the Southern California area, very powerful people in the LA-Oakland- San Francisco region) Notice also, no photos of the basement were released, the investigation into the other victims has gone nowhere, etc. %20the%20lambs&ie=UTF-8&sa=N&tab=iv#q=it%20rubs%20the%20lotion%20on %20its%20ski n&hl=en&emb=0 the whole movie is here if you want to see it: 15 months ago: US President George W. Bush (C) talks with members of the United States Navy's Blue Angels flying team prior to departing on Marine One from the South Lawn of the White House in Washington, DC, 23 May 2007. Bush is traveling to the United States Coast Guard Academy in New London, Connecticut, to give the commencement address at graduation ceremonies Blue Angels trainees

The Blue Angels operate out of the U.S. Naval Academy: hre is the Naval Academy symbol/logo: jpg Now we know what 'MC' stands for here : Motorcycle Club. or? see the spiral? During World War II, the U.S. Army asked Harley-Davidson to produce a motorcycle as good as BMW's side-valve R71. So Harley copied the BMW, simply converting metric measurements to inches, and produced the shaft-drive 750cc 1942 Harley-Davidson XA %20WLA1942.jpg pg this image adorned the Hells Angels bombers/3rd pursuit squadron fighters Hells Angels parachute regiment

check this out, this guy was a Hells Angel who is wanted in the torture and murder of a woman in Arizona. The only reason he was caught is because the FBI had planted a mercenary informant in their group. Arizona Hells Angel wanted in torture-murder could be hiding out in Canada Bruce Owen , Winnipeg Free Press Published: Tuesday, July 10, 2007 WINNIPEG -- An Arizona stockbroker-turned Hells Angel who is wanted in the 2001 torture-murder of a 44-year-old mother of six may be hiding in Canada with the help of fellow Hells Angels, the United States Marshals Service says. Paul Merle Eischeid crossed into Canada sometime after 2003, and the Marshals Service said it believes he has been sheltered by Hells Angels chapters across Canada -- including Vancouver, Calgary and Winnipeg, said Phoenix Deputy U.S. Marshal Eric Brown. It's also possible Eischeid has left Canada to escape the manhunt, he added. An arrest warrant was issued by Canadian Immigration Services for illegal entry. The muscular, heavily tattooed Eischeid was recently added to the Marshals' Most-Wanted list of Top 15 fugitives and has appeared on the popular America's Most Wanted television show.

In 2001, police say he worked by day as a stockbroker in Phoenix, Ariz., and at night he hung out at the gang's clubhouse - living as an outlaw biker. In October 2001, Eischeid was at the Mesa Hells Angels clubhouse when Cynthia Garcia joined them. A drunk Garcia began "mouthing off" to some of the Hells Angels. They told her to keep quiet, but she didn't. A confidential informant told police that he, Eischeid and another biker began beating and kicking Garcia until she was bleeding and unconscious. Police believe she was thrown into a car trunk and driven to the desert, where she was murdered. Eischeid was arrested in 2003 as part of an undercover operation against Arizona bikers. Though he was charged with Garcia's murder, a judge released him on bail because he was not viewed as a flight risk. The next day, Eischeid cut off his court-ordered monitoring anklet and fled. Authorities say the former Charles Schwab stockbroker is very intelligent and familiar with computers. He loves motorcycles and tattoos and has close friends who are tattoo artists. Eischeid is Caucasian, 5' 7" tall, with blue eyes and brown hair. His last name is tattooed on his stomach, and many full-colour tattoos cover his arms, chest and back. He weighs 190 pounds, may wear glasses and sometimes sports a goatee. The U.S. Marshals Service is offering a $25,000 US reward for information leading to his capture. Anyone with information is asked to call the marshals at 1-800-336-0102; those with information may remain anonymous. she was murdered by satanists, nearly decapitated, and we are supposed to believe that it is just coincidence that her body was found on Halloween after disappearing for a week? We are supposed to blindly believe that this informant is telling the truth? I have a feeling this woman may have been used in something over there near Tuscon, where it is said that trauma based mk programming takes place in the desert near there. Mesa is not far from Tuscon. Also, this Eischeid strikes me as an odd character. He is a stockbroker by day, and a drunken rapist barbarian biker by night. Sounds like a jekyl/hyde alter ego to me. A multiple. yup sounds like a multiple if you ask me. hunka have you studied Svalis information ? she claims to have been a Illuminati programmer before she broke her own programming and left the group. here's some interesting part of her info in light of the Eischeid personality.

If you met them in person, you would probably instantly like any of these intelligent, verbal, likeable, even charismatic people. This is their greatest cover, since we often expect great evil to "appear" evil, led by media portrayals of evil as causing changes in the face and demeanor of people, or marking them like the biblical Cain. None of the Illuminists that I have known, had unkind, or evil appearing, persona in their daytime lives, although some were dysfunctional, such as being alcoholics. The dissociation that drives the Illuminists is their greatest cover for being undetected at this time. Many, if not most, of these people are completely unaware of the great evil that they are involved in, during the night. So if Eischeid is a multiple, is that why they call them Angels? Operation Mind Control, by Walter Bowart

Satanist kills boy at school 18 Aug 2008 Another great post, Cheeb. In that 1995 interview with the author of 'Operation Mind Control', Walter Bowart predicted mind control mass shootings, like the Columbine massacre and others to begin happening around 1998, and he turned out to be right. I posted the Bowart interview earlier in this thread, but unfortunately there were some audio glitches in it. That interview has been re-uploaded here, with the problems fixed. I urge everyone to listen to the whole one hour, now that it is repaired: walter bowart - operation mind control - dave emory interview 1995.mp3 - 9.76MB ( Walter Bowart Born May 14, 1939 Died December 18, 2007 Oddly, Bowart also mentions a military couple who worked on cracking the Japanese code during WWII who voluntarily submitted their baby for mind control torture/ programming. Sumner Redstone, owner of MTV , was an OSS/CIA encryption specialist during WWII, and was part of the team that cracked the Japanese code. %20Spiral/cover.jpg

Denis Rader lived in Wichita, Kansas (aka BTK killer) Denis Rader in Scout leader uniform and not far from where former boy scout William Burroughs lived (close to Kansas City and gay serial cannibal occultist Robert Berdella)

check out this trailer for a film about occult homosexual cannibal Robert Berdella (Bazaar Bizarre) : (click on the page to start the trailer video) video: Denis Rader (BTK killer) : boy scout and later scout leader Richard Angelo: boy scout Paul Bernardo: boy scout Ted Bundy: boy scout John Edward Robinson (Kansas/Missouri serial killer): boy scout Gus Van Sant: gay boy scout John Wayne Gacy: gay boy scout Jeffrey Dahmer: gay boy scout William Burroughs: gay boy scout Arthur Gary Bishop (pedophile murderer of five boys): gay boy scout Michael Aquino: gay boy scout John Joubert (serial child killer): gay boy scout A June 30, 2003 Letter to the Editor in the New American stated the New York Times once reported that the leading U.S. serial killers are homosexuals, to-wit: Donald Harvey (37 murders), John Wayne Gacy (33 murders), Patrick Wayne Kearney (32 murders), Dean Corll, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Owen Brooks (27 murders each) and Juan Corona (25 murders.) Not mentioned in the article were Bruce David (28 murders), Stephen Kraft (16 murders); William Bonin (14 murders) and the infamous Jeffrey Dahmer of Milwaukee with 17 murders. wonder how many of them were boy scouts/military, members of cults, and victims of monarch programming Patrick Wayne Kearney was a gay serial killer, lived with a gay army veteran, worked as an engineer for Hughes Aircraft (military aircraft contractor) and murdered , mutilated, drained , wrapped and bagged 32 people: (no one knows what happened to their heads) Have to wonder if there is more to this story than the public is allowed to know.

Donald Harvey was a gay, ex-airforce serial killer who lived with his male lover, underwent electroshock therapy at a psychiatric institution, and murdered at the very least 37 people (confessed to 70 murders) , and was known to own occult books and guns: Dean Corll was a gay ex-soldier, who with his ex-boyscout boyfriend Wayne Henley, tortured, raped, murdered at least 27 young/teenaged males. He had a coffin sized box with air holes cut into it located in a shed in his back yard, in which was found blood and hair. question: In 1976, Houston authorites announced that investigations of child pornography had linked other local pedophiles with Corll's murder ring, but no prosecutions were planned. Did any prosecutions take place? answer (Wayne Henley) "I've no idea, and wish someone would investigate this." question: Were others involved with Corll besides Brooks, and yourself? answer: (Wayne Henley) "Most police agencies believe there are more bodies and maybe more accomplices. I tend to agree, although I have no personal knowledge of either one or the other." This Dean Corll case particularly reminds me of the Paul Bonacci/Johnny Gosch scenario. There are some parallels. First, Corll used the adolescent Henley and Brooks to help him lure and procure adolescent aged boys, the same way Paul Bonacci says he was used to lure Johnny Gosch and others. Bonacci also mentioned involvement the production of child/snuff pornography, the same way Corll has been linked to a child porn network. Also, Corll is ex-military, and Bonacci mentions helicopters, Bohemian Grove and the Offut air force base. Another interesting angle is that child killer John Joubert was air force, and murdered boys around the Offut air force base, has been linked as a suspect in the Johnny Gosch case because he abducted, sexually assaulted, and murdered a paper boy the exact age that Johnny Gosch had been, and was, himself, a boy scout.

Dean Corll was a gay ex-soldier, who with his ex-boyscout boyfriend Wayne Henley, tortured, raped, murdered at least 27 young/teenaged males. He had a coffin sized box with air holes cut into it located in a shed in his back yard, in which was found blood and hair. " quote: Since Easy Rider had such deep roots in the Laurel Canyon scene, we need to briefly focus our attention here on one other individual who worked on the film: art director Jeremy Kay, aka Jerry Kay. Before Easy Rider, Kay had worked on such cinematic abominations as Angels from Hell, Hells Angels on Wheels (with Jack Nicholson), and Scorpio Rising (Kenneth Anger's occult-tinged homage to gay bikers). In the mid-1970s, Kay would write, direct and produce a charming little film entitled Satan's Children . Of far more interest here than his film credits though is Jerry Kay's membership in the 1960s in a group known as the Solar Lodge of the Ordo Templi Orientis (or OTO), which found itself in the news, and not in a good way, just after Easy Rider opened on theater screens across America. Two weeks after Easy Rider premiered on July 14, 1969, police acting on a phone tip raided the Solar Lodge's compound near Blythe, California and found a six-year-old boy locked outdoors in a 6'x6' wooden crate in the sweltering desert heat. The young boy, whose father was a Los Angeles County probation officer (as was Michelle Phillip's father, by the way), had been chained to a steel plate for nearly two months in temperatures reaching as high as 117 F. According to an FBI report, the box also contained a can "partially filled with human waste and swarming with flies ... The stench was nauseating." Before being put in the box, the child had been burned with matches and beaten with bamboo poles by cult members. The leader of the cult, Georgina Brayton, had reportedly told cult members that "when it was convenient, she was going to give [the boy] LSD and set fire to the structure in which he was chained and give him just enough chain to get out of reach of the fire." Killing the child had also been discussed (and apparently condoned by the boy's mind-fucked mother). Eleven adult members of the sect were charged with felony child abuse, the majority of them young white men in their early twenties. All were brought to trial and convicted. In a curious bit of timing, the raid that resulted in the arrests and convictions coincided with the torture and murder of musician Gary Hinman by a trio of Manson acolytes. Though it is, not surprisingly, vehemently denied by concerned parties, various sources have claimed that Manson had ties to the group, which also maintained a home near the USC campus in Los Angeles. There is no doubt that Charlie preached the same dogma, including the notion of an apocalyptic race war looming on the horizon. The massacre at the Tate residence occurred less than two weeks after the raid on the OTO compound. Manson's Barker Ranch hideout would be raided a few months later, on October 12, 1969 - the birthday, as I may have already mentioned, of Aleister Crowley, the Grand Poobah of the OTO until his death in 1947. The second movie on the DVD is Satan's Children. This one was lensed in Florida and is actually a step further down in quality from its co-feature. Troubled teenager Bobby (Stephen White) has a lousy time at home with a jerk of a stepfather and a sexually teasing stepsister making life unbearable. He storms out of the house one night only to be beaten up and gang-raped by gay bikers! The bikers dump Bobby near a compound of Satanists who take him in and, under the orders of Sherry (Kathleen Archer), nurse him back to health. Sherry is in control of the commune... uh... I mean coven while their leader Simon is away. She takes a liking to Bobby but others in the group feel he's unworthy of suckling at the Devil's teat. After Sherry tortures a lesbian coven member and hangs several others that disagree with her orders, Simon shows up and punishes Sherry by burying her in the ground to the neck and letting ants sting her. Simon then tells Bobby that because homosexuals raped him he is too weak to be a member of Satan's worshipers. Bobby decides to take matters into his own hands, starting with tracking down the biker trash that started this whole mess. This film is truly demented. Hilarious, and seems to have been made by folks with little or no idea of reality or filmmaking. It does reach a wonderful level of twisted sleaze that keeps it fairly entertaining but all the fun to be had is unintentional. Satan's Children is a great example of mid-70s regional filmmaking at its best...or worst, depending on your outlook. Inept, cheap and poorly done on almost every level, it could only be loved by the people who made it or sick freaks like me! Floride International Pictures I was reading Loren Coleman's blog entry about Phantom Clowns ( and I found a posting by "Anonymous" that really should be on this thread. Anonymous said... After a decade spent in fugitive recovery apprehending fugitive's across America I find myself an extremely paranoid man. Not because of whom I've apprehended, but from what I've witnessed. What I've not seen nor experienced is anything having to do with the "super/preter-natural;" conclusively, what I have seen and come into contact with are drug/human dealer's/trafficker's, mafia (not so much anymore), ghetto hoodlum's, hit-

men, assassin's, serial killer's, etc. There are over 2 million, yes, 2 million American's who reportedly go missing, each year, under violent circumstances. Two million American citizen's, simply vanished without a trace. Serial killer? Perhap's some. Spree killer. Perhap's some. The only thing my partner and I can come up with is that an organization, either human sex trafficker's, organized cult's, corporate reserach and development org.(s), or governmental program's are responsible. Ask yourself this question: Where are United States sanctioned assassin's trained? In Russia? Of course not, they're trained here, killing innocent American's to sharpen their skill, etc. in a controlled environment that they control (read government control of media, local law enforcement, first responder's, hospital's, etc.) should something go wrong. Much less private corporate organization's, who invest heavily in research and development of new technologies, are also guilty here as are your lower on the food chain sex slavery ring's and mafia. I can see it now, a new recruit being made to perform an abduction while disguised as a clown. Training? A conspicuous outfit, in public, at prime times, attempting to "hide-inplain-sight." Dismiss it, disregard is, disbelief in it won't change the fact: Many government and private corporations kill many American's, every year, for training, research, debt, or slavery. What we consider our society's "worst offender," the serieal killer, as we publicly know them, are but infant children with no direction compared to the REAL serial killer's out there with body count's closer to the hundred's than the ten's. Is law enforcement, in America, successful? Remember, two million American's missing this year alone under violent circumstances, whose cases will never be solved. ONLY 2.3 million American's are incarcerated in local, state, or federal "correctional" (read penal as correctional is a misnomer) institution's. Out of 300 million American's, they want you to believe less than 1.0% of our national population commit all crimes, and we have the most citizen's imprisoned of any country in the world as well. Keep in mind, the only way law enforcement is proactive is under a totalitarian/ communist/socialist regime, so our current law enforcement standards are all we have, for now anyway. I've alway's wondered why organization's who track crime have not researched how government assassin's/contractor's are trained on our soil, attempting to link unsolved murder's, etc. to them or private corps. r&d lab's who, of course, must test whatever on human subject's without oversight. We only see, hear, or read about such things in the movies. Although I live in a different reality than you do, as perspective is left to the beholder, it's still hard for me to believe that most American's DON'T believe there are "real" assassin's or that private corps. don't really kill people to test product's or that cult's aren't real, which, let me assure you, they are very real. Why aren't cults found out more? Most serial killer's are solitary, but cults have members, some reaching into the hundreds and thousands of members.

Under the collective experience of just 50 people, average age 30, with ten year's experience of abduction/killing, that would leave, at the min., over 500 year's of collective experience to commit such crimes with impunity. Most leo agencies have less collective experience than most cult's, so it's no wonder they're more successful at hiding than the gov. is at routing them. Lesson, be afraid of the dark, be afraid of the light, but be afraid because no one is researching these problem's, and for a damn good reason. Should the author of this blog attempt to conduct research on the aforementioned topics, he would most assuredly be signing his death warrant. Don't be afraid of what you know, as most Americans aren't prey for solitary serial killers due to the nature of seeking a victim whom you believe you can dominate. Be afraid of what you don't know, and what any person with a 3rd grade education can see there is a huge hole is research regarding the above; a hole likened to a black hole. Research it and you're likely to become one with it. Still, I wish someone had the balls to broach the subject matter above. I wonder how many killers I've caught over the years who've been set up, innocently, for crimes they didn't commit by gov. assassin's/contractor's, for simple training mission's, or private corps. r&d, whether espionage or not. William Bonin was a habitual sex offender turned serial killer, suspected of sexually assaulting, torturing and killing at least 21 boys and young men in California. The Early Years William Bonin grew up in a dysfunctional family with an alcoholic father and a grandfather who was a convicted child molester. Early on he was a troubled kid which eventually landed him in a juvenile detention center where he was sexually molested. After leaving the center, he too began molesting children. After high school, Bonin joined the U.S. Air Force and served in the Vietnam War as a gunner. When he returned home, he married, divorced and moved to California. A Vow to Never Get Caught Again He was first arrested at age 23 for sexually assaulting young boys and spent five years in jail. After his release he molested a 14-year-old boy and was returned to prison for an additional four years. Vowing never to get caught again, he began killing his young victims. From 1979 until his arrest in June 1980, Bonin, along with various accomplices, went on a rape and killing spree, often cruising California highways and streets for young male hitchhikers and school children. After his arrest, he confessed to killing 21 young boys and young men. Police suspected him in additional 15 other murders. Charged with 14 of the 21 killings, Bonin was found guilty and sentenced to death. On

February 23, 1996 Bonin was executed by lethal injection, making him the first person to be executed by lethal injection in California history. Accomplices: * Vernon Butts - Accused of taking part in six of the murders, but he hanged himself while awaiting trial. * Gregory Miley - Plead guilty to participating in one murder. Received a sentence of 25 years to life. He is currently in prison. * James Munro - Plead guilty to participating in one murder. Received a sentence of 15 years to life. He is still in prison, but trying to appeal claiming he was tricked into a plea bargain. Randy Steven Kraft Randy Steven Kraft (born March 19, 1945) is an American serial killer. He was convicted of 16 murders and is strongly suspected of committing at least 51 others. Early life Kraft's parents moved to California from Wyoming prior to his birth. He was the fourth child, and the only son, in his family. In 1948, the Kraft clan moved to Westminster, California. Kraft was regarded as bright and scholarly at Westminster High School, where he graduated in 1963. He was believed to have "very superior intelligence" and sported an IQ of 131. After graduation, he attended Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, California. At Claremont McKenna, Kraft joined the ROTC (Reserve Officer Training Corps). He demonstrated in support of the Vietnam War and campaigned enthusiastically for conservative presidential candidate Barry Goldwater in 1964. The following year he began working as a bartender at a local gay bar. At this time, acquaintances noted his extensive use of Valium to ward off stomach pains and migraines. Kraft earned his bachelor's degree in economics in 1968. By this time, Kraft's political views had shifted to the left, and he began working for Robert Kennedy's political campaign. In 1968, Kraft joined the U.S. Air Force. Because of his high scores on aptitude tests and background checks, he was provided with high-security clearances. He was stationed at Edwards Air Force Base. In 1969, Kraft disclosed to his family that he was gay. He was discharged from the Air Force on "medical" grounds the same year. Forced out of the military, Kraft resumed his bartending career.

Late in 1971, police found the decomposing body of Wayne Joseph Dukette, a 30-yearold gay bartender, beside Ortega Highway. The coroner placed the date of death around September 20, 1971, but found no obvious signs of foul play. Dukettes clothing and belongings were never found. Dukette is thought to be Kraft's first victim. Murders During the 1970s and early 1980s, there were dozens of grisly homicides along the freeways of California, with some victims turning up in the neighboring state of Oregon. The victims were young men and teenage boys, most of whom were savagely tortured and sexually abused. Some had been burned with a car cigarette lighter, and many had high levels of alcohol and tranquilizers in their blood systems, indicating they were rendered helpless by alcohol and drugs before they were sadistically abused and killed. The method of murder varied, with some strangled, some shot in the head, and others killed through a combination of torture and drugs. Quite a number of victims were in the military, hitching their way either to or from their bases. Others were teenage runaways, hitchhikers, or were picked up by the killer in gay bars. Arrest Kraft was nearly arrested in 1975. A 19-year-old high school dropout, Keith Daven Crotwell, left Long Beach on March 29, 1975, hitchhiking for southbound rides. Over a month later, Crotwell's severed head was found near the Long Beach Marina. Long Beach was scoured for the car that took Crotwell on his last ride, and it was quickly located. The registration was traced to Randy Steven Kraft. Police questioned Kraft on May 19, 1975. Kraft admitted taking Crotwell for a ride, saying that they went "just wandering around," but claimed he left Crotwell alive at an all-night caf. Detectives reportedly wanted to charge Kraft with murder, but L.A. County prosecutors refused, citing the absence of a body or known cause of death. Kraft was pulled over by the California Highway Patrol on May 14, 1983, while driving along the San Diego Freeway in Mission Viejo. Kraft exited the car himself, dumping the contents of a beer bottle onto the pavement while doing so. Officer Michael Sterling met Kraft at the front of his patrol car and observed Kraft's jeans to be unbuttoned. Officer Sterling had Kraft walk to the front of his vehicle to perform a series of field sobriety tests, which he failed. Kraft was then arrested by Sterling for driving while intoxicated. Sgt. Michael Howard approached the car and saw a man in the passenger's seat, partially covered by a jacket and with empty beer bottles around his feet. This turned out to be the strangled body of Terry Gambrel, a 25-year-old US Marine, Kraft's last victim. Other incriminating evidence was found in the car, including alcohol, tranquilizers, and blood not from Gambrel's body. Officer Sterling and Sgt. Howard then turned Kraft over to the Orange County Sheriffs Department for further investigation. More evidence was found in the house that Kraft shared with his partner. There were clothes and other possessions belonging to young men who had turned up dead at the side of freeways over the last decade, and many photos of victims either unconscious or dead.

Kraft also kept a coded list of 61 cryptic references to his victims, including four double murders, leading to a total of 65 listed victims. At least one of the victims, Terry Gambrel, was not listed because of Kraft's arrest. Investigators maintain that Eric Church was also not listed by Kraft for unknown reasons. Since the list is in code, the possibility exists that Eric Church is listed in a way that investigators cannot recognize, which would lead to a total of 66 listed victims. However, it is largely held that Kraft was responsible for 67 murders, if not more. Kraft was eventually charged with 16 homicides. He pleaded not guilty at his trial in 1988, but he was convicted on all counts and sentenced to death on November 29, 1989. The death sentence was upheld by the California Supreme Court on August 11, 2000. He is currently on death row at San Quentin State Prison. Of Kraft's suspected 67 victims, 22 bodies remain unrecovered and unidentified. Missing accomplice Certain details surrounding some of Kraft's murders have caused many to suspect that Kraft did not always act alone. * Forensic evidence in two cases point to an accomplice an extra set of footprints and semen that did not match Kraft's DNA. (During the trial, members of the prosecution admitted privately that they did not charge Kraft in several murders that they were sure he had committed because of these facts.) * Kraft would have had difficulty moving around 200-pound corpses; dumping them from cars alone would also be difficult to do unnoticed. * The snapshots Kraft had of the dead men were processed somewhere, but no developer reported Kraft's morbid images to the police. (Kraft himself had no darkroom expertise or darkroom equipment.) Jeff Graves During the trial, the prosecution believed the inconsistencies could be explained away because Kraft had not acted alone in his initial murder spree. His roommate, Jeff Graves, occasionally helped him, according to members of the prosecution team. Graves died of AIDS before police could question him, so the question of Kraft's accomplice was never raised in court. Bob Jackson Dennis McDougal wrote a book, Angel of Darkness, about the Kraft case. McDougal also published an article about the case in Beach magazine in January 2000. McDougal recounted his interviews with Bob Jackson, who reportedly confessed to murdering two hitchhikers with Kraft, one in Wyoming in 1975 and Colorado in 1976. (Authorities in Colorado and Wyoming are unable to confirm these confessions.) Jackson also told McDougal that the list included only Kraft's "more memorable" murders, saying the total body count stood closer to 100. McDougal reported these allegations to the police and provided tape recordings of the interviews. Detectives quizzed Jackson and finally persuaded him to enter a mental hospital, but no murder charges were filed.

Kraft sued McDougal and the publisher of Angel of Darkness (ISBN 0-446-51538-8), a book about Kraft's murders and trial, because, Kraft said, it smeared his "good name" and unjustly portrayed him as a "sick, twisted man," which hurt his "prospects for future employment." Kraft sought $62 million in damages. The lawsuit was dismissed as frivolous in June 1994. After publishing Angel of Darkness, McDougal was contacted by a former Marine from Mission Viejo. McDougal said the Marine "told me he'd hitched a ride from Camp Pendleton to Tustin with Kraft back in 1972 and very nearly became one of his victims. The ex-Marine said Kraft offered him a beer and he drank it, realizing almost too late that the beer had been laced with something a lot more powerful than alcohol. He forced Randy to pull over, stumbled out of Kraft's car in a daze and continued to have nightmares for years afterward about what might have happened if he hadn't been so insistent." McDougal was also contacted by Jan Oliver, Kraft's college girlfriend. He said of the conversation: Like the ex-Marine, Oliver was an early guinea pig for Kraft. She remembers him offering her beers during marathon drives through the foothills and back roads of Southern California. Sometimes, she could down two or three beers and it didn't faze her, but there were other instances in which she knew she'd consumed more than lager, as "I'd have no more than three or four sips and it would knock me out!" Years later, following Kraft's arrest, those times she passed out in his car and woke up hours later with a headache came back to her with alarm. She also recalled a few times when Kraft showed up at her door after midnight, years after they had broken up and Kraft had come out of the closet. They remained friends, so she opened her door to him even at odd hours. "He came over once red-faced and hyperventilating," she said. "It was late maybe one or two in the morning and he was very agitated, rambling. I never did find out what was upsetting him, although I wouldn't really call it 'upset' so much now, as 'excited.' He seemed very excited." That was sometime in the early 1970s, and Jan Oliver is now convinced that what she witnessed in the front room of her apartment that night was the glassy-eyed transformation of a thrill killer, trying to calm his predatory lust before resuming his day-to-day role as a "normal" human being. Other "Freeway Killers" Occasionally, Kraft (sometimes called the Southern California Strangler) is confused with William Bonin. Both have been called "The Freeway Killer", and both murdered young men and often left their victims roadside. However, Bonin did not torture or castrate[citation needed] his victims, as Kraft did. Bonin would stop his vehicle to dump the bodies of his victims, while Kraft shoved his victims out of a fast-moving vehicle, often to gruesome effect. The similarity of the crimes often confused investigators, who were initially surprised that the murders continued after Bonin's arrest. A third "Freeway Killer", Patrick Kearney, also happened to select young men as victims from the freeways of Southern California during the 1970s. William Bonin was a habitual sex offender turned serial killer, suspected of sexually assaulting, torturing and killing at least 21 boys and young men in California. Accomplices: * Vernon Butts - Accused of taking part in six of the murders, but he hanged himself while awaiting trial. * Gregory Miley - Plead guilty to participating in one murder. Received a sentence of 25 years to life. He is currently in prison. * James Munro - Plead guilty to participating in one murder. Received a sentence of 15 years to life. He is still in prison, but trying to appeal claiming he was tricked into a plea bargain. so you reckon many of these massive 'serial killers' are fall guys for 'groups' or maybe some of them, with others being 'true' loners? because that is definitely what seems to be appearing.... Yes, I think that a lot of these serial killers are mind-controlled slaves who are used to procure fresh meat for SRA/mk networks. I have a theory on it, that these 'serial killers' are mk slaves who are programmed to be sexually aroused at the thought of capturing people, but their victims often end up in the hands of the mk networks. As far as the serial killers victims go: Some programmable victims would dissociate during torture, and are allowed to live, because they become the mk property of the network. Maybe they themselves then become mk'd serial killers/torturers for the network . I think the way it works is that if the victim cannot be programmed, then they are murdered in SRA trauma sessions to terrorize other victims. The 'serial killers' are the ones responsible for both procuring and disposing of the victims, but in the interim, the network has access to these people. My guess is that the serial killers are responsible for a mixed bag of victims. ie: some of them are just 'toys' that the serial killer is allowed to keep for himself, while a large percentage of them are actually taken from him and used by the network. He is also programmed to dispose of the bodies in a trademark fashion, and sometimes has nothing to do with some of the actual murders of the people that he disposes of. He

might recall burying the bodies , be subject to missing time, blackouts ,etc. , and end up confessing to murders that he assumes he committed himself, alone. There would be some murders, of course, that he clearly recalled committing. In this way, the serial killer will take the fall for large numbers of victims, and more importantly, take all of the blame for the actions of a large number of people. In so many of these cases I have posted, it emerges that they had accomplices, on the official record. In other cases, like those of Robert Berdella and Robert Pickton, for example, there are unconfirmed suspicions that accomplices were involved who were never revealed or officially recognized. "He Loves Me... He Loves Me Not" game is used in mind control, to quote Illuminati formula again: The Programmers, especially Dr. Mengele, enjoyed taking a daisy and pulling its petals off one at a time. First petal, "I love you". Second Petal, "I love you not." IF the last daisy petal was "I love you not"--then the child was dramatically killed in front of other children to be programmed. ... The daisy game, which was scary for a child, heightened the victims attention. Matrixes were built upon this deadly game. How did it feel to be programmed with Mengeles "I love you, I love you not" programming? A victim recalls, "The child was placed in a cage exposed and naked. The low voltage wires were rigged to the metal of the cage. The child experienced a continual erratic or sporadic prolonged voltage of shock until the heart would pulsate and the anxiety level of the child became out of control. "Then the Dr. would enter the scene with his sneering taunting smile while holding a daisy in his hands. The sporadic voltage would continue to flow through the childs body. As the shock continued, the Dr. stood before the child pulling petals off the daisy. His only communication was voiced in these words, "LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU NOT, LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU NOT," while pulling off the daisy petals. This action would drive the child crazy because the child knows full well if that last petal is pulled off it meant death. The child that is not loved is skinned alive before the other children. "...we can now begin to understand that the expendable children were in other cages placed all around us for the eye to see. They went through the same process as we watched. When the last petal of the daisy was pulled from the flower they were killed. Then the terror of what we had just experienced through the seeing and hearing, let us know we were next, but when? By the time the doctor got to "He loves me not" some children no longer knew fear. Their ashes were taken from the crematorium and used in the garden for fertilizer, as a reminder to all what happens to unloved children. "In the clinical room, the lights were used to program the days events. The bright light continually flashed starting with 7 lights, then six dots, then five dots, then four dots, then three, then two dots, then 1 dot. In the blindness of the lights, we could hear the doctors voice, "LOVE YOU, LOVE YOU NOT." over and over again. A child could have a false trust when the lights flashed 7 dots. By the time

one dot was flashing, the childs terror had once again risen. The doctor never pulled the last petal off for us, but we cant forget how he teased us. He smiled and walked away, NO, I LOVE YOU. and walked away."

Daisy Girl Scouts Daisy is the initial level of Girl Scouting. Named for Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low, Daisies are in kindergarten.[1] In August 2006 the National Council of GSUSA voted to change the level system so that as of 1 October 2008, Daisies will include girls in kindergarten and 1st grade. They typically meet in groups of five to ten and have adult leaders that plan activities to introduce them to Girl Scouts. Daisies earn the Promise Center and Petals, which focus on the Girl Scout Law and are placed on the front of the tunic in a daisy design. They may also earn or receive patches for the back of their uniform, which consists of a light blue tunic, a blue membership disk, and the Daisy Pin. They use the Daisy Girl Scout Activity Book to work on activities. multiples?(note the 'cookie-cutter' feel to the logo) Official Girl Scout Daisy Insignia Tab Bridge To Brownie Girl Scouts Award: Daisy bridging award earned by completing a set of activities described in the Guide To Daisy Girl Scout Leaders book (Daisies move up to next level, the Brownies) Moving from one Girl Scout age level to another is called bridging. This pin signifies completion, as a Senior Girl Scout, of specified commitment to Girl Scouting. Brownie Girl Scout Wings show that a girl has completed her years as a Brownie. She is ready to "fly up" to Junior Girl Scouting. This is a tradition that goes back to when Brownie Girl Scout leaders were called Brown Owls. The wings are worn on the Junior sash or vest, centered horizontally directly under the Junior Aide Award, or if she does not have that, directly under the Bridge to Junior Award. The Brownie Wings are worn on the Girls 11-17 vest or sash directly under the Membership Stars and Personalized ID Pin. The Brownie Girl Scout Wings are often given at year-end award ceremonies. vintage girl scouts logo towear_mockup_16.jpg Daisy Scout insignia This is GLogo, its the symbol for girllove, the preference for girls. And THIS, is CLogo. It is the symbol for pedophiles who do not discriminate between genders, they are equal opportunists when it comes to child molestation, interested in both boys and girls. From' Daisy's Dead Air' blogspot I refer to lovely LM, at left, local Deadhead Brownie. Brownie as in a tiny Girl Scout. LM gives us the 3-fingered Girl Scout salute, and holds up coveted GIRL SCOUT COOKIES!!!! In particular, my favorites: CARAMEL DELITES! Tiny little cookies that are a bang-up nutritional bargain at 75 calories each, 9.5 carbs and 3.5 grams of fat (yes, saturated). Experience has shown me that you can never have enough Caramel Delites. Every Deadhead household needs multiple boxes! And I always do my part. Please matronize your local Girl Scouts, and buy lots of cookies! this is the blog of a 51 year old woman by the name of Daisy, Girl Scouts butterfly embroidered pin Daisy is the initial level of Girl Scouting. Named for Juliette "Daisy" Gordon Low, Daisies are in kindergarten

In 2005, Juliette Low was honored as part of a new national monument in Washington, D.C. named The Extra Mile Points of Light Volunteer Pathway. The monument's medallions, laid into sidewalks adjacent to the White House, form a one-mile walking path.[ The Dean Corll gay cult murders took place in Texas, and check this out: Embattled AG now accused in teen sex scandal 'cover-up' Attorney General Gonzales among officials who allegedly ignored abuse of minor boys March 25, 2007 By Jerome R. Corsi Attorney General Alberto Gonzales and U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, both already under siege for other matters, are now being accused of failing to prosecute officers of the Texas Youth Commission after a Texas Ranger investigation documented that guards and administrators were sexually abusing the institution's teenage boy inmates. US Attorney General Bush appointee Alberto Gonzales US Attorney General Bush appointee Alberto Gonzales Among the charges in the Texas Ranger report were that administrators would rouse boys from their sleep for the purpose of conducting all-night sex parties. Retained job despite pornography on state computers Ray Brookins, one of the officials named in the report, was a Texas prison guard before being hired at the youth commission school. As a prison guard, Brookins had a history of disciplinary and petty criminal records dating back 21 years. He retained his job despite charges of using pornography on the job, including viewing nude photos of men and women on state computers. Systematically abusing youth inmates The Texas Youth Comission controversy traces back to a criminal investigation conducted in 2005 by Texas Ranger Brian Burzynski. The investigation revealed key employees at the West Texas State School in Pyote, Texas, were systematically abusing youth inmates in their custody.

Burzynski presented his findings to the attorney general in Texas, to the U.S. Attorney Sutton, and to the Department of Justice civil rights division. Received no interest in prosecuting Karl Rove orchestrating role From all three, Burzynski received no interest in prosecuting the alleged sexual offenses. "This case demonstrates that a partisan political agenda, with Karl Rove in an orchestrating role, has penetrated the Justice Department and subverted fair-minded administration of the law," Matt Angle, director of the Lone Star Project, told WND. It's just the latest controversy for Sutton, Gonzales and the Bush administration's direction of the Justice Department. Earlier, Sutton's decisions to prosecute two Border Patrol agents and Deputy Sheriff Gil Hernandez were criticized as having been influenced by the intervention of the Mexican government. Gonzales is under heavy congressional pressure in the controversy over the recent forced resignations of eight U.S. attorneys. At issue is whether the Bush administration is directing the Justice Department to pursue politically motivated prosecutions at the expense of fair or even-handed law enforcement. Would have to demonstrate boys subjected to sexual abuse felt physical pain In the Texas Youth Commission scandal, Texas Ranger official Burzynski received a July 28, 2005, letter from Bill Baumann, assistant U.S. attorney in Sutton's office, declining prosecution on the argument that under 18 U.S.C. Section 242, the government would have to demonstrate that the boys subjected to sexual abuse sustained "bodily injury." Baumann wrote that, "As you know, our interviews of the victims revealed that none sustained 'bodily injury.'" Baumann's letter continued, adding a definition of the phrase "bodily injury," as follows: "Federal courts have interpreted this phrase to include physical pain. None of the victims have claimed to have felt physical pain during the course of the sexual assaults which they described." Must demonstrate perpetrator knowingly caused victim to engage in sexual act Baumann's letter further suggested that insufficient evidence existed to prove the offenders in the Texas Youth Commission case had used force in their alleged acts of pedophilia: "A felony charge under 18 U.S.C. Section 242 can also be predicated on the commission of 'aggravated sexual abuse' or the attempt to commit aggravated sexual abuse. The offense of aggravated sexual abuse is proven with evidence that the perpetrator knowingly caused his victim to engage in a sexual act (which can include contact between the mouth and penis) by using force against the victim or by threatening or placing the victim in fear that the victim (or any other person) will be subjected to death, serious bodily injury or kidnapping. I do not believe that sufficient evidence exists to support a charge that either Brookins or Hernandez used force to cause victims to engage in a sexual act." No action because young imprisoned boys even enjoyed the acts

Baumann's letter went so far as to suggest that the victims may have willingly participated in, or even enjoyed, the acts of pedophilia involved: "As you know, consent is frequently an issue in sexual assault cases. Although none of the victims admit that they consented to the sexual contact, none resisted or voiced any objection to the conduct. Several of the victims suggested that they were simply 'getting off' on the school administrator." Rejected charges administrators at the Texas Youth Commission lengthened sentences of boys 'reluctant to participate' Baumann's letter also rejected Burzynski's charges that the administrators at the Texas Youth Commission facility in West Texas had used their position of authority to force the inmates to participate in the sexual acts or that the administrators had lengthened the sentences of the boys to retain willing participants or punish those reluctant to participate. Essential to show the victim was in fact victimized Baumann wrote: "In order for the government to be successful in a criminal prosecution, it would be essential for us to show that the victim was in fact victimized. Most of the victims were aware of the power that the school principal and assistant superintendent held over them, but none were able to describe retaliative acts committed by either the principal or assistant superintendent. Although it is apparent that many students were retained at West Texas State School long after their initial release date, it would be difficult to prove that either Mr. Brookins or Mr. Hernandez prevented their release." On Sept. 27, 2005, the U.S. Department of Justice Civil Rights Division declined prosecution in a letter written to Lemuel Harrison, the Texas Youth Commission superintendent at the West Texas State School. In that letter, Justice Department section chief Albert Moskowitz wrote that "evidence does not establish a prosecutable violation of the federal criminal civil rights statutes." When the word came from Washington that's when Baumann wrote letter declining prosecution Angle maintains the decision not to prosecute was purely political. "The U.S. attorney's office in Texas actually prepared indictments in this case," Angle told WND. "But when the word came from Washington, that's when Baumann wrote his letter declining prosecution. Sutton's office dropped the matter on the desk of the local district attorney, but nobody from Sutton's office said 'if you cant go on this case, we'll help you out.'" WND asked Angle to explain how politics drove the decisions not to prosecute. Describe systematic and widespread abuse of juveniles yet they determine that the evidence is not sufficient to warrant federal prosecution "If you read the letters from Sutton's office or from DOJ, it's really amazing what abuse they describe and then downplay as not being serious," Angle explained. "They describe systematic and widespread abuse of juveniles who were held in these facilities by the people who were administering these facilities, and they acknowledge this fully, yet they determine that the evidence is not sufficient to warrant federal

prosecution." Angle explained to WND that he found both letters shocking. "The letters justify not pursuing these cases because, number one, there is no evidence that any of these juveniles felt physical pain while they were being assaulted, and the letters use the word 'assaulted,'" he said. "And then also, they rejected prosecution because none of these juveniles stated in the investigations that they resisted and objected, which of course the facts of the report show to be the case. This case developed right in the middle of Governor Perry's 2006 re-election campaign. While Texas is a Republican state, and the Republicans expected to win, still at that time, Governor Perry was facing an election challenge from Carole Strayhorn, a third party candidate who was also a former Republican comptroller in Texas." He continued: "I would speculate that the political powers in Texas and Washington in the Republican Party were not interested in this sex scandal coming to light. Sutton and Gonzales let their political responsibilities outstrip their legal responsibilities, and as a result you had children who were in danger of sexual abuse and were left in that danger." Angle says that while the U.S. Justice Department and Texas attorney general's office were not prosecuting in this case, they were actively pursuing minor voter fraud issues with only a handful of allegations to go on. On March 2, 2007, Governor Rick Perry appointed Jay Kimbrough, his former staff chief and homeland security director, to serve as "special master" to lead an investigation into the Texas Youth Commission sex abuse scandal. Shortly thereafter, the commission stopped a hiring practice that had allowed convicted felons to work as administrators in the system. The practice had involved a requirement that prior criminal records be destroyed for employees hired by the commission. On March 17, 2007, the entire Texas Youth Commission governing board resigned. The Texas Youth Commission is the state's juvenile corrections agency, charged "with the care, custody, rehabilitation, and reestablishment in society of Texas' most chronically delinquent or serious juvenile offenders." Between the age of 10 and 17 when committed molesters can continue until 21st birthdays Inmates are felony-level offenders between the age of 10 and 17 when they are committed. The commission can maintain jurisdiction over offenders until their 21st birthdays. The Lone Star Project is organized as a political research and policy analysis project of the Lone Star Fund, a federal political action committee organized in Texas. 9. Child murder in Atlanta In 1978, Larry Flynt was prosecuted in the State of Georgia for violation of the

pornography laws; it is here that he was shot, receiving a crippling injury which has confined him to a wheelchair. Certainly, his enemies were not the Satanists: to the contrary, Satanism, drugs, pornography flourished in this evil city, and do so to this day. Atlanta is sometimes called a crime capital of America. According to drug enforcement experts, Atlanta became an important center for narcotics distribution with the upgrading and expansion of South American and Caribbean drug trafficking into Miami. The pattern is an expansion to routes into Georgia and Houston, Tex. Conjointly with this, Atlanta became more important as a center for drug cartel money-laundering operations. It is certainly a regional capital for an international Satanic network. We shall show that the coverup which occurred at the time of the Atlanta Child Murders, has allowed Satanism to flourish there virtually unchecked. - The Atlanta Child Murders From July of 1979 to May of 1981, 29 black adolescent and young adult males were murdered in Atlanta, Ga. The circumstances of their death clearly indicated a ritual element, and extensive media play guaranteed an international spotlight. At the time, one credible motive for the murders appeared to be political: to foment racial tensions. The Satanic element gradually unfolded. The officially recognized victims were mainly adolescent black males, who were known to be involved in drug running and in male prostitution. There is every indication that pornographic photographs, and perhaps videos as well, were being produced. One possibility is that the young men and women were murdered during the course of the production of ``snuff'' films; another is that the deaths were part of some sacrificial ritual. Other motives suggested for the crimes included retribution for violations of the criminals' own internal code (for example, that the young people held back drug profits). There is a question whether the list of 29 child-murder victims is meaningful, since other bodies, both white and black, male and female, were found during the same time period; and deaths occurred fitting the pattern of the Atlanta Child Murders after the imprisonment of Wayne Williams, the man convicted for the crimes. Sixty-three other people were murdered in Atlanta between the years 1979 and 1982. Twenty-five of these occurred after the arrest of Williams, the supposed lone assassin. In 1979, Atlanta was known as the murder capital of the U.S., with 231 homicides, according to FBI statistics. [--pagebreak--] The children were known to frequent the house of a black man named Tom Terrell, known to them as Uncle Tom. Here, they were paid $10 or $15 to perform oral sexual acts. The children were also sodomized. They were given marijuana and some other form of narcotic which was daubed on their faces. The existence of Uncle Tom's house never came out in the trial of Williams, despite the availability of eyewitness testimony.

There was definite evidence that some of the dead children had spent time with their captors, perhaps days, before they were killed. They were wearing clothing different from that in which they were captured, and the remains of food taken from their stomachs showed that they had eaten meals after the time they were last seen by friends and family. The children were apparently smothered to death--one possibility is that they were smothered at the moment of orgasm, while performing oral sex. Sexual organs were missing on many of the remains, which had been left to moulder outdoors. The location where one boy's body was found was the same place where, some years earlier, homosexuals had been shot in a gang war over control of the homosexual entertainment industry. Later, there was also a spate of firebombings of homosexual and sexually oriented entertainment spots in Atlanta. The murders took place against a backdrop of racial-political tension in the city. When Maynard Jackson became mayor of Atlanta in 1973, he reorganized the heretofore lilywhite police force. This created dissension, which was later reflected in the politics of the investigation around the murders. Jackson hired Reginald Eaves to run the Police Department, but he was ultimately forced to resign after charges of corruption charges were brought against him, and Lee P. Brown, who subsequently relocated in Houston (and now New York), took over the job. Brown had received a PhD in police administration, and had served in Portland, Ore. and San Jose, Calif. before coming to Atlanta. Brown was in charge at the time of the murders. Many people felt that the way that he handled the investigations was so incompetent as to suggest either corruption on his part--involvement in the homosexual circles who came under suspicion--and/or blackmail. Maynard Jackson also came in for criticism. The situation surrounding the investigation of the killings was so bad, that some of the parents of missing children expressed doubt that the remains which were found were actually those of their own children. They found things such as discrepancies in dental work between the remains and their own children's dental records. In one instance, it is reported that the police themselves tossed a coin in order to decide to which of two missing boys, the body before them belonged. In other cases, there were reports of sightings in other cities, of boys supposedly dead.[--pagebreak--] One of the boys was found with a stab wound in the stomach, surrounded by five ceremonial cuts, according to an acknowledgement by a medical examiner, subsequent to the Wayne Williams trial. (No Satanic connections were brought out by the Williams defense.) Several parents reported to investigators that when they saw their children's bodies they had crosses carved on their foreheads or chests. Newspapers reported three such instances at the time. - The occult connection -

Atlanta has long been an occult center. Not only had the Process-Foundation Faith cult opened a chapter there, but there was a home-grown Wicca network run by a witch who called herself Lady Santana, and one Lord Merlin. Lady Santana was also known as Samantha Lerman. Lady Santana's Ravenwood Church of Wicca was granted tax exempt status in the State of Georgia. There is also another witchcraft coven operating openly there, known as The Avalon Center. It is run by a woman styling herself as Lady Galadriel, High Priestess of the Grove of the Unicorn. The Atlanta Wicca Church changed its name to the Church of the Old Religion in 1979, following the murder of a 15-year-old girl. Jolene Tina Simon was killed at Ravenwood House during an open house ritual. She was killed shortly before May 29, 1979, and a man named David Reese Williams, a 23-yearold unemployed paramedic, was subsequently indicted by an Atlanta grand jury for manslaughter. According to accounts, Williams coolly placed a gun to Simon's head and pulled the trigger, when she told him, ``Kill me!'' Williams claims not to remember the incident, and Wicca members who were present testified that the murder was accidental. A member of the Wicca Church from Ohio, who called herself Lady Circe, was also reported to be present in Atlanta during the time of the Child Murders. An independent investigative team in Atlanta, led by Dr. Sondra O'Neill (who was then teaching literature at Emory College in Atlanta), and including Albert Joiner and the sometime presence of Roy Innis, head of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), plus investigative journalist Ira Liebowitz, and a former Atlanta chief of police, developed many leads indicating a Satanic aspect to the crimes. (These individuals collaborated with each other on an informal basis but were by no means always in agreement.) Former Atlant[-pagebreak--]a police officer Chuck Dettlinger published a book on the murders, {The List,} which is of interest because it documents a consistent record of police failure to follow up investigative leads. Dr. O'Neill was brought into the case by James Baldwin, who had been commissioned by {Playboy} magazine to write an article on the murders. She was already collaborating with the famous author on his biography. They hired two graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania to assist them. Later a New York investigator, Galen Kelly, was brought on the scene by Roy Innis. Kelly (who is prominent in Anti-Defamation League circles, and was indicted in New York City for kidnaping a member of a New Jersey cult, purportedly to deprogram the individual) systematically impeded O'Neill's investigations. Kelly has in the past worked closely with Rabbi Maurice Davis, as part of a purported anti-cult network; Davis, however, is the individual who originally helped sponsor Jim Jones of Jonestown fame.

Because of Baldwin's prominence, many people from the local community came forward privately with information. One of these informants was subsequently gunned down by police on the flimsy pretext that he showed resistance to arrest when they sought to enter his house. Others were threatened. The major informant was one Shirley McGill (who subsequently came under the control of Innis and Kelly). McGill admitted to having been employed as a bookkeeper by a drug-trafficking operation that was based in Florida. In the summer of 1977 she became involved with Parnell Traham, who was working as a cab driver in the Miami area. He practiced voodoo. He had served in the Vietnam War, and it was apparently in Vietnam that he became involved in the drug traffic. The modus operandi of the operation was to purchase used cars in Miami, which were then loaded with drugs and transported by rural routes to Atlanta and to Houston. McGill was recruited by Traham to serve as a bookkeeper for his operation, and she was sent to Atlanta. O'Neill described the drug operation as operating in a cell formation, where individuals from one cell did not know those in other cells. McGill was introduced into an inner circle, who controlled the various cells. These people were also Satanists. In March of 1980, she was invited to a ceremonial ground in Atlanta. She was instructed to wear a long dress, with a scarf covering her head, but not to wear undergarments. An initiation ceremony took place, in which dope was smoked and there was some sexual activity. According to her account, McGill sought to keep her distance from the cult activities. When she did attend ritual ceremonies, she would volunteer to act as a guard on the perimeter of the area. While the members of the drug network with which she wa[--pagebreak--]s involved were black, the high priest during the occult ceremonies was a white man, and white and black would participate in the rituals. The high priest would appear naked, wearing goat horns on his head, and would seem to appear from a cloud of smoke. A ring of candles would create a kind of altar, and these were placed surrounding the statute of a short, fat, seated man. The ceremonies which she witnessed included animal and human sacrifice, which included slitting the victim's throat and then drinking his or her blood from a chalice. The sexual orgy which would follow, included having sexual relations with animals. After this, people would bathe in a body of water adjacent to the ceremonial grounds. McGill identified several outdoor sites where rituals were held. Funeral homes were frequently used to dispose of bodies, which were placed in the closed coffins of people who were being buried from the funeral home. McGill also pointed out places from which the drug operations were run. One was a machine shop, another a barn or warehouse, and there was also a house. McGill related three incidents which occurred apart from these ceremonies, one of them in a barn. A black man dragged what appeared to be a dead black child into the barn by a rope tied around the child's neck. Various individuals tried to get McGill to pull the rope but she refused. The child's body was then placed in the trunk of a car. On another

occasion, McGill was working in the machine shop, when two men brought in a young black child who was bound. The boy knew McGill and appealed to her for help. He told her that he would be killed because he had withheld money from the sale of drugs. Later she witnessed his murder, when a plastic bag was placed over his head. On another occasion she saw on the floor of the barn a naked child, who appeared to be dead. According to McGill, a young woman named JoAnn was also murdered at the same time. On some occasions McGill intimated that she had been involved with this woman in scamming the drug overlords, and so she feared for her own life, and that was the reason that she had broken with the cult and sought out Dr. O'Neill and Roy Innis. At other times, she mentioned fears for the safety of her son, and she also suspected that she might be chosen as a sacrificial victim in cult ceremonies. McGill reported seeing one of the purported victims of the Atlanta Child Murders alive. The FBI also interviewed people who claimed to have seen this particular boy alive as late as December of 1981. Witnesses near the location of the abduction of one child on the official victim list, identified Parnell Traham as the driver of the car used in the abduction. In none of the abductions of the children, is there any indication that they resisted capture. This leads to the hypothesis that they knew their captors--in some instances, these may even have been family members, or respected members of the community. It is not credible that all of the murdered children had been holding back money, since in that event some would have resisted capture; furthermore, it should not have taken almost 30 murders to convince the young people, most of whom knew each other, of the dangers of scamming. [-pagebreak--] - Other witnesses Over the four-year period in which Dr. O'Neill conducted her on-site investigations, eight witnesses surfaced to describe what had occurred. They located three main sites, one in Cobb County. They described the sacrifice of hundreds of victims, not merely the children identified in the Child Murder cases. One witness was a black magic preacher who operated from the basement of his own father's church. In all, four different witchcraft covens were identified. These apparently shared two sites, which were identified by witnesses. Periodically, they would come together for ceremonials. The sites were near bodies of water, and they would made of boulders placed in semicircular configurations. Old Indian burial sites were preferred, and trees played a part in the ceremonies. Circumstantial evidence suggests Process-Foundation involvement. Hairs of German shepherd dogs were found in some of the remains of child victims. Severed heads of dogs were also found in the vicinity of ritual sites. A volunteer named Don Laken, formerly from Pennsylvania, was active in ``assisting'' the police. He was known as the ``dog man''

because he ran a kennel where he trained a large number of attack dogs, mainly 90 German shepherds. Laken admitted to a member of Wayne Williams's defense team-which he claimed to be aiding--that he himself practiced Satanism. He was seen wearing gold jewelry, all symbolizing German shepherds, including a large shepherd's-head pendant which he wore around his neck. Laken was particularly active with the numbers of so-called psychics who flooded the police with their offers of help. It should be noted that the Foundation Faith definitely incorporated clairvoyance in its revised rituals. In January of 1981, an anonymous telephone call alerted searchers to the existence of an unoccupied house in southwest Atlanta. Here neighbors had observed an unusual pattern of activity. There was also a smell of decayed flesh around the house. Two Bibles were found nailed to the wall, one of these was opened to the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 1. (This choice of passage is reminiscent of a similar message left on the site where Roy Radin was found murdered in 1983.) In this passage, God chastises His children for their sin and disobedience. Verse 15 reads: ``Your hands are those of murderers; they are covered with the blood of your innocent victims.'' Verse 16 reads, ``Oh wash yourselves! Be clean!'' Verse 29 reads, ``You will blush to think of all those times you sacrificed to idols in your groves of sacred oaks.'' Chapter II, Verse 6 states, ``The Lord has rejected you because you welcome foreigners from the East who practice magic and communicate with evil spirits.'' [--pagebreak--] - Wayne Williams Most investigators believe that Williams was involved to some extent in the murders. Most probably he was used as a pornography photographer. He operated as a small-scale talent scout, organized a musical group called Gemini, and may have enticed some of the child victims. After his arrest, the {Egyptian Book of the Dead} was found among his possessions, and he himself owned a German shepherd named Sheba. Shirley McGill claimed to know him. Various spectators in the courtroom at the Williams trial appeared to be wearing occult symbols. Information was made available to the defense team, naming two police officers who were reportedly in Williams's Satanic group. This did not surface at the trial; however, it coheres with McGill's assertion that the Satanists had police protection. The arrest of Wayne Williams came after the investigation appeared to be dead-ended, but after then-Vice President Bush made a trip to Atlanta, demanding that some action be taken. Williams himself was at first extremely confident that he would be quickly released. The evidence that he was a sole assassin is unconvincing, to say the least. No witness descriptions of alleged abudctors fit the description of Williams. In fact, he was charged with only two of the murders. Williams pleaded not guilty, and nothing in his behavior evidenced a criminal disposition--other than his privately admitted membership in the Satanic cult--nor was any motive for the crimes established.

There would appear to have been an agreement between the defense and the prosecution, to suppress the Satanic connection. Yet, in the case of stab wounds found on the bodies, two of the three victims so found, had wounds which were inflicted by a left-handed person; Williams is right-handed. Williams's own father, also believed to be a member of the cult, is left-handed. Perhaps Williams was induced to protect him. There were three other suspects held by the police, of whom two were released and one was committed to a mental institution. All three were dismissed as crazy by the police. The individuals had first contacted a minister to whom they appealed for help in their effort to reveal what they knew about Satanic cult activity. [--pagebreak--]- Satanism in Atlanta today Atlanta is currently the home of Fay Yager, founder of the Sanctuary Movement in the United States. Mrs. Yager has taken upon herself the painful task of organizing resources for parents who are seeking to protect their children from child abuse by their spouses or former spouses. She was drawn into this activity as she herself, and then her friends, found that the courts not only turned against them, and refused protection to their children, but actively supported the abusers. At first, she believed that the problem was primarily pedophiliac child abuse; only gradually did she begin to realize that three-quarters of the children who came to her attention for help, were in fact the victims of abuse by practicing Satanists. When her own daughter was 2 years old, Mrs. Yager found out that her previous husband, Roger Jones, was abusing her. She was unable to prevail against him in the courts, and only two years ago was she vindicated, when he was arrested for pornography and the rape of another child. In the meantime, he had been given custody of their daughter, who became pregnant as a teenager--and suffered miserably. The lawyer, Robert Fournoy, who defended Mrs. Yager's husband, became a judge, and in that capacity has continued to protect child abusers. Another Atlanta woman who now works with Mrs. Yager, Victoria Karp, has four grandchildren who were given by this judge into the custody of a father whom they reported to have been Satanically abusive to the three oldest. Mrs. Karp's daughter has chosen to hide out, rather than to release the children. The judge in this case was the same Robert Fournoy who had successfully defended Fay Yager's first husband. In the Karp case, it appears that the father was a member of a three-generational witchcraft family, and would be taken to the home of a great-aunt where ritual ceremonies took place. The children have drawn pictures of people being stabbed before altars. The mother did not realize what was happening, until she saw her daughter Alicia touching her own and her father's genitals during a church service. Over time, the children revealed that they had been taken to ceremonials in which young babies were murdered. The daughter herself had been filmed performing sexual acts.

Testimony by the children was rejected by the court on the grounds that they were too young to be credible witnesses. At the time, the girl was 5, and the two boys 3 and 1. Alicia has said that she saw the parents of a little boy hand him over to be sacrificed and that that had really scared her. She said that she always believed that if something happened to her or her brothers, her Mom would come looking for her. This belief was shaken when her father told her that her mother knew everything. He also told her that everyone did these things, but just did not talk about them. Once, Alicia got really upset over something and wouldn't cooperate, insisting that it was time to go home; but she wanted to wait for her younger brother Gary. After a time, they brought her pieces of a little boy with red hair and told her it was Gary. After she became hysterical, the real Gary came out. Alicia doesn't know who the other little boy was.[--pagebreak--] Gary told about going out ``hunting'' with his dad at night. He said that bank machines were good hunting grounds, but that sometimes, on a bad night, they would just go out and find street people to use in the rituals. He said that sometimes, kids were brought in by van and stored in houses or warehouses. The 3-year-old insisted that his great-aunt had a penis. He also said the adults would ``drown'' him by blindfolding him and shoving a ``hose'' down his throat--lots of different people would stick hoses down his throat and then shoot liquid out of the hoses as they pushed the hoses deeper and deeper. All three children said that balloons were stuck inside them and blown up. (Later, during raids conducted by police on some of the sites described by the children, the police did find helium tanks. They said it was a common practice used to stretch the children's vaginal and anal openings without scarring them, in preparation for sexual abuse.) In all, Alicia reports witnessing an incredible 42 ritualistic murders. Some of these were of adults, some children, even some children who were turned over by their own parents to be sacrificed. There were also instances of babies who were bred for sacrifice right in Cobb County. She was able to tell when and where the murders occurred. Many of the sites which she described had been previously identified by Shirley McGill as places where she too, had witnessed Satanic ceremonies, including human sacrifices. (In another instances, another child whom Mrs. Yager is helping described a site where sacrifices occurred but he could not tell where it was. Dr. O'Neill suggested a location familiar to her from the Child Murders, and when the boy was brought to that neighborhood he immediately located the identical building, a funeral home.) The Cobb County police tried to investigate the case; however, the detective who was most active was taken off the case, and is now being sued by the cult. The therapist who had worked with the children is also being sued. The FBI claimed that it did not have the manpower available to investigate the child abuse; however, it is now extremely active in trying to locate Mrs. Karp's daughter, in order to return the children to the custody of

their father. Fay Yager relates numbers of similar such cases throughout the country. - The strange case of Mark David Chapman - On Dec. 8, 1980, rock star John Lennon was gunned down in front of the[--pagebreak--] apartment building where he lived in New York City by Mark David Chapman, a man with no apparent motive for the murder. Chapman admitted his guilt, and was intermittently repentant. He claimed that he had been led to commit the act because he was possessed by the Devil. He also claimed to have found direction in J.B. Salinger's novel, {Catcher in the Rye,} which he had in his possession at the time of the murder. He was not known to have been concerned with the career of John Lennon, in the past; nor, except in the period just preceding the murder, had he been seen with the book. The apartment building outside which Lennon died was, ironically enough, the Dakota--the scene at which the film {Rosemary's Baby} had been filmed. Chapman was born in 1955, in Atlanta. During his early teens he was such a heavy drug abuser that he was known as a ``garbage head,'' someone who would take any drug indiscriminately. Chapman reformed in 1971, when he was ``saved'' by a California evangelist named Arthur Blessed. He worked as a summer counselor for Blessed's group, and he also had overseas assignments for it. In 1975, he spent a month in Beirut, and in 1978, he did a world tour, staying at YMCA hostels. In 1975 he also worked at a camp for Vietnamese refugees, run by the Y in Arkansas. Chapman was apparently prevented from making a career with the YMCA, because he was unable to get a college degree. He appears to have had some sort of breakdown while in college. In 1989, Fenton Bresler wrote a book about Chapman, titled {Who Killed John Lennon,} in which he strongly hints that Chapman was a bisexual who was heavily involved in a homosexual circle in Atlanta. One long-term friend of Chapman was a deputy sheriff in Georgia, Gene Scott. It was Scott, in fact, who provided Chapman with the explosive, hollow-point bullets which he used to kill Lennon. Scott and Chapman shared quarters while Chapman was living in Atlanta. In 1976, Chapman decided to move to Hawaii. While there, he attempted to kill himself. He was employed at the center where he went for treatment after this attempt, and then later worked as a security guard. It is not clear how he might have funded his 1978 world tour, which took him to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Delhi, Israel, Geneva, London, Paris, Dublin, Atlanta, and then back to Hawaii, where he married the travel agent who had booked it for him. Supposedly he financed the trip with a credit-union loan. His new wife, Gloria Abe, had been involved in occultist circles, but she is supposed to have converted to Christianity after their romance began. At this time, Chapman borrowed money in order to invest in art.

Chapman told the police that, had he not succeeded in shooting Lennon, other possible targets were Johnny Carson, Walter Cronkite, Jacqueline Kennedy, or George C. Scott. Bresler's thesis is that Chapman was brainwashed by the CIA as part of the MK-Ultra project, because John Lennon was felt by conservatives to be a potential new John Kennedy. [--pagebreak--] - The Lennon connection To our mind, it is far more likely that Chapman's claim to being demonically possessed indicates that he had been drawn into Satanic networks while he was still a young man in Atlanta. The possible involvement of some respected individuals, whether from the YMCA or the sheriff's office, in these same networks, would agree with the pattern of coverup in the Atlanta Child Murders, which occurred during the same period as the Lennon murder. John Lennon and Yoko Ono themselves were deeply involved in occultism. In May of 1979, Lennon and Yoko Ono ran a paid advertisement in New York, London, and Tokyo: ``Sean [their son] is beautiful. The plants are growing. The cats are purring. More and more we are starting to wish and pray.... Wishing is ... effective. It works.... Magic is real. The secret of it is to know that it is simple, and not to kill it with an elaborate ritual which is a sign of insecurity. We love you.'' Lennon and Yoko contributed $100,000 at this time to set up a non-profit organization they called the Spirit Foundation. When Chapman shot Lennon he might have walked away, and perhaps escaped arrest, but he stood around. This suggests a magical interest in being present at the moment of death. When Chapman worked as a security guard and then maintenance man, his job site was located directly opposite the Scientology headquarters in Honolulu. It was thought that he was responsible for making phoned death threats to the Scientologists. He also played Beatles records loudly enough to disrupt their activities. Three other men were also involved in harassing the Scientologists at the time. This targeting of the Church of Scientology is suggestive of the Process Church feud with Scientology. Charles Manson also developed enmity to the Church, whom he believed to be persecuting him. It is the case that a Scientologist living near one of the Manson Family hangouts helped two members of the family to free themselves from Manson's influence. John Lennon was a heavy LSD user, and he was involved in England with the occult circles led by Kenneth Anger which included the Process Church. In the winter of 1966, Lennon began studying the writings of Timothy Leary, including his version of the {Tibetan Book of the Dead;} however, it was Yoko Ono who solicited the services of Caribbean {curanderos} and employed her own, virtually resident, witchdoctors in New York City. (Anger, perhaps not coincidentally, is reported to have been lecturing in Honolulu at a time when Chapman could have met with him.)[--pagebreak--]

Yoko Ono got involved with {curanderos} in 1974. She first decided that her apartment at the Dakota was haunted and needed to be exorcised. She became a client of Santeria practitioner John Green. She also followed the guidelines of a Japanese occultist Takashi Yoshikawa, whose cult followers may have included Gloria Abe. Chapman and the Lennons were in Tokyo at the same time in 1978. John Green hooked up with a corrupt art dealer named Samuel Adams Green, Jr., and the two men worked a scam on Yoko Ono, selling her paintings at excessively high prices. In March of 1977, Yoko connected with a witch named Lena, whom Sam Green had met in the Caribbean, at St. Tropez. The meeting with the witch took place in Cartagena, and included a pact with the Devil, and blood sacrifices. At the time of Lennon's death it was rumored that he had planned to separate from Yoko Ono. Clearly, if this is so, from a financial point of view at least, she benefited from his death.

Speaking of Larry Flynt: 'Aged nine he had his first sexual experience, which involved violently sexually attacking then killing a chicken, an event which both he and many pundits have identified as being important in shaping his attitudes towards sex and women[4] [5].' 'Flynt disowned his eldest daughter Tonya Flynt-Vega after she became a Christian antipornography activist. In her 1998 book Hustled, she claims that Flynt sexually abused her as a child, often calling her names.[16] Flynt has denied the charges.' I wasn't taking very seriously the stuff you guys were saying about diaper-wearers earlier but this made me lol: 'Also in 1983, during a trial about his refusal to disclose the source of the John DeLorean surveillance tapes potentially embarrassing to the FBI, he wore an American flag as a diaper and was subsequently jailed for six months for desecration of the flag.' Then the really unbelievable part: 'Criticisms of Larry Flynt Flynt has been the subject of much criticism, especially from feminists. In a Hustler feature called "Dirty Pool" on January 1983, he depicted a woman being gang-raped on a pool table. A few months after these pictures were published, a woman was gang-raped on a pool table in New Bedford, Mass. Mr. Flynt's response to the crime was to publish a postcard of another nude woman on a pool table, this time with the inscription, "Greetings from New Bedford, Mass. The Portuguese Gang-Rape Capital of America."

[24] December 1978, child pornography distribution still being legal under USA law[25], Hustler published photographs of naked children as young as three-years of age in sex scenes alongside an article, "Children, Sex and Society," advocating an end to age of consent, calling for acceptance of adult-child sex, and legalization of incest. In February 1975 in an article entitled "Adolescent Fantasy" an uncle is photographed sexually with his niece. October 1976 a naked girl scout is photographed soliciting sex in August 1981, a nude young girl, photographed with her dollies, saying to the viewer; "You would be surprised what a 'little girl can do. ..." Flynt published a recurring cartoon called Chester the Molester, written by Hustler editorial cartoon director Dwaine Tinsley, which depicted molestation of children. In May 1984 Tinsley was found guilty of sexually abusing his daughter. Tinsley had contributed 145 Hustler cartoons of violent child kidnapping and rape. [26] Upon his release from prison, Tinsley was rehired at Hustler' Also, can't remember if The People Vs Larry Flynt already came up, but some interesting connections. Directed by Oliver Stone, starring Courtney Love, and also Edward Norton who I think has been mentioned but I'm not sure for very good reasons. Fascinating blog on the Indian Lake project, a remnant of an mkultra facility found in the woods around Indian Lake, New York. A metal box was found buried nearby containing photos of children and film of children in cages. On July 9, 1997 my uncle was hiking in a wooded area around Indian Lake, New York. He tripped on what he thought was a tree root sticking slightly above ground. When he looked back he noticed the corner of this box above ground. The fact that he was far from any marked path or road, and was in an area that few if any usually hike, sparked his curiosity. The box was sticking up by only 2 or 3 inches, and from the look of the ground around the box, he figured it had been there quite a while. With only sticks to dig with, it took him a while to pry it from the ground. The 3 shapes on the top of the box (an upside down triangle and two circles), were only apparent after it was later cleaned up. The box had no lock on it and was easily opened. Inside the box my uncle found 21 waterdamaged photos, 3 8mm home movie reels, and various documents. Most of the photos are of children which led my uncle to fear the worst... that he had stumbled upon evidence of a crime involving children. He mentioned that his blood ran cold when the began reading the documents also found in the box. He indeed had stumbled upon a crime involving children, but instead of some child molester, it seemed that these children were all part of some United States Government experimentation. Those experiments where known as the I.L.P or the Indian Lake Project.

In 2002, my uncle died. This box was given to me shortly before he passed away. He was afraid of the contents in the box, and wished he had never found it. I feel it is my obligation to share it's contents, and the truth behind what had been burried for 50 years. more information: %20Photos/gaywitchcraft.jpg 'Dabbler' in the occult, Jeffrey Dahmer. He just had a gremlin statue and was collecting skulls to create a bigger satanic alter, a fridge full of body parts, and a habit of eating adolescent boys in gay sex rituals. I guess this was just 'dabbling', and the hard core stuff was still a long way off? This is the opinion of the Milwaukee police? Dahmers MO (contd.) *B. Dahmers experiments * Sometimes Dahmer wouldnt kill the victims outright. Instead, he would perform experiments on his drugged alive victims. * He lobotomized a number of his victims. Most died immediately. However, he claimed that 1 victim lived, following an experiment, where Dahmer drilled a whole into the victims skull & poured muriatic acid into it. Dahmer argued the man was turned into a zombie & lived for several days. Jeffrey Dahmers Modus Operandi (contd.) * C. Rituals * Dahmer believed in the occult & planned to create a shrine to an evil force he thought influenced him. Dahmer used his skulls, other human trophies, & a statue of a griffin that he owned. He thought the shrine would give him special powers & energies to help him socially & financially. There's Something About Henry by David McGowan Also described as a 'dabbler' in Satanism was everyone's favorite cannibal, Jeffrey Dahmer. It is likely that Dahmer was much more than just a dabbler, a fact made clear by the detailed plan for constructing a Satanic alter that was found in his apartment,

complete with the human skulls he had been collecting. In one of the most bizarre 'coincidences' surrounding America's serial killers, the brother of one of Dahmer's victims was found stabbed to death in March of 1999 - long after Dahmer himself had been murdered - in what was described by police as a ritual sacrifice. This would tend to indicate that others were involved in Dahmer's murder spree, though it is possible that it was just a coincidence. Given, however, that Satanic crime is said to be so rare in America that it does not in fact exist, one wonders what the odds are of two kids from the same family being murdered under such circumstances. And while we are on the subject of coincidences, what are the odds that the Stayner family would have one son kidnapped as a child and subjected to eight years of torture and sexual abuse, only to have their other son later turn out to be a serial killer? But here again I digress. dabbler Robert Berdella

Yet another obvious Satanist in the serial killer crowd is the man who was known as the Butcher of Kansas, Bob Berdella. By his own admission, Berdella turned to Satanism after the death of his father when he was still a teen. Among the array of macabre artefacts found in his home and place of business (Bob's Bizarre Bazaar) were numerous items fashioned from human body parts, as well as an abundance of occult literature and a Satanic ritual robe. Another rather curious fact about the Berdella case was that following his conviction, a local millionaire named Dell Dunmire bought all of Berdella's belongings, including the house in which the murders were committed and the entire inventory of his home and business. He proceeded to level the house and then sold the vacant lot. It is quite possible that these actions were taken to hide evidence of the involvement of others, including possibly himself. It will be recalled that Henry Lee Lucas claimed that the upper echelons of the cult he was involved with included the wealthy and powerful. Berkowitz made the same claims of the Son of Sam cult. Journalist Terry was, in fact, able to document the involvement in the cult of such figures as Cotton Club film producer Roy Radin and wealthy art dealer Andrew Crispo. Crispo actually admitted to being present at a ritual homicide, though he denied participating in the grisly murder. Radin, on the other hand, became a victim of the cult himself. Another acknowledged Satanist was Leonard Lake, and likely his partner Charles Ng as well. Lake's ex-wife admitted that her former spouse had a long-time affiliation with a San Francisco 'witches coven,' and friends recalled that Lake had often claimed membership in a secret 'death cult.' Besides the killers listed here who have exhibited an overt interest in Satanism, it is tempting to conclude that any murder that includes such elements as cannibalism, ritual mutilation and necrophilia is Satanically inspired. To do so, however, would reek of Christian fundamentalism with its desire to cast all such evil as the work of the Devil.

We will refrain from doing so here. We will also pause here to note that your erstwhile reporter is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a Christian fundamentalist. In fact, he is not a Christian at all, but rather an atheist. He does not believe in God or Satan, though he does believe that both are concepts that are used by the powerful few to promote an agenda Interesting that cannibal chef Robert Berdella worked at the private University Club restaurant on route 66 at Missouri University. Missouri University has an incredibly complex version of Stonehenge built on it, created on the solstice of 1984: reminds a bit of this: Georgia Guidestones Both of these monuments were built in the early eighties. The Georgia Guidestones were built in 1980, the same time period that the Atlanta Child Murders were going on. Talking of child murders, this was clearly a ritual murder. Smart policemen just now announced that the "killer" died in fact decades ago: I agree. Obviously a cult murder, and check out the background of Ottis Toole: Childhood Toole was born in Jacksonville, Florida. His father, Elwood Toole, abandoned the family when Toole was three or four years old, and he claimed his mother was a religious fanatic who often abused him and dressed him in girl's clothing.[2] Toole's maternal grandmother was a satanist who exposed him to various satanic practices and rituals in his youth and gave him the nickname "Devil's Child".[2] At school, Toole often received failing grades and was held back twice, before dropping out of high school in the ninth grade. He was often designated as being mentally retarded, with an I.Q. that had tested variously between 54 and 75. It is believed, however, that his I.Q. was probably higher and that he had received such low scores due to suffering from various learning disorders (including dyslexia and ADHD) and being illiterate. He also suffered from epilepsy, which resulted in frequent grand mal seizures. Throughout his childhood, he ran away from home often and would often sleep in abandoned houses. He was also a serial arsonist from a young age and was sexually aroused by fire.[2]

In the documentary, Death Diploma, Toole claimed he was forced to have sex with a friend of his father's when he was 6 years old. He felt he knew he was homosexual when he was 11 years old and claimed to have had a homosexual relationship with a boy neighbor when he was 12. As a teenager, Toole explored his homosexuality by visiting gay nightclubs, and by forming a relationship with a 19-year-old male neighbor. He also claimed to have been a male prostitute during adolescence and was known to dress in drag. Toole admitted to having committed his first murder at the age of fourteen. After being propositioned for sex by a traveling salesman, he ran over the salesman with his own car. [2] Toole was first arrested on August 16, 1964 at the age of seventeen on a charge of loitering. Criminal career and imprisonment In 1976, Toole met Henry Lee Lucas while working at a soup kitchen in Jacksonville.[2] They developed a sexual relationship with each other.[citation needed] Both would later claim to have committed hundreds of murders, sometimes at the behest of a secret cult called "The Hand of Death". Lucas would later recant his confessions, saying he made such statements only to improve his living conditions in jail. Some authorities have argued there is significant doubt as to Lucas' guilt; see Henry Lee Lucas for further information. On October 21, 1983, Toole confessed to the murder of Adam Walsh.[3] A few weeks after Toole made the confession, however, police investigating the case announced that they no longer considered him a suspect. John Walsh, Adam's father, continued to maintain that he believed Toole to be guilty.[4] On December 16, 2008, Hollywood, Florida police announced Toole as the official suspect, and subsequently the murderer, and that the Adam Walsh case would be closed based on DNA evidence collected in 1983. [5][6] In 1982, Toole locked 64-year-old George Sonnenburg in his own home and set the house alight, killing him. In April 1984, Toole was convicted and sentenced to death in Jacksonville, Florida for Sonnenberg's murder. Later that year, Toole was found guilty of the 1979 murder of an unknown prostitute dubbed "Orange Socks", a murder he committed with Lucas, and received a second death sentence. He was also found guilty of the 1983 murder of 19-year-old Ada Johnson, a Tallahassee, Florida resident, and received a third death sentence; on appeal, however, all three sentences were commuted to life in prison. Experts at his trial had testified that Toole suffered from paranoid schizophrenia. While serving his sentence, Toole briefly shared a cell with Ted Bundy in Florida's Raiford Prison.[3] After incarceration, Toole pleaded guilty to four more murders in 1991 and received four more life sentences.

On September 15, 1996, at the age of 49, Ottis Toole died in his prison cell from liver failure.[7] He was buried in a prison cemetery, as nobody claimed his body. On December 16, 2008, police stated that they had found evidence that proved Toole was responsible for the abduction and murder of Adam Walsh. Toole's niece had previously told Adam's father John Walsh that her uncle confessed to killing Adam shortly before he died.

just finished a very interesting book called 'King Kill 33', below a little excerpt from it. SET III: MACBETH AND SCOTLAND Before pointing to the mystical associations between the murder of the president and Shakespeare's tragedy of Macbeth I wish to call attention to the appearance of the witches in Act I, Scene 1 and to the line in which they chant "Fair is foul, and foul is fair". This is reminiscent of Hermetic Art (alchemy) as well as the "individuation" or "shaping" of an integrated personality in the psychology of C. G. Jung in which the "archetype of unity" (self-head, auto-cephalous), the Yetzer Ha-Ra and Yetzer ha Tov of the Jews, and the "Mingling of All with All" is manifested. Next it is important to note the appearance of Hecate to the three witches in Macbeth. Hecate is triple- countenanced and being three-fold in aspect she is known as Diana on earth, Luna in heaven and Hecate in hell. These three women, of course, comprise one of the triads of western mythology. Such triads were a central part of ancient religions and the "mystical triad" idea became part of Masonic symbolism; in fact there is a triad of three governing officers to be found in almost every degree and in the higher degrees there exists a symbolical triad that presides under various names, just as Hecate presides in different places under various names. Crossroads were considered sacred to Diana-Hecate, the deity who is both virgin and whore ("Fair is foul, and foul is fair"), and such crossroads were the favored sites of the wanton women/witches and the Grand Masters (Masonic sorcerers) who were her votaries. Crossroads were and are of significance to ritual sex magic; the wearing of clothes of the opposite sex and the performance of bisexual acts are so-called "crossroad rites". The women engaging in these perversions were, in the vernacular referred to as "Dikes" and it was said that they traveled "The Old Dike Road" and "The Old Dirt Road". These sorts of activities are extremely secret in keeping with the lore of Hecate as illustrated in the saying "Tacitisque paebens conscium sacris jubar, Hecate triformis" (Triple Hecate, who giveth forth rays cognizant of secret mysteries). Crossroads were also places of human and animal sacrifice and such rites were often

carried out in conjunction with magica sexualis since the participants recognized an existing relationship between fertility and death. Hecate is therefore also identified as a "death goddess" and her sex-and-death attributes are similar to those ascribed to Venus (Aphrodite, Prone, Kypris). crossdressing, sacrifices (at least mock)the whole ritualistic focus on death all this reminds me of Bohemian Grove not to mention their main symbol, the owl, a often seen companion in depictions of Hecate (and various other Goddesses) let's look into hecate a bit cos she's very important to these people it seems. i will go into the whole MK connection afterwards, it's imo important to understand the various occult traditions as it's from there where most of the MK terms, systems and symbols have theri origin. the programmers/handlers are occultists, they are deeply into this stuff, especially the dark aspects of it. anyway, hectate, there's much to say and learn about her but i wan't to focus on a few specific points. that's why i'll only quote those passages i found relevant to the MK connection. Goddess of the crossroads Hecate had a special role at three-way crossroads, where the Greeks set poles with masks of each of her heads facing in different directions. The crossroad aspect of Hecate stems from her original sphere as a goddess of the wilderness and untamed areas. This led to sacrifice to assure safe travel into these areas. This role is similar to lesser Hermes, that is, a god of liminal points or boundaries. Hecate is the Greek version of Trivia "the three ways" in Roman mythology. Eligius in the 7th century reminded his recently converted flock in Flanders "No Christian should make or render any devotion to the deities of the trivium, where three roads meet...". Hecate was the goddess who appeared most often in magical texts such as the Greek Magical Papyri and curse tablets, along with Hermes. Queen of the witches

In the so-called "Chaldean Oracles" that were edited in Alexandria, she was also associated with a serpentine maze around a spiral, known as Hecate's wheel (the "Strophalos of Hecate", verse 194 of Isaac Preston Cory's 1836 translation). The symbolism referred to the serpent's power of rebirth, to the labyrinth of knowledge through which Hecate could lead mankind, and to the flame of life itself: "The lifeproducing bosom of Hecate, that Living Flame which clothes itself in Matter to manifest Existence" (verse 55 of Cory's translation of the Chaldean Oracles). In Aradia, or the Gospel of the Witches compiled by Charles Leland (1899), he describes the remanents of an Italian witchcraft tradition; the text describes the exploits of the streghe and their worship of Diana (mythology) who sounds rather like Hecate. It is debatable as to whether the goddess Diana as depicted in Leland's work is actually the Greek Goddess Hecate by another name; indeed Diana was usually heavily identified with the Greek Artemis, taking on a great many of her traits. But the Diana is not depicted in Aradia as the Diana of Roman cultus. For example, she is spoken of like this in Aradia: '[...] Diana has ever a dog by her side.'[14] Hecate is famously synonymous with dogs, driving the Wild Hunt across the skies and chasing the lost souls of the dead into the Underworld. (the dog/hectate/diana combination will become important later on ) There are also rich references to Diana creating the worlds in Aradia: 'And having made the heaven and the stars and the rain, Diana became Queen of the Witches; she was the cat who ruled the star mice, the heaven and the rain.'[15] Of course in Greek mythology Hecate not only predates the Greek pantheon in a historical sense but she also predates the Olympians in Greek myth. Zeus formally recognised her power by giving to her dominion over earth, sky ('[Diana] was the cat who ruled the star mice, the heaven and the rain') and the underworld as well as connections to the tide in her lunar aspect. Hecate is also often named as 'Queen of all Witches' having long been associated with Witchcraft in both archaeological curse tablets, crossroads and myth. Both Hecate and the Roman Diana are associated with the moon, the evidence certainly points abundantly towards Diana of Aradia as being Hecate (only with a more familiar name to Italians). Indeed only Hecate was ever publicly associated with Witchcraft, whereas Diana's connection to it never existed within Roman cultus -- like the Greek Artemis, she was a moon deity and a goddess of the hunt, not a patron of Witches. a little reminder from the kk33 quote Hecate is triple- countenanced and being three-fold in aspect she is known as Diana on earth, Luna in heaven and Hecate in hell. These three women, of course, comprise one of the triads of western mythology. Queen of the dead Queen of Ghosts is a title associated with Hecate due to the belief that she can both

prevent harm from leaving, but also allow harm to enter from the spirit world.[/B] Hecate thus has a role and special power in graveyards and at crossroads. She guards the "ways and paths that cross". Her association with graveyards also played a large part in the idea of Hecate as a lunar goddess. The leaves of the black poplar are dark on one side and light on the other, symbolizing the boundary between the worlds. The yew has long been associated with the Underworld. Animals The bitch is the animal most commonly associated with Hecate. She was sometimes called the 'Black bitch' and black dogs were once sacrificed to her in purification rituals. At Colophon in Thrace, Hecate might be manifest as a dog. The sound of barking dogs was the first sign of her approach in Greek and Roman literature. Hecate is also sometimes associated with deer as is her counterpart Diana, goddess of the hunt. The frog, significantly a creature that can cross between two elements, also is sacred to Hecate. As a triple goddess, she sometimes appears with three heads-one each of a dog, horse, and bear or of dog, serpent, and lion. It was asserted in Malleus Maleficarum (1486) that Hecate was revered by witches who adopted parts of her mythos as their goddess of sorcery. Because Hecate had already been much maligned by the late Roman period, Christians found it easy to vilify her image. Thus were all her creatures also considered "creatures of darkness"; however, the history of creatures such as ravens, night-owls, snakes, scorpions, asses, bats, horses, bears, and lions as her creatures is not always a dark and frightening one Hecate was worshipped by both the Greeks and the Romans who had their own festivals dedicated to her. According to Ruickbie (2004:19) the Greeks observed two days sacred to Hecate, one on the 13th of August and one on the 30th of November, whilst the Romans observed the 29th of every month as her sacred day. The figure of Hecate can often be associated with the figure of Isis in Egyptian myth, mainly due to her role as sorceress. Both were symbols of liminal points. Lucius Apuleius (c. 123 - c. 170 CE) in his fine work "The Golden Ass" associates Hecate with Isis: 'I am she that is the natural mother of all things, mistress and governess of all the elements, the initial progeny of worlds, chief of powers divine, Queen of heaven, the principal of the Gods celestial, the light of the goddesses: at my will the planets of the air, the wholesome winds of the Seas, and the silences of hell be disposed; my name, my divinity is adored throughout all the world in divers manners, in variable customs and in many names, [...] Some call me Juno, others Bellona of the Battles, and still others

Hecate. Principally the Ethiopians which dwell in the Orient, and the Egyptians which are excellent in all kind of ancient doctrine, and by their proper ceremonies accustomed to worship me, do call me Queen Isis.[...]' Some historians ultimately compare her to the Virgin Mary. She is also comparable to Hel of Nordic myth in her underworld function. Before she became associated with Greek mythology, she had many similarities with Artemis (wilderness, and watching over wedding ceremonies)and Hera (child rearing and the protection of young men or heroes, and watching over wedding ceremonies) Hecate in literature Hecate is a character in William Shakespeare's tragedy Macbeth, which was first performed circa 1605; she commands the Three Witches, although whether she is a witch, a demon or a goddess is not known. There is some evidence to suggest that the character and the scenes or portions thereof in which she appears (Act III, Scene v, and a portion of Act IV, Scene i) were not written by Shakespeare, but were added during a revision by Thomas Middleton, who used material from his own play The Witch, which was produced in 1615. Most modern texts of Macbeth indicate the interpolations. to focus on the Hecate importance to witchcraft i'll only quote those examples from the many Hectate references in popular culture wich put emphasis on that. # In Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hecate is often invoked by witches such as Willow Rosenberg and particularly Amy Madison during their spells. When Willow visits Angel in the Angel episode "Orpheus," she rambles mindlessly about Wesley for a moment before commenting "For the love of Hecate, somebody stop me."[23] # In the first season of Charmed Hecate is the Queen of the Underworld who comes to earth every 200 years to find an innocent man and put him under her spell so she can create a demonic spawn. She must marry the innocent man in a sanctified wedding before impregnating herself. Her child would look human on the outside but would be evil on the inside. Her spell can only be broken by a declaration of true love and a sealed kiss. A fourteenth century Italian dagger is the only way to vanquish Hecate and her demonic companions back to the underworld. She is shown with horns, old hands and long, sharp nails. # Hecate appears in the Hellboy comic series as one of its principal antagonists, the serpentine Queen of Witches. In Hellboy Animated: Blood and Iron, Hecate sets up the chain of events to set up a meeting between her and Hellboy, watching him for some time to have him embrace his true destiny as one to ensure the destruction of mankind. But Hellboy refuses to accept that and sends her off after a lengthy fight between them. Hecate is voiced in the movie by Cree Summer. # In Sandra Heath's regency romance novel Halloween Magic, Hecate appears as the

goddess of witchcraft and evil, whom Judith Villiers worships. Judith summons Hecate's face in a stone called the Lady in order to perform her magic. # In the Warhammer mythos the Dark Elves venerate a many-armed goddess of black sorcery called Hekarti, one of the chthonic elven deities known as the Cytharai. The ruler of this pantheon, the Dark Mother Ereth-Khiyal, also bears some similarities to the classical Hecate # In the pilot of the proposed DrWho spin-off series K-9 and Company, the local witch coven, who attempt human sacrifice during the episode, worship Hecate. # In the 1981 TV-Movie Midnight Offerings, the main witch, Vivian Sotherland, worships Hecate at a dark altar now let's recap a few things, Hecate, a Goddess, is associated with crossroads,witchcraft, all sorts of rituals including sacrifices, dogs are one of the animals connected to her, she's known under many names/terms one being 'bitch' or 'black bitch' all that i found rather interesting when i stumbled across this MK victim story on ken adachi's site. Using "Dogs" as a Metaphor in Mind Control Programming Editor's Note: I was contacted by the writer of this e-mail last year. She has only recently re-established contact with me after an absence for some months. I've chosen a pen name for her until I find out whether she wants to use her real name or not. She is one of many victims of mind control programming who contact me with their stories because of the articles on mind control that are posted at my web site. In most cases, victims who recover their memories of abuse have tried to go to political or law enforcement authorities to complain, but they are either patronized with do-nothing promises or rebuffed outright; usually the latter. If the person winds up in a psychiatric facility or hospital, they will usually be reprogrammed and sent on their merry way. Some people involved in this world essentially decide to join the Dark Side and are willing participants, while others -once they begin to realize what they are involved in-will rebel and want to break away from their family's involvement with the Illuminati. Of course, the majority who keep their mouth shut do so out of abject fear of punishment, or cut off from financial support, etc. A certain percentage, however, become so disgusted with the evil of it all, that they bolt, no matter what the consequences may be. These are the people I hear from. This writer's victimization began with her parents in her earliest childhood, as is the case with most victims of mind control traumatizing and programming. The victim chosen for

lifelong 'service' to their Illuminati handlers is at least the third generation to be traumatized and programmed. That means that the parents themselves were programmed, as were their parents. The Illuminati has infiltrated very strata of American society with these mind controlled victims/participants. A partial list would include lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists, judges, talk show hosts, politicians, clergy, scientists, law enforcement, military, journalists, news casters, film makers, actors, etc., etc. There is no area of influence or power that isn't thoroughly infiltrated by the Illuminati with their mind controlled 'assets,' as the CIA and other intelligence agencies prefer to call them. I will post more information from "Dalevans" in the near future, as she has opened up a window of revelations, much of it corroborated in the books on mind control programming written by Cisco Wheeler and Fritz Springmeier, but much of it new and unknown to me. ...Ken Ken, I was just reading your article on the "Finders". I know a little about this...I know that the "training" begins at the age of one years old and the "rewards" of food, is a conditioning process, one that you would use to condition a dog.. They follow the theories of B.F. Skinner. And in one of his books, he talks about creating a pattern in which you look at every possible outcome to predict the future with. The white robes, of course, are the KKK...and in this type of training it would be the K-9's...or "DOGS". It's a form of the KKK within Law Enforcement. My father and mother both were in Law Enforcement. There is a ritual I remember in flash backs as three brown crosses horizontal instead of vertical, they form a mason symbol with a cross at the top point. There is a circle of people surrounding the crosses in various robes of different colors representing different levels of the order. The "DOGS" come from an African system originally called Dogon.. You can research it to verify it...I don't have the name of the source book where I found the most information in, but, I will get it for you if you want. I was intended to be a "Bitch" for the organization, which means I was to be a Bitch Goddess. I was supposed to perform the sacrifices and be worshiped for my power to kill. The theory is that all men are DOGS and all women are Bitches; they are just looking for the one in "Heat". And when a Bitch is in heat, she throws off a scent. You've heard of pheromones? That is the purpose of molesting children; it accelerates a girl's puberty cycle.

She has her period younger and develops earlier when she has been molested. It also makes her either sexually promiscuous or sexually inhibited, depending on how the abuse was administered...if it was pleasant or painful. I don't know how much you've heard of the DOGS or know about them...they are in the highest hierarchy of the Illuminati. Thanks, Dalevans

German Shepherds October 13, 2006 Ken, I forgot to mention, regarding the "DOGS", at least for the hierarchy level of the Illuminati, only German Shepherd (police dogs) are used. In other words, the commands that I was brainwashed and conditioned with are in a language I cannot consciously understand. They are in German., which is the Nazi regime, Hitler's group. Even though I am half Cherokee Indian, I was raised to be a warrior in a Nazi war...and, because I am half Indian, the "Nazis" I'm trained to "work for", hate me. It's playing one end against the middle; get rid of two birds with one stone. Let us destroy each other. And who are the Nazi party? Law Enforcement. I'm trained to work with them, and they're conditioned to hate me. It leaves me resentful, which turns me against them and them against me. Understanding this, it's hard for me to know: which side am I on? Everything I thought I believed in has turned around and it's the opposite and I am trying to adjust after I lost so much. Dalevans in the light of the above mentioned Bitch Goddess, dogs, worshipped for the power to kill'' i found the following quite interesting. bitch goddess with a dog, note that she's holding machine guns, guns of course have the power to kill, she's worshipped by the dog/man/slave. the terms (+ date btw) used in this article about Ann Coultier are rather interesting aswell. Bitch Goddess Ann Coulter's perverse appeal Sara Rimensnyder | October 2002 Print Edition

On September 13, 2001, columnist Ann Coulter offered up the single most infamous foreign policy suggestion inspired by 9/11. Writing about Muslims, she declared, "We should invade their countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity." coincidence ? likely, but maybe just maybe they tell us in a coded way Ann Coultier is one of the probably many Bitch Goddesses within the cult. of course to accept even the possibility of such an explanation one must accept that firstly MK is not just real but a real menace in that the numbers of multiples are in the hundred thousands. also important to understand certain aspects of it like double lifes (public function/cult function) secondly, one use of the media outlets is to communicate/transport coded messages. (the CIA admitted it to an extend btw) even inside jokes.. talking bout MK's in the entertainment industry, the whole crossroad rites/crossdress rituals mentioned/seen in KK33, Hecate and the Bohemian Grove reminded me at those Cobain, Manson pics. also note the emphasis put on his left eye can't find the one from Kurt atm but hunka already posted it means it's somewhere buried in the thread. again, without knowledge of the whole MK/occult underground lifestyle/world these people grow up with, it just looks like rebellious posing, going against the norms, schock value/provocation, expression of their feminine side type a thing. 12-01-2009, 01:56 PM Nick Begich presents the solid science on mind control. It's academic, military and intelligence history as well as a workshop type presentation on the mind control devices available today for psychological and physiological health. A well researched, very informative presentation So, it turns out that William Burroughs lived close to Robert Berdella, in Lawrence, Kansas , and moved there in 1981 (he lived there from 1981 to 1997) while nearby, the Robert Berdella murders: raped, tortured and killed: six men, in nearby Kansas City , between 1984 and 1987. It is alleged that Berdella did this alone, but several observers, including investigators, contend that it was the work of a coven or cult.

(the first one he was caught for was in 1984. Who knows how many he (they?) really got away with. He/they may have been slaughtering and draining bodies while he worked as a chef at the exclusive Missouri University restaurant 'the University Club'. Maybe those bodies were somehow never found either. Burroughs and Berdella were both occultists who kept diaries, and both had ties to the CIA. Burroughs (Lawrence) lived a twenty minute drive away from Berdella (Kansas City): Interesting to note: the Berdella murders occurred (between 1984 and 1987) when Iran-Contra was in full swing William Burroughs was living near Berdella at that time Berdella had entries in his diaries concerning Lt. Col. Oliver North (Iran-Contra) Burroughs spent time in Panama studying psychoactive drugs on assignment for the CIA, Panama was later a training base for the Contras: In one of the most controversial efforts to enlist third country support for the Contra war, Oliver North arranged to meet Panamanian dictator Manuel Noriega in a London hotel in September 1986. In return for ending U.S. pressure on Panama for Noriega's drug smuggling operations and helping to "clean up" his image, Noriega proposed to engage in efforts to assassinate the Sandinista leadership. With authorization from National Security Advisor John Poindexter, North met with Noriega in a London hotel on September 22 and discussed how Panama could help with sophisticated sabotage operations against Nicaraguan targets, including the airport, oil refinery and port facilities. According to notes taken by North at the meeting, they also discussed setting up training camps in Panama for Contra operatives. 20. True or False: Serial killer Bob Berdella had entries in his diaries concerning Lt. Col. Oliver North. True 21. True or False: The detective who headed the investigation of the Berdella case, and who later co-wrote a self-serving and disinformational book, acknowledged that he had previously worked for the CIA.

True William Burroughs was in Panama in the mid-50's, ostensibly just to 'do drugs' , (yage), but it is now known that Burroughs traveled extensively on assignments for the CIA. One of the principle active ingredients of Yage is DMT. The Yage Letters / An Excerpt

January 15, 1953 Hotel Colon, Panama Dear Allen, I stopped off here to have my piles out. Wouldn't do to go back among the Indians with piles I figured...I checked into the hospital junk sick and spent four days there. They would only give me three shots of morphine and I couldn't sleep from pain and heat and deprivation besides which there was a Panamanian hernia case in the same room with me and his friends came and stayed all day and half the night - one of them did in fact stay until midnight. Recall walking by some American women in the corridor who looked like officers' wives. One of them was saying, "I don't know why, but I just can't eat sweets." "You've got diabetes, lady," I said. They all whirled around and gave me an outraged stare. After checking out of the hospital I stopped off at the U.S. Embassy. In front of the Embassy is a vacant lot with weeds and trees where boys undress to swim in the polluted waters of the bay home of a small venomous sea snake. Smell of excrement and sea water and young male lust. No letters. I stopped again to buy two ounces of paregoric. Same old Panama, whores and pimps and hustlers. "Want nice girl?" "Naked lady dance?" "See me fuck my sister?" No wonder food prices are high. They can't keep them down on the farm. They all want to come in the big city and be pimps. I had a magazine article with me describing a joint outside Panama City called The Blue Goose. "This is anything goes joint. Dope peddlers lurk in the men's room with a hypo loaded and ready to go. Sometimes they dart out of a toilet and stick it in your arm without waiting for consent. Homosexuals run riot." The Blue Goose looks like a Prohibition era roadhouse. A long one story building run

down and covered with vines, I could hear frogs croaking in the woods and swamps around it. I remembered a prohibition era roadhouse of my adolescence, and the taste of gin rickey's in the mid west summer. (Oh my God! And the August moon in a violet sky and Billy Bradshinkel's cock. How sloppy can you get?) Immediately, two old whores sat down at my table without being asked and ordered drinks. The bill for one round was $6.90. The only thing lurking in the men's room was an insolent demanding lavatory attendant. I may add that far from running riot in Panama I never scored for one boy there. I wonder what a Panamanian boy would be like. Probably cut. When they say anything goes, they are referring to the joint, not the customers. (The Yage Letters, William Burroughs and Allen Ginsberg, c. 1963.)

The CIA focused on three potential applications for psychoactive drugs: "truth serums" that could be used during interrogation, drugs that could induce amnesia, and brainwashing techniques that could create what is often described as a "Manchurian Candidate" (after the popular 1959 novel). In fiction, a "Manchurian Candidate" is someone who has been brainwashed to carry out covert actions such as assassinations or sabotage against their will, without having the awareness that anything is amiss. In pursuit of these goals, MKULTRA scientists investigated dozens of psychoactive agents, including psilocybin, bufotenin, scopolamine, DMT, amphetamines, barbiturates, cannabis, and cocaine. They particularly focused on LSD, funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars through covert channels into LSD studies at clinics and hospitals. Much of the basic research into LSD's pharmacology conducted in the 1950s was funded by either the military or the CIA. By 1952 Boston Psychopathic Hospital alone was receiving $40,000 a year for such studies, overseen by LSD researcher Dr. Robert Hyde.

The Boy Scout / Freemason Connection Earlier today, I was pointed towards some links and information about the Boy Scouts, in particular about their ranks, grades and badges. The whole thing was rather arcane and reminded me of a lot of things Ive heard about Freemasonry and other fraternal mens organizations. Especially this Scout ceremony ( regarding the so-called Arrow of Light. Check out the sort of religious-ritual quality of it (which I dont mean in a denigrating way). I would love to collect some first-hand information from any readers who have been members of both groups. What are the similarities between the organizations and the experiences of members - if any? While were waiting for responses on that, lets look at some of the existing information

about this online. There are lots of conspiratorial anti-Masonic bits and pieces floating around, but lets start first with some legitimate info from a real Boy Scouts troop site. This comes straight from the Detroit Area Council of the BSA, on a page about something available to scouts called the Daniel Carter Beard Award: The Freemasons have long been a strong supporter of the Boy Scouts of America by supporting the development of Scouting units, serving as volunteers, and assisting their Masonic lodges in forming and sponsoring Scout units. The relationship between individual Masons and Scouting, which has existed since the founding of Scouting in America, has resulted in great benefits for both Freemasonry and Scouting. Daniel Carter Beard Awarrd KnotIt was created as a national Masonic Scouter award in June of 2001 and is administered by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania as a service to all other regular Grand Lodges. [...] Freemasonrys relationship with the Boy Scouts started with a Freemason named Daniel Carter Beard. Beard was made a Mason in Mariners Lodge No. 67, New York City, NY, and later affiliated with Cornucopia Lodge 563, Flushing, NY. In the late 1800s he founded a male youth program called the Society of the Sons of Daniel Boone. By 1905, the program had become The Boy Pioneers. The man who would create the first Boy Scouts, and be known as its founder, was Lord Robert BadenPowell of Great Britain. Lord Baden-Powell, who was not a Mason, read of Beards program, and based on his own military experience, developed what is known as the Boy Scouts. In 1910, the Boy Scout program came to America when Beard merged his organization into the Boy Scouts of America and became its first National Commissioner. Correction: it seems that this award is only granted to Master Masons who are active in the Scout community. CrystalLinks offers the following info regarding Masonic youth organizations: There are also certain youth organizations (mainly North American) which are associated with Freemasonry, but are not necessarily Masonic in their content, such as the Order of DeMolay (for boys aged 1221 who have Masonic sponsorship), Jobs Daughters (for girls aged 10-20 with proper Masonic relationship) and the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls (for girls 1120 who have Masonic sponsorship). The Boy Scouts of America is not a Masonic organization, but was first nationally commissioned by Freemason Daniel Carter Beard. Beard exemplified the Masonic ideals throughout the Scouting program. Another website devoted to the Baden-Powell fellow mentioned above, and written by a lifelong Scout & Mason: The organizational pattern of achievement in Scouting and the Scottish Rite are similar: Tenderfoot, First Degree; Second Class, Second Degree; First Class, Third Degree; followed by stages of merit, like Chapters or Degrees, the one culminating in the Eagle,

while the other culminating in the Double Eagle. That the pattern in Scouting achievement resembles advancement in Freemasonry is no surprise. A scholar has pointed out that the founder of the Boy Scouts, Lord BadenPowell, was very closely inspired by the Masonic model, a fact that allowed the French Boy Scout organization to preserve its unity while grouping together Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and lay associations. Scouts trail, Masons travel. To one who has experienced the progressive movement of both, the similarities of trailing and traveling are self-evident. Pretty interesting stuff. Im sure those connections will get anti-Masonic conspiracy theorists seeing red, but myself, Id still like to hear some first-hand thoughts from people who have lots of experience in both organizations. What other common elements do these groups share? What are the implications of these connections culturally? Today, the Girl Scouts is arguably one of the most politically correct organizations in the country. Its executive director, Marsha Johnson Evans, has impeccable feminist credentials: She had a 29-year career in the Navy, during which she earned the title of rear admiral, only the second woman ever to do so. As head recruiter for the Navy, she was the mother of the 12-12-5 affirmative-action policy, a mandate to make the Navy look more like America: 12 percent African-American, 12 percent Hispanic, and 5 percent Asian/Pacific. According to Elaine Donnelly, president of the Center for Military Readiness, Evans "demanded quotas with full implementation when the liberal control of the Navy was at its peak. She is very much a feminist, and was promoted and thrived in the Clinton military." Evans's Scouts march predictably leftward on almost everything. The Girl Scouts organization supports the Title IX legislation which mandates gender equity in sports in both the nation's capital (in 199899, the organization spent $56,800 on lobbying) and in its own literature. The Girl Scout Constitution includes a ringing endorsement of affirmative action in "recruitment, hiring, training, and promoting." Girl Scouts and Girl Scout moms are anti-gun, and were, naturally enough, represented in the anti-gun Million Mom March. A Senior Scout resource book reads like an insert from YM or Seventeen. Scattered throughout the margins are a semester's worth of themes for after-school specials, including such statistical nuggets as, "One-fifth of girls have used diet pills, more than one in six have forced themselves to vomit, and half have skipped a meal in order to lose weight." Exercises include working through how the Girl Scout Promise and Law relate to such situations as "Supporting a decision to pull a life-support system from a dying relative" and "Ending a pregnancy." Some activities "you can do as a Girl Scout to address contemporary issues" include "organiz[ing] an event to make people aware of gender bias" or "help[ing] organize an Earth Day celebration."

"The core values remain the same, but throughout its history Girl Scouting has evolved to meet the needs and interests of girls today," says Karen Solzak Rice, a spokesman for the Mt. Wilson Vista Council of Arcadia, Calif. "Today's Girl Scout activities help girls grow up strong and give them skills for success in today's world." Girl Scouts now can earn the "Ms. Fix-It" badge for learning how to fix a leak, rewire an electrical appliance, or recaulk a window, and the "Car Care" badge for checking fluids, filling tires to the proper pressure, and performing safety checks. And badges, which vary from council to council, go way beyond selling cookies. There's a "Domestic Violence Awareness" badge, as well as badges for stress management, for "becoming a teen," and a "Girl Power!" badge sponsored by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. Girls can earn a "Decisions for Your Life" badge for participating in activities relating to teen pregnancy, including carrying around a raw egg for a designated period of time. Victimization is central to the Girl Scout worldview, as the organization continues to propagate the now discredited notion that the nation's girls are a tribe of desperate Ophelias. Citing a survey from the American Association of University Women that has since been debunked, the Girl Scouts assures girls in its literature that teachers discriminate against them in the classroom, calling on boys more often. The new Girl Scout Research Institute, a clearinghouse of "research and polling information on girls," as National President Connie Matsui describes it, has just released its inaugural study, "Girls Speak Out: Teens Before Their Time," focusing on the supposed crisis of girls. Dr. Whitney Roban, a clinical psychologist at the research institute, advises parents: "You are hurting your daughter by trying to protect her. Sit down with your daughter and watch Dawson's Creek and the MTV Music Awards. Talk about it. It will be very revealing." So why isn't the Girl Scouts, like the Boy Scouts, being sued and protested against for not allowing lesbian Scout leaders? Because they have them. The Girl Scouts does not have "a discrimination policy," as they like to put it Girl Scouts doors are open to all, gay Scout leaders and girls. Girl Scout policy forbids sex on Girl Scouts time. But the book On My Honor: Lesbians Reflect on Their Scouting Experience, published in 1997, is filled with coming-of-age stories sparked by gay encounters in the Girl Scouts. Along with an essay entitled "All I Really Need to Know About Being a Lesbian I Learned at Girl Scout Camp," and various stories of "butch" counselors who "wore men's clothes and had slicked back short hair," is testimony to the prevalence of lesbians in Girl Scouting. One writer remembers: "By the time I was a junior counselor, Mic was assistant camp director and her gruff, deep-voiced directives no longer scared me. I didn't know that most of the counselors were lesbians." Others remember how sleepovers and camping trips were opportunities for same-sex sexual experimentation. Girl Scout staffers writing in the book claim that roughly one in three of the Girl Scouts' paid professional staff is lesbian.

The organization itself is not shy about the issue. One resource book for Scouts informs its young readers: "Some girls have sexual attractions or desires for people of the same sex." Meanwhile, the Patriots' Trail Girl Scout Council in Massachusetts held a volunteer workshop this year on sexual orientation, working in tandem with the Gay Lesbian Youth Support project "to educate us about overcoming barriers that may exist in our organization and instilling a culture that is inviting to all girls," according to Mary Jo Kane, spokesman for the council. The Girl Scout council developed a mentoring program "for lesbian women and girls dealing with sexual identity." Says Kane, "I can only imagine the energy and leadership that would be unleashed in society if we spent our time and resources encouraging our girls and everyone to be visible, authentic, and bring 100 percent of themselves to all their experiences." The St. Paul Pioneer Press reported this summer on a vivid example of the "authenticity" of today's Scouts: For those of us who remember the Girl Scouts as the quiet girls in class who wore their green uniforms on Wednesdays, encountering Katze Ludeke can be quite an eye-opener. She seldom wears her sash for St. Croix Valley Troop 1256, preferring to accessorize with army boots and a lavender bra strap that slides persistently down her bare shoulder. Rather than stitching doilies and tea cozies, the talented seamstress has created her own costume company specializing in "fetish-wear." Instead of going for the Gold Award the Girl Scout's highest honor by reading to senior citizens, Ludeke pushed to start her own support group for at-risk teens called Queer Youth Exist. For her Gold Award application . . . Ludeke is submitting her work with gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender teens, with the support of her troop. The eyes and ire of the world may well be on the wrong Scouts. There are currently 2.7 million Girl Scouts in the U.S. That's a lot of liberal feminists to look forward to. In a speech shortly after becoming executive director, the Girl Scouts' Marty Evans boasted, "We're not your mother's Girl Scout troop." No kidding. Found this on Pickton pig farm victim Stephanie Lane: Before being introduced to heroin and cocaine and the hooker stroll, twenty-year-old Stephanie had been a pretty and very popular straight-A student, indulged, perhaps overindulged, by her doting parents, Michele Pineault and George Lane. Stephanie began her plunge into the Eastside abyss while working at a club called Number 5 Orange. It turns out that Number 5 Orange was owned and operated by the Hells Angels:

HAoZgUg/s400/Picture+096.jpg Last night, members of the Integrated Gang Unit entered the No. 5 Orange strip bar at Main & Powell St. They could be seen by a man standing in the free soup line up at the Sally Ann which parks across the street on Tuesday nights. "There were six of them," he says. "They had yellow stripes up the sides of their pants so I knew they were RCMP. They had dark jackets with 'Gang Unit' or "Gang something' on the back." They arrived in unmarked cars. ctnd. 7 comments: who owns the #5 orange?? jesus fuckin christ.... February 3, 2008 7:17 AM reliable sources said... In answer to your question about who owns the #5 Orange, if you ask any Downtown Eastsider, the answer you will get is that it's owned by the Hell's Angels. February 3, 2008 8:50 PM (This column was published in the North Shore News on Aug. 1, 2001) Project Nova worked well By Leo Knight THE sentencing last week of two members of the Hells Angels East End chapter brought to a close a saga which started five years ago. Project Nova began in the wake of an extortion investigation into two senior Hells Angels called Project Breakpoint, which ended without prosecution, much to the frustration of police investigators angered by the decision to terminate a wiretap intercept warrant just days into the authorization. Robert Molesberry had been a doorman at the Number 5 Orange strip bar in the Downtown Eastside. That was the legitimate part of his life. He also ran a marijuana grow-op for one Hells Angel and sold cocaine for two others. He had a piece of bad luck when someone "ripped the grow," leaving him empty-handed and trying to explain the situation to the biker he worked for. He was "fined" $10,000 for his perceived transgression. He also owed two other Angels $1,500 for a fronted ounce of cocaine. When he couldn't come up with the money he got kicked around behind the strip bar in a less than gentle reminder about his need to pay the assigned debt. This made him mad; after all, he had worked for the bikers for over two years and made them a ton of money. He found, much to his chagrin, that there is a price to be paid when you sleep with the

devil. Molesberry also ran an after-hours club for the bikers in Vancouver which was used by the Angels to move a lot of dope through. He later told police, "F*** these guys. I made them so much money over the years and they do this to me. Well f*** them." With that, Molesberry became an agent for the Vancouver police. But, this also presented a problem for the two officers who interviewed him. They were concerned that the police and the Attorney General's office may be compromised and had no confidence that a long-term project could be run. Then-Vancouver Police department Const. Al Dalstrom, testified in court about the situation saying there were security concerns in the police community and "we wanted to take our investigation and work off-site somewhere away from the police community." Dalstrom and his partner, Andy Richards, took a proposal to then-VPD Chief Constable Ray Canuel. They laid out what they needed and outlined their concerns. Canuel made a decision to fund an investigation from his contingency fund, then about $200,000. He also arranged for a team to be detached from Strike Force to work the file on a full-time basis, assigning Inspector Peter Ditchfield to oversee the investigation. The last problem was the security issue and the possibility of the Hells Angels having compromised the police community. Canuel arranged to use an intercept room at regional CSIS headquarters as a base for the crew. Project Nova was born. The subsequent years were a roller-coaster ride for the police officers involved. It only ended last week when East End chapter members Francisco "Chico" Pires and Ronaldo "Ronnie" Lissing were sentenced to four and a half years in federal prison for conspiracy to traffic in cocaine. But, they weren't the only victories claimed by Project Nova. In fact, the investigation yielded an impressive score. By the time the operation was concluded the police had seized over $12 million in drugs, cash, property and weapons, 57 search warrants were executed and 76 people were charged with various offences. Most pled guilty including the last one in February, Romano Brienza, the former president of the Regulators. His brother is Vincenzo "Vinnie" Brienza, a senior member of the Haney chapter of the Hells Angels. He was arrested with a kilo of cocaine, 30 pounds of marijuana and a gun. But the most important thing produced by Project Nova was the destruction of the Hells Angels' ability to say the police were wrong about them being an organized criminal group. In fact, on a radio talk show before Nova was terminated, Vancouver Chapter member and frequent spokesman for the bikers, Rick Ciarnello, dared Dalstrom to prove they were criminals. That's exactly what Dalstrom and his colleagues did. In explaining the results of Nova to me, Dalstrom, now a sergeant with the Organized Crime Agency of B.C., said, "Nova showed the distinct networks of the Hells Angels and how their structures worked. For the first time, we were able to prove in court what we

always said, the Angels are as much organized crime as the Mafia." Realistically, Nova could have gone much further, but there was no more money. Said one of the investigators, "if the funding had been there we could have gone up the food chain. It's a lot less intensive to run an agent-based wire than to run a full-blown wire op. We control the agent and the meets. It takes money to play in this game and we didn't have it." In fact, the agent, Molesberry, now in the witness protection program, made six hand-tohand ounce-level cocaine purchases from the Angels. But when the agent couldn't come up with the money to make bigger purchases, the Angels determined he wasn't worth their time and handed him down to two "employees" further down in their network, losing the opportunity for the police to continue using the agent to make buys and climb the ladder of the organization. That's when they turned it into a full-blown wire/surveillance operation. The officer shook his head at the irony of it. "We're the police and we couldn't afford to do business with them." Fort Steilacoom later became Western State mental hospital and hog farm B.C. police were told years ago of pig farm Mother says she hopes they find bodies there Saturday, February 9, 2002 By LEWIS KAMB AND MIKE BARBER SEATTLE POST-INTELLIGENCER REPORTERS PORT COQUITLAM, B.C. -- Lynn Frey has made the half-day trip countless times from her home in Campbell River on Vancouver Island to the avenues of British Columbia's biggest city. For the past four years, she and her sister have braved the sleazy streets of Vancouver's

Eastside tenderloin district, questioning the unfortunate women who haunt the streets, in a lonely search for Frey's troubled daughter. About two years ago they began hearing from drug users and prostitutes who might have known Frey's daughter, Marnie, who was 24 when she disappeared in 1997. The bits and pieces of information seemed to point to an inconspicuous, muddy pig farm 22 miles out of town. One of the men who lived at the farm was well-known to girls who work the streets, and in 1997 had been arrested for trying to kill a prostitute, she heard. It was a dirty place on a potholed road amid a blossoming bedroom community, the girls told her. It was a place many only heard about and refused to go to even though its hosts threw great parties, lest they be left with no way back to Vancouver, Frey recalls. The stories resonated with Frey. The swampy farm was too close to home, blocks from the home of her own sister. The pig farm seemed eerie to both of them, she said. "It was like a magnet," alternately attracting and repelling, she said. Yet when Frey suggested that Vancouver police investigating the disappearances of dozens of missing women in recent years look at the place, her words seemed to fall on deaf ears. Her fading hopes were buoyed, though, when a joint police task force of Vancouver police and Royal Canadian Mounted Police was formed last year to look into the disappearances of 50 women in what is believed to be Canada's most prolific string of serial slayings. Two days ago, Frey steeled her heart again. "The task force called me (Wednesday) night to let me know there was going to be something on the media the next day," Frey said. "I thought nothing of it. I've been in touch with the police and called umpteen times in the last four years." On Thursday, images of the pig farm flashed across television screens and newspaper pages as the task force searched the farm amid speculation of a major break in the case. Frey felt her heart soar, then crash. "My heart went to my stomach," she said. "I hope this doesn't sound callous, I don't know how else to say it, but I am hoping -- I'm willing to believe -- that they will find bodies. "Over the years you get your hopes up high to find her, only to have them drop like a falling elevator. I need closure now to carry on with my life. How many times can a mother do this?" Mothers, fathers, family and friends of many of the missing women have driven to the farm now under police seal. Like Frey, they believe police waited too long to take their fears seriously. Some say they also alerted investigators to their suspicions and tips about

one of the farmers, even as the list of missing women grew. Two brothers, Robert William and David Francis Pickton, and their sister, Linda, own the farm where they grew up. They became wealthy, by some reports, by selling off parcels for development. Rows of townhouses border the north of the farm, a golf course flanks the east, where the nearby Pitt River flows toward the Fraser River. The brothers live on the last 10 acres. Early yesterday, investigators could be seen shoveling dirt or manure mounds in a plank barn on the property near the confluence of the Fraser and Pitt rivers. Robert Pickton, 52, was arrested Tuesday on three weapons violations after police served a search warrant on the pale yellow house. According to the Vancouver Sun, officers found identification cards and other personal items belonging to two missing women, prompting another search. Pickton was released from custody Wednesday, but is due in court on Feb. 28. Police yesterday declined to say if they know where he is or whether he is under surveillance. Police also declined to call Pickton a suspect in the disappearances, saying only that he is among "hundreds" of people still under scrutiny. Asked at a news conference about the criticism that Vancouver police bungled by not looking sooner at the Pickton farm, Detective Scott Driemel, spokesman for the department, said any information gathered years ago was "shared, and whatever could be acted upon was." "We're not about to go back and defend ourselves for something that happened years ago," he said, adding that resource constraints and time needed to track thousands of leads complicated early investigation efforts. But authorities are now "aggressively pursuing the investigation," he said. Other officials said they have been diligent, but it takes time to examine hundreds of tips to determine what was hearsay and what was legally actionable, and that it is difficult to track down prostitutes and drug users who live a transient lifestyle, often using different names. While the list of 50 missing women dates back to 1983, most dropped out of sight in the 1990s, including 31 since 1997. Last fall, the new task force said the missing persons cases were being treated as multiple homicides. While task force members have consulted King County investigators looking into the Green River slayings of 49 women -- many of them prostitutes -- between 1982 and 1984, police in both countries see no link. Neighbors say Pickton and his younger brother, David, sometimes threw late night parties and pig roasts in a makeshift, unlicensed nightclub known as "Piggy's Palace."

Over the years, the brothers raised fewer pigs, instead selling fill-dirt and gravel from the farm and dabbling in building demolition, friends said. One woman who declined to giver her name said she has known the brothers for more than 10 years and often joined them for outings to a biker bar in Burnaby. The brothers rode Harley-Davidson motorcycles and mingled with biker gangs, she said. She described David Pickton as generous and friendly, but said "Willy" was creepy. "He kind of kept to himself, hanging out back there in the piggery all the time," she said. Willy, a tall, thin man with a halo of long and curly dirty blond hair, once showed the woman how he boiled pigs in a large vat, she said. "It kind of freaked me out," she said. Friends and relatives of the missing women say they became aware of Robert Pickton after his name surfaced in 1997, when a prostitute and drug addict accused him of trying to stab her to death during an encounter at the farm in 1997. Pickton was charged with attempted murder, aggravated assault and unlawful confinement, but charges were later dropped. The woman, who had run screaming from the farm in handcuffs, reportedly refused to testify. Her whereabouts is unknown. Those who know Pickton, who was also seriously wounded during the incident, have a different version of the attack. They say a prostitute pulled a knife and tried to rob Pickton, slashing him across the chin. Yet those who tried to point police toward the farm over the years believe authorities missed their chance to stop the disappearances. "They dropped the ball on this," said Wayne Leng, a B.C. native who now lives in California. His friend, Sarah deVries, is one of the missing women. He said he first told Vancouver police about a pig farmer known as "Willy" in mid-1998, after a man told him about an assault of a prostitute, and of finding women's clothing and identification at the farm. "I think that more women would be alive today if they would have acted sooner," Leng said yesterday. That authorities knew of tips and Pickton's past run-ins with the law years ago, but did not key in on the pig farmer until now "really pisses me off," said Carrie Kerr, a 28-yearold Maple Ridge woman whose sister went missing in 1997. When Kerr's older sister, Helen Hallmark, a drug user and known prostitute, didn't show up for Christmas that year, "we knew something was wrong," Kerr said. "They knew

about this guy for years, and they didn't do anything about it," she said. "How many women are dead now because of it?" Frey, meanwhile, wonders what might have happened to her daughter. The tale of Marnie's slide into prostitution, and the battles to save her, is a familiar one to the victims' families she has met. "Marnie was a very loving person. If a stranger walking down a street needed 50 cents and that was all she had, she'd give the last 50 cents in her pocket," her mother said. "Marnie got mixed up with the wrong people, started doing cocaine, then heroin. She was 19 or 20 when it started. When she got on heroin, she went to the streets of Vancouver to support her heroin habit, and started living that life. We couldn't stop her." Frey said her daughter, however, worried about her family and called several times a week to let them know she was OK. That stopped almost five years ago. Frey and her husband, Dean, a commercial fisherman, kept their doors open to their daughter and waged a battle over the years for her life. She came back home several times, thin, sick, vomiting, determined to clean the toxins from her body. Once she made it into drug treatment in Victoria. Always she bolted in less than a week, surrendering to heroin. Marnie's body would ache from withdrawal, her mother said, the shakes, vomiting, her bones aching. Her family's heart ached, too. "The doors were never closed and they still are not," her mother said. very comprehensive news feature in today's Globe and Mail re: the notorious crack whore district of East Vancouver where the Hells Angels are claiming most of their pig murder victims: video: VideoStory/thefix/?pid=RTGAM.20090209.wdtes_money0209 link to feature: The Hog Farm is an organization considered to be America's longest running hippie commune. With beginnings as an actual collective hog farm in Tujunga, California, the group, founded in the 1960s by Wavy Gravy, evolved into a "mobile, hallucinationextended family", active internationally in both music and politics.

Wavy Gravy - activist, clown and frozen dessert - founder of the hippie commune "The Hog Farm." The Hog Farm is perhaps best known for their involvement with the Woodstock Music Festival. While lodging on Manhattan's East Side from 1968-69, the Farm was approached by Woodstock Ventures with a proposal participate in a planned music festival in upstate New York. Although the Farm had just bought land in Llano, New Mexico (near Truchas, New Mexico) and the commune had plans to depart New York City and settle in Llano, they accepted the offer to become involved with Woodstock. Recruited to build fire pits and trails on the festival grounds at Woodstock, the Hog Farm convinced the promoter to let them set up a free kitchen as well. Just prior to Woodstock, the Hog Farm attended the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. At the convention, the Farm and Abbie Hoffman presented a satirical presidential candidate, a pig named Pigasus, who remained with the Hog Farm after the convention. Upon returning to New York, they were met by the world press at John F. Kennedy International Airport and told for the first time that they had also been assigned the task of providing security at Woodstock. Gravy called his rather unorthodox security force the "Please Force," a reference to their non-intrusive tactics at keeping order ("please don't do that, please do this instead"). When asked by the press what kind of tools he intended to use to maintain order at the event, his instant response was "Cream pies and seltzer bottles." Other projects Shortly after Woodstock, the Hog Farmers helped keep the peace between the cowboys and the hippies at the Texas Pop Festival, where blues giant B. B. King gave Wavy Gravy his name. Recruited by San Francisco underground radio pioneer Tom Donahue and Warner Brothers Records to travel around the country and be filmed for a movie called Cruising for Burgers, later renamed Medicine Ball Caravan, the Hog Farmers bused themselves across America, setting up stages for mainstream rock artists. Finally, in 1970 after a concert with Pink Floyd in Bishopsbourne, England, the Farmers pooled their movie salaries (and some funds raised for them from a benefit staged by a London commune) and continued their trek across Europe, and into India. In 1978, the Hog Farm assisted in the founding of the Seva Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to alleviating suffering caused by disease and poverty. Later years Today, the Hog Farm is still in existence, with various locations including a headquarters in Berkeley, California, and a 200+ acre farm in Laytonville, California, known as Black Oak Ranch -- also home to Wavy Gravy's performing arts camp for children, Camp

Winnarainbow. Black Oak plays host to several music festivals each year, most of which operate in support of charitable causes. One such event was the annual Hog Farm Family Pig-Nic, which has featured performances by artists such as Ben Harper, Spearhead, and others. In recent years the Kate Wolf Memorial Music Festival and Earthdance festivals have been held there. Wavy Gravy (born Hugh Nanton Romney on May 15, 1936) . In 1965, when Wavy Gravy and his wife (then known as Bonnie Jean) were living in a one-room cabin in Sunland, California outside Los Angeles, they and 40 of their closest friends in the Grateful Dead and the Merry Pranksters (Kesey was on the lam in Mexico at the time) posed for a photograph for a Life magazine cover. "The landlord went ballistic," Wavy recalls, "and we were bummed for about an hour and a half until a neighbor came by and said, 'Old Saul up on that mountain had a stroke and they need somebody to slop them hogs! So we were given a mountain top rent-free for slopping 45 hogs." Thus was born the Hog Farm, soon to hit the road in buses purchased with money earned as extras in Otto Preminger's Skidoo, presenting the free "Hog Farm and Friends in Open Celebration" show all over the country. Each summer, Camp Winnarainbow conducts four two-week sessions for kids, a oneweek introductory session for seven-year-old novices, and a one-week session for grownups. Volunteer teachers share such skills as juggling, unicycling, tightrope walking, and trapeze, as well as music and art. A lot of the kids who are running the camp now started as campers when they were seven.They can usually do it on a unicycle while juggling three balls. We curry both hemispheres of the E brain. In school, kids learn numbers and letters; we teach timing and balance, which I think is equally important without competition, except with yourself." Camp Winnarainbow's concept of practice embraces so much more than physical skills. Mornings begin with Wavy reading from something like the Tao Te Ching or Everything I Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, and then the kids choose between highintensity aerobics or yoga for their warm-ups. "I've also in the last five years discovered that kids will do anything if they can stay up later than other kids, even sit with a straight back and watch their breath. So we instituted WISE Gaias. WISE is Winnarainbow Inner Space Exploration. Three or four years ago we created a labyrinth for Jose Arguelless Dreamspell ceremony. They leave their problems at the center of the labyrinth and come

out pretty clean." Thanks to royalties from the Ben & Jerry's Wavy Gravy ice cream flavor and grants from the Grateful Dead's Rex Foundation, Winnarainbow is able to provide camp scholarships for homeless children from the Bay Area and Native American kids from a reservation in South Dakota. That assures what Wavy calls "a little diverse miniworld." Courtney Love appeared on the back of the album sleave for the Grateful Dead album titled: AOXOMOXOA (1969) Front back (Courtney Love is the little girl at the bottom right, 5 years old) Courtney's father was Grateful Dead manager Hank Harrison I found this interview with Ralph "Sonny" Barger, former President of the Oakland Hells Angels chapter where he discussed his relationship with Grateful Dead head man Jerry Garcia:

Interviewer: What about the late Grateful Dead guitarist Jerry Garcia? Sonny Barger: Jerry Garcia was a very good friend of mine. Jerry and I got along well, Jerry and the club got along well. I love Jerry's 60s music; I didn't like Jerry's 90s music. I would go to a concert and he would get the band to play a song just for me and I'd say, "Jerry it stinks, you got to go back," and he would get so mad." I would imagine the Grateful Dead and the Hells Angels got along for one main reason and that is that the band gave respect to the Hells Angels. From what I have read it sort of began when Hells Angels member Chocolate George, a much loved Angel got killed, the Grateful Dead & Big Brother & The Holding Company did a memorial show in Haight Ashbury for Chocolate George back around '66 or '67. (Big Brother did many a HA benefit show. The cover of Cheap Thrills has the HAMC emblem and the words "approved by Hells Angels" on it.) They liked each other, who knows why Grateful Dead's Jerry Garcia financed the making of the 1983 film, Hells Angels Forever video:

video: Veterans Eric Muth, center, and Frank Rochelle, right, speak at a news conference as their attorney Gordon Erspamer, left, listens at the law offices of Morrison and Foerster in San Francisco, Wednesday, Jan. 7, 2009. Muth and Rochelle are among six veterans who claim they were unwittingly exposed to dangerous chemicals and germs during government-sponsored Cold War experiments. On Wednesday they sued the CIA, Department of Defense and other federal agencies. Veterans say CIA tested drugs, mind control on them, sue to get health care now by Jay Price / McClatchy Newspapers Monday January 12, 2009, 10:54 PM RALEIGH, N.C. -- It was 1968, and Frank Rochelle was 20 years old and fresh out of Army boot camp when he saw notices posted around his base in Virginia asking for volunteers to test uniforms and equipment. That might be a good break after the harsh weeks of boot camp, he thought, and signed up. Instead of equipment testing, though, the Onslow County, N.C., native found himself in a bizarre, CIA-funded drug testing and mind-control program, according to a lawsuit that he and five other veterans and Vietnam Veterans of America filed last week. The suit was filed in federal court in San Francisco against the Department of Defense and the CIA. The plaintiffs seek to force the government to contact all the subjects of the experiments and give them proper health care. The experiments have been the subject of congressional hearings, and in 2003 the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs released a pamphlet said nearly 7,000 soldiers had been involved and more than 250 chemicals used on them, including hallucinogens such as LSD and PCP as well as biological and chemical agents. Lasting from 1950 to 1975, the experiments took place at Edgewood Arsenal in Maryland. According to the lawsuit, some of the volunteers were even implanted with electrical devices in an effort to control their behavior. Rochelle, 60, who has come back to live in Onslow County, said in an interview that there were about two dozen volunteers when he was taken to Edgewood. Once there, they were asked to volunteer a second time, for drug testing. They were told that the experiments were harmless and that their health would be carefully monitored, not just during the tests but afterward, too. The doctors running the experiments, though, couldn't have known the drugs were safe, because safety was one of the things they were trying to find out, Rochelle said. "We volunteered, yes, but we were not fully aware of the dangers," he said. "None of us knew the kind of drugs they gave us, or the aftereffects they'd have."

Rochelle said he was given just one breath of a chemical in aerosol form that kept him drugged for two and a half days, struggling with visions. He said he saw animals coming out of the walls and his freckles moving like bugs under his skin. At one point, he tried to cut the freckles out with a razor. Not all the men in his group tested drugs. But he said even those who just tested equipment were mistreated. "Their idea of testing a gas mask was to give you a faulty one and put you in a gas chamber," he said. "It was just diabolical." The tests lasted about two months. Later, Rochelle was sent to Vietnam. Now he's rated 60 percent disabled by the VA, he said, and has struggled to keep his civilian job working on Marine bases. He has breathing problems, and his short-term memory is so bad that he once left his son at a gas station. Among other problems, he said, his doctor diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder and said it came from the drug experiment. He has trouble sleeping and still sometimes has visions from the drug, he said. A big goal of the lawsuit, Rochelle said, is to get the word out to the thousands of soldiers who were tested. Some may have forgotten all about the tests and not know that's why they have health problems now. -----(c) 2009, The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C. this post is largely a repost , but I have added some new information and expanded it a bit because it is very important (the original post has been rendered useless due to dead links). Newer readers to the thread will have missed most of this , and even older readers will find some newer information herein: mask and hood photo from spy video taken of Skull & Bones ritual at Yale (done with night-vision video camera from nearby rooftop over-looking the Skulls 'tomb' building's inner court yard.) Venetian mask in Skull n' Bones ritual(rituals feature simulated \ stabbing/human sacrifice and live burial) human sacrifice ritual scene from Stanley Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut BTK killer Dennis Rader, in a mask, photographed himself lying in a grave that he had

dug for victim Delores Davis. (partially buried, note the breathing tube apparatus, enabling live burial) The BTK Strangler Serial Killer Bondage Photos and Artwork After the BTK killer Dennis Rader was arrested on February 25, 2005, police uncovered his stashes of writings, photos, artwork and other assorted items he had kept over the years related to his crimes. He had a bondage fetish and enjoyed wearing the undergarments of his slain female victims. He enjoyed tying himself up in all sorts of ways. Using various mechanisms he was able to photograph himself with a Polaroid camera. During his years as a Boy Scout troop leader, he nearly got caught once when he couldn't escape his own bonds after tying himself up inside a camper during a scout outing. He eventually worked himself loose. 400/AirForce_c.JPG Serial killer, Vietnam veteran, boyscout leader, bondage/live burial fetishist Denis Rader (aka 'The BTK killer'] Dennis Rader Air Force photo: * Lackland Air Force Base near San Antonio, Texas Aug 17, 1966 Sep 30, 1966 * Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls, KS Sep 30, 1966 - Feb 4, 1967 * Brookley Field in Mobile, AL Feb 4, 1967-1968 (~1 year) * Kadean AFB, Okinawa, Jan, 1968 - July, 1968 * Tachikawa Air Base, near Tokyo, Japan July 1968 Aug 1970. Though Rader claimed that BTK stood for 'bind, torture, kill', Rader's chosen handle of 'BTK', may have dated back to his airforce days in Japan during the Vietnam War. In the Vietnam War, BTK commonly referred to the USAF motto 'Born to Kill.' The 'Bind Torture Kill' subterfuge may have been an attempt to throw off investigators. (especially if Raders nickname in the USAF had ever been BTK) Bind Torture Kill, or Born To Kill? %20kill.jpg The motto was prominent in the movie posters for Stanley Kubrick's film 'Full Metal Jacket' So Stanley Kubrick created both Eyes Wide Shut and Full Metal Jacket (as well as A Clockwork Orange (, which directlyfeatured MK ultra brainwashing) Odd that Stanley Kubrick seems so ubiquitous in all of this. (Kubrick pulled Clockwork Orange from British distribution after receiving death threats) photo source: The BTK site ( Dennis Rader , BTK killer, dressed as his own fantasy victim, tied up wearing venetian mask Rader in mask here, with mouth gagged this is eerily similar to the Skull & Bones initiation rituals which feature both the use of the same types of venetian masks and live burials. (the more in-depth burial rituals are performed on secluded Deer Island, a Skull & Bones-owned retreat in the Thousand Islands on the St. Lawrence Seaway near Connecticut, including live burial in mud) Moreover, Rader killed Delores Davies in 1991, long before all of the information on the Skull & Bones society rituals hit the internet or was otherwise made generally known to the public. I think it unlikely that Rader would, out of sheer fantasy. replicate so closely many of the elements of a Skull & Bones ritual. Rader may have had prior experience with said rituals, as he himself was an Air Force operative during the Vietnam War, based in Japan, as was George H.W. Bush Sr. (Air Force) based in SE Asia, and in aircraft carrier squadron attacks on Japan during WWII. George Bush Sr. is known to have been both a member of Skull & Bones and at one time head of the CIA. Check out these facts on the BTK killer: His father was a WWII marine, and Rader(BTK) was born in 1945 , right when the MKULTRA mind control program got new legs with the end of WWII and the transfer of German behavioral research from Germany to the U.S., when hundreds of German scientists were transferred to the United States, so the U.S. military could benefit from their research into mind control and weapons.) BTK killer Dennis Rader's father died in WWII just before he was born. That would make him prime material, age-wise, to start in MKULTRA conditioning from birth. He was an airman (paratrooper) in the Vietnam war, stationed in Japan. (Hells Angel?) He was born March 9 1945 and did not kill civilians until Jan 15 1974, which means he first killed (civilians) when he was just two months shy of 30 years old. (MkUltra

projects typically go bad at 30 years of age, when their programming breaks down ) He even emulated the Zodiac killer, who is thought to himself have been an MKUltra project. One of the top suspects in the Zodiac killings is known to have been a paratrooper stationed at one point in Japan, just like BTK, during the Korean War era. and now for something really creepy. Watch this eerie footage from Venice Carnival: more eerie footage from Venice: .jpg graphic plots the esoteric progression: Rosicrucianism from Egypt to Venice to England (and ownward to America) following the path of economic power Dennis Rader all bound up in plastic in a freshly dug grave I suspect that boyscout Dennis Rader (and George Herbert Bush) may have been taken on some pretty special camping trips when he was a kid/youth Navy pilot George H.W. Bush, 1942$so$1/georgehwbush20.jpg George H.W. Bush (center) - USAF (Korea) - into venetian masks, live burial rituals - son George was a Cub Scout Dennis Rader - USAF (Vietnam) -into venetian masks, live burials -boy scout, scout leader Mask left at Dee Davis murder scene from Eyes Wide Shut (that is Nicole Kidman, who also appeared in the film 'Emerald City (', btw) Scout leader Dennis Rader is it possible that Rader was 'training' some of the boys in certain ways?

Re: International narcotics trafficking and Venetian secret societies such as Skull & Bones the Hellfire Club, etc. First , a bit of background on the Hellfire Club: West Wycombe Church the above building is West Wycombe Church and grave yard, which was built on a chalk hill , in England, directly above where the Hellfire Club caves were later carved out. The caves were carved directly beneath the grave yard, and one of the caves is named after Benjamin Franklin. Sir Francis Dashwood built the entire complex and was heavily into kaballah and occult, and part of the Rosicrucian masonic network that founded America. Dashwood built West Wycombe 'church' from an old Norman castle, and modeled it after the 18th century Customs House in Venice pictured here: Venice Customs House Hellfire Club caves

watch this clip from Eyes Wide Shut (Stanley Kubrick's film about a cult that sacrifices people in sex orgies): the interesting thing to note here is the VENETIAN masks: rumors persist that Benjamin Franklin and Francis Dashwood participated in such orgies at the hellfire club, and occult rituals/sacrifices. Benjamin Franklin was also an opium addict. The Franklin Institute pedophile scandal (see video Conspiracy of Silence) appears to be related to the same network of military industrial complex/CIA satanists. The Franklin Institute is named after Benjamin Franklin, and this particular CIA cult operated/operates out of Offut Air Force base. Eyes Wide Shut contains references to occult murder rituals, cocaine , a military officer, and secret societies. Given the coinciding information about the Hellfire Club and Venice, and the modern reality of Italian/sicilian mafia deeply involved in the narcotics trade , in conjuction with the CIA/paramilitary, one might suspect that Kubrick's Eyes Wide Shut is based on far more than pure fantasy. This is the continuation of an interview with Ravenscrag mkultra victim Robert Logie in the summer of 2008, describing his life after leaving Ravenscrag with no memory of who he was: Was Jeffrey Dahmer an experimental baby? Author Ira Levin wrote Rosemary's Baby, the story of a pregnant woman who is knocked out with drugs, raped while unconscious and impregnated in a satanic sex ritual, and then unwittingly fed chemicals during the baby's development period. The film depicts Rosemary (Mia Farrow) knocked out and taken to Rome by boat, and then raped in the hold of the boat during a ritual held by a large group of satanists. Oddly, Rosemary is awake during the rape, not unconscious, and raped by a man who transforms into a demonic entity (this demonic apparition could possibly have been the effect of hallucinogenic drugs administered prior to the ritual, in combination with some sort of costume/glowing eyes trickery employed upon her )

She is quite awake during the rape, yet has no memory of the incident after awakening in her bed in the Dakota.(the fictional 'Brampton' apartment house) Here is raised the question of whether or not Rosemary was suffering trauma-induced DID, or experiencing 'missing time', which could account for Rosemary having no memory of something that she had experienced while awake. Were Rome and the boat trip just a drug-induced hallucination/dream, and the rape ritual/impregnation the only part of the experience that actually physically happened to her? This would make practical sense, as in the plot line Rosemary is not apparently aware of any time gap . She may have been raped somewhere in the Dakota, while under the forced influence of drugs designed to blot out any memory of what was done to her. Or, Levin could be alluding to the recruitment of Rosemary as a mind control victim in the whole Rome-ritual-rape sequence of events, and how deliberately induced trauma is used to wipe out victims memories of certain events. (the mind classifies the real experience as a nightmare and wipes the tape clean) The film ends with a shattered Rosemary, and her baby, under the complete control of the powerful satanists. Is Rosemary due for more traumatic ritual abuse and programming? what struck me about the plot line of Rosemary's Baby was the intentional doctoring of Rosemary's food while she was pregnant. Rosemary is constantly sick while carrying the demonic child to term because she is being regularly fed a special 'nutritional' supplement by her satanic doctor and neighbor, who are both part of the cult. This verges into the realm of pharmacology and experimental drug testing. note the similarity of the chemical altering of Rosemary's Baby , with the real life of Jeffrey Dahmer: Problems started for Jeffrey Dahmer before he was even born. His mother Joyce Dahmer had quite a few problems during her pregnancy with her son. She had constant morning sickness and even the smell of food cooking seemed to bother her immensely. She developed muscle spasms and started taking powerful drugs to try to lessen them. Nothing seemed to work and she would sometimes take up to 26 pills a day. After the long trial of Joyce Dahmer's pregnancy and a move to her husband Lionel Dahmer's parent's house in West Allis, Wisconsin, Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer was finally born on May 21, 1960.

There was a lot of tension living in Lionel Dahmer's parent's house so the Dahmer's moved into their own place, on the east side of Milwaukee, with their son. The family seemed relatively happy after this move. When Jeffrey Dahmer was 2, his father noticed how his son violently pushed blocks down and like to fiercely rip up leaves. This might have been the first slight sign of what was to come. In 1962, the Dahmer's moved once again after Lionel Dahmer got a better job working as a research assistant in Ames, Iowa. He began working with chemicals and lab equipment to obtain his PhD at Iowa State University. During this time his son seemed to get sick all the time with one infection or another. He received countless injections for this problem. Despite this fact, Jeffrey Dahmer seemed like a happy child and even helped his father nurse a hurt bird back to health. When Jeffrey was four, his father noticed an odd smell coming from under the house. He investigated and found a mass of dead animals in various stages of decay. He retrieved the bones and noticed how Jeffrey put his hand in them to crack them in pieces. He seemed to enjoy this immensely. Soon after this incident, Jeffrey's father took him to the lab where he worked. Jeffrey seemed to show no interest in the various chemicals and tubes. He seemed to like the bones he had touched much better. This should have been a sign that everything was not as it should be. Over the next year, Jeffrey Dahmer's father grew increasingly preoccupied in finishing his PhD. He barely spent any time with his son and when he did see him he noticed how Jeffrey shied away from competitive or physical games. Instead, Jeffrey seemed to focus on games like hide and seek or games that involved stalking or concealing. In 1964, Jeffrey grew sick and had to have a hernia operation. It took him quite awhile to recover. He seemed to grow sadder and sadder during this period. By the year 1966, Jeffrey Dahmer's appearance had changed dramatically. His hair grew dark and his eyes changed to a deeper shade. He seemed to spend a lot of time just sitting silently, almost without moving. He smiled less and less and seemed isolated and withdrawn. Jeffrey's parents moved to Akron, Ohio in 1966 also. His father received his PhD and found a job as a research chemist. Joyce Dahmer was pregnant when they moved and had problems once again with her pregnancy. She took medicine for her nervous condition but it did not seem to help. Her son, David Dahmer, was born in December of 1966. Just before Jeffrey Dahmer's brother was born, he entered first grade. He immediately had problems. He was terrified to go to school and did not like to be around people. His teacher notified his parents after only one month of Jeffrey being in school that he was not interested in school assignments and was shy and reclusive. She suggested that he receive some type of help but he never got it. He grew increasingly isolated and had no friends. When he was seven, the Dahmer family moved to Barberton, Ohio. There was once again a lot of tension in the household. The baby, David, had colic and kept Joyce and Lionel

up at night and Joyce grew progressively more depressed. This meant that Lionel Dahmer had to take over more responsibilities with the children and house since his wife did not seem capable. The arguments between Joyce and Lionel grew worse. During this time, Jeffrey befriended a neighbor boy named Lee. They started playing together and even dressed up as devils for Halloween. They went to the same school and had the same assistant teacher. Jeffrey Dahmer grew fond of her even caught some tadpoles to give to her. He found out that she had given the same tadpoles to his friend Lee. In an act of revenge he found the tadpoles at Lee's house and killed them by pouring motor oil in the fishbowl. This was Dahmer's first real act of violence. His dark side was beginning to show and it would only grow throughout his teenage years (Dahmer, 1994). Around age ten, Dahmer began collecting dead animals and conducting experiments on them. He would take off their heads, use acid on the bones and even mounted a dog's head on a stake (Fisher, 2006). As he got older, he began to drink heavily. He did not do well at schools and spent quite a bit of time alone. Dahmer eventually graduated high school and was left to his own devices in his parent's home. Jeffrey Dahmer's parents went through a bad divorce and custody battle involving Dahmer's brother, David, who was eleven at the time (World of Criminal, 2005-2006). In 1978, Dahmer decided to stop with the experiments and move on to murder. The victim's name was Steven Hicks and he was a hitchhiker that Dahmer encountered and lured home. After drinks, Hicks tried to leave and Dahmer hit him on the head with a barbell. He then proceeded to strangle him and bury him (Fisher, 2006). This first murder seemed to shock Jeffrey Dahmer. He tried to behave normally by attending college at Ohio State University. This was done at his father's insistence. He flunked out after one quarter since he did nothing but drink. His father then insisted that he join the military. Dahmer did seem to improve for a short period due to the military's discipline. After he was sent to Germany, he was discharged for being repeatedly drunk (Fisher, 2006; St. James Encyclopedia, 2005-2006). Dahmer's father did not know what to do at this point. Every attempt to counsel the boy was a failure. He finally sent Jeffrey Dahmer to live with his grandmother, near Milwaukee, Wisconsin, in 1985. He tried to keep a job at Ambrosia Chocolate Factory but was fired because he missed too much work. His behavior became weirder and weirder. He managed to kill three people while staying at his grandmother's house. In 1987, he killed Steven Tuomi, in January of 1988 he killed James Doxtator and in March of 1988 he killed Richard Guerrero. He had a mannequin in his closet that his grandmother eventually found. He tried to explain that he just stole it to prove he could do it. She also found a gun under his bed. Dahmer tried to convince her and his father that it was a shooting pistol. Dahmer's father made him sell the gun since it was obviously a real gun. Jeffrey Dahmer's grandmother noticed odd smells coming from the basement.

Jeffrey tried to explain this away by saying he was conducting experiments on dead animal using chemicals. His grandmother decided to kick him out in 1988 because of Dahmer's drunkenness and because of unpleasant orders in the basement (Fisher, 2006; World of Criminal, 2005-2006). He moved into his own apartment on September 25, 1988. On that same day he was arrested for the molestation and drugging of a thirteen year old Laotian boy. He had lured the boy to his apartment with the promise of money for posing for nude pictures. The child's parents pressed charges and Dahmer was sentenced to five years of probation with a suspended sentence of eight years in prison on May 23, 1989. He did not have to go to prison but did have to participate in one year of work release. This was done in the House of Correction. He was released after serving ten months but had to meet with a probation officer twice a month. Unfortunately, the officer never visited Dahmer's home for the visits since she was busy and did not like the neighborhood. Dahmer's father tried to get his son into treatment but it never happened. so here we have Dahmer's mother constantly ill while pregnant with Jeffrey, her husband is a research chemist, his wife is going into muscle spasms and being administered powerful drugs (26 pills a day). [Research chemist husband must have some idea what that does to a fetus?] Then when Jeffrey is two years old , his Dad is working with chemicals and lab equipment, Jeffrey starts getting sick all the time and receives 'countless injections' of something or other. Then at four years old, Jeffrey needs a hernia operation, and spends a long time recovering from it. notable too is that Dahmer's brilliant young father moved Jeffery with him at the age of two to Iowa, to take a job as a 'research assistant', where he obtained a Phd in chemical research from Iowa State University, and would later take 4 year old Jeffrey to the lab with him and show him chemicals and tubes. When I read of Jeffrey Dahmer's mother being surrounded by chemicals and constantly nauseaous while carrying the demonic Jeffery Dahmer baby to term, I was reminded of Rosemary's Baby. Iowa State University is a twenty minute drive away from Independence State Hospital, a Kirkbride: Independence State Hospital notable: Dahmer's family later moved to just north of Akron, Ohio, and Dahmer killed his first victim in June 1978, two months prior to attending Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio. Also in Columbus, Ohio, another Kirkbride: the gigantic Columbus State Hospital (aka Columbus Asylum for the Insane) Columbus Hospital for the Insane, the largest under one roof in the world The research conducted at the Kirkbrides and other asylums was closely linked to many universities. In Ohio alone, two major state universities are located close to Kirkbrides. (the Athens State Hospital was located directly beside Ohio University in Athens, Ohio, and after it closed actually became part of the Ohio University campus. Jeffrey Dahmer was never far from a Kirkbride: this one in Madison, Wisconsin, not far from where Dahmer lived Wisconsin State Hospital for the Insane Back to Ira Levin and Jeffrey Dahmer. There are some similarities. Was Ira Levin some sort of insider to all of this subterfuge? Author Ira Levin's biography contains some interesting clues. He was educated from early childhood at an elite Ivy League prep- school known as Horace Mann School , which educates children of the elite from nursery school age through to completion of high school , and even has its own 'nature retreat' which students regularly visit (note that parts of the School are in Manhattan, the same place the Dakota is: The Horace Mann School is an independent college preparatory school in New York City. Founded in 1887, Horace Mann spans from nursery school to the twelfth grade and is a member of the Ivy Preparatory School League. Its Upper, Middle, and Lower Divisions are located in Riverdale, a neighborhood of the Bronx, and the Nursery School is located in Manhattan. In addition, the school has the John Dorr Nature Laboratory, a 265-acre (1.07 km2) campus in Washington Depot, Connecticut, that serves as the school's outdoor education and environmental education center; it is visited by students throughout the year. Levin was drafted by the military in 1952, where he wrote and produced 'training films' for the U.S. military. He also wrote at least two military-themed plays: No Time For Sergeants (1956) and General Seeger (1962) Ira Levin adapted Hyman's novel 'No time for Sergeants' for a play which originally appeared as an episode on The United States Steel Hour television series in March 1955, starring Andy Griffith as Will Stockdale and Myron McCormick as his nemesis Sergeant Orville King. The play then opened on Broadway at the Alvin Theatre on October 20, 1955, produced by Maurice Evans and directed by Morton DaCosta. Griffith and McCormick again starred, and Don Knotts made his Broadway debut as Corporal Manual Dexterity. Scenic designer Peter Larkin won a Tony Award in 1956, and Andy Griffith was nominated for a Tony for Best Featured Actor.

The play ran for a total of 796 performances, closing on September 14, 1957. No Time for Sergeants Motion picture: No Time for Sergeants was filmed and released as a Warner Bros. motion picture in 1958. The film was directed by Mervyn LeRoy and starred Andy Griffith, McCormick, Knotts, and most of the original Broadway cast Ira Levin wrote the following books (many of which were made into films): * A Kiss Before Dying (1953) * Rosemary's Baby (1967) * This Perfect Day (1970, winner 1992 Prometheus Hall of Fame Award) * The Stepford Wives (1972) * The Boys from Brazil (1976) * Sliver (1991) * Son of Rosemary (1997) 'A kiss Before Dying' is about a war veteran who plans to marry for money, and then murders his pregnant fiance because her rich father is going to disown them if she marries him. (film maker Roman Polanski coincidentally lost his pregnant wife Sharon Tate to satanic ritual murder, shortly after adapting Ira Levin's book 'Rosemary's Baby' into a screenplay and major film.) 'The Stepford Wives' is about a sect of 'engineers and scientists' who turn their wives into servile zombies by some secret process. (mind control programming?) The original film was released in 1972, and remade in 2004 with Nicole Kidman. 'The Boys from Brazil' is about German Mkultra doctor Joseph Megele and secret breeding program Ira Levin was referencing his own personal milieu of military and intelligence intrigue when writing most of these plays and books. Recall that he was literally a film writer for the U.S. military. So is it any wonder that Rosemary's Baby and so many other of his works include references to MK/ DID? Rosemary's Baby was an experiment in chemical alteration of pregnancy.

Now look at Jeffery Dahmer again, at all the things that happened to him before he was even born, and what he went on to become. Jeffrey Dahmer's victims How pure a grade, how strong a stench of b.s. does it take before the American public starts asking some serious questions about what is going on here? check out the official story of how Jeffrey Dahmer managed to end up randomly, by freak coincidence , molesting two Loation brothers, in separate incidents, three years apart. One of the Sinthasomphone brothers (Somsack) was 13 when he was fondled by Dahmer in 1988. Dahmer was identified , charged and convicted. Three years later, it is alleged that Dahmer somehow managed to lure Somsack's younger brother , Konerak, then 14, into his apartment, where he sodomized him and murdered him. On September 26, 1988, one day after moving into his apartment, he was arrested for drugging and sexually fondling a 13-year-old boy in Milwaukee named Somsack Sinthasomphone.. He was sentenced to five years probation and one year in a work release camp. He was required to register as a sex offender.Dahmer was paroled from the work release camp two months early, and he soon moved into a new apartment.Shortly thereafter he began a string of murders that would end with his arrest in 1991. Konerak Sinthasomphone In the early morning hours of May 30, 1991, 14-year-old Konerak Sinthasomphone (by bizarre chance, the younger brother of the boy whom Dahmer had molested) was discovered on the street, wandering naked, heavily under the influence of drugs and bleeding from his rectum. Two young women from the neighborhood found the dazed boy and called 911. Dahmer chased his victim down and tried to take him away, but the women stopped him.[29] Dahmer told police that Sinthasomphone was his 19-year-old boyfriend, and that they had an argument while drinking. Against the protests of the two women who had called 911, police turned him over to Dahmer. They later reported smelling a strange scent while inside Dahmer's apartment but did not investigate it. The smell was the body of Anthony Hughes, Dahmer's previous victim, decomposing in the bedroom. The two policemen failed to run a background check which would have revealed that Dahmer was a convicted sex offender and child molester still under probation.[30] The officers laughed about the incident, one joking that his partner was "going to get deloused."[31] Later that night, Dahmer killed and dismembered Sinthasomphone, keeping his skull as a souvenir. John Balcerzak and Joseph Gabrish, two of the three police officers who returned Sinthasomphone to Dahmer, were fired from the Milwaukee Police Department after their actions were widely publicized, including an audiotape of the officers making

homophobic statements to their dispatcher and cracking jokes about having reunited the "lovers". The two officers appealed their termination and were reinstated with back pay. They were named officers of the year by the police union. Balcerzak would go on to be elected president of the Milwaukee Police Association in May 2005.[32][33] Now, we are to believe that all of this was just happenstance? Two boys approximately the same age, from the same family, in a huge city like Milwaukee, fall prey to the same man within three years? First, when the thirteen year old Somsack pressed charges against Dahmer for homosexual molestation, does it not stand to reason that the incident with Somsack and his family would alert Somsack's younger brother Konerak of the danger? What are the odds of 14 year old Konerak, whose older brother Somsack had been homosexually assaulted three years before, being lured, through random chance, by the same man? Police are called to the aid of a bleeding boy and they believe the lie that the boy is 19? So this naked, bleeding kid is sent back, by police, to be murdered by a convicted sex offender without police even running his name into the system? The police also ignore the protests of the women who called the police, ignore a rotting body odor in the small apartment, and end up being decorated and promoted as a result of all of this. Something here is just not entirely normal, there is something to this picture that is not entirely complete. At a reasonable guess, there is something more going on involving all of these victims, and especially the Sinthasomphone family. To me this smacks of a complex situation, where there may have been more people involved than Dahmer, and something more at play than the lust of a lone deranged pervert. Were these victims undergoing mk trauma? Was Dahmer the fall guy for performing the extermination of failed 'projects'? Was the Sinthasomphone family targeted for mk trauma experimentation for some genetic reason? Could the mothers of these boys have had some of the same 'supplements' during pregnancy that Dahmer's mother may have had? Sorry , I normally try to avoid unsubstantiated and wild speculation, and stick to correlating known facts, but this situation is so bizarre that I felt it warranted a bit more of an effort to address it. Finally, given the above information regarding the police: anyone who would , after reading that , blindly swallow the official version of the events surrounding the Dahmer case, is an idiot. DRUDGE: CHURCH GUNMAN WROTE CRAZED LETTERS OF MK-ULTRA MIND CONTROL From:

Drudge Report, XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 1999 20:45:11 ET XXXXX CHURCH GUNMAN WROTE CRAZED LETTERS TO LOCAL PAPER According to publishing sources, Larry Gene Ashbrook, the madman who slaughtered seven parishioners at the Wedgwood Baptist Church Wednesday evening, sent two letters to the FORT-WORTH STAR-TELEGRAM over the summer -- letters the paper plans to reprint in Friday editions! The STAR-TELEGRAM'S Karen Rouse reports that the letters describe "bizarre tales of encounters with the Central Intelligence Agency, psychological warfare, assaults by coworkers and druggings by police." Stephen Kaye, a city editor and one who received the letters, said on Thursday that they contained "outlandish things", and described the letters as "hard to follow." "My immediate reaction was that there was not much we could do for him." Ashbrook even came by the STAR-TELEGRAM's offices and visited Kaye -- who described the killer as "the opposite of someone you'd be concerned about... He couldn't have been any nicer." The eerie letters, which are dated July 31 and August 10, were handed over to the Ft. Worth police on Thursday. TEXT OF LARRY GENE ASHBROOK'S LETTERS: City editor Stephen Kaye Fort Worth Star-Telegram 400 W. Seventh St. Fort Worth, Texas, 76102 July 31, 1999 Sir: I am interested in relating to you some events I have experienced. If these events are true, then they would indicate a serious injustice against me. Specifically: the denial of due process for me in the investigation of me as a suspected serial murderer. I use the term -investigation- loosely. It was not so much an investigation as it was a continuous intereference in my life and employment for a period of possibly twenty years. Three operative terms apply to this situation: First; rumor control, this was one method by which those investigating me used to create problems for me: Second: Psychological warfare, this was the general mode of of operation: Third: Plausible deniability, the ideas

those involved would proffer in order to divert blame from themselves. The first experience I had which became a clue to my future problems occured in July of -79.- Soon after reporting to a deployment site with the U.S. Navy squadron, I attended a social event. While there I was pulled aside by a young man who was in that squadron and he asked me some odd questions. The questions involved the murder of someone I had no knowledge of. The tone of his questions became almost accusatory. This was the first of three similar events which occured during my active duty with the Navy from -79to -83.- What I eventually began to wonder was if there were any reason for me to be a suspect in any murder. As I now know, there were several abductions or murders of young women in Fort Worth and Arlington during the -70s- when I lived in the area. After I moved back to Fort Worth in -84- the odd events became a major problem in my life and occurred both on and off the job. The seriousness of the events and the humiliation I suffered made it impossible for me to keep a job. The most pronounced situation began soon after I began work at the Photo-Etch Company in 1986. Shortly after I was hired as a machinist I was put on the evening shift with another employee who was hired about a week after me. We were the only workers at the company during that shift. At some point around September of that year in the evening I was taking a break when the other employee walked up to me and made a somewhat veiled indirect threat. It went like this: -I have a lot of friends on the police force, in fact I know a woman police officer who can kick your (deleted) all over the place.- This was the beginning of continuous troubles on the job at that company. When I attempted to remedy the problems through the proper channels I got no where. The troubles included minor physical abuse and general disrespect by another employee. Eventually after about six months of the situation I was visited by the owners son. He identified himself as the one who oversees the machine shop (even though I had never met him) and he called me a liar concerning what was happening on the job. It was obvious then that there was nothing I could do to remedy the situation and I quit to look for another job. During the period of unemployment that ensued the most blatant event occurred. At that time in my life I was not dating, socializing or spending much time with others. One evening I decided to go out for a beer and I ended up at a nightclub on East Lancaster. After I had been there for a few minutes a man came and sat next to me at the bar. All that I recall of him is that he talked about he had been in the U.S. Army special forces. During the time we talked I began to feel slightly sick so I went to the restroom. After a short time I felt better; however as I returned to my seat I became very dizzy and passed out. Never before had I experienced such an event. I was partically conscious and was aware that I as dragged out to the back of the bar by several men. Eventually I told them that I believed that I had been drugged and would they call the police. -We are the policewas one man's reply. I was held against the wall with one mans hand around my throat for several minutes. During that time I described for them the man who had been sitting next to me. If they did search for him they didn't find him. After a while I felt better and

left. Had I been at the east Fort Worth bar that Linda Taylor was abducted from by Farryion Wardrip two years earlier? I have other reasons for suspecting this. The next job I had I was fired from, for no valid reason, one week after the abduction of Wendy Robinson from Lake Weatherford. I believe there was a connection. In 1987, around the late summer, I began to seek the audience of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I certainly had reason to believe I was being targeted by some investigative group. I was unable to get an agent over the phone as the young woman who was answering the phones would not connect me with one for reasons I've never understood. By June -88- I decide to pay a visit to the FBI office in person. I went to the down town Fort Worth Federal Court House third floor office of the FBI and asked to speak with an agent. An agent, I will not list his name here, invited me to sit in his office and he would hear what I had to say. The problem, though, is that he listened for about one minute then stood-up and told me that I would be -contacted.- I did not believe him though. I shook his hand and left. Within about ten days I began to be visited by a person from the neighborhood whom I had only been slightly acquainted with years earlier. During the course of our initial, short, conversations he asked me if I would be a -designated- driver for him and his brother some time. I told him that I was uninterested. He continued to come around for several weeks with the same request until my interest was piqued and I consented to be his designated driver so that he and his brother could visit a bar. Beginning in late June I went to his house to pick him up and take him to the bar he wanted to go to. We started out with him directing me to go toward west Fort Worth on Loop 820. When we got all the way around to the west side of -820- he began discussing with his brother which bar to go to. Eventually they settled on a bar on Highway 180 even though we already exited on to Route 199. After turning around and getting to -80my passengers decided they didn't want to go there either. I then took them home. To make a long story short: in the following year up to April of -89- I continued to go over to this persons house after he would call me. There were two recurrent phrases that continued to come up in various conversations with him. The first was that he -was going to do a cemetary job.- Initially when I asked what he meant he said that he did lawn maintenance at a cemetary. Then he would cite this quote which he said went back to someone else: -Live by cancer, die by cancer.- All he meant by this, he would say, ws that he was of the zodiac sign of the cancer and that so was I. This relationship continued until the day of Rick Green's arrest for the murders of several people in west Fort Worth. When I called him up several times after Green's arrest I was told by someone else that he was at another location.-He did not contact me again. The possible connection is this: Ricky Green abducted two women from a bar on -199.Wendy Robinson was abducted from Lake Weatherford which is near -180.- Was the drive my acquaintances took me on supposed to be a test of some sort? I believe it was. After Ricky Greens arrest I realized the reasons for my troubles. There was no doubt. However; I could not forsee, at that time, that there was another serial murderer, Faryion

Waldrip, who fit the same physical description of both Green and myself. What could I have done about it? I tried for months to find a lawyer who might make a case for me. After a year or so it was evident no lawyers were going to be interested. Then I began making contact with the media. I contacted three newspapers: The Dallas Morning News, The Dallas Times Herald and The Fort Worth Star-Telegram. All with no result. I contacted each of the network TV station affiliate news rooms. None were interested. During one conversation with a TV news anchor he asked me an odd question: -Didn't you recently get out of the military.-Certainly that struck me as a very strange or evne suspicious question for him to ask. Why would he possibly think that I had been in the military? I have sought the assistance of many different people. I could relate many more events that indicate that I was targeted as a suspected serial murderer. There are many names of people whom I could identify as being a party to the events. If just one individual admitted, for there part what I allege, then I believe the others would begin to be proven. What I am asking is for you to investigate and tell my story. Sincerely, Larry Ashbrook XXXXX City Editor Stephen Kaye The Fort Worth Star-Telegram 400 W. Seventh St. Fort Worth, Texas 76102 August 10, 1999 Sir This communication is an addendum to the July 31 letter. It is obvious that you are uninterested in my story. Therefore, I find it necessary to amplify certain aspects of it. Consider one of three situations I experienced where people I had never met volunteered that they were either former Central Intelligence Agency employees or were laision with the CIA while they were in the military. In 1987, after being fired from the company I worked for in July, as I related earlier, I got a job with a forging company in Fort Worth. On the morning I reported to that company I aws to be indoctrinated into the opearations of the machine shop by the shop foreman.

Unfortunately, it was not so much an indoctrination as it was a recounting of the mans exploits in Viet Nam. Particularly his story was about how he worked laision with the CIA and his exploits included special forces operations which entailed assissination of enemy political units. This lecture lasted the entire morning. From eight until lunchtime. If this were the only time I had ever encountered someone who voluntered such a story I would think nothing of it. However, since it is one of three encounters and since it falls within the time period that I am certain that I was being targeted as a suspected serial murderer, then I must consider it a relevant part of my situation. My employment at this company eventually became impossible and I quit. Not because I could not work with them but because they did not want to work with me. Without belaboring the point with my experiences, I will call to your attention two stories that have come out of the news in the last decade. The first involved the Tarrant County Sheriffs Department. I believe the year was 1991; and in that year there was a situation which came to light in which it was found that reserve deputies with the sheriffs department, who were full time U.S. Airforce personel, were also discovered to be affiliated with the Ku Klux Klan. What I particularly recall is that when one of those involved personel was interviewed on TV (KXAS Channel 5, NBC affiliate) he directly stated that they were involved in -going after child abductors.- Amy Robinson's abductor perhaps? The second also involved the sheriff's department. The year was, I believe, -95- or -96.The story that came out disclosed that an individual or individuals within the department had had, for some time, a web site that contained the dossier's of suspects in a criminal investigation. These files were being made available to civilians so as to enable them to aid in the -criminal- investigations. The implication of this should be obvious with regard to my allegations. What I must wonder about is the reason that no news reporting agency, particularly yours, is interested in this story. Is it because you think it implausible or unimportant? Is it because the general political climate in Fort Worth is not conducive to such a story? Or is there a clue in the words of John Chriswell, then news anchor for the CBS affiliate, when he asked me, as I was attempting to explain my situation: -Didn't you just get out of the military?It is apparent to me that the suspicions against me have been widely disseminated. I believe that there are a few individuals who would realize no damage to themselves if they admitted to the truth regarding my allegations. With all due respect, Larry Ashbrook ******************************

TIME Magazine Terror In The Sanctuary By David Van Biema Monday, Sep. 20, 1999 Here is the way one survivor tells it. When Larry Gene Ashbrook walked into the church sanctuary with his guns--a 9-mm semiautomatic and a .380-cal. one--he paused. He had already started a shooting spree outside that left two dead. But once inside he was approached by one of the teens who had been singing along with a Christian rock 'n' roll praise band. What the youngster offered the black-jacketed killer was heaven, saying, "You need Jesus." Ashbrook, 47, answered, "It's all bulls___, what you believe!" It was only then that he opened up on the over 100 defenseless worshippers, killing five more, wounding seven, creating martyrs. More Related * What is Mike Huckabee Talking About? * An Evangelical at Armageddon * Big Love Watch: Nearer My God to Thee Last week's massacre at Wedgwood Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas, may not have happened quite that way. That's a version being offered by someone who was there, but it's unconfirmed. Yet even if it is pious invention, it gives a glimpse of the way some evangelical Christians, children and adults alike, are thinking these days about the string of killings around the U.S. in which they have been victims. Last week's toll was added to the count of Christian teens killed at Columbine and three students killed at a 1997 prayer circle in West Paducah, Ky. Many evangelical leaders have begun to see "committed Christians" as the latest victims of hate crimes of the sort perpetrated upon blacks, women and gays. They have also begun to view those attacks in terms of the history of their faith--as acts of Satan, and as part of a persecution that stretches back to the earliest days of Christianity, during which countless believers suffered and died for professing their faith. It's an explanation that allows the bereaved a certainty and solace in the face of a horrible riddle. And faced with the same endless series of senseless bloodlettings, even more secular precincts of America have been giving such claims a respectful hearing. After the shootings a moist-eyed George W. Bush said, "There seems to be a wave of evil passing through America." Today show's Katie Couric, interviewing Wedgwood's pastor, Al Meredith, listened as he offered the standard explanation for the crime: the killer was "deranged and deluded." Then, almost hesitantly, the pastor noted, "There's some possible theological, religious reasons you may not be interested in." Said Couric: "Well, go ahead." And Meredith explained that because of all the seminary students attending Wedgwood, "if I were Satan, and if I were real, and I wanted to deliver a death knell to the kingdom of God, I would target this church."

The man wore jeans and was smoking a cigarette. The first person he shot was Jeff Laster, a seminarian working as a custodian who asked him to put it out. Next was Sydney Browning, the children's choir director, resting on a sofa in the foyer, followed by a young man who had been selling Christian CDs. In the sanctuary, the shooter found a roomful of adolescents, happily celebrating that morning's observance of See You at the Pole, an annual national event in which Christian teens gather around their school flagpoles before classes to pray. A band called Forty Days was playing a song titled Alle, alleluia, when Ashbrook was allegedly invited to accept the Lord. He moved to the back of the sanctuary, banged a door to get his audience's attention, and started firing again. At first, some of the teens thought it was a joke, a skit "to remind everyone how precious life was," says one of their parents. A youngster saw the boy next to him grab his waist. "It's just a paint gun," claimed the one who got hit. Both of them watched red ooze from a real-looking wound. "It stings," said the injured boy, still not understanding what had happened to him. People dove behind pews. Mary Beth Talley, 17, noticed that her friend Heather McDonald was not hiding. McDonald has Down syndrome. Talley threw herself on McDonald. Ashbrook fired. Even after Talley was shot, she continued to comfort McDonald, trying to keep her quiet. Talley survived with minor wounds. The murderer paced and yelled at his victims to "be still." He shot and reloaded, shot and reloaded. Only after he pulled a small pipe bomb from his pocket, lit it and rolled it down the aisle--it exploded harmlessly--did those who could make a break for the doors. Then Ashbrook strolled to a back pew, sat down and shot himself fatally in the temple. The police and other authorities who searched his home and his life in the next 72 hours found plenty of clues to a deranged mind. The walls had holes punched in them; the toilets had been filled with concrete; a set of journals dating back a decade itemized plots against him. Neighbors would later report about his ranting and exposing himself. Some speculated that what finally unhinged him was the death in July of his 85-year-old father, who had been the unemployed Ashbrook's sole means of support. What no one found was any connection to the Wedgwood church or its congregation. Some, however, believe they have an inkling. They suspect that in a secularized America in which they are a minority, evangelical Christians are being martyred for their beliefs. "I think that people are gonna have to count the cost of pursuing their faith in God," says Toby McKeehan, a member of dc Talk, one of the most popular Christian bands. "Something we thought was [just] history--people being killed because they had faith, people being martyred--is suddenly happening before our very eyes." Evangelicals have always admired martyrs, from those murdered by Diocletian to slain missionaries. But interest over the past year has exploded as Christians have made up an increasing proportion of the victims of mass murders. Last month McKeehan and his bandmates published Jesus Freaks, a catalog of martyrs past and present, written for teens. But the most talked-about new account of martyrdom is She Said Yes, the moving, nuanced story of Littleton victim Cassie Bernall by her mother Misty. Stores have bought 200,000 copies of the book, which came out last Monday, three days before the Fort Worth shooting. In the evangelical world, Cassie is almost universally considered a martyr.

The Fort Worth dead, although their stories are not quite as pointed, will probably be seen similarly. Such deaths resonate all the more since many conservative Christians increasingly see themselves as persecuted, if not so bloodily. Bob Reccord, president of the Southern Baptist North American Mission Board, explains that "when Christians stand for the absolute truth as found in Scripture, and society in general wants to jettison any absolutes, you immediately set up a tension." Until recently, Evangelicals understood that tension to be mostly a matter of legal barriers to school prayer and snide comments in the larger culture. But Reccord now suggests that "you can see where somebody [like Ashbrook] with emotional problems could express it as anger." Jerry Falwell, as usual, goes a step further. "Most hate crimes in America today are not directed toward African-American or Jewish people or gays or lesbians," he claims. "They are directed at evangelical Christians." He blames "Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton and Janet Reno" for not responding as forcefully to crimes against Evangelicals as they have to other kinds of hate crime. Evangelicals' perception of themselves as targets has not yet altered their traditional opposition to gun control. Franklin Graham, Billy's son and heir apparent to his organization, says the true problem lies in our sinful nature: "Cain didn't use a gun." Reccord muses, "I think Evangelicals may say there are some things that perhaps need to be addressed through gun control, that guns, or perhaps kinds of guns, can contribute to violence. But they are not the ultimate problem, nor are TV shows or video games. The ultimate problem is inside the heart." And so, Evangelicals believe, is the ultimate answer Child murder in Atlanta In 1978, Larry Flynt was prosecuted in the State of Georgia for violation of the pornography laws; it is here that he was shot, receiving a crippling injury which has confined him to a wheelchair. Certainly, his enemies were not the Satanists: to the contrary, Satanism, drugs, pornography flourished in this evil city, and do so to this day. Atlanta is sometimes called a crime capital of America. According to drug enforcement experts, Atlanta became an important center for narcotics distribution with the upgrading and expansion of South American and Caribbean drug trafficking into Miami. The pattern is an expansion to routes into Georgia and Houston, Tex. Conjointly with this, Atlanta became more important as a center for drug cartel money-laundering operations. It is certainly a regional capital for an international Satanic network. We shall show that the coverup which occurred at the time of the Atlanta Child Murders,

has allowed Satanism to flourish there virtually unchecked. - The Atlanta Child Murders From July of 1979 to May of 1981, 29 black adolescent and young adult males were murdered in Atlanta, Ga. The circumstances of their death clearly indicated a ritual element, and extensive media play guaranteed an international spotlight. At the time, one credible motive for the murders appeared to be political: to foment racial tensions. The Satanic element gradually unfolded. The officially recognized victims were mainly adolescent black males, who were known to be involved in drug running and in male prostitution. There is every indication that pornographic photographs, and perhaps videos as well, were being produced. One possibility is that the young men and women were murdered during the course of the production of ``snuff'' films; another is that the deaths were part of some sacrificial ritual. Other motives suggested for the crimes included retribution for violations of the criminals' own internal code (for example, that the young people held back drug profits). There is a question whether the list of 29 child-murder victims is meaningful, since other bodies, both white and black, male and female, were found during the same time period; and deaths occurred fitting the pattern of the Atlanta Child Murders after the imprisonment of Wayne Williams, the man convicted for the crimes. Sixty-three other people were murdered in Atlanta between the years 1979 and 1982. Twenty-five of these occurred after the arrest of Williams, the supposed lone assassin. In 1979, Atlanta was known as the murder capital of the U.S., with 231 homicides, according to FBI statistics. The children were known to frequent the house of a black man named Tom Terrell, known to them as Uncle Tom. Here, they were paid $10 or $15 to perform oral sexual acts. The children were also sodomized. They were given marijuana and some other form of narcotic which was daubed on their faces. The existence of Uncle Tom's house never came out in the trial of Williams, despite the availability of eyewitness testimony. There was definite evidence that some of the dead children had spent time with their captors, perhaps days, before they were killed. They were wearing clothing different from that in which they were captured, and the remains of food taken from their stomachs showed that they had eaten meals after the time they were last seen by friends and family. The children were apparently smothered to death--one possibility is that they were smothered at the moment of orgasm, while performing oral sex. Sexual organs were missing on many of the remains, which had been left to moulder outdoors. The location where one boy's body was found was the same place where, some years earlier,

homosexuals had been shot in a gang war over control of the homosexual entertainment industry. Later, there was also a spate of firebombings of homosexual and sexually oriented entertainment spots in Atlanta. The murders took place against a backdrop of racial-political tension in the city. When Maynard Jackson became mayor of Atlanta in 1973, he reorganized the heretofore lily-white police force. This created dissension, which was later reflected in the politics of the investigation around the murders. Jackson hired Reginald Eaves to run the Police Department, but he was ultimately forced to resign after charges of corruption charges were brought against him, and Lee P. Brown, who subsequently relocated in Houston (and now New York), took over the job. Brown had received a PhD in police administration, and had served in Portland, Ore. and San Jose, Calif. before coming to Atlanta. Brown was in charge at the time of the murders. Many people felt that the way that he handled the investigations was so incompetent as to suggest either corruption on his part--involvement in the homosexual circles who came under suspicion--and/or blackmail. Maynard Jackson also came in for criticism. The situation surrounding the investigation of the killings was so bad, that some of the parents of missing children expressed doubt that the remains which were found were actually those of their own children. They found things such as discrepancies in dental work between the remains and their own children's dental records. In one instance, it is reported that the police themselves tossed a coin in order to decide to which of two missing boys, the body before them belonged. In other cases, there were reports of sightings in other cities, of boys supposedly dead. One of the boys was found with a stab wound in the stomach, surrounded by five ceremonial cuts, according to an acknowledgement by a medical examiner, subsequent to the Wayne Williams trial. (No Satanic connections were brought out by the Williams defense.) Several parents reported to investigators that when they saw their children's bodies they had crosses carved on their foreheads or chests. Newspapers reported three such instances at the time. - The occult connection Atlanta has long been an occult center. Not only had the Process-Foundation Faith cult opened a chapter there, but there was a home-grown Wicca network run by a witch who called herself Lady Santana, and one Lord Merlin. Lady Santana was also known as Samantha Lerman. Lady Santana's Ravenwood Church of Wicca was granted tax exempt status in the State of Georgia. There is also another witchcraft coven operating openly there, known as The Avalon Center. It is run by a woman styling herself as Lady Galadriel, High Priestess of the Grove of the Unicorn. The Atlanta Wicca Church changed its name to the Church of

the Old Religion in 1979, following the murder of a 15-year-old girl. Jolene Tina Simon was killed at Ravenwood House during an open house ritual. She was killed shortly before May 29, 1979, and a man named David Reese Williams, a 23-year-old unemployed paramedic, was subsequently indicted by an Atlanta grand jury for manslaughter. According to accounts, Williams coolly placed a gun to Simon's head and pulled the trigger, when she told him, ``Kill me!'' Williams claims not to remember the incident, and Wicca members who were present testified that the murder was accidental. A member of the Wicca Church from Ohio, who called herself Lady Circe, was also reported to be present in Atlanta during the time of the Child Murders. An independent investigative team in Atlanta, led by Dr. Sondra O'Neill (who was then teaching literature at Emory College in Atlanta), and including Albert Joiner and the sometime presence of Roy Innis, head of the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), plus investigative journalist Ira Liebowitz, and a former Atlanta chief of police, developed many leads indicating a Satanic aspect to the crimes. (These individuals collaborated with each other on an informal basis but were by no means always in agreement.) Former Atlanta police officer Chuck Dettlinger published a book on the murders, {The List,} which is of interest because it documents a consistent record of police failure to follow up investigative leads. Dr. O'Neill was brought into the case by James Baldwin, who had been commissioned by {Playboy} magazine to write an article on the murders. She was already collaborating with the famous author on his biography. They hired two graduate students from the University of Pennsylvania to assist them. Later a New York investigator, Galen Kelly, was brought on the scene by Roy Innis. Kelly (who is prominent in Anti-Defamation League circles, and was indicted in New York City for kidnaping a member of a New Jersey cult, purportedly to deprogram the individual) systematically impeded O'Neill's investigations. Kelly has in the past worked closely with Rabbi Maurice Davis, as part of a purported anti-cult network; Davis, however, is the individual who originally helped sponsor Jim Jones of Jonestown fame. Because of Baldwin's prominence, many people from the local community came forward privately with information. One of these informants was subsequently gunned down by police on the flimsy pretext that he showed resistance to arrest when they sought to enter his house. Others were threatened. The major informant was one Shirley McGill (who subsequently came under the control of Innis and Kelly). McGill admitted to having been employed as a bookkeeper by a drug-trafficking operation that was based in Florida. In the summer of 1977 she became involved with Parnell Traham, who was working as a cab driver in the Miami area. He practiced voodoo. He had served in the Vietnam War, and it was apparently in Vietnam that he became involved in the drug traffic. The modus operandi of the operation was to purchase used cars in Miami, which were then loaded with drugs and transported by rural routes to Atlanta and to Houston. McGill was recruited by Traham to serve as a bookkeeper for his operation, and she was sent to Atlanta. O'Neill described the drug operation as operating in a cell formation, where individuals from one cell did not know those in other cells. McGill was introduced

into an inner circle, who controlled the various cells. These people were also Satanists. more: Georgia Guidestones (100 miles NE of Atlanta) M/s400/atl96-bid.jpg Atlanta Olympics 1996 Jon Benet Ramsey, born in Atlanta, Georgia, died in 1996 before you categorize this one in the "well, whoop-de-doo" file, as I was tempted to, just consider the fact that Cher's ex husband , Congressman Sonny Bono, was murdered for threatening to expose CIA drug trafficking. Bono was also closely associated with Phil Spector in the early days of his career, and Spector himself has been linked to mk. CHER'S IN LOVE WITH A HELL'S ANGEL what a great surprise - to hear that Cher is still falling for bikers! Leather guys on motorcycles have always been her weakness (business suits repel her) and now she has a burly boyfriend who's 6'6" and 220 pounds! He's Tim Medvetz, 38, and he customizes Harleys in Hollywood and also happened to climb Mount Everest. Cher's friend Richard Stark who owns Chrome Hearts, introduced them and they both have a preference for black leather and silver gothic jewelry. Tim is described as a real man who "smokes Camels and drinks Jack Daniels and eats greasy fried chicken." On June 13, Cher and Tim were at the Foxtail Lounge with a group including Stark, but nobody realized they were a couple. The National Enquirer is already predicting marriage, but we think they're jumping the gun. Still, we're happy for Cher. this also reveals the milieu that Cher and other Hollywood types move in. imo, the Hells Angels are closely involved in mk activities. check out this Coast to Coast AM issue on Sonny Bono's murder, six months ago: OCT 4, 2008. Investigative researcher Bob Fletcher, discusses the mysteries surrounding Sonny Bono's death and why he believes the former entertainer-turned-politician was assassinated. Fletcher began by providing background on the toy manufacturing company he started in Marietta, GA in the early '80s. Fletcher said he merged his operations with a man he'd met at marketing show in New York, and soon discovered that his new business partner was using the toy company as a front to supply armaments for covert NSA/CIA operations. Fletcher left the partnership, tried to sue, and began an investigation into the activities of high ranking U.S. military and government officials, who he claims were involved not only in secret weapons dealings but in drug smuggling as well. Fletcher said he'd sent Bono his documentation and the congressman had lo oked it over and decided to go after the people mentioned in the report. A week and half later Bono was dead. Fletcher went over the unusual circumstances of Bono's death, noting that the evidence surrounding the fatal ski accident does not make sense. Fletcher stated that Bono had "prominent blood stains" that had soaked through the back of his jacket and three layers of clothes, yet back wounds could not be found. He also pointed out that Bono had no neck trauma, no contracu brain injuries, nor any other sign that would have come from colliding with a tree at 30 mph. Fletcher suggested instead that Bono was beaten in the head with a gun and placed by the tree to make it appear as though he'd been in a skiing accident. According to Bono's autopsy report, "some of the fractured bone pieces have a curved configuration" consistent with being struck by the barrel of a .45 or 9mm pistol, Fletcher explained

Boy Scouts Train to Become Homeland Gestapo Kurt Nimmo Infowars May 14, 2009 Once upon a time the Boy Scouts were about camping, backpacking, and canoeing. Boy Scouts were into high adventure and sporting activities. Scouts were about preventing forest fires and Do a Good Turn Daily. Scouts worked with the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. They cherished ideals such as the Cub Scout Promise and the Law of the Pack. Now the Boy Scouts have a new mission fighting terrorism, rounding up illegal aliens, search and destroying marijuana fields, and embracing the SWAT mentality. The Explorers program, a coeducational affiliate of the Boy Scouts of America that began 60 years ago, is training thousands of young people in skills used to confront terrorism, illegal immigration and escalating border violence an intense ratcheting up of one of the groups longtime missions to prepare youths for more traditional jobs as police officers and firefighters, reports the New York Times. Homeland Security and the FBI are behind the effort to indoctrinate and train the Boy Scouts to become tomorrows Gestapo. Our end goal is to create more agents, April McKee, a senior Border Patrol agent, told the New York Times. Before it was more about the basics, said Johnny Longoria, a Border Patrol agent. But now our emphasis is on terrorism, illegal entry, drugs and human smuggling. Just as there are soccer moms, there are Explorers dads, who attend the competitions, man the hamburger grill and donate their land for the simulated marijuana field raids. In their training, the would-be law-enforcement officers do not mess around, as revealed at a recent competition on the state fairgrounds here, where a Ferris wheel sat next to the police cars set up for a felony investigation, Jennifer Steinhauer writes for the Times. Scouts are trained to identify the enemy. In a competition in Arizona, one role-player wore traditional Arab dress. If were looking at 9/11 and what a Middle Eastern terrorist would be like, said A. J. Lowenthal, a sheriffs deputy in Imperial County, California, then maybe your role-player would look like that. I dont know, would you call that politically incorrect? Politically correct or not, Homeland Security and the FBI realize Arabs are not the enemy rightwing extremists are. Last month, Infowars reported on a document produced by the Department of Homeland Securitys National Infrastructure Coordinating Center identifying advocates of the

Second Amendment, veterans, pro-life activists, and militia members as dangerous terrorists. A subsequent DHS document, entitled Domestic Extremism Lexicon, pinpointed antigovernment types rejecting federal authority in favor of state or local authority as possible terrorists. Islamic groups are specifically excluded from this document, writes Benjamin Sarlin for the Daily Beast. The new Gestapo Boy Scouts program will train the new Hitler Youth or Obama youth for the challenges of a totalitarian globalist future. As the planned implosion of the economy unfolds and unemployment increases, the federal government is picking up the slack. In the wake of the huge stimulus package to jumpstart the economy, plenty of new positions are being created by 2010. The agencies that will benefit include the Defense, Commerce, Homeland Security and Veterans Affairs departments, writes Judi Hasson for Fierce Government. Gestapo Scouts will be required to combat rightwing extremists who will refuse to turn in their firearms after the next false flag terror attack or engineered pandemic. SWAT Scouts will be called to deal with those who refuse to participate in mandatory vaccinations. Police state Scouts will be the vanguard for Obamas million-man Civilian National Security Corps. just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military. Its up to the New York Times, as the premier liberal propaganda outfit, to sell the militarization of the Boy Scouts to the American people, using the standard bugaboos of Arab terrorists, drug cartel thugs, and marijuana cultivators as the example of why all of this is necessary. In the real world, however, government is not primarily concerned with drug dealers after all, the government and Wall Street run most of the drugs they are worried about growing opposition to the destruction of the Constitution and the imposition of world government by a cabal of international bankers and their corporate fascist partners in crime. masonic riders tshirt Masonic Bikers crest a whole series of Hells Angels biker flicks was shot in the 1960's at Spahn Ranch, the same place (desert town movie set) that Charles Manson and his CIA hippie cult lived. Ever wonder why no one kicked them out of there? It is widely known that the military complex destroyed the 1960's peace movement through deliberate insertion of satanists, drugs, and the creation of front groups by CIA operatives . see 'operation chaos ( %20Articles/Operation%20Chaos.html)' or wikpedia ( also, the Harley Davidson Military Sales Program (discount Harley Davidsons available to all U.S. military personnel) was created in 1965, during the same time that the whole 'operation chaos' project was being set up. Could it be that the same people who created the 60's biker culture, the Hells Angels, the movies shot at Spahn Ranch, etc., also created Charles Manson and his satanist LSD cult? Could it be that they put him and his followers up at Spahn Ranch in some project to go one further than movies, some experiment to actually create a 'real-life movie', so to speak, in some attempt to 'bring the characters to life' which they had created in films like this: this film was shot at Spahn Ranch at the same time that the Manson family was living at the ranch: Satan's Sadists Product Description Review The late Al Adamson made some silly films in his time (Blood of Ghastly Horror, Blazing Stewardesses, Dracula vs. Frankenstein), but none sillier than this off-the-wall movie about mean bikers who take over a small town. Sure, that plot has been seen before, but never like this. A steady stream of dumb dialogue, cheesy music, and some of the strangest sexual innuendo in action cinema will keep cult devotees and bad-move buffs howling. There's Russ Tamblyn, as the gang's nasty leader, in his "greatest role since West Side Story," according to the ads. Tamblyn gives an outrageously silly performance, cramming food and drugs down people's throats and saying things like, "I got friends who ain't got hate inside them. Their only crime is growing their hair long, smoking grass, and looking at the stars at night! And what do you do? You bust down their doors and you bust on their heads, man! Dumb-*** cops!" John "Bud" Cardos,

future director of Kingdom of the Spiders, appears as an Indian biker with an unnaturallooking mohawk, but the most noticeable member of the cast is Adamson's longtime wife, Regina Carrol, billed as "The Freak-Out Girl." She holds a baby's bottle to her breast and intones, "How about a little of THIS, baby?" while the camera zooms in on the bottle's nipple. At least the film moves at a reasonable pace, unlike many of Adamson's interminably slow horror films, and is -- in a peculiar way -- entertaining.True-crime buffs should note that much of the film was shot at the Spahn Movie Ranch at the time Charles Manson's "family" lived there. This fact was exploited in the ads with the tasteful tagline "Filmed in the exact location that the Tate hippie killers lived their wild experiences!" ~ Robert Firsching, All Movie Guide and check out this review of 'Angels Wild Women',another Spahn Ranch Hells' Angels filck. The reviewer is almost gloating that operation chaos had succeeded in destroying the peace movement: Actually, the bikers in the film are quite tame. In contrast to Al's classic "Satan's Sadists", this film provides a positive perspective on bikers. The men do get into a bit of macho posturing, but otherwise they're nice folk looking for fun and freedom. The plot of this film is quite worthwhile, however, and provides an excellent look at the end of an era. When the film was made, the Manson family trials had just occurred, which led those equating Manson's family with the hippies to declare that the hippy movement was dead. This movie, which was largely shot at the Spahn ranch, out of which Manson operated, taps into this. Satan's Sadists note the maltese cross and the swastika: Charles Manson himself later carved a swastika into his forehead, and he was the guest of the people making 'Satan's Sadists' at Spahn Ranch.

Was 'the family' really Charles Manson's cult, or was it something quite a bit bigger? Charles Manson's cult went on to murder actress Sharon Tate, pregnant wife of director/producer Roman Polanski , who made Rosemary's Baby, about rich occultists living in 'The Dakota', who make a deal with an aspiring actor, offering him a big break in his career if he agrees to give them control of his pregnant wife and their baby. pg then it turns out that the same people who owned the Dakota also owned Jorstadt Castle/aka Singer Castle (on Dark Island) , which had secret passageways built into the closets , just like Rosemary's closet in Rosemary's Baby. Singer Castle (aka Jorstadt Castle) on Dark Island Dark Island was later bought by La Salle Military Academy named after catholic illuminist St Jean-Baptiste de la Salle in Singer Castle this tapestry hangs in a stairwell (likely a Belgian reproduction of the original) Note the fleur de lis: In this large tapestry you can see what it was like to be part of a king's entourage at an afternoon joust in 15th or 16th century France. Knights and ladies, armored warriors and their handlers there is great tension in this scene much as there was in medieval European society. Think of this tapestry as a mirror of feudal life. And that phrase, Fortis et Fidelis, says it all. It's Latin for Strong and Loyal. The route to survival was through personal strength and loyalty to royal authority. parts of the film Skulls (about the Skull n' Bones society) were filmed on Dark Island at Singer Castle, which is said to be completely riddled with underground tunnels

the most famous members of the Skull n' Bones society have got to be former CIA director and U.S. president George Herbert Walker Bush and his son George W. Bush. there is a statue of George H.W. Bush in Rapid City, South Dakota. Rapid City is home to the Rapid City Air Force base, the largest annual Hells Angels gathering in the world, Mount Rushmore, and the Presidential Walk, a series of statues representing every U.S. president in history. (I suspect that the President's Walk was created as an alternative to building more Mt. Rushmore type grandeur, ie: made to save the region the bother of carving a massive stone visage of every presidents face into the local mountain ranges, while still regionally honoring the other presidents not depicted on Mt. Rushmore.) I suspect that Rapid City was chosen for this honor partially in recognition of its Skull n' Bones- origin- contribution to Hells Angels drug running worldwide. The tourism boom brought on by the CIA's creation of the Hells Angels and the local Sturgis Bike rally caters to 'American patriotism' ie: "its damn right unamerican to criticize satanic war vets running drugs fer amerricka. Weeuz jus doin er duty, dude" 'the Dakota' was named by its builder after the territory of South Dakota I have no doubt that the Hells Angels were organized and set up by the Skull n' Bones society/CIA after WW2, and that it uses all of the intelligence apparatus of the CIA/NSA/CSIS necessary to keep ahead of the FBI and the RCMP. interesting that the film 'Skulls' was partially filmed on Dark Island, which used to be owned by La Salle Military Academy, and is home to Singer Castle (aka Jorstadt Castle). Singer Castle was built and owned by the same people who built and owned 'The Dakota' apartments where Rosemary's Baby was filmed , and where John Lennon was shot by Manchurian candidate Mark David Chapman. interesting related factoid: the director of the original 1962 version of 'The Manchurian

Candidate' John Frankenheimer was a student of La Salle Military Academy in the year 2000. director/producer Rob Cohen made the film 'Skulls', based on the Skull n'Bones society at Yale. Parts of the movie were shot on Dark Island in Singer Castle. Cohen was born in Cornwall, New York. He graduated from Harvard University. As producer, he has been behind many major motion pictures, including The Witches of Eastwick, The Serpent and the Rainbow, and The Running Man. where this gets really creepy is that the same Rob Cohen who directed the film 'Skulls' about a cult that engages in live burial rituals also produced the film 'The Serpent and the Rainbow' The Serpent and the Rainbow is a 1988 American horror film, very loosely based on a non-fiction book by ethnobotanist Wade Davis, dealing with his experiences in Haiti as he investigates the story of Clairvius Narcisse, allegedly poisoned, buried alive, and given a herbal brew whose effects mimicked zombification. Synopsis Dennis Alan, an ethnobotanist/anthropologist from Harvard University, narrowly escapes the Amazon Jungle at the beginning and returns to Boston. Word of his exploits gets around and he is approached by a large pharmaceutical corporation looking to investigate a drug that is part of the Voodoo religion in Haiti that they want to acquire in order to mass produce. They send him to Haiti to find out about the drug, but he winds up learning more about zombification instead. In essence, the drug is an alternate and less dangerous method of anesthesia. When Alan arrives in Haiti the country is in the middle of a revolution of sorts. The government is taking anyone prisoner who they think is against the current political powers. He eventually meets another doctor who helps him research and investigate the so-called zombies. What he finds is the evil that lurks behind the Voodoo religion and the destruction it can cause to the human mind. Background The drug named in the film is tetrodotoxin. In the real-life "zombification" case of Clairvius Narcisse of Haiti, the poison that caused the appearance of death was reported to be tetrodotoxin, but the mind-control drug given after he was unburied was a brew derived from Datura stramonium. The film depicted the poisoning attack with the powdered drug being blown into the victim's face, which is most consistent with

involuntary dosing of scopolamine. Scopolamine is one of the alkaloids in Datura, known to facilitate behavior control, but not the appearance of death. Clairvius Narcisse was a Haitian man said to have been turned into a living zombie with the use of a combination of drugs[1]. His case attracted considerable interest and some scientific investigation at the time[2]. History According to reports, [3]Clairvius was poisoned with a mixture of various natural poisons to simulate death[citation needed]. The instigator of the poisoning was alleged to be his brother, with whom he had quarreled over land.[4] After his "death" and subsequent burial on May 2, 1962, his body was recovered and he was given a paste made from datura[citation needed] which at certain doses has a hallucinogenic effect and can cause memory loss. His new 'master', a bokor (sorcerer), then forced him, alongside many other zombie slaves, to work on a sugar plantation until the master's death in 1964[citation needed]. When the bokor died, and regular doses of the hallucinogen ceased, he eventually regained sanity (unlike many others who had suffered brain damage from being buried alive[citation needed]) and returned to his family after some time, though only after finding his brother had died. [4] Narcisse's story was popularized in the book The Serpent and the Rainbow by Wade Davis, who is currently an "explorer in residence" for National Geographic. Although many are critical and suspicious of Mr. Davis' work, since his morals, as detailed in the book, prevented the necessary scientific experiments to prove his hypothesis that Clairvius Narcisse was drugged with a neurotoxin that simulates death. The poison apparently used was derived from the puffer fish, which produces a well known and highly documented neurotoxin (tetrodotoxin) that produces paralysis and in modified form can mimic death through reduced metabolism and heart rate. The secretions of the poisonous cane toad Bufo marinus were apparently used as an anaesthetic companion drug, while the resuscitating, mind-controlling drug was said to be made from the weed Datura stramonium.[ I read somewhere that the real reason for killing SHARON TATE was that she knew the real murderer/murderers of RFK.... Check out these odd things about how similar the Paul Bernardo and James Medley cases were. In both cases the girls were lured into being abducted by another young girl helping entrap them. Karla Homolka helped Paul Bernardo lure teen girls to their car, and Sherry helped Medley lure teen girls to their apartment. In both cases the girls were confined and tortured. In both cases videotapes were seized by police. Both James Medley and Paul Bernardo

had ties to masonic police organizations. Both are said to have been paid police informants: check out the eerie set of pics taken at the federal women's cottage 'prison' known as Club Fed , where Homolka and Sherry are actually close friends , which makes me wonder if they knew each other before prison. Given all the other odd similarities between the two cases, it's not too far a stretch. Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa are all part of the 'Golden Triangle' of narcotics and prostitution in central Canada: Christina Sherry, left, Lynda Veronneau, middle [who had a lesbian relationship with Karla Homolka, the subject of a book titled "In the Shadow of Karla" (available only in French)] and Karla Homolka, right, who cuddles a cat, are housed in Joliette prison, which was described by an inmate as "pretty much easygoing." while many people are familiar with the famous Paul Bernardo/Karla Homolka BDSM/snuff film murders, few people know about the James Medley case, so I am included a couple of articles here for those who want more background on this: The Ottawa Citizen,Sunday, October 27, 1996 Montreal Pimp Charged in Sex Slave Bust ------------------------------------------------Southam Newspapers MONTREAL -- James Medley, 38, Chris Sherri, and Tracy Gonzalez were arrested Friday after what Montreal police describe as one of the worst cases of sexual torture they have seen. Authories siezed weapons, handcuffs, chains, and other undisclosed devices used on the girls. Videotapes were also siezed. So far, three girls between the ages of 15 and 16 have been found. They were sexually tortured at knifepoint.

The victims were lured by telephone calls made to youth centres. The suspects so far face 28 charges on forcible confinement, on sexual assault, on assault with a weapon, on uttering death threats, on procuring persons for prostitution, and possession of crack cocaine. Some of the charges date back to 1991. ----------------The Ottawa Citizen Sunday, November 16, 1997 --------------------------------------------------------LIFE BEYOND A LIVING HELL by Katherine Wilton Monique Beaduin The Montreal Gazette ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Tortured, prostituted, four young women fight their demon ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ For months they lived with a secret. They lived in terror. If they spoke out, enterprising torture pimp James Medley would have them again. During three weeks in COURT-ROOM 308, MONTREAL, four tortured young women broke free, by doing something that police and youth-protection officials had been unable to do. They put slave owner James Medley behind bars. They walked into the witness box,careful to avoid Mr.Medley's eyes. Staring from his seat,he then smirked,laughing at described captivity, anal degradation, and methodic sexual torture, told in detail. Judge Gerard Girouard. "The women's testimony is consistent,clear, and truthful". In speaking out, these broken, scared people discovered strength they, and

their community,did not know they posessed, their families "hopeful to put this revolting horror to an end". "She's more stable now, said a mother of her daughter confined in the closet of Medley's apartment for 16 days. "I'm very proud she testified." The parents and community see them as heroes, brave enough to stand up, but the four girls are now nameless. Prot ection for them and their families,as the gangs are still organized and res ourceful. All were under the care of the youthprotection system, entering teen welfare rolls from differing backgrounds but with one thing in common - they were all in trouble. The daughters came from middle-class, working-class, and even professionalclass families in Montreal, the WestIsland and South-Shore suburbs. These were chronic runaways, defying their parents, using drugs, stealing credit cards and shoplifting. They had been drawn into the street-life of school gangs. Once the girls were in the system, the teens formed peer-groups together, rebelling against the rules in the youthprotection centres they lived in, and often ran away. The running led them back to James Medley and his sub-culture of drugs, easy money, and sadism. Although they suffered horrific abuse, all the girls were terrified to turn to police or community for help. They knew Medley was in payment from Montreal police as an informer. -One woman's father says she was ready

to go to court the very night a police officer discovered her hog-tied in J.Medley's closet, bruised and begging for help-even if that meant taking him on by herself. But after other torture victims heard of her, they broke their silence and went to police. They considered themselves lucky to be alive. Another girl, concerned about how explosively her family would react if it knew what Mr. Medley had done to her, asked them to stay away from the court -room while she testified. Christina Sherry, left, who lured girls to a Montreal apartment where they were sexually assaulted, and Karla Homolka, right, entertain other inmates by modelling black dresses. check this guy out. Montreal police officer who was responsible for paying off 'informant' James Medley (who was into videotaping torture sessions of captured women), went to jail for selling secret police files to bikers and to Eastern European crime gangs: Aubin joined the force at age 19 in 1967, and rose to Lieutenant-Detective before a series of squabbles with brass led him to take his pension in 1999. He then launched his private investigation firm Agence AGC with a partner. That April, Aubin was charged with illicitly obtaining police information from Aubins former squad partner, Det.-Sgt. Alain Desrosiers, a 23-year vet. The custom of offering private police information to old buddies might be presented as both benign and common on private detective TV dramas, but Montreal cops were less thrilled with the practice. Speaking at a press conference following Aubins arrest, Commander Andr Durocher told reporters that Aubin had resold illegally obtained private police files to Eastern European crime gangs. Police chief Michel Sarrazin denounced the situation as revolting. The one-time handler of West End-based police informant and convicted rapist James Medley, Aubin now collects a $50,000 pension from the force while he works on two or three books.

QUOTE Corruption On April 12, a veteran Montreal police officer and his retired partner, who worked as a private detective, were charged with leaking confidential information to organized crime groups. Both men and a civilian, a business associate of the two who runs a security firm, are accused of selling secrets to members of criminal groups. Police have refused to identify who bought the computer records. However, there have been reports that the files were sold to biker gangs and members of a Russian crime group. Investigators who began an internal probe last fall claim the files were taken from police computer files. The three allegedly used police computers to gain access to information about criminal groups. He said security measures on the forces computer system helped investigators track down the suspects. Two days after being arrested, Sgt.-Det. Alain Desrosiers admitted selling confidential police files to criminal gangs. Desrosiers was given a conditional sentence which means he will not serve time in jail as long as he does not break any more laws. He was also fired, after 23 years on the force. His former partner, Claude Aubin, received a more severe punishment for his part in the operation: two years in jail. Their business associate, Michel Charbonneau, received an 18-month conditional sentence. Prosecutors said that Aubin, who retired in 1999 after 33 years on the force, was the person who actually sold the computer files and made a profit. February 17th, 2005 Stoolie pulls rug from under police Alex Roslin A former police informant and a retired cop allege rampant police wrongdoing with possible far-reaching ramifications The shooting surprised residents of the normally peaceful Mile End. In full view of pedestrians, a man walked up to the Tokyo Sushi Bar at the busy intersection of Parc and Bernard and started firing through the window. Inside, Steven "Bull" Bertrand, a powerful associate of Hells Angels boss Maurice "Mom" Boucher, was shot three times as he ate lunch. It was one of the last major acts of violence in Quebec's biker war, but Eric Nadeau says police could have stopped it. Nadeau spent 11 years infiltrating the Hells Angels and

Bandidos biker gangs for the Montreal police, Sret du Qubec and RCMP, rising to become national secretary of the Bandidos. He says his work contributed to 190 arrests, including those of 62 Bandidos in a June 2002 operation that decapitated the gang's Canadian leadership. In March 2002, Nadeau was in his girlfriend's former gift shop at 214 Bernard Street West when two full-patch Bandidos members walked in. They had spotted Bertrand at a nearby restaurant and wanted to kill him. They got a gun, changed clothes and discussed their plans in the store, not knowing that Nadeau was a police informant and that a surveillance camera had been secretly installed inside. Nadeau says he tried to warn police about the preparations, but they didn't send anyone until it was too late. "I spoke in my car about it, where there was a police microphone," he says. "I tried to call my controller. There was no answer." He also says he tried to signal police via the hidden camera. The Journal de Montral later reported that a Montreal police officer had watched the preparations on the camera. The police force responded with a statement saying its officers had done nothing wrong. The two shooters were arrested and pled guilty to attempted murder. After the incident, there was another bizarre development. Nadeau was supposed to be the star witness for the Crown at the mega-trial of the Bandidos members arrested in June 2002. The Crown suddenly dropped him as a witness in October 2003 and dismissed charges against five leading Bandidos. One newspaper reported that Nadeau had refused to testify. But Nadeau says he wanted to testify and that the Crown dropped him because it was afraid he would reveal embarrassing details about the Bertrand shooting and other police wrongdoing. "I said I would tell the judge everything," he says. "I know all the secrets. I have proof of everything - tapes, documents, CDs." Because he didn't testify, Nadeau says, police refused to pay him $125,000 still owing under his informant contract. He says the police also stopped providing security for him and his family, and haven't given them new identities. The 40-year-old father of four says his family had to move 11 times because of security fears. "My children are afraid," he says. "My 12-year-old daughter has talked about suicide." He says he is just as afraid now of the police as of the bikers. He is suing the Montreal police for $370,000; his girlfriend has filed a separate lawsuit for $6.2-million. Nadeau is telling his story in a book coming out at the end of February, called L'Infiltrateur. He is calling for a public inquiry into rampant police wrongdoing he claims to have seen while infiltrating biker gangs. He says cops falsified reports, pocketed money from drug transactions and gave him items seized from police raids, like champagne and a work of art as gifts. He also says police allowed weapons to circulate on the street, including machine guns and bazookas. In a bizarre twist, Nadeau is getting support from five ex-police officers who have formed the Groupe d'enqute civil indpendant to help him publicize his complaints. "When I started looking at Eric's evidence, I said, 'I cannot believe this,'" says group member Claude Aubin, a retired Montreal police sergeant detective. "This cannot stay unknown by the public. It's that bad. It's disgusting." Aubin was arrested in 2001 for selling police information to bikers and sentenced to two years in jail. He says he is motivated not by revenge but a sense of outrage about Nadeau's story. "This is going to be one of the biggest scandals in Quebec," he says.

Aubin says he believes two recent suicides of prominent Montreal cops may be linked to Nadeau's allegations, and he worries that more officers may kill themselves when the group goes public with its evidence later this month. "I'm feeling sick about that," he says. "If this is going to happen the way I want, police officers are going to jail."

Karla Homolka was quoted as saying that the Hells Angels lawyers were going to help her appeal her release restrictions because they (Hells Angels) had a vested interest in forcing the government to stick to the terms of plea- bargained arrangements. She said the restrictions placed on her (terms of release) were in violation of her plea bargain terms. Karla helps Hell's Angels "The Hells Angels are terrified. You know the mega-trial and those guys that made deals a few years back. They told their lawyers, 'You get involved in this and you do what you can because if they break her deal, they can break our deal.' " - Karla Homolka Appeal of court-imposed restrictions is to help others, she tells former boss By TU THANH HA Friday, August 26, 2005 Updated at 5:25 AM EDT Globe and Mail Update Montreal - Karla Homolka did not plan to appeal the strict court-imposed conditions on her release from jail but decided to challenge them because her lawyer said it would help other people, according to tape recordings secretly made by her former boss. On the tapes, Ms. Homolka says the push to appeal the restrictions on her freedom came from lawyer Sylvie Bordelais. "It's not about me any more. She said to me, 'You know you always wanted to do something to help somebody? So this is what you're doing to help somebody,' " she says. The recordings were provided to the CTV network by Richer Lapointe, a Montreal-area hardware store owner who gave Ms. Homolka her first job after her July release from a 12-year sentence for her role in the sex killings of two Ontario girls. Mr. Lapointe said he hired Ms. Homolka to help her, but became worried because he felt she was breaching her release conditions. After falling out with her, he went public with his story this week. Yesterday, he gave his recordings to Quebec provincial police. Mr. Lapointe said he hid a tape recorder in his store and taped his conversations with Ms. Homolka to prove she made incriminating remarks. As her July 4 release from a Quebec prison drew near, the Ontario government requested restrictions on her freedom. A Quebec judge agreed and ordered her to report her

movements to police, follow through with therapy and stay away from children and criminals. Ms. Homolka's lawyers are to appeal the conditions at a hearing on Sept. 22. Her lawyers want all the conditions dropped and Section 810.02 of the Criminal Code, which authorizes the restrictions, declared unconstitutional. "Ontario and Quebec thought I wasn't going to fight it. . . . I was going to agree and that was going to be that. But that's not what happened," Ms. Homolka says on the tape. She says the post-sentence restrictions contravene a plea deal she made in 1993 with Ontario prosecutors in which she agreed to testify against her former husband, Paul Bernardo. "When it first happened, I didn't want to appeal. I said just leave it. But Sylvie explained to me, we can't. It's not just about me any more. It's about justice and respecting your word," she says on the tape. Others are also worried about the use of the Section 810 conditions, she says. "The Hells Angels are terrified. You know the mega-trial and those guys that made deals a few years back. They told their lawyers, 'You get involved in this and you do what you can because if they break her deal, they can break our deal.' " She says the restrictive conditions have been hard. "You know, it's only, what, seven weeks. For me it feels like a long, long time." However, she concedes that those conditions are good for the public's peace of mind. "It reassures people. They're not as worried. They know somebody is watching." While bitter toward Quebec Court Judge Jean Beaulieu for imposing the restrictions, she appears more optimistic about the person who will hear the appeal, Mr. Justice James Brunton of Quebec Superior Court. "You have better chances in appeal. The judges are less influenced by the media." She predicts a long legal battle. "One thing I do know is that no matter what happens in September, it's not the end of it. Because if we win, the Crown's going to appeal it. And if they win, we're gonna appeal it." Yesterday, Mr. Lapointe announced plans to move to the southern Ontario city where Ms. Homolka and Mr. Bernardo committed their crimes. "All my stocks, holdings, I've transferred up to my parents because from now on . . . I will settle in St. Catharines," he told reporters as he arrived at provincial police headquarters. "I have . . . empathy for the people of St. Catharines. Until justice will be done, I'll be there in St. Catharines." Then one of the doctors who helped Homolka get out had connections to the Hells Angels. Dr. Morissette, psychiatrist who found Karla Homolka low risk of reoffending also was boyfriend of Hells Angels girl:

here we have another couple , husband and wife, Winnipeg, who abducted teen girls and raped them: (btw, threatened to have them killed by Hells Angels friends if they talked) then of course there are pornography entrepreneurs Paul Bernardo and James Medley who both did the same thing, James Medley is connected to the whole Hells Angels/police corruption scene in Montreal, Dave Pickton was a Hells Angel who owned a professional film editing studio and the Hells Angels own every stripper in Vancouver, and legal brothels in Nevada...... Medley and Pickton both had close contacts, contracts, with the police, and speculaton that Bernardo's masonic membership prevented him from being investigated by police early in the investigation. Medley was a paid police informant. Pickton had a contract with Vancouver Police to buy abandoned cars for salvage:;cd=8&gl=ca Bernardo may have used 'masonic cable tow' or 'sign of distress' to escape arrest/investigation by police: Recap: Christina Sherry , left, with Karla Homolka, right, model black dresses at Karla's prison birthday party So here we have snuff-porn star Karla Homolka hanging around with torture-porn star Christina Sherry, girlfriend of Hells Angels associate James Medley, quoting Hells Angels lawyers, and being lined up with a Hells Angels associate shrink who helped spring her from jail, then when she gets out, Karla Homolka moves to Montreal, where James Medley and Christina Sherry hail from. During the same years that Bernardo and Medley were raping , torturing, murdering , and videotaping, Hells Angel Dave Pickton was setting up a professional film editing studio while the bodies of dead hookers accumulated on his farm.

And Medley, Bernardo, and the Picktons alls seem to have some close connections to masonic police circles. Everyone knows that the CIA is masonic, and they created the Hells Angels. So the common thread to all of this Freemasonry. It all connects to Freemasonry. At a guess: Medley, Bernardo, and Dave Pickton: freemasons.

Brothels and casinos are legal in Nevada, but no one mentions that most of the legal brothels and many of the casinos in Nevada are owned by the Hells Angels/CIA: Jul. 19, 2008 Las Vegas Review-Journal Former brothel owner gets 15 years in child porn case THE ASSOCIATED PRESS CHEYENNE, Wyo. -- A former Nevada brothel owner has been sentenced to 15 years in federal prison for his conviction on two child pornography charges in Wyoming. David Burgess was sentenced Friday in U.S. District Court for possessing and transporting child pornography. U.S. District Judge Alan B. Johnson also sentenced the 55-year-old Hells Angel motorcycle club member to 10 years of supervision upon his release, lifetime registration as a sex offender and a fine of $20,000. Investigators found two hard drives containing thousands of images of child pornography in Burgess' motor home after a traffic stop last summer in western Wyoming. A jury convicted Burgess in April on both charges against him. check out this guy: Son of the Hells Angels Oakland chapter president, Earl Stefanson. Stefanson just recently beat a woman to death, and the police found a torture chamber in his basement with the blood of three different women in it: (woman he beat to death was a former legal secretary dabbling in prostitution) Homolka relaxes in her cottage at low-security St. Joliette women's prison, where prisoners sleep in their own cottages and are free to roam the grounds of the prison. Lesbian snuff torturer (now released from prison and living in Quebec) Karla Homolka lives life of birthday cakes and baseball in adult daycare, ex-inmate says 'Inmates in Joliette can go for long strolls on the institution's spacious grounds, and can play baseball. Ten cottages on the prison grounds house eight to 10 inmates each. There are no bars on the windows, and each inmate has a key to her room and a key to her personal mailbox. There are guards on the prison grounds.' Sun, September 28, 2003 Devil 'n' Angels The strange relationship between former Leafs coach Pat Burns and the biker gang By Marc Pigeon, Sun Media MONTREAL -- Among the 595 pieces of evidence that were presented in the murder trial this month of 12 members of the Hells Angels, the name of New Jersey Devils head coach Pat Burns was brought up on three occasions. How did the Stanley Cup-winning coach, a man who spent more than 15 years of his life fighting crime as a police officer in Gatineau, Que., became associated with bikers facing murder charges? On June 16, officers testified before judge Rejean Paul, and presented evidence they seized on the day of the bikers' arrest, March 28, 2001. After searching the Ancaster, Ont., home of Hells Angels' Donald "Pup" Stockford of the Nomads chapter of Montreal, OPP officer Scott Andrew Mills discovered two notebooks filled with telephone numbers. In each one were Pat Burns' personal numbers including his home, chalet and pager numbers. SITTING ON HARLEYS Sun Media has also learned that other objects connecting Burns to Stockford were seized

at the home but were not disclosed in court: A coach's business card as well as autographed photos of Burns with former Toronto Maple Leafs captains Wendel Clark and Doug Gilmour, all three on Harley Davidsons. On June 18, Derrek King, a member of the OPP's organized crime squad which searched the Hamilton home of Hells Angels Nomads member Walter "Nurget" Stadnick on March 28, 2001, was in court. King testified he found in Stadnick's closet a police bulletproof vest as well as a card congratulating him on 18 years with the bikers. Pat Burns' phone numbers were also found in a telephone book in the home. Stockford and Stadnick face charges of murder, gangsterism and drug trafficking for crimes committed between 1995 and 2001. Stadnick also faces 13 charges of first-degree murder and an attempted murder charge. Their trials are expected to begin early 2004. Sun Media has also learned that Criminal Intelligence Service Canada (CISC) has also linked Pat Burns to the bikers. PHOTO USED BY COPS An audio-visual presentation on bikers for Canadian police included a slide of Burns and former NHL star Raymond Bourque with two men, one of whom is what's known as a "cook" -- a manufacturer of methamphetamine. Sun Media obtained a copy of the undated photograph taken in a tattoo shop in Massachusetts. The picture of Burns is used publicly by the police force. "The photograph shows how Hells Angels use well-known figures to polish their image, to give credibility," said a CISC member, who asked to remain anonymous. Sun Media has also learned that in 1994 an OPP officer questioned the coach about his ties with Stadnick, whom Burns referred to as "Wally." That did not stop the 52-year-old Burns from continuing to associate with Stadnick. Sun Media obtained another photograph, this one showing the popular coach with both Stockford and Stadnick. The photo was taken in April 1997, three years after Burns was questioned by police. Guy Ouellette, a retired Quebec police sergeant and biker-gang expert, said he wasn't surprised when told about Burns' ties to Stockford and Stadnick. Ouellette said it had been known for 10 years that Pat Burns had personal ties to the

Nomads members, adding he remembers seeing an old photo of Burns with Stadnick on a beach in Jamaica. GAVE INTERVIEW Since June, Burns has not responded to interview requests made to the New Jersey Devils public relations department. However, in August he gave an exclusive interview with the weekly publication Allo Police in which he touched on his ties to the bikers. After having worked as a cop for more than 15 years, Burns coached the Montreal Canadiens between 1988 and 1992. Between 1992 and 1996, he coached the Maple Leafs, and won the Stanley Cup last year as coach of the New Jersey Devils. An interesting video toward snuff movies, have a look at about 3:30, strange name for a film production label (which most famous film is inspired by the Manson family's Polanski slaughter), isn't it ? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Other "strange" shots in the Johnny Depp's film "The Brave" (1996), the story of an indian family man who decide to sell his life to a snuff movie producer (Marlon Brando) to afford his family's needs. After he sold his life, and received a part payment, we assist a scene in a pub that should be familiar to this thread... a young man in underwears seems unconscious, On the left we have a transvestite, on the right what seems to be a strange boy-scout... the old nasty boy scout is angry and insults and beats the travestite Then we have an ellipse and the other sequence shows Depp waking up, with a wonderful Rose tatoo on heart The unconscious boy is infact seen earlier in the film, he is hold in slavery by his own father ... his role is to pump oil as a human mice in a wheel... nice owl hum ? nice color too... dezkillas, I just watched 'The Brave', and I consider it notable that Depp and Marlon Brando starred in it, yet it was never released. It must have cost some money to make, but Depp never released it. Ostensibly because it received some bad reviews when it was first shown at the Cannes film festival. Maybe there was also some other reason. I noticed some details that remind of certain things in this thread. The 'garbage dump people'/desert settlement of homeless reminds me of the Manson cult/'family' who were known to have at one point lived off of a garbage dump and to hide out in isolated parts of the desert. The 'snuff film starring American indian' theme brings the Pickton situation to mind, in that most of the women who Robert and Dave Pickton killed were native indians, and Dave Pickton owned a film editing studio. The graffiti of the face throughout the film reminded me of the 'smiley face' killings of young men that has been reported as an unsolved mystery: but most of all the film reminds of Pickton , due to the phrase 'kill them, fuck them, and eat them', which appeared twice in the Brave film. The first time is when it appears scrawled on the bathroom stall wall of a gay-bar that Depp ducks into to count his money after being hired to star in a snuff film by Marlon Brando. The second time is when Brando's violent enforcer threatens that if Depp runs out on the deal, he is going to come for Depp's wife and kids and 'kill them, fuck them, and eat them'. This reminds of the Pickton situation, where allegations of cannibalism have

run rampant, and it appears that Pickton or whatever cult he was involved with did exactly that to native women: killed them, fucked them , and ate them. This film was made in 1997, five years before the Pickton cult murders began to emerge publicly. the women were slaughtered on the Pickton pig farm, and butchered in the same way as pigs, with three heads found in a freezer. These were Hells Angels related murders, as the entire farm was a Hells Angels hangout. another connection between the Pickton bike cult and Charles Manson: the Manson hippy cult murders were tied closely to the whole operation chaos/Hells Angels scene at Spahn Ranch, and the Piggy Palace bikers equating victims with pigs seems to go back at least to the scene of the Manson cult murders: Rosemary LaBianca received 41 knive wounds, Leno LaBianca received 12 knive wounds and 7 fork wounds. On a wall in the LaBianca home, in Leno's blood, was written the phrase "Death to Pigs." the word 'pig' was scrawled on the door of the house of director Roman Polanski and Sharon Tate, who was butchered. (there are rumors of an 8 mm camera present at the murder, which may have been filmed, as well as allegations of a Manson connection to porn production and theft of movie equipment) The Brave (1997) is a film adapted from the Gregory McDonald novel of the same title directed by and starring Johnny Depp. This film was Depp's directorial debut. He co-wrote the screenplay with his brother, directed and acted in it. The film was first shown at the 1997 Cannes film festival where it received mixed reviews. Since then, Depp has not released the film and the DVD is only distributed outside of the United States of America. [edit] Plot summary The film concerns a Native American man named Raphael who lives with his wife and two children in a remote community that has situated themselves by a rubbish dump in order to find whatever they can to sell to make a living. Raphael, seeing the hopelessness of the situation and his inability to provide for his family, agrees to star in a snuff film for

a large sum of money that he hopes will give his family a chance for a better life. Having been given the money in advance, Raphael is given a week to live and then return to be tortured and killed in front of the camera. The film follows Raphael's transformation with his relationship with his wife and children over the course of his final week of life and his own personal anguish with his fate. so in an odd way, this film ties together elements of the Manson-related, Operation Chaos killings, snuff, and even the Pickton pig farm murders. Marlon Brando comes off as this underground CIA type, and it is possible to imagine how some monarch snuff film industry 'inside story' could eventually be worked into a film like the Brave, years later, embellished of course to make the victim look like a 'willing hero', when the real life story/stories (which this film may be based on) probably had nothing to do with the man 'volunteering', and everything to do with the threat that the man's family would be killed. A more realistic scenario that I can imagine is that a man who had a price on his head for ripping off the drug cartel was picked up and 'delivered alive' to those who were looking for him, and tortured/interrogated. Maybe he confessed that he had spent the money on his wife and blown it on lavish indulgences, and they thought she may still have only a small amount of the money or drugs left hidden, so instead of killing her , they used him in some MK project torture film. Maybe snuff films are used to traumatize mk victims during programming, victims who would be tied up in the same room, or what appeared to be the same room , in the same type of chair and forced to watch a film of that which was done to someone previously in the same chair (severe torture and horrifying mutilation ending in death), and the mk victim is then tortured by the very same people who killed the person in the snuff film. The second victim would be certain that their own painful death was imminent. I can see how snuff films would be the ultimate 'near-death trauma' programming tool. At a guess the 'set' for the snuff would be as generically-reproducible as possible , so that ONE snuff film could be used to program/shatter dozens of mk victims with a horrifying near-death experience. Hence the use of masks by the torturers in a plain black room, for example. An identical, simple setting such as that could be easily and cheaply produced . The individual being programmed would be strapped into a chair, in a plain black room, and surrounded by torturers in black masks. The individual would then be forced to watch a video of unspeakable sadism and nauseating brutality unfold, and immediately recognize that they themselves were in the identical situation as that of the person being dissected alive on the screen before them. The individual undergoing programming would then be told that they themselves were going to be interrogated and killed in exactly the same fashion as the victim they had just watched in the film.

The victim would be convinced that he/she was in the exact same setting that he/she is observing in the film , with exactly the same masked tormentors and murderers , with the same fate imminent. Maybe the technique would be to take the actual torture only as far as necessary to induce a state of complete hysterical terror, rinse, and repeat, etc., until the mind is shattered. stal 09-07-2009, 01:21 PM hope this hasnt already been mentioned. serial killers, childhood (sexual) trauma, stomach wounds, BTK style 'wrapped in plastic, buried in a shallow grave' stuff, and most importantly, monarch butterflies EVERYWHERE, including on the wheel cover on the back of the killer's 4WD. imo definatly worth checking out. its actually a half decent movie. ------also, i re-watched 'The Cell' the other day. my god it has sooo much in it i missed the first time round. gave me a weird vibe actualy, some parts i had trouble watching. I suspect that monarch programming involving live burial and drugs went on at Jonestown, using techniques gleaned from Haitian voodoo that have allegedly been used by slave owners for eons. The forced 'mass suicide' of 900 prisoners at the Jonestown compound (most of them black, a high percentage of them black women) was prompted mainly by the defection of one of Jim Jones' most prominent CIA insiders, Deborah Blakey. What is interesting is that when Blakey escaped the compound, (which was guarded mostly by black Brazilian mercenary killers hired by the CIA) she returned to the U.S. via a plane ticket secretly sent to her by her sister when she visited Georgetown, and assisted by the U.S. embassy there, and immediately swore an affidavit before a judge that her disclosures on what was going on at Jonestown were true: can be read here: (allegations of forced labor, starvation diet, forced 'practice' in mass suicide test runs, etc.) and in the above linked affidavit she makes no mention of live burial. But when the Jonestown cult leader Jim Jones heard of her defection to the U.S.and her sworn affidavit report to U.S. authorities , he called a general assembly and ordered everyone to commit suicide, on the basis that she had revealed details of torture and live burial: id=QSkwBTAwWXwC&pg=PA150&lpg=PA150&dq=deborah+blakey+buried+alive&s ource=bl&ots=imSWV9LyDy&sig=6K009kwl1r2eG3zSQNz8cEa4i6c&hl=en&ei=B6B1 SpTNE8Kktgeji92WCQ&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=1#v=onepage&q=d eborah%20blakey%20buried%20alive&f=false Jones must have anticipated the accusations against the community that would follow from the Blakey defection, because he put into motion the "ritual of revolutionary suicide" to avoid the humiliation that would be incurred through those accusations. A month later, on June 15, 1978, Jones's fears of negative exposure were confirmed when Blakey issued her 37-point affidavit accusing Jones of having created a cruel, inhuman environment, an armed camp, a reign of terror, torture, and brainwashing poised on the edge of self-destruction through mass suicide. Jones revealed some of these allegations in a public meeting in Jonestown. "Class enemy of the people Blakey, "he announced, "said the most horrible things." She had claimed that people were held against their will , that people were buried alive, and that Jonestown was armed with hundreds of guns, bazookas, and heavy artillery." So why would Jim Jones assume that live burial was mentioned in the Deborah Blakey affidavit, when it did not? A look at the background of Deborah Layton Blakey reveals why Jones assumed the worst. Blakey was a CIA insider who knew everything about Jonestown, and it was only a question of guessing at how much Blakey had chosen to go public about. Jim Jones guessed wrongly that Blakey had mentioned the MKultra programming in detail, but he was correct in assuming that Blakey knew everything. Deborah Layton Blakey was the daughter of one of the main creators of Jonestown: "Now the Layton family were inextricably linked with the People's Temple. In the first place, Dr. Lawrence Layton, Sr. was one of the main financial contributors to Jonestown and Dr. Lawrence Layton, Sr. had previously been in charge of research and development for the United States Army's Dugway proving ground, one of the top chemical and biological warfare research centers for the United States Army. He had also held a key position in the U.S. Navy's rocketry fuel development program in Maryland and the family itself was very prominent, a prominent southern family who had had ancestors fighting for the Confederate Army and the Layton family had a number of interesting connections to the national security establishment. The most interesting being Lawrence Layton, Sr." .... "Now Lawrence Layton, Sr. had a number of children. Lawrence Layton, Jr. was one of them and it was Larry Layton, Jr. who led the firing squad which executed Representative Leo Ryan and others. Congressman Leo Ryan and a number of other people at the Port Kituma (sp) airstrip in Guyana. His sister was named Debra Layton Blakey (sp) and she

was married to a fellow named George Phillip Blakey." ..... "George Phillip Blakey had been the individual who placed the down payment on the property in Guiana which was purchased by Jim Jones and the People's Temple. He had previously been a contract agent for the Central Intelligence Agency in Angola where the CIA was conducting a massive covert operation and the evidence suggests that among the purposes of Jonestown was the training of black Brazilian mercenaries to fight for the CIA in Angola." So why would Jim Jones mention live burial , when Deborah Layton Blakey had not even put it in the affidavit? Is this threatened revelation , the secret MKultra aspect of Jonestown, what really prompted the mass extermination of its 900 inmates? Further, how many more 'Jonestowns' are there now operating, around the world? How many of these encampments are still hidden in remote jungles, inhabited not by highprofile religious cult-members, but simply 'missing children' , 'missing persons', orphans, etc.? When they got to Berdellas house, he was led upstairs where he was knocked out by a blow to the back of the head. When he finally came to he was naked and tied to a bed. Over the next four days he was tortured in various ways. He was sexually assulated by various objects, shocked with wires and his eyes were poked with Q-Tips that had been soaked in chemicals. Right away Robert Berdella was arrested on charges on 1st degree assault, forced sodomy and other charges. Police obtained a search warrent for the home where they found various items related to voodoo. Amid the mess they found photographs as well. They found around 200 pictures of young men being tortured and raped. Along with the pictures they found a journal that had every digusting detail related to the crimes. They still hadnt found any proof of murder. The house was filled with skulls but they werent sure if they were the real deal or just display items. After forensic testing they discovered that one of the skulls belonged to a young man who had died within the past 2 years. Another skull was found in the backyard and that too belonged to a murder victim. Berdella was then charged with 1st degree murder.

In court he plead guilty and offered a full confession. Between the years of 1984 and 1987 he claimed to have tortured and killed six young men that he had held captive. He injected them with animal tranquilizers in order to turn them into, in his word, playtoys. William Burroughs lived a twenty minute drive from Berdella, and both Burroughs and Berdella have been linked to CIA intelligence activities in South America. also found this online, not sure exactly what it is...... In April of 1991, the unit some 250 men, a tough blooded jungle-warfare-center-trained elite of the Salvadoran Armed Forces, had been pulled from front-line anti-guerilla duty in the mountains for an intensive course in psychological warfare techniques. Through an elaborate scheme of diverted funds, this RamDyne outfit had gotten the contract. And for a month in an isolated jungle area, RamDyne operatives, veterans of some of the gaudiest special operations in history, had schooled the young Latinos in interrogation techniques, population control, intelligence gathering, ambush and counterambush, sniping and countersniping, a whole crash course in the dirty nitty-gritty of low-intensity warfare. But there was a weird chemistry loose in that encampment. Unconfirmed reports insist, read the FBI investigation, which was forwarded to the Senate Intelligence Committee but never put on the record as being too sensitive, that American trainers exhorted these young soldiers with voodoo rituals, thought-control processes and animal sacrifices that went well beyond the range of normal professional military training. The honcho appeared to be an ex-Green Beret lieutenant colonel named Raymond Shreck, of Pottstown, Pennsylvania, a heavily decorated veteran of Korea Revisiting the Jonestown tragedy Newly released documents shed light on unsolved murders By Thomas G. Whittle and Jan Thorpe In early 1995, Freedom published Jonestown: The Big Lie, an article that examined unanswered questions about the mass deaths in Jonestown, Guyana, in 1978. Based on years of exhaustive research, that feature documented how one of historys most gruesome cases of mass murder had been written off as mass suicide. Freedoms investigation had continued, with significant new information recently unearthed through the Freedom of Information Act and from other sources. Whether they liked him or not, most who knew Leo Ryan agreed he had flamboyance, tenacity, nerve and a knack for drawing attention to social abuses. A man who marched

to the beat of his own drum, he galled bureaucrats, some of whom, according to a former aide, viewed the Democratic congressman from Northern California as the worst-casescenario bull in their china shop. After the riots in Watts in 1965, Ryan, then a California state legislator, traveled to that community under a false identity and became a substitute teacher to investigate conditions in the black community. Five years later, he again went undercover and had himself strip-searched and locked up in Folsom State Prison to discover what life in such a facility was really like. In 1978, he made plans to spend that Christmas season incognito once again, this time as a Postal Service employee to investigate complaints of bad working conditions. As a congressman, his brassiness caused him to routinely do things which to others were unthinkable, such as dropping in at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia, to interrogate the spymasters about what they hadnt been telling Congress. He was, according to a source formerly close to Ryan, and who once accompanied him on a trip to Langley, a pain in their ass. Top Secret As a member of the House of Representatives International Relations Committee and its foremost CIA critic, he was the House sponsor of the Hughes-Ryan Amendment, a 1974 law that required the CIA to notify eight separate committees of Congresstotaling some 200 legislators and staffprior to conducting undercover operations. Hughes-Ryan also banned CIA covert paramilitary operations which were not expressly approved by the president and Congress. The agency hated this, a former Ryan associate told Freedom. But the Hughes-Ryan Amendment, which seriously restricted CIA covert operations internationally, was only one index of Leo Ryans impact. In 1975, Ryan leaked word of the CIAs involvement in the Angolan civil war to CBS newsman Daniel Schorr, creating a wave of major embarrassment for the agency which reverberated for years. In 1977 and 1978, Ryan pressured the agency to reveal the extent of its involvement in psychiatric mind-control experiments. Among the tests he pushed to expose were those performed in the early 1970s on inmates at a state hospital in Vacaville, California, which may have included among their subjects Donald DeFreeze, known as Cinque, a central figure in the 1974 kidnapping of Patricia Hearst. By poking into intelligence agency-sponsored psychiatric experiments with DeFreeze and closely related subjects, Ryan stirred up a mixture that threatened to explode with major criminal and civil liability. On September 25, 1978, less than two months before the Jonestown tragedy, Ryan submitted a petition to then President Jimmy Carter, seeking to have Patricia Hearsts seven-year prison term commuted to the 18 months she had already served.

In October 1978, a month before Jonestown, investigative reporter Jack Anderson published a syndicated column entitled CIA May Have Inspired Cinque, based on information that most likely had been leaked by Ryan or someone in his committee. The column detailed statements from one Clifford Jefferson, who claimed to have known DeFreeze while they were incarcerated together and to have participated in psychiatric experiments with various drugs, including mescaline, Quaalude and Artane. According to Jefferson, DeFreeze stated that he had gone through the same tests and also knew of stress tests that were given to prisoners in which they were kept in solitary, harassed and annoyed until they would do anything asked of them to get out; then they were given these drugs and would become like robots. He [DeFreeze] said that when he got out, he would get a revolutionary group to kidnap some rich person. They would hold that person tied up in a dark place, keep him frightened and in fear of his life, then give him mescaline and other drugs, and the person would become a robot and do anything he was asked to doincluding killing others. He thought a good one to kidnap would be one of the Kennedys. Then the revolutionary group would get great publicity and could get the person to get them money. Although DeFreeze died in a 1974 shootout with Los Angeles police, CIA documents have since confirmed the agency did perform drug tests on inmates at Vacaville under its MK-Ultra program. These tests aimed at studying what effects drugs and stress had on prisoners to determine at what point individuals would break and become willing to follow orders blindly. As described by Dr. Lawrence T. Clanon, Vacaville superintendent, the CIA appeared interested in whether drugs could be used in questioning people or gaining their cooperation, or combating that effect. Leo Ryans spotlight had been trained upon one of the darkest and ugliest corners of the American intelligence establishment, one for which the level of culpability could scarcely be measuredpsychiatric mind-control experiments, possibly combined with an illegal domestic operationand one which elevated his status from gadfly to mortal enemy. I told him to leave them alone, a former Ryan associate told Freedom. The congressman was accustomed to busting down doors, he said, a dangerous practice when dealing with an agency experienced in the art of assassination. Ryan, however, pressed ahead. Documents Released In March 1997, the Federal Bureau of Investigation announced that it would release for the first time nearly 39,000 additional pages of documents concerning Jonestown, the Peoples Temple and related matters under the Freedom of Information Act. As these

documents become available and are examined, new revelations concerning the mass deaths at Jonestown in 1978 and the killing of Congressman Ryan continue to mount. The documents include 8,603 pages from the FBIs investigative file and an additional 30,229 pages. The bureau made the papers available based on a 1993 FOIA request filed by Freedom. Contrary to what is popularly reported in the media, the FBI files document the Peoples Temple as a mainstream religious congregation, with statements on behalf of the group by a range of political figures including Senators Walter Mondale, Hubert Humphrey, Henry Jackson, Sam Ervin Jr., Warren Magnuson and Mike Gravel, Congressmen Philip Burton, Ron Dellums and Don Edwards, Congresswomen Bella Abzug and Patsy Mink. The papers demonstrate wide support for the organization. Actress and activist Jane Fonda wrote: I also recommit myself to your congregation as an active full participant not only for myself, but because I want my two children to have the experience. They also show its leader, Jim Jones, as a respected minister of the Disciples of Christ, the Protestant church of former President Lyndon Johnson and millions of other Americans. And they show that while the church underwent a long period of harassment, surveillance and infiltration at the hands of government intelligence agents, these intensified once the group, founded in Indiana, relocated to San Francisco, and particularly after its headquarters moved to Guyana. Indeed, in 1977 and 1978 came anonymous threats against the Peoples Temple, accompanied by random acts of violence against group members. It was in late 1977 that heavy pressure began on Ryan to visit Jonestownpressure which built to a crescendo shortly before he agreed to go. Those pushing him to take action against cults included psychologist Margaret Singer, while others, among them Tim Stoen, a former member and top aide to Jim Jones with alleged ties to the CIA, pressured Ryan to visit Jonestown. (See The Real Cult,.) Infiltrated with Agents More than 20 months after Leo Ryan was killed, his five adult childrentwo sons and three daughtersfiled a lawsuit based on extensive investigation into what had precipitated their fathers death. Filed in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California on July 31, 1980, the suit asked for general damages of $3 million, plus costs for Congressman Ryans funeral and bringing the action. The lawsuit charged that the Jonestown Colony was infiltrated with agent(s) of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States.

[That] the name of one said agent was Phillip Blakey, a trusted aide of Peoples Temple leader James Warren Jones. [T]hat said agents were working with the Department of State and the Central Intelligence Agency to use the Jonestown Colony as part of the Central Intelligence Agencys MK Ultra program. [T]hat massive quantities of mind-control drugs were found at the Jonestown colony after the fatal incident of November 18, 1978. Phillip Blakey had traveled to Guyana to select the site for Jonestown and to begin clearing land. He was one of the few survivors of the mass killing. The lawsuit furthermore charged that Richard Dwyer doubled as an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency and that Dwyer arranged for the transportation of decedent [Ryan] and his party once in Guyana; briefed decedent and his party on the events and conditions at Jonestown upon their arrival; and escorted decedent and his party to Jonestown in November 1978. It alleged that Dwyer as an agent and employee of the Central Intelligence Agency ... negligently, maliciously and intentionally withheld crucial information about the Jonestown Colony which would have prevented harm to decedent. It further charged that Dwyer knowingly, intentionally and maliciously led [Ryan] into a trap at the Port Kaituma Air Strip, which cost decedent his life. The Ryans lawsuit was dismissed for reasons that have to date never been fully disclosed. A source close to the family who aided them in their quest for justice told Freedom of threats received which he attributed to the CIA. Every time he made a move, he said, a warning would arrive on his doorstep by a circuitous route. A letter would show up, for example, he said, stating, Were watching you. Mass Murder Although many others lost their lives on November 18, 1978, according to Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, then chief medical examiner of Guyana, the overwhelming majority of the deaths at Jonestown were murders, not suicides. Dr. Mootoo, the governments top pathologist and the first physician on the scene, told Freedom that many had died from injections of cyanide. After 32 hours of nonstop work in stifling heat, amid decaying flesh, in Mootoos words, We gave up. By that time, 187 bodies killed by injections had been examined by Mootoo and his team. Victims had been injected in portions of their bodies they could not have reached themselves, such as between the shoulder blades or in the back of an upper arm. Those who were injecting them knew what they were doing, Mootoo said.

Many others had been shot. Charles Huff, a former member of the U.S. Army Special Forces in Panama, was one of the seven Green Berets who were the first American troops on the scene following the massacre. He told Freedom, We saw many bullet wounds as well as wounds from crossbow bolts. Huff noted that those with fatal bullet or bolt wounds appeared to have been running toward the jungle that surrounded Jonestown. Corroborating the information from Dr. Mootoo, Huff said that the adults who had not been shot had been killed by injections between the shoulder blades. The killers escaped before the arrival of Huff and his team. U.S. Air Force Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, who worked closely in key positions with the CIA and the Joint Chiefs of Staff for many years, told Freedom that Leo Ryan had moved in too close to certain skeletons that could never be safely disturbed. A relentless and uncompromising investigator, nothing could stop Ryanshort of violence. But how could such a high-profile personality be eliminated without bringing down upon the perpetrators an investigation to end all investigations? A very real possibility is that by making the assassination part of an even larger catastrophe, the central drama itselfthat of a courageous individual blocked from probing reports of illegal, unconstitutional, government-sponsored psychiatric mindcontrol activitieswas obscured. Colonel Prouty noted evidence of the involvement of a larger force in the operation: The Joint Chiefs of Staff had prepared air shipments of hundreds of body bags. They didnt normally keep that many in any one place. Within hours, they began to shuttle them down to Georgetown, the main city. They couldnt possibly have done that without prior knowledge that it was going to happen. It shows that there was prior planning. Prouty said, We would provide the agency with the things they were requesting, without any questions. Thats the way the business works. At Jonestown, he said, the JCS provided the body bags, the airlift and all the rest on a timetable that shows advance knowledge. The JCS wouldnt have moved at all on their own, he said. They didnt give a damn about Jonestown. These and other unusual events, he noted, are the kinds of earmarks that define the hand of American intelligence. Nearly two decades after the death of Congressman Leo Ryan, America is still owed a definitive explanation for the many unresolved questions surrounding the tragedy. To begin, all documents and records from all relevant agencies should be released in full. Only then might the full truth be known Jim Jones was definitely a willing participant in the MKultra experiments. I believe his anti-imperialist leanings were a cover. Jim Jones had suspicious connections spanning most of his life. The first was Dan Mitrione (Graduate of the CIA sponsored International Police Acadamy). Jones and Mitrione had been fast friends since childhood. In 1961

Jones travelled to Brazil with Mitrione(who was working closely with the CIA at that point). Jones lived in an expansive house while in Brazil and both lodgings and food were paid for by the American Embassy. He informed his Brazilian neighbours that he was in the employ of Navy Intelligence. While in Brazil, he made frequent trips to 'Belo Horizonte', the headquarters of the CIA in Brazil. In 1963 Jones returned to the United States, With an unexplained windfall of $10,000, enough to begin his next operation. The Ukiah site of the People's Temple was near 'The Happy Havens Rest Home', guarded by electric fences, guard towers, dogs and armed guards dressed in black. People who attempted to leave were sometimes forcibly restrained. There were at least 150 foster children living at the home along with elderly persons, prisoners, and psychiatric patients. During this time the People's Temple made associations with the Mendocino State Mental Hospital where the group trained in medical techniques. It is reported that in a short while the entire staff at the hospital became members of the People's Temple. Reseacher Michael meiers reported, "The Mendocino Plan was a pilot program of the federal government designed to evaluate the feasibility of deinstitutionalizing the mentally ill. Dennis Denny, Mendocino's Director of Social Services, has speculated that the Mendocino Plan was the sole reason that Jone moved to Ukiah." While in Ukiah the group conducted behaviour modification experiments on both hospital patients and Jones' congregation. Sensory deprivation was utilised by Jones on some of his congregation. It is said that Jones passed on his expertise to Donald DeFreeze(SLA). While in Ukiah Jones was reported to have been in contact with 'World Vision(CIA)'. World Vision employed Mark David Chapman. John Hinkley, Sr. ran a World Vision in Denver, Colorado. In Ukiah Jones busied himself in elite social circles, he allied himself with Walter Heady (John Birch Society). Members of the Temple organised voting drives for Richard Nixon, worked with the Republican Party, and Jones was appointed chairman of the county grand jury. Many of the upper echelon of the People's Temple were recruited while in Ukiah. According to John Judge, "Most of the top lieutenants around Jones were from wealthy, educated backgrounds, many with connections to the military or intelligence agencies. These were the people who would set up the bank accounts, complex legal actions, and financial records that put people under the Temple's control." The Layton family financed Jones with large sums of money, they are related to wealthy British and German Families. Dr. Lawrence Layton was Chief of Chemical and Ecological Warfare at the infamous Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah, working later at the Navy Propellant Division, as Director of Missile and Satellite Development. Layton's Stockbroker father-in-law represented I.G. Farben. George Philip Blakey, the man reported to have made the original $650,000 deposit on the land at Guyana was the husband of the former Debbie Layton. His parents had large holdings in Solvay Drugs, a division of I.G.Farben. Timothy Stoen, Assistant District Attorney of San Francisco, allegedly another prominant member of the Temple. Jones used his congregation to organise a voting drive for Mayor Moscone, and was rewarded by being put in charge of the San Francisco Housing Commision. Many of Jones' followers obtained jobs at the city Welfare Department where more recuits were signed up. Mysterious deaths, reported in the local press were connected to the Temple, scrutiny was increased by politicians and media, apparently causing the move to Guyana. Guyana was

not Jones' initial choice, he had originally picked Grenada and had deposited $200,000 in the Granada National Bank. After the Massacre $76,000 remained in the bank. The Jonestown site had earlier been the site of a Union Carbide bauxite and manganese mine. The Guyana site was prepared with the cooperation of the local officials and the U.S. Embassy. The Information Services Company states that; "The U.S. Embassy in Georgetown Guyana housed the Georgetown CIA station. It now appears that the majority and perhaps all of the embassy officials were CIA officers operating under State Dept. Covers." Amoung embassy officials verified as being agents of the CIA are U.S. Ambassador John Burke, who attempted to stop Congressman Leo Ryans investigation of Jonestown. Dan Webber, who was at the site the day after the massacre and Chief Consular Officer Richard McCoy(on loan from the Defense Dept.), were reportedly 'close' to Jones. The hierarchical structure at Jonestown was composed of all white male camp guards who received special privileges, they could leave the camp freely and carry money. Some of these guards had been employed as mercenaries in Africa and elswhere. The guards survived the massacre. The rest of the camp was 90% women and 80% black, these people existed under slave-like conditions, working 16-18 hours a day, witrh miserable rations. When Black members of the Temple arrived from the U.S., they were bound and gagged before being taken to the compound. Perceived infractions within Jonestown les to forced drugging, public rape, torture and beatings. Jeannie Mills, a member of the Temple, claimed to have seen films taken inside a Chilean torture camp while at Jonestown. These films were either taken at the Colonia Dignidad or another located at Pisagua. These camps have documented connections to the CIA as well as to Fourth Reich Nazis. The Jonestown massacre was probably instigated by the arrival of Congressman Leo Ryan, who was probably the most active investigator in Washington of CIA abuses, and without a doubt Number 1 on the Agencies Hate List. Ryan had introduced the HughesRyan Amendment to the National Assistance Act, transferring the overseeing of the CIA from the Armed Forces Commitee. Ryan had uncovered information linking the CIA to the creation of mind control cults, including the Unification Church of Reverend Sung Myung Moon, and the Symbionese Liberation Army. In response to stories of atrocities at Jonestown, Ryan decided to investigate for himself- this decision ultimately led to his death. After travelling to Jonestown and attempting to return to the U.S., Ryan, several reporters, and a Jonestown defector were killed on the airstrip at Port Kaituma, the massacre followed shortly after. Observers reported that Ryan's group were killed by armed men who acted like "zombies". Cheering was heard 45 minutes after the mass death at Jonestown, and those people have never been accounted for. Robert Pastor, an aide to Zbigniew Brzezinski, at the time Natioal Security advisor to Jimmy Carter, sent orders to the U.S. military to remove " all politically sensitive papers and forms of I.D. from the bodies. Dr. MooToo, a Guyanese pathologist, the first medical person at the scene, and the first to examine the bodies of the victims declared that there were fresh needle marks on the left shoulder blades of 80-90% of the bodies. Some of the victims had been shot or strangled. The gun that Jones had reportedly shot himself with was found 200 feet away from his body. Mootoo concluded to the Guyanese Grand Jury that all but 3 of the

victims had not committed suicide, but were murdered. When autopsies were performed at Dover, Delaware, the forensic doctors were not informed of Dr. MooToo's findings. The body identified as Jim Jones did not have Jones' chest tattoos, and was so decomposed that it was not recognizable. Fingerprints on the body were checked twice, for no apparent reason. Jones' dental records were not consulted. The Recovery of the bodies to the U.S. were botched, with all I.D. removed, and a delay of a week before the bodies were transported. Rotting made autopsies impossible. Due to the decomposition only 17 bodies were identified in Delaware, although the Guyanese had initially identified 174 bodies, that information was destroyed. At least 200 people survived Jonestown, they were never contacted by the press. Jeannie and Al Mills, two survivors who planned to write a book about their experience were murdered, as well as another survivor in Detroit. According to John Judge, "Yet another was involved in a mass murder of schoolchildren in Los Angeles". At the time of the masssacre, CIA agent Richard Dwyer, Deputy Chief of Mission for the U.S. Embassy in Guyana was present. In a tape recording made immediately prior to the killings, Jones can be heard saying, "Get Dwyer out of here." At the end Jones had accumulated a wealth estimated to be between $26 million and $2 billion. The government receivership determined a figure of $10 million. Much of this money has unaccountably disappeared. Joe Holsinger, Congressman Leo Ryan's attorney and friend, said that a few hours after the murder of Ryan he had heard from a White House official that "We have a CIA report from the scene." Holsinger wrote, " The more I investigate the mysteries of Jonestown, the more I am convinced there is something sinister behind it all. There is no doubt in my mind that Jones had very close CIA connections. At the time of the tragedy, the Temple had three boats in the water off Brazil. The boats disappeared shortly afterwards. Remember, Brazil is a country that Jones is very familiar with. He is supposed to have money there. And it is not too far from Guyana. My own feeling is that Jones was ambushed by CIA agents who then disappeared in the boats. But the whole story is so mind-boggling that I'm willing to concede he escaped with them." Found this on Searle, aspartame, and Pepsico: Until the acquisition by Monsanto in 1985, the firm's chairman was William L. Searle, a Harvard graduate, Naval reservist and-a grim irony in view of aspartame's adverse effects-an officer in the Army Chemical Corps in the early 1950s, when the same division tested LSD on groups of human subjects in concert with the CIA.8 The chief of the Chemical Warfare Division at this time was Dr. Laurence Laird Layton, whose son Larry was convicted for the murder of Congressman Leo Ryan at Jonestown ("Come to the pavilion! What a legacy! "). Jonestown, of course, bore a remarkable likeness to a concentration camp, and kept a full store of pharmaceutical drugs. (The Jonestown pharmacy was stocked with a variety of behavior control drugs: qualudes, valium, morphine, demerol and 11,000 doses of thorazine-a better supply, in fact, than the Guyanese government's own, not to mention a surfeit of cyanide.9) Dr. Layton was married to the daughter of Hugo Phillip, a German banker and

stockbroker representing the likes of Siemens & Halske, the makers of cyanide for the Final Solution, and I.G. Farben, the manufacturer of a lethal nerve gas put to the same purpose.10 Dr. Layton,a Quaker, developed a form of purified uranium used to set off the Manhattan Project's first self-sustaining chain reaction at the University of Chicago in 1942 by his wife's German-born Uncle, Dr. James Franck. At Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, Dr. Layton concentrated his efforts, as did I.G. Farben, on the development of nerve gasses.11 Dr. Layton later defended his participation in the Army's chemical warfare section: "You can blow people to bits with bombs, you can shoot them with shells, you can atomize them with atomic bombs, but the same people think there's something terrible about poisoning the air and letting people breath it. Anything having to do with gas warfare, chemical warfare, has this taint of horror on it, even if you only make people vomit."12 Aspartame found early opposition in consumer attorney James Turner, author of *The Chemical Feast* and a former Nader's Raider. At his own expense, Turner fought approval for ten years, basing his argument on aspartame's potential side effects, particularly on children. His concern was shared by Dr. John Olney, Professor of neuropathology and psychiatry at Washington School of Medicine in St. Louis. Dr. Olney found that aspartame, combined with MSG seasoning, increased the odds of brain damage in children. Other studies have found that children are especially vulnerable to its toxic effects, a measure of the relation between consumption and body weight. The FDA determined in 1981, when the sweetener was approved, that the maximum projected intake of Aspartame is 50 milligrams a day per kilogram of body weight. A child of 66 pounds would consume about 23 milligrams by imbibing four cans of Diet Coke. The child might also conceivably down an aspartame-flavored snack or two, nearing the FDA's projected maximum daily intake.29 Dr. William Partridge, a professor of neuroendocrine regulation at MIT, told *Common Cause* in August 1984 that it wouldn't be surprising if a child-"confronted with aspartame contained in iced tea chocolate milk, milk shakes, chocolate pudding pie, Jello, ice cream and numerous other products" -consumed 50 milligrams per kilogram in a day. Internally, aspartame breaks down into its constituent amino acids and methanol, which degrades into formaldehyde. The FDA announced in 1984 that "no evidence" has been found to establish that the methanol byproduct reaches toxic levels, claiming that "many fruit juices contain higher levels of the natural compound."30 But the _Medical World News_ had already reported in 1978 that the methanol content of aspartame is 1,000 times greater than most foods under FDA control.31 NutraSweet, the "good stuff" of sentimental adverts, is a truly insidious product. According to independent trials, aspartame intake is shown by animal studies to alter brain chemicals affecting behavior. Aspartame's effects on the brain led Richard Wurtman, an MIT neuroscientist, to the discovery, as recorded in The New England Journal of Medicine_ (No. 309, 1983), that the sweetener defeats its purpose as a diet aid,

since high doses may instill a craving for calorie-laden carbohydrates. One of his pilot studies found that the NutraSweet-carbohydrate combination increases the "sweetener's effect on brain composition." Searle officials denigrated Wurtman 's findings, but the American Cancer Society has since confirmed the irony-after tracking 80,000 women for six years-that "among women who gained weight, artificial sweetener users gained more than those who didn't use the products," as reported in _Medical SelfCare_ (387). (Since his battle with G.D. Searle, Wurtman founded Interneuron Pharmaceuticals, Inc., the producer of a sports drink that enhances athletic performance, and a weight loss drug marketed in over 40 countries. Wurtman's share of the company, established in 1989, was worth $10 million by 1992. 32 Even more daunting are the findings of Dr. Paul Spiers, a neuropsychologist at Boston's Beth Israel Hospital, that aspartame use can depress intelligence. For this reason, he selected experimental subjects with a history of consuming it but unaware that they might be suffering ill effects. The subjects were given NutraSweet in capsules of the FDA's allowable limit. Spiers was alarmed to discover that they developed "cognitive deficits.'' One of the tests required recall of square patterns and alphabetical sequences, becoming increasingly more difficult. The test is challenging, but most people improve as they learn how it is done. The aspartame users, however, did not improve. "Some frankly showed a reverse pattern," said Spiers."33 Aspartame has been shown to erode short-term memory. At the May, 1985 hearings on NutraSweet, Louisiana Senator Russell Long related a bizarre anecdote: SENATOR LONG: I have received a letter recently from a person who is well known to me and whose word is impeccable, as far as I am concerned. This person told me that she had been dieting and she had been using diet drinks with aspartame in it. She said she found her memory was going. She seemed to be completely losing her memory. When she would meet people whom she knew intimately, she could not recall what their name was, or even who they were. She could not recall a good bit of that which was going on about her to the extent that she was afraid she was losing her mind. . . In due course, someone suggested that it might be this NutraSweet, so she stopped using it and her memory came back and her mind was restored. Senator Howard Metzenbaum replied that he had received "a number of letters from doctors reporting similar developments. . . There have been hundreds of incidents of people who have suffered loss of memory, headaches, dizziness, and other neurological symptoms which they feel are related to aspartame."34 Senator Orrin Hatch, a hidebound archconservative and NutraSweet advocate, downplayed criticism of the sugar substitute. "Some people have lost their memory after drinking a variety of things," he argued. ''The bottom line is this: The studies supporting aspartame's approval have been examined and reexamined. More than enough sound, valid studies exist to demonstrate aspartame's safety." By the time Orrin Hatch was stumping for NutraSweet in the U.S. Senate, the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta had received 600 letters complaining of NutraSweet's adverse effects. The National Soft Drink Association (NSDA) had them too. "There have been hundreds of reports from around the country suggesting a possible relationship between their consumption of NutraSweet and subsequent symptoms including headaches,

aberrational behavior, slurred speech, etc." Based on the ersatz assurances of the CDC report, PepsiCo announced that it would drop saccharine and begin sweetening its diet drinks entirely with aspartame. The decision would have been approved by Wayne Calloway, then CEO of PepsiCo and director of the multinationals Citicorp, General Electric and Exxon. In 1983 soda bottlers, organized around Pepsi had petitioned the FDA for a delay in approval of NutraSweet for soft drinks until further evaluation verified its safety-interpreted by market analysts as a ploy to drive down the price of the sweetener. They soon abandoned the effort to block approval (and all health concerns they might have had). "We believe saccharine is safe," Pepsi USA President Roger Enrico lied, but "we wanted the taste improvement." PepsiCo, already drawing on a tenth of Searle's 7.5 million pound annual production of aspartame, signed an agreement with G.D. Searle to boost purchases 500 percent.89 (Like other corporate pushers of aspartame, Pepsi has long maintained ties to the intelligence community. One product of the relationship was a Pepsi plant in Vientiane, Laos with a laboratory outfitted for heroin production. Alfred McCoy, in *The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia* documents the efforts of Richard Nixon to promote the plant's construction in 1965, and the CIA's continuing subsidization of the plant. McCoy complained to Pepsi officials that the facilities were but a cover for the importation and refinement of morphine, but it continued to operate unhindered.) video: occultist Kenneth Angers' short 30 min. film Scorpio Rising (1963/64) on 1950s' Hells Angels subculture mind control elements include dolls/wind up toys, masked biker orgy featuring homosexual gang rape, Skull n' Bones society military style regalia, leather bondage and chains, and nazi symbolism. (notable too is that this film was created the same year that the CIA/Skull n' Bones assassinated JFK, and released in 1964. Kenneth Anger was an associate of Bobby Beausoleil/Charles Manson underground. Kenneth Anger was born in Santa Monica, California as Kenneth Wilbur Angelmyer[1] (Jewish german) and attended the Maurice Kossloff Dancing School with Shirley Temple and Judy Garland. Meyer Name Meaning and History 1. German and Dutch: from Middle High German meier Jewish (Ashkenazic): from the Yiddish personal name Meyer (from Hebrew Meir enlightener, a derivative of Hebrew or light).

and now for something sort of sickening: 1963 commercial, the same year JFK tried to get Americans out of the lock-step march to Vietnam, and was shot in the head. ever heard the stories of the Vietnam corpses coming back stuffed with cocaine, minus their internal organs? Who ate those? The former headquarters of Jim Jones' 'Peoples Temple' religion {A}(Albert Pike Memorial Scottish Rite Temple, 1859 Geary Boulevard) is a six minute drive away from {B}The Bohemian Club headquarters in San Francisco. Albert Pike was co-founder of the Ku Klux Klan Bohemian Grove ritual Maxine Harpe grew up in the small Northern California town of Willits where she married her high school sweetheart, had three children and settled down to a quiet life in Talmadge, that is until 1969, when Jim Jones targeted her for assassination. In a little more than a year, Jones and his aides would destroy Maxine's marriage, family, career, and love affair. They would steal her children and her life savings and drive her to the brink of suicide. Temple strongarm man and Mendocino County Welfare worker, Jim Randolph, initiated a love affair with Maxine intended to break up her marriage and bring her into the congregation. Every relationship pursued by Jim Randolph, or any other Temple member, required the prior approval of the Temple's Relationship Committee and Jim Jones, who not only issued binding judgments on proposed relationships, but also proposed many himself. Maxine quickly fell in love with Randolph; attesting to Jones' ability to pair villain with victim. Spurred by Randolph's encouragement, Maxine left her husband and moved into a Temple communal house with her three children and Temple member Mary Candoo. During this difficult transition period, Maxine was counseled and encouraged by her welfare caseworker, Linda Sharon Amos, a high ranking Temple aide who claimed to have once been a member of Charles Manson 's gang. Amos helped Maxine secure a job as a dental assistant at the Mendocino State Mental Hospital in Talmadge.

Linda Amos and Jim Randolph were only two of the estimated fifty Temple members who had infiltrated government agencies in Mendocino County, but their function in the Welfare Department was one of particular importance to Jim Jones. Together with their colleagues, Amos and Randolph were able to license several Temple operated foster care homes and protect several additional homes that were unlicensed and illegal. Jones convinced his congregation that their children would have a richer life experience living apart from their parents. Families were disbanded and a the children, who were now eligible for welfare assistance, were placed in Temple foster homes. The children's welfare support checks were signed over to the Temple and provided a substantial portion of Jones' government subsidy. The Temple welfare activities were not restricted to simple fraud; many Black children were taken from the ghettos of San Francisco and Oakland using tactics that bordered on kidnapping. The illegal use of the Mendocino County Welfare Department appeared to escape the attention of the Department director Dennis Denny. Though it was impossible to ignore the Temple foster care homes and to ignore the the Temple welfare case workers, Denny never seemed to make the connection. Carrie Minkler was one of the few case workers in the Welfare Department who was not a member of the Peoples Temple. Ms. Minkler, now retired, recalls working with Amos, Randolph and other Temple members: "You didn't open your mouth. You didn't mention the Peoples Temple in our department. Even the walls had ears. There wasn't anything that went on in our office that Jim Jones didn't know the next day...Peoples Temple workers went through other workers' case files. The CIA could have used them. The atmosphere was really tense." It didn't take long to surround Maxine. She had a Temple lover, a Temple house with a Temple roommate, a Temple social worker, a Temple job with Temple co-workers, even the attorney representing her in the divorce case was Temple attorney Tim Stoen. The Temple was also Maxine's religion and recreation. By March of 1970, every aspect of her life depended upon the Peoples Temple as Jim Jones pulled the plug on her life support system. Three weeks before her death, Maxine received a check for $2,493.81; her share of the divorce settlement. She signed the check over to Randolph, whe deposited $2,000.00 in his personal checking account and $493.81 in his savings account, as per Jones' instructions. Once her life savings were safely in Temple hands, everything bad happened to Maxine at once. Jones ordered Randolph to end his relationship with Maxine and she was heartbroken. She was fired from her job. She had no means of support; Randolph had all her money and wouldn't give it back. She went to Linda Amos for financial assistance from the Welfare Department, but Amos not only denied her request but, in addition, judged her a "mental depressant" and threatened to place her children in a Temple foster care home as she was unfit to be a parent. Her roommate, Mary Candoo, would certainly parrot Amos'

accusations. Maxine realized she was under siege by a well organized attacker and sought help from her attorney, Tim Stoen, but, of course, her protest fell on deaf ears. She then turned to the one man who seemed to be at the center of her problem. She confronted Jones the day before her death. Jones was furious and thoroughly humiliated Maxine in front of Randolph and other Temple members who remember him saying, "Why don't you just kill yourself? Get it over with!.... At least Judas had the guts to kill himself. Others recall Jones predicting, "That bitch (Maxine) is going to die," just one day before she did. Everywhere she turned, Maxine felt an ever increasing hostility. After the March 27th confrontation with Jones, she was so afraid the Temple would take a more physical approach to their harassment that she made a special request to bring home a houseful of Temple children, whose presence, she hoped, would discourage a physical assault. She was wrong. On March 28th at 1:30 AM, one of the children spending the night at Maxine's house wandered into the garage to find Maxine dead; hung by an electrical extension cord from the roof rafters. A hastily scribbled suicide note on a torn grocery bag instructed the children to phone the Temple in Redwood Valley and wait in the house until they arrived. Jim Jones, Jim Randolph, Patty Cartmell and Jack Beam arrived at Maxine's house sometime before dawn. Jones waited outside in the car while the others put on surgical gloves and entered the house to remove any evidence of Maxine's involvement with the People's Temple. They untied the body, lowered it to the garage floor and disrobed it to remove a red prayer cloth that belted the waist. Temple members often wore these blessed prayer cloths in concealed places on their person. The body was then redressed and rehung, carefully re-staging the scene for the police investigator. The aides then ransacked the house to locate and remove anything that might associate Maxine with the Temple. They completed their work at approximately 8:30 AM, instructed the children to phone the police, and left. Jones was safe in his Redwood Valley parsonage at 8:57 AM when Deputy SheriffCoroner, Bruce Cochran, arrived at the death scene in Talmadge. Twenty minutes later, Randolph, Cartmell and Beam returned to the house and informed Deputy Cochran that the children had phoned them but that they really didn't know why as they had never met the dead woman. Cartmell convinced Deputy Cochran that she should remove the children from such a gruesome scene, and consequently, he never got the opportunity to question the only eyewitnesses. One of the children, nine year old Tommy Ijames, would later recall the event: "The children called the church before they called the police, and they came very early in the morning. They came in there and took all the pictures of Jim Jones out. .. (prayer) cloths they took from her, pulled her down off the (rafter) and took them off her waist, anything that had to do with the church... Jim (Jones), he stayed in the car and didn't

come out... They pulled her down and they took the clothes off her... They were taking all the... little pamphlets of Jim Jones, and then (after the coroner arrived) they acted like they didn't know her...." The Temple death squad had left Maxine's house twenty minutes before the coroner arrived and returned just twenty minutes after he arrived. They allowed him enough time to assume that he was the first adult on the scene, but not enough time to question the children, who were quickly transported away. Such impeccable timing was typical of Temple operations. Like the other agencies in Mendocino County, Jones had spies in the Sheriff's office who informed him of their every move. Deputy Cochran's subsequent investigation proceeded exactly as Jones had planned. It was Cochran's job to be suspicious and he was. There was the unusual placement of a trunk under Maxine's feet and the unexplained presence of children and adults, all of whom were members of the Peoples Temple. But eventually his investigation was to center on Maxine's financial transactions just prior to her death. Cochran contacted Jim Randolph's boss, Welfare Director, Dennis Denny, questioning the legality of a welfare worker depositing a welfare recipient' check in his personal account; especially when that same welfare worker was present at the scene of the recipient's apparent suicide just three weeks later. Denny defended Randolph's actions and assured Cochran that there was no reason to suspect foul play or improper conduct, but Cochran was not satisfied. He pressured Randolph for a deposition regarding his role in Maxine's finances and reluctantly he complied. In a sworn statement, Randolph told the police that a few weeks after receiving the money, he transferred $2,000.00 from his savings account to Temple treasurer, Eva Pugh, to set up a trust fund for Maxine's children. He held the remaining $493.81 until three days after Maxine's death when he added that to the fund as well. If Randolph's statement is to be believed it would seem that he helped establish a fund for Maxine's children before herdeath. Randolph completed the deposition but refused to sign it until Assistant District Attorney and Peoples Temple attorney Tim Stoen had the opportunity to review the statement. Randolph stalled, Stoen stalled, and the statement was never signed. It was Tim Stoen who finally convinced Cochran to drop the investigation when he informed him that he (Stoen) was co-trustee of the children's fund, along with, of all people, Cochran's boss, Sheriff Reno Bartolmei. Also, to disguise their true involvement, the Peoples Temple had contributed an additional $470.00 to the fund, that together with the initial money and the accumulated bank interest, totaled $3,000.00 for the three children. Linda Amos, Maxine's welfare case worker, buttressed Stoen's statements with her volunteered testimony as to Maxine's depressed state of mind just prior to what certainly must have been her suicide. Cochran's investigation quickly lost momentum. Maxine's death was declared a suicide. The case was closed and, despite future pleas from ex-Temple members and the press, it was never reopened.

Richard Taylor, a local Baptist minister who knew Maxine Harpe, was not satisfied with the superficial investigation into what he believed as murder. Aware that the Temple controlled most of Mendocino County, Taylor presented his arguments in a long letter he sent to the state attorney general's office in which he asked the state to investigate Jim Jones' role in Maxine Harpe's death. Taylor was invited to present his evidence to a deputy in the attorney general's office but when he appeared to testify in Sacramento, his notes on Jones were confiscated and he was told that there would be no investigation due to "insufficient evidence." Immediately upon his return to Ukiah, Taylor and his wife were deluged with threatening phone calls that they believed "originated from the People's Temple." Intimidated and frightened, the minister dropped all attempts to prove that Jim Jones had ordered Maxine Harpe's death. Randolph may have avoided signing a statement for the police but he did not avoid signing a blank statement for Jim Jones. It wasn't long before he realized his mistake when Jones presented him with a copy of his previously signed blank statement which was now a typed confession to the murder of Maxine Harpe. Only then did he understand why Jones had instructed him to deposit Maxine's money in his personal bank account and why he insisted Randolph be present at the scene of the crime. The police already suspected him, and their suspicion, along with the signed confession, would certainly convict him of murder; especially since the foreman of the Mendocino Grand Jury, who would bring down the indictment, was none other than Jim Jones. Randolph was promoted to the Angels and his only way out was a lifetime sentence in prison. To further implicate him in Maxine's death, Jones called him in front of a closed meeting of the Temple's Planning Commission and, with a dozen witnesses present, he accused Randolph of killing Maxine. He shouted, "You know you did it (killed Maxine)!" But for all of Jones's badgering, Randolph said nothing in his own defense. Rumors of the Temple's involvement in the death of Maxine Harpe continued to circulate in the press. Two and a half years later, Lester Kinsolving penned a series of articles in the San Francisco Examiner, in which he accused Temple attorney Tim Stoen of wrongdoing in his counseling of Maxine just prior to her alleged suicide. Stoen refuted the charges in a statement that appeared in the Ukiah Daily Journal, dated September 21, 1972, in which he said: "The woman referred to (who was not, incidentally, a member of my church) was somebody I did not know, had never talked with, and certainly had never counseled." Stoen could not have forgotten that he represented Maxine in her divorce or that he was a custodian of the fund for her children or was instrumental in suppressing the coroner's investigation into her death. He must have felt extremely threatened to publicly report such a blatant, bold-faced lie. Jones profited from Maxine's death in several ways. He gained a new Angel; a competent, intelligent slave, Jim Randolph. He received the $3,000.00 trust fund and the

three children who, following their mother's funeral, were placed in Temple foster homes and enrolled in the welfare system. Their welfare support checks were signed over to the Temple that profited at least $10,000.00 from overcharging the welfare system and under-caring for the children. In 1977, a special prosecution unit of the San Francisco District Attorney's Office, looking into allegations of illegal activities in the Peoples Temple, cited what their subsequent report termed "Welfare Diversion," but rather than pursue the investigation, the DA's office referred the matter to the city's Department of Social Services and the City Comptroller's Office with the recommendation that any evidence that surfaced should be submitted to the DA's welfare fraud expert, Don Didler. Didler, following the lead of Mendocino County's Welfare Director, Dennis Denny, did absolutely nothing. Together, Didler and Denny were very effective in protecting the Temple's federal welfare subsidy. In retrospect, Maxine Harpe's story was a study in microcosm of the events that would occur some eight years later in Jonestown, Guyana. In both cases, the victims were systematically stripped of all self-esteem and lured into a total dependence on Jim Jones, who, at the proper time, denied them everything. Suicide appeared to be the best, if not the only, alternative. It will never be known whether Maxine's death was a suicide or a murder. She may or may not have actually wrapped the wire around her neck, just as the residents of Jonestown may or may not have voluntarily taken poison; regardless, there is no doubt that Jim Jones killed them all. The Maxine Harpe death is but one of a half-dozen unsolved killings connected to People's Temple during its California phase. video: CIA and Jonestown: The following films Expose how the Peoples Temple took over Mendocino County and Ultimately moved many Mendocino County FOSTER CHILDREN to Guyana. The Ridgewood Ranch where the famous horse Seabisquit lived is the original site of the Peoples Temple in Mendocino County. There were many murders in Mendocino County Maxine Harp etc at that time who were never investigated by the Peoples Temple ran DA's Office. Jim Jones & People's Temple [1] Jim Jones & People's Temple [2] Jim Jones & People's Temple [3] Jim Jones & People's Temple [4]

Jim Jones & People's Temple [5]

Documentary on the Children of God cult, said to be another CIA mkultra front. (horrible cloying soundtrack, misleading emphasis on sex rather than the programming/trauma based mk aspect of this Brazil-based CIA operation make me suspect that this is a whitewash. (River Phoenix was raised by them, and Courtney Love grew up in similar environs) The Mendocino State Hospital was said to have been virtually owned and run by the Peoples' Temple cult victim Maxine Harp was given a job as a dental assistant at Mendocino State Hospital Kirkbride Buildings Blog The Lost Kirkbrides: Mendocino State Hospital Mendocino State Hospital 4.jpg BELOW ARE JUST THE TOP GOOGLE SEARCH RESULTS, THERE ARE LITERALLY THOUSANDS MORE, thet gave these patients "large doses" 400- 800 micrograms, considering LSD only takes 1 microgram to feel its effects, one could only wonder what happened at the City of Ten Thousand Buddahs,(formerly Mendocino State Hospital) formerly Mendocino Asylum and now for the Mendocino LSD experiments links: maxtoshow=&HITS=10&hits=10&RESULTFORMAT=&fulltext=lsd&searchid=1&FIR STINDEX=0&resourcetype=HWCIT Only trying to shed some light on a subject which is rarely talked about: THE DRUGGING OF WILLITS AND MENDOCINO COUNTY YOUTH AT THE HANDS OF THE SCHOOL DISTRICTS, AND MENDOCINO COUNTY PROBATION. HOW MANY WERE DRUGGED AND NOW REMAIN TROUBLED? NO ONE KNOWS, AS THIS IS CONFIDENTIAL INFORMATION. GO FIGURE THAT SOME OF THE EARLY LSD EXPERIMENTS WERE CONDUCTED AT MENDOCINO STATE HOSPITAL IN UKIAH, there were also experiments performed there on sterilization, electic shock therapy, MKULTRA the top secret CIA program which included Nazi doctors from operation "PAPERCLIP" also held experiments on unwitting "mental patients". These "doctors" and shrinks later became part of Mendocino's Infamous County Health program, the ones who worked hand in hand with county probation and prescribed mad doses of pharmaceuticals to Mendo Youth. Type " just google it, type in "MK ULTRA MENDOCINO STATE HOSPITAL" or "MENDOCINO STATE HOSPITAL LSD", "MENDOCINO STATE HOSPITAL PEOPLES TEMPLE" OR "MENDOCINO STATE HOSPITAL JIM JONES" ANOTHER THOUGHT, look how many crazies and people who "aren't all there" in Willits and Mendocino County. When Mendocino State Hospital closed in 1974, they simply opened the doors and let the patients leave, others went to Guyana with Jim Jones and many other went to halfway houses in Mendocino County. These same patients were released, many stayed in the area, bred, and had children. 3.jpg Mendocino State Hospital, postcard (ca. 1910).*depicting original farm/livestock/barn area (pigs) Even today Clark, who joined the Temple in San Francisco in 1972 and left his wife at the leader's order, believes Jones had supernatural healing and mind-reading powers. But the grim reality of Jonestown shook his faith. "You could see people starving, hungry, sick," he says. "But they couldn't face the fact that Jones was doing it." Soon after his arrival, Clark began to plan his departure. To shield himself from Jones' propaganda, he took a job on the pig farm, out of earshot of the maniacal broadcaststhen volunteered to clear the jungle so he could hunt for escape routes. And he prepared himself mentally. "I

began to program myself to hate Jones," he says, "because this was the only way that you could fight him." The Dahmer theory, and the Klan, and the Klan, of Scotland Could Jeffrey Dahmer and the KKK of the Southern United States be associated with the Klan of Scotland? Or are they the same group? Are the police hiding information about the victims? A theory: What if Dahmer worked for the police? And why is it unspeakable to say that Dahmer could not sell his non-black victims to the police or to the klan for medical parts? The Ku Klux Klan in Scotland, Connecticut, late 1970s. Jim Jone's 'Peoples' Temple' religion had its main branch at the Albert Pike Scottish Rite memorial temple. Albert Pike was co-founder of the KKK: also this on a rich and powerful Grand Dragon of the KKK who was jailed for abducting, raping, biting , chewing , and murdering a white woman who was described as 'having been chewed by a cannibal': The Scottish Rite's KKK Project by Anton Chaitkin

{The following is the edited text of the speech delivered by Mr. Chaitkin to the Labor Day weekend conference of the Schiller Institute in suburban Washington, D.C.} In the heart of Washington, D.C., there is a large statue and monument honoring the most important founder of the Ku Klux Klan. Inscribed on the base of the statue are the words,

``poet''--the terrorist anthem of the KKK was his most famous literary work--and ``jurist''--he was called the KKK's chief judiciary officer, and reputedly wrote the organization manual for the terrorist anti-black movement after the U.S. Civil War. The immense, bearded figure of Confederate General Albert Pike is looming over a public square in the nation's capital. Why has it never been pulled down in that predominantly black city? The statue is a tribute to the influence of Pike's organization. It has power in the Executive Branch, and the Congress, and it is decisive in the courts. It has great power in all branches of law enforcement and the military. Do I mean that the Ku Klux Klan has such sway over the government? No, I'm speaking here of the ``Scottish Rite of Freemasonry Southern Jurisdiction,'' of which Pike was the chief, or ``Sovereign Grand Commander.'' The Ku Klux Klan, the Southern Confederacy, and the pre-Civil War secession movement were a single, continuous project, with Pike's ``Scottish Rite'' at its center. Though the Confederacy was defeated, this project lives on today, and now dominates U.S. political life. Pike and the Scottish Rite borrowed a good deal of numerology and other superstition from the Jewish cabala, a neo-pagan tradition in direct opposition to the Mosaic law underlying the Jewish religion. The predominant Jewish tradition in the South was not only pro-slavery, but overwhelmingly Freemasonic. The Independent Order of B'nai B'rith formed in 1843 as a Jewish community sub-project in the restoration of Masonry by the Scottish Rite and the British foreign office. Though most of its lodges were in the North, B'nai B'rith was openly pro-Confederate. Though it claimed to be neutral in the war, many of the Order's Northern spokesmen were stridently pro-slavery. B'nai B'rith's post-Civil War leaders were pro-Confederate operatives, including later president Simon Wolf, who had been arrested by the War Department in Washington, D.C. as the lawyer for a Confederate spy ring. Rabbi Isaac Wise established B'nai B'rith's center for the ``liberalizing'' of Judaism in Cincinnati, Ohio--coinciding with Cincinnati's other great Scottish Rite scheme, the launching of the Knights of the Golden Circle. Wise was officially neutral in the Civil War. Core leaders of the B'nai B'rith from then on have been Scottish Rite Masons. The political establishment associated with the Order has always had its headquarters in London. In Richmond, the Confederate capital, Gustavus A. Myers was Secretary of State Judah Benjamin's closest friend and Benjamin's channel to banker August Belmont. The former president of the Richmond City Council, and the undisputed head of Richmond's Jewish community, Myers was Freemasonry Incarnate. Myers's maternal grandfather, Moses Michael Hays, had brought the original ``patent'' and rituals from England to found the Scottish Rite in the American colonies. A tory and financial partner of Boston's slave trade millionaires, Hays passed his fortune and his Masonic and British underground connections to his daughter's husband and sons, the Richmond Myers clan. Moses Myers, merchant partner of the Richmond family, was head of Norfolk's Jewish community. His house is now a public museum, located on Norfolk's Freemason Street. Inside is a large wooden plaque given to the family by Queen Victoria, in recognition of

the family's long service to the British crown and cause. Several generations, living in that same Moses Myers house, were British consuls. All of Virginia's Jewish leaders then were Masons, one of them Rothschild's official Virginia agent who was grand master of Virginia Masons during the war of 1812. After the Civil War, the Belmont/Rothschild faction took absolute control over the Jewish leadership within New York and trans-Atlantic finance. Joseph Seligman, who had been pro-Union like most American Jews, joined the British banking syndicate of Rothschild and J.P. Morgan, which ran U.S. government finance from the 1870s onward. London's AngloSaxon and Jewish employees, banking partners of the Confederates against Lincoln's nationalist money policies, were now merged as the Eastern Liberal Establishment. While Alabama cotton broker Emanuel Lehman lived in Civil War New York, he sailed back and forth to England raising money for the Confederate war machine. Continuing the family tradition, his Lehman Brothers firm supported the racialist eugenics movement, and tenaciously defended their investments in Nazi Germany. But the big shot was Jacob Schiff of Kuhn Loeb private bank. Schiff's power was entirely trans-Atlantic: Traveling back and forth between London and New York, Schiff was Sir Ernst Cassel's U.S. partner and representative; Cassel--the personal banker and the most intimate friend of Prince Edward VII, the grand master of British freemasonry. (Edward's son Albert Victor was supposed to be the subject of the Jack the Ripper story: His unapproved marriage was broken and covered up by the Freemasonic murders of witnesses.) On behalf of the royal family, Ernst Cassel managed the finances of the British Fabian Society leaders, and the British Round Table in its outrageous African racialist endeavors such as {apartheid}. At Kuhn Loeb in the 1890s, partner Otto Kahn (a British subject) directly supervised Schiff and Cassel's project to build up a certain snarling little railroad man who was a favorite of the old Belmont Confederate machine, Mr. E. H. Harriman. At that same time, the Warburg family joined Kuhn Loeb; the Warburgs' preoccupations were anchored in their Masonic Occult Institute in Hamburg and London. Look at the first years of this century: Teddy Roosevelt is President, Edward VII is King, and the racist cult-master Lord Arthur Balfour is his Prime Minister. The British Masonic clique at Kuhn Loeb founded the American Jewish Committee, and made its president, Louis Marshall, the official legal advisor to the Harriman eugenics laboratory--mother of this century's nightmare race theories. It was Kuhn Loeb and the Warburgs who officially brokered New York's banking ties to Hitler's Nazis, as well as Harriman's entree to the Soviet dictatorship. A striking instance of the Confederate ``Lost Cause,'' persisting and haunting the present century, is to be seen in the attic of {The New York Times.} Iphigenie Ochs married Arthur Hays Sulzberger in 1917. He succeeded her father Adolphe Ochs as publisher of {The Times}, which Mr. Ochs had bought in the 1890s. Adolphe Ochs and his father founded the ``Baroness Erlanger'' Hospital in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The hospital was named for John Slidell's daughter who married the Confederacy's chief financier Baron Emil Erlanger. The Baron had bought up the main railways between the bankrupt South and Cincinnati. Adolphe Ochs had married Iphigenie Wise, the daughter of B'nai B'rith's Cincinnati leader Isaac Wise. When the

Ochs family had lived in Cincinnati during the war, Adolphe's mother Bertha had been arrested for smuggling drugs to the Confederate army. In 1991, Arthur Sulzberger's daughter Ruth sponsored the visit to America of British banker Rodolphe d'Erlanger, John Slidell's great-great grandson. At a reception for Erlanger hospital, he said that his great grandfather, Baron Emil, was the partner of Cecil Rhodes in his nightmare race projects in Africa, and that Emil and his wife Mathilde Slidell had introduced Wagner's {Tannhauser} to the stage in Paris--which was booed off the stage. Arthur Sulzberger's Philadelphia Uncle David Sulzberger joined the Confederate army in Arkansas. Cousin Cyrus Adler, born on the Sulzbergers' Arkansas slave plantation, became the occult, psychic, Masonic, and gnostic expert for the New York Jewish establishment and for London and Cambridge Freemasonic strategists. At the same time, under the Teddy Roosevelt regime, cousin Mayer Sulzberger was president of B'nai B'rith International and president of the American Jewish Committee. At that time, B'nai B'rith leaders (such as the Sulzberger's partners the Morgenthaus) directly represented British crown interests in the Middle East, and worked as a bridge for Scottish Rite Masonry between the Middle East and Washington. In the 1930s, Cyrus Adler, president of the American Jewish Committee, coordinated with the family's B'nai B'rith, and the family's {New York Times}, to crush all U.S. political action against Adolf Hitler in Germany. The B'nai B'rith was the one Jewish organization that Hitler deliberately {left open }and functioning under Nazi rule from 1933 on. In 1939, Britain made a dramatic change in its policy toward Hitler--after teaching Hitler his race theories, after forcefully backing his takeover of Germany, after financing and equipping his armies, Britain now changed publicly to opposing Hitler. Only at that point, in 1939, about a year after Hitler finally closed B'nai B'rith's Nazi-authorized German operations, B'nai B'rith decided to ``approve'' an international boycott against the Nazi regime. B'nai B'rith's Anti-Defamation League recently opened a vicious campaign to label American black leaders as anti-Semites, aiming at a racial conflict, and stomping on the memory of the young Jews who fought for civil rights in the 1960s. It is essential that the religious, national, and historical character of this racialism be precisely understood. Now a surprising breakthrough has occurred. Leaders of U.S. black Freemasonry have attacked white Masonry, particularly the Scottish Rite, as a center of racialism. The attack is contained in the latest issue of the {News Quarterly}, official publication of the [``Supreme Council, Scottish Rite, Southern Jurisdiction,''] Prince Hall affiliation, in an article by Joseph A. Walkes, editor of the {Quarterly.} Walkes exposes Albert Pike as the national Chief Justice of the Invisible Empire of the Ku Klux Klan, and the organizer and Grand Dragon of the Klan in Arkansas. Walkes describes Albert Pike as a ``traitor to his country.'' The article carries a photograph of the Washington memorial statue to the KKK founder. Walkes calls the statue ``an affront'' to the residents of the nation's capital, a majority of whom are black. With this and similar initiatives, a strong potential now exists for members of all faiths and ethnic groups to think about and to solve a central problem of our era: Fanatical Zionists are urged on by Anglo-American backers, to brutalize and displace Arab residents and Muslim religious institutions from Israeli occupied territory. Among the Anglo-Saxons cheering them on in their blind racialism are many known as ``fundamentalist Christians.'' They have seen a vision of Semitic

warfare in the Holy Land, ending in mankind's annihilation, which they cheer as ``God's will'' and ``Bible Prophesy.'' This madness has been called the British balance-of-power strategy. But its familiar name is, British Freemasonry. This movement is synonymous with the Scottish Rite. Bill Clinton was governor of Arkansas, a state vested in the tradition of Albert Pike, who was the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan in Arkansas. Look closely at the mind-set. Bill Clinton supports and carries out the death penalty, which in practice means executions of black people and poor people; and Clinton supports abortion. Clinton sat down, and worked out his views on these issues with his Baptist minister, the late Rev. W.O. Vaught, who was Clinton's spiritual guide and virtual foster father. As Vaught's son recently told me, Clinton and his pastor agreed that their religion permits the killing of prisoners and unborn children. The authority for this version of Christianity is derived from a peculiar, neo-pagan reading of the Old Testament. And the New Testament, with its ban on revenge and requirement to love, is considered irrelevant: They say that Christ was primarily concerned with fulfilling the Old Law of the Hebrews (as interpreted by this faction), and when Christ said love your enemy and turn the other cheek, he was really trying to reinforce and impose the authority of the Roman Empire. But whose religion is this? Well, the Reverend W.O. Vaught was a 32nd Degree Mason, a {Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret} within the Scottish Rite hierarchy. What Is the Scottish Rite? What, then, is the Scottish Rite? Freemasonry was founded in the early 1700s in England by the socalled Venetian Party. This clique of British philosophical liberals had a few other experiments in human misery, for example: the East India Company, the royal African Company of slavers, and the slave colony of South Carolina. The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, in particular, has a feudalist lore and legend, that is rooted in the black slave trade through the Caribbean Islands. In those islands, the pagan cults of slavers in ancient Rome, and Venice, were reused as anti-Judeo-Christian or Satanic cults and rituals for the amusement and gratification of the slave-traders, the British, Dutch, Bostonian, and Jewish-ethnic slave runners. The Scottish Rite was formally organized in the U.S.A. in 1801, as a group of Tory partisans on the losing side of the American Revolution. The Scottish Rite came to rule over American Freemasonry during the nineteenth century. American colonial leaders had used the British Empire's Freemasonic lodges as political clubs, and had turned them against the British Crown in the American Revolution. But in the 1820s and 1830s, Masonry had been widely condemned and virtually run out of the U.S.A. as a would-be dictatorial grouping, an unwanted ``British underground'' intrusion into America. With British assistance, the Masonic lodges were reintroduced, under the control of the Scottish Rite based in Charleston, South Carolina, as a force for Southern secession. Since the 1840s, the U.S. Freemasonic structure has been strictly dominated by the Scottish Rite. The Scottish Rite dispenses the 4th and higher Masonic ``degrees'' of initiation, up to the 33rd. The Scottish Rite was divided into a Southern Jurisdiction, and a Northern Jurisdiction based in Boston, that is politically subordinate.

As for Bill Clinton: A spokesman for the Freemasonic Grand Lodge of Arkansas told me that although Clinton was a member of Freemasonry's Order of DeMolay as a young man, he is not now a Mason. I have been informed, however, that DeMolay membership is in fact a life membership. The influence of Scottish Rite-dominated Freemasonry is shockingly pervasive in American government and culture, particularly in the South. But it has come under attack from some surprising quarters. The Southern Baptist Convention recently voted to conduct an investigation of Freemasonry in all forms, and to prepare a report on whether Masonry is compatible with Christianity. The Southern Baptist Convention, predominantly white, is the largest U.S. Protestant denomination, with 18 million church-goers. Freemasons make up a sizable proportion of this church's male membership, perhaps 20 percent. So this is a dramatic, emotional issue, a strongly factional issue within Protestant Christianity. Fascism and its Political Ideas Fascism is a form of counter-revolutionary politics that first arose in the early part of the twentieth-century in Europe. It was a response to the rapid social upheaval, the devastation of World War I, and the Bolshevik Revolution. Fascism is a philosophy or a system of government that advocates or exercises a dictatorship of the extreme right, typically through the merging of state and business leadership, together with an ideology of aggressive nationalism. Celebrating the nation or the race as an organic community surpassing all other loyalties. This right-wing philosophy will even advocate violent action to maintain this loyalty which is held in such high regards. Fascism approaches politics in two central areas, populist and elitist. Populist in that it seeks to activate "the people" as a whole against perceived oppressors or enemies and to create a nation of unity. The elitist approach treats as putting the peoples will on one select group, or most often one supreme leader called El Duce, from whom all power proceeds downward. The two most recognized names that go along with Fascism are Italys Benito Mussolini and Germanys Adolf Hitler. El Duce and his band, the Mentors El Duce was Mussolini's nickname A powerful wing of the Anglo-American Establishment is currently under investigation by this news service for its role in promoting the cults of Satanism and Luciferianism, for spawning an entire subculture of drug-induced violence believed to be behind the recent pattern of hideous ritual murders. As Dianne Core, a leading British expert in the battle against Satanism, put it recently, We are in the middle of spiritual warfare, and the Satanic weapons are all pointed at the young.

It is no coincidence, that this wing of the Establishment includes many of the leading advocates of a New Yalta deal with Moscowtop figures of the United Nations bureaucracy, and leading elite families. As we document below, they even look to Mikhail Gorbachov as the premier world cult leader in what they call their Externalized Hierarchy. In this article, the first of an ongoing series, we present a dossier of some of the principal institutions and individuals behind this evil New Age movement. The reader will learn, how behind the oh-so-nice U.N. brochures and talk about peace, some of the leading figures of this grouping have been exposed as practicing the most obscene homosexual and child pornography rituals imaginable. Take the notorious case of Canon Edward West, the coordinator of the American association of the Most Venerable Order of St. John. Eyewitness accounts indicate that during the 1980s, he was a frequent participant in obscene sexual rituals at homosexual S&M clubs in Manhattan, including the Mineshaft and the Hellfire Club (named after an 18th-century English secret Satanic society). Favorite entertainment at the Mineshaft included having children urinate on the patrons. In the mid-1980s, the club was shut down, following an investigation by the New York Police Department, which found links to organized crime circles, including those of John Zaccaro, the husband of 1984 Democratic vice presidential nominee Geraldine Ferraro. The Cathedral of St. John the Divine, the medieval temple of the Episcopalian Archdiocese of New York, has become the mother institution of the New Age movement in the United States, whose goal is to eclipse the Age of Pisces (Christianity) with an Age of Aquarius (Lucifer). The presiding bishop of the cathedral, Bishop Paul Moore, whose family is heir to the Nabisco company fortune, has been in the forefront of creating this Satanic new world order, since at least the late 1950s, when, as a priest in Indianapolis, Indiana, he gave the Peoples Temple cult of Jim Jones its start. Later in 1977, Bishop Moore rocked the Christian world, when he ordained a militant lesbian, Ellen Marie Barrett, who told Time magazine that it was her lesbian love affair that gave her strength to serve God. Bishop Moore claims that the ordination of lesbians, and his other Gnostic heresies, are merely part of the ongoing revelation of Gods truth to man by the Holy Spirit, which had been prophesied by the Disciple John. With this dissembling rationale, Bishop Moore has transformed the Cathedral of St. John the Divine into a Gnostic stronghold for such organizations as: The Lucis Trust, founded in 1922 by Alice Bailey, a disciple of Theosophist Madame Helena Blavatsky.

- Lyndon Larouche article: Boy Scouts -- Model of Masonic Subversion? Listen to this disturbing audio of Jim Jones giggling maniacally while he forces his mkultra projects to publically voice revenge fantasies against their own families and friends. (He is obviously overjoyed at the monsters that he has created. One even confesses a fantasy of burning her father alive, another of cutting up a person alive, poisoning the meat, and feeding it her relatives. What a sicko. Maybe he had this taped because he needed proof of what he had created, so he could prove to his backers that he had succeeded. This is EXACTLY what Charles Manson had reduced his 'family' to . quote: WHAT THE MEDIA WON'T TELL YOU: JIM JONES WAS A CIA OPERATIVE CONDUCTING MIND CONTROL EXPERIMENTS THE JONESTOWN MASSACRE On November 18 1978, 913 people died in Jonestown, a small compound carved out of the jungles of Guyana, a small country on the northeast coast of South America. The media at the time reported that it was a fanatical group of followers of the Rev. Jim Jones, lead to the jungles of South America to get away from the oppression of life here in America. They also reported that his followers willingly followed their leader into the great beyond by sipping on some cyanide cocktails, laced with purple Kool-Aid. In fact, the notion of a mass suicide at Jonestown has been repeated so many times that it is accepted as fact, and the association is so strong that when most people hear "Jonestown," the first thing which pops in their head is "Kool-Aid." This association is false. The source of the "Kool-Aid Suicide" stories was the U.S. State Department, which presented the story immediately after the "suicides" were reported as though it was the

only obvious truth. A U.S. Army spokesman pronounced with complete authority, "No autopsies are needed. The cause of death is not an issue here." The bodies were then allowed to rot in the jungle. Despite the lack of need for autopsies, Dr. C. Leslie Mootoo, the top Guyanese pathologist, was at Jonestown hours after the deaths, and, refusing the assistance of U.S. pathologists, accompanied the teams that examined the bodies. His conclusions? Dr. Mootoo found fresh needle marks at the back of the left shoulder blades on 80 to 90 percent of the victims. Others had been shot or strangled. A surviving witness stated that those who resisted were forced by armed guards to comply. Dr. Mootoo's opinion, and that of the Guyanese grand jury investigating Jonestown, was that all but three (only two of which were suicides) were murdered by "persons unknown." If one was to go over the deaths in Auschwitz, it is almost a certainty, considering the horrendous conditions those who were there were under, that 0.2 % of all deaths could be attributed to suicides. Yet if anyone was to argue that Auschwitz was a suicide camp housing a bunch of religious freaks and not the compounds of murder that they were, they would (rightfully) be condemned for intellectual dishonesty, and their motives would be questioned.The suicide hoax is merely the beginning of the deception. The original death count was 408 (an odd number to use if the number was an estimate), with the added claim that 700 had fled into the jungle. The final total was changed to 913. To explain this rather minor difference in arithmetic, American authorities first explained that those backward ignorant Guyanese "could not count." Perhaps because the first "official" explanation of the bad math was so insulting, it was then proposed that they missed a pile of bodies, as if a pile of dead bodies is something that is easily overlooked. Finally, the official explanation that settled the whole question was presented: Bodies were stacked on top of each other. Of the 150 photos taken of the massacre, not one shows any body lying under any others. Those who first worked on the bodies, to release the gasses of decay, had to puncture the dead, making it unlikely that they missed anyone. These facts aside, one must wonder how 408 bodies -- 82 belonging to children -- could cover 505 others. Talk about bad math. With minor exceptions, pictures show the dead were found in neat rows, face down. The pictures also show drag marks leading to the bodies, indicating that victims were murdered elsewhere and placed there by someone else. These facts have lead to a more likely conclusion: 408 was indeed the correct original body count. The other 505 were hunted down and slaughtered, then dragged back. But who would do such a thing, and why? Furthermore, why were American officials giving such deceptive answers about Jonestown? To answer these questions, one must unravel the mystery of a man named Jim Jones. Jones became a Bible-thumping "faith healer," using wet chicken livers as evidence of cancer which he removed by "divine powers." He adopted eight children, some black, some white. Already the stench of criminal activity surrounded him, and his landlady referred to him as "a gangster who used the Bible instead of a gun." Fortunately for Jones, the local police chief at the time was Dan Mitrione, a friend from childhood. Mitrione kept him from being arrested or run out of town. Mitrione would later enter the International Police Academy, a CIA front for training counterinsurgency and torture techniques. Despite having few sources for known funds, Jones found enough money to travel with

his wife and family to Brazil in 1961. Coincidentally, Mitrione was there as well, having advanced quickly in the IPA. Mitrione had honed his skills at torture and assassination by practicing on kidnapped beggars. He himself was later kidnapped and murdered by guerrillas in Uruguay, an incident which became the basis of the Costa Gavras film State of Siege. Jones made regular trips to Belo Horizonte, site of CIA headquarters in Brazil -and Mitrione's town of residence. Apparently, this wasn't the only curious intelligence link to Jones. He told some of his neighbors that he was involved in the U.S. Office of Naval Intelligence. The U.S. embassy provided Jones with transportation, groceries, and a large home. Considering his dear friendship to Mitrione and the funding of "ministries" in Latin America by the CIA, the theory that Jones was a U.S. intelligence asset makes quite a bit of sense. In any case, according to his neighbor, Jones "lived like a rich man." Soon after the JFK assassination, Jones returned to the states with $10,000. In 1965, he formed the first People's Temple in Ukiah, California, and set up Happy Havens Rest Home. Without trained personnel or proper licensing, Jones' camp drew in prisoners, the elderly, people from mental institutions, and 150 foster children, many of whom were transferred by court order. Among those who contacted him: "missionaries" from World Vision (an international evangelical order that often fronts for the CIA); the local chapter head to the John Birch Society; and leaders of the Republican party, for whom his "church" members conducted voter organization and fund-raising activities for the Dick Nixon '68 campaign. Jones' advisors included a mercenary from UNITA, the CIA-backed Angola army. Also jumping on board was the Layton family, whose patriarch, U.C.-Berkeley chemist Dr. Laurence Laird Layton, had worked on the Manhattan Project. Dr. Layton was also chief of the Army's Chemical Warfare Division in the early 1950's.(Mrs. Layton was the daughter of Hugo Phillips, a German banker/stockbroker who became rich representing Siemans & Halske and I.G. Farben, two notorious Nazi Holocaust profiteers.) Despite his rather right-wing background, Jones suddenly declared himself a liberal socialist -- in fact, he called himself a dual reincarnation of both Jesus Christ and Lenin. At this point, a cloud of suspicion began to gather around his church, which was staffed by jack-booted armed thugs who dressed in black uniforms. Jones took everything he could from his followers, much of it in the form of welfare and social security checks, using blackmail, extortions, and any other available means. The local press reported about seven mysterious deaths of those who attempted to leave the "church" due to conflicts with Jones. Accusations of kidnapping, beatings, and sexual abuse began to circulate. To escape controversy, Jones moved to San Francisco and became an important fundraiser for the Bay area political establishment. Soon, he was schmoozing with the liberal and radical elite, meeting with (among others) Rosalynn Carter and Angela Davis. Jones was rewarded by being put in charge of the city Housing Commission, and key followers were awarded jobs in the Welfare Department. The bulk of Jones' flock came from the unemployed and dispossessed people found there. The cult preyed on the poor and helpless, going out of its way to enlist women, children and minorities. Many members were recruited directly from San Francisco mental hospitals. However, the

move to San Francisco did little to quiet the controversy surrounding his "church," and a 1977 expose put Jones on the defensive. He then moved his Utopia to Guyana, aided once again by the U.S. Embassy. After receiving complaints lodged by relatives of cult members, Congressman Leo Ryan visited Jonestown on November 18, 1978 to investigate allegations of human rights abuses. Congressman Ryan, a noted CIA critic, had authored the Hughes-Ryan Amendment, which would have required the CIA to disclose to Congress -- in advance -- details of all covert operations. The State department offered Ryan no answers or assistance, despite numerous inquiries. He arrived with U.S. embassy official Richard Dwyer, as well as some journalists. Among the reporters was Tim Reiterman, who had covered the Patty Hearst story for the San Francisco Examiner. In all likelihood, Ryan already suspected what was really going on at Jonestown. That was when all hell broke loose. At the airstrip, Leo Ryan soon became the first congressman to die in the line of duty, along with four reporters.(The Hughes-Ryan Amendment was killed in Congress soon afterwards.) The assassins were described by witnesses as "glassy eyed," "mechanicallywalking zombies," and "devoid of any emotion." Dwyer and Reiterman were also shot. Soon after that, the mass slaughter began. A plausible explanation for the events that unfolded is that Jim Jones (or someone else) ordered the murders after Ryan's unexpected visit threatened to expose what was happening. In the chaos that followed, a mass extermination was carried out. Of course, Dwyer wasn't the only link to the CIA in Guyana. Besides those previously mentioned, U.S. ambassador John Burke and another official named Richard McCoy were both heavily involved with the intelligence community. The U.S. embassy in Georgetown also housed the Georgetown CIA station. At the time, Guyana had a socialist government, and thus was a likely target for covert operations. Dan Webber, sent to Guyana after the massacre, was also with the CIA. The "official" attorney for the survivors, Joseph Blatchford, was involved in a scandal involving CIA infiltration of the Peace Corps. Then we have the missing money that just "disappeared" after the slaughter. Conservative estimates place the amount at $26 million. Others place it at $2 billion. At the time, a major international money laundering operation was headquartered in Italy, involving the Vatican and a fascist quasi-Masonic lodge known as the P-2, or Propaganda Duo.(This operation probably led to the murder of Pope John Paul I -- but that's another conspiracy.) The CIA-linked P-2 had a major operation located in Panama, not too far from Jonestown. Add in the FBI files on the Black Panthers and Weathermen found at the site, an attempt to lure Mark Lane (JFK assassination critic and James Earl Ray lawyer, among other things) and Donald Freed (Lane's sometime JFK collaborator and recent Simpson case investigator who has linked the Brentwood murders to Mafia in the L.A. underworld) to Guyana (which succeeded in having Lane witness the airstrip murders after Jones hired him as a lawyer), and a bizarre plot to kidnap Grace Walden Stephens (a key Martin Luther King assassination witness) and smuggle her to Jonestown, and you have the makings of a full fledge spook operation.

One of the strangest CIA connections to Jonestown was the previously mentioned World Vision, an evangelical order which often fronts for the CIA. They performed espionage work for the CIA in Southeast Asia while Operation Phoenix (the murderous project that left 40,000 people dead) was in full effect. In Honduras, they maintained a presence at CIA contra recruiting camps in the war against the Sandinistas. In Lebanon, the fascist Phalange butchered Palestinians at World Vision's camp. In Cuba, their refugee camps hosted numerous members of the anti-Castro terrorist group Alpha 66 of Bay of Pigs fame. After the Guyana massacre, World Vision developed a scheme to repopulate Jonestown with CIA-linked mercenaries from Laos. Laos, of course, was where the CIA was running it's "secret war" during Vietnam, which for the most part was a smokescreen for a widespread opium trafficking operation. One particularly important World Vision official was John Hinckley, Sr., an oil man, reputed CIA officer, and friend of George Bush. You may have heard of his son. Less than four months before Hinckley Jr. became known as Jodie Foster's biggest fan, another member of the World Vision order, Mark Chapman, gunned down John Lennon in what may have been a practice run for the bigger hit on President Reagan. One of the policeman who found him was convinced that he was a mind-controlled assassin. Chapman was clutching a copy of the novel Catcher in the Rye, which was also owned by John Hinckley Jr.(The book was written by J.D. Salinger, who worked in military intelligence with Henry Kissinger during World War II.) Before going to trial, Chapman plead guilty after a voice in his head (which he attributed it to God) commanded him to do so. WHEN THE BODIES WERE SHIPPED BACK TO AMERICA, THERE WERE NO AUTOPSIES DONE, THEY WERE BURIED, AND THE FAMILIES WERE NOT ALLOWED TO SEE THEM Considering the history of World Vision and what went on previously in Guyana, it is possible that the real purpose behind repopulating Jonestown was to create another breeding ground for brainwashed zombies like Chapman and Hinckley. Nearby Jonestown there was a place called Hilltown, a compound of 8,000 blacks that followed cult leader Rabbi David Hill, who held his flock with an iron fist. Hill had so much power that he was referred to as the "vice prime minister" of Guyana. There was also another place in Guyana called "Johnstown," as well as similar operations in the Phillipines and Chile. It appears that Jonestown (and World Vision's later attempt) is hardly the exception to the rule of using obscure locations in Third World nations as laboratories for covert cult operations. The Jonestown site in Guyana was originally a Union Carbide mine, and was loaded with an abundance of precious natural resources. It is very likely that the site was chosen to exploit these resources with cheap labor -- and cheap labor was plentiful. Members of Jim Jones' "church" were bound and gagged immediately after landing in Guyana and taken to the compound. They were pumped with drugs, which were available in vast amounts at Jonestown -- enough to drug 200,000 people for more than a year. Among the drugs found there: Quaaludes, Valium, morphine, Demerol, Thorazine (a

dangerous tranquilizer), sodium pentathol (a truth serum), chloral hydrate (a hypnotic chemical agent), thallium (which confuses thinking), and, of course, cyanide. Jonestown residents lived in cramped quarters and ate meager rations of often spoiled food. They were then forced to give 16 to 18 hours of slave labor per day. When they weren't working, they were required to stay up day and night listening to Jim Jones lecture. Among the charming punishments the flock endured were forced druggings, sensory deprivation in an underground box, physical torture, and public sexual rape and humiliation, not to mention your average ordinary beatings and verbal abuse. All of the drugs and environmental conditions forced upon Jonestown residents were also employed in the CIA's notorious MKULTRA program, which was implemented to test and implement brainwashing and mind control techniques. A 1974 government report admitted that certain "target populations" were used, namely blacks, women, prisoners, the elderly, children, and inmates of psychiatric wards. The Center for the Study and Reduction of Violence, using the research of Strangelovian doctors Jose Delgado and Louis "Jolly" West, drew guinea pigs from the "target populations" to test drugs, implants, and psychosurgery techniques at an isolated military missile base in California. The dead at Jonestown were 90% women, 80% black, and included 276 children. Which leads us back to Auschwitz and the ultimate deja vu. Auschwitz, after all, was not just a death camp: It was also a slave labor camp for Nazi military-industrial monolith I.G. Farben. There, the outcasts and refuse of society who no one cared about faced similar abuses, while an elite few profited from their misery. The brains behind the Final Solution became the brains behind MKULTRA. The MK is often said to stand for "Mind Kontrol" -- representing the Germanic origins of the project. Going the full ten yards, however, it is possible that MK merely stands for "Mein Kampf".Congressman Ryan probably suspected that Jonestown was a front for sinister covert activity. In 1980, Ryan aide Joseph Holsinger received a paper entitled "The Penal Colony," which explained that CIA MKULTRA operations did not terminate in 1973, as officially proclaimed, but instead continued in public hospitals, prisons, and religious cults which were used as fronts. Holsinger later stated at a San Francisco psychology forum on Jonestown that he believed the CIA worked with Jones to perform medical and mind control experiments at People's Temple. If Congressman Ryan had not been killed -- a big if -- many skeletons in the CIA's closet may have been exposed. Michael Meiers, author of "Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment?" had this to say: "The Jonestown experiment was conceived by Dr. Layton, staffed by Dr. Layton and financed by Dr. Layton. It was as much his project as it was Jim Jones's." Layton, remember, was head of the Army's Chemical Warfare Division. Former Temple member Joyce Shaw wondered if Jonestown was "some kind of horrible government experiment, or some sort of sick, racist thing... a plan like that of the Germans, to exterminate blacks." In October 1981, Jonestown survivors filed a $63 million lawsuit against Jonestown-era Secretary of State Cyrus Vance and CIA director Stansfield Turner. The suit stated that the State Department and CIA conspired to "enhance the economic and political powers of James Warren Jones," conducting "mind control and drug experimentation" there. The suit was dismissed four months later for "failure to prosecute timely," and all requests for

appeal were denied.(Turner would become a director of Monsanto, now best known for providing the world with the brain-damaging, cancer causing poison bearing the innocuous moniker "NutraSweet".) All this, of course, is forgotten in official accounts of the events at Jonestown. Instead, the more palatable -- but less accurate -- version of the Jonestown story blames the victims, echoing the ignorant grunt uttered by Pete Hamill, who dismissed the dead as "all the loose change of the sixties."Hanging over Jonestown was a mocking sign that proclaimed, "THOSE WHO DO NOT REMEMBER THE PAST ARE CONDEMNED TO REPEAT IT." One of the most elegant slogans of Holocaust survivors is "Never forget." Jonestown makes it clear that, no matter how well meaning, all these slogans are but words. Never forget? We obviously already have. That Jonestown could unfold before our eyes without the realization of precisely what was going on says volumes. Certainly the blame falls partly at the feet of a powerful military-industrial complex that feels no shame for its deeds, and certainly partly at a Korporate Media that has become the witting mouthpiece (and collaborator) for this same cabal. But ultimately, the blame falls at the feet of the people, their brains dulled by sitcoms and soap operas, their reality gradually drawn within the boundaries of the cathode ray tube. By the time the Guyana massacre rolled around, the masses were too ignorant and apathetic to know or care about the truth. Instead, they swallowed the official version and waited obediently for the next big lie. What's worse, the truth itself has become untenable. Instead of outrage and calls for justice, attacks are most often leveled at those who openly question the official account of the Jonestown massacre. Witness the treatment of Gary Webb (of CIA/contra/crack fame) by his editors and fellow journalists. Or try bringing up Jonestown in polite company and see the kind of response you get. Could the Holocaust happen again? It already has, and will continue to happen. One wonders if it ever really ended. Last Words Richard Tropp This handwritten unsigned note recovered in Jonestown describes the community in death in eloquent, almost poetic terms. While at least one Jonestown researcher asserts that the handwriting on the unsigned note matches that of Marceline Jones an assertion bolstered by the observation that the language suggests a female writer most people who have examined it identify the author as Richard Tropp, an English teacher. Other samples of Tropps handwriting located at the California Historical Society do seem to match this note, and no writing samples of Marceline Jones writing have been made available to this website for comparison. Pending additional evidence, then, this website will refer to the letter as the Tropp note.

The FBI recovered the note at Jonestown, although there is no indication where it was found. However, there are several references in the eight-page note scrawled in a small Guyana Exercise Book which suggest that Tropp wrote the letter at Jim Jones cabin. First of all, the choices of words throughout the note suggest the writer is not at the pavilion. In addition, the fact that the last line refers to "darkness" implies that most of the suicides were over. The best reconstruction of the events of 18 November would place Tropp with the other members of the leadership group, the identified members of which died in Jones cabin. They were also the last to die, after all other decisions such as who were deciding who would leave Jonestown with a briefcase of money to give to the Soviet Embassy in Georgetown had been made. Richard Tropp's last letter, November 18, 1978, RYMUR 89-4286-X-1-a-54 PDF Nov. 18, 1977 [1978] The Last Day of Peoples Temple To Whomever Finds This Note Collect all the tapes, all the writing, all the history. The story of this movement, this action, must be examined over and over. It must be understood in all of its incredible dimensions. Words fail. We have pledged our lives to this great cause. [Two words crossed out] We are proud to have something to die for. We do not fear death. We hope that the world will someday realize [cross-out] the ideals of brotherhood, justice and equality that Jim Jones has lived and died for. We have all chosen to die for this cause. We know there is no way that we can avoid misinterpretation. But [cross-out] Jim Jones and this movement were born too soon. The world was not ready to let us live. I am sorry there is no eloquence as I write these final words. We are resolved, but grieved that we cannot make [cross-out] the truth of our witness clear. [cross-out] This is the last day of our lives. May the world find a way to a new birth of social justice. If there is any way that our lives and the life of Jim Jones can ever help that take place, we will not have lived in van [vain]. [cross-out] Jim Jones did not order anyone to attack or kill anyone. It was done by individuals who had [cross-out] too much of seeing people try to destroy this movement, Jim Jones. [Several words crossed out] Their actions have left us no alternative, and rather than see this cause decimated, we have chosen to give our lives. We are proud of that choice. Please try to understand. Look at all. Look at all in perspective. Look at Jonestown, see what we have tried to do This was a monument to life, [cross-out] to the [re]newal of the human spirit, broken by capitalism, by a system of exploitation & injustice. Look at all that was built by a beleaguered people. We did not want this kind of ending we wanted to live, to shine, to bring light to a world that is dying for a little bit of love. To those left behind of our loved ones, many of whom will not understand, who never knew this truth, grieve not, we are grateful for this opportunity to bear witness a bitter witness

[cross-out] history has chosen our destiny in spite of our own desire to forge our own. We were at a cross/purpose with history. But we are calm in this hour of our collective leave-taking. As I write these words people are silently amassed, taking a [cross-out] quick potion, inducing sleep, relief. We are a long-suffering people. [cross-out] Many of us are weary with a long search, a long struggle going back not only in our own lifetime, but a long painful heritage. (Please see the histories of our people that are in a building called teachers resource center.) Many of us are now dead. Each moment, another passes over to a peace. We are begging only for some [cross-out] understanding. It will take more than small minds, reporters minds, to fathom these events. Something must come of this. Beyond all the circumstances surrounding the immediate event, someone can perhaps find the symbolic, the eternal [cross-out] in this moment the meaning of a people, a struggle I wish I had time to put it all together, that I had done it. I did not do it. I failed to write the book. Someone else, others will have to do this. Please study this movement, [cross-out] from the very origins of Jim Jones in the rural poverty of Indiana, out from the heart of [crossout] the America that he later was to stand against for its betrayal of its ideals. These are a beautiful people, a brave people, not afraid. There is quiet as we leave this world. The sky is gray. People file [illegible word] slowly and take the somewhat bitter drink. Many more must drink. Our destiny. It is sad that we could not let our light shine in truth, unclouded by the demons of accident, circumstance, miscalculation, error that was not our intent, beyond our intent. I hope that someone writes this whole story. It is not "news." It is more. We merge with millions of others, we are subsumed in the archetype. People hugging each other, embracing, we are hurrying [cross-out] we do not want to be captured. We want to bear witness at once. We did not want it this way. All was going well as Ryan completed [his] first day here. Then a man tried to [cross-out] attack him, unsuccessfully [word "some" crossed out] at some time, several set out into jungle wanting to overtake [cross-out] Ryan, aide, and others who left with him. They did, and several killed. When we heard this, we had no choice. We [cross-out] would be taken. We have to go as one, we want to live as Peoples Temple, or end it. We have chosen. It is finished. [Emphatic underline, with flourish] Hugging & kissing & tears & silence & joy in a long line. Touches and whispered [cross-out] words as this silent line passes. Determination, purpose. A proud people. Only last night, their voices raised in unison, a voice of affirmation and today, a different sort of affirmation, a different dimension of that same victory of the human spirit.

A tiny kitten sits next to me. Watching. A dog barks. The birds gather on the telephone wires. Let all the story of this People[s] Temple be told. Let all the books be opened. This sight o terrible victory. How bitter that we did not, could not, that Jim Jones was crushed by a world that he didnt make how great the victory. If nobody understands, it matters not. I am ready to die now. Darkness [cross-out] settles over Jonestown on its last day on earth. Who was Richard Tropp? Who wrote the above fairy story? There was no US government - Kennedy found that out I agree that the letter is probably a bogus fairy tale. Maybe written at gunpoint, with Jim Jones himself overseeing it. interesting that Jim Jones traveled with his family to Belo Horizonte, Brazil, (city west of Rio de Janeiro) to meet with CIA accomplice Dan Mitrione just prior to returning to the United States and opening his first branch of the People's Temple cult at Ridgewood Ranch, California, just north of the Mendocino State Hospital ,( a Kirkbride used for electroshock and other mind altering LSD experiments on people) while David Berg, founder of the Children of God cult also had dealings in Brazil at about the same time, establishing his first communes in the same Rio de Janeiro-Belo Horizante district of Eastern Brazil. I trust that many here are familiar with allegations that nazi war criminals such as Joseph Mengele cut a deal with the Allies to share mkultra research and flee to Brazil after WW2 It is well known that followers of Charles Manson committed the Tate-LaBianca murders during the late 1960's. If one examines the case closely, it becomes obvious that Manson used mind-control techniques such as hypnotism, LSD, and other types of mental programming to turn middle-class suburbanites into selfless killers, but one has to wonder just exactly how Manson was able to accomplish this? Consider that Manson was part of the hippie movement at the time of the CIA's project, MKULTRA, which implemented the use of drugs in order to conduct mind control experiments. It appears that part of Manson's own supply of LSD may have come directly from the CIA. A new type of LSD known as "Orange Sunshine" was being used by the Manson Family immediately prior to the Tate-LaBianca murders according to Family member

Charles "Tex" Watson, who wrote in his prison memoir that it was the use of Orange Sunshine LSD that finally convinced him that Manson's violent, apocalyptic vision was real. In addition, Tex Watson recounted in his testimony that Manson used other drugs such as "mescaline, psilocybin, and the THC, and STP" and described a "mental acid" that "drew stuff out of your mind; and the other (body acid)...would be drawing your body." Later, when asked about the use of drugs in the Manson family "Tex" said, "People seem to think that Manson had all of us drugged out, while he remained sober so he could easily manipulate our minds. This may be true, but a sorcerer such as Manson uses mindaltering drugs himself in order to contact spiritual beings, and gain supernatural powers." "He did use drugs to manipulate and control us, and the more drugs we took, the easier it was for him to manipulate us with his philosophy. We all began to reflect his views, a mirror image of destruction, growing worse every day. We mirrored his lifestyle and attitude toward society." Orange Sunshine LSD was manufactured and distributed exclusively by a group known as "The Brotherhood of Eternal Love" who operated out of a beach resort near Los Angeles. The Brotherhood had among it's drug manufacturers and dealers, one Ronald Stark, who is believed to have manufactured 50 million doses of LSD, and had known connections to the CIA. It was this very same batch of acid that was available in abundance four months later during the fateful free concert held at Altamont Speedway. Four people died at that concert, one of them after being brutally stabbed to death by a group of Hell's Angels who had been given access to multiple tabs of Orange Sunshine. Many people who attended that concert noted that the LSD seemed to be "contaminated" and that the general vibe one got from using it was that of extreme negativity, violence, and death. Additionally, Orange Sunshine was in use among American ground forces during the Vietnam war, having been smuggled into that country from the California coast. Manson's personal obsession was with "Helter Skelter" and his belief was that this event would ignite a black-white race war in America; the Tate-LaBianca murders and the murder of musician Gary Hinman were definitely staged with false clues that the killers (or perhaps someone else) hoped would be blamed on elements of the "black militant" movement. Manson has said in interviews that he based some of his philosophy on the science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Hienlien. In a scenario perhaps reminiscent of Mark David Chapman's and John Hinckley's infatuation with Catcher in the Rye, could Stranger in a Strange Land somehow have been Manson's program-trigger mechanism? Was the concept of Helter Skelter part of Manson's program? It is interesting to note how the "science fiction" character of Valentine Michael Smith in Heinlien's Stranger in a Strange Land very closely parallels Manson's own life: Valentine Michael Smith was a

human being who returned to Earth after being raised on Mars where he underwent training in the occult arts; Manson was isolated in prison where he also studied the occult extensively and has quipped that he viewed himself as a man with an alien mind after his release from prison in 1967; both Manson and the fictional "Smith" gathered about them a group of followers into a communal lifestyle and practiced a sort of "group mind" telepathy; both attempted to transform the world as we know if via their respective philosophies. So it came to pass that Charles Manson was stuck in solitary confinement at Folsom Prison when a new inmate was placed in the adjoining cell. It was Tim Leary, who was eventually captured with Joanna Harcourt Smith, who later admitted working for the DEA. "They took you off the streets", Manson informed Leary, "so that I could continue with your work." Charlie couldn't understand how Leary had given so many people acid without trying to "control" them. With all this in mind, consider that if a ex-convict-turned-hippie like Charles Manson could program people to kill, then why not the U.S. Government? In the book, Helter Skelter, Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi discussed Manson's programming techniques in depth, likening much of Manson's programming abilities to those used by the U.S. military. Manson was in prison during the time that the CIA was known to be using inmates at Vacaville prison in the MKULTRA experiments, a fact that leaves one to speculate that perhaps Manson was some sort of mind-controlled guru created by the CIA and set loose against the "subversive" left-wing elements in order to discredit them. Since his incarceration for the Tate-LaBianca murders, Manson has again served part of his time at Vacaville. In alot of Manson interviews he will say things like "I'm only what i've been trained to be" "One interview he said Jimmy Carter made me what I am" Manson Leary the Hippie Scene - CIA origins I had a thought this morning on the People's Temple reports that Jim Jones banned sexual relations outside marriage, had the final say on who could marry who, and often arranged marriages within the congregation himself, basically selecting and pairing people with eachother and having them marry each other. quote: Jim Jones not only issued binding judgments on proposed relationships, but also

proposed many himself.

This marriage selection has been confirmed in the testimony of many former cult members . Why? What purpose was there for banning sex outside marriage, and then deciding who would procreate with whom? The old explanation that leader Jim Jones was just a psychopath who did all of this to prove how powerful he was has been proven false. It has been proven that Jones had a great deal of help , powerful political connections, and even paramilitary CIA support in everything that he did. So this was not a case of just a lone megalomaniac wanting total control of the population of Jonestown. This controlled procreation was part of a scientifically crafted experiment. What emerges is the possibility that Jonestown was 'breeding' for a specific purpose. The compound was populated by a selection of impoverished outcasts, homeless former drug addicts, abandoned and illegitimate orphans, violent mental patients from Mendocino State Mental Hospital, etc. My theory is that Jonestown was created partially as a breeding experiment. I believe that their goal was to create violent and programmable offspring, which could then be programmed from birth, or even 'in utero', to later be used for various clandestine purposes, such as the creation of violent ethnic gangs, 'serial killers'/assassins etc. It is reported that a core group of selected inmates, many of them black youths, including a basketball team, were evacuated from Jonestown prior to the 'mop up' operation, and flown to Granada, where they were hospitalized for further programming/breeding. Could this be the true source of America's ultra-violent inner city gangsters? It is well known that followers of Charles Manson committed the Tate-LaBianca murders during the late 1960's. If one examines the case closely, it becomes obvious that Manson used mind-control techniques such as hypnotism, LSD, and other types of mental programming to turn middle-class suburbanites into selfless killers, but one has to wonder just exactly how Manson was able to accomplish this? Consider that Manson was part of the hippie movement at the time of the CIA's project, MKULTRA, which implemented the use of drugs in order to conduct mind control experiments. It appears that part of Manson's own supply of LSD may have come directly from the CIA. A new type of LSD known as "Orange Sunshine" was being used by the Manson Family immediately prior to the Tate-LaBianca murders according to Family member

Charles "Tex" Watson, who wrote in his prison memoir that it was the use of Orange Sunshine LSD that finally convinced him that Manson's violent, apocalyptic vision was real. In addition, Tex Watson recounted in his testimony that Manson used other drugs such as "mescaline, psilocybin, and the THC, and STP" and described a "mental acid" that "drew stuff out of your mind; and the other (body acid)...would be drawing your body." Later, when asked about the use of drugs in the Manson family "Tex" said, "People seem to think that Manson had all of us drugged out, while he remained sober so he could easily manipulate our minds. This may be true, but a sorcerer such as Manson uses mindaltering drugs himself in order to contact spiritual beings, and gain supernatural powers." "He did use drugs to manipulate and control us, and the more drugs we took, the easier it was for him to manipulate us with his philosophy. We all began to reflect his views, a mirror image of destruction, growing worse every day. We mirrored his lifestyle and attitude toward society." Orange Sunshine LSD was manufactured and distributed exclusively by a group known as "The Brotherhood of Eternal Love" who operated out of a beach resort near Los Angeles. The Brotherhood had among it's drug manufacturers and dealers, one Ronald Stark, who is believed to have manufactured 50 million doses of LSD, and had known connections to the CIA. It was this very same batch of acid that was available in abundance four months later during the fateful free concert held at Altamont Speedway. Four people died at that concert, one of them after being brutally stabbed to death by a group of Hell's Angels who had been given access to multiple tabs of Orange Sunshine. Many people who attended that concert noted that the LSD seemed to be "contaminated" and that the general vibe one got from using it was that of extreme negativity, violence, and death. Additionally, Orange Sunshine was in use among American ground forces during the Vietnam war, having been smuggled into that country from the California coast. Manson's personal obsession was with "Helter Skelter" and his belief was that this event would ignite a black-white race war in America; the Tate-LaBianca murders and the murder of musician Gary Hinman were definitely staged with false clues that the killers (or perhaps someone else) hoped would be blamed on elements of the "black militant" movement. Manson has said in interviews that he based some of his philosophy on the science fiction novel Stranger in a Strange Land by Robert Hienlien. In a scenario perhaps reminiscent of Mark David Chapman's and John Hinckley's infatuation with Catcher in the Rye, could Stranger in a Strange Land somehow have been Manson's program-trigger mechanism? Was the concept of Helter Skelter part of Manson's program? It is interesting to note how the "science fiction" character of Valentine Michael Smith in Heinlien's Stranger in a Strange Land very closely parallels Manson's own life: Valentine Michael Smith was a

human being who returned to Earth after being raised on Mars where he underwent training in the occult arts; Manson was isolated in prison where he also studied the occult extensively and has quipped that he viewed himself as a man with an alien mind after his release from prison in 1967; both Manson and the fictional "Smith" gathered about them a group of followers into a communal lifestyle and practiced a sort of "group mind" telepathy; both attempted to transform the world as we know if via their respective philosophies. So it came to pass that Charles Manson was stuck in solitary confinement at Folsom Prison when a new inmate was placed in the adjoining cell. It was Tim Leary, who was eventually captured with Joanna Harcourt Smith, who later admitted working for the DEA. "They took you off the streets", Manson informed Leary, "so that I could continue with your work." Charlie couldn't understand how Leary had given so many people acid without trying to "control" them. With all this in mind, consider that if a ex-convict-turned-hippie like Charles Manson could program people to kill, then why not the U.S. Government? In the book, Helter Skelter, Manson prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi discussed Manson's programming techniques in depth, likening much of Manson's programming abilities to those used by the U.S. military. Manson was in prison during the time that the CIA was known to be using inmates at Vacaville prison in the MKULTRA experiments, a fact that leaves one to speculate that perhaps Manson was some sort of mind-controlled guru created by the CIA and set loose against the "subversive" left-wing elements in order to discredit them. Since his incarceration for the Tate-LaBianca murders, Manson has again served part of his time at Vacaville. In alot of Manson interviews he will say things like "I'm only what i've been trained to be" "One interview he said Jimmy Carter made me what I am" Excellent thread hunkahunka! Props for your dedicated work! Maybe off topic, but i immidiately thought about this rapper named Cage when i read "project orange", and in relations to mind control, cia, military operations etc and his song named "Agent Orange" In my younger days i heard alot of rap music( i still do, but not commercial (never did actually) or destructive rap/music) and listened to different shit via my friends, for example this emcee named Cage. Remember i thought his violent and fucked up lyrics came from some kid who recently got released from the nuthouse, as he sounded like a disturbed, misunderstood madman who cried for help and attention. He sounds truly like someone who has "DID"

One of his alters was Alex from the Clockwork Orange Anyway i checked out the biography on him at wikipedia here is what i found: Early life Palko was born in Wrzburg, Germany to American parents. His father, Bill Murray, was stationed on a West German military base as a member of the military police.[1] Palko lived there until the age of four when Murray was dishonorably discharged for selling and using heroin, and the family was sent back to the United States where they lived in Middletown, New York. Murray would often force Palko to pull homemade tourniquets around his arm as he injected heroin. At the age of eight, Palko's father was arrested during a standoff with state troopers after threatening his family with a shotgun.[2][3] By the time Palko was kicked out of high school, his mother had remarried twice, and he was beaten by his stepfather. Palko began using LSD, mescaline, cannabis and alcohol, and was sent to live with his uncle on a German military base, where he was beaten and sent home after a year. Palko was arrested several times for drug possession and fighting in the streets. When he faced jail time for violating probation, his mother convinced the judge that he was mentally unstable, and he was sent to the Stoney Lodge psychiatric hospital for a two week evaluation. He eventually ended up staying in the hospital for eighteen months, where he was a part of a small group used to test fluoxetine.[3][4] After being misdiagnosed and placed on the drug, he became suicidal and made several attempts to kill himself, including hanging himself with his shoelaces and saving his lithium dose for a month before ingesting all of them at once.[2][3] He was illegally restrained over twenty times for periods of up to thirteen hours at a time by straitjacket and ten point bed restraints.[1][3] Early career When Palko was released at the age of eighteen, he pursued a career as a rapper, naming himself "Alex", after the protagonist of Anthony Burgess' novel A Clockwork Orange.[1] After hiring a manager and recording a demo, he was introduced to rapper Pete Nice, and Cage was featured on the 1993 album Dust to Dust. Pete Nice also introduced Palko to radio personality Bobbito Garca, who featured Palko on his program several times, increasing his reputation amongst New York's underground hip hop scene, where he became associated with KMD, Kurious Jorge, K-Solo, Godfather Don, Artifacts, Pharoahe Monch and El-P. Palko signed with Columbia Records, but frequently recorded while intoxicated, and the label found his efforts to be unsatisfactory.[2] Palko briefly put his career on hold and his drug use increased.[3] When Garca founded the label Fondle 'Em Records, he offered Palko a record deal, and Cage released a single featuring the songs "Radiohead" and "Agent Orange" in 1997 to success and acclaim.[1] Following the release of The Slim Shady EP, Palko accused

Eminem of imitating his style.[5][6] After several more singles with Fondle 'Em, Palko met Mr. Eon and DJ Mighty Mi of High and Mighty, and the trio formed the group Smut Peddlers, releasing the album Porn Again on Rawkus Records. The album peaked at #10 on the Billboard Heatseekers chart, #43 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and #184 on the Billboard 200, while its single "That Smut" peaked at #9 on the Hot Rap Singles chart and #96 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Singles & Tracks chart.[7] Eastern Conference, Definitive Jux Palko signed with Eastern Conference Records, releasing his debut album, Movies for the Blind, on August 6, 2002. It peaked at #12 on the Heatseekers chart, #14 on the Top Independent Albums chart, #58 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and #193 on the Billboard 200.[8] Palko later stated that the album "sort of glorified drugs" and that he felt the album was "crazy for the sake of being crazy [...] [It] was just kind of an angsty, bullshit record. A few songs on there I liked, and I had a few things to say that were fragmented in there within a lot of randomness".[9] During this period, Palko formed the group The Weathermen, named after the left-wing political organization.[4] The group released their debut album, "The Conspiracy" on June 3, 2003 before Palko left Eastern Conference over alleged non-payment.[3] An extended play, Weatherproof, was released on July 29, 2003. Because Palko felt that he should no longer play a character, he began to take on a more open writing style,[3] and signed with Definitive Jux, where he released his second studio album, Hell's Winter on September 20, 2005. Palko is quoted as saying "I make progressive rap, it's as simple as that. [...] I don't live for drugs anymore, I don't support them, and I'm not about to make a million songs about them anymore."[9] Hell's Winter peaked at #26 on the Top Heatseekers chart and at #36 on the Top Independent Albums chart.[10] In an in interview with actor Shia LaBeouf for Vanity Fair, LaBeouf expressed interest in starring as Palko in a possible film biography.[11] On November 30, 2007, Spin reported that the film would go into production.[12] After signing to eastern conference records i think he was about to break off his programming. Then he moved to El-P's Definitive Jux which was an underground alternative hiphop label whp is anti illuminati etc, d-lux! El-P took Cage under his wings and saved him from his earlier mind programming. He went good guy after signing to ElP's label where he released Hell's Winter which i haven't heard. I hope for heavens sake he hasn't been stepforded, sounds very suspiciously when Hollywood wants to make film biography of him though... In later time Def Jux has escaleted to become a well known alternative hiphop music label with an artist rooster with truthseekers and speakers like: The Perceptionists aka Mr Lif and Akrobatik, Aesop Rock, El-P and Cannibal Ox among others. PS! I believe his father also went through heavy mind control programs in thread to his extreme behaviour. quote: The book with red cover pages contains the ship entry for Auschwitz doctor Josef Mengele, who arrived in Argentina under the alias Helmut Gregor, profession "mechanic," on board the North King passenger liner from Genoa, on 22 June 1949. The book was filmed at the Passenger Lists archive at the Argentine Immigration Office in Buenos Aires on 5 February 2007, by Uki Goni, author of the book "The Real Odessa": Here Come The Lesbian Rangers! Henry Makow September 5, 2009 University students continue to face a bizarre government campaign to make them homosexuals. At the University of Winnipeg, co-eds were invited to participate in a lesbian Reorientation Week. featured stories Here Come The Lesbian Rangers! lesbian rangers featured stories Here Come The Lesbian Rangers! Lesbians are just a few government grants shy of having a paramilitary organization, a cross between the Girl Scouts and Hitlers Brown Shirts. They were asked to become rangers with the Lesbian National Parks and Services, the brainchild of local performing artists Shauna Dempsey and Lorri Millan. (See Poster) This is the lesbian equivalent of the university and government hiring two middle-aged males to recruit co-eds to go camping and have sex.

The two womyn had a field office in the university art gallery, staffed by a university employee in ranger uniform. They took part in pancake breakfasts, barbecues and interviews on campus radio. Lesbian Rangers salute and welcome you! their brochure said. Here you will encounter new, even life-changing lifestyles and ideas. These may challenge you in uncomfortable ways. The university art gallery, the Manitoba Arts Council and the Canada Council, sponsored this tasteless attack on heterosexuals to the tune of about $10,000. This doesnt include thousands of taxpayer dollars already expended on their promotional video and Field Guide which includes examples of lesbian flora and fauna. Their message: Homosexuality is natural. Question the heterosexual model. Heterosexuality is a social invention. When I went to university, students learned to question authority. Today, they learn to question their gender. Does the LNPS actually exist? This is social engineering masquerading as art, propaganda disguised as parody. It is a shock tactic. Eventually the outrageous becomes accepted. Often, what happens in the imagination occurs in reality. The Lesbian Rangers dont actually work in any parks. But the artists claim to have hundreds of junior members called Eager Beavers. Their video (online) is full of such double entendres and sexual innuendo. The two bush women leave no stone or lesbian unturned. Its a lesbian-eat-lesbian-world. Knots are practiced in various bondage positions. Their website is called www.fingerinthe Yet, in the video, they fine a heterosexual male $100 for wearing a lewd T-shirt (Blow me) and intimidate him when he protests. He is reprimanded for threatening the lesbian environment. Rangers are urged to make citizens arrests. Lesbians are just a few government grants shy of having a paramilitary organization, a cross between the Girl Scouts and Hitlers Brown Shirts. Its function: Persecute heterosexuals. (see my, The Dawn of the Feminist Police State) In the video, they rescue a straight female from drowning. She is enchanted by her hairy-legged saviors and sees the world through brand new eyes. LESBIAN PLAYGROUND If the University of Winnipeg is an indication, universities are playgrounds for lesbianism. It makes sense. Enrollment is already 2-1 female.

In June 2001, the University of Winnipeg made headlines when high school students attending a summer art history course complained they were shown lesbian porn and instructed to use zucchinis instead of seeking male companionship. The instructors were not removed. The following year, the Womens Center sponsored an event where co-eds had casts made of their breasts! Imagine if heterosexual male students sponsored such an event. *Advertisement * efoods Each February, the gay-dominated student council sponsors a Question Your Gender week. The Sexual Harassment Officer stated that the university takes a grim view if only one student is made uncomfortable. Apparently this rule only applies to the discomfort of feminists, gays and lesbians. The claim of victimhood masks an agressive destructive ideology. In Womens Studies courses, co-eds learn to be feminist change agents and harass professors who step out of line. Womens Studies originated in the training schools of the US Communist Party in the 1940s. The Rockefeller Foundation sponsors Womens Studies. If you Google Rockefeller Foundation and Womens Studies, you will get 128,000 entries. WHY IS THIS HAPPENING? The Rockefellers have supported Left and Right Wing, Communist and Fascist causes for almost 100 years. The principle is divide-and-conquer. They are the American agents for the London-based banking cartel that is establishing a world dictatorship to translate their monopoly of credit (they create our money from nothing as a debt to them) into world instititions of political and thought control. They now direct government and education through their sponsor-ownership and control of most politicians, parties, cartels, business councils, professional associations, think tanks, foundations, university endowments, mass media, intelligence agencies, secret societies and organized crime. Yes Virginia, the West is a pathetic one-horse company town. I have no problem with lesbians, many of whom are my neighbors. They seem to be nice people who just want to lead their lives in peace. But their activists are funded to depopulate and destabilize society in advance of world government. Their message is that lesbianism is not a developmental disorder but a natural alternative for women. Unfortunately, many ex-lesbians disagree. In her book, Restoring Sexual Identity Anne

Paulk surveyed 265 ex-lesbians like herself and conducted numerous personal interviews. She found that, to cite a review, same-sex attraction is seldom really driven by sexual needs; it is driven by an unconscious desire to be loved and to trust another person. It is also frequently driven by a desire to reconnect with the feminine but in the wrong way. Childhood trauma, poor self-image, anger at men, poor relationships with either or both parents, and pro-homosexual media propaganda are several key elements in women developing an attraction to other women. In the classic development of lesbian attraction, Paulk discovered that these women had domineering, critical, detached, or weak mother; and/or a father who was detached, critical or abusive. In many cases, the mother was viewed as weak or was cruelly dominated by her husband. Seventy-five percent of the women viewed the male as a more favorable role model for their liveswith a rejection of their own gender and pursuit of male characteristics. An astounding 90 percent experienced some form of abuse themselves. This abuse was not just sexual but included emotional abuse (70 percent), sexual (more than 60 percent), and verbal abuse (more than half of those surveyed.) CONCLUSION As far as I could tell, University of Winnipeg students mostly avoided the Lesbian Rangers. But there are many feminist or lesbian professors who are harder to avoid. They make their dogma of male oppression of women (i.e. divide men and women-andconquer) a prerequisite for a passing grade. Lets not mince words. Orwells 1984 has arrived. The government and universities are foisting a developmental disorder caused by dysfunctional families on our children. Dempsey and Millin try to be campy and nice but they are really obnoxious hypocrites. Like fellow lesbian Irshad Manji, they are New World Order change agents, cultural agitators highly paid to subvert the young. Destruction of the family is a main tenet of the Illuminatis Communist Manifesto. The LNPS motto is Treat a Lesbian as you would like a Lesbian to Treat You. I ask them, do they want to be treated like they are treating straights? What if straight society launched a comparable campaign teaching them that their deepest life desires are not natural but a social construct? Do they want to be converted? Its ironic that they refer to lesbians as an endangered species. Heterosexuals are the real endangered species. They are the ones who conceive and nurture the young in nuclear families. And when they disappear, so will the human race as we know it.

As far as I could tell, University of Winnipeg students mostly avoided the Lesbian Rangers. But there are many feminist or lesbian professors who are harder to avoid. They make their dogma of male oppression of women (i.e. divide men and women-andconquer) a prerequisite for a passing grade. Lets not mince words. Orwells 1984 has arrived. The government and universities are foisting a developmental disorder caused by dysfunctional families on our children. Dempsey and Millin try to be campy and nice but they are really obnoxious hypocrites. Like fellow lesbian Irshad Manji, they are New World Order change agents, cultural agitators highly paid to subvert the young. Destruction of the family is a main tenet of the Illuminatis Communist Manifesto. The LNPS motto is Treat a Lesbian as you would like a Lesbian to Treat You. I ask them, do they want to be treated like they are treating straights? What if straight society launched a comparable campaign teaching them that their deepest life desires are not natural but a social construct? Do they want to be converted? Its ironic that they refer to lesbians as an endangered species. Heterosexuals are the real endangered species. They are the ones who conceive and nurture the young in nuclear families. And when they disappear, so will the human race as we know it. Old Makow's bullshit. ahhh, the fruits of Jonestown research...savor the nectar please watch this short video about a mulatto teen who brutally punches out a white female school bus driver. Where it gets interesting is when at the end it says how mommy has no idea why he 'snapped', but btw he has had 'mental problems' all his life and was hospitalized recently.... video: and now we have video surveillance cameras everywhere, to stoke both sides in this engineered race/class war. The police are filmed pounding on the poor, its posted and shown everywhere. Conversely, the poor/blacks are filmed pounding on the innocent, its posted and shown everywhere. The goal? The same as always. Divide and conquer.

Ever heard the expression that "the fastest way to turn some one into a racist is to call him one." ?

video: I get this uncanny sense from this thread, that we are on some intuitive plane here. We were just recently discussing Jimmy Carter, and guess who is in the news again? Jimmy Carter. Jimmy Carter, the Bohemian Grover with links to the Jim Jones (the People's Temple) cult, the KKK, and Jonestown. Carter is now stoking the flames of racial division, purportedly in support of Obama, but perhaps more in support of racial division: these Bohemian Grovers, and Jonestowners, and CIA-operative Sumner Redstone types are expert in crafting conflict, war, violence, and chaos. check this out: Carter says Obama row is 'racist' Former US President Jimmy Carter says much of the vitriol against President Barack Obama's health reforms and spending plans is "based on racism". Mr Carter told a public meeting there was "an inherent feeling among many in this country that an AfricanAmerican should not be president". Republican lawmaker Joe Wilson was rebuked on Tuesday in a House vote. He shouted "You lie!" while Mr Obama was delivering an address on healthcare to Congress last Wednesday. The House resolution of disapproval described it as "a breach of decorum". This debate which is so difficult to have in America - is beginning to surface. Carter said he thinks an overwhelming proportion of what he calls "the intensely demonstrated animosity" towards President Obama is based on the fact he's a black man. Regarding Joe Wilson, over the weekend we saw people pointing out that he was once a junior aide to a segregationalist politician - and that he was one of the few politicians to vote for the Confederate flag to fly over the state congress in his home state. Mr Wilson hasn't answered these allegations. But conservatives are furious. They think their opponents are playing the race card. They regard it as a cheap shot, because in some ways racism is the worst insult that you can hurl at someone in America. But Mr Wilson's eldest son, Alan, has denied racism was a factor in his father's outburst. Some conservatives have accused the president's supporters of playing the race card.

'Abominable' Angry town hall meetings and a recent taxpayers' demonstration in Washington have been vitriolic towards the president, reports the BBC's North America editor Mark Mardell. Many have not just protested against the president's policies but have accused him of tyranny, and have promised to "reclaim America". "Those kind of things are not just casual outcomes of a sincere debate on whether we should have a national programme on healthcare," Mr Carter said at a public meeting at his Carter Center in Atlanta held prior to the Congress vote on Tuesday. "It's deeper than that." Responding to a question specifically on Mr Wilson's outburst, he said Mr Obama was the head of state as well as the head of government and - like heads of state elsewhere he should be "treated with respect". It was a "dastardly thing to do", he said. His comments were rejected by Joe Wilson's son, Alan, an Iraq veteran who is running for state attorney general in Georgia. I guess we'll probably have folks putting on white hoods and white uniforms again and riding through the countryside intimidating people Rep. Henry Johnson (Georgia) Reaction: Obama 'racism' row "There is not a racist bone in my dad's body," he said. Apology In Tuesday's vote, lawmakers voted 240-179 in favour of the resolution to censure Mr Wilson. The move was backed by most Democrats, but dismissed by many Republicans as a distraction from more serious issues. "My goodness, we could be doing this every day of the week," said Republican Minority Leader John Boehner. But Democratic Majority Leader Steny Hoyer insisted that Mr Wilson's outburst could not be ignored. "At issue is whether we are able to proceed with a degree of civility and decorum that our rules and our democracy contemplate and require," he said. The moment Republican lawmaker Joe Wilson heckled President Obama Mr Wilson himself maintained that his personal apology to Mr Obama should have been enough to resolve the matter. Mr Obama "graciously accepted my apology and the issue is over", he said. Mr Wilson's remark came in response to a passage of Mr Obama's speech in which he asserted that his reforms "would not apply to those who are here illegally". Under the terms of Mr Obama's reform package, undocumented immigrants would not be able to claim healthcare subsidies, but they also would not be explicitly barred from buying private insurance through the new health insurance exchanges.

video: interesting to note that the 'Grand Dragon' of the KKK, DC Stephenson, who "literally chewed Madge Olberholter to death", was, like Ted Bundy, who engaged in similar behavior (simultaneous rape and chewing) , a Methodist. DC Stephenson was to become the impetus of the Invisible Empire in Indiana and a number of other northern states. He started organizing the Indiana Klan in Evansville in 1922, moved to Columbus, Ohio, and ended up in Indianapolis as his part of the empire grew. Soon, 20 other states from Maine to Nebraska came under his control. Recruiting Klan members was an easy task. ... most prolific organizers were Protestant clergymen, particularly those of the Methodist Episcopal persuasion. more here: (cannot cut and paste) Ted Bundy's childhood is a classic mk profile: born of incest, broken home, illegitimate child, adopted, identity confusion in the home, etc. (oh, adopted by Methodists, btw, and put into the Boy Scouts) quote: Ted Bundy Childhood Ted Bundy was born Theodore Robert Cowell at the Elizabeth Lund Home For Unwed Mothers in Burlington, Vermont, to Eleanor Louise Cowell. While the identity of his father is unknown, Bundy's birth certificate lists a "Lloyd Marshall" (b. 1916),[2] although Bundy's mother would later tell of being seduced by a war veteran named "Jack Worthington". However, Bundy's family did not believe this story, and expressed

suspicion about Louise's violent, abusive father, Samuel Cowell.[3] Whatever the truth of Bundy's parentage, to avoid social stigma, Bundy's maternal grandparents, Samuel and Eleanor Cowell, claimed him as their son. He grew up believing that his mother was his older sister. Bundy biographers Stephen Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth wrote that he learned Louise was actually his mother while he was in high school.[4] True crime writer Ann Rule, who knew Bundy personally, states that it was around 1969, shortly following a traumatic breakup with his college girlfriend.[5] For the first few years of his life, Bundy and his mother lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In 1950, while he still believed she was his sister, they moved to live with relatives in Tacoma, Washington. Here, Louise had her son's surname changed from Cowell to Nelson.[6] In 1951, one year after their move, Louise Cowell met Johnny Culpepper Bundy at an adult singles night held at Tacoma's First Methodist Church.[7] In May that year, the couple were married, and soon after Johnny Bundy adopted Ted, legally changing his last name to "Bundy". Johnny and Louise Bundy had more children, whom the young Bundy spent much of his time babysitting. Johnny Bundy tried to include his stepson in camping trips and other father-son activities, but the boy remained emotionally detached from his stepfather.[8] Bundy was a good student at Woodrow Wilson High School, in Tacoma, and was active in a local Methodist church, serving as vice-president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship. He was involved with a local troop of the Boy Scouts of America. /quote Also notable: KKK Grand Dragon DC Stephenson was a Methodist from Indiana (died in 1966) Reverend Jim Jones (founder of Jonestown, Guyana, and cult leader) was a Methodist from Indiana, whose father, James Thurman Jones, was a KKK member.