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DESCRIPTION: The low level signal output of electrical transducers are need to be amplified before further processing. This is done by the use of instrumentation amplifier. The thermocouple transducer output is connected as a input of instrumentation amplifier, Which is directly amplify the low level signal output of transducer to a fixed amplification. This output is terminated on the front panel. FEATURES: Experiment to study the instrumentation amplifier characteristics by using thermocouple input transducer. Low and high values of input and gain Resistor sets are provided to connect different Amplifying outputs. Thermocouple sensor is be provided as a Input transducer of Instrumentation amplifier. It can compatible to connect any form of resistive transducer in a bridge circuit All the components are mounted separately on the front panel. Inter connection cords and technical reference manual are provided.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: DC power supply AC power supply Variable DC Supply Internal power consumption Operating temperature Input Offset Voltage Average Input Offset Voltage drift EXPERIMENTS:. To study the operation and characteristics of OPAMP. 12V/500mA, +5V/500mA 230VAC 10%, 50Hz (0-1)V DC 500mW -55 C to125 C 3 mv 15 mv / C

To study the instrumentation amplifier operation using variable voltage as a input of the amplifier.



DESCRIPTION: This trainer is designed to find out the iron loss and permeability of a given ring specimen using Maxwells Bridge. The specimen is connected in one arm and the effective resistance and effective capacitance of the arm is calculated and the iron loss is found out. The AC permeability can be found out by finding the inductance of specimen through experiment and from the physical constances. FEATURES: Excellent observation of Hystersis loop in CRO possible Possible to measure Hystersis loss and Eddy current loss and finally, the iron loss of the given ring specimen. Verification of theoretical & practical valve matching is possible Provided with student patchable front panel & circuit diagram Enclosed in a fine finished metal cabinet, detailed experiment with sample calculations are provided

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Input power On board fixed AC source Onboard variable AC source Bridge type Hystersis loss measurement Voltmeter Ammeter Variable Inductance Variable Resistance Ring specimen

230V /50Hz AC 24V AC /50Hz 0-12V AC Variable frequency &Variable amplitude Maxwells Provided Built-in for Hysteresis&Eddy current loss measurement 0-30V AC Built-in provided 0-250mA AC Built-in provided 0.1 to 1mH 0 to 1K ohms/1W I/P :100turns & O/P : 125 turns, Iron core with copper coil

EXPERIMENTS: To measure the iron loss of a given ring specimen by using Maxwells bridges Measurement of Hysteresis loss and Eddy current of the given ring specimen Find out the iron loss of the given ring specimen for various AC Verify the theoretical calculations with practical values found out.