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a noble fixed deposit investment in Healthcare:Life Saving Medical Equipments

A Growing Sector : Indian Healthcare
The Indian Healthcare sector is growing. The sector offers immense potential to investors as the awareness on healthcare and demand for quality healthcare services is growing and the country witnesses a rise in the lifestyle and career-related stress and other health risks. A steady rise in the income level and a growing younger generation are also pushing for better healthcare facilities in the country. The developing Indian economy, the expanding rural and semi-urban areas has been attracting huge investments from domestic players, financial investors and private equity firms.

A Growing Industry: Indian Healthcare
US$ 35billion industry in India Expected to reach over US$ 75billion by 2012 and US$ 150billion by 2017

Government Initiative
The government has allocated US$ 2.42 billion for National Rural Health Mission (NRHM), in the 2009 interim budget. NRHM was launched by the government in 2005. It aims to provide quality healthcare for all and increase the expenditure on healthcare from 0.9 per cent of GDP to 2-3 per cent of GDP by 2012.


3year Fixed Deposit Flexible investment options Nomination facility available

Noble-Invest is an initiative of A-L to raise the capital for expansion of its current healthcare business, through Noble-Invest fixed deposit offers.Offers are open to the friends and relatives of the staff of A-L and promoter of A-L who have been extended the offer to invest. Application for the Noble-Invest fixed deposit is accepted through an introducer. Any staff of A-L or anyone invested in the Noble-Invest fixed deposit can be an intoducer. A-L, Aerosys-Lisa a healthcare: life saving medical equipments firm. The business involves activities as promotion of Life Saving Medical Equipment Respirators, also called as ventilators, demonstration of respirators and presentations through seminars and workshops on Mechanical Ventilation to the medical professionals like doctors and nurses in the I.C.U and other departments of the hospitals. A-L concentrates in the semi-urban and rural areas. 75% of India still resides in semi-urban and rural areas. The nursing staff is important part of the life saving critical care team. So as to expand further the awareness of ventilators among the students of nursing , A-L has started extending above demonstrations and workshops to the nursing schools in the semi-urban and rural areas.This would help the students update their knowledge about ventilators and even as they prepare themselves working in the emergency,trauma or intensive care units. The need for trained nurses is increasing as more and more hospitals either expand or plan to start I.C.U. A well equipped hospital or I.C.U with life saving equipments as ventilators can assist the doctors and nursing staff in an emergency, trauma, accident or any critical situation. It could save a life in an emergency in the remote areas. In view of the growing economy, increasing demand in the quality healthcare services, developing infrastucture as roadways and fast expanding market in the semi-urban and rural area A-L planned to expand it’s business interests. The returns on the investments is expected to be fairly better in the current market. The advantage is the longtime presence of the proprietor of A-L in the same field of ventilators and having a strong market and rapport with customers of nearly two decades.

Noble-Invest through the fixed deposit at A-L has been designed to raise the investment capital required for business expansion plan of A-L. The projected returns on investments are good.

Noble-Invest Fixed Deposit Plan of Investment and Returns on Investment


Investment Amount (Rs)

End of 1 yr Returns (Rs)


End of 2 yr Amount (Rs)


End 3 yr Amount (Rs)


Total Returns on Investment) st nd (1 + 2 + rd 3 yr)

TOTAL SAVINGS thru NOBLE-INVEST PLAN: (Invested Principal Amount+Returns on Investment)

OPTION 1 5,000/=
Returns on Investment paid st nd rd after 1 , 2 “& 3 year

12% 600/= 15% 1,500/=

15% 750/= 20% 2,000/= 35% 1,750/= 3,500/= 5,250/=

23% 1150/= 25% 2,500/= 40% 2,000/= 4,000/= 6,000/=

50% 2500/= 60% 6,000/= 75% 3,750/= 7,500/= 11,250/=

7,500/= 16,000/=


Returns on Investment paid only nd rd after 2 “& 3 year

5,000/= 10,000/= 15,000/=

→ → →

8,750/= 17,500/= 26,250/=

Returns on Investment paid only rd after 3 year

5,000/= 10,000/= 15,000/= 25,000/=

→ → → →

→ → → →

100% 5,000/= 10,000/= 15,000/= 25,000/=

100% 5,000/= 10,000/= 15,000/= 25,000/=

10,000/= 20,000/= 30,000/= 50,000/=

Minimum period of investment is 3years for all plans. st nd rd Option 1 means : Returns will be paid after 1 , 2 and 3 year. nd rd Option 2 means : Returns will be paid only after 2 and 3 year. rd Option 3 means : Returns will be paid only after 3 year. An application of request to invest is subject to acceptance and confirmation by A-L. Issue of the Noble-Invest certificate by A-L duly signed and sealed confirms acceptance of the application. e-mail: