Geothermal Energy A solution to the dependence on fossil fuels and foreign oil can be found right in our back

yards; or shall we say, under it. Yes, Geothermal energy is a source of energy found under the ground and it can be extracted. Under the outer layer of the earth known as the crust, lies the largest layer of the earth known as the mantle. This mantle is a layer of molten lava reaching extremely high temperatures of up to 900 degrees Celsius. Most of this energy comes from the radioactive decay of Uranium and Potassium. The method behind capturing this energy involves digging very deep holes into the ground that reach this extreme heat. Rocks a mile under the earth are a common source of energy. Water then seeps into these holes and returns as steam, which is then used to power turbines that result in electricity. s/how-geothermal-energy-works.html Wind Energy Wind energy is actually created by the sun and the movement of the earth. The sun heats the atmosphere unevenly and this combined with the rotation of the earth results in “wind”. Turbines are created that can capture this energy. The basic idea for capturing this energy is very simple. The blades in the turbine have a shape that when wind moves through the blades, an uneven air pressure is created resulting in kinetic energy. This mechanical energy inside the turbines is then transformed into electrical energy. This is done through a series of gears that result in very quick rotation. Usually these turbines are grouped into a farm. Some of these turbines have blades that span the length of a football field and can power more than 1400 homes. Wind is a clean and renewable source of energy that can be a great asset to power society in the future. The only problem is that wind energy can sometimes be unreliable since strong winds are not always present. Solar Power Solar energy consists of electromagnetic radiation produced by the sun. This energy is collected in very creative ways and is then transformed into electricity. One way to collect this energy is through panels made out of semiconducting materials. When radiation hits these panels, these waves knock off electrons in the atoms composing the panel. These electrons flow through the panel and generate electricity. The other way to harness solar power is through the use of mirrors. These mirrors are aimed toward specific points. They may be a tower or a pipe filled with oil or molten salt. The oil boils water and the steam that results is used to

Solar energy is a great source of energy that causes no pollution and is inexhaustible. The heat produced is used to power turbines that generate electricity. Today however there is an abundance of coal and priced much lower then petroleum. http://www.nationalgeographic. Coal is very abundant in the United States. But the use of coal has many pollutants and in fact produces twice as much carbon emissions then Coal energy Coal energy is a fossil fuel that was created by plants that died millions of years ago.ifpaenergyconference. Coal produces energy by being burned.power turbines. The only problem with solar energy is that a good method for storing the energy is The dead plants were compressed at high pressures and over millions of years they became coal. It is estimated that 24% of all the world’s coal is in the US. Also this energy is not available at night nor when the sky is cloudy. The problem with coal is that it is a fossil fuel and is therefore limited.html . http://environment. The molten salt is also used to power turbines that then generate electricity.

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