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BIGIP Global Traffic Manager


Whats Inside 2 Unmatched DNS Performance 2 DNS Caching and Resolving 3 Secure Applications 5 Globally Available Applications 8 Simple Management 11 Network Integration 13 Architecture 14 BIGIP GTM Platforms 14 VIPRION Platform 15 Virtual Platform 15 DNS On-Demand Scaling 15 Easy DNS with GSLB Evaluation and Testing 16 DNS Query RPS Maximum Performance 17 F5 Services 17 More Information Key benefits
Scale DNS to more than 10 million RPS with a fully-loaded chassis
BIGIP GTM dramatically scales DNS to more than 10 million query RPS and controls DNS traffic. It ensures that users are connected to the best site, and delivers On-Demand Scaling for DNS and global apps.

Scale and Protect DNS Infrastructure and Optimize Global App Delivery
Scaling and securing every environment helps protect your business from site outages and improves DNS and application performance. Securing DNS infrastructures from the latest DDoS attacks and protecting DNS query responses from cache poisoning helps keep your online business running and viable. But to fully achieve these goals, organizations need an efficient way to monitor DNS infrastructure and application health, and scale on demand to meet exact requirements. F5 BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager (GTM) distributes DNS and user application requests based on business policies, data center and network conditions, user location, and application performance. BIG-IP GTM delivers F5s high-performance DNS Services with visibility, reporting, and analysis; scales and secures DNS responses geographically to survive DDoS attacks; delivers a complete, real-time DNSSEC solution; and ensures global application high availability.

Improve application performance

Send users to the site with the best application performance based on application and networkconditions.

Deploy flexibly, scale as you grow, and manage your network efficiently
BIG-IP GTM Virtual Edition (VE) delivers flexible global application management in virtual and cloud environments. Multiple management tools give you complete visibility and control; advanced logging, statistics and reporting; and a single point of control for your DNS and global app delivery resources.

Gain control and secure global application delivery

Route users based on business, geolocation, application, and network requirements to gain flexibility and control. Also ensure application availability and protection during DNS DDoS attacks or volume spikes.

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Unmatched DNS Performance

BIGIP GTM delivers DNS performance that can handle even the busiest sites. This helps your organization provide the best quality of service for your users while eliminating poor application performance. When sites have a volume spike in DNS query volumes due to legitimate requests or distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, BIG-IP GTM manages requests with multicore processing and DNS Express, dramatically increasing DNS performance to more than 10 million responses per second (RPS) to quickly respond to all queries. DNS Express improves standard DNS server functions by offloading DNS functions as a secondary DNS server. BIG-IP GTM zone transfers DNS records from the authoritative DNS server and answers DNS queriesdelivering exponential performance improvements that optimize DNSinfrastructures, and scaling to protect against DDoS attacks. Benefits and features of multicore processing and DNS Express include: High-speed response and DDoS attack protection with in-memory DNS Authoritative DNS serving out of RAM Configuration size for tens of millions of records Scalable DNS performance Consolidate DNS servers

DNS Caching and Resolving

By enabling a DNS cache on BIG-IP GTM, the number of DNS queries and the latency can be further reduced by having BIG-IP GTM respond immediately to client requests. BIG-IP GTM can consolidate the cache and increase the cache hit rate. This reduces DNS latency up to 80 percent, with DNS caching reducing the number of DNS queries for the same site within a short period of time. In addition to caching, adding resolver functions to BIG-IP GTM allows the device to do its own DNS resolving without requiring the use of an upstream DNS resolver. Caching profiles available to select for multiple caches include: Transparent cache BIG-IP GTM site in between client and DNS internal/external Hot cache Caching resolver No cache response so that BIG-IP GTM sends out the request with the response coming back for resolving and caching Validating caching resolver BIG-IP GTM supports all common DNS deployments that are either authoritative or local resolver DNS.

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Data Center 1 Data Center 2 Internal Clients


BIG-IP Platform

Private/Public Cloud
BIG-IP GTM reduces the average DNS response time for mobile devices and PCs from an average of 300 milliseconds (ms) and 100 ms respectively to just 15 ms. For context, 400 ms is the blink of an eye.

Secure Applications
DNS denial-of-service attacks, cache poisoning, and DNS hijacking threaten the availability and security of your applications. BIGIP GTM protects against DNS attacks and enables you to create polices that provide an added layer of protection for your applications and data. Hardened device All BIG-IP devices are ICSA network firewall certified, allowing for BIG-IP GTM to be deployed as a firewall in the DMZ zone. BIGIP GTM is designed to resist common attacks by thwarting teardrop attacks, by protecting itself and servers from ICMP attacks, and by not running SMTPd, FTPd, Telnetd, or any other attackable daemons. DNS attack protection Built-in protocol validation automatically drops UDP floods and malformed packets. The protocol validation filter accepts only valid queries for processing. The unmatched performance of DNS Express in BIG-IP GTM can tolerate high levels of DNS attacksto more than 10 million RPS depending on deviceprotecting your organization while still maintaining maximum and continuous availability for applications and services. DNS load balancing BIG-IP GTM can be used to front-end a pool of static DNS servers. If the DNS request is for a name controlled by BIG-IP GTM, BIG-IP GTM will answer the request. If not, BIG-IPGTM can load balance the request to a pool of DNS servers, providing very high DNS query response performance for static DNS. Security control Administrators can strengthen site security and diffuse attacks before they start with BIGIP GTM. iRules can help you create policies that block DNS requests from rogue sites or known sources of attacks before they can do damage.

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Packet filtering BIGIP GTM uses packet filtering to limit or deny access to and from websites based on monitoring the traffic source, destination, or port. DNS firewall DNS DDoS, cache poisoning of LDNS, and other unwanted DNS attacks and volume spikes can cause DNS outage and lost productivity. These attacks and traffic spikes increase volume dramatically and can take down DNS servers. BIG-IP GTM with security, scale, performance, and control functionality provides DNS firewall benefits. It shields DNS from attacks and other undesired DNS queries and responses that reduce DNS performance. F5 DNS firewall services include: Protocol inspection and validation DNS record type ACL* DNS load balancing High-performance DNS cache High-performance DNS slave scales responses dramatically Stateful inspection (never accepts unsolicited responses) ICSA certified (can be deployed in the DMZ) Ability to scale across devices using IP Anycast Secure responses (DNSSEC) DNSSEC responses rate limits Complete DNS control using DNS iRules DDoS threshold alerting* DNS logging and reporting Hardened F5 DNS code (not BIND protocol)

*Requires provisioning BIG-IP Advanced Firewall Manager to access functionality.

Internal Clients


Data Center




DNS Firewall in BIG-IP Platform

Web Applications
BIG-IP Platform BIG-IP Platform

BIG-IP GTM keeps DNS available with firewall services protecting DNS infrastructure from highvolume attacks and malformed packets.

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Complete DNSSEC With BIGIP GTM DNSSEC support, you can digitally sign and encrypt your DNS query responses. This enables the resolver to determine the authenticity of the response, preventing DNS hijacking and cache poisoning. These signed DNS responses are used in conjunction with the BIGIP GTM intelligent DNS system so you receive all the benefits of global server load balancing while also securing your DNS query responses. Alternatively, you can use BIGIP GTM in front of traditional DNS servers to easily deploy and load balance DNSSEC within your existing infrastructure. Centralized DNSSEC key management Many IT organizations have or want to standardize on FIPS-compliant devices and secure DNSSEC keys. You can use BIG-IP GTM with FIPS cards that provide 140-2 support for securing your keys. In addition, BIG-IP GTM integrates and uses Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) from Thales for implementation, centralized management, and secure handling of DNSSEC keys, delivering lower OpEx, consolidation, and FIPS compliance. DNSSEC capabilities are now included with many of the latest platforms for fast implementation with Thales HSMs. Top-level domain support for DNSSEC For DNS administrators who want to delegate to other secure sub-domains, BIG-IP GTM allows easy management of DNSSEC as a top-level domain, becoming a parent zone. DNSSEC validation In most networks, DNS resolvers offload DNSSEC record requests and crypto calculations to validate that the DNS response being received is correctly signed. DNSSEC responses coming into the network requires high CPU loads on DNS resolving servers. With BIG-IP GTM DNSSEC validation, administrators can easily offload and validate DNSSEC on the client side using BIG-IP GTM for resolving. This results in superior DNS performance and a dramatic increase in the site response to end users.

Advanced global load balancing BIGIP GTM includes the industrys most advanced traffic distribution capabilities to match the needs of any organization or globally deployed application.

Globally Available Applications

Organizations rely on applications to stay competitive, so ensuring global availability is critical. BIGIPGTM offers sophisticated health monitoring that supports a wide variety of application types, giving organizations the flexibility to adapt quickly and stay competitive. Global load balancing User experience suffers when organizations with distributed data centers are unable to allocate global traffic by routing the user to the best and closest data center based on specific business policies. Changing network and user conditions can overwhelm a data center during peak traffic times. BIGIP GTM provides comprehensive, high-performance application management services that support evolving application requirements. Dynamic ratio load balancing BIGIP GTM routes users to the best global resource based on comprehensive site and network metrics. For example, the quality of service (QoS) load balancing mode includes a hops coefficient, based on the number of hops between the client and the local DNS.

Round robin Global availability LDNS persistence Application availability Geography Virtual server capacity Least connections Packets per second Round trip time Hops Packet completion rate User-defined QoS Dynamic ratio LDNS Ratio Kilobytes per second

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Managers can use hop rate to send the user to the data center that requires the fewest hops, ensuring more rapid access. Dynamic Ratio load balancing mode solves the problem of winner takes all common to other global traffic management systems. Dynamic Ratio sends a portion of traffic to the best performing site, second best performing site, and so onin proportion to the health and performance of network and server resources. Wide area persistence User connections can persist across applications and data centers and be automatically routed to the appropriate data center or server, based on application state. BIGIP GTM synchronizes persistence information across all devices, ensuring that users are directed back to the same site regardless of their entry point. Finally, it propagates the desired persistence information to local DNS servers, reducing the required frequency of synchronizing back-end databases. Session integrity is always maintained, with no more broken sessions or lost or corrupted data. The result is improved application performance and more efficient use of your infrastructure. Geographic load balancing Determining the location of users is critical to ensuring they are connected to the best data center and served the right content. BIGIP GTM includes an IP geolocation database from a third-party vendor to accurately identify exactly where a user is located. Each IP can be located at the continent, country, and state/province level to enable very granular traffic policies and improve application performance. Custom topology mapping BIGIP GTM offers organizations deploying intranet applications the ability to set up custom topology mappings. By defining and saving custom region groupings, you can configure topology based on traffic distribution policies that match your internal infrastructure. Infrastructure monitoring BIGIP GTM checks the health of the entire infrastructure, eliminating single points of failure and routing traffic away from poorly performing sites. By collecting performance and availability metrics from data centers, ISP connections, servers, caches, and user content, BIGIP GTM ensures high availability and adequate capacity prior to directing traffic to a site.

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Site 2 New York


User Seattle


BIG-IP Platform


BIG-IP Platform

Corporate Servers

Site 1 San Francisco

Site 3 Milan


BIG-IP Platform



BIG-IP Platform


BIG-IP Platform


BIG-IP Platform

Corporate Servers

Corporate Servers
BIGIP GTM ensures users are always connected to the best site (see illustration). (1) User queries local DNS to resolve domain, and local DNS queries BIGIP GTM. (2) BIGIP GTM uses metrics collected for each site and identifies the best server. (3) BIGIP GTM responds to local DNS with IP address. (4) User is connected to site.

Application health monitoring Todays sophisticated applications require intelligent health checks to determine availability. Instead of relying on a single health check, BIGIP GTM aggregates multiple monitors so you can check the application state at multiple levels. This results in highest availability, improved reliability, and the elimination of false positives to reduce management overhead. BIGIP GTM provides pre-defined, out-of-the-box health monitoring support for more than 18 different applications, including SAP, Oracle, LDAP, and mySQL. BIGIP GTM performs targeted monitoring of these applications to accurately determine their health, reduce downtime, and improve user experience. It also allows you to group related objects so that if one application fails, other apps that depend on it will be marked out of 7

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

service. This enables you to align and monitor application objects according to business logic and profitability, build scalable traffic distribution policies, and better manage application dependencies. Disaster recovery/business continuity planning In addition to performing comprehensive site availability checks, you can define the conditions for shifting all traffic to a backup data center, failing over an entire site, or controlling only the affected applications.

Simple Management
Managing a distributed, multiple-site network from a single point is an enormous challenge. BIGIP GTM provides tools that give you a global view of your infrastructure with the means to manage the network and add polices to ensure the highest availability for your businesscritical applications. Web-based user interface BIGIP GTM provides a simple way for your organization to manage its global infrastructure from a centralized location: Efficient list and object management for complete visibility of global resources  Unique naming of global objects to reduce administration and build the infrastructure around business policies Sorting and searching for fast access to global objects Streamlined setup and object creation to reduce configuration times Enhanced management of distributed applications as part of one collective group  Context-sensitive help for information on objects, commands, and configuration examples Powerful command line interface TMSH, a tree-based command line interface for BIGIP GTM, has integrated search, context-sensitive help, and batch-mode transactions. By providing a shell that is simple to navigate and enabling you to script complex commands, TMSH can significantly reduce management time. Automated setup and synchronization Autosync automates setup and secure synchronization of multiple BIGIP GTM devices. With Autosync, you can make configuration changes from any BIGIP GTM device in the network, eliminating difficult hierarchical management common to DNS. Scalable and optimized configurations For IT organizations with numerous GSLB configurations, Incremental Sync delivers highperformance optimizations for large deployments. With more devices in a sync group, administrators will notice that configuration changes are reflected faster across sync groups. Incremental Sync delivers GSLB configuration scalability. For large deployments with GSLB configurations and rapid user changes, you can completely protect changes by manually saving when most convenient. 8

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Configuration retrieval AutoDiscovery enables BIGIP GTM retrieve configurations from any number of distributed BIGIP systems, removing the need to repeat configurations across devices. Data center and sync groups BIGIP GTM enables you to create logical groups of network equipment to ensure the efficient use of monitoring and metrics collection. The result is a highly optimized solution that can support the Internets busiest sites by intelligently sharing the information with members in the logical group. Distributed application management Organizations often struggle to align their applications and infrastructure with their business goals and policies. BIGIP GTM gives you the ability to define dependencies between application services and manage them as a group. With distributed application management, you can build scalable traffic distribution policies and improve efficiency with granular control of data center objects. iRules Using F5s event-driven iRules, you can customize the dynamic distribution of global traffic. BIGIP GTM looks deep inside DNS messages to distribute application traffic to the desired data center, pool, or virtual server. This capability reduces latency, increases protection against malicious attacks, and improves application performance. Because iRules is based on an easy-to-use, TCL-based scripting language, administrative costs are nominal. Customize traffic with QoS DNS administrators wanting to design traffic decisions based on quality of service (QoS) metrics can easily develop custom load balancing algorithms using QoS metrics in iRules. These allow you to develop algorithms that use round trip time, hops, hit ratio, packet rate, bits per second, virtual server capacity, topology, virtual server score, and link capacity for unique and customized traffic requirements. DNS iRules You can easily manage DNS queries, responses, and actions for a fast, customized DNS infrastructure using DNS iRules. For instance, you can configure DNS iRules with filtering capabilities by using packet filters and query logging to enable protection and reporting of DNS. Because BIG-IP GTM can configure DNS iRules to manipulate DNS packets, administrators can add commands enabling dynamic DNS query and response management. ZoneRunner ZoneRunner is an integrated zone file management tool that simplifies DNS zone file management and reduces the risk of misconfiguration. It provides a secure environment in which to manage your DNS infrastructure while validating and error-checking zone files. Built on the latest version of BIND, ZoneRunner provides: Auto population of commonly used protocols Validation/error checking for zone file entries Rollback for the last transaction 9

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Command line versions of zone management Zone importation from an external server or a file Automatic reverse lookups Easy creation, editing, and searching of all records Easy management of Name Authority Pointer (NAPTR) records for LTE and 4G requirements DNS health monitor BIG-IP GTM deployed inline easily manages and load balances DNS servers. The DNS health monitor available in BIG-IP GTM and BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) monitors DNS server health and helps configure DNS based on reporting. The DNS health monitor detects if the servers are operating at peak performance or not and helps in reconfiguring for optimal responses. For example, when monitoring outbound DNS responses, BIG-IP GTM receives valid response from the DNS server sending an outbound query response. Or, in another example, if no devices answer a DNS request, the DNS monitor will check the path to see if the DNS infrastructure is working. High speed logging You can easily manage DNS and global app logging for fast network visibility and planning. By improving data information with high speed logging of DNS queries and responses, syslog, and global server load balancing decision logs, high speed logging enables fast network recognition with quick, deep search and display. For key network critical functions, there is centralized data recognition of all logs for destinations, formats, alerts, and more. Enhanced DNS detailed statistics BIG-IP GTM delivers advanced DNS statistics for administrators with enhanced detailed data for profiles such as query type counts (A, CNAME, NS, RRSIG, AAAA, SRV and other types) with requests, responses, and percentage counts. Stats are per profile and per device global count for fast visibility and planning of DNS delivery infrastructure. DNS detail stats are viewable in DNS profile or in analytics reporting. GUI statistics show rated capacity of instances like query RPS and object limits for DNS. This delivers reporting such as A requests, AAAA requests, and DNS resolutions for use in capacity planning for DNS. On viewing current statistics, administrators can choose to purchase more capacity to deploy the exact capability they require. Advanced DNS reporting and analytics F5 Analytics provides advanced DNS reporting and analysis of applications, virtual servers, query names, query types, client IPs, top requested names, and more for business intelligence, capacity planning, ROI reporting, troubleshooting, performance metrics, and tuning, enabling maximum optimization of the DNS and global app infrastructure. Thresholds can be set for some of the statistics, and an alert can be delivered via syslog, SNMP, or email when the threshold is exceeded. You can export the data off-box to a thirdparty remote logging/reporting engine for enhanced analysis.


DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Administrators can easily manage DNS using analytics with advanced reporting and analysis of actions for fast visibility of DNS delivery and infrastructure.

F5 Enterprise Manager Enterprise Manager can help you significantly reduce the cost and complexity of managing multiple F5 devices. You gain a single-pane view of your entire application delivery infrastructure and the tools you need to reduce deployment times, eliminate redundant tasks, and efficiently scale your infrastructure to meet your business needs.

Network Integration
BIGIP GTM is designed to fit into your current network and into your plans for the future. SNMP management application support BIGIP GTM integrates its MIBs and an SNMP agent with DNS. This enables SNMP management applications to read statistical data about the current performance of BIGIP GTM. SNMP management packages have an exact view of what BIGIP GTM is doing, while keeping an eye on standard DNS information. Third-party integration BIGIP GTM communicates and integrates with a broad array of network devices. This includes support for various types of remote hosts, including SNMP agents: UCD, snmpd, Solstice Enterprise, and the NT/4.0 SNMP agent. BIGIP GTM also talks to thirdparty caches, servers, routers, and load balancers to accurately diagnose the health of your network endpoints and provide a heterogeneous solution for global traffic management. 11

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

IPv6/IPv4 support BIGIP GTM supports next-generation IPv6 networks, resolving AAAA queries without requiring wholesale network and application upgrades. As IPv6 adoption grows, BIG-IP GTM eases the transition to IPv6 by bridging the gap between IPv6/IPv4 DNS. The DNS translation between IPv6 and IPv4 networks is seamless as BIG-IP GTM provides DNS gateway and translation services for hybrid IPv6 and IPv4 solutions, and manages IPv6 and IPv4 DNS servers in DNS64 environments. For AAAA queries from clients, BIG-IP LTM configured with NAT64 transforms IPv6 to IPv4 for those IPv4-only environments. The response data is sent to the client from NAT64 using IPv6. BIG-IP GTM enables the customer to run pure internal IPv6 and maintain connectivity to IPv6/IPv4 Internet. IP Anycast integration BIG-IP GTM and IP Anycast integration increases DNS performance as more devices are added to support millions of DNS queries. DNS query volumes directed to one IP address, whether legitimate or during a denial-of-service (DoS) attack, are easily managed by distributing the load among multiple geographic BIG-IP GTM devices with an IP Anycast integration. Administrators scale DNS infrastructure up and out to manage DNS request load to one IP, increasing revenue by servicing more users and protecting brand with trustworthy query response. Network managers realize these benefits: Improved user performance and reliability Reduced network latency for DNS transactions Fewer queries routed to distant servers Lower rates of dropped query packets, reducing DNS timeouts/retries Fewer congested routers

BIG-IP Platform BIG-IP Platform

BIG-IP GTM and IP Anycast integration distributes the DNS request load by directing single IP requests to multiple local devices.


DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Global server load balancing in virtual and cloud environments Easily spin up new deployments of global server load balancing with BIG-IP GTM Virtual Edition (VE) standalone or BIG-IP GTM running on BIG-IP LTM VE. Provide flexible global application availability by routing users to applications in data centers, managing Internet SaaS and outsourced applications, or directing users to the most available cloud applications.

The advanced architecture of BIGIP GTM gives you total flexibility to control application delivery without creating traffic bottlenecks. TMOS At the heart of BIGIP GTM is the F5 operating system, TMOS, that provides a unified system for optimal application delivery, giving you total visibility, flexibility, and control across all services. TMOS empowers BIGIP GTM to integrate with other F5 products and intelligently adapt to the diverse and evolving requirements of applications and networks. Query and response performance and scalability BIG-IP GTM query and response performance scales linearly on larger platforms and increases performance by integrating functions in TMOS. BIG-IP GTM is provisionable for platforms that support F5 virtual Clustered Multiprocessing (vCMP).


DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

BIGIP GTM Platforms

BIGIP Global Traffic Manager is available as a standalone appliance on the platforms listed below, and for BIG-IP GTM Virtual Edition. It is available as an add-on module for BIGIP Local Traffic Manager (LTM) on any BIGIP platform, including the VIPRION carrier-class chassis, and for BIG-IP LTM Virtual Edition. For detailed specifications, refer to the BIGIP System Hardware Datasheet.

image to come 10200 Series 6900 FIPS and NEBS Series

11050 Series (NEBS Optional)

7200 Series

5200 Series

4200 Series

3900 Series

3600 Series

2200/2000 Series

1600 Series


VIPRION Platform
BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager is also available as an add-on module to BIG-IP Local Traffic Manager on the modular VIPRION system. This chassis and blade architecture enables simple scalability as your Application Delivery Network grows. See the VIPRION Datasheet for details.

VIPRION 4800 Chassis

VIPRION 4480 Chassis

VIPRION 2400 Chassis

VIPRION 4300 Blade

VIPRION 4200 Blade

VIPRION 2100 Blade

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

Virtual Platform
BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager Virtual Edition (VE) offers flexibility of a virtual BIG-IP system. Supported on several leading hypervisors and selected cloud environments, BIG-IP GTM VE can help meet the needs of your virtualized environment.

VMware vSphere ESX/ESXi 4.0 U1, 4.1 U2 and ESXi 5.0 U1, 5.1 and vCloud Director 1.5 Citrix Xen Server 5.6 SP2 and 6.0


Community Xen 3.0 on CentOS 5.9 and Community Xen 4.2 on Fedora 18 KVM on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.3 and CentOS 6.3 Microsoft Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 and Windows 2012 R2 Amazon EC2

BIG-IP Virtual Edition is also available as an Amazon Machine Image for use within Amazon Web Services.

DNS On-Demand Scaling

Administrators have the option to add DNS and GSLB On-Demand Scaling with rate-limit and object limit capacity as desired to BIG-IP GTM or LTM appliances. This option supports requirements for exact traffic performance, resulting in lower CapEx and OpEx. On-Demand Scaling includes the following services: DNS, GSLB, DNSSEC, and Advanced Routing. User interface statistics show rated capacity of instances, such as query RPS and object limits, which deliver fast traffic detail for easy capacity planning. Contact your regional F5 sales representative or reseller for more information.

Easy DNS with GSLB Evaluation and Testing

With the latest version of BIG-IP LTM, you can select DNS Lite, a performance-limited and free provisioning option with full DNS and GSLB capabilities for fast evaluation and testing. This invaluable option requires no evaluation keys or time limits for in-depth traffic performance and management analysis. Customers wanting to move to production deployment must purchase an appropriate BIG-IP GTM solution.

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

DNS Query RPS Maximum Performance

BIG-IP GTM delivers DNS query response per second (RPS) with high performance scalability. The table below lists many BIG-IP platforms with DNS Express enabled for authoritative DNS query response with maximum capabilities per platform.

Platform Virtual Edition 1600 2000s 2200s 3600 3900 4000s 4200v 5000s 5200v 7000s 7200v 8900 8950 10000s 10200v 11000 11050 VIPRION 2100 Blade VIPRION 2400 Full-Chassis (4 Blades) VIPRION 4200 Blade VIPRION 4300 Blade VIPRION 4480 Full-Chassis (4 Blades) VIPRION 4800 Full-Chassis (8 blades)

Max Query RPS 250,000 320,000 170,000 345,000 N/A 815,000 350,000 700,000 615,000 1,230,000 720,000 1,440,000 N/A 1,965,000 800,000 1,600,000 N/A 2,160,000 1,000,000 4,000,000 1,840,000 N/A N/A N/A

Note: N/A indicates test results are not available at this time.

DATASHEET BIG-IP Global Traffic Manager

F5 Services
F5 Services offers world-class support, training, and consulting to help you get the most from your F5 investment. Whether its providing fast answers to questions, training internal teams, or handling entire implementations from design to deployment, F5 Services can help you achieve IT agility. For more information about F5 Services, contact or visit

More Information
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BIG-IP System Hardware Datasheet

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The Dynamic DNS Infrastructure Cloud Balancing: The Evolution of GSLB Distributing Applications for Disaster Planning and Availability DNSSEC: The Antidote to DNS Cache Poisoning and Other DNS Attacks F5 and Infoblox DNS Integrated Architecture High-Performance DNS Services

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