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New Rules, New Tools
"Our Democracy and w ay of life are in peril." Our solutions may vary depending on your political/social philosophy but there is one fundamental principle w e all must agree upon: Americans must have FACTUAL TRUTH for Democracy to function as the Framers envisioned it. This blog is dedicated to ensuring the legitimacy of the Democratic process through the exposure of the New Rules being used to smother the American Dream.

Welcome to New Rules, New Tools
T h is blog is dedica t ed t o r efr a m in g t h e t ir ed, bin a r y a r g u m en t s a n d fa lse ch oices bein g u sed t o in flu en ce t h e fin a n cia l, polit ica l a n d socia l m odel of A m er ica n life. T h er e *IS* a dir ect a n d sy m biot ic r ela t ion sh ip bet w een Bir t h er s, T en t h er s, t h e Hea lt h Ca r e ba t t le, t h e Ch ica g o Sch ool, t h e fin a n cia l m elt dow n , Neocon ser v a t iv ism , Media con solida t ion , lobby r efor m a n d m or e. Con n ect in g t h ese dot s offer s t h e pr om ise of r et u r n in g leg it im a cy t o t h e Dem ocr a t ic pr ocess a ll A m er ica n s r ely u pon .... m a k in g in for m ed ch oices ba sed u pon t r u t h .

T H URS DA Y , J ULY 2 1 , 2 0 1 1

................ #Occupy Congress: One Oath....................
One oath , one pledge, one promise: A Declaration for US elected officials in Federal, State and local governments sworn to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America.

1. Whereas, The Constitution assigned to Congress responsibility for organizing the executive and judicial branches, raising revenue, declaring war, and making all laws necessary for executing these powers. (US Senate website, constitution.htm#a1_sec8 ) 2. Whereas, The Congress shall have Power To lay and collect Taxes, Duties, Imposts and Excises, to pay the Debts and provide for the common Defence and general Welfare of the United States; but all Duties, Imposts and Excises shall be uniform throughout the United States; (US Constitution, Article I, Section 8) 3. Whereas, Congress can borrow money through the issuance of bonds and other means. When it borrows money, the United States creates a binding obligation to repay the debt and cannot repudiate it. (Senate official explanation of Article I, Section 8 US Constitution entry of “To borrow Money on the credit of the United States;”)

T h a n k y ou for y ou r com m en t s a n d a dv ice. I.D. Dir ect em a il: Dem ocr a cy A r ch iv es@g m a


foreign and domestic. DI OGE N E S U N I TE D S TA TE S Seek er of T r u t h a n d W isdom V iew m y com plet e pr ofile un-ultra. you willfully and fully made the following Oath of office: “ I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies. without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion. promise or oath that may in any way compromise or conflict with your Oath of Office and duties to support and defend the US Constitution is prima facie evidence of willful violation of such Oath of Office. For you will hate one and love the other. So help me God. M.7/28/13 New Rules."No one can serve two masters. it may be considered treason or a high crime to betray a sworn oath of office. ( Matthew 6:24 -. Whereas. promises and oaths that may cause them to not perform their sworn duties to protect and preserve the US Constitution. 7. Signing any OTHER pledge. and whereas good judgment. and that I will well and faithfully discharge the duties of the office on which I am about to enter. to be in violation of their sacred Oath of Office of the United States Congress. integrity and reason are the fundamental and minimum standards expected of any elected official.) Already a member? Sign in About Me I . Whereas. that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same. As a requirement of the office of US Senator and US Representative. Under the laws of this same Constitution. It is self-evident that no man or woman can serve two masters. You cannot serve both God and money. We the People do hereby declare that any and all US Congressmen and Senators who have signed other pledges. you will be devoted to one and despise the other. New Tools Join this site w ith Google Friend Connect Members (1) 2/8 . This Oath of Office is a promise of loyalty to the US Constitution. 6. that I take this obligation freely. Whereas. promise or oath or verbally making any OTHER such pledge.” 5. Whereas.blogspot.

integrity. New Tools Elected officials cannot serve two masters… you must choose one pledge to honor and only one. and to un-ultra. (Source: http://www. Therefore. Common wisdom dictates that our elected officials must be able to differentiate between goals and absolutes. lest you dishonor one while honoring the other.7/28/13 New Rules.263 elected state officials who have also willfully signed this pledge in violation of their own particular Oath of Office. that absolute must only be their Oath of Office. 9.blogspot. the initial focus is on the 236 US Congressional Representatives and 41 US Senators who have willfully signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge. 5 Lieutenant Governors. 10. reason and loyalty to their constitutions and to re-affirm their oath of office to their 3/8 . This includes 13 governors. 4 Attorneys General. In addition. and a formal re-taking of your Oath of Office. there are also 1. Such violations must be remedied by either (A) Immediate resignation or (B) Verbal and written denunciation of any and all even potentially conflicting pledges. promises and oaths as defined above. Whereas.atr. While there may be other pledges that violate or conflict with your oath of office. We the People do hereby call upon all of our elected officials to utilize their God-given good judgment. and 3 Secretaries of State and various State representatives.Whereas. Whereas. and that if they are to have one absolute to abide by in all decisions.

Bush’s presidency: the wars and the tax cuts. 2 0 1 1 On GOP hypocrisy in the debt ceiling and budget negotiations. My party talks a good game.2 trillion were Republican in origin. J ULY 0 4 .7/28/13 New Rules. But the same Congressional Budget Office that punctured Obama’s budget also concluded that the major policies that swung the budget from a projected 10-year surplus of $5.M. Including debt service costs. A witness to GOP spending By MIKE LOFGREN Special to the Los Angeles Times P resident Obama’s fiscal policies are a mess. it is obvious that running trillion-dollar deficits for years on end is unsustainable.. his proposals are dishonest. un-ultra. do in fact amount to self-evident violation of their Primary Duty to the Federal and/or State Constitutions they are sworn to uphold and protect.M. railing about the immorality of passing debt on to our children. Additionally.blogspot. promises and oaths that. Signed below by United States Citizens for Preserving Our Democracy: 1. Dioge ne s at 11:47 PM 1 com m e nt: MON DA Y . Bush’s wars have cost about $1. most of them as a professional staff member on the Republican side of both the House and Senate Budget Committees. New Tools renounce any and all other pledges. 4/8 .. Diogenes Poste d by I. Moreover. Sadly. The failure of our leaders to offer realistic budget proposals was a major reason I decided to retire after 28 years in Congress.7 trillion to date.6 trillion in 2001 to the present 10-year deficit of $6. Whatever one thinks of the need for stimulus in a severe recession. Bush’s red ink Consider the two signature GOP policies of George W. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office concluded that his proposed 2012 budget underestimates spending while overestimating revenues. the Republicans have offered no viable alternative. while taken in good faith.

a fact it glosses over with optimistic growth forecasts. are willing to act like adults. 2 0 0 9 Letter on truth in media Sept. 2011. at 14. if that’s so." to "encourage the public to v oice griev ances against the news media" and to ex pose unethical practices of un-ultra. And finally. the party I have served for three decades. the facts say otherwise: U. While Republican leaders wail that Americans — particularly their rich contributors — are overtaxed.7/28/13 New Rules. revenues are at their lowest level in 60 years. 1 7 . why was the rate of job creation in the decade after the Bush tax cuts the poorest in any decade since before World War II? Like a drunk swearing off hooch for the hundredth time. 5/8 . Poste d by I. Paying for past decisions Raising the debt ceiling isn’t. and those decisions were made primarily when Republicans were in charge. taxpayers. 2009 To: Society of Professional Journalists Ethics Committee Dear Members. Do the Republican holdouts really want that? If so. The GOP insists that those wealthy people use their money to create jobs. and that taxing them more heavily would ultimately hurt the economy. the 400 wealthiest Americans have as much wealth as the bottom 125 million. perhaps it’s time for a party that is willing to step into the void. a default could seize up our private financial system in a manner similar to the Lehman Bros. The Bush tax cuts have added an additional $3 trillion in red ink.” the Pentagon has spent about $1 trillion more than was expected in the last decade on things other than direct war costs. The policy of full faith and credit. which would force up interest rates for everyone and add more than a trillion dollars to the cost of servicing the federal government’s debt. the code specifically calls on journalists to "clarify and ex plain news cov erage and inv ite dialogue with the public ov er journalistic conduct. From y our webpage: “Indeed. they want revenue increases “off the table. has served us well. Congress giving itself permission to continue excessive spending: It’s something that’s necessary to pay for past congressional decisions on taxes and spending. Today. If neither the Democrats nor Republicans. Moreover.blogspot. pay far less in taxes than they would in most other developed countries. like privatizing Medicare. Republicans are now trying to show they are serious about controlling the deficit by saying they won’t raise the debt ceiling unless they get through some of their cost-saving projects. there has been another trillion dollars spent domestically in response to 9/11. which has been a bonanza for military contractors but a disaster for the federal budget. Meanwhile. New Tools as part of being “a nation at war. particularly the wealthiest. constructed by Alexander Hamilton more than two centuries ago. No one wants to have to raise the debt ceiling. Dioge ne s at 4:37 PM No com m e nts: T H URS DA Y . We shouldn’t abandon it to a misplaced ideology.8 percent of GDP. they might want to take a hard look at the streets of Athens. But not doing so could lead to at least a temporary default on our debt. S EPT EMBER 1 7 . But. including spending on such things as establishing the Homeland Security Department and increasing the budgets for the State Department and Veterans Affairs. Polarization based on juvenile talk radio sloganeering is dragging this country to the cliff’s edge. And the budget passed by the Republicancontrolled House further cuts taxes on the wealthy. Mike Lofgren retired as a Republican congressional staffer on June 17.S.” even though. as the GOP tries to say.M.

FCC lax ity .there is True. it’s about the tactics being used.. It IS treated differently . But I know what I see and hear. admittedly taking it for granted while people like y ou worked behind the scenes to ensure that it did. and that it is in effect crippling the ability of the gov ernment to do what we elected them to do—gov ern. the many fine watchdog groups will catch most of it and report on it. disinformation. and there is False. and to the detriment of y our own ethical imperativ 6/8 . Truth has become a casualty when the ev ent is framed innocently as “opposing opinions”. an Independent second with respect for *all* sides of legitimate political debate.7/28/13 New Rules. But I do know this. Key word there is Legitimate. ty ping that for the first time is not only sobering. I am writing to ex press concerns to y our Journalist Ethics Committee. the rules of the game being play ed. I do not claim to know. Sure. I fully realize that most are honest. ethical and diligent reporters of fact. It took a COMEDIAN named Jon Stewart to shame CNN into dropping the Crossfire program. Quite frankly . and frankly it is acrid to my other senses. do y ou feel compelled to show the two sides to that story ? To giv e equal time to the rapist. and un-ultra. the dispassionate. y et that format liv es on as a standard on the top rated ‘news’ shows… justified by the intellectually disingenuous argument that showing two sides of a story is the only responsibility of the media. that has allowed our country to ev entually right wrongs. or whether Friedman lost and Key nes won in the end…. I am one of the citizens who rely on truth in journalism. It truly is the glue that holds ev ery thing together. I will not stoop to hy perbole to make a point. nor will I paint with too broad a brush. New Tools journalists and the news media. What we see daily now is illegitimate debate. Dav id Gergen himself agrees that what we are now seeing is different than in times past. But is it possible that standard is being applied to the political discourse only ? And if so.blogspot. but somewhat unsettling. non-partisan and objectiv e. The moral center. In a different place than those news consumers will ev er see. the prov erbial Center has been mov ed. And the responsibility of the referees. and in fact v iew it as the single most important component of a healthy Democracy . The result is that I no longer believ e in truth in our American media. That light has slowly been fading for ov er a decade now. objectiv e referees. And so the lie liv es. not subject to scrutiny when it comes to any issue ev en remotely related to political activ ity . and spreads. Whether the cause is the media consolidation. to make informed decisions. Tomorrow. why ? When y ou report on a brutal rape or murder. and the cumulativ e effect of these lies is growing towards a tipping point in this society . to progress and to power that beacon of light across the globe that giv es hope to so many . the ethical center – that place from which we qualify ourselv es to be independent. his difficult life circumstances and lack of medical care for his ‘problem’? Y et our media today permits half-truths and ev en outright lies to appear under the guise of “just an opinion”. This isn’t about the politics of Liberalism or Conserv atism. or a new economic guru but we must ALWAY S hav e the rules enforced or Democracy will become just another game that was rigged. I’v e liv ed my life trusting that this fundamental element ex isted. personal greed or undue lobby influence. False premise-. We may hav e Whigs in 20 y ears." In the spirit of those goals. I’m an American first.

un-ultra. Thank y ou for y our serv ice to our country . no one dare call it a lie ev en when there is factual proof that it is.. publish and promote a monthly report on Truth in Media. th e book. . Has that Center mov ed so 7/8 ..M.blogspot. Can it not be said that the core v alue of truth is the v ery foundation upon which journalism is based? And when that core v alue is allowed to corrode. What will y ou do about it? I know it’s not a legal matter. as our journalists become so sensitized to being labeled “Liberal Media”. control and call to some action. and concur. McMu rph y . y et unless it’s on MSNBC. and in fact ex pressing y our own 1 st amendment free speech Consider y our actions. Hate speech is not just politics… it is hate speech.7/28/13 New Rules. Don’t trust. Lies were the seeds of destruction of many a proud and honorable society . 2009 “One flew east. as they do now about the Iraq war and the meltdown of the financial sy stem? My appeal to y our board of ethics is to reconsider y our role in maintaining that foundation. where facts end and manipulation and demagoguery begin. It’s no secret that many worry that the result of this fear mongering could well be some v ery serious national tragedy . and also y our position on not “enforcing rules”. Where were the referees?. it may nev er hav e been more important than it is today . v erify . Put it EV ERY WHERE. But y our words also inform us that “recognizing the importance of each core v alue” is a key factor in deciding where or how to draw that line in determining what y ou report and how loudly y ou report it. that y our entire structure is compromised? Will history ask the question. New Tools outright lies solely designed to create fear and chaos.Cu ckoo’s N est”. ”. from Ch i ef's i m agi n ati on . and that y our code requires the delicate balance cited earlier. Calculated misstatements are not just politics… they are lies designed to manipulate. Diogenes Poste d by I. what is not and what falls between. one flew over the cuckoo’s nest . the Anniversary edition September 1 4. that they are simply afraid to report the Truth that they see in front of them? I am not naïv e enough to think that y our Ethics panel isn’t well aware of the general point I make here. so my question isn’t Are y ou aware? but rather. Dioge ne s at 7:52 PM No com m e nts: MON DA Y . goose swoops down and plucks you out” Th e rol e of R. with fanfare because right now this democracy needs to know what is real and what is imaginary . perhaps prepare. 2 0 0 9 Capitalism_Cataclysm. one flew west. I got all that. We see v ideo clips of US congressmen/women making outright false statements to constituents. Then giv e our citizens y our OPINION. Sincerely . Do a report card on each network and each major newspaper and columnist….P. S EPT EMBER 1 4 . I. America is counting on y ou to ex ercise Y OUR free speech by informing us what is Truth. .

somehow ex pecting different results. In the mean time. It’s becoming increasingly apparent that no one really knows what to do as the old standard economic and financial models seem incapable of producing The Solution. we can no longer distinguish between the inmates and the staff. v er 2. apparently cov ering their ey es and ears as they sprint past the grav ey ard . could no longer function.7/28/13 New Rules. Dioge ne s at 10:39 AM No com m e nts: Home Subscribe to: Posts (Atom) un-ultra. So how do we cure her? Lobotomy ? No. now rife with zombie banks and ghosts of Lehmans Past. too ex treme.” Hegel be damned.2? According to a v ariety of ‘ex perts’ inside the asy lum. What then. one y ear after the rev eal of Capitalism_Catacly sm. New Tools Where’s our McMurphy when we need him? Who’s going to swoop down and sav e us from this economic. And her own odds of surv iv al. y ou ask? All she needs is one Dose. Pax il? Doubtful… Many side effects and inter-action concerns.. Nurse Ratched’s banks keeps doing the same things. political and social asy lum we find ourselv es still mired in. The moral? “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.cure as bad as the disease. Diogenes Nex t: A Dose of Reality Poste d by I. not only don’t they know who McMurphy *is*.com 8/8 . the banks are back to business as usual according to the recent NY Times article. one shot remov es blind arrogance and the false sense of entitlement that inv ariably lead to self-destruction in this form of psy chosis. pushing them deeper into despair while further eroding her own credibility and trust. Looking from outside the asy lum. chaos.. I. Ev en the Acutes know crazy when they see it…. With a prov en 98% cure rate. Uh-oh. She continues to blame and punish the sub-primer inmates for creating their own problems. most don’t believ e he ev en ex ists.M.blogspot.