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INTEGRANTS: Karolayn FarfN Cruz Pierina FarfN Hurtado Yanira Farfn More Rossmery Flores Tvara Pamela Gallardo Barrientos

The values:
The values are principles that permit orientate us to realizate as good persons for our society. Therere fundamental beliefs that help to prefer, appreciate and choose things over others


The honesty truth





Its necessary to take the honesty seriously, be conscious of how any lack of honesty affects us for small that is Its necessary to admit that its fundamental condition for the human relations for the friendship and the authentic community life Dishonest unjust. being is to be false,

Im honesty person when respect the friends things, also when I say the truth. For me is a very important value because I can believe in my friends. When there isnt honesty, there isnt confidence.


Its fundamental part of everybody. The respect implicate respect and tolerance the differents that exist in our society. Im a respect person when be polite with my teachers, friends, parents, etc.

The respect is important for me because help me to have a good communication with other persons, this way if all practice this value we will build a best place to live. The respect consists of the recognition of the interests and feelings of other one of a relation.

JUSTICA: The justice means to give each one what correspond The justice consists in recognize, respect and accomplished the human rights. Somebody who believe in justice doesnt allow somebody against him or her can defend with energy each time when is in front of an abuse or crime come wherever come.

To responsibility it is a value that is in the conscience of the person, who allow people to think, to administer, to orientate and to value the consequences of their acts, always in the plan of mulberry. The responsible person is that one that acts consciously being the direct or indirect reason of a happened fact. It is forced to answer by some thing or some person. Also it the one that expires with obligations or that puts care and attention about what people do or decide.


Feeling that forces us to estimate the benefit or favor that has done us or has wanted to do, and to corresponding to somehow. Make friends. Personal, pure and disinterested affection shared with another person, which it is born and fortifies with the treatment. Confidence. Firm hope that is had of someone or something. Loyalty. Observance of the faith that someone owes to another person.

Solidarity Solidarity is one of the most important values. We have to practice it even . when we are children, it consists in giving help to someone need it.

The love

The love is the most important feeling of the human beings. The love is to understand, to serve, to give, to share, to want, to respect and to coexist. In our family, thanks to the love, we take part of the happy moments and failures in the same way since we it would do with a friend