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Yogathe very word spreads out peace and harmony, and is believed to be originated during the period of the Sat Yuga, around 26,000 years ago. It is the science of healing, selfdiagnosis, prevention and protection of your body and spirit. The great sages of olden days (Rishis), differentiates Yoga into the Antaranga Sadhana and the Bahiranga Sadhana. Bahiranga Sadhana is the spiritual practice intended to strengthen the outer body instruments of body and Prana, the vitalenergy.Theseincludetheethicalpractices,suchasYogasanaandPranayama. Once the body gets its strength and the Nadis (astral tubes) are filtered through Pranayama, the spiritualseekerachievesstrengthtostarttheAntarangaSadhana.Pratyahara,DharanaandDhyana, are the Antaranga Sadhana. Antaranga Sadhana is Nididhyasana or deepseated meditation on Aham Brahmasmi and its sense. The senses and the brain must be introverted from the sense objects and the mind must be payingattention on the God inside. So, Antaranga Sadhana is said to betheInnerYoga.TheaspirantshouldpracticeouterYogabeforegoingforinnerYogapractices. The true spirit of Yoga spins around uplifting the living energy or Kundalini at the bottom of the spine. A series of mental and physical exercise is needed to achieve this. The physical level of exercise comprise of various yoga postures or asanas that is aimed at keeping the body in good health. The mental exercise includes the breathing exercises, pranayama and meditation or dhyanaformindregulation. Yoga is divine and a strongly effectual alternate for negative habits. Whether bear of insight or by trial and mistake, kerala yoga techniques replaces with the kind of activities our early human predecessors must have done in the path of just living out their arboreal lives. The spirit of yoga is to formulate the process as proficient and pleasing as possible. It is thus essential that you must learn how to stretch! How to relax! And How to breathe! Then you will be prepared to workout safeandsound! The substance of our times consents that yoga be on hand to anyone chary enough to try it. The precious endless present that yoga extends, enables all of us to carefully enjoy life, as the vital outcome,thekarma,ofpositiveparticipationwithourownphysiology,eachother,andtheecology. The opening up a "way" to Ananda, yoga, produces the synergy that made people much more prettyandthrivingthanitssubstitute. Yoga is not a belief; it is a way of existing whose intend is a healthy mind in a healthy body. The most definitive goal of yoga is to help the creatures to exceed the self and achieve enlightenment. Manisamental,physicalandspiritualcreature,andyogahelpsupholdabalancedgrowthofallthe three.Yogaisanessentiallytherapeuticprocess,whichisvaluableformental,physicalandspiritual advancement. Every aspirant of Yoga is endowed with the supremacy to control their body and soul. Following yoga helps an aspirant to build up a positive state of mind and to be generous towardsoneandothers. Mental and physical workouts are meant to cut off the senseof selffrom the body and soul and so intended to perfect your concentration, improve strength and help achieve peace of mind all the way through eight stages of training that comprise of Disciplined behavior (yama), Self purification

(niyama), Bodily postures such as the lotus position (asana), Control of breathing (pranayama), Control of the senses (Pratyahara), Fixing of the mind on a chosen object (Dharana), Meditation (dhyana)andSamadhiastateofbeingwhereyouexperienceabsolutetranquilityandhealthcare. Nilayoram ayurveda wellness centre presents you with the master yoga lessons, which help you in getting real experience of what yoga is all about. And attain clinically verifiable, tangible and beneficialresults!AtNilayoram,youwillbecompletelypleasedwiththemostnaturalandreflective waypossible.Formoreinformationvisit