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LamborghiniGallardoLP5704SquadraCorse Racetrackemotiondirecttotheroad.

SantAgata Bolognese, 1st August 2013 With the newGallardoLP5704SquadraCorse, Automobili Lamborghini brings race track emotion directly to the road. It delivers high performance and brings thefascinationofmotor racingtothestreetlegalworld.Thisnewand most extreme model in the Gallardo lineup is based on the Gallardo Super Trofeo, the successful race car from the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo, the worlds fastest onemakeseries.Thecarwillhaveitsworldpremiereatthe2013FrankfurtMotorShow. The name Squadra Corse refers to the recentlyfounded department within Automobili Lamborghini, which manages all motorsport activities fromGT3tothe LamborghiniBlancpain Super Trofeo championships in Europe, Asia and America where gentlemen drivers battle facetofaceinfiercecontestsonthemostchallengingracetracks. The new Gallardo Squadra Corse is very close to the race cars. Both share the same V10 engine, which is used in the racing version with no modifications. Likewise, the Squadra Corse has the same rear wing for greater aerodynamic load achieving, under the best aerodynamic conditions, three times the load of the Gallardo LP 5604 for increased dynamic stability during tight, highspeed driving. Another element taken directly from the racing version is the removable engine hood with quickrelease system. Both therear wing and the hood are made from carbon composite material, as are a host of other components ontheSquadraCorse. Lightweightconstructionthroughconsistentuseofcarbonfiber Together with aluminum, carbon fiber is the basis behind the extremely lightweight constructionofthenewGallardonewtopmodel. The Gallardo LP 5704 Squadra Corse boasts a dry weight of 1340kilograms, 70 less than the already lean Gallardo LP 5604, which gives the Squadra Corse a stunning powertoweight ratio of 2.35kilograms per hp for breathtaking performance.It sprints from0 to 100 km/h in a mere 3.4 seconds and reaches 200 km/h injust 10.4 seconds. Its forward thrust finally tops out at 320 Km/h. The productionstandard carbonceramic brake system guaranteesunmatchedstoppingpower. Thetechnologyandthepowertrain Like the Super Trofeo competition version, the new Squadra Corse is based on the technical underpinnings oftheGallardoSuperleggera. TheV10enginegenerates570hp,equivalentto419 kW, whichisfullyavailableat8,000rpm.TheV10suniquefiringorderdeliversthestrikingsound you hear inmotorracing.Liketheracecar,theGallardoSquadraCorsecomesasstandardwith the robotized egear sixspeed transmission operated by steering wheel paddles. This electronically controlled system shifts through its six gears smoothly and much faster than any pro driver could. Everykilometer in the Gallardo LP 5704 Squadra Corse is packed with sheer

excitement, in part due to its unrelenting grip in virtually all situationsthankstoitsallwheeldrive concept. The Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo is the only singlebrand racing series intheworldthat features allwheel drive race cars.The Gallardo Squadra Corse is a highly concentrateddriving machine offering a trulystunningdrivingexperiencewithbreathtakingcorneringspeedsandfast, immediateresponse.Itsroadmannersarealwaysprecise,stableandcompletelysafe. RespresentingItalianracing The Gallardo Squadra Corse shows its ultimateracingperformanceeveninitsexteriordesign clearly attesting its commitment to its Italian homeland. A decal strip along the flank displays green, white andred, thecolorsoftheItalianflag.TheSquadraCorseisavailableinGialloMidas (yellow), Bianco Monocerus (white), Grigio Thalasso (grey) and in Rosso Mars (red). The exterior look of the GallardoSquadraCorseisperfectlyaccentedwithamatteblackfinishonthe large rear wing withcontrasts inbodycolor.Thehood,frontairintakes,reardiffuserand19inch forged wheels are painted in highgloss black, while the mightybrakescallipersare available in red,blackoryellow. Minimalistsportyinterior Extremely lightweight carbon fiber and Alcantara, the perfect combination of sporty minimalism, are the dominant materials inside the Squadra Corse. Alcantara graces the underside of the dashboard, the central panel of the seat cushion and the backrest. The door panels, the racing seats and the centerconsolecoveraremadefromcarbonfiber,atechnology in which Lamborghini has achieved worldleading expertise. Carbon is also used for the handbrake frame, the middle of the center console, the lower rim of thesteeringwheel,thetrim around themain and secondaryinstrumentpanels,thedoorhandles,andthehandleforopening theglovebox.Comfortseatscanbeorderedinplaceofracingbucketseats. SquadraCorseoffersanewseriesofdrivingevents Esperienza events by the Squadra Corse department provide enthusiastsand prospects with the opportunity of a first testdrive and a glimpse inside the world of Lamborghini. The LamborghiniAcademies, onbothtrackandice,providedrivertrainingandtheinitialstepstoward reallife racing. The Super Trofeo series offers the perfect first race experience for young and gentlemen drivers,withtheLamborghiniGT3formoreseasonedracerswishingtocompetewith theLamborghinimarqueworldwide.

AutomobiliLamborghiniS.p.A. Establishedin1963,AutomobiliLamborghiniisheadquarteredinSantAgataBolognesein northeasternItaly.WiththeintroductionoftheAventadorLP7004Roadsterin2013andthe debutoftheconceptcarSUVUrusatthe2012BeijingAutoShow,Lamborghiniestablisheda newlandmarkinthehistoryofluxurysupersportscars.Withmorethan120dealersworldwide,

AutomobiliLamborghinihascreatedanuninterruptedseriesofsupersportscars,dynamicand elegant,includingthe350GT,Miura,Espada,Countach,Diablo,Murcilago,ReventnCoup, ReventnRoadster,GallardoLP5604CoupandSpyder,GallardoLP5704Superleggera,the openversionLP5704SpyderPerformanteandAventadorLP7004.