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4121 Summary • Fifteen years of experience as a successful top-notch Organizational Development-Human Resources- Communication (OD-HR-COM) manager and director working within commercial, manufacturing and corporate areas. • Successfully management of global, virtual, interdisciplinary, multicultural and cross-functional OD-HR-COM projects related with: internal and external corporate communication, public relations, social media, training, change management, talent management & development, leadership, learning, change management, internal consulting, coaching, exceeding project goals and objectives. • Experience designing cultural and change management models for HR-ERP technologies implementation (i.e. People Soft, Oracle, SAP, Saba, etc.) and transformation programs (i.e. Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, OSHA, etc.) • Service and client oriented focus; implementing local and global standardized processes, procedures and policies. Handling complex information to develop flexible and effective solutions rapidly. • Sociocultural researcher, team builder, able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional business performance. Spokesperson. • Multicultural and remote experience managing OD-HR-COM teams and services with both local and international/global responsibilities. Some countries under my direction, supervision or collaboration: Central America (El Salvador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama), Andean region, (Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile) Mercosur region (Argentina and Brazil), Canada, USA, Ireland, South Korea, China, India, Poland, Spain, Indonesia, Singapore, Japan, Germany, Italy, Egypt and Morocco. • Fluent in Spanish, English and Italian. French: basic. • Spiritual, business and personal coach. Functional expertise: 15 years of experience on Talent Management & Development, Learning & Development (Training), Corporate Communication & Public Relations, Human Resources Planning and Development, Organizational Development, Succession Planning, Career Planning, Sociocultural researching, Knowledge Management, Culture Management, Change Management, Business Corporate Strategy, Organizational Design, Strategic Planning, Business, Group and Individual Coaching, Leadership. Consulting experience: experience within private sector and government, specially, but not limited, to OD-HRD-COM projects. Some companies: CRECE, Perot Systems, Carlyle Group, Dräexelmeier, Key Safety Systems, VTI Technologies, Sanmina SCI, etc. Experience Freelancer Consultant, Coach and Speaker Research stay in Italy and Israel Oct 11 to date Nov 2010 - Sep 2011

MABE-GE. Organizational Development Corporate Manager (America’s Region) Jan- Oct 2010 Mexican company, global electro domestic appliances manufacturers. 21,000 employees and $4 billion dollar revenue. Lead and implementing Communication, OD-HR projects providing services to corporate, commercial and manufacturing areas for worldwide Mabe operation in Canada, México, Central America, Andean and Mercosur regions. Director of CEDEMA (Mabe Development Center). Remarkable achievements: • Redesign and reopening of Mabe Development Center building the full infrastructure to provide continental learningtraining services by it’s own and in alliance with other universities and researching centers in America • Design and implement permanent continental communication platform for corporate, product, manufacturing and internal/external communication programs • Design and implement continental Communication and Culture Change Management project and HR models for Mabe Way: implementation of SAP for all Mabe’s America operations • Design and implementation of Continental Coaching Program

People evaluated. • Designing and Implementation of Total Learning Architectures for North America & Europe Division. Ireland. • Design and deploy corporate L&D. etc. PR. HRP. • Creation of Organizational Development Department to provide services to Bocar business globally.) Direct report to General Director. Diabetes. Spokesperson. Neuromodulation. • Design and implementation of Languages Training Programs: English. Spanish and French. Lead strategic COM-OD-HR services. Organizational Development.000 employees and $14 billion dollar revenue Lead the Organizational Development and Communication operations supporting HR services. Expats. and reporting to me these managerial levels operations: HR Managers. evaluation and development of internal talent. Germany and Japan.2010 Global Mexican-German automotive manufacturing company. regionally: 35. Member of the Communication Committee that created and implemented LGE Way worldwide. 41.e. Digital Display Media division (DDM). England and Puerto Rico. and Compensation. 5.000 2 . Learning and Development Divisional Senior Manager (USA) 2007-2008 World’s largest medical technology company with business in Cardio-Endo Vascular. Corporate Communication. Internal/External Communication. educate.000 employees and $25 billion dollar revenue. processes and initiatives for six global BU needs. 87. • Design and implement “Train the trainers” course for global operations. Represent globally the regional site in all OD-Learning businesses as member of a worldwide divisional committee with specialists from: USA. France. Human Resources Development Manager (South Korea-Mex) 2003-2005 Worldwide South Korean company. Impacted population: directly: 3000. programs and initiatives for global and local Digital Display Media sites (Seoul. Kumi and Reynosa) as part of the worldwide division (15 countries). Talent Management & Development. MEDTRONIC INC. Succession Planning. • Redesign and improve expatriates program for USA. focused on detect. Piontaik. Detection. Yokohama and Hiroshima (Japan). Organizational Development Director (Mex) 2008 . L&D (training). • Restructure organization from top-level to mid-management levels including national and overseas sites. totally: 2500. Spinal and Biologics. • Creation and implementation of two Young Talent Development Programs. supporting eight manufacturing plants in México. Communication & PR. Direct global COM-OD-HR strategic services and functions (i. operations. LG ELECTRONICS. A Fortune 500 company. evaluate. • Implementation of Development Program for Local Managers • Change Management and Performance Process plan design and implementation. programs. HRD.500 employees and $1 billion dollar revenue. Talent Acquisition & Development.• • Redesign and implement five Continental Global Talent Programs Design and implementation of Languages Training Programs: English. reporting both South Korea HR VicePresident and Reynosa’s plant President. nine corporate service areas. One in collaboration with ITESM (campus Monterrey) and other with Düsseldorf and Stuttgart Universities. Training. and subsidiaries in Detroit and Tennessee (USA). Top 100 global brand. • Global LMS (Learning Management System) and Knowledge Management implementation. collocate and promote young talented people in strategic managerial positions for the 4 Medtronic divisions. • Global Communication Program creation and implementation • Design and implement Global New Employees Training Program. • Implementation of STPP (Strategic Training Planning Process) as well as multimedia and e-learning platform for North America Division. Compensations. and Surgical Technologies areas. • Creation of the Mobility and Career Plan. OD. • Successfully execution (with no incidents and obtaining unions support) of a 2500 people downsizing due to 2008 USA automotive bankruptcy. • Creation of Human Resources Development Department • LGE Way Design in Korea and successfully implementation in Reynosa plant and supervision in 14 DDM branches around the world. Spanish and Portuguese BOCAR GROUP. • Launching of BAMM program (Becoming a Medtronic Manager) as part of Managerial Culture Change Management program: global program. Düsserldorf and Esslingen (Germany). OD and HRP strategies and programs for 2008-2010.

consulting. communication. and Secretary of Vicar provincial (Mex) 1989-1995 Head of national and international Communication and PR department and secretary of vice provincial office. • Creation of Consulting Enterprise Department dedicated to offer training. security. Design and implementation of LGERS Learning Center and Innovation School (IS) . Latin and New Testament Greek (basic). Design and implementation of Global Training Master Plan. Head of Communication Dpt. advising. TAMAULIPAS GOVERNMENT. Creation and implementation of New Tech-Employees Training Program. coaching services and support on reengineering process within Mexican government and industries. French (basic). Design and implementation of New Global Induction Program and Career and Development Plan for indirect and direct personnel. for technical positions. México (1995-1999) Languages: Spanish (native). Organizational restructure of Gumi and Piontaik plants in South Korea and Reynosa in México. (Mex) 1998-1999 Direct communication. Spokesperson. public and private institutions. continuing education and learning services. NGO´s. PR and diplomacy functions with state. SISTEMA DIF. federal and local governments. South Korea (2003) Postgraduate in World Class Management. armed forces. • Negotiate and establish strategic alliances and projects with several institutions. San Diego State University. educational institutions. in Reynosa Plant (IS is the high performance academy for all LGE employees worldwide) Global LMS and Knowledge Management implementation. • Design the Communications and Change Management plan to support the implementation of Anahuac Educational and Management Model. as well as planning and managing consulting. religious. spokesperson. social. English and Business English (fluent). Hobbies • • • • • • Webpages Design Photographer Writer Piano and drums player Basketball Frontenis 3 . ORDER OF FRIARS MINOR. Organizational Development Manager (Mex) 1999-2003 High Education Institute. Implementation of Management Innovation Philosophy and Performance Process programs by competencies. ANAHUAC UNIVERSITY CAMPUS TAMPICO. LG Academy. Spokesperson. a wide variety of national and international industries. industries and companies obtaining up to $3 million dollar of income a year for the university and the Center. Communication-Public relations Director. Education • • • • • Postgraduate in Global Human Resources Development. ITESO (2005-2006) Bachelor Degree in Organizational Communication. public relations. Italian (fluent). cultural and civil leaders in order to achieve governments institutional objectives. USA (1997) Master Studies in Communication and Sociocultural Studies. training. Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas. Manage and develop COM-OD-HR services and functions including: recruiting. Leading liaisons relations with NGO´s.• • • • • • • • Design L&D and Communication worldwide business architecture for DDM division. Sustainable Development Center.

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