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Dreams or Destiny?

AUTHOR: Kyra Crown EMAIL:: RATING: R (I don't think its too bad) SUMMARY: Not telling! SPOILERS: None DISCLAIMER: Don't own them, I love them but I don't own them. Wish I did. Just having fun with some great characters and fantastic music! Bold/italics = song lyrics, kind of the theme of the story Italics = song lyrics {Make up your mind/ Decide to walk with me/ Around the lake tonight/ Around the lake tonight/ By my side...} I bleach the sky/ every night/ loaded on wrong/ and further from right/ spinning around/ two howling moons/ cos there always there/ whatever I do... Music blared as the young men entered the club with an air of elegance usually found in older, more mature gentleman. Not the youth of today. They walked together silently, side by side and the crowds parted to let them through, their eyes casually scanning the faces they passed, not showing any interest in the view. Unconsciously men backed away for no good reason. There was nothing outwardly menacing about the two, but after taking a closer look you couldn't be sure. Never had anyone seen two completely different, yet absolutely magnificent creatures in one place. Taking up residence at the bar, women were drawn, not to one in particular, but both. Their nonchalance was in a way inviting, their total lack of interest made them irresistible. Girls as well as women passed them trying to make eye contact, some of the receiving a glance with cold, intense eyes, but most not even gaining a nod in acknowledgment. The river is loaded, I've been there today/ took it some questions/ she does me again/ I'd die in your arms/ if you were dead too/ here comes a lie/ we will always be true... The blonde haired man with the exquisite cheekbones leaned up and spoke to the other, and walked away slowly, towards the back of the club. The taller, darker god ordered a drink, and continued to lean up against the bar eyes still vacant, but searching for something or someone. I touch your mouth/ my willy is food/ addicted to love/ I'm addicted to fools/ I kill you once, I kill you again/ We're starving and crude/ welcome my friends to

they really want you. I am beyond fake.the little things that kill Outside the nightclub a group of young obviously teenage girls were involved in a heated debate. spoke to the bartender. The place was filled with beautiful people. Hopefully dance. The women close by. trying not to appear nervous or excited as it was their first time in an adult club. play grown up or something. {I'm not gonna lie/ I'll not be a gentleman/ Behind the boathouse/ I'll show you my dark secret. after some coaxing. I want to be the girl with the most cake/ I love it so much it just turns to rape/ I fake it so true. they really want you. He turned half way. doll legs./ Dog bait Yeah. Finally. showed her fake ID to the doorman and entered the music filled room with the others quickly following suit. but hoping to get a taste of one of them before the night was over.. and could swear his eyes gleamed when they landed on the gorgeous girl approaching. you will ache like I ache. meet someone fun and get her mind off the trouble at home and the terrible nightmares she had been having. you will ache like I ache. one of the young women stepped forward and without wavering. This was her idea after all. you will ache like I ache/ Someday.. but none quite as attractive as their group and men were on them the minute they entered. they were quickly sought after to dance or get a drink or find a quiet corner to talk. She was yawning. I am doll eyes/ Doll mouth. he handed her a glass of champagne and . and I do too Again the crowded room parted as the girls looked around in awe. maybe have her first drink. went up to the door. The confidence that had brought them there had slowly ebbed on the way. yet still managing to look beautiful at the same time.} At that moment the incredible man.. knowing the girls were under age. And someday. and no one seemed eager to enter.. they really want you/ They really want you. the one remaining at the bar noticed her walking towards him. allowed them access without an argument. she approached the bar and wondered what she would order. big veins. Loving the attention from the men and glares from the women. Her life was changing so much she decided to drag her friends out to try something new./ I am doll arms. still hoping he'd reward them with a smile or even a glance watched as he looked at her. The bouncer. After reminding her self of that once more. and had a drink in hand. never taking his eyes off her and the moment she got close enough. And someday. and trying not to look tired and bored.. they really do/ Yeah. All except for one.

smiled. you can have my everything/ Help me tear down my reason. She was just enjoying thinking about him. eyes locked with his and smiled back. she slowed her movements and opened her eyes. tan. helping her to relax and not think of the many things that had been plaguing her mind lately. As the music changed. you can have the hate that it brings/ You can have my absence of faith. the girl wandered over to her friends who were reconvening to gossip and tell tales of the gorgeous older men they were meeting. it's your sex I can smell/ Help me. nodding a thank you and walking away. making comments and making sure they were being noticed but she closed her eyes and let the rhythm take her away. Her friends were busy scanning the over crowded floor. thankful she didn't have to fumble through ordering it. The slim chance they had faded to nonexistent as the girl reached for the glass. loving the way the champagne tasted and made her feel. He was approached by a shorter. . the beautiful blonde put the empty glass down and followed them to the center of the club. The women surrounding him saw the smile and knew they were wasting time waiting for the same. slim body in a way too short dress and high heels grinding on the dance floor. She didn't tell them about the man who had bought her a drink. Sipping her drink. it was so sexy and if her eyes would have been opened she would had seen the glances of appreciation she was getting as she moved. help me. Didn't have the words yet to describe him. This was a release. seeing her friends staring at the man across the dance floor as he stared at her. Never missing an opportunity to dance. You can have my isolation. but never took his eyes from hers. oblivious to her surroundings. you make me perfect. I want to fuck you like an animal/ I want to feel you from the inside/ I want to fuck you like an animal/ My whole existence if flawed/ You get me closer to God/ She loved this song. one she desperately needed and she savored it. The sun kissed blonde hair. let it flow through her and wash away any worries. not aware that she was being watched from across the room by the man with the killer smile who had bought her the drink. After the girls were finished updating each other they decided to hit the dance floor and see how much attention they could attract there. but just as incredible looking man and he spoke to him. help me become somebody else/ She allowed herself to get lost in the music. And didn't want one of her friends launching themselves at him if she happened to see him again that night.

and he took her hand again and headed for the door. only to be disappointed when she noticed him gone. Turning to walk off the floor. strong lean body encased in leather and silk and the way she felt in his arms..forever/ Forever} Her friends had thought about stopping her. like coming home. Just wrapped his arms around her and pulled her close. yeah. Nothing would stop her from leaving with this godlike man and being truthful. Her friends were glaring with undisguised envy. Feeling comfortably warm and relaxed she swayed to the music on the edge of the dance floor. brown eyes you could melt into. wouldn't have stopped them ./ He continued to hold her through the song. just inside the silk shirt and finally he spoke to her. So natural. {I'm not gonna lie/ I want you for mine/ My blushing bride/ My lover. His beautiful boyish face.. and every song... She nodded. Noticed nothing except him. not at all really. now you're away/ I don't want this/ Remember that/ I'll never forget where you're at/ Don't let the days go by. Must be your skin that I'm sinking in/ Must be for real cos now I can feel/ And I didn't mind/ It's not my kind/ Not my time to wonder why/ Everything's gone white/ And everything's grey/ Now you're here. but she never noticed. taking her hand and leading her out to dance. fast or slow for hours.. She thanked her and raising the glass in appreciation to its buyer she drank it down and felt it flow through her body all the way to her toes. unable to speak. be my lover.She calls me goliath and I wear the David mask/ I guess the stones are coming too fast for her now/ You know I'd like to believe this nervousness will pass/ All the stones that are thrown are building up a wall/ I have become cumbersome to this world/ I have become cumbersome to my girl/ The girls continued to dance seductively and a few were beginning to pair off again. her hot breath on his cool neck. She touched her hands to his chest.. "Walk with me?" His mouth was moving and she heard the words but it was his eyes she was listening to.} She was watching her friends. making sure she wasn't drunk but didn't. now all clinging to someone for the slow song and glanced towards the place where her object of desire was standing. The look on her face told them that their words would have been futile. The effects of his body and the alcohol she had consumed made her bolder and she snuggled in as close as she could get. he was behind her. He hadn't spoken to her much. as a waitress brought the blonde girl another glass of champagne. {I can promise you/ You'll stay as beautiful/ With dark hair/ And soft skin.

She felt wetness between the juncture of her thighs and lust flowed through her veins with every touch... I would die for you/ I would die for you/ I've been dying just to feel you by my side/ To know that you're mine/ {Make up your mind/ Make up your mind/ And I'll promise you/ I will treat you well/ My sweet angel/ So help me. but she was different. His kisses became more demanding and the hands that held her face were beginning to roam her body awakening a desire in her she didn't think she possessed. but none since. He couldn't remember the last time he'd seen a woman this beautiful. She pushed herself into him and dug her fingers in his hair loving the way he was making her feel.} She wanted more and he knew it. Her eyes closed and her head lolled back exposing her graceful neck as she grasped the tree behind her and sighed. kissed her. Without moving his head from her breasts. onto her shoulders and finally stopping to kiss and caress her breasts through the lacy bra she wore. her emotions soaring and her body on fire for this person she hadn't said a word to and would probably never see again. Standing before him with her dress around her waist he treasured his gift. Jesus} They walked hand in hand in tense silence until they reached a small deserted park a few blocks from the club. He slid his hand up the side of face. and sadness. undisguised desire for her and she welcomed it with open arms. They watched her go then continued their exhibition as she exited the club. too young to be doing these things with him. Raining kisses down her neck. Guiding her under a tree he turned her face up to look at his and she saw lust in his eyes. That's why he had chosen her. Something in her had called out to him. With his other hand he swept her golden hair aside and kissed and sucked on her neck at her . {Give it up to me/ Give it up to me/ Do you wanna be my angel?/ So help me. he slid a hand up one leg. She responded to him with passion she didn't know she could feel. As his fingers slid her panties aside and probed into her wetness she found her answer. until now. She was exquisite. wanted a woman this much. Pausing to take a breath she briefly panicked only to feel his mouth on hers again and she moaned into him as he unzipped the back of her dress and peeled it down to her waist.either. Gently he took the straps down and his mouth and tongue found her already hardened nipple and bit it lightly. Years ago. lingering briefly causing her to cry out in questioning frustration. still caressing her softly until she was panting for release. In complete rapture her knees buckled and he held her up and stood behind her. feeling unsatisfied but not knowing why. caressing her cheek and gently. He saw maturity in those gorgeous green eyes. Jealousy kept them from admitting this. He knew she was young. Raw. almost like a whisper.

The End . Her neck as well as her body felt cold and she discovered that he wasn't touching her anymore. " We're back at WXDX in L. feeling the wetness creep between her legs as she remembered the handsome stranger/demon she met there and the things she let him do to her. Not knowing what the day held. this time with glowing yellow eyes. Her breath was slowing and the desire she had felt only moments before was quickly turning to fear as she saw the first ray of the sun shine brightly. The alarm went off again as she was heading for the shower and she caught the end of the DJ's words. She turned to speak. That was a special request for a very special girl.. See your face every place that I walk in/ Hear your voice every time that I'm talking/ You would believe in me/ And I would never be ignored." She didn't hear the rest and shook her head in disbelief as she continued on her way to the bathroom in confusion. And the caller wanted me to say 'see you in your dreams'! Next up.. but having a strong feeling that thing's would never be the same.. As she hit the snooze button she lay in bed lingering over the memories of her frightening but erotic dream. but was alone.A. her mind full of lusty thoughts and her body full of longing..m. He let her drop to the ground slowly as he continued his assault on her neck./ Buffy awoke to the music blaring as her alarm clock blinked 6:15 a. and stretching reluctantly rose from the bed. After a few moments she opened her eyes.pulse point as she exploded into a mind shattering orgasm. This dream was similar to the terrifying ones that came to her almost nightly but never had the monsters invading them been handsome or sexy. vampiric ridges and fangs evident.