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July December 2013

New Titles

Welcome to the SPCK Seasonal Catalogue, JulyDecember 2013

Following much toil and saintly patience, we are delighted to begin our autumn features with Paul and the Faithfulness of God: the long-awaited fourth edition of N. T. Wrights Christian Origins and the Question of God series. A pair of Pauline companion volumes are also available for those who want even more (see pages 2 and 3 for details). Other highlights include Janet Morleys Advent title, Haphazard by Starlight a follow-up to her bestselling Lent book, The Hearts Time; previously unpublished letters by Dietrich Bonhoeffer; and new titles from Alister McGrath, Paula Gooder and Henri Nouwen. To see all our titles and keep up to date with SPCK news and events, please visit our website at
This catalogue provides listings of new and forthcoming titles published up to December 2013. While every effort has been made to ensure that the information in this catalogue is accurate at the time of going to print, prices and dates may be subject to change without notice. If you are a journalist and would like a review copy of any of our books, or to interview an author, please contact the publicity department on 020 7592 3900 or email

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Paul and the Faithfulness of God

Christian Origins and the Question of God, Volume 4 N. T. WRIGHT
Tom Wrights long-awaited fulllength study of St Paul will not in any way disappoint the high expectations that surround it. From the very rst sentence, it holds the attention, arguing a strong, persuasive, coherent and fresh case, supported by immense scholarship and comprehensive theological intelligence. Rowan Williams, Master of Magdalene College, Cambridge This fourth volume in the series is . . . a game-changer, above all for its adventurous presentation of Pauls mindset and theology, so thoroughly contextualized at the conuence of the apostles Jewish, Roman, and Greek worlds. This is Wright at his best part historian, part exegete, part theologian, part pedagogue. Joel B. Green, Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Fuller Theological Seminary, California
N . T. (TOM) WRIGHT is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. He is the author of over seventy books, including the popular For Everyone guides to the New Testament and the bestselling Simply Christian, Simply Jesus, How God Became King and the brand-new title Creation, Power and Truth (see page 7).

October 2013 125 ISBN: 978 0 281 05555 5 Hardback 1696 pp 65 ISBN: 978 0 281 05554 8 Paperback 1696 pp

NB: This is a two-volume set and the books cannot be returned or purchased separately.

Featured titles

Featured titles

Pauline Perspectives
Essays on Paul, 19782013 N. T. Wright
Pauline Perspectives brings together N. T. Wrights most important articles on Paul and his letters over the last three decades. The book begins with Wrights auspicious essay of 1978 in which he proposed, for the first time, a new perspective on Pauline theology. The book ends with a paper he gave in 2012, exploring the foundational role of Abraham in Romans and Galatians. Each one of the 33 articles published here will amply reward those looking for detailed, incisive and exquisitely nuanced exegesis, resulting in a clearer, deeper and more informed appreciation of Pauls great theological achievement.
N. T. (Tom) Wright is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. He has written over seventy books (see page 1 for full author biography).

October 2013 45 ISBN: 978 0 281 06366 6 Paperback 712 pp

This companion volume to N. T. Wrights Paul and the Faithfulness of God and Pauline Perspectives is essential reading for all with a serious interest in Paul, the interpretation of his letters, his appropriation by subsequent thinkers, and his continuing significance today. In the course of this masterly survey Wright asks searching questions of all of the major contributions to Pauline studies since the Enlightenment. Praise for N. T. Wrights Christian Origins series: It is difficult to know which feature of it is to be admired the most: the immense erudition . . . the lively examples . . . the integration of so many different approaches and disciplines . . . the easy intelligibility of the writing . . . the lucid ordering of the argument. The Expository Times
N. T. (Tom) Wright is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. He has written over seventy books (see page 1 for full author biography).

December 2013 25 ISBN: 978 0 281 06758 9 Paperback 384 pp

Featured titles

Paul and His Recent Interpreters

Featured titles

A Call to Serve

The inside story of Pope Francis STEFAN VON KEMPIS and PHILIP LAWLER

He loves the tango, was trained as a chemist and in his youth had a regular girlfriend whom he planned to marry. For a pope, Francis has an unusual life story. Two Vatican experts join pens in this fascinating profile of Pope Francis his humble background, his rise to the papacy and his compelling spiritual vision! Offers behind-the-scenes reportage, first-hand commentary, moving personal reflections and a wealth of insight into the life and character of Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Includes over 150 full-colour photographs. A unique combination of words and pictures, designed to inform all who are curious about the new pope the fresh approach he brings, the hope he inspires and the huge challenges he faces.

Available now 12.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07146 3 French flaps 160 pp

STEFAN VON KEMPIS is editor at Vatican Radio and author of several books on Pope Benedict XVI. PHILIP F. LAWLER has covered the Catholic Church as editor for Catholic World News and Catholic World Report, and has written several books on political and religious affairs.

Featured titles

Featured titles

Letters to London
Bonhoeffers previously unpublished correspondence with Ernst Cromwell, 19356 Edited by STEPHEN PLANT and TONI BURROWES-CROMWELL
In 1935 the 29-year-old Dietrich Bonhoeffer was working as a pastor of two German-speaking churches in London. It was during this time that he began his friendship with Ernst Cromwell, one of his confirmands a friendship that is now documented in these letters published here for the first time. Seventy-five years later, the release of these letters throws light on several aspects of Bonhoeffers life and thought, including his views on the practice of silence, his approach to catechesis and confirmation, the impact on his personal relationships of his involvement in the Church struggle, and his understanding of friendship, in particular friendship that values the contribution of young people to living out the truth-telling of Jesus Christ.
Stephen Plant is Dean and Runcie Fellow at Trinity Hall, University of Cambridge, where he teaches theology and ethics in the Divinity Faculty. Toni Burrowes-Cromwell is an international development specialist and former international director of one of the UKs largest childrens charities.

September 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06669 8 Paperback 160 pp

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978 0 281 06086 3 9.99 6

The gospel in a world of cultural confusion TOM WRIGHT

In Creation, Power and Truth Tom Wright invites readers to consider the crucial ways in which the Christian gospel challenges and subverts the intellectual, moral and political values of our time. Employing a robust Trinitarian framework, Wright looks afresh at key elements of the biblical story while drawing out new and unexpected connections between ancient and modern worldviews. The result is a vigorous critique of common cultural assumptions and controlling narratives, past and present, and a compelling read for all who want to hear, speak and live the gospel of Christ in a world of cultural confusion.
July 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06987 3 Paperback 128 pp
TOM WRIGHT is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. He has written over seventy books (see page 1 for full author biography).

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978 0 281 06146 4 12.99

978 0 281 06479 3 9.99 7

Featured titles

Creation, Power and Truth

Featured titles

Haphazard by Starlight
A poem a day from Advent to Epiphany JANET MORLEY
A companion volume to the bestselling Lent book, The Hearts Time, which delighted readers with its thoughtfully chosen selection of poems and biblically sensitive commentaries. For each day, throughout December to 6 January, the reader is offered a poem (sometimes explicitly Christian, often not) and an accessible commentary which is both critically informed and devotional. The varied range of poets includes: Rowan Williams, Elizabeth Jennings, Edwin Muir, Philip Larkin, Jane Kenyon, Gillian Clarke, George Herbert, T. S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, Waldo Williams, P. J. Kavanagh, Ruth Fainlight and William Blake.
Janet Morley has been a successful SPCK author for many years, with books of prayer All Desires Known and Bread of Tomorrow and then the very successful Lent book, The Hearts Time. She worked on resources for Christian Aid and the Methodist Church, but is now retired.

August 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07062 6 Paperback 160 pp

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978 0 281 06372 7 9.99 8

A meditation a day for Lent and Easter STEPHEN CHERRY

In this sequence of beautifully crafted prayer-meditations, the bestselling author of Barefoot Disciple provides simple yet profound spiritual nourishment for the Lenten season. With an engaging introduction to the different ways that prayer can work in the lives of active Christians, the book will be warmly welcomed by people who have little time for sitting and reading but crave more time to think, to pray and become more faithful disciples of the living Christ. As you would expect, Barefoot Prayers is earthy with a vulnerability and openness. Such qualities expose us to new directions and the ability to be changed . . . This is a way of learning to walk with God, and is a rich source for Lent and beyond. David Adam, author
Stephen Cherry is a Residentiary Canon of Durham Cathedral and Director of Ministerial Development and Parish Support in the Diocese of Durham. His previous books include Beyond Busyness (Sacristy Press, 2012), Healing Agony (Continuum, 2012) and the Archbishop of Canterburys 2011 Lent book, Barefoot Disciple (Continuum, 2010).

November 2013 8.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07125 8 Paperback 144 pp

Featured titles

Barefoot Prayers

Featured titles

Christian Belief for Everyone series

Volume 2: The Living God ALISTER McGRATH
This series comprises five guides to the basic ideas of the Christian faith full of stories and helpful illustrations and written primarily for ordinary churchgoers. The approach is nondenominational, and very similar to the mere Christianity advocated by C. S. Lewis. The Living God draws us into an exhilarating exploration of who God is. We encounter a motherly/fatherly God who longs for a personal relationship with us; an almighty God whose greatness is simply beyond our understanding; a creator God, in whose image we are made: and a God who is miraculously three, yet one. This volume may be read as complete in itself, or with the other four titles in the series to gain a fuller understanding of Christian belief. Highly recommended. Church of England Newspaper
Alister McGrath is Professor of Theology, Ministry and Education, Head of the Centre for Theology, Religion and Culture at Kings College London and a prolific author. His bestselling volume, The Dawkins Delusion, has sold over 100,000 copies worldwide, and his other books for SPCK include Why God Wont Go Away and Mere Theology.

September 2013 8.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06835 7 Paperback 128 pp

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978 0 281 06833 3 8.99 10

Old and New Testament studies

Psalms for Everyone, Part I: Psalms 172

More than any other part of the Old Testament, the book of Psalms reveals to us the intimacy possible between God and humanity. As songs and prayers of adoration and lament, the psalms are unsurpassed in their variety, depth and range. They encompass the whole breadth of human emotion and encourage us to be honest and thorough in our dealings with God; they teach us how to praise him, seek him and rest in him. September 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06133 4 Paperback 246 pp JOHN GOLDINGAY is the David Allan Hubbard Professor of Old Testament in the School of Theology at Fuller Theological Seminary in the USA. As well as being a member of the Society of Biblical Literature, he serves on the editorial board for the Library of Hebrew Bible/Old Testament Studies.

Born of a Virgin?
Reconceiving Jesus in the Bible, tradition and theology ANDREW T. LINCOLN
Many Christians nd the virgin birth a difcult doctrine and are not sure how to handle it. Andrew Lincoln investigates how the Gospel birth narratives function as part of ancient biography, and assesses the likely historicity of the traditions in Matthew and Luke. He then looks at how our views of history and biology affect traditional understanding of the doctrine, and the wider implications for Christology. ANDREW T. LINCOLN is Portland Professor of New Testament, University of Gloucestershire and was Lord and Lady Coggan Professor of New Testament, Wycliffe College, University of Toronto, from 1995 to 1999.

September 2013 25 ISBN: 978 0 281 05839 6 Paperback 352 pp

Was the Birth of Jesus According to Scripture?

This book fulls the need for a primer on the use of Scripture in the Gospel birth narratives. It clearly sets out the issues at stake in the debate between scholars who think that Matthew and Luke devised their narratives on the basis of specic Old Testament texts and those who think the Gospel narratives have determined the choice and meaning of those texts. September 2013 12.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07106 7 Paperback 128 pp STEVE MOYISE is Professor of New Testament at the University of Chichester. His most recent publications for SPCK include Jesus and Scripture (2010) and The Later New Testament Writings and Scripture (2012). 11

Biblical studies

The Book of Enoch

As Paula Gooder writes in her new introduction, I Enoch arose out of its context . . . but spoke very clearly into and beyond it too, reminding its readers in many different generations that the world around them was not all there was, that judgement would come and the righteous would be rewarded. It also reected a view of the world shared by the majority, if not all, of the New Testament writers. This was a world in which the things of heaven continually shaped the things of earth, in which angels revealed secrets and in which God cared and intervened for his people. August 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06881 4 Paperback 128 pp R. H. CHARLES (18551931), is universally recognized as one of the leading gures in Enoch scholarship. PAULA GOODER is Canon Theologian of Birmingham and Guildford Cathedrals, Lay Canon at Salisbury Cathedral, Visiting Lecturer at Kings College London, Associate Lecturer at St Mellitus College, London, and Theological Adviser to the Bible Society. Her previous SPCK books include Searching for Meaning and Heaven, shortlisted for the Michael Ramsey Prize in 2013.

New edition

Scripture and the Authority of God

How to read the Bible today TOM WRIGHT
Tom Wright argues that Gods authority is not primarily about providing the right answers to disputed questions, but about Gods sovereign purposes being declared and accomplished through Jesus and the Spirit. What would it mean to view the Bible as the channel of that powerful divine authority? By framing the question in this way, Wright opens up new ways of approaching some well-worn debates: the relation of scripture, tradition and reason; the place of experience; and the use and abuse of the Bible in our social, political and personal lives.

November 2013 10.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07143 2 Paperback 224 pp

The best book of its kind available. The Christian Century TOM WRIGHT is Research Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at the University of St Andrews. He is the author of over seventy books, including the popular For Everyone guides to the New Testament and the highly acclaimed series, Christian Origins and the Question of God.



The Holy Spirit

In biblical teaching, through the centuries and today ANTHONY C. THISELTON
In this comprehensive exegetical, historical and theological investigation, Anthony Thiselton begins with a masterly analysis of all the relevant biblical and cognate literature. He then examines key theologians, from the Apostolic Fathers to eighteenth-century authors including John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards, before considering more recent theologians such as Schleiermacher, Barth and Moltmann, and biblical scholars: James D. G. Dunn, Gordon Fee and Gerd Theissen. Thiselton concludes by identifying seven fundamental themes, and calling for greater dialogue between mainstream scholarship and contemporary leaders of the Pentecostal and Renewal movements. ANTHONY C. THISELTON is Emeritus Professor of Christian Theology at the University of Nottingham, and associate priest in a Nottingham parish. He has previously taught at the Universities of Shefeld, Bristol and Durham and is known internationally for his work on the theory of biblical interpretation. His recent publications include The Last Things (2012) and The Living Paul (2009), both published by SPCK.

July 2013 30 ISBN: 978 0 281 06939 2 Paperback 448 pp

Exploring Christian Doctrine

Exploring series TONY LANE
This latest addition to SPCKs acclaimed Exploring series is written by a leading evangelical theologian with a gift for expressing complex doctrinal concepts in ways that beginning students can readily understand. Developed from the authors popular introductory course on Christian doctrine, the book rests rmly on biblical foundations while also providing a balanced discussion of areas where Christians disagree. The result is a reliable and highly readable textbook on core Christian beliefs, supported by helpful boxed features, including key quotations from major theological texts and credal statements. TONY LANE is Professor of Historical Theology at the London School of Theology. His previous publications include A Readers Guide to Calvins Institutes (Baker, 2009), A Concise History of Christian Thought (Continuum/Baker, 2006), The Lion Christian Classics Collection (Lion/Hendrickson, 2004) and Justication by Faith in Catholic-Protestant Dialogue (T&T Clark, 2002).

November 2013 16.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06449 6 Paperback 320 pp


Church, mission and ministry

Rescuing the Church from Consumerism

Mark Clavier provides an incisive and heartfelt examination of how people are initiated into consumer culture through quasi-sacramental practices. He considers how this affects the Church, how it can free itself and how it might reclaim an identity grounded in a narrative tradition that is realized in local worship. This is a fascinating book, full of both warning and promise. It pours light on to the often unrecognized death traps of some forms of church culture and offers deep wisdom by which churches could re-orientate their lives. Read this book, wince at its truths, and then be encouraged by its hope. John Pritchard, Bishop of Oxford THE REVD DR MARK CLAVIER is Dean of Residential Training at St Michaels College, Llandaff. He served in parishes in Maryland and North Carolina before moving to England ve years ago. Since then, he has been a house-for-duty priest in County Durham, and Priest-in-Charge of three churches in Oxford Diocese.

August 2013 10.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07038 1 Paperback 160 pp

Creating the Future of the Church

A practical guide to whole-system change KEITH ELFORD
What if we consider the Church as an organization like other organizations? Going beyond managerialism about which many church people are sceptical this book proposes a whole system and offers clear guidance on how to create the conditions that enable organizations and those in them to thrive. The author describes why the task is urgent and how to create sustainable change at all church levels. KEITH ELFORD is a partner at Telos Partners, a transition coach for bishops and an external reviewer in the Archbishops ministry review scheme for bishops. He is also a Minister in Secular Employment in the Diocese of Guildford.

September 2013 10.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07077 0 Paperback 160 pp


Church, mission and ministry

New edition

Faith in Dark Places

Second edition DAVID RHODES
Gripping, heart-wrenching and often surprisingly humorous, Faith in Dark Places presents us with a vital reminder of what the gospel is truly all about. I read this precious little book with joy. It reveals a mystery so hard for us to hear that we are healed by the broken as they reveal to us the presence of Jesus. Jean Vanier, founder of the LArche community Scenes and encounters from contemporary urban life jostle with stories retold from the Gospels: equally raw and immediate, equally resonant with God. Janet Morley, author DAVID RHODES is a freelance writer, conference speaker and a seasoned SPCK author.

October 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07041 1 Paperback 144 pp

Facilitation Skills for Ministry

This book is for those who wish to encourage and empower through their leadership skills. Facilitation is about drawing people in, enabling them to contribute and holding the boundaries and values of a context to create a safe and productive place for them to work and develop together. In a culture where ministry roles increasingly involve community involvement and working with congregations who expect to participate in decision-making and ministry, this skill set is one that is increasingly needed. August 2013 12.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06877 7 Paperback 176 pp JO WHITEHEAD is Assistant Director of the Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry, based at St Johns College, Nottingham, where she teaches Youth and Community Work and Practical Theology and is developing courses in Community Based Pioneer Ministry. SALLY NASH is Director of the Midlands Centre for Youth Ministry. She is a Director of Frontier Youth Trust and the Sophia Network and a Companion of the Northumbria Community. SIMON SUTCLIFFE is a pioneer minister with Venture FX (The Pioneer Ministry Scheme of the Methodist Church) and a Tutor for Evangelism and Church Growth at the Queens Theological Foundation, Birmingham. 15

Worship resources

Journeying with Matthew

Following the successful volumes on Mark and Luke, Journeying with Matthew provides: September 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 05903 4 Paperback 128 pp A source of background information on the Gospel; A way to greater understanding, prayer and action inspired by the teachings of Jesus; A springboard for the imagination, helping us to visualize the lives, times and culture of the people of the rst century; A guide to reection for those preparing to hear, or preach, the word of God.

JAMES WOODWARD is a Canon of Windsor Castle. PAULA GOODER is a theologian, freelance writer and Canon Theologian of Birmingham and Guildford Cathedrals. MARK PRYCE is Bishops Adviser for Clergy Ministerial Education in the Diocese of Birmingham.

The Gospels in Art, Music and Literature

The story of salvation in three media Lectionary Year A DAVID STANCLIFFE
For all who wish to reect on the Gospels for each major Sunday and festival, this ebook offers extra dimensions of art, poetry, literary excerpts and music with a commentary by David Stancliffe. These extra resources can inspire and broaden the imagination and understanding. November 2013 16.99 (inc. VAT) ISBN: 978 0 281 06948 4 Ebook only Please check our website for details of downloadable resources: DAVID STANCLIFFE is a former Bishop of Salisbury, and a former Chair of the Liturgical Commission of the Church of England.



The Study of Liturgy and Worship

Unlike The Study of Liturgy, this introductory text has a much wider, less historical focus and combines the wisdom of both established and younger experts. What results is a reection on how the subject has changed, from one based upon a historical narrative to one drawing additionally on the social sciences. The valuable approach contained in the old book remains here short accessible chapters by leading liturgical scholars, which provide sufcient introductions and advice on further research. Authors include Paul F. Bradshaw, Siobhn Garrigan, Gordon Jeanes, Ruth A. Meyers, Bridget Nichols, Thomas OLoughlin and Louis Weil. JULIETTE DAY is University Lecturer in Church History at the University of Helsinki, and Senior Research Fellow in Liturgy at Blackfriars Hall, University of Oxford. BENJAMIN GORDON-TAYLOR is an established author. He is now Director of the Mireld Liturgical Institute, and heads the MA course in Liturgy of Shefeld University.

November 2013 25 ISBN: 978 0 281 06909 5 Paperback 256 pp

Why Sacraments?
In this introductory textbook, Andrew Davison shows that the sacraments are all about Christ and his incarnation, Passion and resurrection. We understand the sacraments properly, he argues, when we see Christ at their centre. On that basis, he explores how the sacraments could belong more rmly at the centre of the Christian life than they sometimes do today. After all, as Tom Wright has pointed out, when Christ left us his interpretation of his passion, he did not leave a long explanation in words; he left us a meal. ANDREW DAVISON is Tutor in Doctrine at Westcott House, where he teaches theology across the ecumenical Cambridge Theological Federation. He moved there in 2010 and before that taught theology at Oxford, and was on the staff of St Stephens House. He has PhDs in both science and philosophical theology.

July 2013 12.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06392 5 Paperback 200 pp



Echoing the Word

The Bible in the Eucharist PAULA GOODER and MICHAEL PERHAM
The language we use to celebrate the Eucharist has a deep impact on the way we think about God and about ourselves. Yet few understand the signicance of the many biblical allusions found in the liturgical texts. In this book, a biblical scholar and a liturgist combine their expertise to examine the eucharistic language of Common Worship. They tell the story of how the texts arrived in their current form and reect on their biblical resonances and theological signicance. August 2013 10.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06913 2 Paperback 144 pp PAULA GOODER is a freelance writer and a lecturer in Biblical Studies. Her previous books include Searching for Meaning (SPCK, 2008) and Heaven (SPCK, 2011). MICHAEL PERHAM, Bishop of Gloucester, is the author of the popular SPCK titles To Tell Afresh (2010), and Jesus and Peter (2012).



The Orthodox Liturgy

The development of the eucharistic Liturgy in the Byzantine rite HUGH WYBREW
Hugh Wybrew traces the development of the Orthodox Liturgy through the centuries, conveying a lively sense of what it would have felt like to be among the worshippers. From its rst appearance The Orthodox Liturgy rapidly established itself as the best introduction to the subject for the non-specialist. It is now reissued with a new preface, outlining the latest research on the sources of the Byzantine tradition, along with an updated bibliography.

July 2013 14.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07098 5 Paperback 208 pp

Solidly based on sound scholarship . . . accessible to anyone who is interested in the history of Christian worship. Church Times HUGH WYBREW is an Anglican priest who has studied Orthodoxy for many years. He is an Associate Member of the Faculty of Theology and Religion in the University of Oxford, and has served as Secretary of the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius, and Dean of St Georges Anglican Cathedral in Jerusalem, where he was in close contact with Eastern churches.


Spiritual reading

Reading the signs of daily life HENRI NOUWEN with MICHAEL J. CHRISTENSEN and REBECCA J. LAIRD
For most people, the very word discernment implies something heady, private, and maybe even elitist. Henri Nouwen, as always, makes seemingly complex things personal, practical, intelligent, and very readable all at the same time! This is a rich and helpful book. Richard Rohr, OFM, author of Falling Upward An absolute gift to mind and soul. Christensen and Laird have seamlessly and thematically woven a luminous tapestry of both Nouwens published and previously unpublished work on discernment. Phyllis Tickle, author of Emergence Christianity HENRI NOUWEN (19321996), world-renowned spiritual guide and counsellor, is the author of Reaching Out, The Wounded Healer, Making All Things New, Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Formation (the latter two also published by SPCK). He was the senior pastor of LArche Daybreak in Toronto, Canada.

July 2013 12.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07144 9 Paperback 192 pp

Visions in the Night

Hearing God in your dreams RUSS PARKER
Russ Parkers long experience of pastoral ministry is evident in his encouragement to us to believe that God still speaks to his people today through dreams, offering fresh opportunities for healing and growth. Illuminating and educational in helping us understand what our dreams mean and how we need to respond to them. Let Visions in the Night navigate us in the day. J. John, author, speaker and broadcaster July 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07083 1 Paperback 160 pp Visions in the Night was rst published as Dream Stories by BRF in 2002. This SPCK edition includes a new introduction. THE REVD DR RUSS PARKER is Director of the Acorn Christian Healing Foundation and exercises a wide-ranging ministry in the UK and internationally. He has published several books including Free to Fail, Forgiveness is Healing, Healing Wounded History, and Healing Dreams which has sold over 20,000 copies.


Spiritual reading

God, Church, etc

What you need to know JANE MAYCOCK
An accessible, unchurchy book to dip into rather than read from cover to cover that provides teenagers with instant information about Christian faith and life within the Church (from an Anglican perspective). Divided into three sections the Church stuff, the God stuff and other stuff it has short, pithy entries on everything from church furniture to theological ideas to social networking. Entries are arranged alphabetically within section; sections are subdivided in the way that dropdown menus work on websites, and there are highlighted cross-references. November 2013 7.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07021 3 Paperback 112 pp THE REVD JANE MAYCOCK was Director of Ordinands in the Diocese of Carlisle from 2001 to 2007. She is married to a vicar and has four school-age children. Her rst book, Windows on a Hidden World: Exploring the Advent landscape, was published by SPCK in 2012.

Writing Our Faith

Writing Our Faith connects creative and therapeutic writing with growth towards wholeness within the context of Christian faith. After setting the scene by showing how we can relate to the Living Word through the written word, the author focuses on the faith journal. She then goes on to explore a variety of different approaches to and genres of writing. Each genre from lists to letters, poetry to story is linked to scriptural examples, and chapters include anecdotes, guidance on writing and exercises to try. JULIA MCGUINNESS is a counsellor/psychotherapist and MyersBriggs consultant at Creative Connections, which she owns. She is also a member of Lapidus, a UK network of those involved in the practice and teaching of therapeutic writing, and the author of Growing Spiritually with the Myers-Briggs Model (SPCK, 2009).

November 2013 10.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06963 7 Paperback 160 pp


Spiritual reading

How to Be Wise
Growing in discernment and love ROD GARNER
This intriguing book opens with an unexpectedly entertaining survey of the philosophical and religious roots of wisdom, before focusing on the brooding text of Ecclesiastes. Illumination of a more uplifting kind is then found in the sublime language of the Prologue of St Johns Gospel, and the life and letters of St Paul. In the second part, literature, music, the human emotions and, nally, silence are engagingly presented to us as having considerable signicance in matters of faith and our human journey. August 2013 9.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06893 7 Paperback 144 pp CANON DR ROD GARNER is an Anglican priest, writer and theologian working in the Diocese of Liverpool, and the author of several books, including On Being Saved: The roots of redemption (DLT, 2011).

Hear the Ancient Wisdom

Daily readings from the Early Church to the Reformation CHARLES R. RINGMA
Hear the Ancient Wisdom is a book worthy of our time, commitment and investment, as you will (like me) be sustained and nourished by the astonishing breadth of understanding and depth of spiritual insight contained in these meditations and reections. Here is lived wisdom given a voice for the twenty-rst century, enabling us to nd a way to engage with the paradox and complexities of real life as it is today. Highly recommended! The Revd Trevor Miller, Abbot of the Northumbria Community Available now 14.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07112 8 Paperback 448 pp CHARLES R. RINGMA was born in Holland and is now an Australian citizen. He is Professor Emeritus of Mission and Evangelism at Regent College, Vancouver, and the author of a number of books including Seek the Silences with Thomas Merton (2003) and Hear the Heart Beat with Henri Nouwen (2006), both published by SPCK.


Lent reading

Beyond the Edge

Spiritual transitions for adventurous souls ANDREW D. MAYES
The Christian life is not to be entered into lightly. In responding to Jesus call we may nd familiar certainties and securities become little more than a nostalgic memory. Yet how exhilarating to live in the company of one who leads his disciples into risky situations, new places of discovery and radical spiritual growth! For all the hardship we may endure, it is in these experiences that Christ meets and reveals himself to us. The place of risk is the threshold of the divine. THE REVD CANON ANDREW D. MAYES is Adviser for Spirituality and parish priest in the Diocese of Chichester. He lived in Jerusalem for some years, latterly as the Course Director of St Georges College, and is the author of a number of books including Holy Land?, also published by SPCK.

November 2013 10.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07114 2 Paperback 160 pp

Jesus His Home, His Journey, His Challenge

A companion for Lent and Easter DAVID BRYAN
This Lenten companion explores crucial questions about Jesus that relate to our own faith journeys: November 2013 8.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07108 1 Paperback 144 pp Where did Jesus start from? What did he meet on the way? How did these encounters shape his life and message?

The result is a book that helps us to look afresh at the Gospels, inviting readers to consider how Jesus grew and developed in his lifes journey, and to appreciate the ways in which Jesus reected the outlook of his times, while noting how his message would have stood out as unique. DAVID BRYAN is Director of Studies and Tutor for Ordinands with the Lindisfarne Regional Training Partnership, having previously taught Biblical Studies at Cranmer Hall, Durham; Wycliffe Hall, Oxford; and the Queens Foundation, Birmingham. An expert on research into the historical Galilee, he is co-chair of the Jesus Seminar of the British New Testament Conference and has written numerous articles relating to Jesus Studies.


Personal growth
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Readings for Weddings

Readings for Weddings puts poetry where it should be: at the heart of a great dening moment. Mark Oakleys selection is exemplary: surprising but appropriate, tender but unsentimental, dignied but vivacious. Every happy couple, let alone their guests, will be grateful. Sir Andrew Motion, former Poet Laureate MARK OAKLEY is Canon Chancellor of St Pauls Cathedral. He was formerly Rector of St Pauls, Covent Garden, Archdeacon of Germany and Northern Europe, and Priest-in-Charge of the Grosvenor Chapel in Mayfair, London.

July 2013 10.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07095 4 French flaps 160 pp

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Rhythms of Remembering
An everyday ofce book HANNAH WARD and JENNIFER WILD
While morning and evening prayer vary according to the seasons of the Christian year, the shorter ofces of midday and night prayer (Compline) do not. They are complete as set out here no need for a Bible, or to nd things in other parts of the book. An ideal way to express the ceaseless activity of prayer! HANNAH WARD and JENNIFER WILD are freelance writers and editors. They have both spent part of their lives as members of Anglican religious orders.

August 2013 9.99 (10.99 from Feb. 2014) ISBN: 978 0 281 07079 4 French flaps 144 pp

Still Caring
Christian meditations and prayers DOROTHY M. STEWART
There comes a time when a loved one needs more looking after than can be provided at home. Dorothy M. Stewart, whose husband suffers from dementia, found herself in just this situation. Still Caring offers help in negotiating the practical problems carers may face, and sensitive reections on the spiritual and emotional trials of considering residential care, including that great bugbear: guilt. DOROTHY M. STEWART is an experienced writer and editor of anthologies, including One Day at a Time: Meditations for carers, published by SPCK in 2010. 23

August 2013 8.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06983 5 Paperback 96 pp

Pastoral care

The Enabled Life

Christianity in a disabling world ROY MCCLOUGHRY
As an author, social commentator and academic, Roy McCloughry is ideally placed to make the latest theological thinking about disability accessible to a wide audience. As a person with the strange gift of epilepsy, he brings rich personal experience of what its like to live as a disabled person in a world where acceptance frequently relies on the appearance of normality. This brave, enthralling book which includes an interview with Jean Vanier envisages a truly inclusive church from which all Gods cherished people may be sent out as an enabling gift to an often disabling world. ROY MCCLOUGHRY is National Disability Advisor to the Church of England, Vice-President of the disability charity Livability, Chairman of Lion Hudson Publishing, Tutor in Personal and Social Ethics at St Johns College, Nottingham, and a prolic author.

September 2013 12.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 06278 2 Paperback 160 pp

Five Pathways to Wholeness

Explorations in pastoral care and counselling ROGER HURDING
[This book] is a loving, faithful exercise in charting the complex and uneven terrain of human living, believing and relating. There is only one thing better than being given a map for a journey. It is to have an experienced, wise guide to make the journey with. And that is what we are offered in these pages. David Runcorn, speaker, writer and spiritual director Five Pathways to Wholeness examines a variety of approaches to pastoral care: biblical counselling, the healing ministries, pastoral counselling, spiritual direction and social change. Available now 10.99 ISBN: 978 0 281 07036 7 Paperback 176 pp DR ROGER HURDING, now retired, has particular experience in the psychological aspects of illness, and in counselling and psychotherapy. He is trained in spiritual direction and the MyersBriggs approach to personality types, and was a founder member of Network Christian Counselling in Bristol.



The Education of David Martin

The making of an unlikely sociologist DAVID MARTIN
David Martin is one of those exceptionally rare scholars who enable us to understand society and religion more clearly and deeply. . . It is impossible to imagine any analysis of religion and society that does not pay serious attention to his work, and anyone who reads this highly engaging memoir cannot fail to gain a richer comprehension of the role that religion plays in todays world. Professor Martyn Percy, Principal, Ripon College Cuddesdon A must-read for the many people, both within and without the Church, who have been inuenced by his seminal writings. Robin Gill, Professor of Applied Theology, University of Kent DAVID MARTIN, FBA, is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) and Honorary Professor of the Sociology of Religion at Lancaster University. Known especially for his critique of secularization as a theory of social process, and for his pioneering work on Pentecostalism in Latin America, he has written over twenty books, establishing creative lines of thinking both within the sociology of religion and at the interface between sociology and theology.

October 2013 25 ISBN: 978 0 281 07118 0 Paperback 272 pp

Church Pocket Book and Diary 2014

With Lectionary
This pocket diary for churchgoing people and church workers is laid out with one week to view, beginning with Sunday and including the whole of December and Advent. Titles of Sundays and dates of festivals correspond to the Common Worship Calendar and Lectionary and the Book of Common Prayer. There is space each week for personal notes and room at the back for personal memoranda, addresses and telephone numbers. Also contains: July 2013 9.99 (inc. VAT) ISBN: Black 978 0 281 07063 3 Blue 978 0 281 07064 0 Burgundy 978 0 281 07065 7 Red 978 0 281 07066 4 Grey 978 0 281 07067 1 Pink 978 0 281 07068 8 Soft case 288 pp complete Common Worship Calendar and Lectionary for 2014, with Sunday names for Common Worship and BCP schemes. information on every Anglican diocese in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, and brief notes on the Anglican Communion worldwide. names and addresses of major Christian societies, charities and other organizations, including all mainstream denominations. 25

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