Sagar Sood IB English A1 Yr.1 Thesis & Outline Due: 28th Nov, 08 I. Introduction a. Intro to protagonist and author. b.

Protagonist o Camara Laye o French Guinea o Islamic Society (shows importance to his religion) c. Importance of music and dance in a person’s life d. Brings memories, change in moods, expression of happiness e. Essay on importance of music/dance in Laye and his family’s lives – change in thinking, moods etc. II. Body a. Praise Singer o Importance o Effects the thinking of Laye’s father o Important in Laye’s father’s life. b. Dance and music after harvest o After harvest, danced and sang together to celebrate o Quote(pg.57) o Sang as they reaped – brought unity – were never tired(pg.61) c. Circumcision o Dancing and singing before the ceremony o Quote(Pg. 112-113) o Brings down the anxiety of people going through the ceremony o Dance of the soli o Steps in dancing showed emotions (movement of hips) o A symbol of happiness o Coba chant, “Coba. Aye coba, lama!” o Celebration after the ceremony d. Laye leaving for Conakry o Role of Praise-singer. o Laye’s mother explaining to him, paid attention to the praise singer(pg. 144) o Brings memories to him, makes him feel sad about leaving Koroussa III. Conclusion a. Importance of music, dance and chants in one’s life b. Importance in Laye’s and his community’s life c. Made him and his family(especially his father) think differently

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