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Vol. 1, No. 1
February 1970

Ron & Caralyn Clark

Casilla 10^5
Osorno, Chile

Greetings to you in the name of our wonderful Saviour!

so richly in our preparations for going to Chile!

We axe

thrilled as we write this first newsletter, that God has blessed us

Lord willing, we will fly from O'Hare Airport in Chicago on

Wednesday afternoon, February 25^.

Our Northvjest Orient flight will

A1 and

arrive in Miami, Florida, at 10 p.m. At 12:30 a.m. (the 26S|.) we will

board a LAH-Chile airliner, which will take us to Santiago.

Mary Gonzalez, who are presently in Antofogasta, Chile, for a 3 revival meeting, will meet us in Santiago. Then we will all go on to

Osorno (about 1000 miles away), either by plane or train.


Up until Christmas time, we were both in school at Ozark Bible College, which kept us extremely busy. On December $0^, Caralyn's
folks came to Joplin to help us move our belongings. Somehow we

managed to fill up the pickup and a 6' x 9' U-Haul! It's really amazing how many things we've accumulated in the past 2^ years!
Our schedule for January & February is as follows?

Jan. kWorthington, Minnesota Jan. '5-6Visit with Ron's parents at .Ambia,, Indiana Jan. 7visas in Chicago from the Chilean consulateno problems!

Jan. 11 ^a.m.)Storm Lake, Iowa

Jan. 11 (p.m.)Cherokee, Iowa
Jan. Jan. Jan. Feb.

Jan. 8West Side Church of Christ, Des.Moxnes, Iowa.

18Webster City, Iowa 21Ames, Iowa ^ 25Redwood Falls, lyiinnesota 5VJom-jn's Fellowship, Webster City, Iowa

Feb. 8 (p.m.)Hampton, Iowa

Feb. 17-19Preaching & Teaching Convention, Ozark Bible College Feb. 25Leave '/ebster ^ity for Ambia, Indiana
Feb. 25--Fly out of Chicago!

Feb. 26Fly out of Miami for Santiago, Chile!

MUCHAS GRACIAS (or Many Thanks) !! the-Graduate Class, Webster City, and to all who contributed to the Christmas Card project! With the money we received, we were able to purchase a tape recorder, spirit "duplicator, 3

electrical transformers, and a meat grinder. everyone who has given us tupperwre!Ladies of the West Side Church of Christ in Des Koines, lowai Dorcas, Naomi, and

Rhoda Circles in Webster City, and ^s. Mildred Zeihan.

will really put it to good use in Chile!

We the Wide Awake Class, Webster City, fpr the money given to
" purchase melmac dishes. everyone who has contributed to the work of the Chilean Radio

Ministry! We're thankful for your love offerings, Faith Promises, . and most of all for your prayers for our work! We pray that much
will be accomplished as we labor in Chile, :md that the harvest
will be great! .


-.0 '


M/M W. E, Rexroat, Webster City

Bonnie'Luppes, Webster City Church of Christ, Webster City

M/M R. 0. Harper, Webster City M/M Marvin Brewer, Vebster City

Church of Christ, Worthington, Minn. Dorcas Circle, Webster City Naomi Circle, '.'ebster City West Side Church of Christ, Des Moines

M/M Ed Doolittle, Webster City M/M Don Utter, Webster City

Jr. II Girls, Webster City

Jr. I Boys & Girls, Webster City

Missionary Society, Imbia, Indiana

Lydia Circle, Webster City W.Qter C., lililers, Cleghorn, Iowa

LeRoy 'kaggs, Cleghorn, Iowa First Church of Christ, Cherokee, Iowa

ci-mice Moberly, Grinnell, Iowa

Church of Christ, Waterloo, Iowa J. G. Kent, Stanhope, Iowa

Nora K. Swift, Storm Lake, Iowa

M/M Bernie Markwardt, Webster City

U/h Don Utter, Webster City .

Church of Christ, Webster Oxty

H/M Don Utter, Webster City

First Church of Christ, Ankeny, Iowa

Bonnie Luppes, Webster City

M/M Joe Katzer, Webster City

Bonnie Luppes, VJebster City

M/M Everett Nail, Jewell, Iowa M/M Harry Kolbeck, Webster City M/^, Eddie Amosson, Eagle Grove, Iowa
I'irs. Vern Scott, Webster City

Challengers Class, Webster City

Bonnie Luppes, Webster City jet Cadets, Webster City

M/M Leon Doolittle & Becky, Webster City M/M Harold Fielder & family, Williams, Iowa M/M Raymond Garth, Webster City
Anonym us, Webster City

M/M Bernie Markwardf, Webster City M/M Ed Doolittle, webster City M/M Don Utter, Webster City
Holle Holcomb, Webster City

M/M Harley Mellinger, Webster City M/H Chuck vvhorlow & family, Boxholm, Iowa
Heights Christian Church, Albuquernue, N.M,

M/I1 W.

Rexroat, Webster City

Church of Christ, Webster City.

M/M Roger Mourlam, Webster City M/M Wayne Favey, Webster City M/M Ed Doolittle, Webster City
Church of Christ, Redwood Falls, Minn. First Church of Christ., Ames, Iowa Cruss-ders Class, Lamar, Mp.

M/M Elmer i?oster, Hoopeston, 111.

Chestnut St. Church of Christ, Hoopeston, 111, Eleanor Greiner, Webster City James Hartlep, Ambia, Ind. Telva Alexander, Webster City Tab Christian Church, Tab, Ind. Loyal Bereans, Webster City Ambia Christian Church, Ambia, Ind. Jr. I Boys & Girls, Webster City Chestnut St. Church of.Christ, Hoopeston, 111. Challengers Class, Webster City M/M Don Utter, V/ebster City Ron Hemiaen family, 'Webster City

Cry.saders Class, Lamar,'.Mo.

Jessie Oppedahl, Webster City

M/M Bernie Markwardt, Webster City M/M Ed Doolittle, Webster City

M/M James Whitworth & family, Albuquerque

Rhoda Circle, Webster City

Women's Fellowship, Webster City Church of Christ, Webster City Mrs. Vern Scott, Webster City
Wide Awake Class, Webster City Bonnie Luppes, W'ebster City

M/M Clair Bosworth & LeeAnn, Webster City

Balance on Hand, Sept. 1 $ 553*92

Total Receipts (Sept.-Jan.)


M/M V/ayne Poe, L^inar, Mo. M/h Clinton Stemsrud, Webster City
Graduate Cl.-xss Project, Webster City Florence Douglas, Joplin, Mo.

Total Expenditures (Sept. to Jan.) $ 871*50 Balance on Hand, Jan, 5^ iiil6l3.l6

M/M Clair Bosworth, Webster City

Christian Church, ?urdy, Mo.



Webster City Church of Christ

900 Des Moines Street

Webster City, Iowa


W^ebster City, Iowa PAID 1.6 0 Permit No. 135




a.s-c .
//// vl-



! ' /\ I

"'C ' '


f \


Vol. 1, No. 2

March 1970

Ron & Caralyn Clark Casilla 10^5 _Q.- "^rno. Chile

Greetings from the beautiful city of Osomo, Chile!

us to realize that we are here at last!

It is hard for

We have already had so many new

and wonderful experiences, and we will try to ^are some of these with .
you in this- newsletter,'

Our trip began Wednesday, February 25, when we boarded an Eastern Airlines jet; flight #73, at 5:10 p.m. We were very happy that our fam ilies, came and "saw us off"! We arrived in Miami, Florida, at 8:36 p.m. (Our flight schedule was slighi'-ly changed from what we announced in our
last newsletter.)
airlines desk.

Because a hnndlc broke on one of our suitcases, we were

given a cash settlement for $3'50.

So we decided we could afford to hire

a "red cap" to haul our luggage from the baggage check to the LAII-Chile
We were sure glad we did, too, because it was at least

mile between the two points,_ and we had 1^8# of luggage plus a brief
case, train case, 2 cameras, 2 coats, an umbrella, and a purse that mst

have weighed at least lOir''.

Besides that, the temperature in Chicago was

25 degrc 3 when we left there, and it- was about 70 when we got to Miami!
So we were about ready to melt!

We were real lucky when w.^ checked in our luggage at Miami.


we were only allowed 1523^ of luggage, the man said, "Since there are two

of you, I'll let it pass this time," At 11:15 p.m., we boarded LtJ^-Chile, flight #155, which was also a 727 jet. We must admit that we felt a bit

strange when not ev3n the stewardesses spoke English! (it's nice that Coca-Cola is an international product!) We made stops in Columbia,
Ecuador, and Peru before arriving in Santiago, Chile at 1:10 p.m. on

February 263J.
was no problem.

We were met at the airport bj' Al Gonzalez, Mr, and Mrs.

As soon as Ron got the luggage unlocked, the aduana

Bertrand Smith (veteran missionaries to Chile, who live in Valpariso), and Efrain Lopez (a young preacher from Santiago). Going through customs
asked, "Is that all personal effects?" Ron said, "It sure is!" With that, the aduana stnmped everything, and we didn't even have to open up one suit

After purchasing tickets for the flight to Puerto Montt for Friday morning, we went to the home of Gary & Onita Lutes. They are C^urch of

Christ (non-instrumental) missionaries in Santiago.

waiting for us when we got there.

They had dinner

It consisted of a salad, a casserole

(chicken and scalloped com), and watermelon!!

to us to be eating watermelon in February!

It Just didn't seem right

A1 took us sightseeing in

Santiago, and we had the thrill (!?) of riding about 8 or 10 different

busesand the driving in Santiago is much worse than we ever experienced
in Mexico last summer! It's almost as if they're trying on purpose to

have accidents, or see how many people they can come close to hitting! A cable car took us up the side of a mountain, which overlooks the city of Santiago, where an enormous statue of Mary .is worshipped by many people. That evening we attended a tent crusade v;hich the Church of Christ mis
sionaries were holding. . - .

Friday morning, we were up at 6:00 a.m., so that we could find a

taxi to take us to the airport. Our plane, a 2 propeller one, was very comfortable, and we m de stops in Concepcion and in Temuco. As we flew over Osorno, we could soo the top part of the volcano, which was above the clouds. It has been too cloudy to see the volcano since we have been here. We were not able to land at Osorno becaus:-^ of repair work on the runway, so Mary, Glenn.a, and Adan Gonz.alez met us at Puerto Montt,

Osorno is really a beautiful citythe southern zone of Chile is much prettier than the north! Our home here is very nice. It is about 10
years old, and has a huge fireplace in the^ living room v/hich heats the whole house in the wintertime. Our basement is filled with 4 truck-loads of wood, which will be enough to last us through the winter, A large backyard has a peach tree, a holly tree, and lots of beautiful flowersroses, cannas,
nasturtiums, etc!

Upon our arrival in Osomo, we went to the hone of Hermano Miguel, , . r

who is the pastor of the Hahue congregation, bevoral people from the Church were there also. We had our 1st really genuine Chilean mealsaid we'll admit it was a bit of a shock to our syst^jms! Salad was served first. It was-a liver sausage with tomato pieces around it on the plate. Then we were served a spicy chicken soup, which had v/hole pieces of chicken in it, potatoes, and herbs. Our 3rd 'course was emp madasthis is a torte containing ground moat, boiled eggs, and hot peppers. After our meal, we . were served hot tea or coffee, and watermelon, "Once" w-?.s served around 5 or 6 o'clock in the afternoon. They had baked a cake for us, and black berry coffee'cak;e, and w:-i had hot tea or coffee to drink with it.

. We have already had the opportunity to sing at Church, do some shop

ping, and drive the hearse (our pick-up) for a funeral.

pick up Spanish fairly quickly.
con be overcome with time and practice.

We hope we can

Although it is somewhat of a barrier, it

There is much more we vmuld like to say, but we will have to save it for our next newsletter, iigain "Thrinks" to all of you who are supporting us with your pra,yers and gifts. It means' alot to us! If you can, take a few minutes to write us a letter. Our address is on the newsletter, and postage is only 150 per ounce.

Bye for now.

In His Service,

Eon & Caralyn Clark


ContributorsFebruary Webster City Margaret Stapp Beulah Stapp Mary Stapp Bonnie Luppes
Pam Plain


Paul A. Lemonds, O'Fallon, Missouri Harold F, Ingram, Covington, Ind. Wayne Poe, Lf--'jnar, Missouri James Whitworth & Fam., Albuquerque, N.M.
" "

Jessie Oppedahl
Mabel Owens Holle Holcomb Bessie Brim

Heights Christian Church Crusaders Class, Lamar, Missouri Ambia Youth Group, ionbia, Ind.

Kissionary Society, Christian Church, -iunbia

Hillside Church of Christ, Marshalltown, la. Church of Christ, Hampton, la.

Church of Christ Rebecca Circle

First Church of '^hrist, ^herokee, la.

Total Receipts for February$628.65
EXPMDITlTRaS$1. 564.55
Mission Services
Church of Christ

Viola Short & Family


M/M Bomie Markwardt &Fai^ily

M/M M/M M/M M/M Harold Fielder & Fam., Williajns, la. Charles Whorlow & Fam., Boxholm, la. Everett Nail, Jewell, la. Clifford -Bosworth, Goldfield, la.

Roy Mills Carl Ewing RaymondGarth Roger Mourlam Don Utter Clair Bosworth & Family Dick ^anson & Family Rodney Larson & Family

Salary Offi-ce Supplies

Plane tickets Health Ins.

Phone, postage Misc. expenses

Travelers checks 0. B. C.'

Balance on Hand, Fob. 1 Total Receipts

628.65 SS2241.81

Balance on Hand, Feb.


J. G, Kent & Feme, Stanhope, la.

M/M Bill ITelson, ^hanute, Kansas

Webster City Church of Christ
900 Des Moines Street

% C:


Webster ^ity, Iowa


Webster ^ity, Iowa PiilD 1.6 0

Permit No. 155


//// M


L_ I.

"(JO YE INTO ALL THii; V/ORLD & PREACH THE GOSPEL" Ron & Caralyn Clark Casilla 10^5
Oaorno.. Chile ' '

Vol. 1, No. 5

April 1970

Greetings in the name of our wonderful God, who is able to do far more than we
can ever imagine!! The month wj have been here has flown by so (quickly and we
have so many things we'd like to share with you!

First, some of the results of the radio broadcast, "La Voz oe la Obra Cristiajia" is being heard, at present, on k radio stations in Chileilntofagasta, Valparaiso, Castro, and Osorno. ^in average of 50 responses come in each month-,'

asking for a copy of the New Testament (which is offered to them free of charge),

and desiring to take the Bible Correspondence Course, which Bro. Bertrand Smith in Valparaiso is in charge of. A few i,isteners have even written in from Argen tina, for which we praise God! It's truly a.wonderful blessing that radio waves
have no boundaries which restrict them!

Presently, our I5 minute program is heard weekly, but we hope, in another

year, to start producing 5 minute programs, to be aired daily,

'e believe this

Vill create a bigger listening' audience, .ind thus more responses from our lis-_ teners! Pray that we might also be able to expand the number of stations over which our.progr.ara is heard, to 12 or 1^ stations. These radio beams will then also carry the Gospel into Argentina, Bolivia, and Peru!
An important aspect of a radio ministry is doing "follow-up" workteaching

the people more fully about New Testament Christianity, baptizing them "for the
remission of sins and the gift of the Holy Spirit", and teaching them to be ^ faithful to the Lord "unto death." More workers are needed in Chile to help'.';,:
assist in this area, .'e are thankful "that two familiesCharles Burns', and Ed

Holtsare making plans to come to Chile, and the Everett Easley family is pre
paring to work in Argentina.

The first week of March, Brother Mi^el (the pastor of the Church in Osorno)
took a1 and I to look over a place near Osorno. '^he ranch, or "fundo" as they are

called here, is called Los Venados (The Deer).

There are at least 60 families

there who wanted us to come and hold services. They showed us a big, long buil ding which.jiould. be used as a meeting house. So, on i;\rch. 8 we went there, along with several men from the Church, to hold our first services. At least 15O people turned out, as we shov/ed Bible filmstrips, and preached from God's Word! This week we will be goin;.^ out again to hold services. Pray for our effortsand that these people migjit be receptive to the V/ord of God as it is presented to them!

Other teaching efforts are being carried on in Entre Lagos (Between Lakes)
at a Mssion Church of God congregation.

Ve have been asked to come for 6 con

secutive weeks to preach, show Bible filmstrips,.and sell Bible literature. Ap proximately 350 peojjle turn put each week, so it is a real open door for Gospel

Two weeks ago Cara^ and I became acquainted with a very receptive middleclass family here in Osorno--Sergio and Ada liaria Cea. Sergio is a "top man" in the Hucke candy depository here in Osorno. Hucke, the largest C5?ndy company in Chile, is the maker of "Chile's finest chocolates"! a1 and I went to see them
one 'evening last week, and were thrilled after talking to them about religion.

They are only nominal Catholics, and were very interested in learning more of New Testament Christianity. They have invited Cara2yr. and I over for supper this

coming Friday, and they want to teach us Castellano (Chilean Spanish), and for us
to teach them English. A week ago Pray for us as we witness to them! fun. of "vi-siting a dairy 'Ifundo". It had 3Q00 acres,

mostly pasture land, with 5 huge apple orchards. Only 6 families live on this fundo, as little farming is donebecause fertilizer is so expensive. We were given some apple cider to drink, when we first arrivedand Caralyn and I nearly


Me later found out that this sweet (?) apple cider had been aging for

15 days! The head of the. fundo then shov.ed us around his gardens. He had several copihue plt-'-nts. The copihue, a beautiful bell-shaped waxy flower comes in red, pink, and white, and is the national flower of Chile, Pie gave us each a bouquet of them, and some seed pods so that we could try to f^row some here. This visit ri*h Ol IV was i.L,;y an(' ver-,- interesting'for us!



V/e have finally completed our paper work, which one has to do upon arri-^al

in the country.

It was very exasperating for us at times, because the Chilean is

Me were fingerprinted, and photographed with num

in no rush to get things done!

bers in front of uswe sort of felt like "jail birds", except we didn't have striped suits on! It seems as if our letter must come to a close again, v/e wish you could all

come visit us, and see the beautiful country of Chile! Again, we want to thank each and every one of you for your prayers, and for your support to the Lord's work here in Chile. Vje appreciate it so very much! , . - '
In His Service,

Ron and Caralyn Clark

finmcial report ContributorsMarch

V/ebster City, Iowa;

Beulah Stapp liary Stapp
Pam Plain
Eleanor Greiner

Other Towns:

M/M Charles Whorlow & fajn,, Boxholm, Iowa M/M Harold Fielder & fam., Williams, Iowa M/M Merlyn Fischer, Vioolstock, Iowa
J. G. Kent & Ferrie, Stanhope, Iowa V/alter Ehlers, Cleghorn, Iowa

Bonnie Luppes
Holle Hoicomb Telva Alexander

M/M Wayne Poe, Lamar, Missouri

Crusaders "^lass, Lamar, i^iissouri

Jessie Oppedahl V.ola Short and family


M/M Ralph Clark & fam*, Ambia, Indiana M/M James "'Ihitworth & fajn*, Albuquerque, N. M.
Heights Christian church, Albuquerque, N, M. Missionary Society, Christian Church, Ambia, Indj
Chestnut St. Church of Christ, Hoopeston, IllFirst Church of Christ, Cherokee, Iowa

v/omen's Fellowship
Crusaders Bible Class

Challengers Bible Class

M/M Ed Doolittle M/M a':on Henanem and family M/M Richard Jones and family M/H Leon Sheldon and family M/M Bemie Markwardt and family M/M Dick il^anson and family '. M/M Clair Bosworth and family M/M Roger Mourlam M/M Roy Mills M/M Don Utter M/M Carl Ewing M/M R. 0. Harper M/M Harley Mellinger
Church of Christ

Total Receipts for March SS5^2.00


Abarim Freight Service

I 22707

Money for Import Duty

Fed. Cred.





Postage & Bank Charge

Tithe Great Missouri Ins.

50-00 82.11



Balance on Hand, March 1

Total Contributions

677 M

- 1055.87

,.printed matter (including books) is the

only thing we can import from the U.S.
without having to pay an iitiport duty
Total Expenditures Balance on Hand, March 51


Please send all contributions to our Forweirding Agents:

M/M Clair Bosworth

R. R. 5

V/ebster City, Iowa


Webster City Church of Christ

900 Des Moines Street


Vfebster City, Iowa


Webster City, Iowa Paid 1.6 0

Permit No. 155




Vol. 1, No. ^

May 1970

Ron & Caralyn Clark Casilla 10^5

Osorno. Chile

Greetings to each of you in the name of our wonderful Lord and Saviour!
\, a very busy and exciting month since we last wrote.

We have had

On Saturday evening, April

we made our weekly visit to Entre Lagos to show Bible

filmstrips and to hold a preaching service. V/e were coming home feeling very happy about the tremendous reception which the Gospel is having there. About 5 miles out of town, our spirits were shaken, though, as a fist-sized rock came crashingthrough the right side

window of the truck.

Caralyn and Glenna (Gonzalez' 5 year old daughter) started screaming,

and Ron said, "I have a mouth-full of glass." aI managed to get the truck stopped quickly and we examined each other for possible injuries. A1 and Mary and the children were for tunate in that they received only minor cuts and scratches. Ron, who was sitting next to

the door, got a cut on his lip and cuts on 4 of his fingers.

Caralyn got hurt the worst,

with several cuts on her face and neck, and a scratch in her right eye. This, of course, had us all worried for a while, as soon as we got back to Osorno, we searched in vain for an eye doctor. Finally we took her to the emergency room at the hospital, where a doctor examined her eye, and found out that the cornea was not damaged. He cleaned her 63e, put a salve on it, and bandaged it shut. The next morning we took her to an eye doc tor, and he said no serious damago had been done. V/ith the help of some pills, eye salve, and sunglasses, her eye was completely OK within a week's time. We don't know how the rock kept from hitting one of us! When Ron got out of the pickup, the rock was laying in the seat.beside Caralyn! We are all really thankful that none of us were injured more ser


lifter reporting the incident to the police in Entre Lagos, we saw 5 or 6 boys
We suspected it was one of them who threw the rock. Then last

walking back toward town.

week, when a1 went to Entre Lagos to make preparations for the Evangelistic Campaign, the police told him they had picked up 5 boys who were responsible for the accident. We just hope and pray that thes^: boys will come to know Christ as their personal Saviour, and that
their lives will radiate Christ living in them!

Mexican Evangelist, Feliciano Moreno, arrived in Osorno on April ^ to hold a month of

evangelistic campaigns in this area. Services were held the first week in a Lutheran

Church in Puerto Octay; the second week in a school gymnasium in Rio Negro; in Entre Lagos
April 18 - 19; and in Osorno April 20 - 26. Attendance has been excellent at all of the meetings, and several decisions have been made for our Lord. Be praying for the ones who

have made decisions, that they might remain faithful to our Lord, and grow in grace and

Monday, April 6, was a big day for us as we went to Puerto Montt to get our barrels; Getting the paper work completed was gad enough, and took long enough6 hours at least! But then we had to go to the v;arehouse, open every barrel with a hack-saw, and unload
everything which the Aduana wanted to see. It was quite a mess, but Caralyn and I were so

glad to see everything again, that we didn't care! We were very fortunate in that we only had to pay about $125.00 import duty on all of our equipment, clothes, books, and household goods. We were very tense, wondering if we would have enough money or not, but as things turned out, we had more than enough. The excess money has gone for various expenses here

in Chile, such as a pair of eyeglasses for i:iraraa Aguilar (a I7 year old girl who is staying
with us trds year, and going to Hi/^h School in Osorno.
some smaller items as well.

Her father is the minister of the

Church in Puerto Octay)^ $ more big truck-loads of wood for fuel; display material^ ''and
We thought 4 truck-loads of wood would be plenty to "keep us warm all winter, but a
couple weeks ago, A1 and Mary said that it wouldn't get warm enough not to have a fire going all the time, until next December! So instead of 5-^ month winter here, it looks
like it will be 9-10 months long!

With the'arrival of our barrels, we have been able to put to good use the spirit du
plicator and the tape recorder which we brought with us.
valuable during the evangelistic campaigns.

The tape recorder has been in

We've boen able to record music to use in ad

vertising the meetings, and also to record the film-strip narrations.

Caralyn and I have been meeting regularly with the choir at Church. We will be teach

ing them a class in music theory, as well as directing them.

Since many of the people-are

too poor to afford hymnal-s, Caralyn has been busy making co ies of music for the choir to

sing. We hope, in the next couple of weeks, to begin a youth choir, also, as the young people are very anxious to serve the Lord in this way. During the campaign in Osorno, the

nhr^-i-r. (about 20 strong) has been bringing spe.cial music every evening. To those of you who

contributed for the tape recorder, duplicator, and import duty fund, we again-i'ant to say
Thank-You for helping in this wayi In just one more week, the Gonzalez fajidly will be leaving Osomo to return to the

States on furlough. We have appreciated getting to work with thjm hore in Chile, and we Igioy there will probably be aone lonely days while thoy arc gone from here." They will appreciate your prayers for them as they travel, and as they spe.ak" to various congregations

in the States about -the work of the Chilean Radio Ministry.-


As we close this letter, we pray that you are all working hard for the Lord, wherever you mi^t be. We are thankful for your prayers, and for your financial support as we work
for the .Lord here in Chile! May God bless you all!
In His Service, Ron and Caralyn Clark


Webster City, Iowa:
Pam Plain Crusaders Class

Mary Stapp
Beulah Stapp

. -

Women's Fellowship Jr. I Boys & Girls Bible Class

Church of Christ

Bonnie Luppes
Eleanor Greiner

Telva Alexander

M/M Charles Whorlow & fam., Boxholm, Iowa M/M Charlie Day, Stanhope, Iowa
J. G. Kent and Feme, Stanhope, Iowa

Jessie Oppedahl Ella Keough

tolle H':^lcomb

M/M Harold Fielder & fam., Williams, Iowa

Waltet C. iilhlers, Cleghorri, Iowa First Church of Christ, Cherokee, Iowa

M/M m/M M/M M/M M/M M/M M/M M/m

Roger Mourlam Raymond Garth Clair Bosworth and fam. Robert .airhart and fam. Orville Craig Roy Mills Bud Wolf Bernie Markwardt and fam.

M/M Ralph Clark & fam., ximbia, Indiana

Heights Christian Church, iilbuquerquc, N. M,


Missionary Society, Christian Church, Ambia, Ind.

M/M James Whitworth & fam., Albuquerque, N. M. M/M Wayne Poe, Lamar, Missouri
Crusaders Class, L^juar, Missouri

M/M Don Utter

Total Receipts for April5^466.00


M/H" W. E. Rexpoat _ _ _ M/M Harley Mellinger M/M Ed Doolittle M/M R. 0. Haxper M/M Carl Ewing

Federal Credit

30,00 6.84

Post'-ige.& Charge Supplies Salary




DID YOU KNOW THAT ????????????

Balance on Hand, April 1

Total Contributions


...we can't get com syrup, brown sugar, peanut butter, popcorn, or dress patterns here 8 oz. bottle of ketchup costs

Total Expenditures Bal^mce on Hand, April 30

S651.59 431.37

A slide program with narration and display material should be ready sometime in May.


rangements can be made by contacting our forwarding agents:

M/M Clair Bosworth, R. R. 5

V/ebster City, Iowa 50595

Webster City Church of Christ

900 Des Moines Street


Webster City, Iowa

Webster City, Iowa


PAID 1.6 0
Permit No. 155


^/>n ^
Jill Yi.


Vol. 1, No. 5

June 1970


Ron & Caralyn Clark Casilla 10^5 Osomo, Chile

~ The month of May has been a very busy one for us here in the "string bean nation" of Chile! We're so thankful for the opportunity to be working here, and for all the doors
which have been opened to the.Gospel teaching!

A1 and Maiy Gonzalez and their 2 children left Osomo on npril 30- to return to the States for their furlough. Since our'"translators" left, we're amazed at th@ amount of Castellano (Chilean Spanish) which we've learnadbecause we've h^ to talk for ourselves now! Of course, our knowledge and use of Castellano is far from perfect, but we're
learning more every day, and giving it the "good old college try!"

We appreciate having the use of the pickup, which vjas purchased for the Chilean Radio Ministry last fall. Two or three nights every week we've been able to go to nearby fundos with men, women, and young peo le from the congregation here in Osomo, to hold teaching
services. It is so inspiring to see the e^er faces as the Gospel story is presented to them through songs, Bible filmstrips, arid preaching from the Word of God. As well as uiaking-return visits to Los Venados and Entre Lagos, a new work has been started near
On Wednesday evening, May 20, we were on our way to Los Venados, whenWOULD YOU
BELI':jVE???a small rock, the size of a walnut, broke out the window on the driver's side

Pichi Damas.

of the pickup! It covcii'ed Ron with glass, but didn't injure him, or anyone else. We now . have safety plate glass in both sid windows, and the windshield, so feel better protected
from "flying rocks!" We were more surprised than anything, when this second window was
shattered, and are very thankful for the watch -md care which our Heavenly Father has
given us as we work for Him.

One of our Church families was saddened recently by the sudden death of their 11-year .

old son. He died only 2k hours after suffering a cerebral hemorrhage, so, of course, it was very hard for the family. Funerals here in Chile, are veiy different from what either of us have experienced in the States# The body is taken to the family home until time for

the funeral service, usually within 2 days after the death.

(Perhaps some of you can re

member when this was done in the States.) On the day of the funeral, a short service is held at the home, after which the casket is taken and placed on a funeral carriage. If you can imagine what Cinderella's carriag-e looked like, in the fairy t'.le, this will give you an idea of what a funeral carriage is like here. Only the color is black, nd two black horsas pull it, with 2 men sitting on top of the carriagetop hat and all. The flowers
and wreaths are placed all over the c rriage, and the funeral procession walks behind the carriage to the cemetery. After a short graveside ceremony, the casket is lowered into

the grave, while everybody stands and watches. Then everyone picks up a handful of dirt, and throws it on to;: of the casket, which is immedi..tely covered up, and flowers placed on top of the grave. If any of the family members ar;. Catholic, they will light candles

all around the grave, to keep the evil spirits away.

We're thankful for the opportunity

we have to teach these people from God's Word, and to sh-ire with them the Words of Ever lasting Life!

Possibly there are some of you who would be interested in sponsoring our radio pro
gram, "La Voz de la Obra Cristiana" on a radio station here in Chile,
atpresent;^-the-Gospel is having a wonderful response!

Being heard on k

Since the 1st of March,

I 106 persons have written to us to ask for a New Testament, and to enroll in the Bible 1 Correspondence Course. We are thc-inkful for this, but we also realize there is roon for
growth, as the funds are available to add on new stations. seek to increase the outreach of the Gospel here in Chile! about this, please write \to us for more specific details. Pray with us, and for us as we If you would like to know more

As we close this letter, we'd like to share with you these words of Paul as he wrote to the Philippians many centuries ago; "iUways be full of joy in the Lord; -I say it again, rejoice!
see that you are unselfish and gentle in all you do.

Let everyone .

Remember that the

Lord is coming soon.

Don't worry about anything; instead, pray about

everything; tell God your needs and don't forget to thank Him for His answers. If you do this you will know God's peace which is far more wonderful than the human mind can understand. His peace will keep your thoiights and your hearts quiet and at rest as you trust in Christ Jesus."

(Phil. 4:4-7; Living Letters)



you aM as you..labor for


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VaiterS^ers, ^ei^^biih.), Iowa . \. '

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-c ClintQM:

d-'fe^e^ ^y =

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i^Bsibnp^ Society, Glg^istian tlfit^cdi.,! ^mh^af Ind. Mrs't Church of .Christ,^ Chjrpfeee, ipw|i : ' , :, Chesjljnut St. Chj:^dh of .Christ'; Hoopeston,-Il'liiioiia :
Ralph .Cl^k & f ,

iu^|ii-a Yputk^- Group j, iimhi^j ^


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Paiii hack money; tjor^bw^l.
^ d p Bpf -iifbVj^: th|:uidv;r andvt



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iA^SoTi^^stt '
;of rain .>

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Bai^e.e on. H^d May- 1
- ' ..i; .> . :,,. i r ^ . '''

;. / year in Qsprno?

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w^re ?e|ii^eii^ %ca^se of change in address, if you "i^ould ^^nd lis youj? old gwr} new ' , j^ / '^'^r^sa ,befdre ycjii move, V^u ,could hpt pj^y' assure yourself of not ii^'s|i|jajg;:aii.,'
#pu wouldu.^ave; us' 100 for each .o;ie that must Vh'.: retm-^eji.. Thai^ You:! '! ' '

Polio^g t^ ^^1^ Of the- last iue of th6 ".Chilean ;Challenger", seversa ' '

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lil^ster City" GhtM?pli':jPf Q^i&t pes ifoini^sV^teeii , , y: i- ^e'bst.^r 'ityj^ Ipw^' :50.9S .
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. I.




fl ns

Vol. 1, No. 6
July 1970

Ron & Caralyn Clark Casilla 1045 Osomo. Chile


Dear Friends and Loved Ones in Christ Jesus,

Him! It seems as if our days and nights get. busier every week, but we are S^ad to be keeping busy, and especially glad to be sharing our faith in Jesus Christ with those who
know Him not.

How we thank our loving Heavenly Father for every one of you! We are continually thrilled and blessed as we have more and more opportunities here in Southern Chile to serve

This week we will conclude our series of Bible filmstrips on the fimdo near Pichi Damas. Attendance there has avera^sd around 35 each week, with the majority of these being men. They tave shown a lot of interest in learning about the Church of the Bible, but so far none of them have made public decisions for Christ. So be praying for these people,
as'Bible studies are continued with them.

Many hours each week are spent in the radio studio, where Ron prepares and jnails out the program ta-oes for "La Voz de la Obra Cristiana" (The Voice of the Christian Work;, we are realizing,^more and more, that an effective radio ministry involves much more than jaao a radio program. Follow-up work is vital if we are to see these people won to the Lord. In the past, as well as presently, a New Testament has been sent to all wno write
has been about the extent of the follow-up efforts in most locations.

and ask for one. Then they are also enrolled in a Bible Correspondence Course.

for the Lord through

several weeks, we have been working on making a card file for all the Bible correspondence students grouped by cities, and th .s in a very usable form. V/e will know at a moment s glance how many students a e in a certain town, and be able to plan trips to these places to personally call on these students. We feel confident that much fruit will be reaped
these increased 'efforts of personal evangelism.

Within the past

But this

In the town of La Union, about 25 miles north of Osorno, we are already being thrilled
at some of the results of the radio ministry! After having studied the Bible Correspon- ;

raiso', telling him of her desire to be baptized. He, in turn, wrote us. On June 6_, Bro.
Orlando Andrade, one of the members of the Osomo congregation, went with us to talk to

dence Course for nearly one year, I6 year old Blanca Espinoaa wrote Biu. Smith in

her. It was too late to find a suitable place for the baptismal service, so^we made plans to return the following afternoon. Both Blanca and her mother were buried with their Lord in Christian baptism on June 7j ^ river near their home. This was a very thrilling

experience for everyone, and we praise God for these victories! We have mad;3 return visits there., to show the complete series of Bible filmstrips in their home. Be praying for Blanca's father, who is a Catholic, tha% he might soon make his decision to follow the New
Testament pattern!

Sunday, June 21st, we held our 1st Church services in Blanca's home- There were 8 adults present, for which we thank God! It is a small number, to be sure, but it is at
least a start in the town of La Union! Efforts will be concentrated there this winter, as Ron and-Bro. Andrade do continued calling on the nearly 43 students who are taking the

Bible Correspondence Course. After this time, Bro. iindrade will continue to work there as the evangelist, and we v/ill try to work in other towns in much the same manner, with other
men from the Osorno congregation.

With the national election of Chile only 3 months awaySept. 4, it seems like that

is all we are hearing on the radio anymore!

has "sat-out" a term.

Presidential elections are held every 6 years

- here-.--A president may not succeed himself-in office, but he may- seek-rG-election. after ha...
There are 5 main candidates seeking the office of President in this

Jorge Allessandri VolveraINDEPEINDjiINT Party

Radomiro TomicCHRISTI7iN BEI^OCRATIC Party Salvadore AllendeCOMTdlJIST Party

Alessandri is a past-president of Chile, and would seem to be the best candidate, except for the fact that he is around 70 years old. His father also served as president of Chile. Tomic is presently serving as the Vice-President of Chile. Personally, we hope to see either Tomic of Alessandri win this election. This is Allende's 5 or 6^ try for the

Presidency. In the last election, he got around k&fo of the vote, so he seems to be quite a. threat. Many people do not believe he is an actual Communist. However, an influential
businessman told us today that he is known to make 5 or 4 trips every year to Cuba, and
some of the Iron Curtain countries. If he wins this election, hewoiild bo the 1st member

of the Communist party to bo elected to the Presidency of a Democratic nation. So it is with much anticipation that wo, as well as the free world, watch this election* We hope that you'll be praying about the outcome, as it could completely reversu the destiny of.

Chile. Ttio Gospel is making much progress hero now, and we pray that it might continue to have the opportunity for ^owth .in the future!
As you work and live for Christ during the coming days and weoks, wo believe you'll be blessed if you try to apply these w ds of Paul to your lives:
'"Always be joyful. Always keep on praying. Always be thankful no matter what happens, for that is God's will for y u who belong to Christ Jesus."

(l Thess. 5'16-18, Living Letters)

May God richly bless you all!
In Christian Love, Ron & Caralyn Clark



V/ebster City, Iowa


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//// Y).

auii- .

- ?


Vol. 1, No. 7 August 1970

Ron & Caxalyn Clarl Casilla 10^5
Oaorno. Chile


Dear Friends & Loved Ones in Christ Jesus,

There we stayed with the 2 missionary families from the Church of Christ (Non-Instrumental),
Our fellowship with them was truly a blessing, as we talked and shared ideas for expanding
the Kingdom,

We*re tempted to start out by saying, "Greetings from the South Pole," but you might think we're trying to be funny and exaggerate a lot! It has been a very cold and rainy July here in Osomo, but we were able to "escape the cold" for a couple weeks by taking a trip to central andnorfchern Chile We traveled by train to Santiagoa 17 hour journey.

Santiago has been having its share of riots within the past several weeks, and we

got to witness one of them on our trip.

On Wednesday evening (the 9-) we went to Bible

Study in Santa Rosa. There was lots of noise all during the Bible Study, as people began congregating on the street comer right outside the building, putting up roadblocks, etc*

Just as our services were over, the carabineros (police) arrived in their "grupo mobile" (a bus). They were all equipped with helmets and shields, and worked at clearing away the
roadblocks. We decided we had better get going before things got worse. So we piled into Gary Lutes' '57 Landrover Jeep, and took off. Huge rocks and slabs of cement were piled in the streets, so we had to be careful where we drove. All of a sudden BANG, BANG, BANG,


We thought that it was machine-gun-fireit was so rapid and


So everyone (except Gary, who was driving) hit the floor!

It turned out to be big

rocks some guys were throwing at us.

They were hitting the side of the jeep so rapidly

that it gave the effect of being fired upon. One rock hit the windshield, which luckily was safety-plate, so it j^st got badly cracked in the bottom right-hand comer. We were sure glad to get back to the house safely, and thank God for His protection of our lives! After spending some time in Santiago, we traveled farther north to the city of Antofagasta, which is on the Pacific Coast. Here 2 families are laboringJeff & Judy Ifyers, rnd Carl & Debbie Paschal. We enjoyed so much getting to know these families
better, and to gain valuable information in the field of Bible literature distribution.

We hope in the coming weeks and months, to be able to use the printed Word to a much
greater extent here in Southern Chile!


trip back to Osomo, by bus and train, was a long and tiring journey, but

we were glad to see "home" again, and to try to catch up on the back-log of activities!

young Christian (of 2 years), he continues to amaze us with his zeal for telling everyone
he meets, about Jesus Christ. Plans are now being made to show the Bible filmstrips in several poblacions of La Union, as well as in one denominational church building. Be prying for Bro. Andrade as he seeks to tell "his" people of his Savior!

In La Union, we are continuing to be thrilled at the way the Gospel is spreading! We are especially uplifted by the work of Bro, Orlando Andrade, who, although he is a very

Valparaiso, Chile. On July ICS he and his ^ife, Doxis, celebrated their 21st year of
service for the Lord here in this country of Chile. were able to visit them on this

We want to share this poem v/ith you, which vas written by Bro. Bertrand Smith of

day, ^d it as truly an inspiring sxperience for us.

be faithful .'Iways in the service of the King!

It's our prayer that we, too, might

His matted hair knows not a comb|

His clothes are soiled and ragged tooj

His grimy face denoted a home Where mother's hands have much to do.

Undisciplined as mountain goat|

His only law his own desire?

His ebony eyes, when much provoked,

Reveal their depths of potent fire.


Who knows what holocaust or li^t Will yield that fire in days to come?

Tomorrow holds for him a fight,

And fearful odds to overcome.


(Continued on back)

This Chilean boy ia "born to hold, For good or bad, his nationls fatej V/ithin that head may yet unfold The power to make his country great,.
God grant the fi-re in those--dark eyes May know the triily happy fate Of kindling lights of Paradise,
And not a holocaust of hate.

As we close our letter this month, vg again want to thank all of you for your con

tinued prayers aiid support for us as we live and work for Christ here in the country of Chile. We also appreciate so very much the letters and cards which so many of you sent to remember Caralyn's birthday and our anniversary. It really means a lot to us! May God bless you all, as you seek to give Him Ist-place in your lives!
In Christian Love,


Ron & Caralyn Clark

futancial report


Webster City, Iowa


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yn/ rr\ %
n n /)..

CMi ^


Vol. 1, No. 8

September 1970

Ron & Caralyn Clark

Casilla 10^5
Osorno, Chile

Dear Friends

Loved Ones in Christ Jesus,

Greetings to each & every one of you in the name of our wonderful Lord & Saviour,
Jesus Christ! It seems almost impossible to realize that we have been here in Chile for

6 months already! The time has flown by so. quicklywe hardly know where it all goes! Spring is beginning to mdke its first appearances here in Osorno, and it's a very

pretty time of the year. Many trees are blossoming into brilliant pinks, daffodils and jonquils "are blooming, and" p"erh"ap-s"-the stran^es't "thing of all is the-weatherit-poursdown rain while the sun is shining--all day Ions!! it is really nice to see the sun shiningl Although it hasn't warmed up much,

tunity of attending Church campmainly due to the cost of traveling to & from the camp This year, it is our desire to see as many youth from Osorno as possible be able to at
for one camper comes to approximately $10.00. can have their way paid completely.

It won't be too much longer until it will be "camp time" in Chile! Summer Church camp is held in early February in the small town of Curacavi, which is halfw^ between Santiago & Valparaiso. Less than h'alf-a-dozen youth from Osorno have ever had the oppor

tendalong with some adult sponsors. Cost of camp tuition &travel by bus (both ways)
to.attend, so we hope with your help, we can make this dream become a reality!

We are working on a Bible contest to give

a'it^.ed incentive to would-be campers, where by earning a given number of points, campers

Right now it looks like at least 10 youth are eligible

In the town of La Union, weekly teaching & worship sevices are continuing to be held in the home of Blanca Espinoza. Blanca's father has not yet made his decision to

become a Christian, so please continue to pray for him that he might make this very im portant decision soon. We are thrilled that all of Blanca's younger brothers & sisters who can read, are now taking a Bible correspondence course from Bro. Smith in Valparaiso, and EV.IEY EVENING, they all get out their Bibles, work on their Bible courses, and study together from God's V/ord as a family! Two new home Bible studies have also been started in La Union, largely due to the efforts of Bro. imdrade. So with the Lord' and . hard wc-l:, we are seeing the Lord's work grow in this town. For this we are very thank
ful! "

Here in Osorno, evangelistic sevices are held every Sunday evening. On Wednesday afternoons the women get together for a Bible study, and to discuss the part women play

in spreading the Gospel. Then on Wednesday evenings the entire Church meets to study the
of the week calling on Biblp Coo^ospondence students here in Osorno, and teaching them
about the New Testament Plan of Salvation.

Bible. Presently we ore using a lO-lesson study dealing with the Gospel Plan of Salvation, and it is proving very effective and practical, as nany of the members spend other evenings
In July, we emntioned that we were working on a card file of all the Bible Cor respondence Students, so that we would knov/ at a glance how many students were in a certain town, and call more effectively. V/e have it about % completedand wouldn't you
know??All of the bookstores in Osorno ran out of heavy card stock paper! Index cards aren't available in Chile, so we had to buy big sheets of paper, and cut them down to index card size. Even though our file isn't totallycompleted, we are already able to see where we need to extend our next major efforts in doing follow-up work for the Radio Ministry. We hope you'll be praying for us, and for the men from the Church who will also
be working with us in these new areas of evangelism!

Fro.m the bot^m of our hearts, we are so thankful for the continued support you are giving usPrayer support and Financial support. We just hope & pray that our efforts here in Chile will continue to r-'r^ap much fruit for the Master! Now as we bring our letter to a close, we v/ould like for you to think on these wor.ils of Paul, which he wrote to the
Colossians many centuries ago. They are still a& fresh & meaningful as they were on the day that he wrote them, and we pray you mi^t apply them to you lives as you live for

"Since you have been chosen by God Wlio has given you a new kind of life, and because of His deep love and concern for you, you should practice tenderhearted pity and
kindness to others. Don't worry about making a good impression on them bu^ be ready to

suffer quietly and patiently. Be gentle and rer:.dy to forgive; never hold grudges. Re member, the Lord forgave you, so you must forgive others. Most of all, let love guide
you life for then the vjhole church will stay tof;ether in perfect harmony. Let the peace of heart v/hich comes from Christ be alw ys present in you hearts and lives, for this is your responsibiliby and privilege as members of His body. Aii.l always be thankful. Re member what Christ taught and let His words enrich you lives and make you wise; teach them to each other and sia^ them oat in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing to the Lord with thankful hearts, iuid whatever you do or say, let it be as a representative

of the Lord Jesus, and come with Him into, the presence of God the Father ^to give Him your thanks." (Colossians 3s 12-17-Living Letters),
May God richly bless you! ^
In Christian Love,

Ron & -Caralyn Clark


ContributorsAugust Webster City


M/M Duane Burtnett & family M/M Roy Mills M/M H. J. Dick M/M Clair Bosworth & family M/M R. 0. Harper M/M Don Utter M/M Roger Mourlam M/M Joe Luppes Dr./Mrs. J. W, Jones M/M Carl Swing M/M Harley Mellinger M/M Richard Byanson & family M/M Ronald Hemmen & family M/M M Doolittle
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CM !




Vol. 1, No. 9

October 1970

Ron & Caralyn Clark

Casilla 1045
Osorno. Chile

Bear Friends & Loved Ones in Christ Jesus,

With Spring having officially arrived in Chile, we are beginning to enjoy a little nicer weather. It's a joy to see the sun shine more often than the rain, but it is still cool enough that we-have to have a fire burning in the fireplace all day long. Our days seem to get busier all the time, as we have more & more opportunities to serve our Lord.

For over a month now, Bon and 5 or 4 of the men from the Church have been working
every Saturday and Sunday in La Union. shown in 2 new homes. The results are very encouraging there, as Bible

studies are now being held in k different homes, and the Bible filmstrip series is being
One of these homes is in the coimtry, situated next to a country

school where l6l pupils attend.

So the potential is great in this area!

We were priviledged to have Brother Bertrand Smith from Valparaiso come to Osomo for a week's visit the Inst week of August. ^'I'hile he was here, we had special sevices
every evening in our home on the Elders & Deacons. an uplifting study for all concerned. Attendance was very good, and it was

On September

we had our exciting Presidential election.

It seems funnj/ not to hear

all the campaign songs & propaganda on the radio anymore as that's about all we'd heard

since we came to Chile. All schools and stores were closed for the occasion, and public gatherings of any type were forbidden. We stayed home all day, and anxiously listened
to the radio for the outcome. The final outcome didn't come until the wee hours of the

morningafter 5 a.m. None of the 3 candidates received a majority of the vote, although Allende, the Communist-backed candidate, got the lar^jest number of popular votes. There fore, the final outcome won't be known for sure until October 24, when the Chilean Congress

'will meet and vote between Allende and Alessandri, the top two candidates.

However, most like. Allende will be victorious for several reasons. 1stthe Congress is very leftist. 2ndAllende is the President of the Congress, an office which he was

elected to by the Congress. 3rdAllessandri, being an Independent Candidate, has very little backing in the Congress. Of course, we hope th-t whatever the final outcome is,
that the Lord*s work here in Chile might be able to continue forward!

out of bed early in the morning, as the military fired a big cannon in the plaza (l8 times

We celebrated' our first Independence Day in Chile on September 18.

We were shaken

sight to-see the red, white, and blue fl,ags blowing in the breezes. We went to a parade later in the mornin^o;,which we enjoyed very much. In the afternoon, people from the Church gathered in our home for a special service and "onces" (consisting of empanadas, kuchen, and alfajores all ^hilean- specialties m^ide especially for this occasion). At the plasa that evening, we enjoyed a colorful fireworks display, and then attended a folklore program, which was put on by students of the University of Gh-.le in Osorno. All in all, it was a
busy and exciting dayone we enjoyed very muchi

to be exact;!

Everyone displayed a Chilean flag on their home, and it was a beautiful contest plans were dravn up 3 weeks ago, and now the young people are busy memorizing the Books of the Bible, various Scriptures and making Bible maps, so that they
camp fmd , we invite you to do so, as this will be a wonderful opportunity for our young pople to learn more about Christ and have good Christian fellowship. Cost per camper will
be approximately Si' OO. .t.

adults are already making their vacation plans, so that they will be free to attend the camp as sponsors and helpers. If any of you would like to designate your offerings for the

enough points to enable them to attend Chmrch camp in February at Curacavi.


now on, as wa want to have the people do all they c^ without relying on us.

As most of you know, young children often get bored and.restless during a sermon. So to help counteract this, and give the children something in "their" language, we have begun a special class for them on Sunday evenings. Caralyn has been teaching them for a month, and has really enjoyed this opportunity to learn to read and speak Castellano better. Different ladies in the Church will be teaching the children, on a monthly schedule from

your prayers and support for us as we Ipbor here. We have enjoyed the letters which many of you have writt-^n, and hope that you might keep them coming!

We once a^ain thank God for -all the rich blessings which He has given us, and for

As. we close another letter,.-we are reminded of these words of Paul when he closed his
2nd letter to the Corinthians:

"I close my letter with these last words?

1, Rejoice ^i - Grow up in Christ
, 5 k.


. . .

Be comforted Live in harmony & peace

All the Christians here send you their best regJU'ds. .May the- grace of our Lord Jesus.
Christ be with you all

And may the God of love and peace he with you.

Greet each other warmly in the Lord.

'May God's love and the Holy Spirit's friendship be yours." (II Cor. 13ill-l^j Living Letters)
In Christian Love,

Ron & Caralyn Clark


ContributorsSeptember Webster City, Iowa

J. G. Kent & Feme, Stjanhope, Iowa

x ^

M/M Roger Mourlam M/M R, 0. Harper M/M Leon Sheldon & family M/M Ron Hemmen & family M/M Glair Bosworth & family M/M Wayhe Pavey M/M Roy i'-ills M/M Carl 'Swing M/M Ifervin Brewer & family M/M Raymond Wilson M/M Harley Mellinger Iv'/w Robert Airhar"ir"& family M/M Don Utter M/M Ed Doolittle M/l-i W. E. Rexroat
Eleanor Greiner . Telva Alexander

Anne Greiner, Ooralville, Iowa (June, -t^ug, & Sept.;

Vi/i: Esrbert St ley, ^'orest, Ohio K/h Harold Fielder &. family, VJilliams, Iowa
V/alter Khlers, Cleghorn, Iowa

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M/l4 Wayne Poe, Lamar, Missouri
Crusaders Class, Lamar, Mssouri

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First Church of ^hrist, Cherokee, Iowa Missionary Society, Anibia, Indiana

M/M Ralph Clark & family, iimbia, Indiana

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Heights Christian Church, Albuquerque, New Mexico-

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A K /\ N





Vol. 1, No. 10

November 1970

Ron & Caralyn Clark

Casilla 10^5
Osorno Chile Dear Friends 8c, Loved-Ones in Christ Jasus,

Our warmest greetings to all of you in the precious name of our Lord ^ind Saviour, Jesus Christ, whom we serve! We are very happy to visit with you once more throu^^ this
letter. Thanks to the Lord's always wutchful care, we are fine, busy, and happy! In our last newsletter, we told you about the_ exciting Presidential campaign here

in Chile, Yesterday (October 24^) the Chilean Congress voted between ^dlende and" Alessondri, the top two candidates. Of course we were anxiously listening to the radio
as the results were announced shortly before noon, ^illendo received 153 votes, Alesaandri

received 55j

there were 7 blank votes.

So, in other words, ^llende was overwhelmingly

elected President, having received better th^ji 75?^ of the congressional votes.
be.taking office on November

He will

The Chilean govemzient is going through a political crisis at the present time, and we request your prayers on behalf of this country. Early Tuesd^ rooming, October 22,
the General of the Chilean ^^rnied Forces, Rene Schneider, was on his way to work, when an

feSBP.sination attempt was made on his life.

we are

and death, but early Sunday'morning (the 25^), he passed away. This apparently (irom what
to </ather from the people here) is the first time anything like this has hap

For 5 days, he stayed on the verge of life

pened, and it certainly has the Chilean people oven^lhelmed to think that it did happen. ..s we are writing this letter, there is a State of iiknorgency in the country. This amounts

to many things l) There is a* 12 p.m. (midnight) curfew.

2) No public or political

meetings are to be held (we do not think-tos includes religjious services, but we have

to get this confirmed by the proper governmental officials). 5)

airports in Chile

are closed, k) Travel within the country of Chile is not rt^commended, and in the S^tiago area, it is prohibited. This State of iilmergency will bo in effect until the killers are apprehended, which could be as much as 2 months away. Therefore, we request your prayers in this matter, w'e pray that regardless of the political difficulties, that we and the Chileans face, that the Christians might remain firm -Jid stedfast in the i'aith.^ It's our prayer that people all the world over will realize that only through Jesus Christ
can we have real, liisting peace in this world.

On Sunday afternoon, October 25^, we had made plans to go to La Union for special
services and fellowship with the brethren there. The women were planning to teach some Bible classes for the children, as they a-ccomponied their husbands who hold weekly Bible
studies in k homes. However, we have had to postpone this special trip until the Emer
gency curfew is lifted on the country.

girlfriend of Blanca Espinoza (the girl who was baptized in June) is studying the Bible very diligently now, and she desires very much to become a Christian. However, hor parents .are very strong Catholics, .and are very much opposed. So pray for her alsothat
people, who will be able to attend Church Cair:p in February.,

Bible studies and the Bible filmstrips are continuing to be used in La Union,

ahe might do what she knows she must do to be saved, re^'^-rdl^ss of her parents opposition. Several young people from La Union are working hard on the camp contest, Q.8 well as several from Osomo, so we hope that there'll be a nice-sized group of interested young
Letter in response to the radio ministry continue to come in, almost eveiy day. We

would like to share a few of these letters with you, which have been translated into

-Ify Dear Sir: Greetings, hoping you are in good health, together with yours. The reason for writing is because I have listened to your program "La Voz de la Obra GristianeE' on Saturdays over Radio oago, in which you offer a free Bible correspondence course. I would like help so that I may understand more about the word of God. I like the Gospel very r.iuch and vjould like to someday be a child of His. I appreciate beforehand, and
close for now. Your Friend, Sonl .., Huanquil F,


Dear Sirs: I would like to congratulate you for your excellent programs which are heard over Radio oago. I listen faithfully week after week, and I vould like to ask you to send ma a New i'estament as it would be of such value for me and my family. I study

and am 10 years old.

Your faithful listener, Soroya Riffo

It is thrilling to read letters like this, ^nd ve are grateful that people are being touched by the '.-ord of God. ..Ithoizgh we won't ever know the total results of the radio broadcast, the Lord knows, .and it's our prayer that He will work in the hearts of those
listeners, so that many wi'llbe won to Hiiu*

iiS we bring this letter to a close, we're reminded of a passa^'e in II Peter, vhiob

reminds us, as Christians, why we're hore on this earth*

"The day of the Lord is surely coniing,as unexpectedly as thief, and then the heavens will pass away vdth a terrible noise cjid the heavenly bodies will disappear in fire, and the earth and everything on it will be burned up. .Jid so since everything around us is going to melt away, what holy, godly lives we should be living! You should look forward

to that day and hurry it alongthe day when God will set the heaysns on 'fire,-^and the heavenly bodies will melt and disappear in flames. But we ore looking forward to God's promise of new heavens and a new earth rifterwar'. s, where only goo'd will be. Dear friends,
while you are waiting for these things to hap-.^en and for Hiu to come, try hard to live

without sinningj and be at peace with ev.?ryone so that He will be pleased with you when
He returns, ''nd remember why He is waitin^^;, He is givin^r us time to ret His message of

salvation out to others."


(ll Peter 3'10-15, Living Letters)

This week and every week, speak to some friend, neighbor, or loved-one about the Let's strive to be real soul-winners for the Christ who gave His life for us! We thank God daily for your contiriuec' interest, support, and prayers for ub as we serve the Lord here in Chile. i%y God bless you all as you continue to live and work

for Him.

Christian Love,

Ron and Caralyn Clark



V/ebster ^ity, Iowa

Pam Plain .


Mary btapp Beulah Stapp Jessie Oppedahl ;illa Keough

Viola Short & Fam.

M/M Byron Frakes, \/oolstock, Iowa .M/M Vayne Poe, Lamar, Missouri
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lyM Dic^ Jones & Para.

M/M H/M M/h h/l:

Charles -horlow & Fam, Boxholm, Iowa Harold Fieider & Faia,, V/illiams, Iowa Daryl Hemken &. Fam., Vdlliaias, Iowa Herbert Staley, Forest, Ohio

J. G. Kent & Feme, Stanhope, Iowa Memorial for Doris Holcomb from: Keith Kents, Floyd - -- - Woods & Ron Bosworth," Ban "Jos"e,"-"C"aliforhia~

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Dr/Mrs J. w. J'rnes

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Webster City, Iowa


Webster City, Iowa P-xID 1.6 0 Permit No. 135


//II yj- m

^ M- [it T vr< MI-N

A I - ' " '


Vol. 1, No, 11

December 1970.

Ron Sc Caralyn Clark Casilla 10^5

Osomoj Chile

Dear Friends & Loved On^s. in Christ Jesiis,

"0 give thanks unto the Lord, for he is good: for his mercy endureth forever."
Truly at this time of the year, we are once a^ain reminded of the many hlessi^a we "have" as "Chri"ti^"e"speoral"r;rfe"cd"'"S-greatBsir-gifir,-4IxiT-3on^we-eH-te-r-this- Ch^-staas
season, let's all resolve to keep Christ at the center of Christmaol

the present time. The police have under arrest the suspects for the killing of General Schneider, and the emergency state was lifted shortly al'ter President Allande took
office. So for the most part, nearly everything is back to normal.

We are happy -co report that the political situation in ChjLle ia anich_ improved at _ , in La Union, and the re^ar services of the Church being held here in Osomo. As the public "schools are nearly out for sumer vacation, excitement is mounting as the
Christmas season approaches. The young people axe preparing a drama for the Christmas Eve program, and the choir is busy practicing Christinas carols. The women's group i,s

Our work for the Lora\is ^oing forvardwith the various Home Bible Study groups-

planning a special "once" for the small children, a picnic in the park. We will have as guests for the "once" and Christmas program, the families from La Union who are able to come to Osorno, so it will be a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing for all of us.

the Church come to us to get the names and addresses of.students here in Dsor^, and lii nearby towns. ASaturday Bible Study group has been started in a poblacion ^ (section of town) known as'Ovejeria, here in Osomo, as a result of'the ovangelistxc^
efforts of one oT our Christian men, Luonidas i-lunoz. Two families he has been studying with have expressed tlieir desires to become Christians, and have been attending services. So we are-preying- that .they, might complete their obedience to the Lord, in
Christian baptism, in the next few weeks.

The card file we made for the Bible Correspondence s-tudents is how completed, with over 1000 students ir total. It is already proving very useful, as some of the men from ;

Union. Brother:tli;^oz will be working with us in Rio Bueno, as Brother Andrade continues
forv/ard with'-the'work in La I3nion

In addition to these efforts of evangelism, we will soon begin calling on some 40 correspondence students in the to^m of, Rio Bueno, a small town about 8 mles from La .

In our Wednesday evening Bible study in Osomo, we are now beginning a l6 lesson doctrinal study called "Despues de la Muerte" (or "After Death ). haven't yet arrived, Caralyn is keeping busy typing up the lessons and duplicating^them. We are so grateful that we have a spirit duplicator to help out in areas like this.

- Tnove-iartter south-in Chile, to the lar;e^-oity of-Concepoiqn_,whe^-.we,ll8V.e no work ^ going on at present. So remember Ed &Sara in your prayers, as they come to Chile ana
work for the. Lord!

forward to meeting some new missionary recruits to Ghile--3d and Sara Holt, and t^eir daughter Christy. We studied together at Ozark Bible College, so we ^e ^xious to see them again. Their plans at the present time are lo live in Santiago for tne period one year, to study the language, ana grow accustomed to the culture. Then they plm to
As'christians, we are so richly blessed! Wg are so grateful for the opportunity

On December 7fi, Cstralyn and I will be traveling to Santiago, where we are looking

to work for our Lord here in Chile, and we pray that because of your continued

support, and prayers for the work, that it might prosper in the coming months and yc.ars.
In a 10-year old copy of the Sunshine Maf3:azine we came across the following tho^ht,
for a day surrender to the sweet charm of a little Divine Prince who cast his spell over the earth two thousand years agoa spell that
Christmas. All the selfishness, bitterness, and hatreds pause, and

with which we'd like to close our newsletter this month. It's called "Just ihinking Ken always have hope of a better world when they see the miracle of ,
8' " has not been broken, a charm that has increased to become a spiritual i dominion stretching around the earth and from pole to pole. Thus we

f? ^

for each other, -loecause one day in eiph year" the little Divine Prince
of "Peace still- compels them to do i#i' '
'' - In Christian Love,

can always ioiow that men could live .with good will and understanding

' ll&y the Prince of. Peace reign in your hearts, not only during this season, but
throughout the whole new year!

Ron and Caralyn Clark



Wefestjr City, Iowa-

J. G. Kent & Feme, St^yihope, Iowa

M/M Roy Mills

M/M Roger Mourlam
lyM R. 0. Harper

'"li/n B^bn Trokes','" Wo'olst'ockrj" Iowa ,M/M Harold Fielder & P'ara., Williams, Iowa M/I'1 Charles Whorlow & Fam., Boxhclm, Iowa

M/M W. S. Rexroat-
M/M Ron Kemmen & fam.

Mrs- Ruth Forster, Eagle Grove, Iowa

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Park Church of Cjirist, Goldfield, Iowa


Don Utter .Harley MellingerEd Doolittle Eemie Markwaxdt & fam. C1air Bosworth fam.

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Heights Christian Church, ^ilbuquerque. New Mexico

Mrs. Marg Scott & fam.

Mrs. Viola ^hort & fam.

il/M James Whitworth,'Albuquerque, W.

Missionary Society, .t'lmbia, Indiana

Bonnie Luppes
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Crusaders. Class, Lamar, Missouri VJayne Poe, Lamar, Missouri Memorial given in Memory of Ralph Fletcher:

Eleanor Greiner Telva Alexander

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A Friend

Mrs. Edna Reiohter and M/M Eddie iiaicsson & Joy, Eagle
Grove, Iowa

H/H Peyton E. Canary & Carolee, San Gabriel, Calif.

Loi-s" Doolittle, V/ebster City, Iowa

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