Babies and toddlers aren't the only ones who need immunizations. Parents should be aware that their pre-teens and college freshmen also need to be vaccinated, says a state health official. "College freshmen who live in dorms and unvaccinated kids entering high school are at high risk for meningococcal disease and should be vaccinated," said Dr. Lon Kightlinger, state epidemiologist for the Department of Health. "And 11 and 12-year-olds need a booster shot for pertussis." Meningococcal disease is a bacterial infection resulting in inflammation of the tissues covering the brain and spinal cord. Symptoms include fever, severe headache, stiff neck, vomiting and rash. Ten to 14 percent of people with the disease die and up to 19 percent of survivors may suffer permanent disabilities such as hearing loss, limb amputations or brain disease. South Dakota typically reports three cases of meningococcal disease a year. To date in 2013, four cases have been reported. Meningococcal vaccine is available from family health care providers and campus student health centers. The department

Pre-teens, college freshmen need back to school immunizations 

Volume 31 Number 7 August 1, 2013

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Bison Courier
provides the vaccine for 11 to 18year-olds who are eligible for the federal Vaccines for Children Program (Medicaid eligible, Native American or Alaskan Native, uninsured or underinsured). The vaccine is free for these children but providers may charge an administration fee. Whooping cough, or pertussis, is a serious illness that causes uncontrollable coughing, rib fractures, pneumonia, loss of consciousness and even death. Infants are at highest risk, with twothirds of those under age 1 infected needing hospitalization. There have been 11 pertussis cases reported in South Dakota to date in 2013; three of those cases have been younger than 1. A pertussis vaccine booster dose is recommended at 11-12 years when immunity begins to wane. The initial pertussis series is given to children at 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 15-18 months, and 4-6 years. The department provides the childhood series of whooping cough vaccine and the booster dose free for 11-14 year olds. Providers may charge an administration fee.

Reva Turtle Races results

Locals participate in Rapid City Run or Dye

Mini Turtles 1st place- Madison Burdine with turtle named Thing 2; 2nd placeKelly Fox with turtle named Franklin; 3rd place- Ryan Burdine with turtle named Dine

Greg Voller, Jaren Beckman and Ryan Burdine with their Snappers.

Small Turtles 1st place- Kaylene Preuss with turtle named Sergio; 2nd placeGretta Lermeny with turtle named Feedback; 3rd place- Jet Ford with turtle named Weiner continued on page 6

Please join us for a Bridal Shower honoring Heidi Schorzmann, fiancé of Sam Drown, Saturday, August 10th at 10am at the Grand Electric Social Room. Heidi and Sam are registered at Target and Herberger’s.

Highlights & Happenings

Stacy Anderson, Marne Dooley, Piper Dooley, Tara Burton, Caden Terkildsen and Ava Burton.

Perkins County Farm Bureau will be having its Annual Meeting on Wednesday, August 7, 2013 in Bison at the Farm Bureau Financial Services Office on Main Street starting 7:30 p.m. Refreshments will be available following the meeting. Farm Bureau is a grassroot organization so all the policy for the group must originate at the county level. Members may present a res-

There will be an Antique Tractor and Quilt Show at the Perkins county Fair on Saturday. For information about the Tractor show contact Jens Hansen 788-2227 and for the quilt show contact Pam Reder 244-7224 or go to www.perkinscountyfair.com Dance Saturday evening to the Itty Bitty Opry Band.

olution for consideration. Each will be discussed and voted on. State or national resolutions receiving a majority vote will advance to the state convention where they will undergo the process again. Election of officers will also take place at the meeting.

Page 2 • The Bison Courier • Thursday,August 1, 2013

Seidel attends Youth Business Adventure
those who work and live in that world, the business executives or “Company Advisors” and volunteer speakers. They also had the opportunity to gain college credits for their participation in the YBA sessions. In addition, the schedules included a tour of area businesses, Spearfish Forest Products in Spearfish and Kolberg Pioneer in Yankton. Companies competed in business management simulation, a Business Quiz Bowl, produced a one minute TV commercial, designed a company logo, participated in a problem solving activity and presented business plans before a panel of volunteer judges. Students also were entertained with evening activities of bowling, swimming and a dance. Since its inception in 1980, Youth Business Adventure has been sponsored by the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry, a statewide business organization located in Pierre. The program is completely funded through contributions from generous South Dakota business, corporate and individual sponsors. Preparations are currently underway for the 35th annual session of the Youth Business Adventure program. The first session will be held at Black Hill State University June 1 - June 6, 2014, and the second at the University of South Dakota in Vermillion June 15 - June 20, 2014. For further information about Youth Business Adventure, contact the local participants or call the YBA office at 1-800-742-8112.

s Thi

Bison First Presbyterian Church is holding its Annual Shadehill Camp Out August 2 - 4 with Sunday church at 10 a.m., potluck to follow. Located at hook-ups 25-32. Welcome one and all to come and join us anytime during that weekend. questions call 374-5697.

No services at Grace Baptist Church this Sunday. Please join us for the 10 a.m. service at Shadehill Lake Campground.

in Bison week

School starts August 26th

Alcoholics Anonymous is meeting weekly in Bison. The group meets every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. in the basement of the Presbyterian Church. Everyone is welcome.

The American Lutheran Church is seeking wedding dresses, baptism gowns and Easter hats from 1913 - 2013 to display during their 100 Year Anniversary program. If you have an item or know of someone who does, please contact Salli at 605-244-5491.

Bison Public Library reading program, August 2nd - 3rd - 6th grades 2:30. Tuesday, August 6th- 3rd - 6th grades 2:30. Wednesday August 7th Preschool & Kindergarten 10:30. Friday, August 9th 1st & 2nd graders 10:30. Tuesday August 13th - 3rd - 6th grades 2:30. Wednesday August 14th Preschool & Kindergarten 10:30. Friday, August 16th - 1st & 2nd grades 10:30.

Perkins County fair books are available at all the local businesses.

Youth Business Adventure (YBA) recently completed its 34th anniversary sessions, hosting 197 high school seniors, along with educators and business executives from across the state of South Dakota during two week-long sessions. The first session was held at

Black Hills State University in Spearfish while the second session was held at the University of South Dakota. Local participants included Beth Seidel. At YBA, the students and educators gained vital information about the business world from

To have your NON-PROFIT meeting listed here, please sub-

mit them by calling: 244-7199, or e-mailing to: courier@sdplains.com. We will run your event notice the two issues prior to your event at no charge.

Nutrition Site Menu
Thursday, August 1
Chicken parmesan scalloped potatoes corn o’brein tropical fruit Salisbury steak mashed potatoes parsley carrots fresh pears Lasagna rotini french bread tossed salad mixed fruit

Cover the canner and if necessary, lower the heat setting to maintain a full but gentle boil throughout the processing time. Generally, I find I need to keep the burners on high.

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Friday, August 2

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Beef stew whole wheat biscuit crunchy cranberry salad Pork chop w/celery sauce sweet potatoes green beans plums

Tuesday, August 6

Wednesday, August 7

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Harpster boys participate in Special Events day

The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013 • Page 3
When Leafy Spurge's yellow flowers begin to bloom, landowners can evaluate the effectiveness of their control program, says Paul Johnson, SDSU Extension Agronomy Field Specialist. “If you have been doing a good job at control in the past, it maybe a little slower and if you have been doing a really good job, there may even be fewer plants out there than last year,” Johnson said. He adds that the only way to get spurge under control is to be on it every year and get the root reserves depleted so the plants will start to die. “A cold winter helps takeout the spurge when the root reserves have been depleted,”Johnson said. “As soon as the yellow flowers are out it is time to start spraying.” Johnson says the control window is only about one month before there will be viable seed in the plant. “If you also have thistles in with the spurge you may want to wait a little until thistles are at bud to make sure you get good coverage and control on both of the weeds,” he said. But again, Johnson says be careful not to wait to long. “Waiting too long only allows the root reserves to build back up in the plant and then you will not make progress on getting rid of the

New control available for Leafy Spurge

plants. Instead, they will come back stronger than ever,” he said. New Control Tools Available Based on SDSU test plots in Moody County a new compound called Perspective®looks like it should be as good as Tordon® in controlling Leafy Spurge, but Johnson says this compound has fewer use-restrictions; and it is more environmentally friendly. “It should be able to be used in more areas tat have a shallow ground water problem,” he said. “This is the first new product that has effect on thistles and spurge that has been developed in the last 40 years.” At present Perspective® is not labeled on any areas that are cropped or hayed, Johnson says until more labeling is done, it will be limited on where it can be used. Also some grass injury will need to be tolerated with its use. “Usually the grass will recover the next year,”he said. “And, I always want readers to know that use of product’s names does not imply endorsement. information is based on SDSU research observations.” Before use, landowners need to verify information on current product labels prior to application.

Ethan and Elijah Harpster competed in Perkins County 4-H July Special Events Day. Both boys presented a talk on various topics. Ethan spoke of the importance of firearm safety and Elijah informed the public of the problems that can occur by bullying. Both boys earned a purple ribbon for their talks and were very knowledgeable on their topics.

Always add more boiling water, if needed, so the water level is at least one inch above the tops of the jars.

! ays l d r u 701-567-2568 osed Sa at S t 1/2 mile east of Hettinger urdays! sed o l C

PAYING TOP DOLLAR for all types of metal including •cars •appliances •auto batteries •tin •wire •cable

R & N Hide & Fur C

Bison School District has the following positions available:
Coaches: Head Boys Basketball and Ass't. Head Girls Basketball and Ass't. Head Football and Ass't. Ass't. Volleyball Athletic Director

Before the Dakota Smiles truck comes to Bison in September, pre-screening appointments are being taken. To sign-up for a screening contact: Susan at 244-5206 Screenings are available to individuals that have not seen a private practice dentist in the last two years and are patients of the Bison Community Clinic. Digital x-rays will be taken, an intra-oral camera will be available and preventive services such as fluoride treatments, sealants and cleanings will be performed by a staff dental hygienist. When the truck arrives in September, appointments for dental treatment can begin right away. If you are interested in this service, please contact Susan to fill out an application.


Guest Columnist
Amy Kirk is a ranch wife from Custer, SD
Mother-Daughter Moments
windrower or on the tractor. We have to pay attention to the equipment we’re operating and what’s ahead and behind us. By the time we’ve covered all the subjects teenage girls like to talk about including boys, earning money, friendships, and her wish list of things she wants to buy, we move on to the important topics at hand. We ask each other what the other person thought Dad said to do next once we’re done windrowing or raking a field. Sometimes we speculate or make wagers on what Dad’s going to say about some of the “mess” we left behind when we windrowed, hay we missed raking, or how we should cut or rake sketchy corners and odd shaped areas we’re approaching. We base a lot of our decisions on our gut feeling telling us what we should do. I share the tips and tricks I’ve learned on cutting and raking hay, but most importantly, what I’ve learned the hard way. I give all my advice on preventive breakdown suggestions to keep the windrower from breaking down while she’s operating it. When we rake together, I ride behind her on the Ford tractor (1949 Ford 8N) and show her when to make turns with the rake and how I make turns without missing any hay if possible. Just to clarify, I don’t spend time with my daughter only windrowing and raking. She and I have hauled water together before when wells were too low to keep up with livestock demands or went dry. Those mother-daughter moments entailed driving to the Pringle well, waiting while the tanks filled up, hauling it out to the stock tanks, and waiting some more while we dumped water into the stock tanks—all perfect chat time. Windrowing or raking alone can get pretty boring, except when I’m teaching my daughter the finer points of cutting and raking hay. Cutting and raking together not only makes the time go by faster, but it gives me an alibi. I can blame my haying errors and mishaps on our daughter’s learning curve. If I leave a strip of hay, drag a rock a long way, break sickle teeth while windrowing, or miss hay while raking because we were talking too much and didn’t pay attention, I can blame teaching our daughter. She and I talk a lot of while we’re haying, but what I love best about our mother-daughter windrowing and raking moments is that she listens to my advice.

Page 4 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013

Most mothers take their 13-year old daughters shopping or out to lunch for a mother-daughter day. I take mine windrowing or raking. Farm and ranch life provides unconventional mother-daughter time. All-day shopping trips are hard to come by when the nearest mall is 60 miles away and leaving ranch responsibilities takes strategic planning ahead. In order to have mother-daughter time, my daughter and I capitalize on our time spent doing ranch work together. We spend quality time in the windrower cutting hay or on the tractor raking. Like all teen girls, my daughter loves to talk. Other mothers of teenagers have told me car rides make it easier to have a conversation with their teens because teens don’t have to make any eye contact in the car. This is most true when my daughter and I are in the

This past week the West River Regional Extension Horticulture Department held a Hands on Training for Master Gardeners. Geraldine Peck, Joyce Orwick and Karen Englehart joined 22 others on a six hour walking tour of various garden sites in Rapid City as part of the Continuing Education program for Master Gardeners to update and renew their certification as Master Gardeners. There is always something new to learn and this session was jam packed. A good hat, walking shoes and a bottle of water were needed accessories. First on the agenda was looking at some vegetable garden specimens that were severely misshapen and clearly had a problem. As seen in these photos both were suffering from herbicide drift, namely 2-4 D. Even though the zucchini managed to survive the attack (still blooming and setting on fruit) the fruit it produces should not be eaten. The herbicide 2-4 D stays in the plant, transfers through the plant to the fruit and ultimately will end up in your system if you eat the zucchini, tomatoes, beans or whatever in your garden has been damaged by the herbicide. You need to destroy the whole plant even though it may be loaded with fruit. Although 2-4 D is the herbicide of choice to kill broad leaf weeds, it is notorious for drifting to where it is not wanted. Care should be taken to not endanger your neighbor’s plants. 2-4 D, once applied to the offending weeds today can be a danger tomorrow if the temperature and conditions are right. This herbicide can rise up from the weeds and drift to the good plants causing the damage you see in these photos, perhaps to a lesser degree. This action is called “out gassing”. As with all chemicals, read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions as to appli-

Garden Gate
Walking Classroom

cation and appropriate weather conditions. As the day went on we observed various trees, shrubs and herbaceous plants with varying troubles, insect damage, aphids, fungi, and soil deficiencies. Over an hour was spent walking with Dr. John Ball through the arboretum along Rapid Creek, observing different trees species as well as trees with stresses, diseases, being planted too deep, too close together, and errors in maintenance. The day was concluded at the demonstration gardens near the Canyon Lake Senior Citizen Center. That garden as well as the “Children’s Garden” were looking a little sad due to being hit by a least two hail storms and nasty ground fleas. No chemicals are used in the garden therefore the ground fleas were much happier than the plants. Remember to pamper those pumpkins for the 2013 Pumpkin Fest heaviest pumpkin contest – Oct.19th. "We come from the earth, we return to the earth, and in between we garden." Unknown Submitted by Karen Englehart, Master Gardener, SDSU Cooperative Extension Service

Tiss Treib made a trip to Lemmon Monday after work. Tiss Treib spent Tuesday in Lemmon. In the evening, visitors were Dawn Harris, Marla Archibald, Dorena, Rosemary and Hannah Wiechmann. Tiss Treib made a trip to Bowman Wednesday and stopped in Reeder for supper on her way home. Tiss Treib spent Saturday afternoon visiting with Shirley and Lexi Johnson. And a big Thank You to whomever came in and swathed my yard Saturday. Nolan Seim brought supper up to Tiss Treib Sunday evening. Mariette Cornella and her three granddaughters, and Dani Cornella and Preston stopped and had breakfast with Grandma Sandgren Monday, on their way home from the family reunion. Thursday Steve Sandgren and Mike Smeltzer stopped in and did some jobs and had lunch with Thelma Sandgren. Thursday afternoon, Thelma Sandgren went and exchanged papers and had tea with Helen

Rosebud News...
Meink. Kylee Sandgren called on her grandmother, Thelma Sandgren Thursday late afternoon. It was a grand day. Friday was Thelma Sandgren’s usual day in Hettinger but it got better as Thelma won High at the Pinochle game at the Senior Center in the afternoon. Thelma Sandgren called on Shirley Johnson Sunday afternoon and on her way home stopped in briefly to visit Tiss Treib. Jasmine Seim was a Saturday overnight guest of the Anderson’s and attended the Reva Turtle races with them Sunday. Albert Keller helped Duane Harris work cattle on Tuesday. Wednesday, Albert Keller returned back to work. Lil Albert and Korbin stayed with Grandpa and Grandma Harris from Tuesday evening until Saturday afternoon. Bridget Keller returned home from Annual Training on Saturday afternoon. Duane Meink called on his mother, Helen Meink Sunday

The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013 • Page 5

....By Tiss Treib

evening with supper for her. Jim, Patsy and Christi Miller traveled to Deadwood Friday where they met their relatives from Iowa and attended the Days of 76 rodeo. The Millers were Friday overnight guests of Dave and Nancy Miller in Rapid City. Keith and Bev Hoffman traveled to Jamestown, ND Saturday for the wedding of Dusti and Lori Geist Saturday. They met Paul and Harmony Hoffman and family there. They returned home Sunday. Rebecca, Kristina and Zachery Haugen spent Sunday overnight with their grandmother, Shirley Harris. Friday, Tim and JoAnne Seim; Justin, Jo and Jacob Seim were among those at the Fordyce/Humble wedding and reception. Sunday afternoon callers at Tim and JoAnne Seim’s were Dawn Harris; Horace Seim and Dorothy Bowers, Justin, Jo and Jacob Seim. Rosebud Worship will be at 7:00 pm on Saturday August 3nd.

Fill the canner at least halfway with water. A little practice will help you to know how much water you will need to start out with to ensure the jars will be covered by at least 1 inch of water.

Ronald Emly, age 55, of Bison, South Dakota and Mott, North Dakota, passed away as the result of a farming accident southwest of Bison, SD on Saturday, July 27, 2013. Memorial Services will be held at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, August 10, 2013 at the American Lutheran Church in Bison, SD. Condolences may be sent through our website at www.evansonjensenfuneralhome.com.

Pastors Perspective
Pastor Calvin Chapman

Productive pain? That seems like a contradiction in terms. Most of our efforts are attempts to reduce the pain in our lives, be it physical, emotional, social, or financial pain. So, how can pain be productive? Let us see what God’s word says: Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing. (James 1:2-4 NAS)

Sunday School 9:30 a.m. • Worship Service - 10:30a.m. Wednesday Prayer Mtg. - 7:30 p.m.

Grace Baptist Church • Pastor Phil Hahn Church of Christ

Saturday evening service at Indian Creek - 5:00 p.m. • Rosebud - 7:00 p.m. Sunday morning services at American - 8:30 a.m. • Grand River Lutheran

Prairie Fellowship Parish ELCA • Pastor Dana Lockhart

18 mi. south of Prairie City - Worship Service - 10:00 a.m.

And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose. (Romans 8:28 NAS) This verse confirms that some bad things may happen to us during life on earth. But, for those who love their Creator and are following His call in Christ, the end result of all the things that they experience will be good! Although He was a Son, He learned obedience from the things which He suffered. And having been made perfect (complete, whole, mature), He became to all those who obey Him the source of eternal salvation, (Hebrews 5:8-9 NAS) The example of Jesus showed us how God can take our negatives and turn them into His great positives. The Heavenly Father worked through all the pain and suffering of His Son to “grow Him up” and make Him the Total Person that the Plan called for Jesus to be. … in everything give thanks; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus. (1Thessalonians 5:18 NAS) So, what conclusion for followers of Jesus? This was the end result in the life of Jesus:

The Christian perspective can embrace trials, pain, and suffering because of what God can do in all of life’s situations. God can take all bad situations and work them for the good in our lives, to complete and mature us:

Christ Lutheran Church WELS
Pastor Gerhardt Juergens

Sunday Bible Class - 8:00 a.m., Worship Service - 8:30 a.m. South Jct. of Highways 73 & 20 Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Worship Service - 11:00 a.m. Sabbath School - 2:00 p.m., Worship Service - 3:00 p.m.

Coal Springs Community Church Pastors Nels & Angie Easterby

Seventh Day Adventist Church • Pastor David Moench
Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church • Fr. Tony Grossenburg
Saturday Mass: - Lemmon 4:45 p.m. Bison - 7:15 p.m., Sunday Mass: Lemmon - 8:15 a.m., Morristown - 10:30 a.m.

First Presbyterian Church • Pastor Florence Hoff, CRE
Reva • Worship Service - 9:00 a.m., WMF 2nd Wednesday at 1:00 p.m.

Holland Center Christian Reformed Church Pastor Brad Burkhalter • Lodgepole
Worship Service - 8:00 a.m. Worship Service -9:30 a.m.

Beckman Wesleyan Church • Pastor Brad Burkhalter
Prairie City Sunday School - 10:00 a.m., Morning Worship - 11:00 a.m. Vesper Service - 6:00 p.m., Wed. Evenings - 7:30 p.m.

Slim Buttes Lutheran • Pastor Henry Mohagen

Dr. Jason M. Hafner Dr. David J. Prosser

Page 6 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013
Faith Clinic

1st & 3rd Wed. of the month 2nd & 4th Wed. of the month

OPTOMETRIST 1-800-648-0760
Buffalo Clinic

or courier@sdplains.com

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Medium Turtles 1st place- Ashley Cummings with turtle named Rule; 2nd placeNicole Franke with turtle named Lumpy; 3rd place- Jaden Klempel with turtle named Gigantor Large Turtles 1st place- Dodge Weishaar with turlte named Schelder; 2nd placeWes Nevenschwander with turtle named Bob; 3rd place- Natasha Krempges with turtle named Cola Snapper Turtles 1st place- Greg Voller with turtle named Turtle #1; 2nd place- Jaren Beckman with turtle named Fast 3rd place- Ryan Burdine with turtle named Nike Generation Game 1st place- Team 3 which consisted of Adeline Lyons, Zach Anders, Randal Iverson, and Bill Anders; 2nd place- Team 6 which consisted of Alexus McCann, Eva Jerde, Laura Tenold, and Angela McCann; 3rd place- Team 5 which consisted of Tanner Cable, Dodge Weishaar, Ryan Burdine, and Slade Burdine. Prairie Skiing

Kelly Fox, Madison Burdine, Ryan Burdine with their mini turtles. 1st place- Team 3 which consisted of Jaren Beckman, Dylan Beckman, and Jacob Shalesky; 2nd place- Team 6 which consisted of Amber Woroniecki, Tad Risty and Kari Risty; 3rd place- Team 2 which consisted of Eli Harpster, Lisa Harpster, and Charlie Harpster Sack Race Ages 0-6 1st place- Doyle Lermeny, 2nd place- Bailey Verhulst, 3rd placeCaden Glover Ages 7-13 1st place- Zack Anders, 2nd placeBilly Larson, 3rd place- Abby Fox Ages 14 and up 1st place- Maudie Lee, 2nd placeRyan Burdine, 3rd place- Braden Cole Ring Toss Ages 30-50 1st place- Liz Ginsbach, 2nd placeGennie Lee, 3rd place- Beth Sand Ages 51 and up 1st place- Charlie Verhulst, 2nd place- Linda Mohagen, 3rd placeHenry Mohagen Bubble Gum Blowing Contest

Ages 0-6 1st place- Bailey Verhulst, 2nd place- Shasta Lee, 3rd place- Whitney Jo Thompson Ages 7-13 1st place- Greg Voller, 2nd placeJaren Beckman, 3rd place- Jace Klempel Ages 14 and up 1st place- Jenny Beckman, 2nd place- Desirae Pean, 3rd placeBradon Dunn Water Balloon Toss Ages 12 and under 1st place- Brooklyn Williams and Sam Larson, 2nd place- Karli Verhulst and Kylee Schuchard. 3rd place- Kaitlyn Bartholomay and Tate Nash Ages 13-30 1st place- Jacob Schalesky and Jaren Beckman, 2nd place- Kaitlyn Nible and Krystyna Nible, 3rd place- Brock and Colt Besler Ages 30 and older 1st place- Bill and Jen Anders, 2nd place- Tex Lermeny and Dillon Lermeny, 3rd place- Derek Lermeny and Scott Besler

Robert T. Fitch 10/8/99 Revocable Trust is Selling: NE1/4NE1/4 of Section 19-21-11 NW1/4NE1/4:N1/2NW1/4 of Section 20-21-11 Deadline for written bids: Friday, August 9, 2013 at 12:00 Noon Sale date: Thursday, August 15, 2013, 2:00 p.m. MDT Adams County Courthouse Community Room, Hettinger, N.D. For land information and bidding instructions please contact: Crane Roseland Hardy PC, PO Box 390 Hettinger, N.D. 58639: (701)567-2418 crhlaw@ndsupernet.com

South Dakota FFA members discover “The Places They’ll Go” at Summer Leadership Training

The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013 • Page 7

State FFA Officers and Ambassadors at Mt. Rushmore (L to R) Ambassador Kyle Kramer, Flandreau; Reporter Carrietta Schalesky, Bison; Treasurer David Strain, Sturgis; Vice President Breanna Bullington, Brookings; Secretary Cheyenne Leonhardt, Groton; President makayla Heiser, Newell; Sentinel Shala Larson, Webster; Ambassador Courtney Schaeffer, Menno; and National Eastern Region Vice President Joenelle Futrell. The South Dakota FFA Association conducted its annual Leadership Retreats July 9-12, at Camp Bob Marshall, Custer and July 1618 at Swan Lake, Viborg. A total of 146 students from 46 chapters throughout the state discovered “The Places They’ll Go” with FFA. The retreats centered on a Dr. Seuss theme, focusing on “Oh, The Places You’ll Go with FFA.” FFA members developed and enhanced their leadership skills and selfconfidence through interactive learning. The program featured workshops that helped members discover the value of attitude, motivation, passion, personal growth, teamwork, and communication. The SD Department of Agriculture organized a panel of agricultural industry professionals to speak with FFA members about opportunities in agriculture. They will use these new skills and ideas to benefit their local chapters and communities. Retreat attendees also participated in service learning projects. Those attending Camp Bob Marshall worked on several projects in conjunction with the City of Custer and those attending Swan Lake packed 28,728 meals for Kids Against Hunger. National FFA Eastern Region Vice President Joenelle Futrell attended the retreat at Camp Bob Marshall. SD FFA has 3,962 members in 77 school districts in South Dakota, and 557,318 FFA members in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. FFA develops premier leadership, personal growth and career success through high school agriculture education curriculum. The retreats were directed by the 2013-2014 State FFA Officers: President, Makayla Heisler, Newell; Vice President, Breanna Bullington, Brookings; Secretary, Cheyenne Leonhardt, Groton; Treasurer, David Strain, Sturgis; Reporter, Carrietta Schalesky, Faith; and Sentinel, Shala Larson, Webster. Retreat staff also included Courtney Schaeffer, Menno; and Kyle Kramer, Flandreau; SD FFA Ambassadors. The retreat was sponsored by the SD Department of Agriculture, DuPont Pioneer, Monsanto, and Northland Ford. SD Wheat Growers and SD Stockgrowers Association provided folders for each attendee and Mitchell Technical Institute provided pens. Scholarships for individuals to attend sponsored by: East River Electric, West River Electric Association, the Walt Johnson Memorial, and the SD FFA Foundation.

“Water for Life and for Energy” Specializing in Sand Free Water
For all your well drilling needs
Office 605-685-2083 • Cell - 605-685-5638 or 605-685-5372
email tadairdrilling@yahoo.com

Residential • Stock • Geothermal • Municipal • Irrigation Tim Adair PO Box 713 Martin, SD 57751

Licensed in SD, ND, MT

Page 8 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013

If you have an informational press release, contact the Bison Courier 244-7199 or courier@sdplains.com Press releases are free of charge!

A $1,000 grand prize is being offered to the last poet standing in a free contest sponsored by the Famous Poets. There are a total of 50 prizes totaling over $4,000 in cash and book prizes. Poems of 21 lines or fewer on any subject and in any style will be judged by the contest director Lavender Aurora. "I encourage poets (even if you don't consider yourself a poet, if you've written one you are to me!) to send in the poem they're most proud of," she says. "I know this contest will produce exciting discoveries!" Entries must be received by August 31, and may be submitted by mail to: Free Poetry Contest, PO Box 21, Talent, Oregon 97540. Or enter online at www.famouspoets.com. Those mailing their entries should include their name and address on the same page as the poem (those free mailing labels work great for this) and the poem should be typed or neatly written. A winners' list will be sent to all entrants.

Win $1,000 cash for your best poem!

Check jars for seals within 24 hours of canning. Treat jars that fail to seal properly as if they are fresh (refrigerate and eat soon).

Palace Theater

War Zone Z
surround sound Lemmon 374-5107 August 2 - 5 7:30 p.m. nightly PG-13 • 116 min.

Run or Dye is a family affair

The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013 • Page 9
Northwest Supply Co.
Lemmon, S D 12 pack $4.19 24 pack $6.99 Every day at

Pepsi - Coke products:

Piper and Marne Dooley.

Tara Burton, Ava Burton and Caden Terkildsen.

Offices in Hettinger • Bowman • Rhame • Scranton

Welcome to Hettinger this weekend for the Bull-O-Rama, Rodeo & Adams County Fair!

Page 10 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013

Meadow News
By Tiss Treib
Vonnie Foster visited with her mother, Bernie Rose Wednesday. Del May of Rapid City visited with Bernie Rose Friday. Fred and Bev Schopp had lunch with Laurie, Dan and Danci Hoff, Jessie Ginther; Connie Hourigan, Ray, Katie, Kelly and Krista and Justin Schopp Sunday. Carolyn Petik visited with Kim Petik on Wednesday morning. Carolyn Petik visited with Russ Lemke at the home of Thelma Lemke's on Sunday afternoon. She and Irene Young also visited with several residents at the nursing home. Jerry and Carolyn Petik and Irene Young were Sunday evening visitors at DeJon and Jeri Lynn Bakkens. They enjoyed watching the East Adams 4-H'ers participate in a livestock showmanship clinic in preparation for the County Fair.

Preheat water that is added to the jars (when called for)  to very warm but not boiling (around 140 degrees F) for rawpacked foods (the lower temperature helps to reduce jar breakage) and to boiling for hot-packed foods.

“Our sales are every day” CC Flooring
Highway 12 Hettinger 701-567-2677 carpet • vinyl • hardwood • ceramics

The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013 • Page 11
Serving the West River area since 1912


Evanson Jensen Funeral Homes
“Funeral Homes of Caring”

Lemmon • 605-374-3805 Hettinger • 701-567-2522 Elgin • 701-584-2644 Mott • 701-824-2693 Toll Free • 1-800-643-9165



Notice is given that on the 9th day of July , 2013, Faye F. Schalesky, whose address is 16502 156th Street, Faith, SD 57626, was appointed as Personal Representative of the Estate of Ilma G. Gabriel.

Creditors of decedent must file their claims within four months after the date of the first publication of this Notice or their claims may be barred.

Claims may be filed with the Personal Representative or may be filed with the Clerk, and a copy of the claim mailed to the Personal Representative. Dated this 15th day of July, 2013.

[Published July 25, August 1, August 8, August 16, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $77.35.]

Dale R. Hansen Hansen Law, PC P.O. Box 580 Sturgis, SD 57785 (605) 347-2551

Patricia Peck Perkins County Clerk of Courts P.O. Box 426 Bison, SD 57620 (605) 244-5626

/s/ Faye F. Schalesky FAYE F. SCHALESKY 16502 156th Street Faith, SD 57626

Sealed bids to furnish the equipment, materials, tools, labor and incidentals necessary for installing a new aviation fuel system at the Bison Municipal Airport, Bison, South Dakota will be received by the Town of Bison until 10:00 A.M. CDT, on August 6, 2013. All bids will be publicly opened and read aloud at the office of KLJ, 128 Soo Line Drive, Bismarck, North Dakota. The bid documents are to be mailed or delivered to the office of KLJ, 128 Soo Line Drive, P.O. Box 1157, Bismarck, ND 58502 and shall be sealed and endorsed, "Aviation Fuel System Installation, Bison Municipal Airport, AIP No. 3460003-008-2013".


Page 12 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013
terminations of the governing board. The bid security of the two lowest bidders will be retained until the Notice of Award has been executed, but no longer than sixty (60) days. The bid security is a guarantee that the bidder will enter into contract for work described in the Proposal. The successful Bidder will be required to furnish a Contract Performance Bond and Payment Bond in the full amount of the Contract. Equal Employment Opportunity Specification – 41 CFR Part 60-4.3(Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $10,000) Termination of Contract – 49 CFR Part 18.36 (Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $10,000) Certification Regarding Debarment, Suspension, Ineligibility and Voluntary Exclusion – 49 CFR Part 29 (Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $25,000) Contract Work hours and Safety Standards Act Requirements – 29 CFR Part 5 (Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $100,000) Clean Air and Water Pollution Control – 49 CFR Part 18.36(i)(12) (Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $100,000) The overall goal for Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) participation for this project is shown in the bid documents. Dated this 19th day of July, 2013. /s/ Beth Hulm, Finance Officer Town of Bison Bison, South Dakota

The work consists of removal and salvage one above ground storage tank and fuel pump, remove and dispose of concrete containment structure, remove, salvage and reinstall existing chain link fencing, site work, concrete work, electrical work, installation of one new 4,000 gallon 100LL above ground steel storage tank, fuel dispensing equipment, card reader and fuel management system. Plans and specifications are on file and may be seen at the office of the Finance Officer’s Office, City Hall, Bison, South Dakota and at the offices of KLJ, 330 Knollwood Drive, Suite A, Rapid City, South Dakota and 128 Soo Line Drive, Bismarck, North Dakota.

The proposed work includes the following items and approximate quantities:

Copies of the plans and specifications and other bidding contract documents may be obtained by payment of sixty dollars ($60.00) to Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, Inc., 128 Soo Line Drive, Bismarck, ND, 58502 for each set so obtained. An optional, complete set of digital project bidding documents are available at www.kljeng.com “Projects for Bid” or www.questcdn.com. You may download the digital plan documents for $23.00 by inputting Quest project # 2833926 on the website’s Project Search page. Please contact QuestCDN.com at 952-233-1632 or info@questcdn.com for assistance in free membership registration, downloading, and working with this digital project information.

The Town of Bison reserves the right to hold all bids for a period of thirty (30) days after the date fixed for the opening thereof to reject any and all bids and waive defects and to accept any bids should it be deemed for the public good and also reserves the right to reject the bid of any party who has been delinquent or unfaithful in the performance of any former contract with the Owner. Award of the contract is also subject to the following Federal provisions:

The contract will be award on the basis of the lowest bid submitted by a responsible and responsive bidder for the aggregate sum of the bid for the project. The Owner shall award a single prime contract for the work. Award of contract or contracts will be contingent upon securing funding from the Federal Aviation Administration.

The successful Bidder shall complete the Prerequisites to Substantial Completion (See General Special Provisions, Item 13) by June 1, 2014. If the Contractor does not meet this date, liquated damages shall be assessed per day for every calendar day beyond this date. The Contractor shall have the Prerequisites to Final Acceptance (see General Special Provisions, Item 13), completed within 30 calendar days after the project is substantially completed. If the Contractor does not meet this date, liquated damages shall be assessed per day for every calendar day beyond this date.

The proposed contract is subject to minimum wage rates as established by the Department of Labor for this project and are contained in the project manual.

[Published July 25, August 1, August 8, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $213.07.]

or courier@sdplains.com

For all your advertising needs Bison Courier 244-7199

The recommendation for renewal of this permit is subject to the applicant's compliance with the Administrative Rules of South Dakota (ARSD) 74:27(Solid Waste) and a total of 43 permit conditions. The permit conditions include general requirements (9 conditions), design and construction requirements (5 conditions), operating requirements (14 conditions), recordkeeping and reporting (3 conditions), monitoring requirements (6 condi-

DENR has reviewed the application and information submitted, has reached a tentative decision and recommends to the Board of Minerals and Environment (board) that the permit be renewed for the applicant to operate the municipal solid waste landfill.

The South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) has received an application from the Northwest SD Regional Landfill Association, Inc. to renew a permit for operation of a Type IIB municipal solid waste landfill located in a portion of the E ? NE ? Section 31, T17N, R13E, Perkins County. Total acreage of the site is approximately 40 acres. The facility will serve Perkins County and the surrounding region. The permit renewal will be granted for a period of five years as provided for under South Dakota Codified Law (SDCL) 34A-61.16.

Recommendation by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources


Steven M. Pirner, Secretary Department of Environment and Natural Resources

A copy of all recommended terms and conditions are available from DENR and may be obtained upon request from: South Dakota Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Waste Management Program, 523 East Capitol Avenue, Pierre, South Dakota, 57501-3182, Attn.: Steven Kropp, telephone (605) 773-3153. A copy of the draft permit and online commenting are available at http://denr.sd.gov/public/default.aspx. During the 30-day public notice period, written comments will also be accepted at the above mailing address.

In accordance with SDCL 34A-6-1.14, DENR's recommendation of approval will become the final decision on the permit application and this permit will be renewed 30 days after publication of this notice. A person adversely affected or having an interest adversely affected by the DENR's recommendation of approval may petition the board for a contested case hearing. The petition must comply with the requirements of ARSD 74:09:01:01. If a petition for such a hearing is not filed within 30 days of this publication date, a permit renewal will be formally and finally granted at that time.

tions), closure and postclosure requirements (3 conditions), and financial assurance (3 conditions). The permit conditions are intended to ensure that the landfill complies with the environmental laws of this state.

[Published August 1, 2013 at a total approximate cost of $.]

Each bid in excess of $25,000.00 shall be accompanied by either a certified check, cashier’s check or draft in a sum equal to five percent (5%) of the maximum bid price and drawn on a State or National Bank or a bid bond in a sum equal to ten percent (10%) of the maximum bid price executed by the Bidder as principal and by a surety company authorized to do business in the State of South Dakota, payable to the Town of Bison, conditioned that if the principal's bid be accepted and the contract awarded to him, he, within ten (10) days after Notice of Award has been executed, will execute and effect a contract in accordance with the terms of his bid and a contractor's bond as required by law and regulations and de-

Buy American Preference – Title 49 U.S.C., Chapter 501 Civil Rights Act of 1964, Title VI – Contractor Contractual Requirements – 49 CFR Part 21 Airport and Airway Improvement Act of 1982, Section 520 – Title 49 U.S.C. 47123 Lobbying and Influencing Federal Employees – 49 CFR Part 20 Access to Records and Reports – 49 CFR Part 18.36 Disadvantaged Business Enterprise – 49 CFR Part 26 Energy Conservation – 49 CFR Part 18.36 Breach of Contract Terms – 49 CFR Part 18.36 Rights to Inventions – 49 CFR Part 18.36 Trade Restriction Clause – 49 CFR Part 30 Veteran’s Preference – Title 49 U.S.C. 47112 Davis Bacon Labor Provisions – 29 CFR Part 5 (Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $2,000) Equal Opportunity Clause – 41 CFR Part 60-1.4 (Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $10,000) Certification of Non-Segregated Facilities – 41 CFR Part 60-1.8 (Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $10,000) Notice of Requirement for Affirmative Action – 41 CFR Part 60-4.2 (Applicable to Contracts Exceeding $10,000)

[Published August 1 and August 8, 2013 for a total approximate cost of $31.20.]

For additional information and questions, please contact during normal business hours.

Town of Bison Beth Hulm, Finance Officer PO Box 910 Bison, SD 57620-0910 605-244-5677 bison@sdplains.com

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Goal – Town of Bison, Bison Municipal Airport, Bison, South Dakota for Fiscal years 2013 through 2016. The Town of Bison, Bison Municipal Airport hereby publishes a proposed overall DBE goal. The proposed overall goal is 6.93% (six point, nine three percent) (4.42% Race Neutral + 2.51% Race Conscious) for Airport Improvement Program (AIP) funded projects during Federal Fiscal Years (FY) 20132016. The methodology used in developing this goal is available for inspection between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday at Bison City Hall, Finance Office, 309 1st Ave W, Bison, SD 57620 for 30 days from the date of this publication. The DBE Liaison Officer will receive and consider public comments on the proposed goal for 45 days from the date of this publication. The Town of Bison attempts to provide reasonable accommodations for any known disability that may interfere with a person participating in any service, program, or activity of the Airport. Comments may be submitted to:


Schofield attends State 4-H Horse Show

The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013 • Page 13

Hunter safety course
Plus field day South Dakota Game Fish and Parks will be holding an online HuntSafe course. The field day will be held at the Lemmon Armory board room on August 17th at 8:30 AM. If interested please call 605-374-7726 for more information. To complete the online portion go to http://ihea-usa.org/huntingand-shooting/hunter-education/online-courses Once on the page scroll down to the bottom and select your desired language and proceed. The online portion should take less than 10 hours to

complete. You must print off all 14 quizzes to show you successfully completed the course. Students must complete all online quizzes and attend field day to complete the course There is no charge for the class. Questions call Keith Mutschler @ 374-7726 State Law requires that juveniles 12 through 15 years of age successfully complete a Hunter Safety Course before he/she can obtain a SD hunting license. Students 11 years old may attend if their 12th birthday occurs on or prior to December 31st 2013.

Tayton Schofield from Perkins County 4-H attended the 4-H State Horse Show in Huron, South Dakota last week. She competed in Beginner Western Showmanship, Beginner Stock Seat, Junior Western Riding and Junior Trail. She did a great job against some tough competition.

Page 14 • The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013
The quarter of an inch of rain we received on Wednesday didn’t slow the haying down much. Harvest has started, nights are getting cooler, and summer will soon give way to fall. Every year Basin Electric sponsors a legislative tour for several South Dakota legislators and this year I got to take their very interesting tour. The tour started Monday afternoon with a background presentation followed by a roast beef supper at Rushmore Electric Coop in Rapid City. There were six west river legislators there, besides me the other legislators from this area were Rep. Liz May, Rep. Gary Cammack, and Rep. Dean Schrempp. After supper we drove to the airport for our flight on Basin Electric’s jet to Bismarck, accompanied by Basin Electric CEO Andrew Serri. Steve Tomac, the lobbyist for Basin, met us at the airport and hauled us to the motel. Six SD east river legislators flew up and joined us for the evening social gathering. Early Tuesday morning all twelve South Dakota legislators boarded a bus for an information session and continental breakfast at Basin Electric headquarters. After breakfast we got back on the bus to tour Basin Electric’s Antelope Valley Station northwest of Beulah. Antelope Valley is a lignite-based electric generating station with a capacity of 900,000 kilowatts that cost $1.9 billion to build. The power plant is part of a $4 billion energy complex that includes the Coteau Freedom Mine, the nation’s largest lignite coal mine, and the Great Plains Synfuels Plant, the nation’s only commercial size coal gasification plant. The Great Plains Synfuels Plant is located adjacent to Antelope Valley and is owned by a subsidiary of Basin Electric. Following a tour of the model room and a video about the gasification process, we had lunch at the plant before getting back on the bus to tour the nearby Freedom Mine. Antelope Valley annually consumes around 5.2 million tons of lignite supplied from the Freedom Mine. The Freedom Mine produces approximately 15 million tons of lignite coal annually. The mine supplies lignite to two power plants, Antelope Valley and Leland Olds Station, and also provides lignite to the Great Plains Synfuels gasification plant. At the Freedom Mine, lignite is found about 100 feet below the surface and the overburden is removed by walking draglines

Grand River Roundup ............................................................... By Betty Olson
weighing 13 million pounds that run on electricity. We were allowed in the dragline to watch the operation. The booms reach 215 feet tall (17 stories!) and 340 feet long (a football field!) It has 12,000 horsepower and each bucket on the dragline holds 123 cubic yards, equal to 2,700 bushels of wheat! Local farmers and ranchers utilize over 10,000 acres of land reclaimed from the mine by grazing cattle on grasslands and raising cash crops on cropland. The mine’s reclamation efforts are amazing, the Antelope power station has invested $322 million in environmental equipment and controls for protecting land, air and water, and the gasification plant has invested $130 million for environmental systems and facilities. I’d like to say that my house is as clean and pristine as these facilities are, but I’d be lying! The United States has onefourth of the world’s supply of coal. We have four times more energy in our coal reserves than all the oil in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately, Pres. Obama’s war on coal has caused about 50 coal powered electric plants to close and he has the rest of the coal industry in his gun sights. Electric companies and coal mines across the country are very worried about the havoc he’s causing, using agencies like the EPA to close down the industry. Pierre journalist Bob Mercer recently wrote an article about Obama’s war on coal entitled “A lump of coal from President Obama”. From Mercer’s article: “South Dakota Rural Electric Association executive director Ed Anderson says every coal-fired electricity plant will be taxed out of business under the Clean Air regulations declared today by President Barack Obama. Specifically the president wants to apply regulations to carbon dioxide emissions. Sen. John Thune was first of South Dakota’s congressional delegation to declare his opposition, calling it “a national energy tax on Americans who are already struggling in the sluggish economy.” Thune estimated the average household will pay $1,400 more annually and 500,000 jobs will be lost as energy prices climb 20 percent.” ObamaCare isn’t the only program from this administration that will inflict financial pain and suffering on the American people! The temperature was 43 degrees when we got up Friday morning and only 39 degrees at daybreak on Saturday. We took Bob Hanson with us to Ranchers Camp southeast of Meadow Satur-

day evening and even though we wore jackets, we about froze! Lester Longwood said it was only 35 degrees at his house that morning! We enjoyed listening to Pastor Michael Brandt speak after Tracy Buer entertained us with several wonderful songs and gave his testimony. Thank you both so much! Reub got a treatment from Mary Eggebo on Thursday and then took me out for dinner to celebrate our wedding anniversary. Sunday afternoon we drove to Spearfish to help Pastor Brad and Linda Abelseth celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary at the Pavilion in Spearfish Park. The big crowd gathered to help the couple celebrate 50 years of wedded bliss included two of Brad’s Eggebo relatives from Norway. It was a wonderful evening – congratulations to a delightful couple! These wedding anniversaries reminded me of this old story: A nearsighted minister glanced at the note that Mrs. Jones had sent to him by an usher. The note read: "Bill Jones having gone to sea, his wife desires the prayers of the congregation for his safety." Failing to observe the punctuation, he startled his audience by announcing: "Bill Jones, having gone to see his wife, desires the prayers of the congregation for his safety."

DISPLAY ADS: $4.70 per column inch. CLASSIFIED ADS: $5.90 for 30 words; 10¢ for each word thereafter. $2.00 billing charge applies. THANK YOU'S: $5.90 minimum or $3.10 per column inch. $2.00 billing charge applies. HIGHLIGHTS & HAPPENINGS: $5.90 minimum or $3.10 per column inch. $2.00 billing charge applies. HAPPY ADS: With or Without Picture: $15.00 minimum or $4.50 per column inch.BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT: $36.00 for 2x7 announcement. Ad Deadline is Monday at NOON! Legal Deadline is Friday at NOON! 244-7199 or courier@sdplains.com
FOR SALE FOR SALE: Alfalfa seed, grass seed and high test alfalfa hay. Delivery available and volume discount available. Call 798-5413. B1-11tp tion on the Green Family in this area. A descendant of Fred Green will be visiting the homestead in early August and would like to have as many relatives get together as possible. If you are a relative of the Green Family or know any information about them, please call Elsie Baye at 605-9672707. B7-2tc

Advertising Rates:

The Bison Courier • Thursday, August 1, 2013 • Page 15
recreational opportunities. Company owned housing is available. Email resume to: larry.fuller@chsinc.com CHS National Director of Placement, 5213 Shoal Drive, Bismarck ND 58503 or call (701) 220-9775. LONGBRANCH IN PIERRE, SD. We have lowered the price & will consider contract for deed. Call Russell Spaid 605-280-1067. length. Call 605-852-2122 in Highmore, ask for Mike Konrad or Jan Busse.

HELP WANTED Bison Housing & Redevelopment Commission is seeking applicants for a part-time maintenance position for the Homestead Heights housing facility. A job description can be picked up on Mondays or Thursdays from 9 to 11 a.m. at the management office at Homestead Heights. Resumes must be sent to BH&RC, PO Box 186, Bison, SD 57620 and received no later than August 9, 2013. For more information, call 244-5473. Homestead Heights is an equal opportunity employer. B5-4tc

CATTLE SALE LAGRAND SCOTCHCAP ANGUS RANCH Complete dispersal of 450 Registered and Commercial Fall Calving Cows including some spring calvers, 90 2012 Fall Heifers and 50 Fall Bulls. August 10th at Sioux Falls Regional Worthing Sale barn. High health, performance and phenotype. Past National breeder of the year award. Call for catalogue to Dan Nelson, Manager 701-351-1795 or Duane Pancratz, Owner 605-359-9222, or check website www.lagrandscotchcapranch.com. EMPLOYMENT MOBRIDGE POLICE DEPARTMENT has opening for a FT E1911. Application may be requested or picked up at Mobridge Police Department or online at www.mobridgepolice.org. Application Deadline is Friday August 9th, 2013.

SISSETON SCHOOL DISTRICT OPENING: Library Media Specialist. Contact: Tammy Meyer, 516 8th Ave W Sisseton, SD 57262 605-698-7613 Position open until filled. EOE. HOVEN SCHOOLS SEEKING K12 spec. ed. teacher. Contact Peggy Petersen, Supt. (605) 9482252 or at Peggy.Petersen@k12.sd.us for application. Open until filled.

THE DUPREE SCHOOL DISTRICT is seeking applications for a HS Math Instructor (w/wo Head Boys BB Coach); Base Pay $34,150 plus signing bonus. Contact Supt. Lenk at Dupree School (605) 365-5138.

MISCELLANEOUS LOOKING FOR GREENS: Fred and Clyde Green and their sister Emoline Green Terry settled in Perkins County in the early 1900s. Their other sister lived in the Huron area and is the grandmother of Edmund Baye of Faith, SD. We are trying to find informa-

If one burner doesn't produce enough heat to keep the water boiling, you can usually straddle two burners with the canner.

Retired Pastor Jim and Edna Judy would like to thank everyone who came to Jim’s 91st birthday celebration on July 11th. We were blessed to have so many people come to our open-house and always love to have people stop by to share photos, memories and cake. Jim& Edna Judy

THANK YOU Thank You to my family for hosting my 95th Birthday Open House. It was very special. Thanks to all the family that came from a distance. Thanks for all the cards and to all those who came to help me celebrate. Thanks to Dakota Lodge for their hospitality and use of the community room. Helen Meink

UNITED PRAIRIE COOPERATIVE at New Town ND is seeking a Manager of Business Operations. RESPONSIBILITIES: Manager of Business Operations is responsible for divisional profitability, sales, new product / market development, reporting, purchasing, resale pricing, inventory control, customer service, asset maintenance, environmental compliance, and other duties as assigned by the CEO / General Manager. This supply very successful cooperative is located in NW ND with great

DOUGLAS COUNTY COMMISSION is taking applications for full- time Douglas County Highway Superintendent. Must have valid Class A Driver’s License. Experience in road/bridge construction/maintenance. For application contact: Douglas County Auditor (605) 724-2423. CHS MIDWEST COOPERATIVES is seeking people interested in an agronomy career. Various positions in central South Dakota available. Email Dan.haberling@chsinc.com or call Midwest Cooperatives 1(800)6585535.

OTR/DRIVERS DRIVERS WANTED: CDL, owner operators, freight from Midwest up to 48 states, home regularly, newer equipment, Health, 401K, call Randy, A&A Express, 800-6583549.

NOTICES ADVERTISE IN NEWSPAPERS statewide for only $150.00. Put the South Dakota Statewide Classifieds Network to work for you today! (25 words for $150. Each additional word $5.) Call this newspaper or 800-658-3697 for details.

LOG HOMES DAKOTA LOG HOME Builders representing Golden Eagle Log Homes, building in eastern, central, northwestern South & North Dakota. Scott Connell, 605-5302672, Craig Connell, 605-2645 6 5 0 , www.goldeneagleloghomes.com.

FOR SALE 200 PRE-MADE 2X6 STUDDED WALLS, 8-ft. tall in varying lengths from 5-ft. to 14-ft. $50.00 to $150.00 each, depending on

Do not use overripe fruit. Canning doesn't improve the quality of food, so if you start out with low quality, it will only get worse in storage.

July 23 86 54 July 24 84 59 .35 July 25 80 49 July 26 79 50 July 27 72 44 July 28 79 49 July 29 83 56 One year ago Hi 90 Lo 59



Weather Wise


Brought to you by Grand Electric Co-op, Inc.

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