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K-9 unit joins Wagener police
by Mary Gantt Pearson

In this class of 30 plus students, only one couple married each other--Eugene May, 1963-May, 2013 Steadman and Betty Lou Jenkins. A.L. Corbett Class of 1963 Celebrates This gala affair class reunion originated The members of the 1963 class of A. with a “ Meet & Greet” session on Friday L. Corbett High School united on May evening filled with hugs and kisses, 31 - June 2, 2013 to celebrate their Golden laughter, sharing and reminiscing. Anniversary Reunion at the Hilton Garden The “Blue & Gold Banquet” convened on Inn in Aiken, S.C. What a joyous occasion! by Mayor Mike Saturday evening withMiller more laughter, hugs We had a ball! and kisses, dining, dancing, singing, Many hadKULMALA not seen some of their By TEDDy and presentations and much tkulmala@aikenstandard.com Local governments don’t produce a speaking their best for Wagener. Your opinions classmates since graduation which was submitted photo product, they provide services. When are important to myself and the Council. more. Our classmate, Apostle George May 3, 1963. Many had seen some of their The Wagener Department has a new ofcitizens interact with townA employees – the Please feel free contact us anytime dog leaves spay/neuter program sponsored Rowe, delivered the to enlightening keynote classmates herePolice and there on sundry ficer patrolling the streets – on four legs. whether it involves payingby utility bills, a Pawmetto with your suggestions. FOTAS and Lifeline. speech.. occasions. Some even attended college Xantos, a 2-year-old Belgian Malinois, was water service issue or being pulled over I ask you to join me in took welcoming The culminating activity place our on together. Nevertheless, the reunion was obtained by the town from the Columbia Police by a police officer – the response theySunday Canine Officer Xantos to the Wagener By MIKE MILLER morning at Saron Baptist Church truly awesome! Department and is Wagener’s first K-9 unit, ac-Barbara(Wooden)Gantt, Carolyn(Williams)Quattlebaum, Teacora(Swedenburg)Kent, receive can shape their entire outlook and Police Department. Xantos is a Belgian in Wagener where our group worshipped. Thereto were a few, however, who did not cording Officer Jeremy Hill, who is Xantos’ Ruby(Lee)Tucker, Sirvasteen(Brown)Ulmer, Gloria(Lloyd)Woodward, opinion of the town government. imported from The Netherlands This year’s WestMalinois Nile virus outbreak is on track to be the Our classmate, Mae V. Tobin, was the recognize some old classmates after 50 handler. Vernell(Danley)Morant, Mae(Tyler)Tobin, Mary(Gantt)Pearson, Betty(Jenkins) I assure you that we at Town Hall strive and will workingin with Jeremy biggest since the virus firstbe appeared the Officer United States spokesperson for our group giving an years. But, on the weeks other hand, most us how Steadman, Hill spent eight in school toof learn to Retha(Gordon)Schofield, Dorothy(Kitchings)James, and Blondell(Stroman) to do our best to insure that employHill, who is certified as a police canine inour 1999, U.S. health officials reported Aug. 21. Unfortu inspirational knew each other even thereother were a Howard. Last Row--L--R--(Standing) Edward Stroman, Robert be a handler and to be though able to train officers Staley, Jr., Willie Samuees have everything needed to doin fulfill handlersermonette. and trainer. nately South Carolina, Aiken County is in the lead with see Page in handling. Xantos, heand said, had already been els, Jr., Warren Morgan, Willie Cannon, Xavier Livingston, their Ervin Rowe, George Rowe, duties and obligations to our cus- cases The presence ofREUNION a K-9 officer deter few more pounds here there, snow on photo by rob novit four confirmed ofPlease the West Nile as of Aug. will 24, ac -12 drug dealers by being inEnvironmental town and visible. through training with the Columbia department. John Williams, Arilusprincipal, Gunter, Robert and Eugene Steadman. tomers. Weand willhis expect employees take Laura Bacon, the new Busbee Corbett Elementary Middle School greetsGreen fifth-grader Benzel Heyward cording to the Department of Health and the mountain and a few bald spots. “For reasons specific to them, they requested K-9 officers are also valuable in assisting in9. their work and maintain high mother, Cynthia Heyward, and other students and parents as they arrived. See more photos on pages pride 5 and Control. another dog. He just didn’t fit that need,” Hill said. officers in detaining criminals, tracking standards of integrity in cooperative ef- than Those older 50 are the most likely to become seAccording to Mayor Michael Miller, Xantos was fleeing criminals and locating lost people. forts to achieve mutual goals andill exceed verely with West Nile and should take special care to brought to the United States from Holland, where will be working closely with other expectations. avoid mosquitoes,We according to the CDC. The most effecmany police dogs are bred. He is the same breed law enforcement agencies through “muOur customers are not always right, but tive practices of protecting yourself against this disease Submitted by:dog Dawn Laudenslager Richbourg Williamson for providing the graduation as Cairo, the that served on the Navy SEALs assistance” to assist they are always the customer. Certainly may be simple buttual lifesaving. Theagreements first is to drain any a Anticipation leading up to and excitement ceremony and power point. There were also mission that killed Osama bin Laden. large area of northeast Aiken we have a few problematic “frequent fli- water areas of standing where mosquitoes like County. to breed. and lots of fun the day of, is what you gotto them several picture collages of special events “A lot of times, you’ll hear people refer Theand tornado sirenthat is scheduled ers” that constantly complain, can never Look about your home yardwarning for anything may on Saturday June 22, 2013. The Wagener from senior year. There was also a collage to as a souped-up German shepherd,” Chief Jeff Key for completed installation be satisfied and thrive on negativism, but as hold water such flower pots, buckets, old Thursday, kiddie pools Salley High School they Class of 1993 held their lost over the said. “Supposedly, see a little better, they honor the classmates we have Sept. 27. will establish a protocol that’s just part of the job we accept. and such. If your home hasWe gutters, make sure they arefor Staff photo by teddy Kulmala first ever class reunion. The marked years. There was lots of music, dancing and smell a little better, they runreunion a little faster.” its future use andgutters provideprovide this informaWe will be looking at ways to and improve clear free flowing as occluded very 20 years since their graduation from WSH . corn Xantos hole throughout the with night. We would Officer is seen here his handler, tion to befor readily available for mosquito everyone our services and modify policies to opproductive breeding areas mosquitoes. Use With about 35 class members and like to give special Please see Xantos, Page 22 Jeremy Hill. thanks to all those who in our area. timize the ability of our personnel to do DEET, repellent with dress in long pants and long sleeves, teachers the night was filled with old helped with the decorating and clean up for and be especially careful at dusk and dawn when mosquifriends, lots of catching up and joyous the reunion.. We would also like to thank all toes are most active. We will be taking steps to aid in mosquito control and reunions. The reunion was held at the of those classmates that helped track down ask that you report any areas of stagnant water that cause Courtney Center in Wagener. classmates. We are still missing a few of the you concern. We are closely monitoring those “retention/ The night started with a social hour for graduation class so if you graduated with detention” pond areas but unfortunately cannot eliminate everyone to catch up. Russell Stillinger and the class of 1993 and would like to come to WAGENER-SALLEY 54, PELION STAff rEporTS Richbourg welcomed Head coach Ken please Tuckersend said us thean War Eagles on the at this point. These manmade breeding grounds26 are Dawn Laudenslager the next reunion email at he and the team need to keep focusing them PELION — Wagener-Salley High School will continue preparations the same way next game. mandated by some of the very folks charged with protectand thanked all who came out for the WSH93reunion@gmail.com. It has been nearly a decade since the continued itsthe torrid pace open the 2012 they’ve during this the first 2-0 start for the “I’ve got to work hard. (Last week’s win) ing the citizens. I think odds of a to death resulting from occasion. Acknowledgement went out to With done technology day in time may of Wagener-Salley High football team season on Friday night, using a strong second program since 2003. The War Eagles hadn’t a mosquito-borne illness far exceeds that of being swept Dawn who spent a lotSchool of time and did lots us keep in touch through Facebook. Many is one step accomplished but now we have opened season with consecutive halfforever to blow Pelion High School, 54-26, 3-0 sincewondering 1995. to move on to next week,” said quarterback away and lost inout a flash flood on Park Street. of workthe to make the event possible. victories. gone left the night why it had taken After some long years, the War Eagles have notching a win over its Class AA rival for “We’ll just keep doing what we’re doing, Malcolm Stroman. “The season’s not over yet We are very pleased to say that the spay/neuter prothe School Registration During the reunion a copy of the us 20 years to get our first reunion together by rob novit started this season off with back-to-back-to first time since 1995. The War Eagles have trying to get better,” Tucker said. and we still havephoto to work hard.” gram sponsored by FOTAS and Pawmetto Lifeline was graduation ceremony played on a TV. There and looking forward toStroman, the next reunion. To Here’s • Busbee Thursday, Aug. 1 (noon to 6 p.m.) back wins, including the 73-14 of paioni Quarterback Malcolm the Aiken a look atCorbett theto games since last photo thrashing by tina chavious Mary and Jason Bevell accompany their excited son Jason his kinwas also a power point presentation of the the Class of 1993, see you in 5 years. see football, Page 17 to 6 p.m. Bethune-Bowman. Standard Player of the at Week for Week 1, said month’s edition School. came out. High - Thursday, • Wagener-Salley Aug. 1 from a.m. Dr. Bacon, Becky and Lance Brown dergarten class Busbee Corbett Elementary Middle Please seePlease MAYOR, Page 29 10 For more photos see Page 13 senior picture. Special thanks to Ms. Peggy

From the G olden A nniversary High School Class Reunion Welcome back, students! From the mayor’s desk

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WSHS Class of 1993 Reunion

War Eagles off to best start in recent history

Remembering Virginia Miller – ‘Aait Vedan’ Memories
Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly

by LeMyra Young
Memories are precious. Memories are something Memories that cannot be taken away from you. Memories Memories are precious. arecan bring you great comfort and Memories joy. Memories something that cannot be taken fromalsustain you through difficult times.away Memories you. Memories bring youwhere greatyou comfort low you to remember from came and and look forward to where you are going. Memories joy. Memories can sustain you through difficult times. Memories allow youfuture. to remember are God’s gift from thepast for the

when Rabbit heard Michael speakracing. the total, showcasing past and present she said you are not supposed to have The Walk of Fame honors each that much money. (Rabbit had boiled the peanuts member of the hall. I thoroughly and helped Michael bag them.) Mrs. Virginia enjoyed looking athe the restored race questioned him, and admitted that he had cars. It took me back to the late 50’sVirput a nickel in the pinball machine. Mrs. and early 60’s when I was a teenager from where you came and look forward to ginia, Rabbit and Michael immediately went and my early driving days. My the first where you are going. Memories are God’s to Jerry’s and made Michael return $3, A Ride Through Life car Jerry was agave ’55 him two his door Chevy; gift A from the pastago, for the future. nickel back. it was few days my husband Garry and also Daddy’s quail hunting carcalled before I knew that Mrs. Virginia’s boys and I visited in Mooresville, N.C. We he got his infamous ’66 Bronco. Myas This past Oct. 31, Wagener lost one of her “Shah,” and so I questioned Michael wanted to get away for a few days, yet friends and I would ride and ride and its most beloved citizens, Virginia Bunto the reference to Shah. It seems that when not be so very far from home. Garry ride in that oldChevy. A dirt road was drick Miller. Mrs. Virginia was born in the oldest Miller boy “Buzz” was just beginsaid for me to pick a place to go. Since the best place to fish tail; the sand Columbia on Aug. 2, 1929. She grew up in ning to speak he kept repeating “shah, shah, we generally stay in a Hampton Inn, the“Avenues” area West Columbia shah.” a few days of this, Mrs. Virginia banksAfter would allow you to bounce off I always have theof Hampton Inn and graduated from the University of South realized that he wasthe calling her “Shah,” and with out hurting car. Yet, in the old directory in my after travel tote. I turned to so she became Shah to all her boys and then Carolina. Shortly graduation she met Chevy, it did not make much the section and began and North marriedCarolina O’Neal Miller Jr. and moved to to her grandchildren and great-grandchild. difference for it was covered in dents to thumb through the various towns Wagener (Mr. Neal’s hometown) and reared Michael said, when he entered school, all the and scratches. As I look back, of where a Hampton Inn is located. My of other students had a mama, and he much their three boys. I recently had the pleasure told Shah my teen years’ entertainment centered eyes stopped on Mooresville; then son spending the afternoon with her second that he wanted to call her Mama, too. She on riding in the old Chevy. I lookedas up inso my N.C. Michael heMooresville shared with me many won- explained that she was his mama, but she After Sunday church, I would go was travel book and discovered it derful stories of his mother and that his family. called Shah. home with Wilsie Boyd or she would isMichael locatedtells about 25 miles above that, being a city girl, his Some time after living in Wagener, go home with me. Once we had Mrs. Charlotte that many the mother wasand in culture shock of upon moving to Virginia opened Miller’s Flower Shop. In finished dinner, we would get in the NASCAR greats’ headquarters aretook Wagener; however, one special person her early childhood she acquired her love for car and ride and and ride. Mrs. located at Mooresville. I am notperson a Mrs. Virginia under her wing. That flowers helping her ride grandmother in her yard Bea Kitchings’ store was always open wasrace Rubyfan; Phillips, better Garry know as “Rabbit.” and garden. Mrs. Virginia had no formal big however, generally on Sunday afternoon; we her would Rabbit became a constant aton thetelevision, Miller house training in flower arranging; skill buy was a watches NASCAR races dollar’s worth of gas, a pack of as she helped Mrs. with her boys so I thought thatVirginia he would enjoy some an innate talent as was proven by the many cigarettes, and each Pepsi Cola, and and shared her cooking skills. Michael said awards she received foraher floral designs and of the Mooresville attractions. we were good to go. Of course the hisSince mother grew up in the Lutheran church demonstrations throughout the southeastern neither one of us is able to do old Chevy did not have a climate but became a Baptist to WaUnited States. much walking, we upon did amoving lot ofriding. controlled heating and cooling gener; she made sure that her boys were in In 1979, Michael made friends with a We found the headquarters’ district system, power windows, power church every Sunday and preached to them gentleman from Holland who was visiting without any trouble and managed to steering, Blue Tooth, GPS, or any other about the evils of gambling. One Saturday the United States. After many trips to visit see JR’S center of operations. Our map after Michael finished selling his boiled pea with this friend and his family in Holland, modern technology that automobiles showed that Petty Enterprises was also nuts, he decided that he would make a detour Michael arranged fora his motherstick to visit with have today. It was straight with located nearby; we rode and down by Jerry’s gas station, whichup was housed in a them also.shift Michael flewsteering to Belgium first, the gear on the wheel and around and andoffice up and building where thearound magistrate’s in Wa- and his mother follow and meet column. Thatwas wasto alright with me,him down. I drove real slowly all through gener is today. Michael couldn’t resist dropin Holland. Michael told me thatin it was the since I had learned to drive Daddy’s the I drove slow that even a pingdistrict; a nickel in the pinso ball machine first international fightIfor his mother, and coon hunting jeep. could “double man inhe a had silver colored truck behind though been told it was gambling. he arranged with the airlines for her to have clutch” with the best of them. Another me blew the horn and made With that one nickel, he immediately won $3; special care. She was to disembark the of our fun past times was playing plane unmentionable I drove closer fortunately he wasgestures. smart enough to head for via a wheelchair; asnight Michael in the hide and seek at in waited our cars at to the Michael edge ofdid thenot road; he gunned home. include the $3 in his handicap area he did not see his mother. He A.L. Corbett School. As you may have his truck andfor flew around After peanut money he knew theme. consequences found her in the customary waiting area rathguessed, you had to have a least two all of this, we still did not find of gambling. Later he was sitting atPetty the kitch- er miffed that he had thought she needed a cars to play. The old Corbett school Enterprises. Weall also went to anRabbit exotic en table counting of his savings. had two of classroom pods with Please see rows MeMories, Page 3 and his mother were also in the kitchen, and, animal farm and to Mt. Airy, N.C.

pictures, and memorabilia

the middle space next to a pod. Then as the outside car drove slowly by, you had to escape to the outside without the other car seeing you and blocking your way. That old Chevy was well worth the $400.00 Daddy paid for it. I was talking with Mama about our trip and telling her about the old race cars and how seeing them brought back old memories. I asked Mama about an old Ford that she and Daddy had when I was about 5 years old. She said it was an “A” model Ford. I remember riding with Mama from our house to Daddy’s store which was on the corner at the traffic light in Wagener. This was before child restraint laws were enacted. After Mama got me situated in the car she put my brother Charlie who was about 6 months old in my lap and told me, “Now hold tight, don’t let go of Charlie.” She got the old Ford cranked, turned around, and out the driveway we went. We were living where Mama still lives today and once we were out on the highway theroad was and still is a gradual incline. We chug, chugged along finally reaching the store. Mama said that by time we got to the store that I was still holding on tight to Charlie but that he had slipped so far

down until he was almost lying on the floor board. Mama and I usually go for a ride on most afternoons; we frequently drive past Wagener Salley High School. When school is in session, Mama often comments on all of the cars parked at the school, and I always tell her that there are more cars behind the school too. Mama said when she went to Wagener High School that only 3 or 4 of the faculty members had an automobile and that most of them lived in town and walked to school. Even when I was in high school not many students drove toschool, and if they did, their vehicle looked about as good as the old ’55 Chevy that I drove to school. As Mama and I were returning from a ride the other day, Mama asked me how long did I intend to drive my Grand Marquise. I told her that since Ford was not making Mercury cars any more that I planned to drive it until the steering wheel fell off, and as many of you may recall that is literally what happened to my 1999 Grand Marquise. You just never know what can spark a memory. Make a memory, share a memory.

However, the highlight of our trip was the N.C. Auto Racing Hall and Walk of Fame in Mooresville. Garry and I spent several hours looking at the many restored race cars,

covered sidewalks in between the pods and a wide open space in the middle of the two rows. The object of the game was to turn off your car lights, drive over the sidewalk and hide the car in

Wagener Monthly

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


CAWS – South Carolina Coaches Association of Women’s Sports recognizes Marcia Lee Blizzard as this year’s MVP Honoree in the 29th Annual All-Star Softball Series and Awards Ceremony.
encourage and mentor teenage girls, she agreed to become the cheerleader sponsor and gladly accepted the role as assistant softball coach. After assisting the softball team for one year, Marcia Lee became the Head Softball Coach. The W-S Softball Team’s passion for softball, spirit to excel, coachable attitude, and heart to win carried them to the play-offs each of the 13 years that Coach Blizzard was part of the team. The Lady War Eagles were Region Champions for 6 years, Lower State Champions in 1997 and 1998, and were State Champions in 1991, 1992, and 1993. Coach Blizzard was honored as Region Softball Coach of the Year 6 times and served as a North All-Star Coach in 1993 and 2002. Her players received numerous individual awards: Heisman Finalist, Region Players of the Year, All-County Players, CAWS All-State Players, and CAWS All-Star Players. Several of Coach Blizzard’s players attended college on athletic scholarships, one was named “Rookie of the Year” her first year playing college softball, and some have become teachers/coaches. Within her 13 years of coaching, Marcia Lee also coached junior varsity basketball and volleyball. During the two years she coached volleyball, the Lady War Eagles won the Region and Coach Blizzard was named Region Volleyball Coach of the Year. “When your heart is for the players and not the sport, it’s easy to transition from one season to another – filing in until the right coach comes along!” Marcia Lee shared, “Just as seasons change in sports and throughout the year, seasons in our life also abruptly begin and end. With no plans to quit coaching softball, Coach Blizzard was sitting in the Softball Coaches Clinic when she was led to resign. “A man’s heart plans his way, but the Lord directs his steps.” [Proverbs 16:9] In 2003, Coach Blizzard’s passion to see teenagers develop character, establish goals, find their purpose, and succeed in life moved her from the softball field to the mission field. Marcia Lee’s new “coaching position” started with children and youth from the Wagener and Salley areas at Perry Baptist Church Outreach Ministry on Wednesday Evenings. As her passion grew, so did the desire to enlarge her territory for ministry. Marcia Lee’s first overseas trip was to Bolivia in 2005. Since then, she has traveled each year with JSMI - John Smithwick Ministries International – also called “Global Ventures” [GlobalVentures.TV] to minister in Africa, Guatemala, Thailand [4 years], and Peru [7 years]. “It is an honor to go on Mission Trips and actively express the love of Christ by sharing the gospel and to witness demonstrations of the power of the Word through manifested healings. Words cannot express what I feel when I look into the eyes of people who have no idea who Jesus is – many of which have never even heard the Name of ‘Jesus.’ God doesn’t just want us to tell others about Christ, He wants others to know Who Jesus is. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care.” “There are so many memories tied up in the season of my life which included being Softball Coach at Wagener-Salley High. One of the most important

SCCAWS honors 338 female athletes throughout the year. Seniors [All-Stars] are honored by playing in the North/ South Games in Volleyball and Softball. Players represent all four classifications [1A, 2A, 3A, and 4A] and the upper and lower state. In addition to recognizing Senior Athletes, players are also chosen as CAWS All-State in volleyball and softball, as well as, Players of the Year from each classification in every female sport. Scholarships are offered to deserving student-athletes pursuing careers in education and the medical fields. Sixteen Coaches are also honored by coaching the North/South All-Star Volleyball and Softball Games and two individuals are recognized each year as MVP Honorees for their dedication to women’s sports. All of these awards are made possible through the dedication and hard work of the SCCAWS Executive Board, the schools, coaches, athletes, and private businesses. The University of South Carolina Aiken hosted the 2013 SCCAWS Softball All-Star Tournament June 19-20, 2013. Marcia Lee Blizzard, former coach of the Wagener-Salley Lady War Eagles was honored as this year’s Softball MVP Honoree. Marcia Lee Blizzard attended Wagener Elementary School and then graduated from Wagener-Salley High School in 1979. Marcia Lee’s coaching career began in 1988-89 when she returned to Wagener-Salley High School to teach. Eager to help

aspects of coaching is building relationships. While on the field, relationships have different degrees: teammates, fans, rivalries, opponents, and submission to authority between Umpires/Coaches/Players. But the joy is… once the game is over, the relationship takes on a different meaning. It’s exciting that even after so many years, the bond makes coming together friendly and rewarding.” “Coaching/Teaching/Ministry – it’s all the same! You’re changing lives and improving yours… endeavoring to ‘Practice what you Preach!” Marcia Lee had the privilege of speaking to the SCCAWS All-Star players and coaches at a luncheon on Wednesday, June 19th. “Since the players are referred to as All-Stars, I highlighted the word STARS when speaking emphasizing words that were vital while I coached and are still important in my job as a teacher and in my calling as a Missionary. Please see HONOREE Page 16

To Augusta and Back Home Again!
by Jim West
It is with a great sense of thanks to Almighty God and my many, many friends that I attempt this article. On December 3rd, 2012, my life changed in a terrible way, as I was rushed to the emergency room of the Medical College of Georgia. I was admitted to the hospital with a massive hernia that had finally broken loose, leaving me literally on my deathbed. On December 6th I had a nine hour surgery, involving several teams of doctors, who hoped to save my life and repair the hernia. After a surgery which turned out to be much more successful than anticipated, I spent more than fifty days in the surgical intensive care unit of the hospital hooked up to a ventillator. I spent three months in the Medical College of Georgia hospital, and another two months at Select Specialty Hospital attempting to recover. I had to learn to swallow, and digest solid food. I had been on a ventillator for so long that I couldn’t even drink regular fluids like water, without choking! I had to learn to walk again, and I even had to learn to write again! Most importantly, I had to get my mind back in order. When you are gone for as long as I was, you even have to learn think again! Meanwhile, my family continued to operate our business, as they tried their best to see after me as well. Tremendous changes occurred in their lives, as they made some very difficult decisions in order to keep operating. Today I am still recovering personally and financially. All my doctors and my family consider me to be a walking miracle. I consider myself a miracle, too, as I think now about the Christmas, New Years, and Valentine’s Day (my 37th anniversary) that I knew nothing about. My wife, Johnnie, lived an almost impossible life, as many times during her ordeal it looked like I might not be coming back home. My son, J.D., as well as all the employees of West Tire & Oil, Inc., (Angie Caron, Heather Newman, Robbie Shumpert, Jessie Prince, Cody West and Trey Crosby) kept my business operating, and I am indebted to each of them. My wife says that she owes a special debt of graditude to my sister, Jackie, who stood beside her every step of the way, throughout her whole ordeal. Jackie was always there for Johnnie through the toughest of the bad days, and she was there for the small victories that came one at a time. Johnnie tells me almost everyday that she doesn’t think she would have survived with her sanity, if it had not been for Jackie’s constant, and never wavering, faith and support. Jackie spent most days and many nights at the hospital, while I was there. She made sure that Johnnie never felt that she was alone. Throughout this whole ordeal Johnnie and I received church bulletins from at least thirty churchs representing a multitude of denominations, all letting us know that they were praying for us. Bulletins and visits came from churches from Wagener to Williston, Barnwell to Batesburg, and Aiken to Lexington. Many of the ministers from these churches came regularly to check on us at the hospital, and scores of people brought Johnnie bags filled with snacks, books to read, and toiletry items she needed to survive everyday. All of this kept us aware that people were praying for us, and cared about our welfare. Since I have begun working again, I have been amazed at the number of young people who have stopped by the store just to tell me they are glad I am back home again. I am sure that I will face many problems ahead, as I work to get everything in my life back on line, but I also know that no matter what my problems are, I can handle them all with the help of my many friends and Almighty God. “One day ay a time” means something much different to me today than it did a few months ago. “Faith” has a much different meaning to me now, and I really know that life is a very precious thing. I ask you to take a word of advice from someone who has been there. Please live your life as if today might be your last day here. I’m glad to be home again!


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly

The Fairview Community Center (2701 Fairview road, Leesville, SC 29070) is a nonprofit organization. Our purpose is to promote the community as a great place to live and grow as healthy and productive citizens. Please join us in our newest endeavor - Martial Arts Classes for adults and children 4 years to 60+. Meeting times are Monday and Wednesday from 6:30 to 7:30. Master Mike Surface had had 20 years of experience and can be reached by calling 803 394 5152; email StallionKarate@Gmail.com We also offer: Zumba exercise classes Tuesday and Thursday from 6:30 to 7:30; Church device on Sunday at 10:00 am and 7:00 pm for youth; Country music every third Friday night of the month and building rental for events. The FCC is an official county voting location. Call Deborah Maybay at 803 894 3710 for more information.

Lakee J. Dunbar completed his basic training and graduated on Friday (7/25/13) from Lackland Airforce Base in San Antonio, Texas. Monday (7/29/13) he heads to Missouri to begin his school training for 2 and a half months which is in the field of Civil Engineering. Lakee was raised by his god-parents Marion and Mary Milhouse. Parents are Shae and Mike Dunbar.

Wagener Monthly

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly
a Constitutional amendment shortening the legislative session. This amendment requires the legislative session begin one month later each year and end one month earlier. Again this year, the Senate hasn’t taken up the bill. parents to choose the education that works best for their individual child. • K-4 Education: New funds for K4 programs were allocated for districts that have a poverty index of 75% or greater. • New Busses: The General Assembly allocated $15 million for the purchase of new school buses. • In-state Tuition for Military Dependents: Included in the budget was an expansion of in-state tuition eligibility for veterans and their dependents entitling them to receive in-state tuition rates and fees at state institutions without the requirement of one year of physical presence in this state.

S. Carolina Legislative Update
Dear Friends: Last month the General Assembly wrapped up the first year of the 120th Legislative Session. The legislature had some major accomplishments on important issues and made progress on others. Hopefully, there will be success in passing the unfinished business in the second year of the session which starts next January. This is a good time to reflect on accomplishments as well as the work remaining.

Data Security

by SC Rep. Bill Taylor, R-District 86
to refuse to enforce the unconstitutional provisions of this federal health care legislation when they exceed the powers delegated to the federal government under the United States Constitution. The bill is pending in the Senate.

State Health Care Freedom Act

Improving Our Roads

Our state’s roads and bridges are in desperate need of repair; an issue that tops constituent complaints. We have to have good roads for safety, economic development and the ability to create jobs. The House took the lead and passed a plan to increase road funding by nearly $50 million a year without raising taxes. By the end of the session we wrangled much more out of the budget. In total, an additional $1.17 billion will be directed to road improvements over the next 10 years from the state budget and through bonds.

In the first week’s of the legislative session, the House passed a bill prohibiting the state to establish or operate ObamaCare health insurance exchanges. Those exchanges would be left up to the federal government. The legislation remains in a Senate committee.

Last Fall the state computer system was hacked and millions of South Carolinians personal information was put at risk. The Legislature worked hard to address the many serious issues in the aftermath of the hacking. Both the House and Senate acted quickly to investigate this Data Security failure and made this issue a top priority in the budget. The Legislature extended identity fraud protections for South Carolinians whose personal information was stolen and funded new security protections that will better secure sensitive personal information.

Building Ideas into Big Business


Ethics Reform

Election Reform

We passed, and the Governor signed, legislation fixing the problems that spawned last year’s ballot controversies when the State Supreme Court knocked nearly 250 candidates off the ballot. This legislation calls for candidates and incumbents to be treated alike.

The House passed legislation abolishing the House and Senate ethics committees and replacing them with a new, bi-partisan commission that includes public officials and members of the general public. It also creates a ‘Public Integrity Unit’ to investigate criminal complaints against public officials and strengthens criminal penalties for violations of the Ethics Act. It also requires all lawmakers to disclose all sources of income – public and private. This important legislation awaits action by the Senate.

• Student Funding: State funding to public education was increased to the highest level in the past five years. • School Choice: A form of school choice was approved allowing scholarship granting organization to offer scholarships to special needs children for up to $10,000 per year. This enables

The High Growth Small Business Job Creation Act of 2013 (the “Angel Investment Incentive” bill) encourages private investment in high-growth potential start-ups. When you hear angel investor, think Apple, Google, Facebook, and countless other companies that would not have gotten beyond paper plans without angel investment capital. This bill offers investors a 35 percent tax credit because they are risking their money to fund innovation. The Governor signed the bill into law in June.

Please see UPDATE Page 11

Restructuring State Government

Early Voting

The House passed legislation creating the state’s first official early voting period, nine days before an election (excluding Sundays) passed the House and is awaiting Senate action next year.

ObamaCare Nullification

The House defeated the massive, unfunded, multi-billion dollar ObamaCare expansion by prohibiting the enforcement of the unconstitutional parts of ObamaCare in South Carolina. The General Assembly has the sovereign authority

For the fifth time, House Republicans pushed through sweeping government reforms that eliminates the Budget and Control Board, cuts the size of state government, and makes the state’s executive offices more accountable to the Governor. The Senate and House version of S.22 are being worked out in conference committee. Hopefully, in January we will have a compromise bill that will deliver the broadest government restructuring reforms undertaken in South Carolina in decades.

Shortening the Legislative Session

There’s no doubt the legislature could accomplish its work in less time. For the 10th time since 1994, the House approved

Wagener Monthly

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Wagener Monthly

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


this month in wagener’s history
Wagener Museum contributor


Wagener is said to be named for Mr. George A. Wagener who died 16 Jul 1908 in Charleston, SC. Born 1846, he had lived in Charleston all his life and was for many years a member of F.W. Wagener & Company. Mr. Wagener had been president of the B.A. & N. Railroad that once came thru Wagener. He was also president of the Standard Kaolin Co. which shipped kaolin clay on the B.A. &N. from mines in Aiken Co.


“Double Wedding in Wagener Store” Magistrate W.J. Creed officiated at a double marriage in the store of Mr. Jake Gantt. Mr. L.O. Baughman and Miss Maggie Johnson and Mr. A.M. Baughman and Miss Cora Walker were the couples. The two gentlemen were brothers.


Wagener was a growing town. Tyler Bros. constructed a modern three-story brick building. The long needed high school building was reported as costing $15,000 to be completed. The State reported that “cottage builders are numerous”.
Sources: The State, Augusta Chronicle, Charleston News and Courier

Former Wagener Manufacturing Building Parking Lot - Wagener We wanted to pass along information about the upcoming B2S Bash. Join churches a nd businesses from our community reach out with the Love of God to children and youth in our community through this local mission project. The Back2School Bash helps prepare children return to school physically and spiritually. Last year we had over 700 students and their parents come through – totaling over 1100 people ---we can touch over 1100 people with the Love of God in 2 hours! There are many ministry areas that you can be a part of. God has called us to go ye therefore and proclaim the gospel and He is giving us the opportunity to do this in our own back yard, and yes the Gospel is presented with school supplies! Collect supplies/Booth Sponsors; Donate money to purchase supplies; Volunteer; Pray

Aversa Gets New Home

Saturday August 10th - 8:30 AM – 10:30 am

How Can You Help?

Volunteer Areas

Beauticians and Barbers - to cut hair Nurses - to perform health screenings Eye Clinics - to perform Vision Checks Dentists - to perform Dental checks Prayer Tent – Prayer Warriors to pray with people under the Prayer Tent. Greeters – we will need at least 12 volunteers to greet people when they enter, check off student names, pass out maps and bags. Booth Sponsors –we will need volunteers to purchase supplies and give out

Vivraschi “Pete” Aversa, 87, of rural Wagener, proudly shows his new home to Rep. Bill Taylor. In February 2012 a tornado ripped the roof off of his home and destroyed most of the structure. Taylor said, “Pete demonstrates his wonderfully positive outlook on life and his amazing can-do spirit that has resulted in a new home.”


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Aiken Electric Cooperative sponsors six students for trip to D.C.

Ashley Axson, Joshua Cady, Erin Sweeney, Christian Carey, Chelsea Argroe and Destiny Ligons represented Aiken Electric Cooperative in June at the nation’s capital.

Six local students were among more than 1,500 high school seniors visiting Washington, D.C., June 15 – 20 for the Rural Electric Youth Tour, sponsored by Aiken Electric Cooperative and hundreds of other electric cooperatives across the country. Chelsea Argroe, Wagener-Salley High School; Ashley Axson, Orangeburg Preparatory School; Joshua Cady, South Aiken High School; Christian Carey, South Aiken High School; Destiny Ligons, Ridge Spring-Monetta High School; and Erin Sweeny, Strom Thurmond High School were sponsored by Aiken Electric Co-op to attend the all-expenses-paid Washington Youth Tour. The students were selected on the basis of their academic achievements, school activities, community service and a personal interview. “Aiken Electric is proud to offer these extraordinary students the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C.,” said Gary L. Stooksbury, Aiken Electric Cooperative CEO. “The Youth Tour provides a great way for our future leaders to learn about government and electric cooperatives. By investing in these students, we believe we are investing in the future of our communities.” Each year, the entire national Youth Tour delegation descends upon Capitol Hill to meet their state representatives. The Aiken Electric Co-op students met U.S. Senators Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott as well as Rep. Joe Wilson, Rep. Jeff Duncan and Rep. James Clyburn. For many, it was their first time on an airplane and their first visit to our nation’s capital. “The trip meant so much to me,”

said Destiny Ligons. “It taught me how to stand up and stand out.” Ashley Axson stated, “The experience made me really appreciate what we have here in America. Just the richness in history – it really shaped me as a person.” South Carolina’s electric cooperatives have sponsored the Washington Youth Tour since 1968. The trip is designed to educate students about our nation’s capital, the sacrifices made for our freedoms and the value of the cooperative way of business. The students return home with a greater appreciation of our nation’s leaders, a respect for the beauty of Washington, D.C. and friendships that will last a lifetime. In addition to receiving an educational travel opportunity, Youth Tour winners also are eligible to compete for a $2,500 college scholarship and a slot on the Youth Leadership Council, made up of one delegate from the 43 participating states. All high school juniors whose primary residence is served by Aiken Electric Cooperative are eligible to apply for the 2014 Youth Tour. Applications for the 2014 Youth Tour will be available in November at area high schools, on Aiken Electric’s website at www.aikenco-op.org, at Aiken Co-op offices or by calling (800) 922-1262. Aiken Electric, a Touchstone Energy cooperative, is consumer-owned, not-forprofit electric utility serving more than 45,000 members in Aiken, Barnwell, Calhoun, Edgefield, Greenwood, Lexington, McCormick, Orangeburg and Saluda counties.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Continued from UPDATE Page 6 Raffles/Gambling
We passed legislation, and the Governor sign it into law, that helps charitable organizations by allowing them to hold and advertise special events such as bingo, raffles, or other similar activities intended to raise money for charitable purposes.

Handgun-Background Check for Mental Health Issues

The House overwhelmingly approved a bi-partisan measure to add people who have been deemed mentally unstable by a judge to the federal gun background check registry.

Amendment’s Right to Bear Arms • CWP Restaurant Carry • Allowing for gold and silver coins to be used as legal Tender in S.C. • A resolution calling for a Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. • A joint resolution requiring performance-based funding recommendations for public colleges and universities. • Legislation requiring fiscal impact statements on proposed state government regulations. • Legislation allowing drivers to show proof of insurance on a mobile device in an electronic format (i.e., Smartphone).

Governor Appointment of Adjutant General

My Personal Legislative Agenda

This proposed amendment to the state Constitution seeks voter approval in November 2014 to allow the Governor to appoint the Adjutant General rather than being elected statewide. S.C. has the only elected Adjutant General.

Passing major legislation is a difficult process. I will continue to press forward with my proposed improvements to S.C.’s Freedom of Information Act, enactment of the S.C. Fair Tax Act and legislation increasing penalties for animal abuse. Thank you for the privilege of serving you in Columbia. If I can ever be of assistance to you, or if you have ideas on issues you want me to share with the rest of the General Assembly, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Legislation Passed by the House and Awaiting Senate Action: • Non-Infringement on Second

Berlin Baptist Church celebrated VBS with a group photo. The church held VBS from June 8 thorugh 14 and averaged 130 people in attendance each night.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly

Class of 1993 Reunion Photos

Wagener Monthly

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Continued from REUNION page 1
We also remembered our deceased classmates. We miss them very much and pray for their peaceful rest. Our deceased classmates are--Jacob Guinyard, Lillie Bell Johnson, Frank Landy, Jr., Mary Frances Lee, Anna M. Stroman, Timothy Tobin, Jr., Jasper Staley, Lenell Salley and Jeanette Johnson. Kudos to the fantastic Planning

Committee who worked untiringly to make this reunion successful. They are Mae V. Tobin, Gloria L. Woodward, Carolyn Quattlebaum, Arilus Gunter, Willie Cannon, Robert Green, Willie Samuels, Jr. and John Hartwell. Those ‘63 grads who were in attendance were Sirvasteen(Brown) Ulmer-Orangeburg,SC, Willie Cannon, Wagener,SC, Vernell(Danley) Morant-Phila.,PA, Arilus GunterWagener, SC, Mary(Gantt)Pearson-Ft.

Wash., MD, Retha(Gordon)SchofieldAiken,SC, Robert Green, Wagener, SC, Betty(Jenkins)Steadman-Cola,SC, Dorothy(Kitchings)James-Augusta, GA, Gloria(Lloyd)Woodward-Salley, SC, Ruby(Lee)Tucker-Phila.,PA, Warren Morgan-Felton,DEL., George Rowe, Ft. Wash., MD, Ervin Rowe, New York, NY, Willie Samuels, Jr.-Aiken, SC, Robert Staley, Jr,- Wash., DC, Blondell(Stroman)Howard-Phila, PA, Teacora(Swedenburg)Kent-Phila., PA,

Eugene Steadman-Cola., SC, Xavier Livingston, Hollis, NY, Edward Stroman-Salley, SC, Carolyn(Williams) Quattlebaum-Cola., SC, John Williams-Atlanta, GA, Mae(Tyler) Tobin-Orangeburg, SC and Barbara (Wooden)Gantt-Cola., SC. Indeed, our Golden Anniversary Class Reunion was a success and enjoyed by all who attended.

Class of 1963 Reunion Photos

A Group With A Vision
In 2012, a group of local Springfield natives decided to get together and form a social club. They decided on the name Mixx Blend with a theme and motto of “Mixing together for the make of a better tomorrow.” The focus of the group started out as just getting out and meeting new people but soon it all became more. We became role models for our community. Our focus has became making our community closer within and with the surrounding communities. Senior Citizens, Youth, and Single families is the primary goal. We serve our community with back to school bash, free meals, boys and girls tutoring program, and community kickball tournaments just to name a few. Some times in life it takes a group of people to make a difference. We have only been an active group for a year and we have already touched more lives than we could ever imagine. Our vision we stated is that we bring our community closer together and enjoy the company of each other with just having fun and learning from each other without the disagreements we have accomplished. We thank the support and prayers that have been done in our name and we continually ask that you continue to support the Mixx Blend SC.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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Upcoming August Events -Mixx Blend 1st Back to School Bash August 10th, 2013 12:00pm-5:00pm Springfield Old Museum Springfield, S.C.

President: Lowanda Corbitt; Vice-President: Sophia Gleaton; Secretary: Jessica Gleaton; Treasure: Miranda Blue; Pro: Britney Blue; Event Coordinator: Joseph Bell Sergant at Arms: Shontay Bell; Members: Shaquan Blue, Frankie Blue, Kewane Gleaton, Montaurus Gleaton, Melinda Bell, Ranae Morgan, JaMonique Gleaton, Tina Scott, Michelle Mckie, Tammy James, Tameika Portefield, Kimberly Darby, Erica Thomas, Porche Davenport, Marikka Wise

Bees News from wes bommer
This next week will be our annual summer meeting at Clemson University. Thursday afternoon we will start with a bee training class and an intermediate level class. Even the most experienced beekeepers will pick up some new information. Friday there will be workshops and lectures on varying aspects of beekeeping, and then on Friday evening we will have our annual barbeque, horseshoe contest, and the ever popular smoker lighting contest. We are looking forward to possible having the replacement for Dr. Hood named following his retirement. There are a multitude of tall tales and factual information to be exchanged in the hotel sitting area. Experienced beekeepers, commercial beekeepers, and vendors who will be available to answer any questions and share information. Our recent rains have been a blessing for our rivers and water table; however, the other side of the coin is the large quantities of rain have seriously damaged the squash crop. Pollination has been affected in the times with the overcast weather as bees do not fly on overcast days as they could not navigate back to their hives. Bees do not fly in the rain because a single raindrop could drop them from flight. The overcast mornings with the bees not flying are particular hard due to the fact that a squash bloom is only open until noon and it must be pollinated that day. Cucumbers are less affected because the bloom is open all day long. The effects of poor pollination gives misshaped fruits that are edible but not saleable.
Wes Bommer, Beekeeper Former President of SC Beekeepers Association Former President of Mid-State Beekeepers

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Don’t Get Trampled by the “Herd”
FINANCIAL FOCUS Article 9 - July 8, 2013
by Andy Shumpert, Batesburg Edward Jones Advisor
Every year in early July, thousands of people “run with the bulls” in Pamplona, Spain. While the event is exciting, it is also hazardous, and many runners have gotten badly injured over the years. As an investor, you may find that running with the herd is dangerous to you, too — because if you’re constantly following what everyone else is doing, your own financial goals could end up getting “trampled.” The urge to run with the herd, or follow the crowd, may have been hard-wired into our psyches, according to anthropologists. In prehistoric times, running with the pack may have helped people minimize danger or increase their chances for finding food. But today, there are far fewer rewards for following a herd mentality — especially in investing. For example, consider what happens when the financial markets go through a period of volatility. Virtually every time this happens, many investors flock to gold, apparently believing that the shiny yellow metal will always be valuable and that its price will never drop. Yet, the fact is that gold prices, like those of other financial assets, do fluctuate. Furthermore, certain types of gold-based investments can be quite risky in their own right. What other “follow the herd” movements should you avoid when you invest? For one thing, try to stay away from “feeding frenzies.” If you look back about 15 years ago, you may remember the buzz surrounding speculative technology stocks — many of which were companies that had futuristic names but lacked some useful elements, such as profits or business strategies. For a few years, the prices of these companies soared, but in 2000 and 2001, the “dot-com” bubble burst, splattering investors with big losses that were either irreversible or, at the least, took years from which to recover. The herd mentality often applies even when investors know the right moves to make. To illustrate: One of the most basic rules of investing is “buy low, sell high” — and yet many investors do the exact opposite. When prices drop, they sell, so that they can cut their losses — even though they may be selling investments that, while temporarily down, still have strong potential. On the other hand, when an investment’s price has shot up, these same investors will often keep buying more shares, hoping to reap even bigger gains — even if the investment has now become quite expensive, as measured by the


price-to-earnings ratio, and has little upside potential remaining. Instead of emulating other investors, think about your own financial goals and create a viable strategy for achieving them, taking into account your risk tolerance and time horizon. Look for quality investments and hold them for the long term. Don’t be discouraged by the inevitable market downturns, but be ready to adjust your portfolio as needed. Above all else, be patient and disciplined, always keeping your eye on your ultimate objectives. It can feel comfortable when you’re in the midst of a herd — but it can lead you to places where, as an investor, you don’t want to go. Steer clear of the crowds and go your own way. This article was written by Edward Jones for use by your local Edward Jones Financial Advisor.

Community Work
by Kathy Rawls
The new Monetta EMS station at Jones Crossroads is going up fast. The Jones Crossroads station will give Council District I another ambulance and crew which should offer faster response time for the Wagener and Monetta areas. At present, Medic 4 in Wagener often has to respond to the Monetta area which leaves the station in Wagener unattended. Medic 4 will continue to operate out of the house on Earle St in Wagener until the county can find funds to build a new station in Wagener. The town of Wagener has offered a lot next to the fire department for a new EMS station. The EMS policy on who can call out a medical helicopter has been changed, thanks to our fire departments and local first responders. Now the first responders or officials on the scene can launch the “bird” without having to wait on an ambulance to arrive on the scene, which is what county policy should have been previously. We all need to thank

our volunteer fire and first responders for what they do for us. They are crucial to our rural area. The Kitchings Mill Library should soon be relocated to Wagener. Mayor Miller and the county are in the process of hiring a mover to bring the building to Wagener. Mayor Miller, Cynthia Hardy, Debbie Bass, Jerry Waters and I met on July 9 to discuss the uses and location of the historic library. Mayor Miller suggested 2 very good sites and the site on Park St behind the Wagon House was selected since it would be fully visible from Hwy 39. I appreciate the generous offer from Rev. Virgil Bynem and Harvest of Love Church to relocate the library on their property. However the person who talked to them about putting the library there did not own the library. The library must be placed on county or city property as specified by the owner and also to qualify for grants funds to refurbish the building. Thank you Virgil and Harvest of Love for all of your community work.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly
not only affect us, but they help mold and create the character of the person who looks up to us, who admires us, who wants to be like us when they grow up… and Serving with Grace - Colossians 3: 23 “Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that it is from the Lord that you will receive an inheritance which is your real reward.” “We are all meant to shine. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. As we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same.” [“Our Deepest Fear” by Marianne Williamson] God surrounds us with people, not to limit our life, but to fill it with meaning. If we allow God to use us… we can be the STAR that God uses to light the world!” In addition to speaking to the coaches and the players, Marcia Lee also threw out the first pitch to begin the All-Star games Wednesday Evening and Thursday Morning and presented plaques to the MVP of each team during the Awards Ceremony. “What an honor! I would like to thank the CAWS Board for remembering the accomplishments of the Wagener-Salley Softball Team while I was the coach and for the recognition of much more than just the win/loss record. It was because of the passion I have for softball, the respect I have for those who have established the sport and who continue to influence the lives of young female athletes through umpiring or coaching, the love I have for children and teenagers, and the relationship I have with Jesus Christ that I was considered for such an honor.” “One of the highlights of being selected as this year’s MVP Honoree was being in the company of so many outstanding players [two of which were Wagener-Salley Lady War Eagles - Brielle Busbee and Jenna Starnes - both 2013 CAWS All-State and CAWS All-Star Players] and exceptional coaches. I especially enjoyed the reunion of Region and Aiken County Coaches: CAWS President, Mike Beasley [Blackville-Hilda Coach]; CAWS President-Elect, Bobby Henderson [former North High School Coach]; CAWS Softball Chairperson, Michelle Yeater [Midland Valley]; and SCCAWS 2013 South AA/AAA Coach, Eric Hofstetter [Silver Bluff Coach]. Even though these coaches were considered opponents during my season as the Wagener-Salley Softball Coach, they were instrumental in my development as an effective coach and influential in the success of the Wagener-Salley Softball Program.” “I was the one who was recognized and showered with gifts and praise while standing in the pitcher’s mound during the All-Star Game; however, I was not standing alone. Those that I coached, those who helped me coach, and those that we played against, that I coached against… you we right there with me. Thanks SCCAWS for a rewarding experience! I was truly honored!”

Continued from HONOREE page 3

This summer, I was oversees on Mission Trips to Africa, Thailand, and Peru. Helping people have/establish a relationship with Jesus Christ and knowing where a person spends eternity should be our number one concern; therefore, I knew that since God had given me this platform… I could not speak to the players and coaches without including Him in what was said. I based what I was sharing on Daniel 12:3 “‘Men and women [athletes/coaches] who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-scattered night skies. And those who put others on the right path to life will glow – and shine like stars forever.” The Message I began with sports related terms: Sportsmanship, Trust, Ambition, Rousing, and Skill. For each word emphasized, I personalized the term by referring to a player and a specific play or overall stats that took place during their senior season of high school softball. However, for everything in the natural [earthly things] there is a spiritual parallel so I also accented: Serving the Savior –“The instruction you follow will determine the future you create. What you are… you reproduce!” Talented Treasures – “Don’t let your gifts and talents take you where your character can’t keep you!” Always Appreciated –Proverbs 3:1-2 “My child, do not forget My Teaching, but keep my commands in your heart, for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity.” Responding to Christ’s Love - Luke 9:48 “Whoever receives and accepts and welcomes this child in My Name and for My sake receives Me.” The choices we make

The Purple Martin tour was held on Monday July 22nd, several Aiken County Seniors cruised on the Southern Patriot and enjoyed dinner aboard boat. There were 17 people in the group, group was accompanied by Aiken County’s PRT staff Carolyn Rushton & Tandra Cooks! Their next trip is planned for December contact Aiken County PRT at 564-5211 or 663-6142 for more info. Dont miss out come & travel with us!

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


A Community Church Trying to do Their Part
The Calidonia Baptist Church is trying to do its part to help the children of the community to retain information learned in school this summer. Deacon Henry Peterson said that “God lay on his heart to start an enrichment program at the church because he heard that students lose a lot during the summer months.” He and his wife began the process by going through church protocol discussing it with Pastor Chandler and the board of deacons to get approval to proceed with the program. Thus, the Calidonia Enrichment Program came into existence. This five day a week program serves approximately 35 children in grades K-8 who live in the WagenerSalley and Ridge Spring- Monetta areas. The program hours are from 9:00am to 1pm daily. The students begin their morning with exercise (with Keith James) and eat breakfast (provided by the summer food program). After breakfast the students participate in four 45 minute class sessions consisting of math, language arts/reading, writing and art. The students end their day with lunch at 12:30pm. The teachers for the


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly

classes are all volunteers from the church. Ms. Gloria James teaches writing along with being the director of the program. Ms. Alice Harris teaches math. Mrs. Cindy Long teaches art and Ms. Tara Phillips teaches language arts/ reading. All of the teachers with the exception of Mrs. Long work in the public school system. This program would not be successful without the help of many volunteers. We have been blessed with adult volunteers and high school aged volunteers who help out in the classes and the kitchen. Transportation is provided by the church.

Morgan Foster is a member of “The Fire” 16U Fast Pitch Softball Team and Saturday, July 27, 2013, “The Fire” played in the “2013 USSSA Team Worth Shoot Out” fast pitch softball tournament in Sumter, SC and brought home the championship trophy beating out 9 other teams. Their 1st game started at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning and their last game ended at 3:00 a.m. Sunday morning (yes, Sunday morning!) These girls were awake for almost a 24 hour period and deserve a big Congratulations for their perseverance, endurance, talent, skill, grit and guts to hang in there to the wee hours of the morning and win the Championship!! Congratulations to Morgan and “The Fire”!!!!!!

Jesse Johns, son of Angie & Curt Johns and grandson of Otis and Mamie Barr and Earl Johns, Sr. has graduated with honors from the University of South Carolina-Columbia. Jesse earned his Bachelorette of Arts degree in Criminology & Criminal Justice. He was an active member of two honors societies: Delta Alpha Pi-USC Chapter and the NationalCriminal Justice Honors Society, Alpha Pi Sigma. Jesse is actively preparing to attend law school in the near future at the University of South Carolina.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


Tell Your Old Ways Goodbye
by: Brian Watts
September 2, 2009
It’s 3 AM, I’m awake again, Watching the dew cover the grass Thoughts and memories running through my head of my troubled past Words speed through my mind, Like water flowing down a river I get tense, my body sweats sometimes, I even shiver I often wonder about my life, While staring up in space My whole body fills with emotion, Tears stream down my face And then like coming out of a coma, God lets me know why I live It’s to help all the troubled people, My story I can give I know in my heart God gives me these words to save someone’s soul Of a life of drugs and drinking, Their life might be the toll So if you want to change the way you live, Give God a try He’ll help you if you let him, Tell your old ways goodbye!! Brian ia a miracle! He has recovered from more than 20 years of abusing and being heavily addicted to several kinds of drugs and alcohol. If you are interested in contacting Brian, his e-mail address is finallysober2000@yahoo.com

Happy 85th Birthday Daisy Young
Saturday, June 22, 2013 Mrs. Daisy Young celebrated her 85th birthday. Her family gathered at Shealy’s in Batesburg-Leesville, SC to honor her on this special day in her life. Mrs. Daisy has been blessed for 85 years with good health, happiness, love from her family, church family, neighbors and friends. We, her children, think that her loving to work in her yards has kept her fit and healthy. God has truly blessed her and we give Him all the thanks and praise for allowing us to have her for all these years. We pray He will continue to bless her life as she blesses our lives and the lives of all she meets.

God gives me words to put on paper, To let everyone know And when on the streets I tell my story, I speak God’s name and I glow


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Wagener Monthly

Wagener Monthly

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Wagener Monthly

The Heart of a Soldier’s Parent
by Dr. Tommy Huddleston
Do you have a family member or friend serving in our country’s Armed Forces? If your answer is yes, you understand the price they are paying to protect our freedom. You also know how important daily prayer and support is. Every member of our armed forces needs to know how much we appreciate their sacrifice and that they are not alone nor taken for granted. Many are affected as these brave men and women serve our country whether it is a parent, spouse, sibling, child, other family member or friend. If you have a loved one serving in the military, you understand. The day our daughter, Rachel, enlisted in the Air Force Reserves, a whole new dimension was added to our lives. It was something we never expected. Learning the ways of the military has been challenging, but with God’s help, we have risen to the occasion. The rigors of boot camp and it’s uncertainty was stressful for all of us, and we realized then that the military was in control. My wife, Lucy, and I are proud of Rachel. From her first day in boot camp until now, she has exceeded all expectations. She is the first to give God the glory! Even though we are proud to have a family member serving our country, we understand the dangers and the potential for loss of life. Soon Rachel and her husband, Shawn, will deploy to a combat zone. There are no words on this side of heaven that capture how we feel. Many other parents have faced this moment. Unfortunately, some have had to bury a fallen soldier who happened to be their child. Do you know someone who has lost their child in a time of war? Are you reaching out to them? Lucy and I would take Rachel and Shawn’s place if we could. We would fight to the end to protect them and preserve their freedom. Yet we are humbled by their willingness to do that for us and all Americans. As they are away we will commit them to the Lord and pray for them daily. We know God will be with them and accomplish His purpose for their lives. This is where our peace comes from. While they are away, two candles will shine in our window until they return. It will express our love, pride and gratitude for their service. We will continue to depend on God to accomplish His

purpose in their lives as we look forward to their return! Pray for those serving in our armed forces and their families! Thank a soldier for your freedom. Of course, freedom is never free! Praise God for the ultimate freedom we have in Jesus Christ!

Zyann S Mayes
June 10, 2008 - July 07, 2013 PELION – Zyann Syntara Mayes, 5, was born June 10, 2008, to Nehemiah and Stacy Mayes. Affectionately known as “Zy”, she enjoyed singing and dancing and was full of life. Zyann was called to her heavenly home on July 7, 2013. She leaves to cherish her memories: two loving parents: Nehemiah and Stacy Mayes; four brothers: Nathaniel, Natavious, Isaiah, and Nehemiah Mayes III; two sisters: Shanequa and Miah Mayes; paternal grandparents: Richard and Sarah Bell; maternal grandparents: Donald and Cherie Boyce; maternal great-grandmother: Phyllis Edgell; 1 uncle, 5 aunts, 5 great uncles, 3 great aunts, and a host of cousins and other loving relatives and caring friends. Funeral Services were held on July 13, 2013 at Chapel Hill Baptist Church.

and Ronnikka Kathleen Samuel of Miami, FL; Parents: Ronnie and Easter Samuel of Columbia, SC; Grandchildren: Genesis and Heaven Johnson of Miami, FL and Andrew Samuel of Chicago, IL; Special grands; Christina and Sherri; Special niece/sister: Sherri Samuel, Kaila, and Brittaney; Nephews; Albert and Anthony, and a host of cousins, family, and friends.

Azilee Williamson Dominick “Willie”

Ronald Gary Samuel

December 10, 1960 - July 07, 2013 Ronald Gary Samuel Sr., 52, was born on December 19, 1960 in Miami, Florida to the parents of Ronnie and Easter Samuel. Gary Joined New Providence Missionary Baptist Church at the age of seven. He graduated from Miami Edison Senior High School in 1978 and continued on to Florida International University where he earned a degree in Computer Networking. Gary also served in the United States Army and Reserve. After moving to Columbia, SC, he united with the Saron Baptist Church and praised Him to the highest. On Sunday, July 7, 2013 Gary completed his mission on earth. He left to cherish his memories: Children; Ronald Gary Samuel Jr. (Tiffany) of Chicago, IL

October 15, 1925 – July 13, 2013 CAYCE – Mrs. Azilee “Willie” Williamson Dominick, 87, of 309 Clark St., entered rest Saturday July 13, 2013. Mrs. Dominick was born in Aiken County on October 15, 1925 to the late Ida Whetstone Williamson and Jim Williamson, Sr. She was also preceded in death by her husband Harry Dominick, and brothers; Jack Williamson, Bill Williamson, and Jim Williamson, Jr. She was a member of Clinton United Methodist Church. Mrs. Dominick was a graduate of the Army Nurse Cadet Program in 1946. She served as a nurse at the WJB Dorn VA Medical Center in Columbia for 34 years, retiring as Head Nurse. Mrs. Dominick believed in family and friends. She is survived by numerous nieces and nephews. The family received friends in Clinton United Methodist Church Monday from 1:45 pm to 2:30 pm. A service celebrating the life of Mrs. Dominick was held at 2:30 pm in the church with the Reverend Butch Blackwell officiating. In lieu of flowers, the family asks that memorials be made to the Alzheimer’s Association 3223 Sunset Blvd, Suite 100 West Columbia, S.C. 29169 (alz.org) or Clinton United Methodist Church at 333 Hollow Creek Rd. Salley, S.C. 29137. The family expresses gratitude for the compassion and caring of Azilee at Lutheran Rice Estates in Columbia.

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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


James Douglas Wooden
January 10, 1970 - June 15, 2013 BARNWELL – James Douglas Wooden, 43, was born on January 10, 1970, to Joann J. Wooden and Curtis Wooden Jr. He was an active and loyal member of the Freemasonary (Mason) Fraternity and also faithfully served as an usher at Flora Branch Baptist Church. James Wooden went to his heavenly home on June 15, 2013. He leaves to cherish his memory: his parents: Mr. Curtis (Joann) Wooden Jr.; one daughter: Shanel Develle Wooden; paternal grandmother: Alwillie Wooden; two sisters: Renee (Brandon) Williams and Carol (Jermaine) Brunson; four devoted stepchildren: Lakeyta, Khalid, Brianna, and Robin, and many other loving and supporting relatives and friends. Funeral services were held 11:00 am on Saturday, June 22, 2013 at Flora Branch Baptist Church.

Funeral services were held on Saturday, June 29, 2013, at 1:00 p.m. at the Springfield Auditorium.

Ryan P. Eagerton

December 24, 2010 – July 4, 2013 WAGENER – Ryan Parker Eagerton, 2, went to be with the Lord Thursday, July 4, 2013. Ryan is the son of Patrick Ryan Eagerton and Ashley Nicole Bolin, the brother of Jordan and Jaden Anderson, paternal grandson of Billy Eagerton and Katherine M. Eagerton, maternal grandson of George “Cowboy” Day and Vikki B. Day, paternal great grandson of John W. Mitchum, Sr. and Hazel B. Eagerton, and maternal great grandson of Joseph Bolin. Ryan also had many aunts, uncles, and cousins. A memorial service was held on Monday, July 8, 2013 in the Chapel of Blizzard Funeral Home.

Elmore Williams

Mike Emory Porter

September 10, 1927 - June 17, 2013 WAGENER - Elmo Williams Jr., 85, was born September 10, 1927 and departed this life for his heavenly home on June 17, 2013. Those he leaves behind to cherish his memory are his beloved children: Calvin, Lewis, Clarence, Jerome, Willie, Ronnie, Vickie, Richard, Keron, Donnie, and Tara Williams; Regina and Christie Woodward, and Ruthie Daniels; other loving relatives and many devoted friends. The celebration of life was held on Sunday, June 23, 2013 at 2:00 pm at Zion Hill Baptist Church.

James Landy

April 11, 1940 – July 6, 2013 GASTON – Mr. Mike Emory Porter, 73, entered into rest Saturday, July 6, 2013. Mr. Porter is survived by his wife of 49 years; Phyllis Dawn George Porter, children; Pamela “Pam” Denise Porter and Kimberly Lynn Porter of Pelion and Michael “Mike” Emery Porter of St. Augustine, FL, 9 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren, sisters; Rose Kyzer of Logan, WV and Lou Owen of Mt. Gillian, OH, brothers; Patrick “Pat” Porter of Toledo, OH, and Danny Porter of Columbus, OH, brother-in-law Vanta “Von” E. Queen of St. Augustine, FL, and sister-in-law; Linda Jean Queen of Delbarton, WV. Mr. Porter was born in Logan County, WV. He was the son of the late Joe Beres and Helen Porter. Mr. Porter was a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps. And was a scales technician with Toledo Scales.

April 15, 1952 – June 21, 2013 WAGENER – Mr. James (Purnell) Landy (“Smokey”), 61, was born on April 15, 1952, in Washington, D.C. He was the beloved son of the late Willie Mae Ellison Landy-Jones and Brook Landy. James received his formal education from the Aiken County public school system. At an early age, he felt led to join Chalk Hill Baptist Church. He later joined and became an active member of Flora Branch Baptist Church, and joyfully sang to God’s glory in the Sanctuary Choir. On June 4, 1974, James was wed to Carrine Jackson and from this union was blessed with two children: Rhonda and Rod Landy. He enjoyed spending quality time with his family and friends. “Smokey”, as he was affectionately known, was a genuine and caring person, who would never hesitate to lend a helping hand to anyone who needed help. Up until his illness, James was employed by Southern Timber Logging for many years and enjoyed every moment of it. James “Smokey” Landy, departed this life on June 21, 2013, at his home. He leave to cherish his memories his lovely wife: Carrine Landy of the home, a daughter: Rhonda Landy of the home, tow sons: Don Jackson of Alabama and Rod Landy of the home; two special grandsons: Brandon Jackson of Wagener, SC, and R.J. Landy of the home; four other grandchildren, seven great grandchildren, five brothers: Lucious Ellison, Alabama; Robert (Darlene) Landy, Aiken, SC; Willie B (Carrie Mae) Landy, Columbia SC; Bernard (Angie) Livingston, Aiken, SC; and Brook Seymore Landy, Batesburg, SC, one aunt: Evetta Frazier, Aiken, SC; one sister-in-law: Thelma Oliver, North, SC; adopted mother: Willeen Taylor; two adopted brothers: Terry Taylor of Wagener, SC; Tony Taylor, Salley, SC; one adopted sister: Rhonda (James Ray) Pool; a host of loving nieces and nephews, special friends: James Hall, James Livingston, and Link Heyward, and many other loving relatives, and caring friends.


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

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