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Pastor Eero Jaakkola sermon 30.6.

2013 Tainionkoski church, Imatra Priest from Evangelic Lutheran Church of Imatra, Finland spared no words nor parishioners. Priest from Imatra kept a half-hour-long sermon and preached, among other things, abortion, divorce, fornication, gay sexuality, drinking bouts, the ordination of women, the status of women, free porn online, families, the Devil, and money. Scandal attracted the preaching was held in the church of Tainionkoski in late June. These topics pastor preached: Abortion - Abortion is infanticide. God hates anyone who kills the mother's uterus. God hates the child's killer. If you have done the murder of a child, then it is a killing, and you have made in sin. If you have allowed this, if you looked at it through your fingers, so you have to sin involved. Divorce - Jesus says, whoever divorces his wife causes her to commit adultery. Anyone who marries an abandoned woman commits adultery. God says that He hates rejection. You can tell me that (pastor's name), you're divorced herself. One is behind the divorce, the second the divorce is pending. I bow to the word under. Jesus said, Whosoever shall put away her husband, committeth adultery. Whoever marries a woman abandoned, commits adultery. I bow to that word up, I admit that Jesus says it correctly, in my case the judgment is correct. And you do not escape this word. You will not get away with this, that the pastor has resigned. But you need to make improvements in your own life before Jesus Money - Jesus says it is easier for a camel to go eye of a needle than a rich man to enter heaven. Jesus says no man can serve two masters, one can not serve God and mammon. Or else he will love the other, or hate one and despise the other related. If money is your great god, and the amount you are doing, then the Lord Heavenly Father has for you a little. Then you will join the single currency, you despise God. However, if you love God, you hate money. Thus Jesus says. Fornication - I went through a divorce in that. This Imatra, I'm here since 2004 until now, this is quite an adulterous boiler. Here, marriages violate the length and breadth, are made the children who with whom, jump in bed with anyone any time. This makes both the workers and the church of the people. This is equally adulterous boiler this whole Imatra. Withdraw out of it, repent in your own life. Admonish the unruly. Make it known that God is holy. Fornicators do not go to heaven.

Internet Porn - Online porn is now completely out of control. Uskovatkin men consider it, let alone the nation. Withdraw out of it. Jesus says if your hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. Better you have a party to go hand in hand to heaven as they both still there to go to hell. If your eye causes you to sin, tear it out of the head, and throw it away from you. Better you go to heaven with one eye than to have to fuck both eyes intact. If I could get sin out of the fact that I'd rip my eyes away from the end, I would do it. If I could get rid of the sin that would I beat my hands go, I would I beat it. As much I hate the sin. I hate this meat that I have. Which commits sin. Drinking - The devil has taken on people caught on here, at this very moment in Imatra feast is celebrated on heavy drinking. I have been on the street to witness last night. We were there to evangelize the Pentecostal church, and there came with a group of evangelists. I was watching the hustle out there. The devil has taken them by the hand onto the hand is closed bottle, and hand solder them to drink. The devil has taken them up, they are serving the devil. Booze makes them slaves. The King of alcohol. Withdraw you out of it. Say to the people who drink that drinkers do not go to heaven. Say to them: stop drinking. Do not give them money, do not give them food. Tell them to repent, to secure in Jesus. I know of people who die in the next booze. This is not a light joke, but this is a life and death issue. Declare war against the booze. It destroys people, it destroys their lives, it will take them to hell. The role of women - As in all churches of the saints, I will that women are submissive. I will not allow that woman teach, but let them be silent, them ask husbands at home. For man was not deceived, but the woman being deceived was in the transgression. This is the case in all churches of the saints. I do not permit a woman to teach, but to let him be submissive. Families - Now, Finland has been since the war in a way that women have a very large group emerged out of that position of subordination. It was in the 60's it started. They have not agreed to no longer subservience family. They have thrown out of that allegiance. As a result, families have gone down the drain. The dispute to the family, women do not have their own place, they do not agree with the positions of humiliation, and it will become a war between man and woman. Now, 40-50 years later, we see that families in Finland are completely destroyed. Children watching her mother, who refuses to subservience. Children themselves do not accept subservience to parents, but they will rise up in rebellion. Now we do not have schools no longer any order. Our society is all messed up. The ordination of women

- And now the very last of our church is a mess. This church is a mess because of the ordination of women was approved in 1986. This clearly goes against the clear word of God. --- My job is to preach heresies. I in the oath of priesthood promised that God's word is my supreme authority, and I do not get public favor and I secretly promote the warring doctrines. Now, we have here a clear doctrine of our church, which goes against the word of God. Withdraw out of it. Make it an improvement. This is no small thing, but when you accept the ordination of women, then you let go of the word of God. Then the devil breaks in your heart, making the damage before anyone notices. Devil - The devil is at work in our church, and taketh away the word from us. --- This is just the statistics analysis. Faith in the resurrection of Jesus has plummeted in the last ten years in Finland. It has fallen from just under 70 per cent for any one of over 30 per cent. From people on the street asking you, do you believe that Jesus is risen from the dead, then it is collapsed. The devil take that word out of our mouths and our hearts. Homosexuality - And, of course, did I mention this only briefly, because this disgusts me so much, that homosexuality. Homosexuality is clearly contrary to God's Word. It is written, if a man lie with a man as a woman, it is an abomination to the Lord. There are other passages in the Bible, but this one is enough. It is an abomination to God. This word does not change. You come to God again, this word does not change. Those who adhere to this, they will do well. Who let this go, God will judge them. - Homosexuals come into this same door, the women priests broke open in 1986. It's the same door, which is broken open the word of God. It is the question of whether God really say. This is a question that the snake was a complete paradise. Did God really say. Is enough of that homosexuality. Do not go to that, withdraw out of it.