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BREAKING NEWS: COSMIC "DNA" DOUBLE HELIX SPOTTED IN SPACE Magnetic forces at the center of the galaxy have twisted a nebula into the shape of DNA, a new study reveals. The double helix shape is commonly seen inside living organisms, but this is the first time it has been observed in the cosmos. "Nobody has ever seen anything like that before in the cosmic realm," said the study's lead author, Mark Morris of UCLA. "Most nebulae are either spiral galaxies full of stars or formless amorphous conglomerations of dust and gas--space weather. What we see indicates a high degree of order." The DNA nebula is about 80 light-years long. It's about 300 light-years from the supermassive black hole at the center of the Milky Way. The nebula is nearly perpendicular to the black hole, moving out of the galaxy at a quick clip--about 620 miles per second (1,000 kilometers per second). Magnetic field lines at the galactic center are about 1,000 times stronger than on Earth. They run perpendicular to the black hole, but parallel through the nebula. Scientists think that twisting of these lines is what causes the double helix shape. While the black hole might be the first culprit to come to mind, it's more likely that the magnetic field lines are anchored to a giant gas disk that orbits the black hole several light-years away, researchers say. It's like having two strands of rope connected to a fixed point, Morris said. As you spin the strands, they braid around each other in a double helix fashion. In this case the gas and dust of the nebula makes up the strands. "It's as if there's a bar across the middle [of the black hole], or a dumbbell shape, where the strands are anchored, and as it spins around, it twists the strands together," Morris told This process takes a long time, though, since the disk completes one orbit around the black hole roughly every 10,000 years. But that's an important number. "Once every 10,000 years is exactly what we need to explain the twisting of the magnetic field lines that we see in the double helix nebula," Morris said. The recipe for a DNA nebula is strict but simple. It requires a strong magnetic field, a rotating body, and a nebulous cloud of material positioned just right. Massive central black holes are the best sources for both the strong magnetic field and rotating body, and since most large galaxies have them, Morris expects DNA-like nebula may be common throughout the universe. "I absolutely expect to see [this configuration] in gas-rich galaxies with all these elements in place," Morris said. However, these nebulas are tough to spot, and current technology limits scientists'

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observations to our galaxy.
Bjorn Carey, Staff Writer, March 15, 2006

1. "The Future of the Human Race Revealed," by Owen Waters 2. "What the F# Is Going On?," by Susan Alexjander 3. "DNA Activation, Healing & Enlightenment," by Sol Luckman Also, Also ... DNA-related Definition of the Month & Did You Know?

1. The Future of the Human Race Revealed Owen Waters
In the ground-breaking book Spiral Dynamics by Don Beck and Christopher Cowan, "memes" are defined as the social equivalent of genes. Memes are cultural units of information which self-replicate from mind to mind on a vast scale, appearing within society as new trends of thought. The progression of memes reflects the development of society from its primitive beginnings up to the present. So far, eight different memes have been identified and analyzed. Their characteristics are: Meme 1. Basic, personal survival. The most primitive motivation of just staying alive. Meme 2. Clan survival. Tribal and family bonding along with superstition-filled attempts to understand the powers of nature which threaten to overpower people. Meme 3. Courage, survival of the fittest. Mastering the environment, fighting to break free of constraints. Sensing many gods, all of which are models of power. This is where individuals first find their personal power but, seeing reality through a worldview of separation and

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While most people started to look forward to the renewed chance to create personal prosperity. striving to succeed. The future of the human race is a bright one. whose Constitution and Bill of Rights intentionally empowered and protected individual liberty. people act from an inner-directed core. becomes the inspiration as people activate these higher memes of consciousness. the originator of this branch of social science. the underpinnings of society become spiritual rather than materialistic. accepting others as they are. With this new tier comes freedom from all of the fears of the prior memes. meaning that human rights are perceived as fundamental due to 3 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . Meme 7.html limited resources. enemy communities. In meme number seven. This social meme started to spread within civilization 5. natural law. compete against each other in attempts to gain advantage. the beat generation of the 1950s emerged with its questioning of materialistic culture. This meme started to spread after the global defeat of fascism in World War II. such as Zen Buddhism. adapting to a world full of change. the discovery of self-accountable. This meme started to spread in the mid-1800s.http://potentiation. saw the above set of six memes as a first tier of human development. Service to the world community. contention. societies in this stage quickly fragment into territorial. This meme started to spread significantly in the 1700s. Community and caring. Sacrificing the self to a greater cause for a deferred reward. the beginnings of spiritual understanding. personal freedom. It was made possible by the collapse of feudalism and also a sense of increased personal empowerment. a new tier of consciousness. which was a side effect of the Protestant Reformation. and other distractions from spiritual centeredness. in search of answers to life's mysteries. beating the competition. it is the byline of the emerging New Reality. As a meme which is short on thought and long on passion. Big-picture views. and. This burgeoning movement examined Eastern philosophy. feudal-type communities surrounded by competing. the freedom for human cognition to focus upon its possibilities in the world. Achievement. Freedom of the spirit from greed. regulations. an entry into an entirely new set of memes. Responsible freedom. Dedicating allegiance to one supreme God. It gained particular strength with the founding of the United States. Eventually. Values come from fundamental. Unconditional love. Flexible flow. Fighting to win. Meme 4.000 years ago. It is love and light. Obeying achieving independence. "Love and light" is not just a greeting to wish someone well. Professor Clare Graves. finally. seeing the value of service to others. He called the transition of the human race into meme number seven a momentous leap. Meme 6. Meme 5. to the planet as a whole. alliances arose between large-scale feudal structures and those who wished to develop extensive religious power. The second tier is expansive rather than self-serving or merely survival-oriented. Finding order and purpose in life. As more and more people shift into the second tier of memes. and externally imposed rules of behavior and morality. dogma.

Seventh meme thinkers are concerned with the endangered world environment and want to restore viability and ecological order. Rather than striving to have things or to achieve things. but these expressions are appropriate. It creates information networks and networks of people which easily adapt to changing needs.html the fact that you exist. Meme 8. Seventh meme thinkers like technology for what it can do to improve life. Spiritual awareness. unless they are important to those present. Meme 9. trusting intuition. They are honest in their communications and do not spend time on the rules of formality. This meme started to spread in the cultural and spiritual awakening of the mid-1960s. They can interact with people of the first six memes and speak their psychological language. even if they don't necessarily agree with them. This is a powerful meme in promoting the exploration of the greater possibilities of life. By nature. however. Because of the incredible power of the second tier of memes. It contains the vision to bring order out of chaos. They respect others' world views and unique habits. and pursue activities that express their inner joy. so they cannot yet summarize its characteristics. Becoming conscious of the superconscious. They are accountable to themselves as responsible individuals. meaning that they still express This meme has a global village outlook. They have emotional control. It brings an enlightened self-acceptance which acknowledges and accepts one's own shortcomings and faults as mere stages along the way to acquiring more skills. and they value knowledge and competency above rank or status. External fashions and trends have no bearing upon these choices. they prefer to pursue personal development along a pathway that is natural to them. seventh meme thinkers are self-accountable and independent within reason. Using basic metaphysical principles. The mystery meme. Those seekers who found this pattern of thinking launched a whole new movement of spiritual awareness. and caring for others within practical limits. learning through simply being as well as doing. these will accelerate the transformation of the world as they become more and more widely adopted. This meme brings a high sense of self-esteem based upon information as much as emotion. yet embrace their community of associates. Holistic. They call this the Coral meme. we can predict exactly what meme number 4 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . knowledgeable as much as possible. and seeks projects and solutions that will work well for the whole planet. global view. meme number nine.http://potentiation. and not uncontrolled outbursts. without being bound by any of them. customs and cultures. They enjoy life's pleasures. Their purpose of living includes being independent within reason. This spiritual renaissance has the potential to develop the awareness to carry humanity through the Shift into the New Reality. The authors of Spiral Dynamics have identified. but they have not observed it in large quantities of people. as of the 1990s.

paradoxically. and mastery of the physical environment. when people accept everyone else as they are. 5 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . The first tier of six memes is materially-oriented while the second tier is spiritually-oriented. Integration and peace can then be created through the existence of our common humanity. this higher frequency band of consciousness. Meme number three's courage promoted adventure. Meme number seven is the starting point. It is like learning to survive all over again. survival of the fittest). or a unified clan of humanity. being of a higher frequency band of consciousness than the first tier. being the third meme within the second tier of six. The second tier of memes. and the orientation course. Unlike the small-clan focus of meme two. Meme number eight (holistic. exerts far more influence in the world when it is activated. it becomes obvious that any attempt to coerce people into conformity with the standards of another person. This equates to the fundamental. it is reminiscent of meme number two. personal survival). is the key to unity in human experience. body. exploration. we have yet to see much of its power manifest in the world. With a viewpoint that is holistic as well as global. only in a higher form of manifestation. Acceptance of diversity. meme eight thinkers can see that the key to unity is to embrace the unlimited diversity of humanity as a whole. Meme seven means having a viewpoint from a much wider vista of consciousness than meme one. exploration and mastery of the holistic environment of mind. the spiritual revolution in human consciousness. The second tier. simply because they exist. In meme eight. second tier memes are reminiscent of their first tier cousins. and spirit. which is will become an enlightened version of the original meme number three. It will do this while encompassing a global scale of awareness. It deals with flexible flow and adaptation to a world full of change. the vision is to create a global village. As popular use of the second tier of memes only began in the early 1950s. People were created to experience self-determination. Meme number nine. The Nature of the Mystery Meme The new meme number nine will be like meme number three (courage. Meme number seven (responsible freedom) is similar to meme number one (basic. for the entire second tier of memes. Humanity was also created to have an infinite variety of personalities for the purpose of gaining an infinite variety of experience. is the engine of the Shift. Also. global village view) is the second tier version of meme number two (clan survival).html nine will become.http://potentiation. At this higher level of consciousness. only transformed into the second tier of six memes. but this time through a global viewpoint. this means that the new meme nine will bring about adventure. As the second tier memes all have a spiritual orientation. or another group of people. Creator-given right of all human beings for self-determination simply because they exist. is actually a violation against the will of the Creator.

Whatever mini-opportunities arise along the path to the realization of your goal. the general principle of natural prosperity can find thousands of ways to materialize. (3) Action. your job is to provide the action which each synchronistic event calls for. This is in keeping with the way nature functions." How powerful will it become? How much will this meme transform the world as it gains in popularity? When a spirituallyoriented person uses her you provide the physical action to materialize those opportunities out of the realm of possibilities and bring them into the physical realm. This is a hands-off period where you allow the growth of the project to occur at its own pace within the pre-physical ethers of space. or if it is just something that you will learn from along the journey towards your goal. it will cause synchronistic flow to appear in your life. you need to provide the third and final component. As the energy of your environment reorganizes itself around your empowered intent. It will create strong demand for spiritual and creative freedom on a global basis. to transform the entire world as we know it. original goal. When this flow of supportive coincidences begins to occur. For example. the act of creativity expresses intent and feeling intertwined together as one creative act.http://potentiation. until the goal has become fully manifested. 6 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . For the sake of clarity. quite simply. then you would follow that opportunity to see if this is the main event. she uses the same formula that Infinite Being originally used to create the entire universe. it is better to leave the specifics undefined and deal in generalities. a desired career opening occurs. is a form of electromagnetic radiation--electric and magnetic energies intertwined in perfect balance and set into motion. for example. Ideally. If. it consists of three essential components: (1) Intent is used to define the goal. Before the action. This allows the universe to find the easiest pathway through which to manifest the desired goal. however. or the desired outcome. ninth meme will bring exploration of the spiritually-inspired use of the power of the mind to transform reality for the better. then you follow through on that contact to see where it will lead.html The new. In its fundamental form. action. Even better than specific objects are general principles. for example. Then. after several days have passed and the objective is ready to manifest. inspiring meme has the power. When defining a goal. The keywords of the ninth meme will be "Powerful creativity. feeling is defined as a separate component from intent. This far-ranging. whereas a goal involving one specific objective along the path to prosperity limits the options considerably. If a key contact occurs which can help your project. "Coincidences" will occur which cause events around you to move towards the fulfillment of your desired goal. In practice. however. (2) Feeling is added to give the goal the life energy with which to grow from an idea into a pre-physical reality that becomes ready to manifest in the physical world. Light. each of which builds up to the final realization of the entire. Most often. That's how powerful spiritual creativity is. there first has to be a pause lasting several days. an equal balance of intent and feeling makes for the most powerful act of creativity. goals materialize through a daisy chain of events and opportunities.

mostly about MicroSoft software and music theory. they discover a power which. author of The Shift: The Revolution in Human Consciousness. people of the New Reality bring love and healing. as Editor and Cofounder of Infinite Being Publishing LLC. This article focuses on F/F#s that appear in the following places: at the age of thirteen. It already exists as a frequency of consciousness. can transform not only their own lives but the world around them for the better. By 2002. the spiritual revolution in human consciousness. It keeps coming up. people of the New Reality bring peace. you Google "F# Great Pyramid Egypt. Also known as Fibonacci sequence. the meme of powerful creativity. along with the development of his inner vision.6180339 that serves as a cornerstone for sacred geometry. but there is something special about F#. unleashed. Where there is strife. [Owen Waters.html People today are finding their way through the spiritual awakenings that come with second-tier memes seven and eight. The New Reality is yours to explore. people of the New Reality bring thoughtfulness and heartfulness. from the mathematics of the DNA molecule to the structure of the galaxy. DNA 7 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM ." you get 380 The Great Pyramid 2. 2. Where there is pain. This pitch holds a fascination.http://potentiation. Almost forty years of study and research followed. If. Copyright (c) 2006 by Owen Waters. As they activate number nine. The surprise of this mystical experience was such that his life became focused on a continuous search for spiritual answers. Today. like many teachers who are coming forward to help with today's Shift in consciousness.] DNA-related Definition of the Month Golden Mean: phi ratio of 1. In a world where thoughtlessness and heartlessness are common. however. he promotes a philosophy of spiritual empowerment through inner connection to the Source of ultimate human potential. The Great Pyramid?! What began as a fun hobby for me in the l980s--collecting information about specific pitches--has turned into a dedicated treasure hunt. is an internationally known spiritual teacher who has presented his insights into the New Reality to hundreds of thousands of seekers. This is the New Reality. his realizations began to unfold rapidly. As a composer I love all tones including microtones. Visit his website at http://www. he encountered his first spiritual awakening. All Rights Reserved. What the F# Is Going On? Susan Alexjander If you Google "F#" you come up with almost two million possible references.InfiniteBeing. In 1963.

Vela X Pulsar 7. time cycle. Numbers can show the hidden patterns of cosmic creation. This cosmology has resurfaced in our century as Total Holism--a perspective of interconnection--with the enthusiastic backing of much mainstream science. and many others. electromagnetic energy. 45. On the tuning chart where C = 1. Crop Circles 6. shows how things communicate. So. etc. can be related to an actual sound as long as we have a number. Water 4. Greece. scientists. Schumann Resonances 5. This "Nada Brahma" ("The World Is Sound") cosmology has long been celebrated by ancient civilizations such as those of India. we can start to build data. This Pattern/number fascination is found today among artists. rhythm. of F#. lends meaning. I use the tuning scale where C = 1 cycle per second.. I am indebted to them all.http://potentiation. And. musicians. whether an audible tone." such as an angle of 45 degrees.25. or tone. 360. 2. Capturing F# The most obvious source for gathering frequency data relative to F# is to begin with that which we have agreed to call the pitch. 180. 22. shapes." then any energetic event.03 (A = 440). 90 years can also be related to a vibration of 90 which. If we enlarge our perspective to take in the fullest possible view of our vibrational world. Further F# References. or halved. If we have a number for the "frequency. difficult to define or explain until our mindset adjusts to it. China. 720. language. devotees of sacred geometry. thoughts and feelings. would 8 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . 1440. The numbers on this scale are slightly flatter than the scale using C = l. or 1 hertz. 11.8. then frequency can be just about anything: an angle. Collecting the Data "Frequency" encompasses more than audible sound. but the work I and many others do reveals there are patterns which speak to us through these numbers. of course." it tells stories.6. if one suspends the usual restrictions on what we normally think of as "vibration. 90. astronomers and. We have no overall template or blueprint to refer to. all F#s fall in octaves on the following hertz numbers (rounded off): 1. electromagnetic frequency (also measured in hertz). An octave is a frequency either doubled. admittedly. A second way to gather information about this "tone" involves a leap of faith into a view of our universe as pure vibration. a strange country.4.5. For instance. etc. finding an actual tone in connection with sound on one of these octaves is the first and most direct method of establishing frequency.html 3. Math is often "mythic. 5. if it were sound.

http://potentiation. For instance. and they were sent on to a musicologist that was part of the staff [who] identified that there was a pattern of frequencies which roughly form an F# chord. Sanskrit.. At least some of these were the same LF resonances I excited with my sweep. In The Giza Power Plant (1998) Christopher Dunn proposed that the Great Pyramid was actually a large acoustical device. Arabic and even English have slightly different ways of doing this. resonances which start at a few Hz and go upward to 15-20 Hz or so. About six years ago. Languages such as Hebrew. I crunched the results of the measurements. the octave levels he measured would have been inaudible to a human ear and rather felt as pulses. but with an extra step: I add up the numbers of a word and call that a hertz number. Fascinatingly. Do they have energies in common? Do they relate to similar things? Can they begin to tell a story? The third method of understanding frequency--Gematria--is an ancient art of profound integrity found in almost every established language in the world. C/C# (a triad). "I found some very low frequency sound . Danley commented. "some kind of an F# chord. This is an abstract stretch. this edifice is an integer of the Earth's own dimensions. B = 2. THE GREAT PYRAMID Many respected researchers now feel that the Great Pyramid may have been deliberately "tuned" as a resonator.. Aramaic. A/A#. but like filings on a magnetic plate. an acoustics engineer who used to work for NASA. In other words.. collect all the 90s you can find and see if they have commonalities. F#. and some repeated the pattern for many octaves. Taken together. For instance: thunder = 20 + 8 + 21 + 14 + 4 + 5 + 18 = (you guessed it) 90.html correlate to an F# on our tuning chart. I have taken the simplest method of going steadily through the alphabet from A = 1 to Z = 26. albeit generically. etc. Not all the resonances fell in the right place but many did. Danley goes on to wonder if these infrasonic tones were used deliberately to alter brainwaves. A = 1. these three methods form a data base for frequency evaluation. a tantalizing glimpse into that abstract realm that informs the Whole--what renowned physicist David Bohm called the "Implicate Order. This sound was present even if everything wasa silent." Danley specifies. it was roughly tuned to F# over many octaves. according to mathematical calculations. Dunn believes that the Pyramid had a harmonic relationship to the Earth and 9 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM .net/DNAmonthly/April06. in this author's vision." 1. was invited to Egypt by the producer of the movie The Mystery of the Sphinx to measure sound in the King's Chamber. Using highly sophisticated equipment. Also. Gematria is a method of assigning numbers to letters of the alphabet to measure energetic patterns. or frequency. Tom Danley. but not all of them. but an extremely valid way to build patterns--i. analogous to a huge musical instrument. they begin to collect and form a shape or.e." He implies that there can be many variations and that this "chord" does not have to fall exactly on the correct numbers for F or F# on our tuning scale. but only in the region of these tones: F/F#. Little bits here and there don’t mean much.

I was told he had signed a disclaimer for the Egyptian government and was forbidden to speak further about his findings. guanine. in stars (the Orion Cloud Complex). Water is that humblest yet most important of servants. Dunn offers many measurements which.58 C# Wave numbers are collected from a device called a spectrophotometer which measures vibrational activity occurring in molecular activity (see my previous article mentioned above)." please see the end of this article. adenine. noted cell biologist at the University of California Santa Cruz. Finally. 18 were Fs and F#s. Later. of course.html was capable of responding sympathetically with Earth's resonance. which are as follows: 1600 converted to hertz = 698 F/F# 2100 converted to hertz = 918 A# 3500 converted to hertz = 134. inestimable.. WATER Molecular water frequencies also correspond to "some kind of an F# chord. The significance of water to our planet is. A#s. Briefly. Most of these probably came from the water molecules in DNA: hydrogen and oxygen. I related how in l989 I completed a translation of electromagnetic frequencies gathered from the four DNA bases--cytosine. would be F#s. Evidence found within the Grand Gallery supports his contention that resonators for converting vibration to airborne sound were installed there. in Pyramid Quest Dr. and 3 were A/A#s . 6 were C#s. or visit my website (below) for the full article. if they were frequencies. at the center of the Earth in the form 10 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . it is well known that the sarcophagus in the King's Chamber is tuned to A = 438. I have no way of verifying whether this is true." Again. creating our weather. I found 60 "pitches" ranging over a two and one-half octave. DNA In an article previously reprinted in DNA Monthly ("Music to the Ears: The Infrared Frequencies of Infrared Bases"). and thymine--into a sonic medium. Similarly. a total of 27 or almost half. and C#s. Number 4. Out of these 60. [Author's note: I emailed Tom Danley but received no reply. Water is the great connector. David Deamer.. Water is found in sunspots. corresponding neatly to the tunings of the Great Pyramid. Deamer provided me with the wave numbers of water. balancing the temperatures of our planet. 3.] 2. Musicians such as Paul Horn have recorded this frequency and made music with it. going about its business of life (even from the starry heavens) largely unnoticed because it is so literally who we are. I was assisted by Dr. Volume 1. Please see DNA Monthly. Robert Schoch of Boston University concluded after his on-site study of the Great Pyramid that it was like a giant musical instrument. If you would like to hear these "pyramid chords. bringing life and recycling.http://potentiation.

30. mostly infrasonic and unheard.C. but was born when a supernova in the Gum Nebula. When you octavise the Schumann frequencies into our hearing range. 4. and 42 Hz.. spectrophotometry (water and DNA). Their basic frequency. This figure fluctuates by plus or minus 0. blew up sometime between 11. One scientist describes it this way: "It would have hung low over the Mediterranean. SCHUMANN RESONANCES Not only are we are about 70% water. 5. constellation Vela in our Milky Way. the rules are different.E. The seventh is a D#. creates a standing wave that travels around the planet 7. G/G#. So far no F#s. It would have been visible on Earth around 1300 light years later. A#s. Marrin greatly expands our vision of water by examining scientific theory.. The fifth source for such data derives from astronomy and has a fascinating story attached to it: the origin of the Sumerian God known as EA. C/C#. So far we have collected F# data from the traditional sciences of acoustics.8 times/second." A pulsar is what remains after a supernova has blown up and collapsed into a dense star. six of the seven tones are F#s. the octave above 440 = 880)--the method used in linear harmonics and "standard" physics--when working with the harmonics of a sphere. 25.8 Hz. It is in our bodies (roughly 70%) in the same proportion that it is found on the "body" of our planet. 11 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . shining for months in the Southern sky. occur in the cavity between Earth's crust and the ionosphere about 35 miles above Earth. VELA X PULSAR (PSR 0833-45) The Vela X pulsar was discovered in 1968. (difficult for our scientists to measure at this time).html of hydrated silicate--literally everywhere..000 and 7000 B. 7.8 Hz. In addition to this base frequency of 7.e. there are also quasi-harmonics at (rounded off) 14. D#. Schumann Resonances are activated by lightning storms and the sun. shining as bright as the moon. These electromagnetic frequencies. and water as a universal mediator. For an astounding read on water. and E/F.http://potentiation. or resonate synchronistically. we are also quite literally swimming in Schumann Resonances. a slight collapse takes place and the upper number is less than an octave. D. As these ascend they become even more like the aforementioned pyramid chords: F/F#. A. and C#s. shooting spears of intense color every way like a fountain . to the ancient Mesopotamians and/or Sumerians. But a curious thing happens when these frequency numbers are "octavised" up. B. corresponding to the following tones: B/C. A/A#. and physics. ancient insights and myths. beyond imagining a theoretical "tuning" taking place on our physical plane. as the ionosphere fluctuates. varying mass of fire. Rather than reaching an exact doubling of the original number.5 Hz daily. There is a sense that something is trying to line up. Instead of the usual doubling to create the octave above (i. see West Marrin under References. flooding pulsing illumination. with an endlessly dancing. I honestly don't know what this means. 19.

There are many different kinds of these intersections. (Teleilat Ghassul. The Vela explosion might have begun the sun's cycle of intensity and could even have been a powerful organizing force for civilization. a matchbox full would weigh a billion tons. or Tulaylât al-Ghassûl. For better or worse. It possesses a powerful magnetic field that traps and accelerates charged particles and shoots them through space as radio waves. A pulsar's energy expands and lights up the nebula around it. is a large Late Neolithic and Chalcolithic settlement in the lower Jordan Valley some 5-6 km northeast of the Dead Sea. There are references to it in Sumarian cuneiform. Vela X also travels in orbit as a binary system at 90km/sec: another F# association. it begins to look as though pulsars have a vital role to play in "stepping down" powerful frequencies emitted by the Central Sun in the center of our Milky Way as these vibrations travel to Earth. made them something entirely different from what they had been before. 12 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . so what makes this one special? This supernova flash might have altered the course of our planet's development. A supernova event archetypically symbolizes Death and Transfiguration. George Michanowsky’s wonderful book The Once and Future Star relates the story of what this pulsar must have meant to the Sumerians (or earlier cultures) and traces the origins of their highest god. Pulsars' rapid rotation makes them powerful electric generators. If you add the Pulsar Code theories of Jose Arguelles to this mix.html These explosions occur when a star runs out of hydrogen to burn and gravity takes over. or positrons. in a short time "These neutron stars are actually inter-dimensional intersections piercing the veil of third-dimensional mind. scientists detected pulses from our galactic center and remain mystified by them). "The psychological and possibly environmental impact of the Vela starburst triggered a development in [Sumerian] culture that." The Vela and Crab pulsars are the only ones known to emit visible light--another mystery. humanity had thus quite suddenly bitten into the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge. These voltages create a blizzard of electrons and anti-matter electrons.http://potentiation. capable of accelerating charged particles to energies of millions of volts--a million times greater than those of lightning bolts. could have changed rates of solar nuclear reactions and increased the sun's luminosity. EA (Babylonian. Arguelles explains. formerly Enki). Michanowsky writes. at a frequency of 11. Through each inter-dimensional intersection. and on the mural from Tell Ghassul is an eightpointed star painted with sophisticated compounds of 12 to 18 minerals. equal to the force of thousands of suns! Vela X rotates these powerful voltages like a lighthouse.) The supernova would have burned at least 50 times brighter than Venus. The explosions provide energy for the birth of new stars and also accelerate high-energy cosmic rays that cause many of the DNA mutations needed for the evolution of life. (Just recently. as the dying star explodes to birth new elements essential for life. to Vela. It collapses and becomes incredibly dense. Some scientists feel that the radiation from the Vela. We know of more than 1000 pulsars. particularly neutrinos. g-force bleeds through in a kind of beam.24 cycles per second: F#.

making its vertical height twenty-eight feet (F#) and the height perpendicular to the floor twenty-five feet." he writes." Silva continues that this note. an "opening gateway for mind expansion.3959 Hz) 13 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . was the harmonic of our planet. Its purpose was later made clear during a channeling session ." In a 1997 radio interview.282. Danley's tests show that these frequencies are present in the King's Chamber even when no sounds are being produced. and the floor of the corbelled chamber is inclined at an angle of 26. The frequency of the note that they gave us is important .2 kHz. There are some intriguing F# references made by Freddy Silva in his book Secrets in the Fields. the trilling noise . 1997). Silva points out that "F# is regarded with great respect by the ancient Chinese as Hu. "we recorded an oscillating. according to ancient Egyptian texts..http://potentiation..3027 degrees.. F#. 11. It has a frequency of 5. to be used in the 'opening' process." 6.html These galactic beams are synchronously triggered." i.) Native American flute makers to this day tune their instruments to serenade Mother Earth to this note. its effects on the molecules of steel. and its frequency of 5. "creates an unusual oscillating effect between the two cavities of the brain.11 = F/F#. the tone of the especially when generated by the tuned resonant cavity of a quartz crystal bowl. meat. the Great Pyramid contains the necessary ingredients that make it a kind of transformational.e. expanded awareness. and particularly water are already well known. "When Jane Ross and I earlier had sat inside the 'Grid Square' (within the Etchilhampton Flower Circle. Silva also references acoustician Tom Danley's work in measuring the resonant frequencies in the Great Pyramid (cited above): "The notes form an F# chord which. respectively.. Essentially..." writes Silva. It's a frequency that needs to be used to complete the opening for the individual. which are the Grid Square hum and the trilling noise. this opens onto a more holistic reality.” In addition." 7.8 kHz (5800 Hz) and is traditionally associated with the tone of the Earth. C. The number 360 is often referred to as "Spherical Consciousness... (Hu is also referenced by Hi Khan as the origin of sound. There are greater and lesser periods of activation of these beams." Silva goes on to point out that this frequency is relatively close to the "other frequency associated with crop circles . FURTHER F# REFERENCES A. B. high-pitched tone. CROP CIRCLES The phenomenon of Crop Circles is gaining more respect as scientists continue to legitimize their amazing properties. possibly inter-dimensional temple .83 = an octave of F# (186. leading towards a holistic view that everything is connected and part of everything else. "The Circlemakers and the Pyramid designers appear to share the same technology. Speed of light = 363." "F# happens to be the resonant frequency inside the Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid at Gizeh." Once again..

One is based on the sarcophagus tuning. This version is available at http://www. Light Technology Publishing.OurSoundUniverse. "Yin" + "Yang" = 88 .net/DNAmonthly/April06. 1996) Bohm. You can also hear them in the soundtrack of Zero Waiting. Number 4. But it seems reasonable to conclude that water is the glue... David. and so forth. "Good" + "Evil" = 89. Conclusions I vote for an intelligent web of connection--a template. Gematria of "Zero Point Field" = 174 (F/F#) F. Were the Egyptians trying to anchor this grid? or trying to act as a conduit between Heaven and Earth? So many questions arise.] References: Alexjander. if you will. I believe that we are glimpsing a grand cosmology and that these energetic connections are part of a web of vital sentience.html D. The Giza Power Plant (Bear & Company. Gematria of "Consciousness" = 175 (F/F#) E. that supports vibrational energies traveling between dimensions. Jose. Arguelles. Gematrias of "Hate" + "Love" = 88. "Music to the Ears: The Infrared Frequencies of DNA Bases (DNA Monthly. a grid. A version of this article entitled "The Infrared Frequencies of DNA Bases: Science and Art" was first printed in the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Journal. I call them "Pyramid Chords. Christopher. 2003) 14 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . in the middle. the the huge entity. F/F#s) as the root of the chord." When two or three of them are played simultaneously. "The Arcturus Probe: Tales and Reports of an Ongoing Investigation" (see Appendix: Pulsar Codes.11. September 2005). and that it will be the best game in town. My vision is that we bring our different puzzle pieces together in a shared design. Tom. that holds everything together . March-April 1999. all octaves of F/F#. July-August 2000) Dunn. I'm betting it will happen. But for certain I want to be on the train.http://potentiation. "The Music of the Spheres" (Leonardo Journal. a Great Tone River as a carrier wave for frequency and information. David. l998) First. a video "short" by myself and Diana Hobson available from my website. Please contact me if you would like further information or a sound file. another uses the Sepher Yetzirah. another uses octaves of 11. Volume 1.. they have a weird and haunting effect. and at the party if and when a huge transformation happens soon to this planet." Sonic relationships are exciting and great beauty can be found there.. [Author's Note: I’m able to create microtones on my Yamaha DX7 and have come up with seven possible chords using slightly different F#s (more correctly. Wholeness and the Implicate Order (Routledge. 2002) Danley. "Early Reflections" (Live Sound Magazine. Susan. What might we find? As a composer I like making music with these tones "just to see/hear what happens.

" a San Graal (Holy Blood) or "Song Grail. Currently. She is currently an adjunct faculty member of Union Institute in Sacramento and Cogswell College in Sunnyvale. She can be contacted by email at xjander@got. Sequencia is internationally known and has appeared on BBC Radio. promoting a genetically driven metamorphosis of both consciousness and physiology. In 1995 she received a Fellowship from the Alden B. California. Secrets in the Fields (Hampton Roads.html Marrin.. alchemy's real goal is not to turn lead to gold but to transform human biology into a physiology of golden light. Inc.http://potentiation. 3. alchemy's primary objective is bio-spiritual enlightenment. [Susan Alexjander holds an MA in Composition and Theory from San Jose State University. Wisconsin Public Radio. Some scholars such as William Henry contend that the famous quest for the Holy Grail is actually a quest to attune our DNA so that it resonates with Galactic Center's signature creational frequency? This divine tone capable of generating a "love song in the blood. the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. The Regenetics Method 15 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . including collaborations with dance companies. our DNA. and the Art Museum of Santa Barbara. or creation of what has been called the lightbody. Michigan. Healing & Enlightenment Sol Luckman Today a variety of techniques exist to facilitate adaptation to new forms of thought and their corresponding biological structures or "thought-forms. Alchemy is an excellent example from antiquity. many modalities have been developed to assist in unfolding the spiritual human (the "Holy Grail") that exists as a genetic potential in to explore the geometry of the mineral kingdom as musical data. Pyramid Quest (Tarcher/Putnam. 2002) Copyright (c) 2006 by Susan Her compositions have been performed throughout the United States. 2002) Michanowsky." can in turn attune the core of our being.. alchemy derives from the Arabic al (the) and khame (blackness) and might be defined as the science of creating light out of darkness. Universal Water: The Ancient Wisdom and Scientific Theory of Water (Inner Ocean Publishing. 2005) Silva. Robert M. l977) Schoch. and has also been featured at the Boston Museum of Science.] Did You Know . Etymologically. As students of this discipline eventually discover. My partner Leigh and I have been blessed in developing one such technique.. George. All Rights Reserved. West. Visit her website at http://www." Over the centuries.. Stated a bit differently. many more lightbody activation techniques are being made available. Dow Creativity Center in Midland. Freddym. The Once and Future Star (Hawthorn Books. DNA Activation. to the galactic Core's transformational vibration--in the process.

We actually heal (evolve) ourselves. I found myself on this path after reading a disturbing book by Leonard Horowitz called Emerging Viruses. we must "decide between conscious evolution. in the process. What we can conceive we can achieve. Potentiation. multiple chemical sensitivity (MCS) and fibromyalgia and was precipitated by toxicity and trauma from a series of hepatitis and yellow fever vaccines I received in the spring of 1995. establishing a clearer connection through harmonic resonance with the unconditional love frequency emanating as higher-dimensional spiral standing waves of sound and intention (light) from the Healing Sun at Galactic Center. Leigh and I consider ourselves merely facilitators for the individual's own bio-spiritual unfoldment. including AIDS. which are differentiated aspects of the primary creational ("torsion") energy of unconditional love. to stimulate the latent potential in DNA designed to facilitate the evolution of human beings into unity consciousness and its corresponding physiology of light. resetting the human bioenergy blueprint to an "infinity circuit" based on the alchemically transformative number 8. Potentiation activates DNA to begin removing this toxicity and trauma. My illness. or extinction through misuse of our powers." I would add that we place ourselves in balance with the Healing Sun not by merely looking inside ourselves but first and foremost by adopting an internal attitude of unconditional love. activates DNA to repattern the body's electromagnetic fields. As investigative mythologist William Henry reminds us.html employs specific combinations of sound and intention. Potentiation attunes DNA to the primary torsion energy of Source. DNA. the "Healing Sun rises from within us when we place ourselves in balance with its energies … By conceiving of these healing energies … we can tune into my thirty or so debilitating symptoms would eventually resolve themselves. Horowitz demonstrates that vaccines are a principle cause of a variety of autoimmune diseases. which inspired the Regenetics Method. That we can activate DNA to expand our worldview and. evolve a biology based on unity consciousness is truly a divine gift at this historical crossroads when. DNA has been compared to an antenna connecting humanity to Source whose reception can be clouded by toxicity and trauma. had affinities to chronic fatigue syndrome (CFIDS). Dr. In other words. my turning point came when I realized that if I could somehow "reset" myself at the genetic level. to quote Barbara Marx Hubbard." The Regenetics Method features three integrated DNA activations that collectively establish the "ener-genetic" precondition for lightbody unfoldment. as Gregg Braden points out in The God Code. Basing his claims on meticulous research. After years of intense suffering and trying one expensive (and mostly ineffective) therapy after another. He further exposes what is in essence covert biowarfare conducted by the medical establishment against a largely unsuspecting population in Healing Codes for the Biological 16 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . is by its very sacredly encoded nature a unifying principle for humanity--one capable of bringing peace and harmony to a planetary population faced with a decision between succumbing to crisis or embracing opportunity.http://potentiation. This is an important point that can hardly be overemphasized. The first of these.

nitrogen. Joseph Puleo as described in Healing Codes. They concluded that living chromosomes function exactly like holographic biocomputers powered by DNA's own laser radiation. Peter Gariaev and his brilliant team of geneticists and linguists proved that damaged DNA can be healed without gene splicing or other physical manipulation by merely immersing it in radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies. His team found that the genetic code in "junk" or potential DNA follows. Specifically. According to Gariaev's research.http://potentiation. semantics and grammar of language and DNA were compared. 17 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM . Here it is simply necessary to point out that all three DNA activations of the Regenetics Method employ the Solfeggio scale.html Apocalypse. was recently rediscovered by Dr. but reflect our essentially similar genetics. they were not only able to heal damaged chromosomes--they also regrew endocrine glands in animals. I was then fortunate enough to stumble on another book that greatly expanded my awareness of the immense scope of human potential: The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. the syntax. Potentiation employs the note "Mi. as is commonly believed. which some scholars believe to be the sacred set of six notes employed by the Creator to fashion the world in as many days. as opposed to gene splicing. This strongly suggests that the many human languages did not appear randomly. In order to prove this. The specific sounds used to restore genetic integrity derive from the ancient Solfeggio scale. This primordial six-note scale. Gariaev’s team literally transformed frog embryos into healthy salamander embryos in the laboratory. they obtained results similar to those documented by Dr. Gariaev's findings offer scientific corroboration that in the beginning was the Word! Gariaev and his colleagues also studied DNA's uncommon electromagnetic behavior. where a main theme is the use of sound to heal the physical body by restoring it to genetic integrity. stimulated regrowth of new adult teeth in humans. With this technology of language-modulated codes translated into radio and light waves. Having discovered Horowitz and Puleo. It was discovered that potential DNA's alkaline sequences closely mirror linguistic communication rules. Using radio and light waves keyed to human language frequencies to rewrite DNA. for practical purposes. who was the first to employ torsion energy to map DNA sequences between organisms. Amazingly. the same foundational rules as human languages. which was dubiously "lost" by the Roman church during the time of Pope Johannes in the 17th Century. by French anthropologist Jeremy Narby. I learned that the power of sound to activate DNA had recently been documented by the Gariaev group in Russia. DNA not only assembles proteins but also stores and communicates data in a decidedly linguistic fashion. The Cosmic Serpent is an exploration of DNA from a shamanic perspective that describes how sound can be used to stimulate a genetic self-repair mechanism. Dr. oxygen and carbon." a frequency (528 Hz) that has been used by cutting-edge molecular biologists to repair genetic Yu Dzang Kangeng. and even successfully altered genetic expression. The Gariaev team modulated certain linguistic frequencies onto a laser. Supported by Braden’s revolutionary discovery that the ancient Hebrew name for God is code for DNA based on the latter's chemical composition of hydrogen. Intrigued (and desperate) enough to delve into this subject.

" Compare this to the organic alteration of genetic expression that can be achieved by simply applying vibration and language (or sound and intention. In an article partly inspired by the Regenetics Method entitled "Finding the Holy Grail. Gariaev's research has now scientifically substantiated such phenomena." an area which." psychologists Barry and Janae Weinhold emphatically argue this point. producing small electromagnetic wormholes of a subquantum nature. Happily. Spiritual masters worldwide have always insisted that our genetic code can be "potentiated" through language--thus the healing effects of prayer. at worst worshiping a false god. is the key to enlightenment. "With gene therapy. Potential DNA.html In this manner metamorphosis was achieved without any of the side effects encountered when manipulating isolated genes. Reliance on something outside ourselves to heal us.http://potentiation. or make us "whole. the Path of Technology can end up disempowering people and encouraging spiritual co-dependency. The "random and risky nature of gene splicing has been sadly hidden from the public. researchers cannot definitively predict where on a [chromosome] the modified gene might land. but not essential. hypnosis. whose energy signatures are similar to those of Einstein-Rosen bridges found near black holes. raising a hazardous possibility of inadvertently disrupting other genetic expressions and cellular functions. mantras." When technology transforms into a path. not technology. "We have nothing against technology per se." warns writing of what they call the Path of Technology (as opposed to the Path of Nature). Technology lacking connection with heart and spirit becomes just another box from which it is necessary. The more developed the individual healer's consciousness. at some point." is at best giving away our power. Rather than using primordial tools grounded in nature to empower initiates on their return to Source. spiritual tool for enhancing genuinely spiritual living. Gariaev's research reveals even more far-reaching implications with respect to the unlimited healing power of human genetic consciousness. Human consciousness. or words) to DNA. "it encourages dependency because it implies that people need to rely on a technical intermediary to help them open their own gates of perception. the less need there is for a mechanical crutch. are connections between different areas in the multiverse through which data can be transmitted outside space-time. etc. These DNA-activated wormholes. which regulates transdimensional self-organization (epigenetic) functions. has an obviously more primary influence on the origin of species than biochemistry. affirmations. magnetizes these nonlocal streams of information to itself and then forwards them to our 18 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM .' When created by minds connected to heart and spirit. contrary to current molecular biology dogma and propaganda. and believe that some devices are helpful as 'boosters. technology can become a useful." Astonishingly. to break free. Gariaev's historical experiment in embryogenesis points to the immense power of what many are calling "wave-genetics. The Russian team found that wave-activated DNA can manipulate the space matrix.

Grazyna Fosar and Franz Bludorf. for instance. transformed. refer to this data transfer process as hypercommunication. by definition promotes enlightenment. wherever the "materials that create life exist. pointing out that it is often experienced as "intuition" or "inspiration. This same process of DNA activation that encourages healing. I believe that the wave actually exists before the DNA … [The] only logical explanation is that the phantom energy of DNA is actually the creator of DNA. "Most people tend to think that the DNA created the [phantom] energy field. They relate how Gariaev irradiated a DNA sample with a laser until a typical wave pattern formed on his monitor. All Rights Reserved. according to Fosar and Bludorf." Combined with much research of my own. DNA activation is thus explained as an ener-genetic transfer of universal creative consciousness manifesting as torsion waves that stimulate a molecular rearrangement of transposons or "jumping DNA" in potential DNA. This nonlocal. facilitating healing. authors of an excellent summary of Gariaev's findings entitled Vernetzte Intelligenz ("Networked Intelligence"). and that the energy field is somehow just a 'shadow' of the DNA. the subtle." When hypercommunication occurs. When the DNA sample was extracted. Many control experiments established that the pattern still emanated from the absent sample. in the process. perfectly intact. spiraling pressure currents of this energy will arrange the DNA molecule into existence." It is theorized that torsion waves from outside space and time continue to flow through the activated wormholes even after the DNA is removed.html consciousness. whose energy field apparently remained undisturbed in the holding chamber for up to thirty days. causing light to spiral all by itself following the shape of the physically removed double helix. [Sol Luckman is editor of DNA Monthly and cofounder of the Phoenix Center for Regenetics. Copyright (c) 2006 by Sol Luckman. by inviting more torsion light into cells. of clearing vaccination toxicity and trauma at the genetic level and upgrading the human bioenergy field to higher harmonic functioning. my intuition led me to theorize that the correct combination of sounds. The "fringe benefit" of Potentiation was that it also promoted enlightenment by initiating lightbody activation. offering cutting-edge educational services and materials designed to activate unity consciousness and actualize human 19 of 21 6/9/09 11:21 AM .net/DNAmonthly/April06. In turn. intentionally geared to the body's electromagnetics. I came to view the electromagnetic fields as an individual's ener-genetic blueprint that not only can be reset like a blown fuse but. could invite an influx of torsion energy capable. light-bending torsion energy phenomenon has since become famous as the "DNA phantom effect. Leigh and I named this approach to DNA activation the Regenetics Method after Potentiation Electromagnetic Repatterning resolved my chronic illness and we began to develop other DNA activations. its electromagnetic pattern remained. an extraordinary phenomenon can be observed in DNA." writes author and scientific researcher David Wilcock. potential DNA shifts the bioenergy fields. who proposes a fascinating reinterpretation: "However. which then modify metabolic and replication functions in cells.http://potentiation." Since this etheric or torsion energy has been shown to pervade the galaxy.

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