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The Woden School

ICT Strategic Plan 2012– 2014

Our Vision:

ICT at The Woden School will be used as a tool for skill acquisition, exploration and development. It will create an interactive aspect to individual student curriculum and be guided by individual and classroom learning sequences and goals.

The Woden School

Element 1. Personalising and extending student learning Description : Personalising and extending student learning refers to the school's capacity to use ICT to extend and differentiate student learning opportunities, and to support students to manage and direct their learning. Current Assessment of our School capability in 2012 • ICT decisions to meet immediate needs across the school with reference to the curriculum framework that informs learning, teaching and assessment. • ICT to extend learning within curriculum areas, and to enable students to work independently and interact with others. • Provides opportunities for students to use ICT in most curriculum areas. • M onitors how ICT use within the school supports deep learning. Learning content is largely generated by staff. • Consults with the school community and others to determine how ICT can facilitate the development of personal learning pathways for students. At The Woden School, ICT is employed by students as a set of dynamic tools to access and engage with all curriculum areas.  Teachers at The Woden School teach ICT skills and common understandings embedded in all curriculum areas, rather than as a discrete subject.

Tasks / Actions ICT Skills Audit of Staff to determine key areas of proficiency and further

Resources required Development of audit questions/self-assessment criteria

Funding N/A

Responsible Timeline for Task / (person or group) Action ICT manager Audit completed end 2012 Professional

Indicators and Measurement of success Once individual professional targets have been identified, teachers will engage with

The Woden School

targeted development.

development during 2012 Baseline data from 2011 N/A Teachers Curriculum leaders Principal End 2012

appropriate learning sessions and demonstrate mastery of skill in their ICT practices ILP documents will show increase in students accessing ICT to develop skills and understandings. ICT use highlighted on every student's ILP in supports and accommodations page.

Audit of student ILPs revealing how many strategies/goals were related to ICT

From Audit develop pathways for teachers to embed ICT into teaching and learning programs

Ipads Smart Board Boardmaker V6 Clicker 5 Share point for internal/external web development


ICT manager

Professional development during 2012

Teaching staff showing wide usage of school based ICT document in individual education planning goals to enhance student learning.

Use of current school ICT assessment for all students

Professional learning for teachers Digital records maintained in electronic student files Subsequent purchases of new equipment as identified by scale

discussion during regular staff meetings (quarterly)

ICT manager

Professional development, minimum twice per year

Students will work towards proficiency in ICT skills outlined in each student’s ICT assessment, changes in access or content as required

The Woden School

Element 2. Enabling Leadership Description : Enabling leadership refers to the ways in which school leadership establishes the ICT vision for the school and supports all aspects of implementation and change management across the school. Current Assessment of our School capability in 2012 Plans for the provision of ICT use consistent with the school vision specifically related to resources and responsibilities  Allocates responsibility for the strategic leadership of ICT largely or exclusively to senior management team  Relies on innovators and early adaptors in the school setting to drive the extension of learning with ICT. This appears as mentors from within and outside the school community leading learning in areas of expertise

Tasks / Actions Development of ICT vision incorporated in ongoing school based planning Assign In School Mentor (ISM) and ICT Manager roles implement and evaluate ICT practices All teachers provide students with ICT opportunities within the teaching and learning

Resources required ICT Cross curriculum framework

Fundi ng N/A

Responsible Timeline for Task (person or group) / Action Principal School Based Planning Team 2013. Ongoing reviewrevisit 2012 Ongoing and reviewed yearly

Indicators and Measurement of success Teachers can plan according to ICT vision

After School PD

School Based

Principal/ Executive teacher, ICT Coordinator ICT manager Principal

ISM provides feedback and PD to all staff. Staff actively engage with new or reviewed ICT practices Each teacher will be aware of and use the range of technologies, content and instruction varies significantly

ICT manager, all teaching staff, External commercial providers, External technical


Ongoing and reviewed yearly

The Woden School


support services

between each student with a disability

The Woden School

Element 3. Supporting Professional Learning Description : Supporting professional learning refers to the school's planning for and implementation of professional learning that contributes to improved teacher quality and the integration of ICT in curriculum, pedagogy, assessment and administration. Current Assessment of our School capability is     Allocates a high priority for professional learning with and about ICT for the staff and school learning community. Shares pockets of innovate practice across the school Enables teachers to identify teaching and learning benefits that may arise from specific uses of ICT Include face to face delivery of professional learning with increasing online and blended delivery

Current Assessment of our School capability in 2012

Tasks / Actions

Resources required Professional development as required by individual


Responsible (person or group)

Timeline for Task / Action Achieved Ongoing review.

Indicators and Measurement of success Teaching staff will show ongoing and extended learning ICT leading to increased competence in

In 2012

Through the audit process- Teachers will have individual goals and needs set and achieved

Professional ICT manager learning budget for external courses.

Teacher proficiency in individual learning areas will increase with each

The Woden School



Funding for additional expert ICT time to take school based training N/A ICT manager Ongoing

goal area

Professional development records will indicate an increase in ICT based PD sessions for staff Teachers and LSA’s are actively involved in the sessions with attendance and achievements of collaborative learning evident through classroom practice and achievement of ICT related ILPs Teachers will be universally able to perform basic operational functions in common software Graduate teachers understand and use ICT to effectively support improved student outcomes in particular for students with disabilities

Encourage Teachers to engage in self-directed and group learning in commonly used software

Professional learning time

Teachers and LSA’s have worked in small groups attending the topic based learning series.

Provide resources and professional learning for teachers to develop a strong understanding of a range of school wide computer programs In-service training teachers, engage in supported individual learning programs, enabling them to use ICT as a well integrated teaching tool

Additional ICT time – employed to develop resources and 1:1 training Access to ICT tools for preservice teachers Professional Learning Time

Professional Principal learning budget for ICT manager external courses

Ongoing development responding to student needs. Information and support available for professional learning

Ongoing proportion of ICT budget

ICT manager


All new pre-service teachers achieve competence in the use of ICT.

The Woden School

Element 4. Connecting Learning Beyond the School Description : Connecting learning beyond the school refers to the school's use of ICT to support communication and collaboration with the w ider school community, and to connect students and staff to external knowledge and learning networks. Tasks / Actions Develop The Woden School website accessible to current and prospective parents and stakeholders. Resources required Hosting access for SharePoint site through online services Allocated time for maintenance ICT Coordinator Proportion of ICT budget ICT Coordinator Provide list of resources through newsletter at least every quarter All staff with editing Ongoing rights to add to the listings Positive parent feedback Funding Proportion of ICT budget Responsible (person or group) ICT manager Principal Timeline for Task / Action Waiting for share services to allocate time. Indicators and Measurement of success Parents, school community and prospective families access the site

Periodic exchange of information with parent body through fortnightly newsletter of current web resources to extend student learning at home Listing of external web pages with content extending school learning and student interest to enable online learning opportunities for students and families

External Website

Proportion of ICT budget to update regularly

Regular addition and editing by teachers/editing staff Feedback from parents sought through biannual survey

The Woden School

Sharing of individually developed program files with parents (as HTML, .doc, .jpg, or free versions of classroom software)

Collaborative time with teachers and parents to show how to export, save/install programs or files

Proportion of ICT budget

ICT manager Classroom teachers


Sharing of information will be offered in ILP planning and provided to individual parents

The Woden School

Element 5. Developing Measuring and Monitoring Student ICT Capabilities Description : Developing measuring and monitoring student ICT capabilities refers to how the school supports and collects evidence of students' confidence, engagement and skill in using ICT, and uses this data to improve learning programs.

This will be achieved by:

Tasks / Actions Continue utilising school developed student ICT assessment profiles, transferring information to electronic format.

Resources required Time for maintenance of files Time during staff meetings to discuss files Individual student folders on staff drive

Funding Teacher PD time

Responsible Timeline for Task / (person or group) Action ICT manager Principal Ongoing

Indicators and Measurement of success All electronic student files will contain up to date student ICT and assessment information be regularly monitored. Ongoing assessment will indicate changes/wide variety of student skills/modes/content of ICT

Develop ongoing electronic portfolios of student video recordings of developments and achievements

Time for training in Purchase of recording, editing and equipment storage software and training X3 Digital camera/recording units

ICT manager Principal

Investigations 2012

All classroom teachers show If successful, installation proficiency in using electronic recording of student in 2015 developments, evidenced by ongoing recording demonstrating achievement

The Woden School

Easily accessible technology in classrooms for all students to demonstrate their learning and understanding

(Outlined in element 10)

Purchase of equipment required

ICT manager Principal


All staff and students have access to all equipment and use it effectively

The Woden School

Element 6. Providing Reliable Infrastructure Description : Providing reliable infrastructure refers to the school's planning, implementation, ongoing maintenance and development of ICT infrastructure that meets the full range of learning, teaching and administrative needs across the school.

This will be achieved by:

Tasks / Actions

Resources required


Responsible (person or group) ICT Manager Principal

Timeline for Task / Action Initial improvements to hardware to be made by end of 2012 Wireless network

Indicators and Measurement of success ICT resource audit will show a number of flat screen monitors, interactive white boards, wireless access, digital still and video cameras and up to date printing, scanning and backup systems

Provide digital devices and learning spaces appropriate to the variety of teaching, learning and administrative needs throughout the school

Implementation of a wireless network to provide flexibility for placement of computers and laptops Replacement/Upgrade of digital technologies

School based ICT budget

Maintenance of ICT and technology infrastructure through a bulletin board style helpdesk located on the staff intranet


ICT manager ITS support services

Installed on site 2012 in use 2013

All issues will be logged on the site with a resolution logged and recorded for each issue.

The Woden School

Student access to desktop or laptop computers will be raised to 2 : 1 with the systems being suitable for current universally used computer software and hardware, including large (at least 17”) flat screen monitors and IWBs Provide wider range of access to students with physical impairments than current options. Specifically providing increased access for students with vision and mobility disabilities Provide wider range of access to students with physical impairments than current options. Specifically providing increased access for students with sensory or cognitive disabilities

Access to technical support to add new machines to network

Grants School based ICT budget

ICT manager Principal, school manager

End 2014

Student ratio achieved with computers and flat screen monitors at the ratio level mentioned.

x 3 portable interactive whiteboards (smart boards) for flexible teaching use. $8035.00

School based ICT budget

Principal, school manager, ICT Manager

Investigations during third term 2012. Purchase and install 2012-2014

Technologies will be purchased and installed in classrooms. Anecdotal feedback from teachers will indicate improved student engagement in learning

x 6 Apple Ipod touch x 7 Apple Ipad per sub school x 7 apple Ipads for the library Site licence for Crazy Talk X 2 Clicker Interface boxes

School based ICT budget

Principal, school manager, ICT Manager

Investigations during second term 2012. Purchase and install 2012-2014

Technologies will be purchased and installed in classrooms. Anecdotal feedback from teachers will indicate improved student engagement in learning

Provide adequate machines to fulfil support net criteria of equipment being less than 4 years old

School based ICT budget

Principal, school manager, ICT Manager

Investigations during second term 2012. Purchase and install

Technologies will be purchased and installed in classrooms. Anecdotal feedback from teachers will indicate improved student

The Woden School


engagement in learning

The Woden School