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+91 141 4025091. and many more. Prathviraj Company Introduction Linux Scrappers Technologies a globally recognized Company invites B. Within no span of time. In turn it enable us to establish. Some of the students from engineering colleges seem to possess a distorted view of internships. most of the students go for internship just for sake to obtain a certificate as it is mandatory by their university. we have covered the top most colleges of Rajasthan which include SKIT. internships are an opportunity for students to learn some new technologies or extra things which is not a part of their curriculum for a short duration (2 weeks to 6 months) during their coursebreaks or during weekends and off-college hours. +91 7742371525 saurabh@LinuxScrappers. JAVA. JVWU. Novell). Don’t be confuse with the word internship and choose a right place to utilize your summer break in learning some innovative technologies which can give you an edge over others. being implemented in the country. In brief. Maharani Farm. The internship or Training platform allow for certain amount of practical learning but most of the students seem to neglect or under-estimate the value of internships in gaining real practical experience in preparing them for a smoother transition from college to workplace. They do not fully understand why internships exist and the value that they can potentially bring. in India.Summer Internship/Training for BE/B-tech Students – 2012 Proposal by Linux-Scrappers Author/feedback: Saurabh Galav. ranging from training to summer project which is equivalent to the word internship. and many more. Jaipur-302018 Call to: +91 141 4025091(O) +91 7742371525(M) Mail to: saurabh@linuxscrappers. Here are a few commonly used terminologies used for internships in India: Linux Scrappers Technologies (P) Ltd. This is mainly because. LINUX(Red . they do not realize that the work done during an internship can be mentioned on their CV and the skills acquired marketed during their first job Url: www.Tech/BE (any branch.linuxscrappers. 169. What is Summer Internship? The word “Internship” is no more new or unknown to engineering students but most of them are not familiar with the term “internship” exactly means to. CCNA. SEC Sikar. Durgapura. Why Linux Scrappers For Summer Training? Our objective has been to provide skilled manpower to support the vast development programs. Today. students across different cultural backgrounds use different terminologies.Net. promote and propagate Education programs there by providing the right kind of professionals and skilled personals required by the corporate. year)/ MCA / BCA / MBA(IT) students for Summer Training/Internship 2012. We deliver workshops on PHP. .

. Jaipur-302018 Call to: +91 141 4025091(O) +91 7742371525(M) Mail to: saurabh@linuxscrappers. . 169. Which is very useful for the students like MCA. Url: www. B.Hands on Demonstrations of Latest Technologies. . tech students who have Computer science or IT as their specialization.Learn & Interact with renowned Industry Experts.Provide students the in-depth corporate knowledge of a function. Live Projects would be provided to interested candidates.Linux Scrappers Certification is highly appreciated in Top companies.A taste of working life for students who do not have a work experience . after completion of project. .Gives the students a change to apply into actual practice the fundamentals that they learnt in there course curriculum.Will also include personality development and Technical skills.Will also include Interview preparation skills. .Certification by LINUX SCRAPPERS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD.After completion of training. PHP is a part of web designing & development. .com . Maharani Farm. Live Demos. . Interactive Question & Answer sessions and comprehensive reading material.Receive an unparalleled education on the art of personality development with personal one-on-one attention. . . Durgapura.linuxscrappers. PHP Summer Training Program Linux-Scrappers offers Summer Training On PHP training program especially for the colleges students. . Prathviraj Nagar. . Linux Scrappers Technologies (P) Ltd. .Practical learning based Training Program.Placement Assistance to students attending our training. .-Project / Final year project / Summer Project -Summer internship / summer training -In-plant training/ industrial training Benefits Of The Summer Training . Special Feature . We organize php Summer Training in Jaipur. .Get thorough insight into Industry Standard.Helps student in deciding the kind of specialization they want to pursue.PowerPoint Presentation.Separate Certificate for project work at company letter head.

Contents  Introduction to LAMP. It provides many different applications such as . Event-driven Programming 3. XAMPP  History and evolution of PHP  How to Install PHP on different OS  Basic Scripting  PHP Building Blocks  PHP Structures  Function  Array  Working with Forms  Files & Directories  Dates  Integration of MYSQL  Cookies  Session Management  introduction of CMS  Debugging  Duration : 30 Days/ 6 Months(For MCA Students) .linuxscrappers.NET class library of codes. 169. Understanding Controls 2. Introduction to ASP. prevents many programming blunders and complexities and empowers the programmer to innovate better variations and developments.NET: 1. Jaipur-302018 Call to: +91 141 4025091(O) +91 7742371525(M) Mail to: saurabh@linuxscrappers.NET is a very popular software framework that allows you to design and run applications. TextBoxes 4. Maharani Farm.NET Summer Training Program . Prathviraj Nagar. Your First ASP. Durgapura. This class library of codes simplifies many applications. DropDown Menus & ListBoxes Linux Scrappers Technologies (P) Url: www. Basic Controls: 1. Virtual Directories 2. Checkboxes & Radio Buttons 6. Image and Link buttons . Course Contents 1. Buttons 3.NET Program 2. WAMP.

Ad Rotator Control 4. Calendar Control 5. Novell IPX and Apple Talk networks. Durgapura. Congfiguration 5. Data Binding 2. and business applications. Probably the most unique characteristic of Linux is that it is freely distributable. Cisco CCNA certification is basic competency in computer networks. PowerPCs. Freely distributable means that the source code for the kernel and most software cannot be withheld. 169. Installation and support of 100 nodes or fewer in a LAN/WAN environment is the knowledge examined in this certification. Code-Behind 2. Prathviraj Nagar. Data Base Access Duration: 45 Days/ 6 Months (For MCA Students) JAVA Summer Training Program Java is a programming language and computing platform first released by Sun Microsystems in 1995. It covers Internet Protocol. DataGrids 3. User Controls 6. ranging from 386's/486's/Pentiums/Pentium II's to more exotic hardware such as Digital Alpha computers. It does not mean that companies cannot charge for it. It runs on a wide variety of hardware.3. Jaipur-302018 Call to: +91 141 4025091(O) +91 7742371525(M) Mail to: . Validation 4. Accessing Data Url: www. Panels 3. games. and Silicon Graphics workstations.linuxscrappers.  Duration: 45 days/ 6 Month (For MCA Students) Red Hat Linux Summer Training Program Linux is a complete operating system that is similar but not identical to UNIX. It is the underlying technology that powers state-of-the-art programs including utilities. Dynamic Content 2. Sessions 3. Application Design 4. Visual Studio 5.  Duration: 45 Days Linux Scrappers Technologies (P) Ltd. Complex Controls 1. Writing Applications 1.  Duration: 45 days CCNA Summer Training Program CCNA courses and CCNA certification program is to improve the skills of professionals in the home and small office networking segment. Maharani Farm.

linuxscrappers.Charges mentioned.On-line registration is a temporary reservation of a seat for fifteen days that would be confirmed only if registration formalities are received at our head office within the stipulated period. charges are three times more Certificates will not be issued before the completion of the Url: www. shall be closed if seats are filled. Prathviraj Nagar. are only for students.Trams & Condition . Maharani Farm. .com . Jaipur-302018 Call to: +91 141 4025091(O) +91 7742371525(M) Mail to: saurabh@linuxscrappers.Admission on First Come First Serve Basis Limited Seats. Linux Scrappers Technologies (P) Ltd. . for professionals.Registration Fee is Non-refundable and Non-transferable. On-line registration is a specific facility. . 169. Durgapura.

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