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Nepal Engineering College

Changunarayn, Bhaktapur

Submission of assignment on communication

Submitted by: Adarsha Bhattarai Roll no: 011-01 Transportation engineering and management

Submitted to: Mr. Kedar Man Joshi

1. Give the example of all kinds of noise that occur in the lecture room.
The different noise that generally occur in lecture room are Shouting Crying Laughing Whispering Gossip Chatting Quarreling Imitation of sound Sound produce by different instrument, material, rubbing, etc. 2. What is the difference between gossip and rumor? How much of the information do you think on your friends are true? Gossip means talking about someone or something with other person while rumor is also talking about someone or something which is not base on truth to other person. Gossip refers to talking about someone or something with another person or a group of persons. Rumor refers to spreading specific information about someone or something that as hot been verified. In other words, it may be a truth or falsehood. 3. Some student read so much just before an examination that they cannot recall any of the stuff while doing the exam. What problem they encountering in communication? Generally during exam time there is huge pressure on student mind. Students could not figure out due to overload of information on mind. When there is overload no other information could not kept on mind. In a day mind has capacity to load certain amount of information. 4. When I go to dinner with medical lecture, I have a problem because many of the words they use are related to their job. What problem I am experiencing? It may be of jargon. With unfamiliar words which are generally specialized terminology or technical language. It disturbs the understanding of meaning of communication. It confuses the receiver. It may feel me someone is back biting or someone is making fool of me. 5. What is encoding? What can be used for encoding?

Our feeling, thought, idea, emotion can be feel by next person. To make our message to perceive by next person we used words, symbol, gesture, picture which the receiver translates in the simple form to understand is encoding. 6. Give a good example of filtering information? Filtering is shortening of information. In any organization manager gives instruction to his/her assistant in day to day way to communication style. But assistant note it in simple form on point wise. While doing so he/she may miss the information or while shorting some important message may miss.

7. There are some people who so afraid of speaking in front of other they often use memos or email to communicate. Two kinds of people generally feel discomfort to talk in front of other or mass S/he may have some disorder. S/he may suffer from mass phobia.

8. Which communication channel has the lowest richness? The channel which has lowest richness of communication are due to Jargons Physical distance Long and complex sentence structure Lack of interest Reference groups Perception Value judgment Information overloaded Poor timing Omission

9. If a non verbal and verbal message is in conflict, people tend to believe which one? When it comes in conflict situation during that time people believe on non verbal message. Pictures speak more trust than words. When we need proof picture are the most effective evidence.

10. What are the key barriers of communication? There are four major barriers of communication. Technological barrier is also considered as barrier for communication. Physical barrier Physical distances Distortion of message Poor physical environment Organization barrier Long and tall hierarchy Semantic barrier Language Jargons Complicated sentence structure Psychological barrier Selective perception Lack of interest Reference groups Perception Value of judgments Status difference Social barriers Filtering of message Technological barriers Information overload Poor timing Critical information is not received in time Omission

11. If you have rate, which communication modality could be most effective? It depends upon the volume of message and charge for it. Generally people send text message rather than verbal message because it more cheap to send. Some time people send message by gesture, sign, symbols etc which is most cost effective and can perceive my receiver what sender has sent.

12. What could be the causes sometimes you cannot conceive the message properly? What should be done to come out this problem? Reason may be simple it is because of improper coding of message. Coding of message mainly effect by noise on the system. We need to reduce the noise level in the system. Language ( similar language while conveying message) Jargon (should not used technical words) Proper and understood able sing and symbols