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/wz/ Adjective Having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgment: "a wise precaution".

Noun The manner or extent of something.

Synonyms adjective. sage - clever - sapient - judicious intelligent noun. manner - way - mode - fashion - method modus

Definition of wise in English


Pronunciation: /wz/

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having or showing experience, knowledge, and good judgement:she seems kind and wise a wise precaution

sensible or prudent:it would be wise to discuss the matter with the chairman

having knowledge in a specified subject:he is wise in the ways of haute couture

(wise to) informal aware of, especially so as to know how to act:at seven she was already wise to the police

verb [no object] (wise up) [often in imperative] informal become aware of or informed about something:wise up to the flavours of North Africa


be wise after the event

understand and assess a situation only after its implications have become obvious: it is easy to be wise after the event

be none (or not any) the wiser

not understand something, even though it has been explained: she said an awful lot but he wasnt any the wiser I am still none the wiser about the meaning of the word


wisely adverb


Old English ws, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch wijs and German weise, also to wit2

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