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civil elegy #1 the verge is and so much is on it while so much is gone and the use of words in this context

in this life in this emergence and vanishing? while so much is gone the verge is and so much is on it

zoologie sun coming down riddle me this under the heavens if we keep translating particularities with the same old codes, we end up conditioning ourselves to the aches of space where the open field and bosom of dropping clouds are as the huge bright sword of rainbow is to the sun to the mechanics of things and to migration patterns in your dreams sun coming down riddle me this under the heavens the walls of eternity's chamber are in apprenticeship to happiness tethered to the breeze well feathered but no quarrel reaped for we have no need for this not for the clocks of waste but for the unfolding inland souls sun coming down riddle me this under the heavens i am like a chimney in the snow blacker than coal where the raven watches: it sneaks and nudges in brazen crowing rushes in the embedded, half-hidden cushion of crocuses spring cartography like a maddening dandelion cajoling grace in the wild lawned island lost laboratory in the shadows and steppes of space.

acorn patience ...the great fact all the while however had been the incalculability, allowing, in the most liberal manner, for brilliancy of change; the universe is flawed, alls past is unchangeable, beautifully so and the dead often speak, clumsily. we orbit acts of kindness graft memories to presentness splice the circuitry of the universe while acorns hang in stillness under cloud-racked near-Easter suns that defy us and defy causality

[acorns, being too heavy for wind dispersal, require other elements to spread. oaks therefore depend on biological seed dispersal agents to move the acorns beyond the mother tree and into a suitable area for germination (including access to adequate water, sunlight and soil nutrients) ideally a minimum of 2030 metres from the parent tree. in literature they have long been a symbol of patience (they can take between 6-24 months to mature).]

maloufean filigree and then there is melbourne port philip bay, bass strait, the tasman sea oceanias desert riverina the period of caramel chemical soil mechanics washing nights tapissery light into tangerine september suns and consequence of moons port campbell, cape liptrap, frankston, colac, tratalagon, warragui, wonthaggi, too queens cliff, hastings, haw haw and ararat; and i'm on island time while the echoes of childhood fold into your constellations and the imagined settlements we make peal into the distance, desert and stars spirit, beyond this page, lies quiet in horse-shadows in oil-violet pools of dusk: the hearts drum roll the promise of cornflower.

white canoe (after peter doig) there is a light rolling light when fences come down and locally quarried stone bleeds through the undergrowth that offers life like a flash of robin similar to the yellow robin on a rainforest fringe an impossible centre in a motionless morning yet homage and consent to the algorithmic rhythmical afternoon cross-hatched so ripe with promise under widening continuous rain inhabited skies. a stilled train on an empty track cloud flocks over humbled weatherboards the green within the tired pastoral and the huge bright sword of rainbow mirrored on a process to somewhere else by open cast mines facing north and ploughed field bends in crystal skies there is a light whipped in the thickened grass of mid-september evenings in a roughly stockinged snow gum trunk from a distance the red of the signal stop the approximate soulscape - unambiguous circumambient anchor - definitive, irreversible as the invasive pines under cirrostratus and starlings at dusk the edge of hayfields under blue and partings in hair take to the wing uncomplicated oceanic dazzle riverine commonwealth come rushing in the loss of folk on a process to somewhere else in cows black against green and the solitude of earthrise.

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