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¯ll¯l¯ªl +·¯ +·-lllºl, ¯l¯¯l -¯l+-¯ll ·l-l¯l¯l ¡
l¯l(4l¯l(4l ¯l-ll -l-¯ll, ¯l-l-¯l ¯ll¯l ¯¯¯l-l ¡¡ -.:c
Do your duty to the best of your ability, O Arjuna,
with your mind attached to the Lord. Give up worry for
and selfish attachment to the results. Remain calm in
both success and failure, because one has no control
over the results. The calmness of mind is the fruit of
Nishkāma-Karma-yoga. (2.48)
s ¬i·i, iª·ii-·ii · ··ii·i ¬iª l·i·-i·i ·i lªªi-i si·ª, ª·iiªi·i·i
¬iªil·-i ·i -·ii·i·ª ¬i·i ·-i··i··ii ·i ·i~ii·iil-i ii~i·i ·ªi.
ªi¤~i-ii ¬iª ¬ªi¤~i-ii ·i ·i·i ·i lªªiª ·ii·i ·i ªs·ii si ··i·ii·i
·s~ii-ii s, ··iil· ··i¤~i ·i·i··i · ·i·i ·i ·isi s. (·.-t)
¯l+·-l l+·¯l-llºlll-l, ¯lºl +·-lllºl ¯l¯l:l¡
¤r+·l¯l¯l-l¯l--ll, +·-llrl-ll-l -l-¯l-l ¡¡,.·:
All works are done by the forces (or Gunas) of
Nature. Due to ignorance, people assume themselves
to be the doer and suffer from karmic bondage. We all
are just a divine instrument and should help each
other. (3.27)
·iiª-i·i ·i ªiªiiª · ªiiª ·i·i i·l-i ·ii · ·iºiªii iª·i··iª ·i
·il·-i · (iªi l·¤ ii-i s, iª·-i ¬ni·i·i·i ·i·i··i ¬i·i ¬ii·i si
·-ii ªi·i:i ~i-ii s -iªii ··i¤~i ·i ¬iªil·-iªii ·i·i·ii ªi ·i·i ii-ii
s. ·i·i··i -ii iª·i ·il·-i · siªi ·i ··i~i ¤· ·-i-i~ii ·iii s.
ªis·ii·i ·i·i ªi iª·i··iª ·i iil-i si-ii s. (,.·:)
¯lªl·lll¯l ¯ll-l(lsl¯-l¯ , -l¯-l¯ll-l +·¯-ls¯l-l ¡
ul-lll¯-l ¯l¯l+·-lllºl, -l¯-l¯ll-l +·¯-l -lªll ¡¡:.;:
As a blazing fire reduces wood to ashes, similarly,
the fire of Self-knowledge removes all our past Karma
and demonic qualities. Spiritual knowledge is the best
purifier. It opens up the gates of Nirvana for us. (4.37)
s ¬i·i, iªi ¬l··i ~i·÷i ·i i~ii ·-ii s, ·iªi si ni·iªii ¬l··i
s·iiª ··i · ·i·i·ii -iªii ªiiª ¬·i·iºii ·i ·iª·i ·ª ·il·-i ·i (iª ªii¬
·-ii s. (-.,:)
¯l-¯ll¯l¯l -l -lrl·llrl, ¯El-l ¤l¯-l-l ¤¯ll¯l-l ¡
¯ll¯l¯l+-ll -ll-l¯ ·ln, -ll¯l¯ºlll·l¯l¯¯l-l ¡¡º.cº
Samnyāsa or giving up the feeling of doership and
ownership (Kartā and Bhoktā), is difficult to attain
without Nishkām-Karma-Yoga (selfless service, Sevā).
We are just a trustee of God-given wealth. Sevā
gradually leads to Self-knowledge, faith, deep
devotion, and Mukti. (5.06)
s ¬i·i, ··i·ii·i ·i l·iª·iiªi ªi·ii · l·i·ii ·i) ªi··iiªi·ii·i
(¬ªii-i ··ii ·i ‘·i ¬iª ·iªii·i’ · ·ii·i ·i -·ii·i) ·i ii-i si·ii
·l-·i s. ªi··ii ··i·ii·ii ·ii·i si iª·ii-·ii ·i ii-i ·ª-ii s. s·i ·i·i
ªiil-i · ··i¬ ªiª·i· ·iii s. l·i··i·i··i·ii·i ·i ·iª·i ªii·ii
¬i-·ini·i, ¬iª ¬i-·ini·i ·i ¤¬ iªi·il·-i ¬ªii-i ·il·-i s. (¸.c.)
¯ll -ll ¯l:¯ll-l ¯l¯l¯l, ¯l¯l ¯l -ll¯l ¯l:¯ll-l ¡
-l¯¯llr -l ¯lºl:¯lll-l, ¯l ¯l -l -l ¯lºl:¯ll-l ¡¡º.;c
One who sees Me everywhere and in everything, and
sees everything in Me, is not away from Me, and I am
not away from him. Such a person loves all and hates
no one. (6.30)
ii ·i·i··i ªi·i i·is -iªii ªi·i ·i ·i:i ªi·i··iiii iª·is iª·ii-·ii
~i··ºi ·i si ·ªi-ii s, ¬iª ªi·i·i ·i:i ·i si ·ªi-ii s, ·i ¤ªii
·is¬i·i ·i·i··i ªi ¬~i·i ·isi ªs-ii, -iªii ·is ·ii ·i:i ªi ··ii ·ª ·isi
si-ii ¬iª ·is ªi·iª-i iilºi·ii ·i ªi·ii·i ·ii·i ªi ·ªi-ii s. (..,c)
·lr-ll ¯l--l-ll-l ¤--l, ul-l¯ll-l -ll ¯l¯l¤-l ¡
¯ll¯l¯¯l ¯l¯l-l sl-l, ¯l -lrl--ll ¯l¯¯l-l ¡¡:.·º
After many births the wise ones surrender to My will by
realizing that everything is, indeed, another form of
Brahman. The One has become all these. Such a great
soul is very rare. (7.19)
¬·i· i··ii · ·ii· ·isni·i ii-i·ª l· ·is ªi·i ·¬ ·isª·iªi
¬ªii-i ··ºi·i·i s, ·i·i··i ·iªi ·iªºi ·i ¬i-ii s, ¤ªii ·isi-·ii ·is-i
·~i·i s. ªi·i ·¬ ·iªi si ª·iªi s. (:.+·)
-l¯-ll-l ¯l¯l¯l +·l¯l¯l , -ll-l ¤-l¯-l¯ ¯l·¯l ¯l ¡
-l¯¯l ¤l¯l-l-l-ll·ll(¯ , -ll-l ¯¯l¯¯l¯¯l ¤¯l:l¯l-l ¡¡c.c:
Always remember Me before starting any work and
do your duty. Thus you shall certainly remember Me at
the time of death and come to Me if your mind and
intellect are ever focused on Me. (8.07)
l·ªii ·ii ·i·i ·ª·i · is¬ ~)i ¬iª ·il·-ii·i· ·iªi ª·iªºi ·ªi
¬iª ¬i·ii ·-i··i ·ªi. ªi·i ·iªi si l·i·-i·i ·ªi. ;ªi -iªs ·i:i ·i ¬·i
·i·i ¬iª ·il) · (iªi -i·i l·iªi··s ·i-·i·i¬ ·i ·i:i ·ii··ª ·ii·i ii-i
·ªi·i. (t.c:)
¯l¯l ¯l¯¯l 1·¯l -ll¯l, ¯ll -l -l+-¯ll ¯l¯l¯¯l-l ¡
-l¯ ¤r -l+-¯l¯lï-l-l, ¤:-lll-l ¯l¯l-ll--l-l¡¡º.-º
Whosoever offers Me a leaf, a flower, a fruit, or water
with faith and devotion  even mentally; I accept and
eat the offering of devotion by the faithful. (9.26)
ii ·i·i··i ~)i ¬iª ·il·-i ªi ii, ¤~i, ¤~i, i~i, ¬il· ·i; ·ii
·iª-i  ·ii·ilªi· ªiªi ·ii  ·i:i ¬iºi ·ª-ii s, -ii ·i ¬ªi ·i)l·i-i
·ii~i ·i·-i ·i ·is i·iiisiª ··i¬ ª·ii·iª si ·isi ·ª-ii, ·il~· ¬ªi·i
·ii·i ·ii ·ª-ii s. (·.·.)
¯¯l¯l-l ¯¯ll--l-ll--ll-l, ¯l-ªl -¯l ¯l¯¯ll-l-l ¡
-l-l-ll¯l-l -l-l:l, ¯¯l¯¯l ¯l¯l-¯l-l ¡¡·c.·º
O Creator and Lord of all, God of gods, the Supreme
person, and Lord of the universe, only You know
Yourself. No one can know God, the Source of
creation. (10.15)
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s iilºi·ii ·i ¬-i¤ ·ª·i ·ii~i, s ·i-i·i, s ··ii · ··i, i·i-i ·
ª·ii·ii, iª·ii-i·i, ¬ii si ªi·i·i ¬-il-i · ¬il· ·iªºi s, ¬-i ¬ii·i
·i; ·isi ii·i ªi·-ii, ··i~i ¬ii ª·i·i si ¬i·i ¬ii·i ii·i-i s.
-l-+·-l+·-l -l-¯l¯-ll, -lä+-l ¯l¯¯l¯ll¯l-l ¡
l-l¯l¯ ¯l¯l-l-l¯l , ¯l ¯l -ll-l ¯l-l ¯llº¯¯l ¡¡··.ºº
The devotee who offers all his or her work as a
worship to Me, who has detached-attachment or no
deep attachment to anything, who is My devotee and
depends on Me, and who is free from enmity toward
any creature, reaches Me. (11.55)
ii ·i·i··i ¬i·i ªi·iºi ·-i··i ··ii ·i ·i:i ¬iºi ·ª-ii s, ·i:i iª
si ·iªiªii ªªi-ii s, ·iªi ·i·-i s, -iªii ii i¬ ··i¬·i-i ¬iªil·-i ªls-i
(·ii ¬·iiªi·-i ¬iªi·-i) -iªii l·i·iª s, ·isi ·i:i ii-i ·ª-ii s. (++.¸¸)
¤l-l¯l¯ll-l¯ll¯l -l¯¯l ¤l¯l:¯l -l-ll ¯l -ll, l-l-¯l¯l+-ll ¯¯ll¯l-l ¡
¤(¯ll ¯l¯¯ll¯l-ll¯l, -l -l ¯l+-l-l-ll -l-ll¡¡·-.c-
Lord Krishna said: I consider the best yogis to be
those devotees who worship with supreme faith by
fixing their mind on My personal form. (12.02)
~i·i·i·ii·i ·ii~i ii ·i·-ii·i ¬i·i ·i·i ¬iª ;l···ii ·i ·i·i ·i ·ª,
iª·i ~)i ¬iª ·il·-i ªi ·i·-i si·ª ·i:i iª·is iª·i··iª · ªi·iºi ªi
·i ¬iiªi·ii ·ª-i s, ·i ·iª ·i-i ªi ~·- s. (+·.c·)
sl-¯¯llªl¯l ¯l¯l¯¯l-l, ¤-lr+·l¯ ¯¯l ¯l ¡
¯l--l-l-¯l¯l¯l¯¯lll·l¯El¯l¯ll-l¯:l-l-l ¡¡·;.cc
Dislike for sensual pleasures, absence of “I and my”,
thinking about pain and suffering in birth, old age,
disease and death leads to Self-knowledge and
Nirvana. This world is called the house of misery.
;l·(·ii · l·i·i·ii ªi ·iªi··i, ‘·i ¬iª ·iªi’·i ¬·ii·i, -iªii i··i,
·i)i·iªªii, ªi·i, ¬iª ·i-·i ·i ·ªiªi ·i·ii ·i ·iiª·iiª ·ªi·ii ni·i ¤·i
·ii·i iil-i · ªii·i·i s. ªiªiiª ·i ·ªii¬·i ·si ·i·ii s. (+,.ct)
¯l-l¯El¯lEl ¯¯l¯ªl, ¯l-l¯ll¯-l:-l+·l¯¯l-l ¡
-l¯¯ll¯l¯lll¯l¯ll ·ll¯¯l, -l¯¯ll-l-¯l--l¯l¯-ll-l ¡¡·:.-:
One who is always God-conscious and depends on My
will and, remains calm in pain and pleasure, censure
and praise, to whom a clod, a stone, and gold are alike,
and to whom the dear and the unfriendly are alike and
is full of devotion, attains Me. (14.24)
ii l·iª·-iª ¬i-·i·ii·i ·i ªs-ii s -iªii ªiªi·ªi ·i ªi·ii·i ªs-ii s,
liªi· l¬¤ l·i--i, i-ªiª, ¬iª ªii·ii ·iªi·iª s, ii li·i¬li·i, l·i··i
ª-il-i, ·ii·i¬i·ii·i, -iªii ·iil·ii ·i ªi·ii·i ·ii·i ªªi-ii s  ·is ·i:i
ii-i ·ª-ii s. (+-.·-)
l-l-ll-l-llrl l¯l-l¯l¯¯l¯l¯ll, ¤·¯ll--ll-l-¯ll l¯ll-l¯l-l+·l-ll ¡
)-)¯ l¯l-l+-ll ¯lEl¯El¯lu¯ , ¯l¯¯--¯l ¤-l¯l ¯l¯-l ¤¯¯l¯l -l-l ¡·º.cº
Moksha is attained by those who are free from pride,
desires and Moha (delusion), who have controlled the
evil of attachment, who is always God conscious and
remains calm in gain and loss, victory and defeat.
ii ·ii·i, ·iis ¬il· ªi l·i·i-i si ·i· s, li·si·i ¬iªil·-iªii ·i·i
·i ii-i l~i·ii s, ii iª·ii-·ii · ª·iªi ·i l·i-·i lªªi-i s, ¬iª li·i·i
·i·i·ii·i iºiªi ªi ªi·ii-i si ·i·i s, -iªii ii ªiªi·ªi ¬il· (·(i
ªi l·i·i·-i si ·i·i s ¤ªi ni·iii·i ¬ªi ¬l·i·ii·ii iª·i·ii·i ·i ii-i
·ª-i s. (+¸.c¸)
l¯ll¯l·l -l¯+·¯¯l¯, )l¯ -ll:l-l-ll--l-l ¡
+·l-l +·l·l¯-lªll ¯ll-l¯l, -l¯-ll¯ ¯-l-l ¯l¯l -¯l¯l-l ¡¡·º.-·
Lust (for wealth, power, and sensual pleasures),
anger, and greed are the three gates of hell leading to
the downfall (or reincarnation) of the individual soul.
Uncontrolled sensual desire is the root of all evils and
misery. Therefore, one must learn to give up these
three. (16.21)
·i·i (¬ªii-i ·i-ii, ·i·i·i ¬iª ;l···i ªiªi ·i -ii·i ¬iªil·-i), ·i·i,
¬iª ~ii·i ii·i ·i ·iª· ·i ¬iª ~i ii·i ·ii~i -ii·i (iª s, ·i·i ·i
iii ·i ·i¬ ·si ·i·ii s. ;ªil~i¤ ;·i -ii·ii ·i -·ii·i ·ª·ii ªiiªi·ii
·iils¤. (+..·+)
¯l-¯ll-l¯¯ll ¯l¯l¯¯l, ¤(l -l¯ll-l -ll¯-l ¡
¤(l-l¯lls¯l ¯l¯¯ll, ¯ll ¯l¯¯( ¯l ¯¯l ¯l ¡¡·:.c;
The faith of each is according to one’s own nature or
Samskāra. One is known by one’s faith. One can
become whatever one wants to be (if he constantly
thinks about his goal with a burning desire and deep
faith in God). All we are is the result of our thoughts.
s ¬i·i, ªi·ii ·i·i··ii ·i ~)i ¬·i· ª·i·ii·i -iªii ªiª·iª · ¬·iªi
si-ii s. ·i·i··i ¬i·i ª·i·ii·i ªi ii·ii ii-ii s. ·i·i··i iªii ·ii ·iis ·iªii
si ·i·i ªi·-ii s (·il· ·is ~)ii·i· ¬i·i ;l·¬-i ··i·i ·i l·i·-i·i
·ª-ii ªs). s·i ¬i·i l·i·iiªi ªi si ·i·i s. (+:.c,)
l¯l¯l¯ll-¯¯l¯l¯ll¯ll¯ , ¯l-l -l¯ ¤¯ls-l-ll¯l-l-l ¡
¯ll¯ºll-l l¯l¯l-l s¯l, -l-l ¯lEl ¯l¯l¯l ¯-l-l-l ¡¡·c.;c
Sensual pleasures, appear as nectar in the beginning
but become poison in the end, are in the mode of
passion. One should not get too much attached to
sense pleasures. (18.38)
;l·(·ii · ·ii·i ªi ¬-i¤ ªiªi ·i  ii ·ii·i · ªi·i·i -ii ¬·i-i ·
ªi·ii·i ~i·i-ii s, iª·-i ¬ªi·i ilªºii·i l·i·i ·i -iªs si-ii s 
ªiilªi· ªiªi ·si ·i·ii s. s·i ¤ªi ªiªi ·i ¤ªi·ii ·isi ·iils¤.
¯l s-l ¯l¯-l ¯lÐ, -lä+-l¯¯l ¤l-l·ll¯¯ll-l ¡
-ll+-l -ll¯l ¯l¯l +·-¯ll, -ll-l ¯¯l¯¯l-¯l ¤¯l:l¯l ¡¡
One who shall study and help propagate this
supreme secret philosophy to My devotees, shall be
doing the highest devotional service (Bhakti) to Me,
shall be very dear to Me and shall certainly come to
Me. The gift of knowledge is the best gift. (18.68-69)
ii ··il·-i ·ii-ii · ;ªi iª·i ·i= ni·i ·i i-·iii-·i (iªi ·iª
·i·-ii·ii · ·ii·i i·iiªiªiiª ·ª·ii, ·is ·iªi ªi·ii-i·i iªi ·il·-i -iªii
li·i ·i·i ·ª· l·iªi··s ·i:i ii-i si·ii. ·iªi ¬ªiªi ·ii·i ·iiªi ;ªi
iª·ii iª ·i; ·ªiªi ·isi si·ii. ni·i·i·i ·i ·isi·i·i ·si ·i·ii s.
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