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25.03.2013 Mr. Dutta and Mr. Ghosh Fn-3 1. if p/v v/v stuck how will u come to know and what will be ur action. 2. How to pr. Test co2 bottle? While hydraulic testing how will u remove liquid inside the bottle? ... 3. Rudder diagram. How stern post connected to hull? If in d/d drain plug stuck and can not be removed by normal spanner how will u remove it? 4. Harmonised system of certifates. 5. Suction head limit of emergency fire p/p. Physics of NPSH? 6. Difference b/w tankscope and explosimeter.

Fn-4b 1. How will u know exh. V/v actuator is working effeciently overboard v/v is attached to ships hull? 3. rest i dont remember for fn 4b i'll update later.

25/03/13 Mr. Ghosh n Mr. Dutta

fn 4b

... Automatic start air valve overhaul ME TC casing holed, cnt repair, what will u do? Chiller in IG system n crossquestions abt it Catfines n homogeniser How will u test ME Exhaust v/v actuator working?

fn 6

Pipe schedule n how will u order a new pipe given n old pipe with its pr rating only Chain block working MPI n hw done on board Strobe coupling What is Lloyds grade A steel Acetylene bottle why cant be used lying down

Cleared fn 5

Surveyors wr only Ghosh n Jain today..heared both wil be comming tomorrow with on leave...See More 25/03/13 Gadkar & ghosh Fn-3

1.what is parametric rolling? ... 2.rudder diagram. 3.interval of scba bottle pressure testing. 4.harmonised survey. 5.suction head limit of emergency fire pump. 6.co2 bottle level measurement by isotope method.See More

Today...26/03/2013 @ DGS....dutta and ghosh

Cleared class 22222222

... Question..... His typical ones.... 1. Diff betw bhc and ibc code. 2. Eedi n seemp. 3.pv valve stuck...wat wil u do. 4. Rudder drawing. 5.type of fixed gauging for ship....radar wala explained 6.UTU and how u fix while taking reading. 7. Vapour lock. 8.if co2 room bootles clamps..not in place...wil u discharge wil u go about...See More

oral @ dgs int:-ghadkar nd ext: ghosh function 3:1) what is heavy weather ballast,x-question what r d tank specialities. 2) draw propeller nd how it is attached to the hull. 3) what is eedi nd seemp. 4) in co2 botlle clamp in the co2 room clamp is not present so can v release co2 in case of fire. 5) emergency fire pump suction how much? 6) harmonization of surveys. function 4b:1) why do we need to change the big end bearings after a set running hrs...due to fatigue coz of forces on con rod. 2) cat fines hdrophillic meaning. 3) indicator diagram.x-question if ur piston ring is broken nd ur exhaust v/v is leaking how will u find out that both are leaking.guyz do remeber to show the clearance vol. in d indicator card.

4) what is Ps and what is its conversion in kw & hp:- thanx to dilawar the ans to this Ps is pferdestrake 1ps=0.98hp & 0.73 kw function 6: 1) mpi testing..i told him abt creating rotating magnetic fields...x-quaetion that y d iron filings dnt move in circular circulation. 2) winch brakes testing. 3) what is bio degradable oil. there were some more questions but cnt remember now.........will post dem as soon as i remeber............some oder questions being asked to oder guyz were about homogenizer nd how it reduces NOx. exhaust v/v acuator how will u know if its developing its required pressure.

cleared safety..........

fn 3 ans 1 - @ varun heavy weather ballast is the designated cargo tank in a bulk carrier that is to be ballasted specially during heavy weather...specialtiy for dis tk is it has water ingresa system alarm which is bypassed during ballast,then ballast pumping piping arrangement is to b dere

Also it has protective coating on tank nd venting arrangement ia diff.

fn 3 ans 4 - If co2 released unclamped then due to pr nd ship movement it might fall down where the co2 will go below the syphon tube causing it to freeze nd preventing flow of co2 in the line April 2 at 4:50pm via mobile Like

Gaurav Kishor Malusare so can v realease the co2 if clamp is not present in case of fire April 2 at 4:51pm Edited Like

Bijedar Sankhla sorry friend to cannot release co2 if clamp are not in place.. the main reason is co2 bottle is pressurized at 52bar if u release with clamp lose the bottle

will fly off like rocket and damage the entire system of piping which will lead to complete failure of system..and then you cannot use your co2 anymore hence.....i hope its ok now with this question

@ bijendar...even i thought of the same thing as u for co2 being released unclamped...but den was told that the accepted answer was d onegiven above so i gave dt ans. Only...but wt u r sayin is also rite but am not sure weder it'll b acceptable

on behalf of bijedar....the answer of bottle flying off like rocket was given by surveyor itself one of my friend went through same question he had answer something that time the surveyor said bottle pressure will act and bottle will flyoff and damage the piping system completely..same like when u keep a empty drum upside down and inside u burn rope bomb in diwali the drum flyies offf ...i guess same thing over here

@ rajesh jat im not sayin that bijedar is wrong he's rite....even i thought d same.....but i was told dis ans...nd gave d one can try both d ans. in orals...if one doesent work d oder one can or if d surveyor is askin for more reasons of not releasing co2 unclamped then one can tell both d above mentioned is upto self...

fn 3 ans - 6 Harmonization of surveys is collectively having different flag state aurveys togeder if they have different dates of renewal of their certificate...then a colllective survey is held nd the certificate then issued for all certificates will b fron the date of the completion if harmonization survey.

fn 4b ans 2 - @amol cat fines hydrophillic means that cat fines hav affinity for in a settling tank cat fines will luk for water nd can b drained from time to time rreducing their conten

some more questions asked by ghosh on 1stdiff betwen rescue boat n lifeboat wear rings of a pump damaged,none in spare--wot to do hydrostatic release liferaft co2 latest amendments

Guys sorry for posting late.. orals @ dgs ..internal .Dutta sir & external- Gosh sir only Fn 6.....Result-Pass... 1) what is MPT? EXPLAIN? i said..its Magnetic particle testing...done to detect crack on ferrous material, then told him abt the basic principle ..he said how will you go abt in propeller shaft?....actually i have seen this in dry dock i said that an electro magnet is used which is supplied current by mobile battery set , the area to be tested is cleaned thoroughly and then a liquid spray containing iron filing is sprayed and the electro magnet is moved slowly thru it , if any crack it can be seen with iron filings clinging to cover up the crack, and will take the shape of the crack... but he was not so impressed with the electro magnet thing....... 2)why Acetylene bottles are kept vertically straight? i said as bottle contains acetone which is in liquid state, liquid will come out from the torch if kept horizontal, so improper burning of torch and explosion may occur.....he said only liquid

is there inside?..i said there is a spongy type material filled with acetone.....actually he wanted more........but this was max i can explain,, 3)he gave me a situation.."suppose you are in dry dock and everything is finished , suddenly superintendent realized that DB tank plugs are not tested ,how will you go about it in the least possible time? i said that we can fabricate a short pipe on the manhole door for pr guage and air connection and can test it by air pr.....he said are you sure, by air can we do it? i said this was done in dry dock .....he said then if it is a big tank how much air you will require and at what pressure.........for pressure i said abt 0.5 bar.....was not impressed i guess... 4)how will you measure the ovality of crank pin? i drew the crank pin diagram and showed him the positions where to take the reading with outside micrometer...four readings on aft nd fwd side....... then he said you want to send this report to your office showing that one pin has exceeded the ovality say 0.2 will you prepare your report ..draw the tables with the values of a pin havng a dia of 200 mm......actually i knew the table but some how wasnot able to put the values .... 5) working of chain block? i drew the diagram posted in r group and explained him the working , abt the clutch, ratchet pinion and gearing system, he said how clutch engages and disengages the pinion...i said that the hand chain wheel is on multi lead axial threaded shaft so if you turn clockwise the hand will move inward and engages the clutch and viceversa will disengage the clutch......he said ok,,how will the load stay still in hanging condition ?for this again i explained the gearing funda,,,,but he wanted more ...... Dutta sir called me in and said those magical words "GO, PASSED"......i thank my GOD, my family ,frnds and this group for their immense support and guidance....... i have posted in detail of the ques asked to me....if any doubt please do ask me...i will try to help to the best of my ability........

Bhushan Malla Mr Ghosh, Mr Dutta, 03/07 fun 4 & 6 1) Automatic starting air valve 2) thin and think bearings 3) Exhaust valve actuater, seat & valve angle 4) indicator and draw card diagram, piston leak and exhast valve leak draw card 5) how to order pipe, types of pipes, what is galvanised pipe, how galvanised pipes are made. sch 40 & 80 6) flash back arrester 7) underslung crankshaft 8) interfarance fit 9) flaring tool 10) what is cate fines, how to remove 11) countersunk screws

12) one ton ac 13) Micropitting, why propellershaft require earthing when it is in sea water 14) centrifugal pump clearances, what to do if there is no spare wear ring cleared fun 6

oral at dgs internal gadkar, external- dont know 1. what is ballast water treatment procedures. explain uv treatment with diagram 2. what is stability of ship. measures of stability 3.solas latest ammendments. diagrame of free fall life boat release mechanism 4. expalin solas chapter 12 in detail. not studied 5. crank case explosion. density of oil mist, temperature of hot spot 6. draw refer diagram. why expansion valve temp is low. how back pressure valve working. lot of cross questions 7.difference between generator and main engine governor, lot of cross questions 8.when exhaust boiler washing water will go to turbocharger, how it is avoided. cross questioning 9. alternator trips. why overcurrent 10.avr detailed description 11. megger circuit diagram 12.crosshead bearing inspection procedure. cross questions 13. detailed description of pms. not defination all containt of it 14. how to operate purifier with different density liquid. 15. drydock inspection. result repeat all. Ashutosh Kumar

What is the working pr. Of sh40,sh80,NO.....?

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Harsh Mehta

PVC Pipes - Pressure Ratings Maximum operating and required burst pressure of PVC - Polyvinyl Chloride - pipe fittings

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Sameer Desai 3/7/13 external ghosh and internal datar( took only by external. fun 3 1. ballast water treatment methds approved?? told chemical substancte treatment , uv treatment, heat treatment he wants more.

2. on big tankers how to avoid free surface effect? told wash bhead, pressing up..c/q how will you press up?? and how will u put wash bhd(drawing) if we do this then steel weight will be more than cargo... want more in deep 3. sqauntling effect?? told as per notes but he wants more he wants to show by diagram how it is actually happens??? 4.what is oil measure? and what are approval for ship from majors??/ dont know i said i did only one tanker s ot aware of this much then he asked 5.what is parametric rolling on container as i did container. dont know. 6. gauging on tanker... told him abt closed open resticted then cq what is in close...said radar transreciver. then askedif it is not working what will u do said ut gauging.. cq how will u do there is chances of fainting of person due to inert gas.... not able to explain him. fun 4b 1. rudder diagram. drew from reeds unbalanced.... accepted 2. fuel pump of MAN and explanation of fuel adjustment.. explain.....said very good 3.indicator diagram for 4 stroke and explanation... drew from aranha........ happy 4.positive displacement pump i told him what i can but he still wanted some more.. 5.thin shell and tri metal brg, explained as per notes......said very good. fun 5 1.avr and explanation.... scr wala dig... lots of cross questions...... have to be thorough 2. dc motor applications on board electric propulsion, capstan in olden days then cq what are advantages..said speed control as i dont know but told by other guy... 3. pole changing motor winch how change the speed? said relation np=120f said ok then cq can we change frequncy?? said yes then asked how?// i said abt condensor but i dont know much abt it as he c ame to know he asked more cq 4.gen started not making voltage reason and ur action? told as per notes satisfied 5. what is thermistor, thyristor? 6.hand gloves insulation? fun 6 1.double bottom drain plug sealing how will u check? man fuel p/p injection late and ends early reason? 3. winch break test and calculation? 4. l/boat winch break test? how will u load l/boat during test? which side u will perform test, jetty or water? 5. how to test reserve buyancy of buyoncy tank of l/boat? there are some more questions will post later aas couldn,t recollect.. every question there is lot of cross questions and if u give ans as per notes he is not satisfied .......... thank you and best of luck

Kush Sharma

guys plz help 1.whts the min suction head for emergency fire p/p? 2.testing of the double bottom and rudder drain plug ? 3.Winch brake load test? 4. About homogenizer ?

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Parth Mishra 4.5 m min suction head and for d/b and rudder testing-raise water head to 2.5 m above the top of rudder or d/b Platform and then check for leaks...
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Harpreet Singh Bains now here the cross ques is why 2.45 m???
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havesh Tandel 4th july 2013...... mr. badwal..... all function he asked me all repeated questions..... 1) he asked me to make propeller and shaft arrangment....... i made safe tole wala figure....... then he asked me "was that in ur ship?"...... i said "it was not from my ship, but this is wat i studied"....... then

he asked me "wat is this?"(pointing towards araldite)..... i said "araldite".... then he asked me "wat is that araldite for?"........ i said "for bonding"..... then he said "do u think this araldite can take all the stresses?"......... i was like "kya bolu".......... i said "no sir"....... then he asked next que.... 2) he asked me 2 make figure of uniflow scavanging and loop scavanging wen piston is at tdc..... according to our earlier discussion i made figure...... that is long piston for loop scavangin....... but i was not aware how much long i sud make..... so i made piston such a way that it cover nearly half of outlet port........ then he asked me "y unflow is short piston and y loop is long?"....... so i said "to cover inlet and exh port".... so he said "but its half covering...... y not full covring?"........ so later i modified my figure with full covring of exh port"....... i dont know exactly how much it shud cover wethr both intlet and exh ports or only inlet or half inlet wen piston at tdc???????....... if anybdy knows plz inform me........ then ther was no reaction on him....... he started asking next que....... 3) how u chek piston ring butt clearence?????? according to standard ans i replied "put piston ring in new liner(overhauld) and chek butt clearence" ...his cross que was "u r going to use this piston ring in same old liner but u r cheking the butt clearence in new liner then wts the point of doing this?".... i had no answer......... then he came to next question 4)make a figur of safety v/v........ only seating arrangement...... i made figure..... cross que "wat is this (pointing towards the v/v lead and spindle joining pin)....... i said "sir... its tapered pin it vl be chamfered after insrting"...... his cross que "y its here?"...... actualy i made a pin very low, wher spindle is going to finish..... then he has print out of safety v/v figure....... he show me that figure that figure pin was not there but end of spindle was conical shape so he said " the pin cannot be at conical shape..... it shud be little up"....... i said "sory sir" 5) he told me to make figure of power card....... i finished half figure then he said "make power card or indicator card watvr u like".... so i made figure of power card..... then he said "show me late injection in that"....... i made it with dash dash line......... my dash dash line was from late injection to after burnig same as all notes and books..... but he extended that dash dash line till lower end that is upto wher exh v/v opens.... then he asked me "y its not like that?"...... i was quite...... next que...... 6)local starting arrangment of engine....... i made starting air diagram........ then he asked me "how air stops wen we give fuel?" i said "ther is an air - fuel interlock wich stops air in starting air line and close auto start v/v also".....corss que - "but wen u change lever from air to fuel that air vl stop without that air-fuel interlock also...... then y there is an air fuel interlock?"...... i said "for more safety"..... no reaction on him........ next que 7)"wen u take over watch u take round and feel crank case door with hand..... y?" .... i said "to chek temp".......cross que "if it is hot?"..... i said "then ther can be crankcase explosion"..... he asked me "wats the reason for crankcase exposion"...... i said "oil mist can be presnt"...... "y oil mist?" "worn out bearings" "other reason?" i said " stuffing box leaking" "wat all cheks u do while doing crankcase inspection" i said "worn out baring particles.......... lube oil condition ....... piston rod scoring"....... no que 8). he made 2 figure....... both same........... that was longitudinal cross section of alternator........ that is ..... 3 rectangle boxes 1 below the other......... top 1 is stator... center 1 rotor...... and below that again stator....... then he gave title to both figure.... 1st was dc generator and 2nd was ac genrator..... then he asked me to show line of magnetic flux in that both dc and ac generator..... in dc generator i made straight line and did naming ...... top stator i made north and bottom stator south....... so line of magnetic flux from north to south........ but in ac generator i made that half circle wala line of magnetic flux..... and named rotor top side as north pole and bottom side as south pole ....... and i told him "sir it wud keep on rotating" ..... ther was no reaction........ next que

9) "wat vl u chek in 2stroke engine fuel injector after overhauling?"........ i said "sir... injection press" "and" i said "atomisation" he said "and?" i was thinkin then he only said "vl u chek dripping?" i said "yes sir... we chek dripping also"...... then he told me "m giving u fun 6.... repeat others" i said slowly "sir..... only function 6?" then he looked toward mr. dutta and told him "sir...... he is thanking me for giving him fun 6"...... than looking towards me(loudly) "u go and stdy more man" i said "ok sir.......thank u sir"

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18 people like this. Rishi Jain congrats dost khata khul gaya...
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Amit Karkhanis no electrical questions dude

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Chidanand S Hasabnis the reason why piston rings are checked in a new liner is to check how much the piston rings have worn out, putting them in the old liner you will not b able to make out if the piston rings are worn out or the liner is worn out!!
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Vikas Bhandare congo....

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Amol Katole congrats!!!

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Bhavesh Tandel thanks mr. Chidanand S Hasabnis.............

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Rahul Pasricha Congrats dude but i dont see any ques of safety!!!!
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Karan Keswani Acc to him...if u cant ans abt propeller...u dnt knw safety func 3 at all
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Ritesh Verma ya he is a propeller n tail shaft guy.. i know him...

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Amit Kamath Mr badwal ends the orals at propeller itself. I hope most will agree
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Sachin Chaudhari about uniflow and loop longer skirt must covered exh and suc port completly at TDC
July 8 at 12:48am Like

Sachin Chaudhari refer

Uniflow and Loop Scavenging

Scavenging is the process whereby air at a pressure greater than that of atmosph...See More July 8 at 12:49am Like

Satyam Lunagaria are tandel bhai, shu vat che.... mane badwale 2 fun apya ., 4 and 6... he is very nice guy....
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Sandeep Srivastav congrats!!!

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Bhavesh Sharma congrats bhavesh bhai

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Rupesh Prabhugaonkar nice post... thanx

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Lohit Shetty congras bhai .........................

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Shailesh Kumar congrats bhavesh...khataa khul gaya///

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Pradip Pardeshi Congrats

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Bhavesh Tandel thank u all.......... but still 3 more function to clear........ then u congratulate me............
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Rahul Pasricha In the electrical ques of flux dia ..wat is d correct ans!!!!!
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Rahul Pasricha Bhavesh Tandel ans seems correct

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Sanjay Chorage Shuruvat to hua Meri jaan Congrats Be positive

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Bhavesh Tandel mr. Rahul Pasricha......... i discussed that with many frnds......... most of them say corect........ but there was no reaction from mr. badwal......... he takes out 2 lines from rotor.......... so some of my frnd says "line of magnetic flux same ...See More
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Rahul Pasricha Bhavesh Tandel commutator nd slip ring have nothing to do with magnetic flux ..dey are used in the armature circuit nd have nothing to do with field .... correct me if i am wrong...
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Bhavesh Tandel dont know sir............

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Kiran Dev satyam if u got 2 function then dont be happy with that inspite share ur question and then share ur happiness
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Sandeep Srivastav Bhavesh Tandel yaar can u give any rough daigram of safety valve which badwal has shown u or any if u have
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Kaushik Mahatme Nice post....thanks for the questions in detail.

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Bhavesh Tandel

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Kaushik Mahatme Great

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Kiran Dev can u ans this Broken piston, with no spare how to sail
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Swapnil Mhashilkar congrats..

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Sandeep Srivastav Thanks Bhavesh Tandel

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Pankaj Mishra 05-07-2013, DGS Int Dutta Ext Ghosh,, orals taken only by ghosh, Func: 3,4,5 and 6 First Attempt Func 3:1. what is paramatric rolling 2.Rudder Diagram- Did not accept whats mentioned in DJ Iyers 3. Harmonization of Survey-Did not accept what is mentioned in notes, he agreed for the reason of the survey, but he insisted on what is harmonisation and some certificate for that 4.VDR complete description 5.Scaba bottles pressure testing-Did not accept the water and tray method 6. Reason for not including CO2 in any regulation Func4: 1.Indicator cards, wants to know what is meant by the datum lines-x axis and y axis, he did not agree on any possible explanation 2.Master Air Valve, sketch 3.Broken piston, with no spare how to sail 4.Reason for spark erosion, he is not accepting the answer as propeller and hull metal difference and sea water as electrolyte, he was quite angry about that answer Dont remember other questions, but generally he was not accepting the answers we have in notes Func5: 1.AVR, sketch 2.Electromagnetic relay and contactor 3.How single and three phase induction motor is started, differences, with sketch 4.How E/R blowers high and slow speed control is achieved, with circuit diagram 5.Current during welding Func 6: 1.Bearing load test with graph and explanation 2. Uses of counter sunk screws, sketch 3.Centifugal pump clearences with sketch 3.Other repeated questions which I dont remember Cleared Func 5 & 6

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Kiran Dev plz explain this Friday at 7:33pm Like

Sudhir Shanbhag Yar can u plz draw and post d circuit diagram for E/R blowers high n low speed control..& ans for current during welding.. Many thanks in advance..

achin Chaudhari

"how air stops wen we give fuel?...plz anybody know? wat exactly he would like t listen? thanx in adavnce!!
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Sachin Chaudhari Once eng starts, starting lever is realeased to its normal position by spring fitted. This action makes leverage to lower pilot vlv by shutting it and shutting pilot air to distributor and auto valve. Start air shut and air in manifold is releved thro small leakage points in starting air vlv.....Got it frm arhana July 9 at 2:26pm via mobile Like 1

Bhavesh Tandel yes mr. Sachin Chaudhari.......... i think this above ans is corect ans and he wants to listen that only............. Friday at 5:11p

Narender Singh Internal gadkar, external iqbal khatik 08 july 2013 all functions Fun 5 Insulation values, megger Motor protection against single phasing

Electric propulsion, ward leonard system Static excitation system Function 4 & 6 Alfa lubrication system 100% redundancy method in steering gear Why 4 stroke connecting rod fail early than in 2 stroke All forces acting on crankshaft, connecting rod, crosshead and piston Condition monitoring , methods used- pr and temp trending, vibration monitoring, bearing analysers, lub oi analysis ferrography and spectography gear backlash why and how to check how to go for main bearing clearances bed plate construction with longitudinal and transverse girder, fretting and technique used to avoid function 6 ism risk assessment ms and high tensile steel difference life boat lowering, every thing bowsing in tackle,tricing pendant, and safeties welding mig, tig, oxy acetylene, plasma and different type of flames passed all function thank s to face book friends, bhavesh, aditya arya, shaily, jitender, lbs jun batch and above all sawant sir
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Sandeepkumar Chauhan expected these since ur first attempt when trassi had taken orals. congrats yaar mera bhi july main hai .kuch guidelines de do yaar Friday at 8:52am Like

Sandeepkumar Chauhan wat ans u gave for forces acting on various parts and the early failure of 4s con rod as compared to 2s.. Friday at 9:10am Like

Manohar Singh Rathore 09-07-2013 , dgs dutta (external left early), all functons 1st attempt. Bad day at mmd 6 wash outs. Result: pass in function 5 &6. Function 3: no ques asked. Function 4 , 5 and 6: 1.Fuel inje ctor needle , what is the limiter which stops the maximum lift of needle in noozle? 2. RT flex starting diagram and safties on it? 3. Stern tube arrangement with lubrication. 4. Propeller and tail shaft material. 5. Starting air valve cross section and its seat material. 6. Avr 7 . Static excitation diagram. 8. Switch board safeties. 9. Synchroscope 10.crank case inspection. Finally after almost 2 hrs. Got function 5 & 6.

Dipanshu Patange DGS 8th July 13. Internal Banerjee, external Mishra 2nd attempt., all functions. 1. Started off with the engines I have done and the type of boilers and Generators on all my ships. 2. Difference between MC C and MC C mark 7 engines. 3.Types of cargo carried and what temperature to be maintained of palm oil. 4. Fixed fire fighting system on ship. Diagram of co2 system. Drew the diagram but he was not satisfied. 5. AC system on ship not giving proper cooling. What checks u will make. Told him will check for gas leakage, air suction filter condition, ac blower belt condition, Also sea water cooling, etc. 6. What is back pressure valve in refrigeration system. 7. Bottom end bearing removal and inspection. 8. What is ACC in boiler ( automatic combustion) 9. Fresh water generator is making more water... what is the reason? The salinity is maintained, still more water produced. 10. Salinity indicator circuit and principle. Did not no exactly about this so said that the change in salinity gives change in resistance. He did not say anything on this. 11. Trickle charging circuit of batteries......Did not do the circuit diagram 12.ESB safeties. Gave him most of the safeties.

13. 440 alarm ... what is your action.... told him will check the motors for water ingress due to leakages. He said u also have to check for lose connections of motors. 14. Dry dock inspections Told him about sea chest, bilge keel, rudder, anodes and propeller inspections. 15. Generatpr not starting on fuel. Guys, he needs diagrams for every answer and there will be hope of passing only if u know ur diagrams well. So, please practice the diagrams. My result... washout :(
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Sachin Chaudhari back press v/v -when two/more refrigerated spaces are severed by only one compresser & condenser but need to be maintained at different temps. a back pressure regulator comes into play. The back pressure regulator will be installed on the outlet of the...See More July 8 at 10:48pm Like 1

Ritesh Kumar hard luck... July 9 at 2:48pm Like

Jerome Joseph FIRST ATTEMPT DGS, BADWAL AND BANARJEE 4/11/2013 CLEARED FUNCTION 4B HE WAS ONLY IN A MOOD TO GIVE ONE asked first abt which propeller in ship, i said keyless, he told to deaw i drew a diagram from the internet with certain self modifications , was satisfied, previous guy drew from saif , he got pissed, asked abt keyless and keyed propellers, how torque transmitted, material of propeller and tailshaft. how weight is taken in pintless rudder, i drew carrier, how is it attached to stock(how is it attached to stock) wanted details then asked abt steering, how motoring is prevented , diagrams of the methods, how liner calibration is done what clearance of piston ring to be taken and how to take butt clearance starting air valve diagram with start stop, how air is cut of in auto as well on maunal he will then ask abt manual manoeuvring system abd how air is cut off all parameters, then ask abt exhaust valve leaking how to find out, draw the indicator card also asked if there is a slight increase in jacket temp(2 degrees) and a drop in piston cooling (2 degrees) what is the reason for it which governor in your ship and how is speed controlled if rpm increases i said slight liner crack, he agreed and asked me some more reasons i said i need some time to think ,he said next question, guys give me some reasons more pls safety and electrical only one question what is towing , emergency towing, on ships is it applied, i said all ships but whats the difference on which ships there r towing and emergency towing, i said dont know on which is on which ships, next question in electrical he drew some boxes as stator and rotor and asked if dc and ac is applied what is direction of rotating magnetic field no more questions on electrical or safety

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Kiran Dev thanks bro i will try my best July 8 at 10:24pm Like

Jerome Joseph thanks adi , but just 1 July 9 at 12:37pm Like

agar Gore


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amlesh Nikam External ghosh and internal data (second attempt) Function 3 : Side view of bulk carrier bulkhead n show how the bulkhead is connected to bottom. Reed ka diagram is accepted. mlc what will be ur contribution for mlc. I answered this about rest hours n also about the training the person on board but he wants more. I said about weekly rest hours n 77 n 72 he added both n said 24X7 calcuate it n tell me why there is a difference. Certificated in mlc I said some of them . he said what certificates are there in alleyway of ur ship I said no certificate only general arrangement

plan and fire safety plan etc . But he disagrees How do u pressure test ballast tank. I said about 2.54 meter so he said why 2.54. he is not interested in hose test n all. How will u pressure test double bottom tank: I said will fill till the sounding pipe is fully filled and check for leakage. Xquestion: u said it should be 2.54 n sounding pipe height might be 25m so how to calculate. What is a doubler plate and insert plate. Why is the bob of sounding tape made of bronze. He didnt agree at all about no spark . softer material than the stell plate lot of Xquestion. N he was not satisfied. Also asked what is striker plate. What type of extinguisher are installed in accommodation I said foam . he disagress but I was confident n said it was foam n outside my room. The well is provided in the suction pipe of ballast tank why it gets corroded. Wat he wanted to hear is cavitation takes place . nothing else. Gave me clue answered it correctly. Than he asked what is cavitation how does it causes corrosion. N also he asked how will u correct if there is a hole in the plate I said renewed. He wanted some short cut. To correct the fault. 4b: Draw fuel pump of bnw , how is the fuel metered. Rack n pinion arrangement. Lot of Xquestion. N I messed it up. Draw indicator diagram for 4stroke. N he said no one practices this one I know. I said dont know. 5: How is the power transferred to crane on the deck- I think he wants to hear is supply is given from the emergency switchboard. But not sure about this one. In horizontal motor what is flanged motor and framed motor. I was clueless I asked both are horizontal motor he said yes. I said dont know. AVR diagram lot of cross question. On the SCR triggering. Micropitting.- N believe me he is still not satisfied with any of the answer discussed. How the potential difference is generated. Lot of Xquestion . n he was not satisfied. I said charge is developed due to the dissimilar metal of hull n propeller n he said how. 6 How to order a new pipe. I said as discussed earlier. He said how will u order from the book. I said will check the repective pressure but he said how n didnt knew. Got scolding on this one its duty of second engg and chief engg na why third engg will know it .lol.i said sorry.\ Jack up test of intermediate bearing. Said the saif tole method also since I did this in dry dock so got a tick. All some more question asked will post when I recall it.. Cleared function 6 :) was expecting wash out again but he gave me one function. happy to clear atleast one. Guys he gives clues but lot of cross questioning. u cannot bullshit

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5 people like this. Bhavesh Tandel sir........ plz tell me...........aur kon kon externa tha?????
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Kamlesh Nikam badwaal n ghosh . badwaal gave all 4 function to one guy.
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Bhavesh Tandel thanks a lot sir..............

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Kamlesh Nikam if ur prepared n badwaal come than 2 function to pakka milna chahiyea. today he took only two guys. so we were the unlucky ones.
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Bhavesh Tandel does mr. ghosh ask to write previous question??????????

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Jitendra Thakare congrats...khata to khula....

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Vikram Mittal the guy who passes is Mr. rupinder Singh dhimsa
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Vaibhav Khetan bhai intermediate bearing wala answer post kar sakta hai kya?
July 4 at 12:51am Like

Kamlesh Nikam

Shaft Jack Up Test Proper shaft alignment is a key issue on ships, especially on large vessels such...See More July 4 at 1:12am Like

Kamlesh Nikam basic funda is u have to apply load via jacks at the fore n aft sid of intermediate bearing n a dial guage is fitted at the top of the shaft n deflection is noted at different pressure(50,100,150 bar) . similarly while unloading the pressure we have to...See More
July 4 at 1:17am Edited Like

Vaibhav Khetan thanks bro

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Kamlesh Nikam graph ka bhi detials hai aur u have to make some parallel line to the graph n all .. read saif tole if u have .. u will understand better from there
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Vaibhav Khetan thanks man

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Vaibhav Khetan
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Sunil Gaikwad congrats

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Bhavesh Tandel mr. Vikram Mittal ....... do u have dhimsa rupinder singh contact nmbr or face book id............. can u send me plz........... i need to talk to him...............
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Vikram Mittal Function3 What is stability, ans in one line? Wat changes in GM, g or m? (ans is buonyancy etc) Solas amendments? Ballast water management? Treatment methods? (3 methods of exchange , I answered only uv, seakleen , cavitation etc but he wanted the flow through etc) Engine rooom foam flooding system ? didn know the regulations as per solas Fnc 4 Turbocharging surging? scavenge pressure drop Shaft alignment? laser method but he wantd to know about no hotwork in vicinity and that it is done in floating condition and not drydock Dry dock survey wat will u check in only drydock? All temperatures in an AC system? most important was expansion valve temp before n after Electronic fault in engine? nothing, change cards Fnc 5 Excitation systems on board? exitor motor, slip rings, pilot excitor 2 gen in parallel, one looses load , why?? governor fault or avr fault Soft starter? diagram Why star delta starter? Low winding size with high voltage. Transformers, can they run in parallel. How many onboard? cant run in parallel Esb safety? How connected to msb? tie breaker n other normal safeties How to improve power factor? SCM or capacitors Func 6 Separator problem encountered onboard? normal can u overhaul ME? yes sir How will u check condenser leaks? How to fix them? I asked which type, he said shell n tube type. I aid find by various methods n plug. explained use air n Teflon plugs to test.

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9 people like this. View 8 more comments Vivek Tandel Congrets mittal
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Sagar Gore Ye lavani first time hai kya....internal kaun tha....who took the orals
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agar Gore Hi guys, Orals 04/07/2013 DG SHIPPING internal gadkar , external Mishra 1. What all the ships done gas carriers. 2. Tell me types of cargoes carried propane ,butane, ammonia 3. Relique plant drawing , explain in detail + cross questions..explained .he said good

4. How to remove oil from evaporator increase the temp of evaporator , how by adjusting thermostatic expansion valve for the evaporator , still if the oil can not be removed heat the evaporator by torcheagain good 5. How to prepare boiler for survey he wants the full procedure from changing over main engine and aux engine to doagain good 6. If auxillary engine is not starting on fuel engine is cold, fuel is not heated upto the temp, if the aux engine is not designed to stop on hfo but stopped, starting air pre is low so engine is not running on air with required speed fuel oil filter is choked, governer problem etc..again good 7. If piston of one unit outlet temp is high check the sensor, oil supply is low, dueleak in the piston oil is short cycling, fuel injector problem and fuel is burning on the piston etc 8. Latest changes and additions in MARPOL 73/78.answered 9. Charging ckt for battery draw drawn 10. Draw AVR and explain 11. Function of liquid separator in gas protect cargo compressors from liquid entering into compressor suction. 12. Why back pressure valve is used .in which sys.wheredraw its location with respect to veg room and other rooms. 13. Blr safety valve draw and explain.its types.difference between high lift and improved high lift safety valve. Cant remember the othr questions .will post once remembered.. Result by Mishra --how many functions you want --- all---all is not possible as we cant give all in first attempt but you will get 3 functios let gadkar come he will declare result ..gadkar ----- I will not give safety in first attempt --so will get only fn 4b and 5 you have to reappear for fns 3 and 6 again ..lots of discussion about giving mep atleast..but SURVEYOR IS ALWAYS RIGHT SO VLEARED 4B AND 5.thanks to all of u guys posting is really a great help.keep posting..

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Varun Ranjan CONGRATS. July 5 at 12:05pm Like

Ganesh Sanjeevi what is an underslung crankshaft?? July 5 at 3:34pm Like

Sachin Chavan oral at dgs ext ghosh 24/06/2013 4b only 1 automatic starting air valve draw and explain draw as per lambs but lots off x- section tick 2 draw power card with all timing draw draw card...... got tick then he told me u pass but agin he ask question formalities 3) ur unit ehx temp i told him its 350 deg then he ask me ur t/c ehx inlet temp ..i told him its 410 deg then he ask me hw its increased.... i told him its adiabatic process so pr remain constant but temp incresed .... and last one 4) what u mean by 1 tonn capacity its heat removed by ur ref system to melt 1 tonn of ice at 0 deg in 24 hrs that its then datta called and said ur passed ....................................... now big big thank to niles savaji , pradeep pardesi,, and pranav gupte ... and this grp and kamothe group .....

itzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz partyyyyyyyyyy timeeeeeeeee

Aditya Mate Jahaj bhawan Int Gadkar Ext Badwal 1/7/13 1. starting air line with all Manouvering operation. local and remote manoeuvring. diagram of start air v/v. 2. steering gear arrangement to avoid motoring, rudder carrier bearing 3. safety valve of boiler diagram 4. hw keyed nd keyless propeller helps in torque transmission 5. temp of piston cooling, jcw, exhaust etc. 6. how propeller is fitted 7. material of propeller, tailshaft 8. types of fixed fire fighting sys in m/c space 9. power card with piston rings broken or clearance increased 10. if engine speed is increasing, how electronic governor reduces fuel 11. difference between synchronous motor and induction motors 12. wt is armature reaction 13. ac dc field winding connection in generator nd hw fields flow 14. conversion of 3ph 440v to 1ph 220 how? 15. synchroscope working 16. continuity and insulation test passed 4b & 5

galapati Narendra orals dgs ext gosh/dutta func-3 1)tank ullaging in tankers,uti functiong. 2) tank cleaning( starting from first ,how you take water and all safeties include,decanting process,odmcs.) 3)draw rudder. 4)tank cleaning machine. 5)anex 6 why co2 is not included in this.why eedi is introduced. 6)ig why o2 content increases after scrubber. function 4 1)main bearing pitting 2)indicator diagram . 3)automatic air starting valve 4)tie rod positioning. Function 5 1) avr 2) uses of dc motors onboard. 3) intrensically safe. 4) types of fuses. function 6 1) tie rod tensioning. 2) windlass brake test. 3) wt of steel plate. 4) interferance fit. 5) strub coupling,dresser coupling,draw and explain. 6) dobler plate,insert plate. result:cleared 5

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Bhavesh Tandel mr. Egalapati Narendra........................ who all were surveyor (external) 2dy?????
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Manoz Bhuvanagiri Congrats ra....

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Jitendra Thakare 2nd Attempt. Int: Dutta, Ext:Ghosh Function-3,5,6 Cleared-5 Most of the questions were repeated just some new questions and cross qs.

Function-3 1)pv valve stuck,how to release press.wil release manually by checking pressures from ccr for which tank..accepted 2)Difference between between hydrocarbonmeter(explosimeter) and tankscopeexplained the use of bothas per mcgeorge .accepted 3)how to measure H2S?.I said dragger tubeHow wil u measure?break the tube and put into the instrument and hold it near the tankxqs how the gas wil come inside I said by pumping xqs how many times pumping?...i said it is given in the manual for various gasesaccepted 4)Draw rudder.I drawn but he wants with propeller and stern part in detail..made some mistake so cross.. 5)MLC?what wil b your contribution for MLC ?...I said regarding maintaining work and rest hours den tell me details about work and rest hoursI started but made some mistake at one point so again cross 6)Harmonisation of surveywants ol certificate under this 7)min suction head for emg fire pump? Function-5 1)AVR diagramdrawn but wants detail explanation about everything 2)working principle of AC motor and DC motor?I started explaining but he wants circuit diag for working principle I said I dont know 3)Slip in motor 4)Intrinsic safe circuitexplanation and diagramI explained in detail as per D.T Hall 5)Insulation resistance of rubber mats kept under control panels in ER?he wants value how much in mega ohms. Function -6 1)clearances in centrifugal pumps with diag and approx values.. 2)flaring tool diagram 3)how to calculate weight of any given steel plate? 4)TIG welding 5)Hermatic or Armatic coupling 6)VZ coupling dont know nething about these couplingsif nebody knows please ans. Ghosh sir said repeat 3 and 6 but if you get satisfactory answers for avr,insulation of mat,working principle circuit diag then I wil pass u in function5 After some time he called and only Dutta sir was der then he asked me these ques and also asked me --Explain Maintenance on MSB in Drydock --What is thermistor ? and where it is used.ans he wants is steering gear motor For insulation of mat I told him about 1100000mega ohm (fount from net) but der was no reaction from him right or

wrong At last he said passed in 5 repeat 3 and 6.

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Hansen Dsouza pump rpm also matters i suppose ...npsh dir prop to rpm
July 3 at 12:16pm Like

Bhavesh Tandel Explain Maintenance on MSB in Drydock........... isaka apne kya ans ?????
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di Shell Ghosh & Dutta Sirs, 28/6 Asked previous types of engines. Fn4B 1. Why is the piston of sulzer rta convex? A: I told him it is not convex but concave....he din't agree...i told him that I have done 8 piston pulls and 7 liners of RtFlex...and it is concave. he ok maybe it is concave....then he asked why it is like that? I guessed that it provides more space for the injectors to inject without impinging the crown...he said is it so? i said yes....then i told him that since it is concave...there will be more surface area for oil to splash for cooling inside the piston. he said dont talk high funda tell by means of basics...and next q. 2. How will you balance the rotor of a Turbine? A: I said I have not seen or read about it...but I can describe the the example of wheel balancing of cars...he said you are partially correct...but there is something you are missing. 3.Draw Auto Starting Valve? A. Drew the one in lambs....he asked how venting is done...I explained to him the diagram...dint agree and said that nobody is able to explain to him the venting of the valve. 4. What is ps? A. It is a German unit for work done.... XQ What is the conversion value? 1ps=0.735kw 5. Draw Power card and Draw card? A. Drew the ideal one....he said what is below the atmospheric line....I said that based on the diagram that I have drawn for a 2 stroke naturally aspirated engine...the area below the datum atmospheric line is partial vacuum. He did not say anything....then asked to draw card for leaky piston ring....did that...then said leaky exhaust valve...did that....he said they both look similar...I said yes...then he said how will you know if its leaky exhaust valve....I said that the Exhaust temp will be higher as compared the Pcom and Pmax value....he said good. 6. Fuel injection starting late and ending early...draw card and what is the problem? A. drew the card with all details....then told him that the injector could be set at a higher opening pressure...ok and....the fuel pump timing is incorrect...ok and...I said that in electronic engines we have to check the current used by the rail valves(solenoid valves)....he said you are right but stick to the basics. Fn6 1. What is MPI? A. Told him the basic definition...he was not very convinced then explained to him how I did it onboard using the kit from MAGNAFLUX(google for details)....he said he knows magnaflux.....but what I am saying is incorrect....I argued...but he put a big cross. :/ 2.What are the advantages and disadvantages of using low Sulphur fuel on diesel engines? A. Adv:Less it is possible to use engine without expensive anti SOx upgrades...he asked what upgrades?....I told him exhaust gas

washing system by wartsilla...again he said think of basics and not high funda. Disadv: loss of lubricity...he asked explain...i told him that the elements in the fuel sys(injector,pumps etc)...are all lubricated by the fuel...the removal of S from the fuel results in degeneration of lubricating quality of fuel....he said correct...and then I told him that the rubber O rings also start leaking because of low sulphur fuel....then he said why...i told him that I had read a circular about it and subsequently we started adding additives....again he said stick to q. 3. What is TIG? A: Tungsten Inert gas welding....draw and show....drew the diagram....what is it used for...i said for welding thin aluminium or SS. What is the gas...i said Argon...what is the consumable in this welding? I said the Tungsten electrode is not consumable but the filler rod is and(this was a fluke) the type depends on the metal being welded. 4. What is plasma cutting? A. I told him i dont clearly know this answer....he said try....i told him plasma cutting is done by blasting a thin jet of hot gas on the metal to be cut....he said then what is the difference between this and normal gas cutting....I told him the temperatures of plasma are much higher....XQ what temps? I said i dont know. 5. What is micro pitting? A. Told him it is pitting caused by spark errosion in the bearing due to improper shafting...XQ what is shafting?....I dint know this properly. so next Q 6. Have you opened main bearing? A. I said yes sir 12 units....he asked why...i said for survey...did you check only top half....i said also jacked up the bottom and took it out for inspection...he said good. 7.In Ref. plant...the level of gas is falling what will you do? A. I said i will check for all connection and either applying soap solution or using halon lamp....he said if nothing is leaking then? i said i will check the condenser. he said are passed in bot from my side..... go and wait Dutta sir will tell you result aferwards. Dutta Sir called...he checked...class 4 results....and then said go you have passed in all. Done with Class 2....:).....thanks a lot to this group.

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22 people like this. Gaurav Goel congrats yaaar n yes 3 cheers to this informative group keeep up the goood work guys share ur knowledge wont cost much n benifits r grosss
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Hansen Dsouza congrats bro

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Manoz Bhuvanagiri congrats bro...

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Puneet Aurora congrats

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Nikhilesh Nithin CONGRATS ...MATE

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Varun Ranjan congrats.

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Sayyad Tahir Rajjak kidhar hai be

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Bhavesh Tandel congrats....... y mr dutta cheked cl 4 result??????

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Sandeep Srivastav congrats !! any cross question which u can remmber !!

June 28 at 8:29pm Like

Deepak Sharma congrts ,,nice summary

June 28 at 9:22pm Like

Adi Shell Thankyou all. Bhavesh Tandel I dont know why he checked my exn for class 4 results Another question in Fn6 was ..... draw a thrust block and show where will you measure the clearances....since I had done practically...he was pleased.
June 28 at 11:12pm Edited Like

Bhushan Malla congrats & Thanks for the answers

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Samar Rustagi Congrats...gr8 answering by u

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Raavi Sindhu congrats

June 29 at 1:27am Like

Adi Shell Few more questions i remember.... Methods of Nox reduction... Xq was how does the water injection method work?... I was not sure but while explaining drew a draw card with double injection.. First water then fuel... And i said the spray of water lowers...See More
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Frank Raval Thanks bro...the best post till date with all cross questions
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Narender Singh congrats brother

June 29 at 9:58am Like

Adi Shell Narender Singh Thank you Another Question I remembered in Fn6....How will you order a pipe for renewing an old rotting one...what specifications?....I said I will measure the lenght....then measure the outer dia....since I know the working pressure I will check the corresponding schedule in the ISSA code book and place the order....he agreed and then asked what is the full form of ISSA.
June 30 at 12:23am Like

Nitesh Bhamre Well done bro....congratulations

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Sagar Gore thanks for such a nice and helpful post

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Vikas Yadav Adi Shell pl tell how to take the thrust block clearance and where. I am not getting it from manual as u done it practically it can help.
June 30 at 2:39pm Like

Adi Shell For the inspection cover on top of the thrust block housing....give an ahead kick....measure the clearance on the aft pads....then give an astern kick...measure clearance on forward pads....the limits for these clearance is between 0.8-1.3mm....checks to be done 6000hrs
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Kamlesh Nikam

July 1 at 3:34am Like

Kamlesh Nikam the last part of video tell about the thrust acted on the thrust block.
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Kamlesh Nikam ISSA (International Shipsuppliers & Services Association)

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Rahul Pasricha Adi Shell congrats yaar ...nd can u plz upload the ind card u drew for nox reduction or the service manual. Thanks .
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Vaibhav Khetan magnaflux : A process used to determine if a head is cracked. The head is magnatized using a powerful electromagnet, then iron filings are sprayed on the head to check

for cracks. Patterns in the filings indicate either a cracked or normal head. This process works on cast iron heads but not on aluminum heads.
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Vaibhav Khetan Pferdestrke (PS), abbreviation of the German term for metric horsepower
July 3 at 9:46am Like

mian Sequeira Guys sorry for posting late. Fn 4b and 5 Int:Banergee,Ext :Gosh Fn 4b 1)Braw diagram of air start valve-Drew both the one on Arana and one of sulzer. 2)Kw unit for PS 3)Draw indicator card-i drew power card and draw card,then he asked the line below the power card-its the atmospheric line and space above it is the scavance pr. 4)Causes for ignition delay-Bad quality fuel,improper fule treatment,high CCAI,was satisfied. 5)Refer plant refrigerant becoming will you go aboutGuys he wants to hear gas may be leaking through the cooling water line in the condenser. 6)Diff between refer and AC TEV?internal and external equalising line 7)Spark Erosion-Told him the whole how it happens,but he is not accepting that charge is being created between the propeller and the sea water. Fn 4B 1)Intrensic safe-he wants to hear that power will be so less that it will not create a spark nor heat. 2)AVR diagram-he told me to start from SCR-I started from SCR as per mc George,then lots of cross questioning-was not satisfied 3)Two generators running in parallel-load same,voltage same but current different-Guys please answer this question. 4)How power is transmitted to the crane-througt slip ring arrangement i said and told him how it is arranged,but he wants the exact word,please any one knows this answer? 5)Cant recollect. Passed Fn 4b,one more to go....He has a set of questions from which he asks,Friends please post the answers he accepts as he has few different fundas.Keep posting

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Damian Sequeira One more question,what is the relation between current amd resistance in terms of a wire,he wants the relation,something to do with length of wire,rho,and area.
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Hrishikesh Date Internal gadkar. External mishra. Functions 4B and 6. Asked what questions I couldn't answer last time. And asked same questions. And few new ones. 4B 1. Mcc to MEB conversion. 2. RTA fuel pump timing. 3. What generators worked on and what will you check in con rod during decarb. 4. Boiler furnace internal inspection. 6. 1. SDR valve overhaul. 2. Anchore chain ranging. 3. Exhaust uptake fire how will you fight it. Passed both functions. He said 4B he will give but afterwords gave 6 also on condition that I study and brush up more on function 6 before going on ship.

Anupam Kapoor Dgs Second attempt Int gadkar Ext dnt know All fn

Result only 4b 1 2 3 4 5 6

engine done , mcc , mc , difference. wat is fitted bolt , where used etc start n reversing dia auto star valve problem faced on ships in starting system piston removal procedure

Fn 3 Co2 system , lot of cross question Filling ratio Fn 5 Star delta starter Soft starter Application Msb safeties Check for shore connection Zener diode Safety while synchronizing Synchroscope fail Fn 6 Boiler survey Practical problem faced on board in various machine. Lot of cross question
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Anupam Kapoor Applications ke answers diye hote to batti bi mil jata , July 1 at 12:45pm via mobile Like

Anupam Kapoor He was not badwal July 1 at 12:46pm via mobile Like

eepak Choudhary oral at dgs int- dutta ext- ghosh 25/06/2013 fun 3 1. CO2 emissions, he wanna know abt eedi, seemp etc. 2. his favorite rudder diagram 3. 6 degrees of freedom 4. max. suction lift of emergency fire p/p 5. harmonization of survey and certification. 6. CO2 bottle weight than critical temp ....what will happen.. 7. why portable foam extinguisher is of 9 liters not more or less Fun 4b 1 automatic starting air valve draw and explain 2 draw indicator card with all timing 3) what u mean by 1 ton capacity 4). Zero sack volume..draw its drawing. 5). Difference between iso 8217-2010 and 2005 6). Difference between A.C. and refer TEV?? Fun61). What is metal locking explain 2). What is MPI..wanna know how to magnetize tail shaft by using battery bank.??? 3). clearances u take in centrifugal pump..wanna know how will you fit wear rings..etc 4). What is interference fit?? Wanna know abt propeller fitting few more questions... but don't remember..... result: func 4b and 6 cleared

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Harsh Chandok and 6 others like this. View 7 more comments Bhushan Malla ans for fun-6, ques 2 pls
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Sameer Singh badiyaa

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Mehta badval 26/06 fun3 1. draw shaft and proppeler arrangment for keyed and keyless propeller 2.boiler safety v/v. 3.what is new reg. abt lifeboat in solas.i said weight per person increased. then he asked if your life boat is having capacity 30 person then according to new reg capacity will increased or decreased.ans is decreased.

fun 4b & 6 1.loop scav and uniflow scavenging dig. with piston he wants to know is piston skirt is short for uniflow 2.types of governor dig,if speed increased how it wiil control that speed explain with diag. 3.fuel injector diag. 4.piston ring leaking draw power card. 5.unit overhauled what checked to piston ring and liner. 6.air starting air will stop after ingine is started. fun 5 1.dc gen and ac gen explai working and show direction of magnetic field. 2.msb safeties. 3.what is preferential trips,why it is provided. gen routine maintainance what checks to be done.all that given in D.T.HALL what is min value of insulation ,if less what u will do. lots of cross qestions in all the qestions and few more que asked in fun 4b and 6 will post later. result clred fun 5
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Kamlesh Nikam IMO | SOLAS amendments on lifeboat safety enter into force IMO the International Maritime Organization is the United Nations specialize...See More June 30 at 9:00pm Like

Kamlesh Nikam life boat ammendment about weight is it correct ? June 30 at 9:01pm Like

nagiri Sry for posting late guys... Oral on 24th June.. Gosh & benerjee Fn 3

pv valve stuck... Wat will b ur action to release the pressure in the tank. Wat is ballast hold in bulk carriers, n how they r different from other tanks.

How different tanks for different cargos r segregated in product tankers... Difference b/w hydrocarbon meter n tankscope... Fn 4 Wat r the clearances u take in centrifugal pump... Power card n draw card... Wats the area below atmospheric line represents... Guys if u get wrong in this question n though u r right in all questions he'll not give u thus function... How will u check efficiency of hydraulic actuator of exhaust v/v Slow steaming... Ur company n captain asks u to do slow steaming to reach port late... Will u agree to do it? If not y? N wat will b ur action as a second engineer.... Fn 6 Metal stitching... Wat r counter sunk screws, when they r used n diagram. Wat is MPI? Hw to do it? Wat is interference fit? Whr it is used on ship? Hw to check brake of windlass? Cleared fn 6.... Two more to go....
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Vaibhav Khetan June 30 at 3:29pm Like

Kamlesh Nikam June 30 at 7:48pm Like

urmeet Singh Internal dutta .external ghosh Dgs 28/ 06/2013 Function 3 & 4b Function 3

What is heavy weather ballast ? Draw rudder diagram Harmonisation of surveys Co2 weighing radioactive isotope method ? Wat are its limitations ? What are negative frames ?

Function 4b Draw automatic starting valve or Bosch fuel pump Explain how air is vented ? What are catfines ? Difference between iso 8217 2010 and 2005 Calculate fuel injected per second n = 1400 b o I 15.5 degrees btdc and end of injection 5.5 deg after tdc Cleared function 3
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Mandar Borkar Congrats bhai June 29 at 1:02pm via mobile Like 1

Varun Ranjan can u please give answers for func 3.thanx and congrats. June 29 at 7:06pm Like

Pushpraj Singh Orals,all functions, Int banerjee,ext ghosh, got function 5 28/06/13 fun 3

-rudder diqagram,dawn said very good-balanced wala -if u look a ship from side how will the section look(wants to know abt bulk head) guys cudnt remenber,but all r practical based questions vch i cudnt make upto i vill post randomly cos i cant recollect -aut startng valve-guys plz draw lambs only -avr diagram-put a transfrmer nd rectifier for scr conn. thats the correction -how supply is given to davit crane motor-slip rings nd brushes -metal stiching -spectography-he disagrees with na and va,dont say it -how will u test a tank drain plug-cant fill it -1 ton ac-how much is the heat enery reqd wants to know the value like btu(wants exact value for 1 ton 2 ton-i had no idea -safe hydrocarbon limit for man entry -clearance in centrifugal pump(plz draw impellor diag. correctly) -how to connect valve to the ships side,put a pipe,wants to hear more abt pipe thickness (how will u selct thickess) He askd me most of the questios vch he askd to all other prvious guys cos he is looking nd asking from those papers only,but the thing is he is going into some more details into it nowlike 1 ton now he wants enrgy value,similarly for some others, though i have prpared all ghosh questns ,but those cross questions i cudnt

answer,he liked my drwng said good but he said u must have vast knowlwdge, guys again i vill say if ur a practical guy,u can clear one shot.
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Praveen Rawat June 29 at 4:41pm Like

Pushpraj Singh wah aisa kaisa fodna hua

s Pandey trassi and gaddkar....28/6 only 4b 1. what all test are carried out on materials used for manufacturing boiler? 2. water produced on board is acidic how do u make it potable? 3. refer plant safeties. only 3 question and yes i was appearing for function 4 nt 6...
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Siddharth Singh Ghosh,Dutta,27/06 Fn 6 All repeated "ghosh"questions from previous days and previous months Metal locking TIG MPI ( disagrees with wiki) Acetylene-acetone question Interference fit Db tank/rudder plug,how to test a new plug Few more

DGS InternalMr. Datta Ext.Mr.Ghosh Fun 4b only 1)Draw indicator diagram,show clearance volume and tdc and bdc 2)Show in the ind.diag.if ur piston rings are leaking also exh.valve leaking how do u make out which one is the actual reason. 3)Significance of TBN value and diff. in the TBN value of M/E and A/E 4)wat determines the ignition quality of fuel...CCAI wat r the values for it .. 5)Wat r the disadvan of running on low load 6)T/C casing holed wat will u do... 7)Wat r the disadv of low sulphur fuel... 8)how will u run the engine if ur viscometer is not working.... By Gods grace answered most of them ... Mr Ghosh and Mr.Datta told u luk quite diff from the photo on the form ...told photo is one yr old ...then he told u can go u r CLEARED...Thank you so much. Finally done with Class II motor also.... hi guys

orals 27/06/13 int Dutta ext Ghosh Ghosh took fr gadkar n banergee too fn 4 1.if 2 strk engine. 1400 rpm fuel injection strts at 15.5 deg btdc n ends 5.5 deg atdc whats d time fuel injected for 1 cycle 2.power n compression card for 2 strk piston ring leaking exh vlv leaking 3. effect of low sulphur fuel 4. diff in tev of ref n ac 5. wat is bhp , kw , and ps 6 .automatic air starting vlv dhag fuel pump diag of man b& w 7. wat cause ignition delay cleared class 2 feels so relaxed as if fled from a butchers shop , with a safe nack best of luck guys n thank you all fr ur co-operation
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Nitesh Naik bavesh its second June 28 at 6:49am via mobile Like

Bhavesh Tandel thanks a lot sir........ mr. Nitesh Naik ....... in que 4......... did he x que u that why tev fr ac is externally equalized where as fr ref its internally equalised?????????? June 28 at 9:55am Like

guys sorry to update late 24.06.2013 @ DG ext:ghosh int:datta func 3: 1.p/v valve stuck wht is ur action? told him wil open manually....then he asked if loading 4 tanks togther how wil u know whch tanks p/v valve is stuck? ans he wants to here is...each tank has press sensors and this will give indication and alarm in CCR and tank whose press is increasing has to be manual tick 2.y co2 gas is not included in anex 6...y no regulation for this green house gas? 3.diff between co2 and hyper mist fire fighting system?this was simple got tick 4.y v hav 9 ltrs foam extinguishers?y not less or more told him v can hav min 9ltrs n max 13.5 ltrs...then he asked but manufactures produce only 9ltrs why?...

5.which extinguisher in co2 room? told him no extinguisher case of fire there bursting disc on bottles will burst n extinguish the q was how u wil find the level in co2 bottles?told him radio active isotope is used..then he wanted to know more about ambient temp limitations for co2. fun 4: 1.power card n draw card?he wants proper dia n wants to know exact position of valve opening on dia 2.mpi?how to do it in dtails? 3.micro pitting at main bearing? he wants to hear about spark errosion...then he wants to here every thing in dtail bout this 4.wht is 1 ton ac? 5.diff between new iso 8217 n oil bunker? 6.wht is homoginiser?he wants dia,how u adjust n control amount of water added? u remove catefines? func5: dia of AVR?no block dia he wants proper dia frm mcgoerge. 2.wht is intrinsically safe instruments? fun6: 1.draw dia of rudder?how rudder is supported with pintles. 2.ruder is to be inspected in DD for water ingress....for this rudder plugs to be opened with Allen key but plug is not opening wht u wil do?wht he wants to hear is wil drill hole in plug,wil try to make threads n then wil try to unsrew....was a bit impress welding of ruder is carried out?told him bout slot weld 4.dia n working of master air starting valve?i drew as per arahna was impressed 5.min suc head req for emergency fire pump?he wants to hear bout hydrostatic press result:func 5 cleared

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Suresh Giri congrats ... June 26 at 11:14pm via mobile Like

Bhavesh Tandel thanks a lot mr nitesh June 27 at 12:22pm Like



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Aditya Arya Chal bhai khata to khula. Congrats June 27 at 6:6am via mobile Like 1

Pravin Naik Congrats bhai.....elec ka tension chala gaya..... June 27 at 7:19am Like 1

Internal gadkar, ext. Mishra. All functions. Asked all questions from previous attempt. fn3 1.co2 system tests 2. co2 bottle hydraulic test

3.hypermist system nozzle (from previous question list) 4. double bottom tank construction. 5. types of bulkheads on ship. fn4b 1. Reversing of b&W engine 2. how to check chain slackness and tightening procedure 3. 4 parameters in bunker report show higher values. state action to be taken onboard before using in engine.

fn5 1. why trickle charging needed. 2. why air gap provided. 3. MSB safeties and how to test them. fn 6 1. refrigerant charging. 2. gear p/p overhaul 3. bilge pump unable to transfer, reasons. 4. unloader for ac system diagram and working Few more questions were asked.
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Damian Sequeira Girish fn5-why air gap provided?air gap for what U mean? June 25 at 10:04pm Like 1

Varun Ranjan can u pls give answers for func 3 ques.thanks and congrats. June 26 at 10:02pm Like

24/06/2013 orals at dgs internal gadkar external mishra func 6 only. 1.previous ship main engine,d/g and bolier.will cross-check with sea service testimonials. 2.main engine crankshaft a table for three units for ur engine showing all values and graph. u prevent deflection gauge from falling down in engine crankcase. 4.draw con rod of ur generator with con rod bolt. what all checks on con to take ovality.give the value of the limit of ovality of ur last engine.different stresses on con rod bolt. to remove oil from reefer system. result: passed.done with class 2. n Keswani 26th June. DGS.Func 3,4 & banerjee and external badwal. Func 3 -how keyed and keyless propeller connected to shaft with diag -draw boiler safety valve,how pin is connected -pilgrim nut method.draw and explain. Func 4 -draw fuel injector -draw starting air valve

-Draw starting air line diagram and explain complete local maneuvering(hw air and fuel is given etc) -uniflow and loop flow scavenging wid diag,wht will be position of the piston inside the cylinder whn its in TDC on both scavenging arrangement cylinders -main engine governor explanation with drawing -maneuvering diag draw n explain Func 5 -draw synchroscope and explain -how will you convert 3 ph 440 V supply to 1 ph 110V supply -start and delta connections with values -draw flux lines of flux in ac and dc gen with explanation -checks on alt and motor -how power is generated onboard with the related elec laws -armature reac explain and its remedies Guys hes a reasonable man and doesnt even writes questions on a paper in front of you and cuts them which discourages most of us during orals.He just keeps asking whtever comes to his mind.He wants in depth knowledge and diagrammatic explanation for every ques. Got func 5. Best of luck guys.keep posting.

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Damian Sequeira Guys please update 4s valve timing diagram/angles accepted by surveyours June 26 at 4:13pm Like

Varun Ranjan congrats. June 26 at 7:17pm Like 1

UNLOADING MECHANISM OF REFRIGERATION COMPRESSOR (pics included) ~ MEO SUCCESS Dont forget to share your views here. Our promise is to provide only educational content.No login required.No Signups.Just the content. We will try our best to compile worldwide content together for all your thirst here! Share it because, sharing is caring!

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Absolute torcher...result not yet declared.. 24 june Ext Gosh 1.Zero sac fuel inj 2.Master air start diag 3.What to do when turbocharger is holed...water will u run engine 4.What means 1 ton capacity ac 5.Specteography of lub oil 6.8217 fuel..diff between new and old type 7.Microseizure of bearing..what it means 8.What is diff between ref and ac expn valvw.. Guys he goes into details and needs everything. . 24.06.13 : DG Shipping

Internal : Mr. Gadkar External : Mr Mishra Appeared : All Function. Cleared : Function 5 He started with the details of all the certificates by looking into my sea service testimonials. Asked me about each and every details of my last ship ( power, boiler, engine, generator etc. No stroke bore ratio) Function 3 1. What type of fire extinguishing system on board car carriers ( as i have done PCC ). I told foam type for deck and co2 for er. ok draw fixed foam type. Drawn the diag. as per reeds. accepted. X q : in this diagram where the foam is produced. I was like...... Next x q : Why sea water pump is there and what is the ratio of foam and water.. Draw dcp fire extinguisher. What are the latest co2 regulations. 2. What r the certificates carried on ship. Tell 14 certificates without which ship can not sail. I tried and told all marpol and solas certificates. Accepted. X Q : Is ORB and GRB comes under certificates. I was like no sir these r booklets but has to be on board. 3. Difference between gas tight, water tight and weather tight bulkhead. I know only water and weather tight i.e A weather tight bulkhead is generally accepted to prevent the ingress of water from the weather side only. A watertight bulkhead is designed to prevent the passage of water from either side under a pressure head and this is normally provided as a rating eg 30 meters or 3 bar. Access and egress must be through equivalent rating doors. but for gas tight. no answer regarding press testing 4. chapter 11 of solas : what is there in safety part . I forgot 5. Lifeboat type on last ship : Fully enclosed type. Draw the launching arrangement for lifeboat. I said sorry sir dont know. Function : 4b 1. What type of piston on last ship. I said oil cooled. Draw oil cooled. I tried but i drew water cooling bore wala diag. and he smiled and said u must study more. 2.Next bomb :what r Different type of shafting arrangement on ships. I said sorry sir 3. What type of burner on board last ship : I said rotary cup. Ok draw and explain . I knew this as i have read it last moment from saif tole notes. He accepted and asked what maintenance u do on it. I said cleaning and all shit but as soon as i came that we need to clean the holes with needle he said ok ok. i guess i was right. 4. What r the stresses on 2 stroke and 4 stroke con rod bolts. Explained as per saif tole notes. I think he just wanted to listen reversal of stresses in 4 stroke and tension and compression wala funda. 5. explain VIT. Itried but forgot in between Function :5 1. MSb safeties. Explained all ( dead front panned, ebonite handle 3-5 mm thick insulation mat 0.6mm behind the pannel, no pipelines passing etc. ) he asked what safeties internally ( no volteage trip, reverse power trip, short ckt trip, prefential trip and under frequency trip ) happily accepted. 2. AVR working. I drew the diagram give in mc george. Accepted but tried to went into deep i turned him to scr trigger control and drew the diag. He seems happy. 3. Maintenance on sealed batteries. I was like sorry sir these r maintenance free batteries. We can only check volage and sp. grvty. He said u sure i said yes. He started smiling. 4. star and delta connections on a motor. Explain and how insulation is tested on a 3 phase motor. Function 6 ( all from compressors ) 1. oil in refer system.what action u will take. 2. Ac is working fine but rooms are not getting cooled. I said recirculation, gas low, ac duct leaking, capacity control valve setting low. He accepted but next q how many positions in capacity control valves. I bluffed three max, min and one in between . No reaction. Draw diagram. I said sorry sir 3. air compressor relief valve lifting on 2nd stage. reasons.

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Sandeep Srivastav congrats!! June 24 at 11:45pm Like

Aditya Arya Oil in the Refrigeration System Indication: Temperature is not dropping in the cold rooms as normal, due to fact that oil act as insulation in the evaporator. It may cause excessive frost on the suction line.... See More June 25 at 6:51am via mobile Like

Narender Singh congrats, 1 step to success. June 25 at 11:02am Like

Damian Sequeira Guys any one knows different type of shafting arrangements,please post June 25 at 11:37am Like

Aditya Arya i found this on net. Shafting a Ship Previous posts have looked at how propellers work and the causes and effects of ...See More June 25 at 12:03pm via mobile Like 1 Remove Preview

Sandeep Srivastav life boat launching daigram simplified (anybody have) June 25 at 12:45pm Like

Girish Gujar sandeep plz see photos in meo class 2 group... June 25 at 1:31pm Edited Like

Varun Ranjan Congrats for the start. June 25 at 1:56pm via mobile Like

Pushpraj Singh well try June 25 at 6:25pm Like

Guys in mmd plz help urgent Y 9Lts foam used n y not 10 or 8legs Avr circuit diagram not block dia actual ckt dia Radio active isotope used to measure co2 limitation of temp Plz help urgent waiting outside surveyor office