DOH Annual Calendar January 2009 Deworming of School Children (Grade 1-6)- Round 12-16 National Cancer Awareness Week 21-27 Goiter

Awareness Week 25 – World Leprosy Day February 2009 National Health Insurance Program Month Oral Health Month 2-6 National Mental Retardation Week 4 – World Cancer Day 3rd wk Leprosy Prevention and Control Week March 2009 Burn Injury Prevention Month 8 National Women’s Day 22 World Water Day 24 World TB Day April 2009 Cancer in Children Awareness Month 7 World Health Day 25 World Malaria Day 14-20 Garantisadong Pambata – Round 1 4th wk Head and Neck Consciousness Week May 2009 Cervical Cancer Awareness Month Natural Family Planning Month 2 World Asthma Day 12-18 Safe Motherhood Week 17 AIDS Candlelight Memorial Day 31 World No Tobacco Day

June 2009 National Kidney Month No Smoking Month Prostate Cancer Awareness Month 5 World Environmental Day 14 World Blood Donor Day 16-22 Safe Kids Week 23 DOH Anniversary July 2009 National Disaster Consciousness Month National Blood Donors Month Nutrition Month Deworming of School Children (Grade 1-6) Round 2 Schistosomiasis Awareness Month National Disaster Consciousness Month 7 National Allergy Day 11 World Population Day 13-17 National Disability Prevention and Rehabilitation Week 13-17 National Diabetes Awareness Week August 2009 Family Planning Month Lung Cancer Awareness Month National Lung Month National Tuberculosis Awareness Month Sight-Saving Month

1-7 World Breastfeeding Week 1-7 Mother-Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Week 6-12 National Hospital Week 10-14 Asthma Week 11-17 Phil. National Research System Week 19 – National Tuberculosis day 3rd wk Brain Attack Awareness Week

September 2009 Generics Awareness Month Liver Cancer Awareness Month 1-7 National Epilepsy Awareness Week 7-11 Obesity Prevention and Awareness Week 26- World Heart Day 28 World Rabies Day October 2009 Breast Cancer Awarenss Month National Children’ Month 1-7 Elderly Filipino Week 5-9 National Mental Health Week 6-12 National Newborn Screening Week 10 – World Mental Health Day 10 – World Sight Day 13-19 Garantisadong Pambata – Round 2 12-16 Health Education Week 12-16 National Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Awareness Week 15 Global Handwashing Day 20-26 food Safety Awareness Week November 2009 Cancer Pain Awareness Month Filariasis Awareness Month Malaria Awareness Month Traditional and Alternative Health Care Month 2-6 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Awareness Week 2nd Week National Skin Disease Detection and Prevention Week 7 National Food Fortification Day 9-13 Deaf Awareness Week 14 World Diabetes Day 16-20 Drug Abuse Prevention and Control Week 23-29 Population and Development Week December 2009 Firecracker Injury Prevention Month 1 World AIDS Day 6 National Health Emergency Preparedness Day 3-9 Ear, Nose and Throat Consciousness Week 10 National Youth Health Day

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