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The KEY RING is a monthly publication by the Kampala Baptist Church Mens Ministry that seeks to provide an avenue where men can share knowledge and understanding of the word of God, experiences, encourage one another as the older men also perform the act of paralambano to the younger men. Our prayer is that the Lord will speak to you through these publications.

Issue 16 - August 2013

6. Are there any situations that have challenged your integrity? Yes. There is a time in school when I had not prepared well enough for the exams and the time came for me to sit these exams. Back then, if you performed poorly and were among the worst performers, you would be stopped from proceeding to the next level and that is something I could not allow to happen to me. Almost left with no choice, I carried with me into the exam room some cheating aids and I did cheat. What I could not imagine was being looked at as a failure after I had maintained a good streak as a brilliant student. 7. What measures have you put in place to help you keep your integrity as a Christian? Putting God first in all I do has really helped me. I know that I have to give account to God for all my life and that keeps me in check. I always ask myself if what I am doing is the right thing and what the implications of whatever decision I make are.

And if you can be trusted in the small matters, then you can be trusted in the big ones

Gabit doing what he loves doing the most: singing 1. What things about the young people today trouble your soul?

The fact that I am always around church and listening to those that are older and stronger than me in the faith like the pastors, has encouraged me and kept me focussed.

Questions from them like okya lokoka? (Are you still walking with the Lord) help me to stay tuned and serving the Lord. Of course challenges come but when they do, it is those words of wisdom that Some of the things young people have done or do, really break my heart. And I cry out to Je- help guide my walk. sus on their behalf praying for change in their lives. The way they dress makes me sad. Many Also having someone I meet with on a weekly basis - Jonathan Davis in my case - to share the Word have chosen a dressing that is indecent and irresponsible: the guys wear chains all over their of God with helps me continue and overcome the temptations that come my way. bodies with some even piercing their ears, some wearing their trousers with their inner wear exposed, the fitting clothes and young girls wearing bupata (very tight clothes) like the leggings as if they are walking naked literally. All these make me very sad. 2. We can see you are very passionate about dressing. So if the dressing aspect was dealt with are you saying then your soul would forever be at peace? Not really. Pride is the other. The young people today are so proud. There is a Luganda saying that amalala amangi gakulembela ekigwo whose English equivalent is pride comes before a fall. The young people think so high and so important of themselves beyond the reality. They tend to want quick acquisition of things so they can show them off to their peers. 3. Do the things you have mentioned above have anything to do with integrity? 8. Do you have any personal message for the men at Kampala Baptist Church? We all need each other. We composed a song at the choir retreat whose message was: the old need the young and the young need the old. The older men should find some young men to walk with; who they are accountable to in the church. You can then be meeting regularly to share the Word, share life stories, etc.

I would say yes because integrity is being morally upright. If you therefore are morally upright, then that means you are a person with integrity. For example, how do you expect As they grow spiritually, it will someone to respect and honour you as a manifest itself even outwardly in young person when you are dressed in an how they handle their life. indecent way? I personally believe that change 4. In your opinion, who is a man of integ- in peoples lives is a gradual rity? He is an honest and morally upright process; slowly but surely, they man. A man that fears God, a man who will become better people. listens and cares for others. He is also a 9. But you mentioned above that humble man. the young people are proud, 5. Do you think it is important for young men or Christian men to have integrity; why? how do you hope the older men Yes. Integrity is a very powerful virtue every Christian young man should have. Refusing for will be able to work with these example to take money that is not rightfully yours might be a source of ridicule from your proud younger men. The older men should pray for peers but if you do not take that money, the owner of the money will trust you even more. these young people first so that So I think with integrity comes trust. And if you can be trusted in the small matters, then you God can soften their hearts to find reality in His Word. And like I said before, the young people need can be trusted in the big ones. to know that pride will inevitably lead them to a fall. The young men need to remember that there By being trustworthy you become a man that other men will want to be like as they look up are no short cuts in life to becoming anything. I therefore also urge them to seek the Lord and to to you for a standard for their character development. And this is regardless of your age, even daily work on their public testimony. the old can look up to you as a Christian young man with integrity.

...integrity is being morally upright.

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