Documented Deceptions The following nurse notes evidence that Dr.

Cartie demanded only the tetanus vaccine, was intent upon denying emergency surgery until patient's parents consented to said vaccine, that parents were aware of these terroristic acts / deceptions, and that nurse Donna Masters was committed to deceiving the parents regarding these facts. Why would Donna Masters deceive the parents? One reason is that she was well aware of how medically egregious it was to have delayed an emergency surgery required to eliminate the possibility of a life threatening infection. Donna Masters was covering Dr. Cartie's intentional medical negligence by way of deceiving the parents and secondly, developing the story that the patient had been kidnapped. Later, Dr. Cartie's notes indicated that he had expanded on his "parents are kidnappers" story to include DFCS agent Karan Albritton. Karan's claim of zero residential structures on the parent's property is inaccurate at least and , at most, a deliberate lie to justify the seizure of the patient. Children are all home-schooled thus no record of attending school. Per Cartie's notes: "Progress Notes Ped Burn Notes12/6/121030 DFACS referral made yest(yesterday), Macon Co and Richmond Co (local) investigation proceeded. Some concern that address given had 0 residential structures per Karan Albritton (DFACS Macon)unable to locate other children, and record of other children attending school. (Decision made to take emergency custody of children including pt(patient). Court order faxed yesterday afternoon. TD and TIG given last night without incident."

As can readily be understood, Dr. Cartie's deceptions have now resulted in not just one kidnapping but potentially two more at this time. Remember, the patient and patient's family were being savagely attacked based upon the absurd and incorrect notion that the parents are kidnappers and secondly because they have refused a tetanus vaccine. The following notes evidence that pediatrician Richard Cartie denied emergency burn wound surgery to a child until a tetanus vaccine was given. Also evidenced are the clear deceptions of nurse Donna Masters as she lied to parents throughout the ordeal. Nurse Yelverton writes at 12/05/12 0710 (6:30 AM)

"Per Dr. Cartie, patient is not cleared for OR this AM until he receives tetanus vaccination or otherwise cleared by Dr. Cartie" Nurse Masters then writes at 12/05/12 1030 (10:30 AM) Entered patient's room to address patient's father concerns at this time I noticed that the Kerlix dressing was unraveling on the child's right foot at this time. Father states the following concerns: 1. Father feels the surgery is being delayed due to his refusal for child to receive tetanus diphoid vaccine. 2. Father feels that Dr. Cartie is putting the vaccine issue above the importance of treating the child's burn. 3. Father stated that he feels that we are delaying surgery on his childs burn injury in order to stall for time so the vaccine and dfcs issue can be resolved. 4. Father stated he did not want Dr. Cartie touching his child again. Father stated he did not want Dr. Cartie as his child's pediatrician.

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I reassured the father that surgery was delayed due to the fact that Dr. Hassan was in the operating room with another patient and his child was scheduled to follow after that. I explained to the father that the case currently being performed by Dr. Hassan was a CEA case and I had no way of knowing how long that would last. The mother at that time stated that she knew what CEAs were and described to me in detail the process for growing CEAs and applying the CEAsto burn injuries. I also explained to the father that we try to take the children to the operating early in the morning but more critical patients would always be taken first. He stated he was satisfied with that reason for the delay as long as surgery was not being delayed in order to stall for time to resolve the vaccine issue and for dfcs to be involved. I informed the father that I would update him when I had more information. Dr. Cartie and Heyward Wells notified and updated of all that transpired. During the time I spent in the room with the father, mother, and grandfather, and child I noticed the following: 1. No interaction between father and child. I did not see any nurturing or comforting from the father to the child. I did not see the father address the child in any way nor refer to the child by the child's name. I never saw the father physically touch the child. 2. No comforting or nurturing from the mother to the child. when the child was crying I did not witness the mother attempt to console the child. She would hold the child but did not display any signs of affection i.e. hugging, kissing. 3. I never heard the child refer to either parent as mother or father. the child never parent anything 4. I never saw the child cling to the mother even when I was replacing the Kerlix dressing. the child cried and screamed but did not cling to the mother. 5. When I initially entered the room I called the child Flint several times and he never acknowledged the calling of his name. The father stated Oh he is not there yet. Dr. Cartie notified.

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