FIB Session – 1st Aug, 2013 a.k.a An Article that never appeared in Pagalguy... General Gyaan!!

Note: All CAT prep is divided into 2 parts – 1) Theoretical Gyan – How to study 2) Practical Application – How to Solve. This article is about the second part of Fill in the Blanks The Verbal Ability questions in CAT can take myriad forms. One of the common variants is the FIB question. No! These types of questions are not about lying but rather about what should lie in between a given set of words. To give them their full name: FILL IN THE BLANKS. I prescribe the MTV Roadies approach to solving Fill in the Blank type of question in the CAT and other MBA examinations. If you asked - What the ‘Beep” is the MTV Roadies approach?!! You got that exactly right!! We can guess the kind of words the Beep represents! Right? From the overall context In a very similar manner certain words in the FIB question statement will be ‘beeped’ out and you must understand the context of the sentence to be able to understand the word behind the beep (s). FIB-bing is mostly a test of vocabulary! Over the years, these questions have been tested in one form or the other. A basic question would involve a sentence, with the critical word blanked out. There could be a single blank or double blanks (2008). Or there might be an inappropriate word inserted in the sentence which you will have to replace with the appropriate word (2005). Or a blank may be given and they may ask you to choose the the answer option which does NOT fit the blank. Based on the overall meaning of the sentence, one needs to choose the best option that fits. Having a good vocabulary helps. But apart from that some intelligent elimination could make your life easy. Let’s see how we can do that: Step 1: Look at the answer options: If there is more than one word among the answer options that you have never seen before, it may make sense to skip the question. You do not have the luxury of time or experimentation in the CAT. If the answer options look like this :- (CAT 2008) (1)tenets;fixation (2)aspects;inhibitions (3)institutions;inhibitions (4)organs;traditions (5)departments;repulsions And you have no clue what a tenet is nor do you have any idea about inhibitions chances are

the reporter was not invited to return to the White House pressroom. chivalrous e. pessimism. And see which of the answer options is a synonym for your word. Step – 2: Restate the sentence in your own words. So your answer is irreverent 3b) Is there any contrast/support mentioned. there is the effect of environment. itinerant c. William Paley. Step 3: FEEL the Blank: If you decide to go ahead with the question just think what could be behind the ‘beep’. praise. You should rather look at some other question. If you clear step 1 try to summarize the sentence in your own words. after the first few days of his life. (CAT 2008) Every human being. neutral etc. Being able to repeat the sentence in your own words gives you the confidence that you can handle the topic. nurture on how a man develops. is a product of two factors: on the one hand. including __________. irreverent Obviously this reporter has said something that has annoyed the President and so you can rule out a) c) and d) which are positive words. Instead of trying to fit the answer options in the given blanks try to visualize what words would you have put in the gaps if you were the writer. a. and on the other hand. enterprising d. After making ______ remarks to the President. hospitable b. We are looking for a negative word and itinerant only means traveling from place to place which is neutral. On reading this sentence you should be able to grasp that this sentence deals with the topic of the effect of nature vs. optimism. there is his __________ endowment. If you are not able to do that there is some disconnect and you should skip the question. . Paley was the populariser of the famous watchmaker analogy. Or something that presents opposing/favoring views in the sentence? Replace the word in bold with the most appropriate alternative (CAT 2005) Intelligent design derives from an early 19th-century explanation of the natural world given by an English clergyman. Step 3 needs to be broken down into further subdivisions:3a) Identify the tone: How would you label it? Criticism. Proponents of intelligent design are crupping Paley’s argumentwith a new gloss from molecular biology.that you will end up choosing the wrong answer and wasting time and losing marks.

With consistent practice you will find that you will be actually able to predict the answer options in the Mock Cats and CAT rather than fit the answer to the blank..(a) destroying (b) testing (c) resurrecting (d) questioning In the last sentence.repulsions She received a standing ______ for her _____ performance.fixation (2)aspects. Copy it onto a word document. loquacious Clearly the blank has to be filled with a word which is the opposite of experienced. ' crupping has been used to favour Paley's argument. (1)tenets..FIB solving and analysis includes posting the meanings of the words you do not know and brief logic of the solution if possible? Exhaustion of natural resources. he seemed like an experienced man of the world.. 3 c) Is there any restatement/ cause and effect/ comparison involved which helps you understand the nature of the missing word... sardonic b. Select certain websites with quality material especially which carry opinion pieces/editorials. control over mens minds by central __________ of education and propaganda are some of the major evils which appear to be on the increase as a result of the impact of science upon minds suited by __________ to an earlier kind of world.. Ask your friend to select a passage. a. So destroying. All the Best for CAT 13!! QUESTIONS Folks .. when he returned two years later. (A) ovation dull (B) claps immense (C) provocation deliberate (D) ovation enchanting . new gloss' shows that the word. as with a gloss' means making it look more attractive than it actually is.inhibitions (4)organs. You do the same for your friend. destruction of individual initiative by governments. testing and questioning are negative words in the context of the passage.. Callow fits the bill. Check whether you had some kind of an idea about the nature of the missing word.inhibitions (3)institutions. Rahul went abroad as a ______ young man. crupping . egalitarian c. Delete 8-10 words from the passage from different sentences. Exchange Word docs and try to guess the missing words. How to practice:? Team up with a friend. callow e. reticent d.traditions (5)departments.

. and on the other hand. a-impeded by political . after the first few days of his life. precincts 3] justification._______ of genetic code may be humbled by a lowly _______ of sewers and soil ... including __________. privileges 4] magnitude... the proud splitter of atom.. is a product of two factors: on the one hand.the microbe.. organism d-decipherer . a-official .. education (3) personal. (1) constitutional. academic b-challenged by academic . theoretical c-hindered by petty .... distributed . empirical e-sparked by social .... comprehension 2] span. permit b-onerous . learning (5) genetic.... motivate d-unenforceable . 1] processes. anticipation The government's ______ clinical study requirements for approval of new drugs do not _______ pharmaceutical firms when it comes to research and development chiefly because of profit potential afforded by patent protection. there is his __________ endowment.Sometimes the thought _____ of Supreme Court go beyond the ____ of the ordinary man. denizen e-auther . rather.... favor e-vague .. purifier Every human being. 1] idea. the development of the field of sociology was not _______ controversies. inventor of electronic computer. inhabitant b-discoverer . weather (2) congenital.. support Homo sapiens.. a-designer . experimental The fundamental _________ of a patterning system is that sequence of arrival of information determines the pattern in which it is ________. there is the effect of environment.. which explains the relatively _______ approach among Indian sociologist to identefing and solving social problems... pedagogy In India. it burgeoned from social experience. climate (4) economic.... controversial d-stimulated by ideological .. dissuade c-extensive . rodent c-writer .

momentum (c) strategy. plausibly charu has never visited Kempty falls but she could appreciate their splendor ______ through the description of others... produce leaves Some will call it a hot trend . who are ruled . bore b. a-calamities . intimidate c.mystically c. formed by a small minority . intertwine e-changes . incubation (d) promotion. accepted unquestioningly.... a. end abruptly b-adaptations .innocuously d. a connection will _________ develop.raconteur ...surprisingly b. wither and die d-events ... progress linearly c-safeguards .. subsequently 4] marvelous. a few of which ________ but most of which branch again and again. in our childlike simplicity . arranged 3] fault.rascal .. traction (b) misconception.orator . corrupted by too much passive obedience d. who ruled The fossil record reveals innumerable instances of environmental _______ by which one can draw an analogy between the evolution of life on Earth and the branches of a bush... but the ________of letting diners choose what they pay for their meals has been gaining________over the last decade.. eventually 2] distinctive. who are uncivilized b... indolently 3] grandiose. 1] disconnected . he used to _______ us with marvelous anecdotes that we. resonance our grandfather was an entertaining _______ . a.wisely To a greater or lesser degree all the civilized countries of the world are made up of a small class of rulers ___ and of a large class of subjects ___... powerfully corrupt ....vicariously d. others a pipe dream. assigned No matter how truly ________ an idea may be when introduced into the problem area.. a. (a) notion. accessed 4] basis. regale ..2] characteristic. pointless crusaders c.. corrupted by too much power .

my uncle is a real _________ .. dormant B. A. benign B.. that students began to leave his course... surprise e. malfeasance B. frequently need . patrician B... chimera D.... A. A. in fact. so _________ in his expression of opinions. 9. dogmatic D... blasphemy . catalyst The professor got in trouble for making __________ remarks about the Dean of Faculty.. 8. more capital than the founders wallet holds. (1) (1) (1) (1) innovation (2) network (3) tradition (4) gizmo (5) gimmick imperceptibly (2) considerably (3) daily (4) barely (5) substantial sought (2) felt (3) enticed (4) burdened (5) influenced drawing (2) giving (3) sorting (4) ambling (5) sketching Roberto pretended to know a lot about the opera.. blithe My uncle has never been to an art museum. up a business plan.curmudgeon . A. philistine C. credible C.tyrant . This means that entrepreneurs have to seek other investors and the success of the business will be heavily . by the extent to which they take account of the needs of these investors when . supernumerary C.. pensive D. 6. martyr D. dilettante B. 7. when it comes to matters of art.. especially . A.d. pejorative C. stupefy Companies require capital. but he was really just a ___________ ........ Start-up companies. hedonist The professor became so forceful.. -based companies that present high risk and reward. lucid A __________ seemed to befall the entire community as it heard the horrid news..

apparently d-escalating . mucus..... mucous. A. mucous (E) sinusitis.. (A) sinus. mucous. and the villagers. A. leaders (3) disingenuous.. truculent B. exploiters (5) tragic.. on something dark and interior to __________ and perpetrators alike. were unable to shake off the feeling of impending catastrophe... ostensibly b-diminishing .. in further hand-washing rhetoric.C. discree The threat of war. mucous (C) sinus. _________ membranes secrete excessive__________. A. austere Tashonda had read the book in a __________ fashion and couldn't remember what she'd read. cursory D. serendipitous B. mucus. auspicious D. communicator (2) enchanting. (1) innovative.. lay heavily in the air. mucous. a-receding . largess D. equitable B. eminent C. contentedly c-increasing . mucus The genocides in Bosnia and Rwanda. mucus (D) sinusitis. were also blamed. far from _______.. apart from being mis-described in the most sinister and __________ manner as ethnic cleansing. putative D. victims (4) exigent. felicitously In a case of acute _______. obstreperous C. tenuous . while _______ going about their normal activities. mucous (B) sinus. malaise Esmerelda's dissertation was on such an ___________ subject that no one could understand it. sufferers Sherman's hold on his job has become so _________ that no one is sure he'll be working there next month. esoteric C. joyfully e-subsiding .

morose D. A. which in turn moved in circles about the earth. fluent C. (1) scrutinizers. emulate D. and other __________ of the night sky accumulated evidence to the contrary. discreet The jury ___________ the mayor of all wrongdoing. exhort I don't think these flowers are __________ to New England. augmented D. milieu C. indigenous D. but he calmed down in college. instigating A kind of ____________ seemed to occur when David graduated from high school. exigent The children were so ____________ that the teacher had to yell to be heard. At least I've never seen them. instigate C. appeasing C. He became a serious student all of a sudden. calendar makers. A. obstreperous C. expatriated C. conclude The older child had a reputation for ________ trouble in high school. truculent B. flout B. curtailing D. accolade . metamorphosis B. ancient astronomers were forced __________ that certain bodies might move in circles about points. believe (2) observers. ingenuous B. mortifying B. A. A. A. epithet D.Coach Calhoun tried to ___________ his team to try harder in the face of overwhelming odds. concede (5) students. exonerated B. agree (3) scrutinizers. subjugated As navigators. A. suggest (4) observers.

Some gains may be _______. lukewarm .. tragic (b) elicits. grow A Beethoven quartet does not represent sorrow. memorable Football evokes a ___ response in India compared to cricket. sad (c) invokes. boiling b... 1] quantified. apocryphal . electrifies c. fulminated C. a. pleasurable (d) imbues. others only ____________. alleviated Phewww!! .. culminated B..and yet it is emphatically not a ______ experience. tepid . perceived 2] quantified. that almost ___ the nation.) .. perceived 4] multiplied. computed 3] supposed. fomented D. fascinating d. (a) incites. genuinely fascinates The UConn women basketball team's perfect season ___________ in a championship win over Tennessee.. Like tragedy it brings intense pleasure and insight. but ________ it in hearer and player alike. turbid . A..

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