Welcome to the Inspire & Enable Admin Guide! Implementing Your VLE: An Overview Outcomes: What You Can Achieve in 5 Weeks Week-by-Week Overview Your 5-Week Checklist - Week 1: Admin Training - Week 2: Populate the School Dashboard - Week 3: Populate Calendars and School Documents - Week 4: IDs – Verification, Groupings and Distribution - Week 5: Groupings & Evaluation of Admin Tasks Your Frog Team in School Your Frog Team: Roles & Responsibilities Support Channels Conclusion Appendices - Appendix 1: ID Distribution Process - Appendix 2: Sharing the Departmental Sites - Appendix 3: 5 week checklist- Admin - Appendix 4: LADAP Agenda 1 1 2 2 3 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 12 13 13 14 15 17            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

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Welcome to the Inspire & Enable Admin Guide!!
You have been chosen by your school to fulfill the role of Frog Admin, who will play a key role in the set-up of the Frog VLE within your school. As Frog Admin, you will be a specialist who will manage the VLE and provide technical assistance to your fellow teachers. As we believe that your role is crucial in the successful implementation of this project, we at FrogAsia have created this guide to help you get started. This guide contains a comprehensive, step-by-step plan that will guide you towards achieving basic VLE setup!

Implementing Your VLE: An Overview!
In order to ensure the successful implementation of the Frog VLE, we have developed an Implementation Roadmap that will enable your school to move from your current stage to full VLE implementation over a period of 40 weeks:

Admin and VLE Training
(3 days) Setting up your Frog VLE at school and identifying your Frog Team

Inspire & Enable
(13 weeks) Creating an infrastructure for success and launching your Frog VLE within your school.

(14 weeks) Using the Frog VLE to its full potential as a central hub for all school communications, teaching and learning and extra-curricular activities.

(13 weeks) Empowering your teachers and students to use the Frog VLE in teaching, learning and extra-curricular activities.

This Frog Admin Guide encompasses the Inspire & Enable Stage, and focuses on the first 5 weeks after your Admin Training. The subsequent weeks in Inspire & Enable will be covered in the Frog VLE Guide.            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Outcomes: What You Can Achieve in 5 Weeks!
In the Inspire & Enable Stage, you will create an infrastructure for success and launch your Frog VLE within your school. The following provides an overview of what you can achieve within the next 5 weeks: 1.  A fully populated and engaging School Dashboard. 2.  A complete School Calendar for the next 3 months. 3.  A Booking Calendar ready for use. 4.  Departmental/Subject Sites created. 5.  Departmental/Subject Sites shared with HODs/Subject Heads. 6.  Teacher IDs distributed to all teachers.

Week-by-Week Overview!
The above can be achieved by following a clear and manageable week-by-week schedule for the next 5 weeks as shown below:
Week 1 Admin Training

•  •  •  • 

Week 3 Populate School Calendar Edit and Update Booking Calendar Upload School Documents Add Calendars for HEM, Academic and Co Curriculum

Week 2 •  Populate School Dashboard

Week 4 •  Verify teachers and students ID •  Distribute IDs to teachers •  Create grouping for uniform unit, clubs and societies

•  •  •  • 

Week 5 Create grouping for sports and games Continue and complete all grouping Share departmental sites Admin Tasks completion checklist            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Your 5-Week Checklist!
To achieve the 5 weeks outcome, follow the week-by-week checklists below in order to set up your VLE, train your staff and students, and encourage the use of Frog!

Week 1: Admin Training
Admin Training aims to provide users with an understanding of the 1BestariNet project and an overall understanding of the functionality of the Frog VLE, how to use the Admin tools on the Frog VLE , how to create new groups and users as well as how to use Frog CRM.

Editing the School Dashboard Updating the School Notices Creating and using the Calendar Populating Booking Calendars Sharing Departmental Sites User Management Analytics The Support Channels

User Guide (Reference)
pages 3 – 6 pages 7 – 8 pages 9 – 10 pages 11 – 13 pages 14 – 19 pages 20 – 43 pages

44 – 51

pages 52- 67            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Week 2: Populate the School Dashboard !
You created the first tab of your School Dashboard during your Admin Training in Week 1. In Week 2, we take you through a day by day guide to populate your School Dashboard

Populate School Dashboard Day 1 : Create Tab 2 Kata-kata Aluan Pengetua Day 2: Create Tab 3 Sejarah Sekolah Day 3: Create Tab 4 Visi & Misi Day 4: Create Tab 5 Lagu Sekolah Day 5: Edit and Update as necessary


User Guide (Reference)

50 points

Media /Text Media /Text pages 3 – 6 Media/ Text Media /Text

10 10 10 10 10            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Week 3: Populate Calendars and School Documents!
Now that you have populated the School Dashboard, it’s time to update the School Calendar with current and future events and to verify that you have included all the rooms and resources available in school .

Populating Calendars and School Documents 1.  Populate School Calendar till end of 2012 2.  Edit/Update Booking Calendar and Upload School Documents 3.  Create Academic Calendar 4.  Create Student Affairs Calendar 5.  Create Co curricular Calendar

User Guide Section

50 points

pages 9- 10 pages 11- 13

10 10 10

pages 9 – 10

10 10            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Week 4: IDs — Verification, Groupings and Distribution!
Now that you have created an engaging School Dashboard and populated your Calendars, your VLE is ready to be used by all teachers and students! However, before we do that, we need to ensure that all IDs are correct and ready to be used.

ID Verification, Grouping and Distribution 1.  Check ALL Teacher IDs to ensure they are correct 2.  Check ALL Class groupings and ensure all students have IDs 3.  Create groupings for Uniform Units

User Guide Section

50 10 10 10

pages 35 – 43 4.  Create groupings for Clubs and Societies 5. Distribute Teacher IDs 10 10            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Week 5: Groupings & Evaluation of Admin Tasks!
User Guide ! Section!

ID Verification, Grouping and Distribution 1.  Create groupings for Sports and Games 2.  Create HEM groups 3.  Create other groups 4.  Share Departmental / Subject Panel sites 5.  Admin Tasks Completion Checklist

50 10

Pages 35 – 43

10 10

pages 14- 19

10 10

You have successfully enabled the VLE for use in your school. Continue to update the School Dashboard and Calendar so that users have a great experience when they login to the VLE.            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Your Frog Team in School!
As you achieve your goals through the weeks, your school will also create a Frog Team within your own school to create processes and conduct activities for the implementation of your VLE and to support your activities. Please fill in the following positions – and you’ve got your School Frog Team!

Headteacher / Principal

Senior Leadership Team (GPK) GPK: PK HEM: PK Koko:

Head Frog Champions HFC 1: HFC 2: HFC 3: HFC 4:

Frog Coordinator (Admin)

Frog Coordinator (Technical)

Frog Champions (Teachers & Students)            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Your Frog Team: Roles & Responsibilities!
Your Frog Team will consist of your Senior Leadership Team along with the selected teachers and students, who will work together to build and introduce Frog to your school. Each individual has key roles and responsibilities as shown below:

1.  Provides vision 2.  Drives change 3.  Raises awareness about Frog VLE 4.  Understands capabilities 5.  Forms the Frog Team 6.  Plays the role of admin user in the school’s Self-Care Support Portal

Senior Leadership Team
1.  Communicates vision to Head Frog Champion 2.  Identifies goals (Roadmap) 3.  Leads the school’s Frog Team 4.  Implements Frog VLE Roadmap and monitor Frog VLE progress in school 5.  Provides vision and focus for their section 6.  Monitors in-house training (LDP) and enhance teachers competency 7.  Plays the role of admin user in the school’s Self-Care Support Portal            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Frog Admin
1.  Plays the role of an ICT specialist 2.  Understands the Frog VLE system 3.  Operates and solves technical problems (provides technical support) for teachers and students 4.  Manages user IDs and creates classes / groups in Frog VLE 5.  Manages and update the School Dashboard 6.  Manages and updates the School Calendar 7.  Manages and uploads school documents into the VLE 8.  Becomes the school’s contact person for the school’s Self-Care Support Portal 9.  Coordinates internal training programme

Head Frog Champion (Teacher)
1.  Determines and implements vision in school. 2.  Generates ideas on Frog VLE implementation 3.  Shares knowledge and encourage collaboration among teachers 4.  Motivates teachers and students in school 5.  Understands and promotes Frog and its benefits 6.  Enhances teachers competency through internal training            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Frog Teacher Champions
1. Develop interactive teaching and learning resources 2. Share resources with other teachers 3. Use the Frog VLE in teaching & learning 4. Use the Frog VLE for school administration 5. Help students to use the Frog VLE for student affairs and co-curricular activities 6. Provide activities that encourage independent learning 7. Promote the vision 8. Motivate Frog Student Champions 9. Allocate tasks to the Frog Student Champions 10. Coordinate communications with Frog Teacher Champions & with FrogAsia.

Frog Student Champions
1.  Promote Frog and motivate fellow students to adopt and use the VLE. 2.  Populate & update co-curricular Sites & Calendars 3.  Plan & execute the training of selected students in Co-curricular groups before Frog Buzz Launch 4.  Plan & Execute Frog Buzz Week 5.  Support Frog Teacher Champions in school-wide training 6.  Serve as an informal support system in terms of VLE usage 7.  Organise all Frog-related school competitions / campaigns /events 8.  Document the progress of school competitions / campaigns / events by taking pictures, writing articles etc.            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Support Channels!
In implementing your Frog VLE, we at FrogAsia will be happy to support you and help you achieve your goals. Please contact your designated Relationship Manager, or contact FrogAsia support from any of the channels below:

018 799 8787 •  Time: 7am to 10pm, Monday to Friday. •  Agents answering calls in Bahasa Malaysia & English.

moesupport@ Email us with your school code and a full description of the issue!

https:// Login to our Self Care Portal to create a support ticket!

This is the end of the Admin Guide. Don’t forget to check our Appendix section for suggested processes and great links! We wish you the best of luck and many great moments as you journey with Frog!            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


In order to facilitate the achievement of your goals, we have created suggested processes for ID Distribution to all teachers, as well as the creation and sharing of Departmental Sites.

Appendix 1: ID Distribution Process!
In order to enable all teachers and students to access the Frog VLE, Yes 4G and Google services, all users must receive their own unique IDs. The following process shows how the Frog Admin can oversee ID Distribution to teachers, and manage ID distribution to students through their class teachers.

1 FrogAsia Send encrypted file containing school’s User IDs to Headteacher/ Principal through email

2 Headteacher/ Principal a.  b.  c.  Download the file containing the User IDs Share file with the Frog Admin. Share file password with Frog Admin

4 Teachers a.  b.  c.  Receive own User ID Receive class’ User IDs Distribute IDs to students using template.


Frog Admin a.  b.  c.  d.  e.  Download file containing User IDs and opens it using the file password. Retrieve the Frog Admin login details from the file. Log in to the Frog VLE. Distribute IDs to all teachers; and Share students’ IDs with the respective class teacher to be distributed.

5 Students Receive User ID            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Appendix 2: Sharing the Departmental Sites!
Departmental Sites must first be shared by the Frog Admin to the relevant teachers who will build the Department Sites. Follow the steps below to share Departmental Sites.

Preparation a.  b.  Obtain list of all subjects Assign one teacher per subject to build the Subject Site

Share the Site a.  b.  c.  d.  e.  f.  g.  h.  i.  j.  k.  Click on the Departmental Websites icon in the Quick Launch menu. Double click on the Departmental Site to be shared e.g. Sains Dan Matematik. Click on the Rangkaian Mata Pelajaran tab. Double click to open the subject site to be shared. Click the ‘Share’ button on the Frog Bar. Click the green ‘Share’ button. Type in the name of the teacher assigned to building the Site in the search bar. Click on name from the drop-down list. Click ‘Add’. Edit the permissions by clicking the drop-down box and click ‘Can edit & manage’. Click ‘Share’.


Repeat the steps to share other subjects.


Inform teachers that Subject Sites are ready to be built.            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Appendix 3: 5 Week Checklist- Admin!
Week 1 Admin Training Create Tab 2 Kata-kata Aluan Pengetua Create Tab 3- Sejarah Sekolah Create Tab 4 -Visi & Misi Create Tab 5 -Lagu Sekolah Fill up the Frog Team name list. Populate School Calendar till end of 2012 Edit/Update Booking Calendar and Upload School Documents Create Academic Calendar Create HEM Calendar Create Co-Curricular Calendar Done WIP Not Done

Week 2 Populate School Dashboard

Week 3 Calendars            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Appendix 3: 5 Week Checklist- Admin!
Check All Teacher IDs to ensure they are correct Check All Class groupings and ensure all students have IDs Create groupings for Uniform Unit Create groupings for Clubs and Societies Distribute Teacher IDs Create groupings for Sports and Games Week 5 Groupings & evaluation of Admin Tasks Create HEM groups Create other groups Share Departmental/Subject Panel Sites Admin Tasks Completion Checklist Done WIP Not Done

Week 4 IDsVerification, Groupings and Distribution            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


Appendix 4- LADAP Agenda!


30 minutes 20 minutes

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Total

VLE Walkthrough
Frog Bar & Quick Launch

Personal Dashboard
(Widgets: Media, External Link, Calendar, Embed Website, Time, Text, Notes)

Personal Calendar
Populate personal calendar and invitation for an event

20 minutes

Booking Calendar
Booking equipment and rooms

15 minutes 15 minutes 30 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes

Create forum topics

Get connected on Community Site
Create forum topics on Connect tab

My Documents
Create folder and add files

Lesson Resources
Create folder and add files

160 minutes            |                  Facebook:  FrogAsia                  |                  Twi5er:  @FrogAsia  

Transforming  Educa0on  Through  the  Internet  


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