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UFPPC ( Digging Deeper XL: January 28, 2008, 7:00 p.m.

John Pilger, Freedom Next Time: Resisting the Empire (New York: Nation Books,

Acknowledgments. List of 33 people. justify the eviction of the Chagossians

(56, see also 45; 20-61). [There is an
Introduction. “This book is about excellent timeline at
empire, its façades and the enduring]

struggle of people for their freedom” (1).

“[C]olonial assumptions” (1) and Ch. 2: The Last Taboo. Account of, in
“servility to the state” (2) dictate news Edward Said’s words, the “oppression
coverage, which distinguishes between and maltreatment” of the Palestinians,
“worthy victims” and “unworthy victims” and of the distortion of reporting about it
(3). “A crime is only a crime if the (62-162). “The ‘peace process’ was
perpetrators are ‘them,’ not ‘us’” (4). never about peace, but principally about
Imperialist ideology is being greater Israeli control of the Occupied
rehabilitated, after it was “airbrushed Territories” (149).
out” in the post-WWII period (5-7).
Liberals twist words in Orwellian fashion Ch. 3: Shining India. A portrait of
(7-8). This book “pushes back this one- poverty and starvation in India, despite
way moral screen to demonstrate that official images to the contrary: “India is
imperialism, in whatever guise, is the home to more people living in poverty
antithesis of ‘benevolent and moralistic’” than any other country in the world”
(8). Review of book’s contents (8-13). Is (167; 163-76).
America fascist or pre-fascist? (13-16).
Britain not that different (16). “I have Ch. 4: Apartheid Did Not Die.
written Freedom Next Time to warn Economic apartheid is alive and well in
against these dangers” (17). South Africa (177-263). Features
Hopefulness (18-19). There is “a interview with Nelson Mandela (258-62).
worldwide movement against poverty
and war and misinformation that has Ch. 5: Liberating Afghanistan. The
arisen in less than a decade . . . just as surreal mirage of the liberation of
the conquest of Iraq is unravelling, so a Afghanistan, right out of Catch-22 (264-
whole system of domination and 313). Features interviews with Douglas
impoverishment can unravel, too” (19). Feith (297-301), John Bolton (301-05),
William Kristol (misspelled ‘Kristal’) (305-
Ch. 1: Stealing a Nation. The eviction 07), Ray McGovern (307-11)..
of the 2,000 people who lived on the
Chagos archipelago, principally on Diego Notes. 30 pp.
Garcia, after the secret decision made in
1961-1964 by the U.S. & the U.K. to Picture Acknowledgments. 1 page.
establish an Indian Ocean base; there the
U.S. now maintains “four thousand Index. 19 pp.
service personnel and contractors, two
bomber runways, each two and a half [About the Author. John Pilger was
miles long, anchorages for a fleet of born in Sydney, Australia, on Oct. 9,
ships, living conditions the US Navy 1939. He has published twelve books
describes as ‘indispensable,’ and made more than two dozen
‘outstanding’ and ‘unbelievable,’” though documentary films. Critique of Western
habitability was one of the ruses used to foreign policy runs through all his work.
Harold Pinter has called him “fearless. reputation. Beginning in 1970, he has
He unearths, with steely attention to been a TV reporter for various networks,
facts, the filthy truth, and tells it as it is.” and founded News on Sunday in 1987.
Salman Rushdie has called him “a He has received many journalistic prizes,
photographer using words instead of a honorary degrees, and the UNESCO
camera.” He began his career in 1958 as Peace Prize. In 1983, he wrote a play on
a journalist for the Sydney Daily Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War.
Telegraph, then moved to Italy in 1962. He has a son (b. 1973) and a daughter
He worked for Reuters in the Middle East, (b. 1984). He often quotes Milan
then for the Daily Mirror (1963-1986). Kundera: “The struggle of people against
His reporting from Vietnam and power is the struggle of memory against
Cambodia earned him an international forgetting” (20).]

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