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Determining and Attaining Students Success Pertaining to their Perceptions

A Research Paper Presented to The class of Ms. Agnes Tadia Batangas State University

In Partial Fulfillment Of the requirements for the subject ENG 202 Reading and Writing

By: Bicol, Meryll Mae G. ARC 2101

October 2012



To the light and all knowing God, I owe you everything to you.

I would like to give my deepest gratitude to my family especially my mom, her endeavor encouragement and support.

Mam tadia, thank you for being a great instructor. You surely contribute to the success of this research.

And to the students, who participated and share their inputs, thank you.


I would like to offer this research to the people who are searching and having success in life. Particularly to the students, those are maybe struggling in achieving their goal and hoping to live with success.

This research will probably be a great help and source of encouragement to everyone who are fighting and still holding on in attaining success.


Title Page .....i Abstract ....ii Acknowledgement ..iii Dedication ................iv Table of Contents ...v

Chapter I, The Problem and Its Setting Introduction . Conceptual Framework . Statement of the Problem . Scope and Limitation of the Study.... Significance of the Study .. Definition of Terms .

Chapter II, Review of Related Literature and Studies Related Literature .. Related Studies ..

Chapter III, Research Methodology Research Design . Material Analyzed.

Treatment of the Material ...

Chapter IV, Analysis, Presentation and Interpretation of Data ..

Chapter V, Summary Findings, Conclusions and Recommendations Summary of the Study Findings Conclusions . Recommendations ..

Bibliography .. Appendix .