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W orks By S. S.

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The Scapegoat Fate

A Short Story

Silvanus S-gar Prince

Copyright 2012 Spicer Publishing Company

I would tell you about the things They put me through The pain Ive been subjected to But the Lord himself would blush The countless feasts laid at my feet Forbidden fruits for me to eat But I think your pulse would start to rush Now Im not looking for absolution Forgiveness for the things I do But before you come to any conclusion Try walking in my shoes Try walking in my shoes Youll stumble in my footsteps Keep the same appointments I kept If you try walking in my shoes If you try walking in my shoes Morality would frown upon Decency look down upon The scapegoat fates made of me But I promise now, my judge and jurors My intentions couldnt have been purer My case is easy to see Im not looking for a clearer conscience Peace of mind after what Ive been through And before we talk of any repentance Try walking in my shoes Try walking in my shoes Youll stumble in my footsteps Keep the same appointments I kept If you try walking in my shoes If you try walking in my shoes Try walking in my shoes Walking In My Shoes Depeche Mode

Driimna Mrbys contemplated the three creatures that stood before him. They were hideous, with fat bodies that were covered in a bluish-grey hide. Wide, tooth-filled mouths and small pupil-less eyes were the only facial features they displayed. They each wore long flowing robes made from some local silk-like material that Driimna did not recognize. The robes of the two creatures closest to him were dark blue, while the robes of the third were crimson with gold trim. This crimson robed creature was the leader of the group for he seemed to bark orders at the other two in their guttural language. The two in the blue robes took a step closer to Driimna, each raising their left hands and extending their palms toward the seemingly unarmed Davayira. Driimna did not give them a chance to complete their spells. He simply cast his own: the one that he had been preparing since he had first spotted the strange creatures magical ship approaching the small camp he had made on the beach he had discovered the day before. He extended both of his arms forwards as he cried the arcane word: Nlifewv! A ball of elemental energy shot forth from his palms, growing to a ten-foot radius and enveloping the three robed creatures. The shock of the attack stunned the three creatures and Driimna was quickly able to prepare another spell which put the three creatures to sleep. He looked along the length of the beach and could see the northern hemisphere of the planet his people had named Mnitvkiib, rising up over the horizon of the sea on which the beach was located. This moon was the third in Mnitvkiibs orbit and the ringed gas giant was the seventh planet in this stellar system. His people, the Davayira, had named the moon Tpavltyh and had selected it for their colony after a careful search of the large star system. But they had not realized that this habitable moon was inhabited by an indigenous species of magic wielding seafaring creatures. Somehow, their scans had not detected the creatures and their marvelous ships. Yet, now he looked down at the three sleeping creatures with confused dismay. Walking over to their prone bodies, Driimna knelt down and touched the forehead of the crimson-robed creature and concentrated. Almost immediately the creatures mind opened up for him and the Davayira was able to learn much about the creatures. They called themselves the

Gyztok and they felt they were the masters of this moon. They lived on magical ships that plowed the moons vast oceans and seas, crewed by a race of magical constructs the Gyztok called the Gacg. The Gacg were nothing more then slaves and the Gyztok were cruel tyrants who seemed to worship some strange abstract notion of chaos. Driimna was appalled by the psyche of the Gyztok and he immediately felt empathy for the Gacg. He remembered the history of his own people, the Davayira, and how they had once ruled a great stellar empire. Yet that empire had collapsed in civil war and only a few scattered survivors remained. In fact, Driimna was unaware of any other survivors and believed that the Davayira who had accompanied him were the sole survivors of their once proud race. They had once been a great civilization, but cruelty, ambition and greed had destroyed their empire and the survivors had vowed to find a new home and begin again. Driimna breathed: The peoples of creation are no more perfect then we. Such arrogance we possess. How it clouds our hearts and keeps the Light from our minds and souls. Yet these Gyztok seem to have no capacity for empathy. They truly are cruel - as if they had been corrupted at the very beginning of creation. Driimnas gaze fixated upon the ship that sat at anchor out in the bay. He could not identify the material from which it had been built - a white crystalline substance that reflected the light cast from the gaseous atmosphere of Mnitvkiib above. There were no sails or oars, and he deduced that the ships propulsion was magical in nature. The hull was sleek, as rodynamic as it was hydrodynamic. He could tell that the ship was magically formed and not carved by hands or tools of any sort. Pmakivv! he commanded and felt his body transform into the black feathered form of a raven. With a couple of flaps of his wings, Driimna took flight - heading directly for the crystalhulled ship anchored out in the bay. He circled a few times, looking at the top deck of the ship while trying to determine its layout from the air. There were more of the robed Gyztok on the deck of the ship. He counted six in blue robes and two more in crimson robes. However, he was unable to see any of the control stations for the ship. There was no bridge or helm on the top deck of the ship and Driimna had to assume that the bridge and helm were located inside the ship itself. He flew in close and cast the sleep spell again. Driimna then spiraled back up into the air and circled the deck of the ship once more, making sure that all eight Gyztok were magically asleep.

Satisfied that his spell had succeeded, he dove down onto the deck, landing softly on the crystalline surface of the ship. The Davayira concentrated for a moment and then felt his body magically transforming back into its normal form. He stood taller then the Gyztok. His skin was chocolate brown and he had the white hair and gold eyes of his race. He wore his hair long and braided in an intricate pattern that held a special spiritual meaning for him alone. Driimna wore a black tunic and khaki coloured pants which were tucked into the tops of black leather boots. There was a hatch located about ten feet to his right and Driimna quickly crossed the deck to its position. Once there he quickly opened the hatch and then dropped down into it, landing in a crouched position at the back of the ships command and control center. There were four more Gyztok here: two more in dark blue robes, one in crimson and the final one in black robes. There were also six thin, black skinned humanoids. They had long black hair and their skin was covered with yellow blotches and was drawn tightly across their bony frames. They each wore a dark green tunic and brown leggings as well as leather sandals. Driimna deduced that these were the Gacg and was unsure how they would react to his sudden appearance within the control center of the ship. The black robed Gyztok wheeled round to face him, all the while bellowing orders at his three fellows in their guttural language. The Davayira leapt up from his crouching position and charged at the first of the Gyztok that approached him. Driimna turned his upper torso ever so slightly, hitting the oncoming creature square in the chest with his shoulder and sending the Gyztok falling backwards onto the floor. The Davyira leapt over his fallen opponent, striking out his right arm and aiming his palm at the other blue-robed Gyztok. Nlifwy! he cried as a bolt of elemental energy shot forth from his palm. The stun bolt hit the robed figure directly in the chest and the Gyztok reeled backwards, stunned by the magical blast. Tocy Zhra! he heard one of the Gacg shout. This same black skinned humanoid jumped up out of the seat he had been sitting in and charged at the black robed Gyztok, a shinny metal blade suddenly appearing in the Gacgs hand. Before Driimna could react, the Gacg had sunk the entire blade into the chest of the black robed Gyztok. The fat humanoid fell to the deck, mortally wounded, its blood spilling onto the floor. Three of the other Gacg advanced on the red robed Gyztok, the only one left standing. Stop! Driimna cried, holding up his hands. Everyone in the control room stood motionless. He knew they had not understood his language, but they all seemed to understand what

he had said. The Davayira concentrated for a moment and then sent his thoughts out to the Gacg that had killed the black robed Gyztok. I am Driimna Mrbys of the Davayira. He telepathically began. Put the other Gyztok in the ships hold. There are eight more asleep on the top deck. They will need to be put in the hold as well. Where did you come from? the Gacg thought. My people come from far away. Driimna replied. What is your name? The Gyztok have no names for us. Came the reply. Yet, I am known as Gzhak amongst my people. Tell your people to move quickly. The Davayira warned. The spell that put the Gyztok to sleep will not last much longer. Gzhak turned to his two of his fellows. kec zhj zgc. He ordered, pointing at the three Gyztok. tg jeg kikac. He told the other Gacg. All five nodded and began rounding up the surviving Gyztok. Once they had cleared the command center, Driimna was left alone with Gzhak and the corpse of the Gyztok captain. How long were your people enslaved by the Gyztok? the Davayira asked. We have always been their slaves. the Gacg answered sadly. The Gyztok created us as slaves to labour aboard their ships. We are their creation and they are our creators. Driimna was shocked by the cruelty of the Gyztok. The Gacg had been created as a slave race by their heartless masters. You have brought us freedom. Gzhak continued. Long have we dreamed of being released from the bondage of the Gyztok. Today, we have taken the first step on our path to freedom. Driimna thought for a moment, contemplating the situation he had created. His people had fled the civil war that had destroyed their once great Empire. With his actions on this day, he had started a new war - one between two alien species that had existed in a cruel, yet stable relationship. The Davayira had vowed never to slay other creatures again - yet they had not imagined encountering such a vile and heartless race as the Gyztok. And now the seed of war had been planeted on this moon that was light years away from the Davayiras home. Were they damned to a fate of being harbingers of war, pain and suffering?

The Davayira looked deeply into the brown eyes of the Gacg that stood before him and then he made a decision. One he hoped would not damn his people to a darker fate. High above this world is my own ship. Driimna began. And on that ship are the remnants of my people. We have always fought against Tyranny and for Truth and Freedom. I pledge to you, on this day, Gzhak of the Gacg, that the Davayira will aid you in your fight against the Gyztok in order to gain your freedom.

And so on that day, an alliance between the Davayira and the Gacg was formed. The Davayira aided the Gacg in a war that would last twenty years and would finally see the slaves released from the bondage of their masters. And the Gacg then gave themselves a new name: The Cohar. From that time onward, the Cohar valued their freedom and praised the Davayira for their friendship and aid. Yet Driimna, the leader of the Davayira would be haunted by a doubt of conscience, even to this very day. This guilt he felt grew worse when the Davayira discovered that Gyztok spies had uncovered the data they had collected on the heavily populated fifth planet of the stellar system. Living with the guilt of his decision, Driimna watched as the Gyztok created a magical portal to the fifth planet, a planet whose inhabitants had named Nytheun. With no other course to follow, and vowing to protect the peoples of Nytheun from the tyranny of the Gyztok; Driimna sent his most trusted lieutenant, Kwaktbih, and a small group of Davayira to Nytheun through a magical portal of the Davayiras creation. And so this is how the Phomifapti and the Anapsiptti (as the Davayira and the Gyztok are known on Nytheun) came to influence the history and the peoples of Nytheun.

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