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Astrological Analyses of the Salman Khan’s Birth chart during Jupiter transit in Gemini

(June 2013 – June 2014)


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series Introduction
In this article, I will be analyzing the transit Jupiter and its impact on Bollywood Hero Mr. Salman Khan. While the Rashi (D1) Chart is considered as the baseline for analysis, D6, D8 and D30 charts are used as supporting charts.

According to Times of India, “One person was killed and four others were injured when the Land Cruiser, allegedly driven by Salman Khan, crushed a group of people sleeping on the pavement outside a bakery in suburban Bandra on September 28, 2002”.

According to Times of India, “Apart from section 304(2) (culpable homicide not amounting

to murder), the Bollywood superstar was also charged under sections 279 (causing death by negligence), 337 (causing hurt by an act), 338 (causing grievous hurt), 427 (causing damage or mischief to property) of IPC, and provisions of Motor Vehicles Act and Bombay Prohibition Act.”

Please note that I am presenting this article specifically using Vedic Astrology principles. Hence, please keep aside your political, religious and any other debatable opinions while reading this article.


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
Salman Khan Chart Analysis


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series Chart Analysis
In this article, emphasis was made to analyze the divisional charts 6, 8 & 30 along with the Rashi chart. The impact of transit Jupiter and Saturn/Rahu on all these charts are analyzed specifically between June 2013 and June 2014. While Saturn remains in Libra until 2014-Dec, Rahu moves to Virgo (6th house on natal chart) and Jupiter moves to Cancer (4th house on natal chart). From 2015Jan, Saturn will move to Scorpio (8th house on Natal Chart and will cojoin with Ketu and Mercury).

In D1 (Rashi) chart:
 Planet SATURN (SANI), a Malefic, is in 11 House from Lagna, Kumbha (Aquarius).
Planet Inclination is: 18 Degrees and 43 Minutes. The Lord of Kakshya is: Venus. Venus, a Malefic, is Lord of 2nd and 7th houses is in 10th house (owned by Saturn).

 Planet JUPITER is Aspecting 11 House from Lagna and Saturn is in this House.

Jupiter and Saturn aspect will cause disappointments and hurdles to the Native.
 From Moon, Saturn is in 1st house and aspecting the 10th house where Venus and Mars

are residing.

In D1 (Rashi) chart, Jupiter is the lord of 12th house is in 3rd house and transit Jupiter just touched natal Jupiter. Moon the lord of 4th house (home-life environment) is cojoined with Saturn in 11th house. Saturn’s 3rd aspect is on 1st house (Tanu-stanam aka Mind).
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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
In D6 (Enemies) chart, Venus is in the 6th house (thus indicating the enemies from entertainment industry). Also Venus is residing in house owned by Saturn. Saturn is residing in 12th house and Mars (lord of 4th and 9th houses) is in 4th house. Mars is cojoined with the malefics Rahu & Ketu. On this chart, transit Jupiter touched 11th house.

In D8 (Troubles) chart, transit Jupiter touched 9th house where Mars is residing. Mars is the lord of 2nd house. On this chart, both transit Saturn and Rahu are touching the 1st house, and natal Saturn is directly aspecting the 1st house, thus the created troubles got further amplified. Jupiter is the lord of 6th house on this chart.

In D30 (Sins aka Karma) chart, transit Jupiter touched 1st house where Saturn is residing. Mars is cojoined with the malefics Rahu & Ketu and are residing in 4th house. While Mars is the lord of 6th house, Saturn is the lord of 8th and 9th houses. Mercury the lord of 1st and 4th houses is residing in 8th house too.

According to Vimsottari Dasa, Saturn Maleficial Dasa begins the day after 2002-10-2 and
ends on 2021-10-2. When Saturn is cruel, during the Mahadasha of

Saturn, there may be restlessness and fear of the powerful, thieves, fire and poison.


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
The current period is Saturn/ Moon AntarDasha which began on 2013-08-30 and ends on: 2015-3-30
==> Saturn/Moon/Moon Ends on : 2013-10-16 -- No major impact

==> Saturn/Moon/Mars begins on 2013-10-16 and ends on : 2013-11-19 --- Benefic & Exalted Mars is in 10th house with Saturn being the Owner. The Lord of Kakshya is again Mars. Mars being the lord of 1 st and 8th house, will give him some sort of mental relaxation.

==> Saturn/Moon/Rahu begins on 2013-11-19 and ends on : 2014-2-15 --- Rahu residing in 2nd house, owned by Venus and with his 9th aspect is looking at 10th house where Venus and Mars are residing, the native will incur some losses pertaining to finances, tensions in family and career.

==> Saturn/Moon/Jupiter begins on 2014-2-15 and ends on : 2014-4-30 – Transit Jupiter is touching Natal Jupiter during this period. Transit & Natal Jupiter is aspecting both transit Rahu & Saturn and also Natal Saturn and Natal Moon. Natal Jupiter being the lord of 9th (Dharma-stanam) and 12th (Vyaya-stanam) houses, the chances for the native to face unexpected expenditure is VERY HIGH.

==> Saturn/Moon/Saturn begins on 2014-04-30 and ends on : 2014-7-30 --- This is the VERY VERY CRUCIAL PERIOD in native’s life.

==> Saturn/Moon/Mercury Ends on : 2014-10-17 -- No major impact ==> Saturn/Moon/Ketu Ends on : 2014-11-20 -- No major impact

==> Saturn/Moon/Venus begins on 2014-11-20 and ends on : 2015-2-23 --- With both Moon and Venus residing in Saturn’s house and Malefic Venus is the lord of 2nd and 7th houses and Natal rahu being in 2nd house and Transit rahu+Saturn in LIBRA (house owned by Venus), there WILL BE TREMENDOUS CHANGES IN NATIVE’S life, career, financial status.

==> Saturn/Moon/Sun Ends on : 2015-3-29 -- No major impact eMail: Page 6

Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
According to Kalachakra Rashi Dasa, the period Aries-Virgo began in 2013-07 and ends in 2014-03. Then comes Aries-Libra until 2015-03 and then AriesScorpio until 2015-10. Overall, transit Saturn will be in the same zodiac signs during these periods. Thus, even from this methodology, Saturn’s impact on the native will remain at least until 2015-Oct. Also, the Saturn/Moon Vimsottari Dasa ends in 2015-March.

According to Kalachakra Planetary Dasa, Malefic Venus Dasa began on 2009-12-27
and ends on 2025-12-27. Venus being the lord of 2nd (Dhana-stanam / Kutumbhastanam) and 7th (Business) houses, the negative impact will be CLEARLY VISIBLE.

According to Bhrigu Chakra Paddathi, the Cycle Ruler Mars begins on 2013-1227. Exalted and Benefic Mars, residing in 10th house and cojoined with a Malefic Venus and
the house being owned by Malefic Saturn would diminish the good effects of Mars. Between 2013-12-27 and 2014-12-27, Mars will impact the 1st (Tanu-stanam) house, there by impacting the mind/thoughts. This exactly coincides with the above analysis. It is between 2014-12-27 and 2015-12-27, that Mars will rule the 2nd house (Dhana-stanam) where Rahu is residing and Venus is the owner. During this one-year, the native will face various financial hurdles.
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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
According to Dasapathi & Antardasapathi Dasa, Mars dasa starts on 2009-03-30 and ends on 2016-03-30. Accidentally, benefic and exalted Mars dasa is running based on this calculation and BCP calculations.

According to Saturn’s cycle, between 2013-6-27 and 2015-12-27 , Saturn Cycle’s
impact is on 6th house. Sixth house deals with: Enemies, oppositions, mental agitation,

injuries, accident, diseases, wounds, loans, debts, losses, disappointments, obstacles, cruelty, indulgence in prohibited acts, theft, quarrels and imprisonment.


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
Transit Chart Analysis at the time of Accident
On Sep. 28th, 2002 night, Saturn (Lord of 10th and 11th houses - and residing in 11th house) played the vital role. Jupiter the lord of 9th and 12th houses and residing in 2nd just got amplified, since Saturn spoiled/destroyed the 12th house. Jupiter’s 9th aspect is on 11th house. While Transit Rahu and Moon are touching Natal Rahu in 2nd house, transit Saturn is touching natal Jupiter in 3rd house. The exact Vimsottari Dasa at the time of accident was: Saturn/Saturn/Saturn/Saturn/Jupiter/Saturn.


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
Transit Chart Analysis until June 2014
Between June 2013 and June 2014, the Vimsottari Dasa is Saturn/Moon.

With Saturn being the Mahadasa and Moon (Lord of 4th house – home-life environment) being the antardasa and Moon residing in house owned by Saturn and cojoined with Saturn, this period will be VERY VERY HIGHLY CHALLENGING for the native.

The sub-sub-period Saturn/Moon/Moon beginning in 2013-Aug-08 and ending in 2013-Sep-24 will be the MOST CHALLENGING one during year 2013.

Again, The sub-sub-period Saturn/Moon/Saturn beginning in 2014-April-06 and ending in 2014-July-09 will be the MOST CHALLENGING one during year 2014. This is the MOST POSSIBLE PERIOD for the native to begin his crime-tenure.
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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
Transit Jupiter’s impact (On Rashi Chart – D1):  Transit Jupiter entered Gemini (house owned by Mercury), 3rd house on Natal Chart in June 2013, there by touching Natal Jupiter. Natal Jupiter is lord of 12th house (Prison).  Transit and Natal Jupiter’s 5th aspect is on transit Saturn & Rahu (LIBRA 5th house on Natal chart) .  Transit and Natal Jupiter’s 7th aspect is on 9th house (Dharma-stanam owned by Jupiter) and 9th aspect is on 11th house (owned by Natal Saturn and natal Saturn & natal Moon are residing).

Transit Saturn’s impact (On Rashi Chart – D1):

 Transit Saturn will be in LIBRA (house owned by Venus), 7th house on Natal Chart until Dec 2014. Transit Saturn is directly aspecting the Lagna.  Transit Saturn’s 3rd aspect is on house owned by Jupiter (9th house Dharma-stanam).  Transit Saturn’s 7th aspect is on 1st house (owned by Mars) and 10th aspect is on 4th house owned by Moon.


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
Transit Rahu’s impact (On Rashi Chart – D1):

 Transit Rahu entered LIBRA (house owned by Venus), 7th house on Natal Chart in Dec 2013 and will be there until June 2014. Transit Rahu is directly aspecting the Lagna.  Transit Rahu’s 5th aspect is on 11th house – owned by Saturn and both natal Saturn & natal Moon are residing.  Transit Rahu’s 7th aspect is on 1st house (owned by Mars) and 9th aspect is on 3rd house (owned by Mercury) where Natal Jupiter is residing and transit Jupiter is passing by.


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series Conclusion
The conclusion arrived is: 1. 2. Transit Jupiter became more powerful by passing thru Natal Jupiter. Transit Saturn and Natal Saturn further amplified the Jupiter’s destruction.

After Dec 2014, transit Saturn will touch the native’s 8th house cojoining with Ketu and having a direct aspect to Natal Rahu (Rahu is in 2nd house). During this period, transit Rahu will be touching the 6th house and transit Jupiter the 4th house.

My conclusion is that between 2014-Dec and 2015-Dec, the native will face with HUGE CHALLENGES financially, home-life environment and partly professionally.


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Sastry Karra’s Astrological Series
According to BSP rules, between 2015-12-27 and 2016-12-27, Saturn will be activating the 1st house and the 11th house, there by creating more mental stress and financial losses.

Overall, until 2017-Dec, the native will face the hurdles in his life financially or professionally due to transit slow moving planets.

Based on the contents of the article, I will let the readers to come to their own conclusion.

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