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Developer: Westland Country: United Kingdom First flight: 1936 Type: Light utility aircraft

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Airplane " Laysender "was used in the UK and in several other countries throughout the Second World War as a shock and auxiliary machinery. They used it, and after the war, for peaceful purposes by different organizations and individuals. Number of problems solved "Laysenderom" was very broad: exploration, photography, the defeat of the enemy bombs and small arms, carrying passengers and cargo, rescue work. According to its versatility it is in line with our on-2. The emergence of this "wagon" goes back to the experience of the First World War. After reviewing its results, the British strategists have come to the conclusion that they need a relatively cheap and unpretentious multirole aircraft, able to carry out exploration in the interest of ground forces, including the search of their units, detached from the main force, to establish contact with them, the delivery of supplies and evacuate the wounded. In addition, the expected defeat of identified targets on the battlefield board weapons and performing roving functions. That is supposed to create a plane for the immediate support and interaction with the land forces (in English - Army Cooperation). To create such an aircraft at the end of 1934 was developed specification (specification) A 39/34 and a competition. According to the specifications sent out by the UK's leading aircraft manufacturers, aircraft had to have radio and photographic equipment, a good review for reconnaissance, the stock of bombs and machine guns to defeat the enemy, with a high resistance at low speeds, and be able to take off and land on short unprepared sites. Airfields for the new machine had to be fenced by hedges farm plots, rural roads, forest clearings, and wastelands. One of the mandatory requirements imposed on the car, had the ability to "pick-up" from the ground to lowlevel flight of small goods, such as containers with reports. Such a method of communication with ground air units was considered a very promising at a time when radio stations in parts of the field were still a novelty. The victory in the competition won a firm "Uestland Aircraft Works" with the project R.8 designed by the famous aircraft designer Edward Petter. Petter and his staff in the course of the project visited a number of aviation units, which have found the advantages and disadvantages of already existing in the British Army aircraft, designed to solve such problems.

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On the basis of the material collected, it was decided that the aircraft will vysokoplanom to provide a wide All ads field of view forward and down, and have a large span of the wing with slats and flaps for stability and good Add your advert take-off and landing performance. The car made a single-engine and equipped with a solid landing gear to simplify game-insight.com the design and ease of operation. Fixed landing gear had already looked anachronistic, but the rest of the plane Advanced game was created with the latest aviation science and technology. of 2013. The For a single-spar wing chosen scheme with a metal frame. The spar is a rectangular tube riveted duralumin of bent profiles. This arrangement worked well as bending and in torsion. Sock wing from the leading edge to the spar was working duralumin casing, which increased torsional rigidity and made it possible to install automatic slats. The rest of the wing was covered with fabric. Auxiliary spar-ring was in the back of the wing and the suspension was used for the ailerons and flaps. Ordinary rib truss assembled from duralumin profiles and scarves. Power ribs stamped sheet of duralumin. Additional rigidity wing attached internal cross braces. The ailerons and flaps had a similar wing design with a spar, and duralumin toe fabric covering the remainder. Slat completely riveting from duralumin. With the release of the flaps at a certain angle synchronously ailerons deflected downwards, which improved bearing properties of the wing during takeoff and landing. The control system mechanization and aileron cable runs performed. In terms of a wing each had a rather unusual diamond shape. The leading edge of center gave a negative sweep. This worsened the aerodynamics, but gave a good overview of the pilot, whose head was just in front of the wing. The wing was supported by V-shaped braces made of steel pipes hidden under the dural fairing dropshaped cross section. The trailing edge of center perpendicular to the longitudinal axis of the airplane, and the outer part of the wing was narrowing due to the negative sweep of the trailing edge. In the wingtips were placed side lights. The power range of the fuselage was going to bolt and rivets of steel tubes and gussets. In order to give a streamlined fuselage oval fastened to the frame stamped dural arc, played the role of frames and stringers. The front part of the fuselage from the engine hood to the back seat pilot is sheathed with smooth sheets of duralumin. The same trim had tail section. Between them, the fuselage was covered with fabric. On the right side access panel did a lot as to facilitate inspection and maintenance of aircraft. Additional operational hatches were also made in other areas, especially in the lower part of the fuselage. They were used for maintenance of systems and units placed inside the fuselage, install the camera, rescue equipment, etc. The engine was attached to the engine mount of steel pipes and closed the hood NACA, consisting of two semi-cylindrical removable panels. Close against the hood to the engine, and it bore the characteristic polukaplevidnye drift that covered rocker valves of the cylinders. For motor followed firebreak, and more - the total glazed cockpit and letnabov. To maximize visibility, the
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On the port side ladder was attached. Steering wheels have a metal frame. and at the same time he was named Laysendera .the famous Greek commander the Peloponnesian War (we accepted pronunciation "Lysander"). on the right side on the hinge flap fastened with a hook bar for the pick-up cargo from the ground. Another removable suspension assembly for four devyatikilogrammovye bomb was attached underneath the rear fuselage in front of the stabilizer (decision. they found Kit special. Of course. On the "Laysenderah" modifications Mk. In "Laysendera" modification Mk. "Lewis" Mk. Ammunition was located in the eight-lane disk stores. The exhaust gases collected in the annular manifold mounted in the front edge of the bonnet (which prevented her icing) and then displayed through the tube in the right lower part of the fuselage. In other cases. Under the fuselage. Control wiring .2 liters. placed between the firewall and the dashboard pilot. Before the Second World War. In the embodiment Mk. Thus. causing a drift-fairing rocker arms have disappeared from the hood. on the dashboard. and over the wheel . painted fluorescent paint for easy use at night.III Mk.the total glazed cockpit and letnabov. but the designers and metallurgists have achieved the desired result . It covers most of the lantern.a rack turned light and strong. wired duralumin toe and fabric covering the remainder. self-orienting with oil-air buffer. and the fly-over hood. The wheels rotate on bearings and had air brakes. They were equipped with aerodynamic and weight compensation.6/21/13 For motor followed firebreak. but did not have back armor. Defects removed: fastening trim reinforced and fixed initially replaced by the adjustable stabilizer. Pilots also in his everyday life almost immediately simplified the name to the popular female name "Lizzie. During the tests revealed two significant defect. Under each pylon can be hung on six small devyatikilogrammovyh bombochek. was in the cockpit. where "Laysender" could be attacked with impunity. or two 51 kg bombs or one 113-kilogram. the front of the main chassis is a hollow cast steel in the form of square tube having the shape of an arch. capacity 905 hp (666 kW). but. shock absorbers had placed directly inside the drive wheels. Dimensions fairings were such that the leading edge in their places the large landing lights. the frame of which was in the cockpit. Metal keel carried integrally with the fuselage.a pylon bomb racks.conventional design. gasoline. Devyatikilogrammovoy bomb explosion class NOT (High Explosive) by the ravages of approximately corresponded to a three-inch shell explosion. between the seats of the crew. on June 10 and December 11.MIA (SD and TT) under the fuselage could hang an extra fuel tank capacity of 309 or 682 liters.a large "blind spot" for the fairing.22. and more . which consists of three parts. Production machines were equipped with three-blade metal screw "De Havilland" diameter 3. with inflatable boats (for rescue operations over the sea) or additional fuel tanks. it was the world's largest steel casting this class.ShA and had the engine "Mercury" XX power 870 hp (640 kW). The aircraft was put into service. as already mentioned. for which a pilot had shturvalchik appropriate. The power plant was originally composed of nine-star-engine Bristol "Mercury" ("Mercury") XII. "Browning" caliber 7.exchange machine gun. did not protect against projectiles. To maximize visibility. Ended with an adjustable hood "skirt" . The tail wheel "Laysendera" cast in solid rubber. which can be disassembled into two halves. Cab observer closed large sliding canopy that could fall back. The main drawback of this rifle point .35 m Pitch resettable two fixed positions. Make this item was not quite easy. Firepower has increased by about half. As the reception was tough. it must be said.IHA (SD) of the cockpit observer cleaned weapons and some instrumentation and instead hung simplest seat-straps to carry four passengers. operator. The observer also served as co-driver.IIIA arrow guns handed Sparky "browning" of the same caliber. Later on "Laysendere" have been used collimator sights. Thus it was possible to get a fully open cockpit. Containers with cartridge belts placed behind the steel pipe-rack. a rather unusual and daring in terms of alignment). When used in dusty conditions the air to the carburetor air intake can be established protivopylnyi filter by "Wok". The plane. Westland Lysander Later. 1936 with the factory airfield in Yovel. Two prototypes of the future "Laysendera" took off.using rigid rods. The machine gun was mounted on the sliding pivot set by "Fairy". Later on modifications and Mk.html 2/7 . The tail assembly .blinds engine cooling. To ensure the exchange of machine-gun fire was used at first sight a simple frame.lll or "Vickers K" caliber rifle with magazine-fed. The side of the front part of a lamp composed of three movable panels connected by hinges allowing to remove them down similarly as shift in vehicles side windows. In the stowed position he cleaned zakabinny fairing under the fuselage. the classical scheme with a tail wheel. the pilot's seat was lifted over the top cut of the hood. From the outside it is closed most of the fairings. With its creation used some unusual solutions. The pilot managed to save the car. Over a machine gun in bending rack units provided for fixing an additional "wing" . of course. but did not come up with the best designers. capacity of 890 hp (633 kW). to give the aircraft a very distinctive look.ru/enc/other2/lysander.airwar.69 mm machine gun with 500 rounds of ammunition.II to protect the back of the hemisphere letnabov possessed a machine gun. when a large number of engines required for the production of bombers "Blenheim". Oil tank of 18. flying over the poles. Seat height adjustable. This is also nine-"star" had valveless distribution. Between the two halves placed an oil-air dampers. Three-wheeled chassis. twine and hook the hook with it pick up goods. One day during high-speed dive ripped fabric covering part of the upper surface of the wing. To do this. Right in the cockpit between the pilot's seat and put letnabov large self-sealing fuel tank 435 liters. on rails laid along the sides of the fuselage. respectively. and "Laisender" was still an easy target for enemy fighters. To do this.I and Mk. high-speed flights marked buckling instability. with 97 rounds each. The stabilizer may change the angle of your deployment in flight. AFA and arrow-radio operator. For training purposes on the center can be established fotopulemet "Williamson" G. Instead of bombs could be suspended by the appropriate weight of freight containers.HI Mk. but with belt-fed. Tank protector tightened up to 30 bullet shot. Top cover lamp along the guide moves back. but the "blind spot" has not disappeared. the ground staff had to pull a piece of string hanging from her cargo between the two poles. The cabin was equipped with heating and ventilation. the pilots were not happy with such dangerous "neighbor". Version Mk. Fuel tank. "Laysenderu" picked up the engine Bristol "Pegasus" ("Pegasus")." www.

went on release Mk. despite the heroism of the crews. The next version of the rifle had a tower on the site of an observer . Not passed a similar fate and "Laysender. after returning from France. For example. May 25. the German anti-aircraft guns shot down two "Laysendera. The fate of this prototype is not known to me. resulting in further casualties. 12 aircraft delivered to the marine rescue service. a plane piloted by Lt. the number of "Laysenderov" on the continent reached 174 units. It is impossible to say exactly how many built "Laysenderov. Mk. "Lizzie old ladies. May 22. But during the tests the aircraft crashed and turned the work. advanced airbases "Laysenderov" were frequent aerial bombardment.hurt dive bomber Ju 87. For example.III version has been optimized for ground attacks and Mk. The concept car is based on the experience of the 20-year-old did not match the realities of modern warfare. searched and attacked convoys Germans. 22 cars took off to assist the defenders of the German coastal fortress surrounded by feces. when the Wehrmacht launched a massive offensive on Holland.airwar. replaced the wheels on the skis (this was done by Canadians and Finns). To do this. Meanwhile. Despite intense anti-aircraft fire. counted 32 bullet holes. near Toronto at the company "National Steel Car Corporation" made 75 aircraft version Mk. or fighters with bombs. Geography and time range of applications "Laysenderov" are extensive. After 3/7 . where in Malton.the project also received further development. under the threat of German invasion of the British a few months frantically tried to turn "Lizzie" in the attack. 1940.6/21/13 Westland Lysander Series production cars launched in the spring of 1938. so the gun "Laysender" and remained in one piece. The tests were. On one of them more guns and cannons were hung under the fuselage and under the wings. NC "Laysenderov" formed four rescue division. but they melted in the fire fighting just a few days. Then thrown into the battle. 120 pilots were killed. Durden. In another project. But overall. Lieutenant Dodge to "Laysendere" Skid code KO-U knocked out of their coursework German machine guns scout "Henschel" Hs 126. before the war produced 173 aircraft in modification Mk. where in September 1939 and World War II broke out.225 pcs. rated at 870 hp It was produced in Canada (Mk. The pilot did manage to break away from persecution and land on the airfield. At first tried to solve this problem battalions of more modern light bombers Fairey "Battle". replenish and re-adjust.I (with the engine "Mercury XII")." informs about the 1452 built "Laysenderah".III adapted to tow gliders. It seemed like it was to convince the RAF commanders that "Laysender" does not suit the role of the plane of the battlefield. the outcome of hostilities "Laysenderov" during the French campaign were joyless: of 174 aircraft involved in the fighting. But someone had to resist the irresistible onslaught of armored and motorized columns Wehrmacht crack the defense of allies. In these circumstances. About 50 "Laysenderov" released in the British version of towing air targets. In addition." Firm "Uestland" claims that Britain released a 1449 aircraft of all variants. two 20-mm automatic cannon "Oerlikon" drum-powered set on brackets on the chassis. including several "holes" in the tank. Immediately before the war. As a result. British "Statistical Review for 1939-1945.almost inevitable phenomenon in any war. Put on a pair of planes at all coastal airfields along the eastern and western coasts of Britain. a few episodes to prove that many crews "Lizzie" fought bravely and skillfully. damaging the car and killing the observer. They were built much more . being without means of resistance.III." It is known. Another aircraft based on the same Mk. They patrolled the British coastal waters in search of sunken ships and crews of downed aircraft. However. By the time it was clear to many that "Laysender" too is vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire and virtually powerless in the battle with the "Messerschmitt". "Laysendery" were trying to get to the supply ground troops. the 4th Division from 10 to 23 May completed 106 combat sorties.html Another important task faced "Laysenderami" was to support the resistance forces in occupied France. Since May 27." "Spitfire" mistakenly attacked a plane ╧ R1720.) And the UK (Mk.NI . was forced to surrender. At about the same time (1939) licensed to produce "Laysendera" transferred to Canada.). but these guns British sorely lacking even for fighters.HIA .HIA (SD) had a larger range.ru/enc/other2/lysander. due to ventral suspended tank. In the future. and another 225 pieces . but they dropped 15 containers of ammunition and ammunition fell into the enemy's location. Other references say 1650 issued by aircraft." For example. the English garrison of the fortress. Besides these production vehicles appeared and was partially implemented in a number of projects of special metal aircraft based on the "Laysendera. about 90 aircraft were transferred to France. 88 were shot down by fighters or fire FOR. which received the designation TT Mk. battered divisions "Laysenderov" found new combat missions.442 pieces. Upon detection of distress airmen and sailors they dumped inflatable rubber boats and taken out to them rescue boats. however.II. From September to November.II with motors "Pegasus".significant. Belgium and France. Losses from "friendly" friendly fire .347 pcs. he was able to fight back and after 20 minutes of fierce battle made an emergency landing. as already mentioned.in Canada. But the main field of activity for them was. The effectiveness of these attacks was small and the losses . The following modification of engines had the "Mercury" XX and XXX. and his shooter . During the "Phony War" they carried out reconnaissance flights. most of the crew managed to get to the goal. including lightly armored targets. losing 11 vehicles and 18 crew members. highly secure machine drums.experienced reduced wing sweep and reverse sweep. crews 613th Division in conjunction with the more archaic Hawker biplanes "Hector" and bombed the German long-range artillery positions near the town of Calais. there have been several modifications of the aircraft intended to control ground. In 1941." The most interesting among them are the ones that appeared in the summer 1940 and bear the imprint of the confusion and anxiety experienced by the British while waiting for the alleged landing of German troops in the British Isles. but the fire contact with the enemy was not. In the car. www. The machine. satisfactory. the tail section of the fuselage set special frame with lock for towing a rail. In July 1940. in general. was under the fuselage electric winch for extension and retraction of the cone. set the brake pads for attacks from a dive. of course. During the operation. Europe. Another 30 cars smashed and burned to the ground by bombing or simply abandoned during the retreat. and that as such it is necessary to use special. That all changed May 10. the town of Cambrai was attacked by a group of Bf 109. There were other improvements . of which a copy was sold to 61 other countries.

because of the inability to find a landing pad. In addition.html 4/7 . Now they had to conduct reconnaissance and bombing the advancing of Cairo and Alexandria by Italian troops. and thus the highest price. has landed on this airfield. nine aircraft were transferred via Crete to Greece. intuitively sensed danger.ru/enc/other2/lysander. The pilot was required in the darkness just go to the given box and found a small area designated only three or four fires. Machines like "Laysenderu" destination. Until the end of 1944 "Laysendery" performed about 400 night flights into the enemy's rear. but also the number of solved tasks it was small. in close cooperation with the British allies. artillery corrected. and further "Laysendery" quite successfully acted on enemy communications. who had a much larger radius of action due to an additional 150-gallon (682 liters). They performed patrol missions.I.(Special Operation Executive) at the British intelligence service. Were marked "Laysendery" as in the far south and the far north. from planes to submarines. is constantly trying to control the smoldering conflict between Jews and Arabs. the use of wood and other non-deficient materials. equipped with dust filters. it was the cheapest and the most massive multi-purpose aircraft of World War II." Since the beginning of Japanese aggression was transferred to Burma and used for bombing assault against the Japanese troops who landed on the islands of Andaman and advancing in the Burmese jungle. This intelligence.Mk. Start combat service "Lizzie" in South Asia. and later participated in battles against the Italians in Ethiopia. the highest flight data. if necessary.. For example. the British were going to use a twin-engine aircraft "Hudson" or "Whitley" as more lifting. some "Laysendery" wore insignia of countries not participating in the Second World War. 111 have been completely successful. was taken to Egypt. In the spring of 1941. Piper "Cab" had the smallest dimensions of these. The rest of the flights were unsuccessful. In this case. "Laysendery" of this division carried out police functions.I and Mk. the delivery does not take place.. these cars were handed over to General Leclerc.6/21/13 Westland Lysander Another important task faced "Laysenderami" was to support the resistance forces in occupied France.I. out of 157 flights in the 161st Battalion. threw agents behind enemy lines. However. promotional materials. Ireland . These machines are not able to take part in the "Winter War".III nine Englishmen in spring 1940 gave Finland. just like their colleagues from 161 Squadron in Europe. After the capture of Burma by the Japanese planes returned to India. the future president of the post-war France. We also add the task of supplying the air defense of the fortress besieged Tobruk Italians. "Storch" conducted reconnaissance.IIIA (SD). For this purpose. Turkey received 36 pieces Mk. With the start of the Italian aggression in Egypt intensity of use "Lizzie" increased dramatically. where they were used until the end of 1942 In 1943. In the Soviet-2 in size was intermediate between "Storch" and "Kebom.Exhaust agents wounded guerrillas. "Laysendery" appeared in 1938. And two of his colleagues from 161 Squadron special forces are less fortunate . The transfer agents across the English Channel was risky and difficult operation. Four Mk. He still managed to break through like a sieve plane and with a bullet in his shoulder to hold on to their airfield. there were negotiations on the purchase of "Laysenderov" with Latvia and Estonia. as well as liaise between the British garrison. they showed their best side. created not only in Britain but also in other countries. as a rule. At first. First for special operations contributed 20 aircraft modification Mk. Fi 156 best suit the concept of multi-role aircraft for direct interaction with the ground forces. for example. they were met by the team dressed SS. who used them in battles in Tunisia. suppress smuggling of weapons and illegal crossing of borders. But very soon the number of cars has increased. the American Piper "Cab". Ventral fuel tank. maiming and scaring elephants and other beasts of burden. he served as connected. But there's just a few days three of them were shot down. where they continued to perform reconnaissance and communication functions. as the Finns call their part in the war with the Soviet Union in 1941-44. Several aircraft exploded in the run-up due to knocking 9-pound bombs hanging on underwing pylons. courier and rescue functions. but flew intensively during the "Continuation War". Move on to other theaters of war. Their support handled by a special organization SOE . the Germans sometimes tried to lure the English on dummy airfields trap. a few "Laysenderov" of 357 Squadron carried out special missions in Burma by the British Army Intelligence agents Getting into the enemy's rear.airwar. the armed "Laysenderami. As the strike aircraft it has not been applied. In the Middle East. He turned the car around and under a hail of gunfire took off. weapons and radio stations across the English Channel. in part. a German Fiziler Fi 156 "Storch" and our Po-2." Its simple design. One of the pilots. In addition to the posters of the belligerent powers. In late 1940. but in connection with the entry of the republics of the Soviet Union. In addition. In 1939. On their background in "Laysendera" the biggest size and take-off weight. A little later formed another 6th "Middle East" Division in Ramallah (Palestine). After the defeat of the British in Greece surviving aircraft was returned to Egypt. In size it is less "Laysendera" much cheaper. After the defeat of the continent settled in England a lot of French patriots zhelavih fight with the Germans. This. 25 former British "Laysenderov" fought in North Africa in the Free French Air Force. but the problem is mainly solved the same. One of them was Vincent Auriol. when 24 cars versions Mk. used a variety of means. Fuses bombs finalized. In one of these flights took an amazing event when near the town of Mechelen crew "Laysendera" managed to shoot down a German freighter Ju 52. and Portugal . adjustment and express-crew functions. Not only was involved in rescue operations at sea. France transported 293 agents and taken back to England almost 500 people . In British India before the war formed the 20th and 28th Divisions. where instead of the guerrillas. In the winter they put on skis that enable it to act with the snow and ice of frozen lakes. But it is much better suited "Laysendery" with their ability to take off and land on short and uneven ground. First Division Southern Rhodesia Air Force supported the landing on the island of Madagascar.six copies of the same modifications. could hit the enemy with light bombs. he was the most complex design.eight Mk.II. and then for such actions developed a special version of "Laysendera" . etc. which the Japanese used as the only possible in the impenetrable jungle of the vehicle.III. www. She was responsible for zabrosku agents. it was overshadowed by embarrassing losses due to defects weapons.

our pilots flew without radio. m Length. "Laysendery" became honorary exhibits of museums and private collections. in comparison with the "Laysenderom" were open cockpit instrumentation and poverty. the only task of the inherent "Laysenderu.Mk II Lysander TT. 347 aircraft.airwar. Canadian cars were sold for a nominal fee of $ 250. m Height. Information: Drawing " Westland Lysander (1) " Drawing " Westland Lysander (2) " Drawing " Westland Lysander (3) " Drawing " Westland Lysander (4) " Photos: www.Mk III Lysander TT. Typically. comfort was not there. With the development of museums and the growing interest in "aviation antiques". the need for "Laysenderah" disappeared. it is "water rescue".html 5/7 . analog Lysander Mk III with Mercury engine 30 and an additional machine gun in the rear cockpit. Modifications : Lysander Mk I Lysander Mk II Lysander Mk III Lysander Mk IIIA Lysander Mk IIISCW Lysander TT. but at the end of his flying career in our museums is almost gone these wonderful machines. and others standing idle on the outskirts of the Western European and Canadian airports. "Maize" is widely used for a long time in the economy after the war. which are converted to "Laysenderah" engaged in the fields and fertilizer spraying crops with pesticides.30 4. built 63 aircraft." he is well-proven as a shock machine.the right tactics in its application. analog Lysander Mk I with radial engine Bristol Mercury XX. 2-for decades served as a great job of training pilots and parachutists training. As for the flight to the front line to support the guerrillas.ru/enc/other2/lysander. 100 production target tug-powered Mercury 30. Extras. km / h Cruising speed. mostly at night. But here. and most importantly . After the war. not to mention the modern aerial cameras and navigation systems.7-mm machine guns Browning (one per wheel fairings and two on a rotating carriage in the back of the cab) to 227 kg of bombs.Mk 1 Lysander TT. had an extra fuel tank and drain in the aft cabin on the left. converted to tow targets. But because of the large take-off weight "Laysendera" (and hence . the Po-2 performed these raids is much more than "Laysender. Lysander Mk II aircraft after rework it to tow targets." The only drawback . Another weak point Po-2. Of course. company Westland built 367 aircraft. m Wing area." which did not perform on-2. Most of the "Laysenderov" has gone for scrap. The strikes.6/21/13 Westland Lysander Unlike "Laysendera.Mk IIIA initial production version with a radial engine Bristol Mercury XII capacity of 890 hp Built 169 units. converted for secret operations. analog Lysander Mk I with Bristol Perseus XII engine power 905 hp. was created several private airlines. In this regard. LTH: Modification Wing span. kg Empty maximum take-off Engine Type Horsepower Maximum speed.a regular cab Po-2 was placed only one passenger.high fuel consumption) and the emergence of special agricultural and sports-touring machine this business was unprofitable and quickly faded away. worked mostly "geographical" factor. aircraft Lysander Mk I / II / III. They were retired and sold cheaply to all comers. And yet.15 1980 2866 1 PD Bristol Mercury XX 1 x 870 341 306 966 6555 2 four 7. one sent to Canada as a model for the licensed production of 75 aircraft with engines Perseus XII. but in wartime can bear. aircraft Lysander Mk III and Mk IIIA. km Service ceiling. the fate of the Po-2 formed on one side happier. In England and Canada. The secret of success lies in good maneuverability. On the other hand.24 9. and 150 were built under license in Canada. Other transporting emergency goods or rolled tourists and thrill-seekers. and the other .the more tragic. m Crew Armament: Lysander Mk III 15. he spent the entire war inflicted harassing attacks on German forces and even the early 50's used in the same role in the Korean War. m2 Mass. For example. But the story "Lizzie" is not over. with low altitude and low speed allowed just "lay" bomb. km / h Range.42 14. Lysander Mk I aircraft after rework it to tow targets. As a light night bomber. But the application of special cartridge allowed to increase passenger capacity.

III Turkish Air Force Exchange machine gun placed on the landing gear fairing The dashboard Lysander Mk.html 6/7 .IIIA (SD) with the auxiliary fuel tank Lysander TTIII Lysander Mk.airwar.I Lysander Mk.II with light bombs Search and rescue Lysander "Salvation Navy" Lysander Mk.6/21/13 Westland Lysander The first prototype of Lysander (K6127) The first production Lysander Mk.IIIA with smoke grenades Lysander Mk.ru/enc/other2/lysander.III Schemes : Lysander Mk.I www.

1939 Lysander Mk. 1942 Lysander Mk. Free France. 1941 Lysander Mk. www. Westland Aircraft Since 1915 Jaap Teeuwen.html 7/7 .I 1 sq.ru/enc/other2/lysander. 1942 Lysander TTIII 8 BAGS Canadian Air Force. "Spartans" against the Luftwaffe Derek N. 1941 Lysander Mk.6/21/13 Westland Lysander Variants of the suspension Color options: Lysander Mk. 1942 List of sources: Aviamaster. Westland Lysander C orne r of the sk y. James. Vyacheslav Kondratyev. 2011 (Page : "W e stland Lysande r" Modification date : 21/06/2013) Advertisement: Czech service .III 2/LeLv16 the Finnish Air Force.airwar. porcelain dinner sets.is not a gift . British Aircraft of World War II 4 + Publication. Poor "Lizzie" Wings of Motherland.a service . Konstantin Kuznetsov.I 239 sq. RAF.II French Air Force. regard the Egyptian Air Force.II Bretagne groupe.