Module 1.1 – Vedic Origins www.thedarshanproject.


Professor Gavin Flood Two series of eight lectures by Professor Gavin Flood at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies gives you a more detailed account of these traditions from the scholarly western perspective. Subshak Khak Article A succinct article on somewhat recent (1998) developments in looking at India's history and the Aryan invasion. Sacred Text Archive Free translations of all the Vedas and other source texts discussed in this course. Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies A veritable treasure trove of lectures on in-depth subjects from India. Vedas in MP3

org/details/CompleteWorksOfSriSankaracharyaIn2 0Volumes1910Edition Complete works of Sankaracharya including many commentaries on the Upanishads and the aSutrasthanamPrathjamKhanda1_text.1 Great resource for hearing the Vedas chanted as well as large resource of other texts.pdf Vol.pdf " Dialogues from the Upanishads " by Swami Shivananda.pdf Vol. Sushruta Samhita –Complete On-Line text with commentary nishads-SwamiSivananda/DialoguesFromTheUpanishadsSwamiSivananda. Sankaracharya Complete http://archive.pdf Upanishads http://ia600303.html .org/1/items/SushrutSamhitaVolumeIi/SushrutSa mhitaDvitiyaKhanda1_text.archive. Lessons on the Upanishads http://www. 3 http://ia600401. 2 http://ia600406.archive.

ifiw. Mahabarata Resources http://www. Ramayana Podcast http://www.iitk.mahabharata-resources.gitasupersite. .google. Mahabarata Series http://www. Gita Supersite http://www. The Puranas =0#v=onepage&q&f=false A google e-book by Ludo Great podcast readings of a Sri List of resources for translations and information on the Mahabarata Ramayana Large collection of various translations of the Gita. a popular version of the Swami elated&playnext=1&list=SP05A59AB61F58A481 Complete video series of the Indian produced television series detailing the epic ntcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=fals e Free but dated version of the Ramayana.

ayurvedaberkeley.hinduismtoday.pdf Sushruta Samhita Great primers on Hindu traditions ( check out "What is Hinduism?") from a more traditional view point.archive. VOLUME1 http://www.pdf VOLUME2 Hinduism Today http://www.archive. All beautifully produced and free of charge pdf downloads Charaka Samhita On-line handbook that outlines this voluminous text.Puranic Encyclopedia ge/n5/mode/2up Downloadable book from archive.ayurvedaberkeley. as well as current concerns within the tSamhitaSutrasthanamPrathjamKhanda1#page/n1/mode/2up Full text of one of the canon of Ayurvedic literature Madhava Nidam .com/Ayurveda_Books_Ayurvedic_Articles_Corresponden ce/Ayurvedic_Sutras_Ayurveda_Sanskrit_Books/AyurvedicSanskrit-Writings/Charaka%27s-Carak-Samhita-Sanscrit-SutraAyurveda/ ce/Ayurvedic_Sutras_Ayurveda_Sanskrit_Books/AyurvedicSanskrit-Writings/Charaka%27s-Carak-Samhita-Sanscrit-SutraAyurveda/Charaka-Samhita-2003-rev2_Vol_II.

as well as current concerns within the community. Yogamag http://www. Living Tanta Mini-Lectures Great primers on Hindu traditions ( check out "What is Hinduism?") from a more traditional view point. Wonderful resource for authentic teachings and practices. Text Library http://www. Hinduism Today http://www. Magazine from the Bihar School of Yoga.ancientindianastrology. All beautifully produced and free of charge pdf downloads. Swami Vivekananda Large on-line textual on-line library of various Indian madhavanidana&hl=en&sa=X&ei=_cboULvhH6eAiwK7loFQ&ved=0 CFcQ6AEwAw Lengthy preview of mediaeval text on diagnosis.htm Complete works online. by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait of the Himalayan Institute.http://books. A set of mini-lectures with very basic information on chakras.

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