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DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890


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CONRAD KEELY may not be the best person to deliver an inspirational farewell speech at a high school graduation, but MITCH ALEXANDER has still learned many things from his band …AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD.
You can’t help but wonder what kind of a country America might be like if they had a publicly-owned and funded television broadcasting network, similar to the BBC. Granted, they do have the Public Broadcasting Service, and what they’ve managed to screen in the last 40 years while living hand to mouth through laborious fundraising is impressive, but you really do get what you pay for. Putting it bluntly, Sesame Street is holding that channel together. And I should be quick to point out that the last thing Americans need is more television (the last thing, as long as you include fast food, oil barons, the bible belt, xenophobic hatemongering … I could go on all day), but consider the impact that 240 minutes of BBC documentary footage (a real one, with in-depth analysis instead of footage of sharks eating people and buildings imploding) had on Conrad Keely, founding member of your favourite Texan mouthful of an art rock band, …And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead. The footage in question was entitled The Century Of Self, a title the band liked so much, they’ve used it to name their sixth album. A pretty damning portrayal of society, but Keely has since had time to consider the documentary’s messages about living in a culture of mass consumerism. “I don’t think these are necessarily bad things … obviously we are a product of nature, life itself has this capacity for creative and destructive force,” says Conrad. “We are the animal that nature designed us to be, but we are in some ways the victim of our own success and we’re going to have to figure out a way to cope with that. “But I have utter faith in humanity, I don’t think that it’s on the brink of destruction. I just think that there is going to be in some ways violent, but also in some ways very necessarily turbulent, times ahead of us … I personally look forward to them.” Originally released in 2002, the documentary (directed by Adam Curtis) analyses the role of pioneering psychological theories in manufacturing mass consent. Feel good hit of the summer, I can assure you. Trail Of Dead have never had any shame or trepidation in writing about the Big Topics (note the upper case), which generally fuse well with their booming bonesaw guitars and pounding rhythms, not to mention the dual vocal assault of Keely and Jason Reece and the military-like chanting they often utilize. The title track from 2005’s Worlds Apart was just under three minutes of explaining how fucked up the entire culture industry is (surprisingly, it was their most linear pop song to date), a theme that has been at the centre of their work in various permutations for many years. It should be no surprise that the doco triggered Keely’s synapses, inspiring a burst of songwriting after an unnatural length of inactivity, band departures and leaving Interscope Records due to lack of support. After 100 years of corporate greed and environmental destruction (and before you ask, I hate Michael Moore and his smug jiggly face), might the current economic downturn give cause for a re-think of our hedonistic ways of consumption? “I think there are bigger wake up calls that await us,” he states ominously, a throaty bout of the flu not impeding his message. “It’s quite obvious if you just pay any attention to what’s going on … fossil fuels, the state of the environment, all off that stuff. “This economic downturn is nothing, it’s just a little hiccup compared to what we could be possibly be facing as a result of our incessant desire to satiate our need to consume. It’s like that Mel Gibson movie, Apocalypto, when the tribal elders tells the story of how man is an animal that can never be satisfied.” With such a wealth of doom and gloom stories to draw inspiration from, it surprised me to learn of Conrad’s endless battles with writer’s block, a concern ter years of reveling in feeding music media outlets with embellished, satirical or straight-out bullshit tales, Trail Of Dead have found other ways to amuse themselves. Or they’re still doing it and everything in the interview up to this point is balderdash and poppycock. “Um, we have done that [joking with the media], but we’ve also done a lot of things that are serious as well,” he says with humility. “I like to talk about the composition process, what inspires a song or even what’s going on in the world. “I think we used to do it a lot more in the past, but now I feel we live in a time … there’s a lot of things we need to address as humanity. Those tend to come out more when I speak to the press” And I could never speak to a Trail Of Dead member without bringing up my adulation for the one and only time I have seen them live at Livid 2002, likely to be etched into my memory for many years. An afternoon slot with threatening rain clouds, the band blew away longtime fans and new converts alike. Most vividly, and something that gets brought up by everyone






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he voices in a number of video diaries on the band’s website. Stand In Silence, album opener from 2006’s So Divided, spoke of a futility in trying to express true feelings about the world, while Insatiable Two – climaxing the current album with a boozy piano waltz – can be translated into a cry of insignificance in an everexpanding universe. You’d think that, after six albums and 15 years, Keely would have had the songwriting routine down pat. “Well, Stand In Silence is about a lot of things,” says Conrad, quick to correct my assumption. “It’s about my family, the band … a sense that you’ve lost direction, you don’t know why it is you’re writing or what you’re writing for. “Writer’s block is something that happens every time I sit down and write songs, because it’s part of the creative process. Actually, I’ve even read a lot of books about it, but mainly in the way that it pertains to fiction writing. Which is interesting, because they are very similar.” For a guy that struggles to commit pen to paper and voice to guitar, Keely has many ready-to-use quotes about music once the producer (most recently Mike McCarthy, who was also on hand for Spoon’s Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga album) presses stop on the mixing desk. Perhaps, afwho saw the show, was the menacing figure of Jason Reece jumping into the crowd while singing, then pacing in the area between the barrier and the stage. After jumping into a water-filled wheelie bin (still with microphone in hand) for what seemed like solid 30 seconds, Reece tips over the bin before returning to the stage in the ensuing crowd hysteria. But something tells me there will not be any tipping over of wheelie bins when they return to Brisbane for a show at The Zoo. “Well, it depends, it is as much to do with age as it does with economics,” 37 year-old Keely says of bringing down the chaos levels in recent years. “For instance, last night a lot of things got broken and now I have to fix them today. “You could [keep breaking equipment], and I suppose that we will, but it’s not really our focus anymore.” I think he was simply implying that, before he smashes a guitar into a drum kit or vice versa this time around, we have to ask very nicely.

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…AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD play The Zoo on Thursday May 28. THE CENTURY OF SELF is out now through Justice Records/Inertia. Check out www.trailofdead.com for more information.
DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890







! It’s a girls night out at UQ’s 2nd Degree Bar on Wednesday night as singer-songwriters Jennifer Boyce (Ball Park Music), Sue Ray and Layla Klinkert join forces to play sets crossing piano jazz, country, folk and showtunes. Free entry and doors at 6pm. ! Indie rockers Biff Co will be giving out free copies of their Factory Music EP to everyone through the door at The Valley Studios this Friday night, where they play with Sunflower, Silent Motive and Tikaal. ! The Coolum Civic Centre gets a great all ages show this Friday in the form of Afro Dizzi Act, Jambize and Valley Jazz fest stars The View From Madeleine’s Couch. Doors at 7pm. ! Brisbane rockers Speedracer are playing an all ages benefit show for cancer research called Rockin’ For Research at the Ferny Grove Auditorium from 4pm on Saturday. It’s $10 entry, with all proceeds to charity. ! Mt Gravatt’s Clairvaux MacKillop College hosts the Australian Evolution breakdancing competition qualifier this Saturday from 1pm, with over 10 crews competing for the chance to represent Australia in Miami, Florida. Tickets will be on the door for $25, with musical entertainment coming from beatboxer Tom Thum and DJ Chavez. (www.myspace.com/evolutionaus) ! Local legends Vegas Kings join HITS and young garage rock party-starters Sulphur Lights at The Clarence Corner Hotel this Saturday night. It’ll be HITS last show for a few months, so fans shouldn’t miss this one.



! Half A Cow Records-signed Adelaide band We Grow Up and up-and-comers The British Robots will be bringing some live indie pop to The Clarence Corner Hotel on Saturday Jun 13, as part of their Stimulus Package Tour of the eastern states.


Indie-electro-pop club night Common People will be calling it quits forever on Saturday Jun 6, bringing to an end almost a decade-long run of indie music clubbing that encompassed The Depot and a number of other nights. The organisers have four more Saturday events planned for upstairs at Rosie’s, starting with Panty Lies this May 16 weekend (featuring allgirl DJs from Turpentine, Pistol Whipped and more), a Back To Basics with residents D.Black & Polar Bear on Saturday May 23, CP Live with Idle Cranes and Stature::Statue on May 30, and a grand finale party on Jun 6. (www.myspace.com/commonpeople_).

Celebrating 20 years of the Hottest 100, Triple J are opening voting on the first Hottest 100 Of All Time in decades from Monday Jun 1, 2009. Rather than voting for the favourite songs in a year, punters can pick their 10 top favourite songs ever. Will Joy Division’s Love Will tear Us Apart make the top ten, let alone the number one spot it had in 1989? Visit www. triplej.net.au/hottest100 and start thinking about your favourite tunes.




! Local acts Letter To Spain and The Dream The Chase will both be showcasing new material at BarSoma on Thursday May 21. The Spaniards have a new album on the way and TDTC are about to release their debut EP. Doors at 6pm. ! Local indie rocker Sarah Haigh will launch her new EP Hurricane at The Zoo on Thursday May 21. Taking a darker turn this time around, her PJ Harvey-tinged tunes will be complemented by support from The Bloodpoets and Son Of Sea. ! Melbourne indie luminaries Panel Of Judges head back to Brisbane for a show with busy lads Sulphur Lights at Ric’s on Friday May 22. ! Hated by sub-editors and Microsoft Word, local indie rock act The The The Stutters are gearing up to play a showcase at The Jubilee Hotel on Saturday May 23, supported by Returns, Kent St and Ikarios. Don’t try saying their name while drunk ! Brisbane-spawned rock outfit AstralAliens are briefly returning from their adopted home of Los Angeles for a headline show at Club 299 on Saturday May 23. They’ll be heading back to LA shortly afterwards, having recently won the Battle For Los Angeles band competition, to continue building their American fanbase. ! Local punks Ringpull are getting ready for their second headline show at The Zoo, playing with Army Of Champions, NOT OK (NZ) and folk-punks Wheat Paste (formerly Wheat Paste Poets) on Saturday May 30. It’ll be the ‘pull’s first Brisbane show since December last year. ! Brisbane quartet Wherewolves (formerly A Year To Remember) release their new EP The Night Before, The Morning After this Friday May 15, before supporting MC Lars at Thriller (Rosie’s) on Saturday May 30, and All Time Low at the Princess Theatre on Wednesday Jun 3.

The Paddington Fair is set to take over Neal Macrossan Park once again on Saturday Jun 6, featuring a free day of music, art, skating, markets and food. Starting at 10am, entertainment throughout the day will come from Dave McCormack, Halfway, Sabrina Lawrie (of Little Vegas & the Fuzz Parade), Madeleine Paige, Timothy Lee Carroll, Sue Ray, Dirty Bird, Re:Enactment and more over two stages until 6pm. An official afterparty will also take place at the Iceworks featuring Horrortones and guests.

The international Emergenza Festival is launching a Brisbane arm of the original music fest/competition, after two successful years in Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. Local bands are urged to sign up at www.emergenza.net for the chance to play 30-minute slots at Brisbane heats starting in June. The act picked from heats will then play in Adelaide, possibly going on to Sydney’s national finals and then the International Final in Germany (all expenses paid by Emergenza).


Brisbane popsters Yves Klein Blue are having so much trouble finding a gig to play that they’re offering to rock out at a fan’s house party. The band’s label Dew Process have set up a petition-based competition at www.dew-process.com/ykbpetition/index. cfm, where the fan with the most signatures wins a show by YKB at their house. Entries must be in by Friday Jun 26, which also just happens to be the day the band’s new album Ragged & Ecstatic hits shops.


Much-loved Melbourne indie-popsters The Lucksmiths are calling it a day, embarking on one final tour around the country. Leaving behind a catalogue




DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890


of almost 170 songs, the four-piece pull into The Zoo on Sunday Aug 23 with Darren Hanlon in what is sure to be a misty-eyed experience for many.

Former Aussie Idol contestant, Brisbane coffee shop employee and UQ business degree graduate Bobby Flynn is hosting a series of lectures at Melbourne’s RMIT, teaching Bachelor of Arts (Music Industry) students about ‘contemporary and legal issues facing the music industry’. The appointment to sessional lecturer comes after a successful guest lecture by Flynn last year. Is an Honorary Doctorate next?



at the Los Angeles Natural History Museum, playing among the stuffed buffalo and elk. Andrew Stockdale’s hair is now a permanent part of the collection. ! Nine Inch Nails’ Trent Reznor is now engaged to Mariqueen Maadig of the band West Indian Girl. In further engagements, White Stripes drummer Meg White is set to marry Jackson Smith, guitarist and son of Patti Smith and late MC5 guitarist Fred “Sonic” Smith. ! Former Wilco member Jay Bennett, who left in bad blood in 2001, is suing band leader Jeff Tweedy for US$50,000, saying he was only paid 15% of royalties he was entitled to. ! The Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne has apologised to Arcade Fire for calling them “pricks”, telling Entertainment Weekly that he was actually referring to the people running their stages at a festival, not the band. We say, only a charity record collaboration will make us believe this hatchet has been well and truly buried.

! Georgia’s entry for this Saturday’s Eurovision Song Contest has become the first in 54 years to be banned for political content. Stephane & 3G’s (pictured) tune Don’t Wanna Put In, (‘Don’t Want Putin’– get it?) is as cheesy and stylised as you might expect, but apparently the wordplay alone has been enough to incense the Russians and Eurovision organisers. Despite the ban, the song is being widely released and has clocked up hundreds of thousands of YouTube views. ! Correction time: Last week’s Bits’N’Pieces reported that The Grates at their Hi-Fi show joked about breaking up – it was of course The Drones who did so and then told the crowd, ‘sucked in’. ! Rosie’s on Edward St in the CBD – home to Thriller, Common People, Snitch and Monstrothic – is opening up on Wednesdays for even more live music with a night called The Forum. Rosie’s is now seeking acts playing hard rock/alt-rock/covers to contact the venue for bookings – if you’re a new band seeking a gig, drop the venue a line at info@rosieslive.com.au ! Brisbane community radio 4ZzZFM is looking for a new General Manager. Interested parties should email peter@4zzzfm.org.au for a position description. Applications close Monday May 18. ! Speaking of Zed, the radio station now solely runs on solar power, cutting carbon emissions and saving thousands of dollars a year. Two grants were awarded to 4ZzZ to make the $50,000 project happen. ! The new Wolfmother made their US live debut

1. Many Countries, One Vision: Oh, it’s that time again, and I’m already visualising the pizza, sequins and lederhosen. The 54th Eurovision song contest is broadcast on SBS this Sunday night. It’s in Moscow! Break out your furry hats and flick on the tube from 7:30pm with as many friends as you can muster. 2. Man-Squirrel Love: A YouTube video got me through my last hangover, and I want to share it with you. Search,“Try To Do” on YouTube and watch a tale of a big squirrel, a baby squirrel, and a bunch of uni kids who help them reach their goals. Honestly, it’s adorable. 3. Guppie Alert: I don’t know if that’s the proper term for a yuppie/geek cross, but it’ll do. My friend Dave has introduced me to the Shazam app for iPhones – you point your phone at any piece of music and it finds the name of the track for you. It’s amazing! And it’s free! 4. Boldly Go: It’s getting colder, and I’ve started frequenting the cinema on Thursday nights … can I recommend the new Star Trek film? It’s awesome. Two hours flew by … and look out for Winona Ryder! 5. The Poison/ The Remedy: I have a friend in Melbourne who’s a sommelier (wine expert), which has made Australia’s food capital even more capital. The latest thing I’ve learnt? Hot-as-fuck chilli is beautifully offset by a sweet white wine. Try it! Whip up your best curry and grab a Riesling or Gewurztraminer. Your guests will be mighty impressed.


...KALI BLACK from Steampunk club night PROMETHEUS BOUND.
For the uninitiated, what is Steampunk? Originally it referred to speculative fiction and alternate history with an emphasis on steam- and spring-powered technology. Over time a visual aesthetic emerged, and now a subculture is rapidly growing. We’ve seen huge rise in Steampunk over the last two or three years. Think Jules Verne and HG Wells partying with Siouxsie Sioux and the cast of Firefly, on a zeppelin. Is it true that Steampunks only drink tea? Heavens no! We also enjoy a nice gin and tonic. What sort of music is associated with the subculture? One of the exciting things about Steampunk at the moment is that because it’s still developing, everyone is bringing what they love to the table. Musicially speaking you get benevolent hip hop megalomaniac Dr. Steel rubbing shoulders with the Cassettes melodic indie-folk and the hedonistic punk of the Dropkick Murphys. Everyone’s coming at it from different angles, Abney Park started out as a Goth band, Sydney’s Viral Millennium as an industrial project, Vernian Process as ambient. A number of local artists are starting to work Steampunk into their material, and we still have that exciting mingling of influences and backgrounds. All the bands and performers at Prometheus Bound have done something new with a Steampunk flavour, and carried that on with them afterwards. Can you outline some simple dress rules for getting our Steampunk on? Aim for a look that marries counterculture, romantic, spec-fic and vintage aesthetics. It’s not so much about reconstructing as synthesis – picking out the bits you like from the past, present and future, and bringing them together in a cohesive and comfortable way. Do Steampunk kids and Cyberpunk kids hate each other? Like Mods and Rockers? Sure, we have our differences, but I think we’re united by a love of goggles....

….vocalist JOHN RYAN of bi-coastal rock trio BUICK SIX.
Some of you recently relocated to Brisbane – is anyone left on the Gold Coast? Nick [drums] is the only one left back down on the coast. But word on the street is that his lease runs out in a matter of weeks and it looks like Buick Six will be 100% Brisbane based! This is good, because in our opinions, there is no better city for music in the world than Brisbane, Queensland! Who did you work with on the EP? We recorded the tracks live with Robbie (bassist in Numbers Radio), who has his own studio just out of the city, over two days in this really relaxed environment. He pulls sounds that are nice and crunchy (to use a technical term) and takes the time to push you to get the right take. He also lets you drink beer while you’re recording without being a tight-arse and worrying about it spilling on the billions of dollars worth of gear. Mixing is being done at (the legendary) Blackbox studios with Robbie. Needless to say we have our hands on some epic equipment! How will your launch show differ from a regular Buick Six night out? We’re giving away our EP for free – that’s something that will only happen on this night! It will also be the first time that these new tracks have been played to a live audience … we can’t wait to hear the response to them. I think the main difference is that because we haven’t played Brisbane in two months, we are going to be exploding with energy. What’s the plan for 2009? 2009 is looking strong! Our debut LP will be released in the second half of the year and we’ve just scored a You Am I support slot – these guys are our favourite Aussie band. We’re also playing with Grafton Primary as well as a main stage slot at Greenfest.

PROMETHEUS BOUND runs Sat May 16 at Club 320 (corner Leichhardt and Boundary, Spring Hill) from 8pm. The Wretched Villains and Lisa Lamb play. Doors $12. www.myspace.com/ prometheusbound01

BUICK SIX launch their EP at The Zoo Thursday May 14 with The Goldentones & Wind & Brackets. www.myspace.com/sixbuick




Band competitions turn pro when LOUD 09 takes up residence at the Gold Coast Convention Centre on Sunday Jun 7 for it’s foundation-shaking finale. 10 finalists from the competition, currently in the semi-finals round, will share the stage with The Butterfly Effect (pictured), Mammal, Mourning Tide, Pez and 360, Funkoars, The Winnie Coopers, Melodyssey, The Surecut Kids, MM9, Enacio and House vs Hurricane. Earlybird tickets are currently on sale through Ticketek for $51+bf, with the event kicking off at 11am, and running through to 11.30pm. their first national hit-out for 2009 when they embark on their On The Road Again… Tour, alongside buzz-boys Philadelphia Grand Jury. The newly Dew Process-signed quintet head to The Zoo Friday Jun 12. Tickets are at all outlets, $16.50+bf.

There’s not a lot of explanation needed – ACDC (pictured) – return home, on their first national tour in over nine years, with a stadium date at Queensland’s Sport and Athletics Centre (that’s the old ANZ Stadium) Thursday Feb 25, 2010. The Black Ice Tour will have support in the forest-dwelling stylings of Wolfmother, when tickets go on sale Monday May 25 through Ticketek (starting at $99, up to $149.90). Judith Wright Centre Thursday Jun 11 from 7pm – it’s free, but places will go quickly – before Blu & Exile play a show at Alhambra later that night from 9pm. Blunt Instrument has been announced as the initial support, with more to be announced, and tickets are $15 on the door. Jun 11 at Joe’s Water Hole, Eumundi; Friday Jul 12 at Full Moon Café, Sandgate; and Saturday Jun 13 at The Carindale Tavern.



Tokyo garage rock yakuza The Gimmies return to Australia promoting their sophomore release Roll Up this month. Likened to Guitar Wolf and Teengenerate in the vein of a cockier MC5, Sora, Ryder, Zett and J.J overtake The Step Inn on Saturday May 23. Dangermen, Sweet Dreams and Sulphur Lights try and keep up.




Heading out to Australia in the shadow recently cast by Trivium, like-minded souls Five Finger Death Punch grace Club 299 this August. ‘Playing a vintage style of thrash and groove’, the LA metal quintet will be bringing tracks from their 2007 LP The Way Of The Fist to Brisbane Thursday Aug 14. Tickets hit all regular outlets Thursday May 14.

Direct from Finland, The 69 Eyes – Helsinki’s foremost ‘vampires’ – will finally sate fans by sinking their teeth into three Australian shows this autumn. Playing Friday Jun 19 at the very busy Hi-Fi, tickets for the Goth quintet’s debut Brisbane date are at all regular outlets now!


Let’s hope Sounds Of Spring learnt from its debut and has some wet weather gear prepped when it hosts The Living End, Josh Pyke, Frenzal Rhomb, The Beautiful Girls, Shihad, Butterfingers and a slew of others at their new venue in Herston’s Victoria Park on Saturday Sep 26. Earlybird tickets are on sale now.


Anticipated by fans for a wee while, Jordie Lane will release his debut LP Sleeping Patterns this winter. The young-Melbourne based songwriter has been teasing with some sterling examples of his craft over recent years, but now finally composes them into a whole extended player. Good friend Andrew Morris supports at his Troubadour date on Friday Jul 10.


Shannon Noll brings his In Conversation and Acoustic Tour to Queensland this August. Combining three parts over two hours, the show features acoustic covers, a question and answer session hosted by Nick Bennett, culminating in a set of Noll’s own acoustic variations. Tickets are available from the respective venues as the tour calls into Kedron Wavell Services Club Thursday Aug 27; Gold Coast’s Twin Towns Saturday Aug 29 and Victoria Point Sharks Club, Sunday Aug 30.

More than just a hubby to attention-seeking exsupermodel Heidi Klum (really, why was she even at the Oscars?), British soul-singer Seal heads to Australia later this year on the back of his rather successful 2008 album Soul (where he covers Sam Cooke, Curtis Mayfield, James Brown and Ann Peebles among others). You probably remember him from the 1995 Batman Forever hit Kiss From A Rose [No way! Adamski’s Killer! – old raver Ed]. Grab tickets Friday May 22 for his Sunday Nov 8 Convention Centre appearance.




Sydney eclectic-party types Bluejuice have

The Red Bull Music Academy is drumming up applicants for its 2010 RBMA London term, hosting American MC and production unit Blu & Exile next month. The information session goes down at The


You’ve got to love the frankness of Renée Geyer. When explaining her new album of covers, and tour – Renéessance – Geyer stated bluntly “I’ve avoided doing this album for a long time for the simple reason that I’ve already done these songs”, clarifying further “I finally said yes ‘cause we agreed to do it live at my keyboard player’s house”. Bless. Catch the somewhat cathartic Geyer onThursday

Augie March will head out for one last national run for 2009, hitting the national touring highway throughout July. Keeping close company will be ‘great friend, fellow travellers’ (and we’re adding ‘fellow taciturn frontman’) Gareth Liddiard and Dan Luscombe of The Drones. To wrap your ears around a final sampling of fourth LP Watch Me Disappear, head to The Coolangatta Hotel Thursday Jul 9; Joe’s Waterhole Friday Jul 10 and The Hi-Fi Saturday Jul 11.Tickets are on sale now through regular outlets.



DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890







After recent visits by Salmonella Dub and Tiki Taane, fellow New Zealand exports Tahuna Breaks (pictured) step out this week, with a handful of shows in our south-east corner. Playing The Sands Tavern Thursday May 14, The Step Inn Friday May 15; Del Plaza, Gold Coast Saturday May 16; and Byron’s Beach Hotel Sunday May 17, front-up for some Kiwi pride.



Those ladies who like to do it on their own terms – Women In Docs (pictured) – are once again strapping a spare on the van and heading out on tour, only this time they will be capturing the vibe. Chanel and Roz will record their first live album at the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre on Saturday May 16. Special support comes from Little Creatures.

You may remember Sydney rock quintet The Lazys (pictured) from their previous JD Set national tour. Now preparing for the launch of their self-titled debut EP – recorded at ACDC-famed Albert Studios – The Lazys head to Brisbane on Saturday May 16 for a show at The Globe. Support comes from The City Shake Up.


Vince Jones, patron of the Valley Jazz Festival Vocal Award, opens the Festival by announcing the Vocal Award winner at 6pm on Tuesday May 12 at the Brisbane PowerhouseTurbine Platform. The Katie Noonan (pictured)fronted Elixir then opens the musical week, with a performance at the Powerhouse Theatre from 7pm.



Parisian mixologist Don Rimini (pictured) is headed to Brisbane this week, with a show at Monastery on Friday May 15. Enjoying regular rotation on the playlists of Dizzee Rascal, A Trak, Erol Alkan and Justice, head along from 10pm to see what all the fuss is about (or check out one of his mixes at www. myspace.com/donrimini).


Armed ‘with a honey sweet voice to die for’ Adelaide-based alternative-folk singer/ songwriter Vorn Doolette (pictured) heads to Brisbane for a show at The Troubadour on Thursday May 14 with Georgia Potter from 8pm. Doolette then heads down to the Gold Coast Friday May 15 where he’ll play The Loft on Chevron Island.

The seventeenth annual Brisbane Blues Festival takes place at The Jubilee Hotel on Saturday May 16. Featuring the cream of the local blues crop, head along from 2pm to catch Mama Voodoo, Coojee Timms, Big Kitty and The Scaredy Cats (pictured), Johnny Hucker, Chrome Daddies, Natural Ball, Blind Lemon, Asa Broomhall band and Mojo Webb and band. It’s $20 on the door.


The Valley Jazz Festival hits high gear with a performance by Mark Isaacs’ Resurgence Band (pictured), at The Judith Wright Centre on Saturday May 16. The Sydney-based quintet are launching their new release, hot on the heels of their recent performance at New York’s lauded Julliard School. Tickets start at $25 for concession.


Orange County-based rock-rappers Kottonmouth Kings (pictured) return to local shores as anticipation builds for their eleventh release, Hidden Stash IV. The septet won’t be flying solo either, with erstwhile Cypress Hill main man Sen Dog hitting the road with them. Grab tickets for Thursday May 14 at The Coolangatta Hotel; Friday May 15 at The Hi-Fi; and Saturday May 16 at The Sands Tavern, at any regular outlet.



The View From Madeleine’s Couch (pictured) will launch their new CD at The Judith Wright Centre on Thursday May 14, also as part of the Valley Jazz Festival. The band have recently performed in Rio de Janeiro, where they were afforded an opportunity to work on new songs for the album, and roadtest them on punters at Rio’s new jazz venue, TribOz. Concession tickets start at $18.

Palmwoods Hotel once again hosts its popular Got The Blues evenings, this week happening Saturday May 16. Featuring The Mason Rack Band, Anni Piper (pictured) and headlined by Tom Richardson, the line-up is complemented by ‘outstanding young talent’ Luke Watt. The free entertainment kicks off from 5.30pm.



Delightful alt-posters Dead Letter Chorus (pictured) are teaming up with Melbourne lovelies Skipping Girl Vinegar on a co-headline East Coast sojourn. If you fancy some quality songs of the pop-folk flavour head along to Toowomba’s Bon Amici Thursday May 14 ($12); The Troubadour Friday May 15 ($12) and Joe’s Waterhole Eumundi Saturday May 16 ($15).


DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890






GALLOWS frontman FRANK CARTER is a man with a lot to say about the current state of his homeland – he discusses the concept of their new record Grey Britain with SCOTT HARMS.
Ever since Sex Pistols started busting heads, British punk has been a pillar of dissent, a champion of the disestablishment; their cries for anarchy, stemming from a slight problem with the monarchy were the headline grabs to get people’s attentions before getting down to the real issues – social inequality, alienated youth and state fascism. American Hardcore may have taken the baton as Reagan came to power in the early 1980s, but anyone who’s visited Camden or headed north to Birmingham recently knows things are very much alive in the UK. The gritty hard punk displayed on Gallows’ first album, Orchestra Of Wolves, quickly gained the attention of major as Warner got on board, signing the band to their Reprise imprint after an impressive performance at Texan mega-festival South By Southwest in 2007. Gallows singer Frank Carter recalls the vibe at that moment. “That for us just seemed to be a really good time, like people really got it. Our shows weren’t packed, but they were fucking energetic,” he says. “From there, it just seemed every label just wanted to talk to us – and then all of a sudden, before we knew it, we were signing a deal and we were going out on the road. We were finally doing this as a legitimate job, as a career.” The size of the Warner deal – reportedly a four-album, £1 million contract – naturally had some noses out of joint within the band’s underground fan base – but Frank says it hasn’t affected how the band operates one bit, as they ramp up the political angle on their new record, Grey Britain. “They’ve only ever been supportive of what we’ve wanted to do, which has been amazing because they could’ve just said from the very beginning, ‘actually, we’ve made a big mistake – can we bail out?’ But they’ve always backed us 100-percent and we’re extremely, extremely thankful about that,” he says. “I can’t even remember why the fuck people wanted to be a part of our band, but I guess there’s something there, because they haven’t dropped us yet.” Grey Britain’s social awareness may align Gallows with that first wave of punk bands, but not just from the music on the record – together with the writing and singing of his politicallycharged lyrics, Frank has written a screenplay to be used for the multiple music videos being released in conjunction with the album. “I wrote a whole synopsis and changed it into a screenplay for the album, so that all the music videos worked with the lyrics,” he says. “I don’t know how in tune you are with what’s going on over here but…” Frank doesn’t hold back, speaking at length about the problems he feels the country faces. “It’s not such a great nation anymore,” he says, acknowledging that the youth are also contributing to Great Britain’s problems – it’s not just a few empty shopping centres from a sick economy. “There’s a huge level of apathy over here and kids don’t really want to work anymore,” he says. “Their parents are young themselves, and chances are that their parents are claiming the dole and teaching their children that it’s better to claim benefits, because you have a much better life if you do. I mean, why would you wanna work for years and years on minimum wage with very little benefits, ploughing your money into a mortgage that you’re never ever gonna pay off? “It seems like at the age of 18, the best thing to do is to get knocked up and not fuckin’ get a job, because the government will look after you. And that’s why we’re in the situation that we’re in at the minute.” That situation includes the increasing violence on Britain’s streets, a lot to take in when considering the government’s focus appears to be on throwing money at welfare and the military. “When you’re in London, you know kids are gettin’ stabbed in the streets every day. Yet we send our soldiers to a war in a country that wants nothing to do with us,” he says. “It just doesn’t really make any sense when there are massive wars going on the streets.” The major label signing of Gallows is indicative of the revival of punk/hardcore subculture; kids are buying records and getting tattoos in greater numbers to sound and look the part. As a professional tattoo artist himself, Frank agrees that there’s an increasing volume of youth coming through the doors. “I think that it’s got a lot to do with Miami Ink and shows like that, but I also think it’s a lot to do with the ‘scene’ that’s happening now. In the late ‘90s it was the nu-metal scene, and before that it was very much the grunge scene.” He still manages to fit in the odd tatt in between his duties with the band, but has concerns that many kids want ink for the wrong reasons. “The problem with this scene is that when this ends, there’s going to be a lot of kids with a lot of shitty tattoos,” he says. “If you get an earring, you can take it out. If you dye your hair, it’ll grow out. If you get a tattoo, you’re fucked.” At first it may not be the most logical thing to hear from a guy with plenty of tattoos himself, but Frank maintains that his passion for being a tattoo artist was the catalyst for getting inked in gnarly places; it’s not for everyone. “People message me all the time asking me about my tattoos, asking me where is good to get tattooed – and whether I think they should get their neck tattooed. And I’m like, ‘fuck, no!’ … I don’t want to be responsible for ruining any kid’s life, you know what I mean? I think kids just do not think about it now. And the worst part is most of it is paid for by Mommy or Daddy’s credit card – that fuckin’ blows my mind!” So with Gallows contributing heavily to a burgeoning scene that’s influencing many of the youth of today, where does Frank Carter believe they’ll be when things shift once again? He responds exactly as you’d expect from a man with more than his heart on his sleeve. “Gallows is a much more substance-overstyle band; I’d like to think that we’re way more classic than the shit that’s out there at the minute.”


GREY BRITAIN is out now on Warner Music. Check out www. myspace.com/gallows for more information.




JIM GRUNDY, bassist and laptop warrior for RE:ENACTMENT, tells JAKEB SMITH how the local electronic rockers have been keeping themselves occupied.
JAKEB SMITH: We haven’t really heard from you guys since the Regicide EP late last year. What’s been happening? JIM GRUNDY: Jac [Jacob Hicks, guitar/vocals] was away for four months overseas and he got back and since then we’ve just been writing new material. We’re just getting ready to record an album. JS: Wow... JG: We’re recording some demos tonight so that should be good, and will release a little EP at The Zoo as well, which we’re going to be giving out for free. A similar situation [to the last release] – just all of us set-up – but in a controlled studio environment, so it sounds heaps better. We’ve got five new ones... JS: How is it sounding compared to the current stuff? JG: We’re looking to do a few tracks that are more electronic – still live, but using laptops and electronic gear. JS: Re:enactment have always been a fairly even blend of rock and electronica, do you see yourselves pursuing pure electronics in the future? JG: I definitely want to. When I write a track it’s very purely electronica because I write on the laptop. Then when Jac writes a track it’s very rock orientated, so when we work on each other’s stuff we end up getting a very fine balance between the two. I want the electronic aspect to come through a little more than it has, but we also like the fact that there’s two sides to the band. There’s the recorded version of us, which heavily has that electronic influence; and then there’s the live band which is completely different in itself, which we think is really cool. JS: It also makes listening to a live recording worthwhile even if you know the songs. JG: Yeah that’s it, and what we’re doing to tonight is basically recording everything from day one. We’ve got Thems Burnt Puppies on record, but Puppies live is a completely different song – at least we think so anyway. So we think it’s worthwhile having both versions out there for people. If someone is into electronica they may get into our studio versions, but if they’re into a more raw rock sound, then there’s the live stuff. JS: You’ve also got a nice remix of fellow locals Toy Balloon up on your site. How’d you get into that? JG: That’s how I started when I was 15, 16, just writing stuff on the laptop. I really enjoy remixing, I find it a lot more inspiring to have something to already work from. Obviously if you love the track you can have heaps of fun with it and end up with something completely different. I’m really not into the remixes where they just slap a dance beat on it and a few cut-off filters and all of a sudden it’s an edgy dance mix. I’m really into the ones that just re-explore in a completely different context. That way I can also bring out the more IDM influence. Obviously with the band we can’t go that far into it, because it still needs to be a song. But we can create these pieces that are not structurally songs. We’re looking at doing a lot more remixing, and hopefully some more bands will get involved, and we’re also keen for other people to tear our songs to shreds. We’d like to create a little remixing community because I don’t really think there appears to be one in Brisbane.

RE:ENACTMENT play The Zoo this Friday May 15, with Toy Balloon and Moon Jog. The REGICIDE EP (and their entire back-catalogue) and is available free from the band’s website, www.re-e.net.


THE STABS bassist MARK NELSON tells JAKEB SMITH the Melbourne punks are not as violent, destructive or liable to arrest as we’ve been led to believe.
The Stabs and Deaf Wish are somewhere between Melbourne and Canberra. All seven are on tour together for the next month, and sharing a 12-seat van with their gear. I anticipate tension. “Everyone is reading,” Mark Nelson informs me over a poor telephone connection. “So no violence?” I enquire – The Stabs are known to be a brutal punk band onstage, both musically and … physically. “I heard that was something you guys get up to.” “Not so much. I think some of the stories exaggerate that.” This is news, but it doesn’t invalidate The Stabs’ brand of deranged underground flailing. Indeed, they were asked by The Bad Seeds’ Mick Harvey to play at All Tomorrow’s Parties earlier this year – fine kudos. “It was a real hoot,” Nelson says down the muffled line. “A total pat on the back.” “Did you get to chat to him at all?” “Yeah, we’ve met him a few times now. We played a show recently with Roland [S.] Howard and Mick Harvey is drumming for Roland Howard. We got a really good photograph from the end of the night; Mick took off his shirt and squeezed into a size 8 girls singlet of The Stabs. He looks kind of like the Energizer man.” Charming image, and not the only name Nelson could drop into conversation to impress people at parties (not that he would). The label owner recorded Sonic Youth live-to-vinyl in Melbourne – for his Saucerlike imprint – while the band were on tour. “I’d dealt with Thurston [Moore] before when I put out the Menstruation Sisters album – he’s a fan and he got in touch with me to get a copy – so we’d talked before, but essentially I just asked if we can do

this live-to-acetate recording and would they be interested, and they were.” Nelson has no interest in releasing a Stabs record himself though. He likes the interaction with labels, and is “far too lazy” in any case. Crucially, it’s this boyish mix of lethargy, belligerence and sheer volume that makes The Stabs so captivating. It’s primitive and sexual, a wailing of brutal distortion and fuzz tones, set to stiff, bullying drums. I suggest something similar. “Thank you! I’ve got a Big Muff that I’ve always used, Brendan [Noonan]’s got a shitty Boss overdrive pedal that he’s always used. That’s it … I guess there’s volume as well.” “Apparently you blow speakers regularly?” “Again, not as regularly as the stories would have you believe, but it happens. Actually it usually happens more when I’m borrowing other people’s amps.” “Just because your input volume is so high?” “I don’t know! I guess? I figure amps go up to 10 they should work on 8.” Nearing the end of our conversation I ask Nelson about he and Brendan getting arrested on their New Zealand tour, and though he relates part of the story, it’s obvious he’s tired of it. “Y’know,” he says. “That was a long time ago.” And we leave it at that.

THE STABS and Deaf Wish play Rosie’s with The Seizures and Slug Guts on Friday May 22; then an all ages show at Browning Street Studios with Loomer on Saturday May 23 Their new album, DEADWOOD, is scheduled for release in September. Check out www.myspace.com/thestabs for more info.

DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890




With their new opus The Rise And Fall Of Goodtown winning plaudits everywhere, WAGONS are about to start rolling through the country. DENIS SEMCHENKO catches up with familiar face HENRY WAGONS.

through a phase of late-era Elvis and I had a great album called Live At Madison Square Garden that had him play that song; we’ve been playing it for a couple of years now and given that the rest of the new album shaped up to be inspired by the ‘70s sound, it seemed to fit in really well; there’s nothing I like more than a fat, sweaty, greasy Elvis – fucking awesome!” Big, bold and brimming with road-tested storysongs like Goodtown, Drive All Night Til Dawn and Love Me Like I Love You, The Rise And Fall Of Goodtown was produced by electronica mastermind Qua (Cornel Wilczek to his friends & family). “He’s an absolute production genius – I’ve actually known him for a really long time and strangely enough, both of us came out of experimental music,” Henry claims. “When I first started playing music, I was in a noise band and Cornel was really into soundscapes; I remember I first played with him when I was a teenager in the ‘90s, at some free noise gig, and our paths have diverged somewhat – he’s gone into more traditional, but frenetic and crazy electronica and I’ve gone into showtunes, country kinda stuff, but we always catch up and see each other around the track. On this record, I wanted to capture some of the experimental synthesiser sound, like A Clockwork Orange soundtrack, and Cornel would be the perfect person to capture those fucked-up analogue tones.”

Out of the countless bearded, bespectacled singer/ songwriters you come across, some you may eventually lose faith in (as was this writer’s case with E from Eels), but some just register straight away. I first met Henry Wagons at last year’s Armada show after he finished his magnetising opening set, and the fact he remembers the oft-undecipherable Russian accent he was confronted with before Jeff Martin came on is a nice surprise. “I had a lot of fun at the Brisbane shows and I liked them the most out of the whole tour,” he recalls over the phone. “With Brisbane audiences, there must be something about the people – they’re friendly and open to the music somehow, while Melbourne audiences can be bastards.” Ah, the familiar, time-honoured notion of Grim City punters being hard to please. Perhaps they’re too smart for their own good? “See, that’s the double-edged sword,” Henry laughs. “We’re from Melbourne and we’ve been playing there for years and I do love Melbourne crowds, but I know that if you’re a stranger to the city, you can be … looked up and down, so to speak.” Rings a bell – but then Australia’s rock & roll capital can simply choose you, whether you live there or not (insert the line from Hotel California here). With that in mind, I turn the conversation to songs from Wagons’ latest masterpiece The Rise And Fall Of Goodtown, the first one in question being a heartfelt rendition of Hoyt Axton’s Never Been To Spain, earlier recorded by Elvis Presley. “I’m a big fan of entertainers, when it comes to music – all the way to Rat Pack,” Henry states. “I really love Las Vegas and the idea of the Las Vegas showstage, from Dean Martin and Sinatra to late-period Elvis Presley – not just staring at your shoes, but entertaining a crowd – and no one did it better than Elvis. I went

The full, electric WAGONS wheel into Miami’s Shark Bar on Fri May 15 and Brisbane’s The Troubadour on Sat May 16, supported by Andrew Ryan and Texas Tea. THE RISE AND FALL OF GOODTOWN is out now through Spunk/EMI. www.myspace.com/wagonsmusic



The Quickening began as a trio in high school back when “…everyone was into Green Day and Nirvana…” as MacDonald puts it, and have survived 14 long years of life as an independent group. It wasn’t until 2005 that the boys ventured out of their lounge room and into the studio to begin life as a hard working band. “The thing is we’ve always been friends first and foremost,” MacDonald says with both humour and contentment. “We had a lot of ideals early on but we are essentially realistic about it all. We want to play music to as many people as we can but the most fun for us is always just jamming in a room together.” MacDonald has a self-deprecating sense of humour, never taking anything too seriously. When asked why he chose the bass he cackles before answering. “I started playing bass because I couldn’t really play guitar, like most bass players I think.” I admit to MacDonald that I, too, am one of those bass players whose attempts at guitar were fruitless, but I add that I refuse to lower myself to playing with a pick. “I totally agree, I think we should start a club that’s called ‘Pickless Anonymous’,” he chimes in. “I always played with a pick and once I started to play with my fingers I realised all of the amazing diverse sounds you can get; you can feel how it sounds. The pick is really only good for a driving rock song. If you want to get any groove in there, you need your hands.” MacDonald assures me the new album is heavy on the groove and the band was able to utilise two guitars


JIM MACDONALD, bass player for the local punk/metal outfit THE QUICKENING, talks to YUMI SED about why picks aren’t cool but Sport’s Tonight is.
to great effect. Matt Bach joined the band in 2007 and added much needed texture to the songs. “Chris (Farrer) was getting into all that twiddling guitar,” he says. “So we needed to fill out the sound. It also has meant that Chris can concentrate more on singing.” The boys have incorporated vocal harmonies into their latest release but MacDonald informs me the process of achieving harmony was primarily thanks to their producer. “We try to sing but mostly we just yell in the background as our producer works the pitch shift to make us sound in key,” he laughs. “The very first day we did vocals we thought it would be a really good idea to get really drunk before we went in to record. It sounded like a good idea at the time but when we played it back the next day I had never heard anything as bad in my life.” When asked what his hopes are for the band’s future MacDonald’s answer is straight out of a Channel Ten promotion. “I’d love to be on a Sports Tonight, that’d be awesome,” he laughs again. “You watch Sports Tonight and you hear all this indie stuff, the other night I heard Primus. Man, we have to get on there. Or better still onto ‘Play Of The Day’, just as Tiger Woods is making his drive.”

THE QUICKENING will be launching their new release, WHITE BLOSSOMS, at the Step Inn, Saturday May 16. www.thequickeningonline.net



DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890



The music of The View From Madeleine’s Couch is born out of a love of Brazilian rhythms and harmonies, so there was no better place than Brazil to tour and write their second album, Casa Da Boa Vida, which incidentally, means house of the good life. One would imagine that playing Brazilian music to the locals would have been a nerve-racking experience. “They were a really amazing audience to play too,” West says enthusiastically. “They got behind our music and the feedback we received was fantastic. I was more nervous about singing in Portuguese and destroying their beautiful language.” West has branched out on the new album and sings in English on a few tracks, which is something she found rather revealing. “I had always found Portuguese such a beautiful and poetic language; it has always felt right to sing that way,” she says. “I had a tough time finding the right words for the songs that are in English, it left me feeling a lot more exposed but it was a challenge I needed to face.” West and fellow member and husband Kym Ambrose had ventured to the shores of South America in 2004, which is where they met their mentor Alberto Farer. “Kym and I went to Brazil in 2004 to do some study with Alberto and we came back with half an album that would become our debut,” she says. “Then last year we were invited to come over and play a few gigs. We performed with him almost every week while in Rio [during] September and October. O.J. (Newcomb) and Mark (Henman) played as his rhythm


Brazilian/jazz darlings, THE VIEW FROM MADELEINE’S COUCH are ready to launch their sophomore release, Casa Da Boa Vida. YUMI SED talks with ANJE WEST about their time in Brazil and her decision to finally sing in English.
section one night without us. Every time we stepped on stage with Alberto was like a deep lesson in listening and reacting instinctively to the music. Truly amazing!” While Brisbane has a nurturing live music scene, it is sometimes difficult to get gigs if you aren’t an indie rock band. I ask West how they have managed to sustain music as a full time job for the past 11 years. “For us the scene has been really supportive and I think that’s due to the fact our music covers a lot of bases,” she says with genuine excitement. “We wouldn’t have been able to do this for 11 years if we didn’t have the support we have. We can cater to a varied audience which enables us to get a lot of corporate gigs.” The new album, being launched at The Valley Jazz Festival, is a far more up-tempo affair than their previous release and is heavily influenced by their time with Farer. “It’s really about celebrating our time over there and what we learned,” she says. “There are two covers, nine originals and one original arrangement of a Brazilian song never recorded before. Kym and the amazing Brazilian guitarist Beto Lopes who is over here to learn English wrote one of the songs too. We are really proud of our effort.”

They’ve been a permanent fixture of the acoustic scene in Brisbane for years and are off on a North American tour for the latter part of this year. YUMI SED talks with ROZ PAPPALARDO of WOMEN IN DOCS about all things independent.
I catch up with Pappalardo on a brisk afternoon while she is reliving the joys of the previous evening’s Baby Animals concert. “It was loud, it was raw and it was just awesome,” she says sounding more like an adolescent fan than a seasoned performer. “They were the band I was really into when I was young and drinkin’ rum.” Pappalardo met Chanel Lucas in Far North Queensland while they were both studying at university. After releasing their debut EP, the pair moved to Brisbane to further their opportunities. In the 12 years they have been writing, recording and touring, the band have amassed a loyal following both in Australia and overseas. “We’re starting to realise how important the American folk and roots scene is to our success,” she says. “We went over their a few years ago and it is only now that we are starting to see the rewards.” Those rewards are an extensive tour of North America later this year that will incorporate the famed Vancouver Folk Music Festival and the Bethlehem MusikFest. I ask Pappalardo whether 12 years as a completely independently managed band has been a difficult road. “A lot bands in Australia who have had some success, and the bands I respect the most, are bands that have been together for a really long time,” she says. “Bands like The Waifs and Powderfinger fall into that category. You can be a flash in the pan and achieve rapid success or you can have a long, enjoyable career which is what we want; it’s a lifestyle choice as much as a job and we’ve never really lost faith.” The ladies have sold an impressive 25,000 albums independently and have spent time in the top 20 of both the Australian Independent Records Chart and the American Folk Chart. For a completely independent band, that is a stellar effort. Their road to songwriting maturity has been a long one and the only assistance they have had on the way is the incorporation of a producer on every one of their albums. “We’ve definitely become more mature in our songwriting over the years and we do prefer to have a producer who comes in when we record to steer us and provide a fresh ear,” she says. “The first EP that we put out had the best of intentions and now I can’t even bear to listen to it. Having said that, there are a couple of songs of that EP that are our most popular when we play live. It just goes to show you never know what the audience is going to connect to.”



THE VIEW FROM MADELEINE’S COUCH play as part of The Valley Jazz Festival at The Judith Wright Centre, Thursday May 14. CASA DO BOA VIDA is out now. Check out www.madeleinescouch.com.au / www. valleyjazzfestival.com for more information.

WOMEN IN DOCS play the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre, Saturday May 16, supported by Little Creatures. Check out www.myspace.com/ womenindocs for more information.






When most bands release their debut EP, they’ve probably been taking their musical preoccupation seriously for a while. If we include the ditties strung together for a first gig at Ric’s on a Monday night or your girlfriend’s house party, by the time you enter a studio with Magoo you’ve probably got a lot of songs in your repertoire without enough time or money to record them all. BC describes a similar experience in the lead up to recording The Cairos’s debut EP, Lost At Sea. “It was pretty hard because we’ve written about an hour and a half worth of songs and then we had to pick our favourite. It took a while to come to a final decision but we had to just sit down and slowly work through it.” And fair enough – 90 minutes is more music than you get at the average gig these days. So why’d these songs make the cut? “They’re just our five strongest. We demoed six with Magoo and then he took out the weakest.” A lot of talk around this album makes light of Magoo’s presence (this article included). This is significant because (a) Magoo tends to work only with bands he thinks are worthy of his golden touch, and (b) Magoo has a golden touch (see: Regurgitator’s Unit). Despite the great results of this collaboration, it wasn’t actually one actively sought out by the band. “We wanted to get our old engineer Lee Wilks into Airlock Studio but we couldn’t get him and then Ian (Haug, of Powderfinger) was searching for someone and ended up giving Magoo a call. He sorted it all out for us.” Though not planned, BC confirms they’re far


BC, sticksman for THE CAIROS, chats to MATT HICKEY about choosing their EP tracklist, recording it with Magoo and then getting the f***ing thing out there!
from disappointed with the outcome. Despite being launched this Saturday, the bulk of recording was completed in November last year – the EP was actually mixed, mastered and ready for release soon thereafter before Magoo decided there were some things he wasn’t happy with. “He’s really busy and that took a quite a while to find the time to do the touch-ups. Once that was done we got the launch date at The Zoo, which all inspired the long wait.” Not that he’s getting restless – what’s a few months extra for an EP that’s been this long in the making? There were planned EPs prior to Lost At Sea that, for one reason or another, lost momentum or enthusiasm after recordings were laid down. “We didn’t want to put out something half-assed. The EP has been constantly put off, but eventually we just drew a line and decided we’d get into the studio before the end of 2008. It started in about January of last year so it’s been over a year.” The lengthy gestation period, whilst probably frustrating, has resulted in one healthy baby. If Lost At Sea is any indication, there are great things to come from The Cairos – only let’s hope the wait isn’t quite as long next time.

Her signature song may be called Criminal, but WA songstress FELICITY GROOM convinces DENIS SEMCHENKO that treasure hunting is, in fact, not a crime.
Gifted with a beguiling contralto and with an original approach to storytelling, Perth’s Felicity Groom has lately been on the radar with her new EP Treasures and its ravedabout single Criminal. What has prompted the singer/ songwriter to come up with this enigmatic number? “Criminal was written when I was living in London,” Felicity reveals, The Waifs’ London Still undoubtedly playing on an invisible iPod. “I had a tiny little apartment in a brick building, and I was … forgetting myself, I suppose – London’s a really good place to lose yourself sometimes! That song is about me trying to get my head back on.” At this point, I switch on my invisible iPod and the spoken dialogue intro to Saint Etienne’s You’re In A Bad Way (album version from 1993 classic So Tough) – “London’s a very big place; you can lose yourself … lose yourself in London!” – rattles in my head. “It’s a great place to go and have amazing fun,” Felicity continues, “but you can also lose your track there.” Now, however, that Felicity’s back in Australia and is firmly on track to wider acclaim, her progression from songwriting sessions with Little Birdy’s Katy Steele and the big black smoke of the English capital to assembling her backing band Black Black Smoke from various Perth musos is an indication of bigger things to come. “That was very convenient – basically, everyone who plays in the band, we’re friends and a few of them have been playing with Jules Douglas from The Panics,” she explains. “Chatesy [Ian Chater, drums] and him got together and started a band called Chatesy La Rouge and Alex [Archer, viola] was also a part of that, so all the musicians who I wanted to start a band with played different instruments – so that’s very convenient!” she laughs.

“In fact, before I went over to London, Katy and I used to get together and have little jams at her house; I was learning bass for that but Katy had her songs written and I had mine, and eventually we went our separate ways.” Once Black Black Smoke came together, there wasn’t much standing in the way of studio craft, even though Treasures took a fair amount of time to come out. “The EP was recorded fairly quickly – we did an improv with this guy named Simon Struthers, who plays guitar in Adam Said Galore with Andrew [Ryan, Felicity’s tour partner], and he came over and we recorded two songs in about two hours, which was awesome,” Felicity reflects. “However. I got really sick and ended up going to Sydney and doing the vocals over there, which dragged out for a little bit longer – when we released the EP, it’s was well over a year-and-a-half from when we recorded it because I went overseas and did some gigs there prior to the release.” Now that Treasures have truly been dug up (pardon the bad pun), Felicity claims she’ll have her first fulllength album ready in the not-so-distant future. “It will be this year that we’ll record something,” she reckons. “We’ve made plans to lock it in and we’ve got some new songs, so it will definitely be this year.”

THE CAIROS launch their EP at The Zoo Saturday May 16, supported by DZ and Stature::Statue. They also play GREENFEST at City Botanical Gardens on Saturday June 6. LOST AT SEA will be available independently soon. www.myspace.com/thecairos

Joined by Black Black Smoke’s Andrew Ryan, FELICITY GROOM plays Miami’s Shark Bar on Fri May 15, The Troubadour on Sat May 16, and Toowoomba’s Bon Amici’s on Sun May 17 (all supporting Wagons). TREASURES is out now. Check out www.myspace. com/felicitygroom for more information.







There’s no arguing that Bring Me The Horizon are undoubtedly one of the biggest underground bands on the planet at the moment. Despite continuing controversy, line-up changes and constant scrutiny from their peers; the five boys behind it all seem to shake off any bad press with what can only be described as youthful vigour. They keep on playing, their fan base gets exponentially bigger and the world just keeps on spinning. So it came as no surprise when Matt Nicholls, drummer for BMTH, explained to me how easily they came up with their new sound and direction for their latest album. “Suicide Season was our chance to distance ourselves from all these labels that we’ve been given and really set our music apart and just do something that we’d enjoy playing and enjoy listening too as well,” explains Nicholls over the phone whilst enjoying some downtime back home in Sheffield, Yorkshire. “It would have been so easy for us to churn out another Count Your Blessings and really just get lost in amongst all these other bands that sound exactly the same. We knew we had to do something different, but we never said ‘Oh, this is what we have to sound like.’” With Suicide Season representing a major stylistic departure and a form of rebirth for the band, it wasn’t long before the rest of the world caught the wave and their profile began to explode. Having recently signed with record label heavyweights, Epitaph in the US and destroying crowds on their first jaunt with the Warped Tour, it seems that

OWEN MORAWITZ talks with MATT NICHOLLS; drummer for British metalcore kings BRING ME THE HORIZON about their bold new album and their first headlining tour of Australia.
their fans across the globe only have good things to say about the new material. “It’s been really good. The kids have been coming out and now they know all the words and sing along with us, so it’s been a really good response so far,” he says. “Wherever we’ve gone, whether it be in England or America or Canada, the response has been overwhelming, so we’re really just hanging out to get back to Australia and party again.” The trip he’s referring to is the band’s imminent headlining tour of the country, a first for the band, and also their third trip down under. With BMTH playing some of the biggest venues in Australia this time around, and being supported by Canadian pals, Cancer Bats and our own homegrown metal heroes, The Red Shore, the fact that the tour is virtually sold out is not only a testament to the drawing power of the band but also to the amount of hype they can generate. “Well its gunna be our first time playing our new stuff, so it’ll be interesting to see how the new songs go down. It’s also our first headlining tour, so it’ll be good to see the response we get and just catching up and partying with all our friends in The Red Shore will be awesome. I personally can’t wait!”

His band’s beginning was a humble one, but now CANCER BATS frontman LIAM CORMIER is travelling the world with his brethren and tearing his audiences a new one with the power of hardcore punk. He talks about all that and more with LINDSEY CUTHBERTSON.
Cancer Bats exploded out of Canada with their catchy-as-hell pastiche of hardcore, punk and metal in 2006 with the release of their debut album, Birthing The Giant. It quickly catapulted The Bats into the global eye alongside good mates Alexisonfire, Billy Talent and Comeback Kid. But it wasn’t until last year’s gargantuan sophomore record Hail Destroyer that the world really sat up and took notice. Cancer Bats were suddenly in a world of their own. “I never thought our band would get to where it is today, but on top of that, to think that Hail Destroyer was the album that got us to that point? It’s kind of a trip. Last year, when we were finishing that album, we had no clue that things were going to go the way they did,” says vocalist Liam Cormier, on the eve of their Australian tour with Bring Me The Horizon. The tour will be one of the last before Cancer Bats retire back to their homeland to start writing album number three, which is already weighing heavily on Cormier’s mind. “The biggest thing we want to do is to out-do Hail Destroyer. We’ve set the bar pretty high but we’re excited to take on the challenge of it. I think that with Hail Destroyer, that was the record where we all felt like this was what we wanted to do as a band, but I know we can out-do it; I know we can do better than that,” he enthusiastically explains. Cormier is the epitome of what Cancer Bats is about: he is humble, energetic and passionate about his craft. The plaudits that rained upon them last year were many, but somehow the four friends from Toronto have been able to take it all in their stride and be another source of motivation for their epic live shows. “It’s awesome though, because it makes us want to step it up even more,” Cormier says. “We definitely don’t want to let it go to our heads in any way. If anything now we feel that if people are psyched on this, then we have to tear up these shows we’re doing. Like on this Australian tour, I want to blow kids’ minds!” In the five years that Cancer Bats have been in existence, Cormier has gone from sleeping on a mate’s kitchen floor to being one of the more renowned frontmen in the hardcore punk movement. While it has been a wildly successful ride, he or the band have not let the core of what they do crumble. “That’s what Hail Destroyer is all about. We’re so appreciative of everything that has come from being in the band. The fact that we get to come back to Australia and people care enough about this record is incredible to us. When we started this band we had nothing and I’m not saying we’re millionaires – far from it – but now I can buy coffee, or a new pair of jeans. New pair of jeans rule! Best day ever!”

BRING ME THE HORIZON plays the Tivoli on Sunday May 17, supported by Cancer Bats and The Red Shore. SUICIDE SEASON is out now through Visible Noise/Shock Records. www.myspace.com/bmth

CANCER BATS play The Tivoli with BRING ME THE HORIZON on May 17. HAIL DESTROYER is out now through Distort/Shock. Check out www.myspace. com/cancerbats for more information.


DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890





BLACK TIDE bassist ZAKK SANDLER can’t legally drink in his country of birth. TOM HERSEY commiserates as he hears about hanging out with celebrities, supporting Trivium and lifelong career choices.

with us’ so we were like ‘ok, we will’.” Known as much for their chops, as their age, Black Tide have had to tour with bands that in some cases are 10-15 years older than them. But according to Zakk, they’ve never been treated like kids. “There’s some bands that you kind of expect to act a little differently around you because they’re older. But they totally don’t, it’s awesome. We all just hang out and talk the same kind of shit. Because we have the same kind of lifestyle we can always relate to them. They don’t treat us like we’re child stars or anything like that.” Talking to Zakk, it’s clear Black Tide have no intentions of pulling a Leif Garret and fading into obscurity. The band, whose second album is currently being written, are imprisoned by the majesty of metal and will rot in captivity. “There’s a lot of kids who head off to college and keep switching majors and don’t know what they want to be when they grow up and they just don’t feel like a success in any way because they’re not doing what they want to do. And we didn’t want to be that. We wanted to do this, and we’re going to keep doing it. We’re married to it for life, we’re not going away. We want to play metal.” “There’s all sorts of stuff that we do that just blows my mind. Man, meeting my heroes and playing on the same stage with them. I’ve been on tours with bands I’ve looked up to forever and I’m friends with a lot of those dudes now. Like Avenged Sevenfold, I’ve been listening to since I was like 12 and now when we’re in Orange County I call up Nat their singer and be like ‘Dude, what the fuck’s going on, let’s hang out’. It’s cool to be able to do shit like that. These are experiences that I’ll never lose and I love that.” Who couldn’t be envious of Zakk Snyder? The dude is 20 and already living the heavy metal lifestyle on a worldwide stage. Since forming Black Tide in 2003 alongside vocalist/guitarist Gabriel Garcia and original guitarist Alex Nunez, Zakk and Black Tide have turned heads in a major way. The band has managed to score a record deal, play and subsequently get kicked off Ozzfest (they were playing on the Jägermeister stage despite all being under the legal drinking age), and travel the world on the strength of their speedy guitar riffs and retro thrash sound. Making their first trip to Australia, Zakk explains how fellow Floridians Trivium offered the band the tour. “Trivium are great dudes. They’ve always asked us to go out with them but we’ve just never taken the offer. Then we saw them at the Kerrang awards in August last year and they were like ‘What the fuck man, we keep offering for you guys to come out on tour with us but you guys have to come out

BLACK TIDE play an all ages show at The Tivoli on Thursday May 14 in support of Trivium and Heaven Shall Burn. LIGHT FROM ABOVE is available through Interscope/Universal. Check out www.myspace.com/blacktide for more info.



DERMOT CLARKE chats with BOOKER T. JONES about his first solo LP in 20 years.
The funky groove of Booker T and the MGs’ Green Onions has been ingratiated into pop culture so deeply, that it wouldn’t matter if you’d been living under a rock for three decades – you’d crawl out and still faintly recognise that Hammond organ bass hook. But his solo LP Potato Hole represents Jones’ refusal to let the MGs, and Green Onions in particular, to define him. “This is my attempt to express my new self. It’s the old self re-invented. It’s kind of bold and in your face and it’s kind of loud, but it’s me. Similar, but different,” he chuckles. A big component of this record’s sound is Neil Young’s presence, putting his rusty chainsaw guitar to good use. On these songs, when Neil crunches his guitar, Booker seems to play harder in response. “It was intuitive,” Booker observes. The LP’s not called Potato Hole just because the words roll off the tongue in some cool bluesy gumbo way. Potato holes were holes dug under the shacks of Afro-American slaves, where they stashed their contraband (vices such as food); provisions that could be kept hidden and wouldn’t spoil. “Potato Hole is an analogy for me because the album is the Potato Hole. Everything I’ve written over the last ten months is the place I’ve deposited it,” explains Booker T. Alchemy, in a sense, is about converting the impossible into something real. How do you mash oil and water? In Booker T’s case, it’s simple: one part Hammond B3, two parts inspired genius, bury it in the ground and bide your time. A case in point is his cover of Outkast’s Hey Ya, transforming FM radio fodder into psychedelic melancholy, playing notes based not only on the lyric but what the word feels like as a note. “The Hammond B3 and me have this thing goin’ on. It’s always there inside me. I sort of had it with the MGs in the ‘60s, but it was murky. I don’t know how to put it, except it’s like I can see again,” he explains. The most sinister, improvised-sounding track is his instrumental rendition of Tom Waits’ Get Behind The Mule, with the organ in the place of vocals. “Oh, it’s funky,” attests Booker T. “It’s the down-home Mississippi gut blues.” It certainly conveys the feel of a person absent-mindedly contemplating violence. It’s the big nasty, loading shotgun shells one at a time with measured premeditation. “It’s about the pain a person is going to have to go through to do the things you have to do in life. Whether you’re a good person or a bad person, sooner or later you’re going to get hit by something that’s going to make you ‘get behind the mule’. That’s what drove me to the song.”

POTATO HOLE is out now through Anti-/Shock Records. Check out www.bookert.com for more information.



JUNIOR BOYS – Begone Dull Care (Domino/EMI)
Canadian electro pop group score a home run on album number three
Junior Boys’ latest effort is so minimal and stripped-back, it takes a couple of listens before you’re convinced that the album is actually there at all, but with a few notable exceptions – the pop-and-locking single In The Morning comes to mind – the Canadian duo’s productions are never about instant gratification. On their previous two albums, Junior Boys have made a specialty of crafting immaculate, low-key electro pop, filled with tiny moments of joy and sadness; although it takes a while for all the familiar elements to click into place, Begone Dull Care stands alongside their best. Opener Parallel Lines, with its piston-ing beats and synth arpeggios, unfolds with a slowed-down, hypnotic grind, while Work comes on like a sinister ‘80s Italo disco track. The ‘80s, in fact, are all over this album. Take Hazel and Bits & Pieces – probably the two stand-out tracks by virtue of being the most lively, they channel the electro funk of Discovery-era Daft Punk into quiet dance floor epiphanies. A big part of Junior Boys’ charm comes from vocalist Jeremy Greenspan – a lot of the time, he sounds so hurt and vulnerable that you kinda just want to pick him up and give him a big hug. Junior Boys Last album ended on a note of despair with the chilly, beat-less ballad AM; Begone Dull Care closes with the burbling What’s It For, which is about as close to euphoria as the band have come so far. It you listen closely, it’s almost as though Greenspan is cracking a smile. !!!! " ALASDAIR DUNCAN throw the glass across the room. The anger comes to a head as Misery’s breakdown pits Carter with a gang shout as they go back and forth: Misery loves us / And we love her too! Gareth Richardson taking the producer’s chair cleaned up the band’s sound considerably – in fact too much for a band whose raw sound on the first record was one of its major charms. Regardless, Grey Britain’s substance and sheer energy easily allow it a pass, validating all the raving from the Brits. " SCOTT HARMS !!! tongue-twister lyrics, but after a minute-anda-half of this serene oddness a drumbeat kicks in and suddenly you want to dance. These gently discordant elements make a lot of the songs seem distant on first listen, but they grow on you if you let them. An exception is the immediately catchy Domestics, a duet full of cutely intimate personal details about their sleeping habits and toothbrushes. In Past Perfect Laura sings about “The curse of perfect vision”, wishing she was short-sighted so she could take off her glasses and see the world as a blur of colour. Their music is the same, unfocussed and imperfect, heard from behind a gauze veil, swimming in and out of clarity and order but all the more beautiful because of it. JODY MACGREGOR !!!! the album has an endearing undercurrent of dark, ironic humour. The band has been playing for 30-plus years, yet hark the opening line to Be Good, Child! – “Growing up is hard, in this tough, old world”. Lyrically, Love is a refreshing return to the glory days of the Dead Kennedys and The Minutemen. The riffs on Why Can’t You See Me and Old Graves are uncomfortably slow and depressive, ex-Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic’s low end offering a superb accompaniment to Ted Falconi’s guitar. Like the patented sludge sound Flipper fashioned for themselves back in the day, Love is bleak, impersonal and physically draining to listen to. In spite of the aural nuisance Flipper create, or perhaps because of it, Love is a piece of art that will resonate strongly with Flipper fans of old and fans of alt-rock discovering something new that feels genuine. TOM HERSEY !!!! using the opportunity to crank up the decibels. The genesis of this goes back to his 2006 album, Both Sides Of The Gun, when he got some Texans to add some beef to the mix. For Harper’s ninth effort, they’re back to continue this new direction, but they also end up making a big contribution to the writing. Which is both a good and a bad thing. The negative stuff first. In louder, harder songs like Keep It Together (So I Can Fall Apart), Why Must You Always Dress In Black and Boots Like These, Harper’s usually distinctive vocals and playing are forced into a standard blues-rock bluster, good enough but not exceptional. On the positive side, though, when it works, as in the slinky slide blues stomp of opener Number With No Name and the moodier but still kicking interplay of Up To You Now, Harper actually sounds like he’s enjoying cutting loose. And there are some quieter moments in tracks like Skin Thin and Fly One Time to help moderate things and add some different textures. So, on balance, Harper’s plan has worked. Still, I’ll bet some fans would be wishing for more Harper and less Relentless 7. " BILL HOLDSWORTH !!!


…AND YOU WILL KNOW US BY THE TRAIL OF DEAD – The Century Of Self (Justice Records/Inertia)
Texan quintet finds better mix of ambition and onanism.
Just what exactly was Neil Busch’s role in …Trail Of Dead? Clearly, at its most literal interpretation the answer would be “he was the bassist and key sound manipulator until his less-than-amicable departure in 2004”, but his true position in the band may have been more than bringing in the bottom end. After the red hot 2002 release of Source Tags & Codes, a defining punk rock album of the early millennium, things went a little bit off the rails with 2005’s Worlds Apart and the following year’s So Divided. And while correlation does not imply causation, it is possible that Busch may have previously played a roll in reeling in the more pretentious elements of this art rock five piece from Austin. Whatever the reason, that’s in the past, and these guys have finally began to crawl back to their former glory with a new set of tightly wound musical attacks about death, depression, war and all those other sunny topics. True, album opener Giant Causeway is 150 seconds of pompous prog rock synths and rolling drums, but it quickly leads into the best dual vocal line that Conrad Keely and Jason Reece have done in years on Far Pavilions. A number of songs may still teeter on the brink of self-love (the almost altcountry of Luna Park springs to mind), but a reinvigorated intensity gives them more purpose than ending up as a spent tissue buried in your waste paper basket. Yes, yet another masturbation reference. !!!! MITCH ALEXANDER

SHONEN KNIFE – Super Group (Valve)
Japanese pop-punk femmes retain the chirpiness
In the late 1980s, Osaka-formed female punk three-piece Shonen Knife were so hip, a tribute album was released in their honour, featuring the likes of Sonic Youth and Red Kross. And since they formed in 1981, the Knife have been a near-constant presence in the music scene, leading up to new album Super Group. If you’ve ever seen or heard them, Super Group is not about to surprise you. The Shonen Knife trademarks are all here – the three girls in Ronettes-gone-mod outfits on the cover, and the music inside, a fuzzy, cheery collection of Ramones-esque melodipunk with wide-eyed child-like, and rather literal, lyrics. “You can feed deer at the park, if you buy deer biscuits” advises singer/guitarist (and the group’s one remaining founder member) Naoko Yamano in Deer Biscuits. Elsewhere, she has a practical approach to handling slugs in, you guessed it, Slug: “I put it into a plastic bag. By throwing it in the garbage can, I could eat lunch with peace of mind”. Musically, it’s all chirpy harmonies and fuzz-drenched guitars in a punk take on ‘60s girl group pop. Like their NY idols The Ramones, Shonen Knife have reliably continued over many years without notably changing their sound … and in this era of 15-minute MySpace sensations, that’s a particularly reassuring fact. !!! " MATT THROWER

GOLDEN SILVERS – True Romance (XL/Remote Control)
London trio make modern pop – flirting with, but never giving in to the cheese
Watch the oh-so-arch video for Golden Silvers’ stellar single True Romance (True No.9 Blues), and you might wonder – are they taking the piss? Playing on podiums in a room full of Mighty Boosh extras, it looks like the closing sequence of a British sketch comedy. The only sticking point is the song – Let’s Danceera Bowie influences held high, musically it’s a post-modern pop-soul-disco feel-good number sung by a Welshman with a blocked nose – and it’s brilliant. That’s the thing about Golden Silvers – they look like a joke, and any band who combine Roxy Music’s stylings, whitey-fros, Prince’s ADD weirdness, and production from Lexxx (Black Kids, Crystal Castles) should be ripe for look-at-that-f**king-hipsterstyle mockery. Problem is – and I have the same one with Friendly Fires – it’s hard to despise the OTT ‘cool’ factor when the songs are so good. Buoyed by three-part harmonies and an admirably controlled lyrical delivery (“Find some time for tea and wine and valentines”, should sound cheesy, but when keyboardist/ vocalist Gwilym Gold sings it, it’s actually quite smooth), the trio skip all over the place, coming over all Elvis Costello on Here Comes The King; injecting a mild Mark E Smith paranoia into Shakes; providing a handclapping kneesup in Queen Of The 21st Century, and then garlanding the perfect funky pop of Arrows Of Eros with a wonderfully dinky keyboard hook and parping brass outro. It’s all very enjoyable and clever, and manages to rise above the many obvious influences to become something genuinely interesting. Anyone with a fondness for slickly-constructed eccentric pop should love this record. TOPHER HEALY !!!!

MSTRKRFT – Fist Of God (Last Gang/EtcEtc)
Electro bangers to soothe the soul of your inner drunken frat boy
Everything about MSTRKRFT is big, dumb and somewhat ridiculous, from their hockey mask-wearing onstage personas on down to the faux-heavy metal nomenclature of Fist Of God, but when it comes to club music, big and dumb are not always bad things. In fact, everything about the Canadian duo’s second album is huge – pounding beats, cowbells and fat, dirty synths that sound as though they were hacked, with the help of a chainsaw, from Daft Punk’s Human After All. If you need to be reminded, constantly, of MSTRKRFT’s awesome hardcore-ness, well, you’re in luck, because a selection of rappers (Ghostface Killah, E-40, Freeway) are on hand for just this purpose. If you can just switch your brain off and go with it, though, almost every track on Fist Of God is great. Take opener It Ain’t Love, with its squelching synths and overblown diva house vocals, or the sublimely idiotic ‘all I do is party’ call and response of Bounce. Underappreciated soul crooner John Legend shows up on the blissful piano house track Heartbreaker, and Jamahl of The Carps guests on the swooning Breakaway. Rough and noisy, with a sense of melody and a frantic pace (11 tracks in 38 minutes), Fist Of God is a perversely awesome listen. !!!! ALASDAIR DUNCAN

MÉLANIE PAIN – My Name (Cartell Music/Inertia)
Nouvelle Vague chanteuse makes an album of her own
Thanks to the perceptive scouting talents of Nouvelle Vague head honcho Marc Collin, the bossa-nova-covers-of-new-wave group has turned out to be a veritable incubator of interesting French talent, having already made careers for Camille Dalmais and Marina Celeste. Now Mélanie Pain – a singer in her own right before Nouvelle Vague, but not wellknown – has her first album out, and it shows a level of polish that can only be endowed upon a labour of love (although the smooth production by Benoît de Villeneuve helps). It can perhaps best be described by a food metaphor: if Camille’s music is French haute cuisine – an acquired taste, full of unusual juxtapositions of textures and flavours, not for everyday eating – then Pain’s music is the kind of food one finds in a brasserie – tasty, well-made, yet simple. (I ought to mention here that pain, pronounced ‘pahn,’ is, appropriately enough, French for bread.) The ingredients are familiar to those who’ve heard the nouvelle chanson before: a pinch of West-coast Americana (she even throws in a Harry Nillsson cover), some jazz, lots of acoustic guitar, and that Gallic musical sensibility. But, just as a great chef can make magic out of steak and chips, what matters here is not the originality of the music but the execution. Pain’s first album is practically a beginner’s guide to contemporary French pop; let’s hope that the next one capitalises on her very obvious talents and pushes the genre forward. " CHAD PARKHILL !!!

GALLOWS – Grey Britain (Warner)
UK punk rockers turn up the heat
Off the back of a ripping debut record and the British press going to town, Gallows have been on everyone’s radar recently as anticipation builds for a new album. But it’s business as usual for the band – back with another screamer, Grey Britain takes no prisoners as singer Frank Carter takes vitriolic shots at politics, religion and other things you shouldn’t talk about at the dinner table; the brilliant hook in Leeches – “I don’t drink the wine / I can’t stomach the lies / A million Hail Marys won’t save you now” a prime example of the stuff Carter wanted to get off his chest. The Vulture (Acts I & II) are combined into a six-minute epic; it begins as a departure using strings, acoustic guitars and clean vocals before flying home on a heavy slab of punk rock – certainly one of the highlights. Likewise for The Riverbed, a sampled air raid siren adding an increased sense of urgency to frenetic drumwork and riffs that make you want to skol your beer and

FLIPPER – Love/Fight (High Spot/Fuse Music) THE LONG LOST – The Long Lost (Nina Tune/Inertia)
Candlelit tunes for the romantic and wistful
The Long Lost are husband-and-wife duo Laura and Alfred Darlington; he’s betterknown as DJ and producer Daedelus, but there’s very little of that side of him present here. Instead the songs are closer to twee folk, with delicate, lovelorn instrumentation mostly provided by acoustic guitars. There are schoolband instruments like clarinet as well as toy pianos and the occasional DJ touch from Daedelus that brings CocoRosie to mind. Laura’s breathy, delicate vocals dominate the songs, which rarely go where you’re expecting. One song begins with toy instruments and nursery

The war cry heard once again
Few know Flipper outside of that shirt Kurt Cobain was famously photographed wearing. However, the influence the San Francisco sludge punk act exerted on alternative music is undeniably recognisable. The precursor to bands like latter-day Black Flag and the Melvins, in the ‘70s and ‘80s Flipper helped create the fabric of modern day alt-rock. Their first studio album since 1993’s American Grafishy, Love sees Flipper capture all the irony, anger and urgency of their first two seminal albums. Accompanied by Fight, a disc recorded live by Jack Endino featuring some of the band’s classic material, Love is another Flipper masterpiece. Intentional or otherwise,

NEIL YOUNG – Fork In The Road (Reprise/Warner)
Who’s Neil shaking his cane at these days?

BEN HARPER AND RELENTLESS 7 – White Lies For Dark Times (Virgin/EMI)
Despite a new toughness, not quite diamonds on the inside, in more ways than one
Since his last album, Lifeline, in 2007, Ben Harper has passed over the Innocent Criminals in favour of a new outfit, Relentless 7,

Neil Young has never had trouble in the ‘fire in the belly’ department. From his idealistic teen angst in Buffalo Springfield, to later classic solo works and his irregular input on Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young albums (where his vitriolic protest songs helped to balance much of the ‘let’s all get into a circle and hug’ nature of, for example, everything that Graham Nash ever wrote), the warbling Canadian has rarely ever needed more than
DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890


a harmonica, four chords and/or an assload of guitar feedback to get the point across. A brain explosion in 2005 did nothing to slow down his tenacity, most recently voicing his discontent with all things George Bush related on 2006’s Living With War. But with a new Sheriff in USA-town, would Young be like the weeping child who finally gets the lollipop? Luckily we won’t have to answer that for a while, as a faltering economy has caused him to again reach for the guitar, this time pointing the finger at a depraved and cannibalistic American automobile industry. As with his previous album, it’s light on melody and lyrical depth, with pure sentiment and anger dragging it over the line, but it’s still oddly comforting to know that Young is mad as hell. The proud owner of an electricpowered 1959 Lincoln Continental, Young is genuine when proclaiming “just singing a song won’t change the world”. But it is Light A Candle that is a standout, a strumming and slide guitar plea to a bright future, in contrast to the album’s condemning tone. He’s served well as the prophet of doom for many years, is it about time Neil cracked a smile? " MITCH ALEXANDER !!!

surging forward with lecherous resurgence (“You are exceptional at being sexual / it’s just a ritual women do,” sings Donohoe on the former). Recorded in Berlin at a studio once used by East Germany’s Communist regime for radio broadcasts, Klang picks up on the punk ideas heard in Capture/Release and builds danceable rhythms and sexual angst over the top. Album standout That’s The Reason melds Krautrock-esque synth with guitar girls can dance to, before the excellently titled The Light From Your Mac sees Donohoe playing a droll romantic over a playful bassline. Although The Rakes will never achieve the worldwide success of their peers, screaming to a halt at just under 30 minutes, Klang is an album that boldly grapples for attention. !!!! JACK LANGRIDGE


OH MERCY – In The Nude For Love EP (Casadeldisco Records)
There’s been a lot of foaming at the mouths of critics in pointing out the influence of the ever-beloved Go-Betweens on upcoming Melbourne four-piece Oh Mercy, and on their first wide-release EP, that similarity is certainly apparent. Lyricdriven, lushly intelligent pop that’s so accessible it could have been assembled to a radio-friendly blueprint … and coming from a group of unknown very-youngsters, almost certainly won’t receive the radio support it’s ready for. Yep, that melancholic lilt in too-real songs about pining for older women (In My Stride) and socially awkward kids (Seemed Like A Good Idea) definitely comes from an ear cupped to a bunch of albums with double Ls in their title. But in lead track Lay Everything On Me there’s something else at work here too – something not entirely expected. Sure, it’s piano based like the rest of the EP, but there’s an underlying slinky, sleazy groove, delivered with what sounds like a wicked glint in singer Alexander Gow’s eye. Add flute, bongo and loose jangly guitar to create a Midnight At The Oasis yacht-rock tribute, and the overall result sounds like Messers Forster and McLennan covering the Scissor Sisters in a ‘70s casino at 2am. I never thought I’d have reason to type that last sentence, yet here we are. Oh Mercy immediately grab you by the lapels, and with repeated listens only tighten their grip.

but as a band new to their post, the moves they’re pulling are pretty well spot on the mark. The opening title track starts unceremoniously as general beer garden crowd noise, with a guitar and unexpectedly gruff, mature vocals slowly creeping in behind, before the band kicks in a menacing plod at the two-minute mark, both dark yet jaunty, and reminiscent of ‘90s faves Front End Loader or Blackeyed Susans. Girl is a midtempo rocker that might have been from the Paul Kelly songbook, but for the emphasis on instrumentals over voice. No Man’s Land is an odd one, with an island-roots feel eventually overshadowed by a cavalcade of guitars and horns, like The Devastations pushing the Beautiful Girls off the stage mid-set. Each song has its own treats, and for a self-produced debut record, this is a refreshing triumph. But like our goal-kicking PM pal, Crystal Radios may find it hard to really cement their name in our minds until there’s a definable theme or narrative running through their songs. It’s … the vibe.

pop hallmark – it makes me want to listen to it with a group of besties in the car on a roadtrip, and we all clap along and share knowing goofy smiles that it doesn’t get any better than this. Like Zoolander without the gasoline. Again, I’ve talked it up, and it’s not yet joining Softlightes, The Turtles and Spice Girls on my list of All Time Greatest Pop Songs, but it’s in with a chance.

HILLTOP HOODS – Chase That Feeling (Golden Era Records)
First of all, a warning to those who feel that this column dips far too often into its hack writer’s personal feelings, for this particular review contains nothing but. I find the very premise of the Hilltop Hoods offensive. It’s my opinion that their hugely acclaimed and record-setting The Hard Road album was essentially a collection of tracks documenting a couple of middle class suburban white boys living the bogan’s dream (e.g. What A Great Night) and whining about having been dealt a tough life (e.g. title track). Additionally, while I am far from a hater of MCs using the Australian accent (I frequently speak in it myself ), Suffa and Pressure’s tough guy Aussie inflections often more closely resembled the shoutings out the window of those true blue Aussies who spend their Friday nights doing laps round the industrial estates of Yatala. So it’s with entirely open bias and hesitation with which this partial reviewer listened to the new single, the first release on the Hilltop Hoods own label, Golden Era. Much of what followed was a continuation of where they’ve been before – the elocution lessons down the local league club seem to have continued, while musically, it’s based around piano and strings from the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, as was their Unstrung album. The theme, however, is more tempered, involving grabbing hold of a positive feeling to overcome pain. The first verse tells the story of a girl driven to addiction and desperation, like an updated version of Phil Collins’ Another Day In Paradise, while the other two verses detail how much music helps. Yes, they’re still talking up their unproven underdog status, but there’s less of a victim mentality this time around, making the group less obnoxious. Of course, less for the haters to hate might also mean that there’s less for fans to love, but I think there’s more than enough goodwill to float these boys on for some time.

TELEKINESIS – Telekinesis! (Rogue/Inertia)
Singer with Glasses Part One: One-man band Michael Benjamin Lerner lets the power pop flag fly
Michael Lerner is a Seattle-based musician who creates a satisfying and uplifting style of indie guitar pop. His debut album as Telekinesis is overseen by Death Cab For Cutie’s Chris Walla, who produces, engineers and mixes these tunes. As you may expect, Walla gives the tunes a crisp sheen you can hear in Death Cab’s own more uptempo power pop songs. There’s a startling immediacy to Telekinesis tunes like Tokyo and Look To The East, the latter given added atmospherics by some well-placed ambient synth. They kind of sum up what Lerner does best, namely create impressively crafted three-minute guitar pop songs. Lerner also has some sense of adventure in his music, showing traces of doowop in Awkward Kisser and putting a gentle Elliott Smith feel to Foreign Room, before the fuzzy electric guitars and propulsive pace kick in. At times, he reminds one of another group of pop classicists, The Apples In Stereo, though Lerner’s approach is a tad more grounded than AIS’ more open eccentricity. As you’ve possibly gathered, Telekinesis is not about to change your world, but you’ll find yourself to humming along with a good percentage of these extremely tuneful songs. !!! " MATT THROWER

SARAKULA – Caught In The Middle (Independent)
Hands up who loves pop music. Ok, those of you who didn’t raise their hands, let me clarify. I’m not talking about pop music in general – not sacks of crap like Sandi Thom or Thirsty Merc or Flo Rida. I’m talking about that pop music that despite being repetitively simple and impossibly happy, totally gives you the tingles and grins, like the washer on your endorphin tap is broken, and you can’t stop the feelgood hormone from drip-drip-dripping into your brain. Melodramatic as it is, do you know what I mean? Ok, if your hand’s still not up, we need to talk. There’s little in life as immediately joyous as a really really good pop song, and while we’re all going to have different lists of tunes, it’s something I think you need to have. That’s probably too big an introduction for the first single from Sydney piano boy Sarakula, but Caught In The Middle does have some of the tell-tale elements of excellent pop. First of all, it’s mega upbeat and catchy in a similar Queen-inspired vein to Mika, though with less of a dance beat, and more live band including horns. Second of all, yes it’s a love song, but like most of the best pop songs it’s not lovey-lovey-smoochsmooch, but about how his relationship is in trouble. Third and final of all, (and I’m opening my soul to you here) it has that classic

BERTIE BLACKMAN – Secrets And Lies (Forum 5/MGM)
Sydney singer-songwriter opens herself up to some new sounds
In the space of three albums, Bertie Blackman has taken re-invention to new levels. First, there was the acoustic album in 2004. Then unruly electric guitars leapt into the fray for the follow-up in 2006. And now, for the third album, though a big guitar sound still surges through these 13 tracks, it’s the electronic effects that provide the defining elements. She’s aided in this by the production, mostly by Lee Groves (Goldfrapp, Gwen Stefani) but with Francois Tetaz (Goyte, Architecture In Helsinki) too. The other key ingredient is bassist/keyboardist Neal Sutherland, who also co-wrote most of the songs. That combination creates the odd resonance, from Gary Numan nods in Black Cats to Ladytron-like retro-futurism in Byrds Of Prey, reaching a peak in digital connections with darkly skitterish Baby Teeth. More often, though, it’s a matter of atmosphere, whether it’s an echoey lift to strings in opener Sky Is Falling, the grey shadings in Town Of Sorrow, or the mirage shimmer of Valentine. But it’s Blackman’s voice that really grabs your attention. Others have made the (unfair) link to the likes of PJ Harvey and Björk, but Blackman isn’t so easily pinned down, nimble enough to go from sultry to silky to sassy to seductive to soulful to serene, almost in the time it takes to say that. Is it too early to ask where she might take us next? !!!! BILL HOLDSWORTH

CRYSTAL RADIOS – Be My Guest EP (Jarsonic Records)
Some people start out more impressively than others. Look at everyone’s favourite national leader, the $900 Man, Kruddy. Awesome hair for a start. This is a dude who started out as our main man on a dream run – apologising here, ratifying there, not being a total c*nt everywhere… He was pulling the right moves every which way. However, after a while, commentators started wanting more. It wasn’t enough that Kev was making a good fist of things as they came up – we wanted to be able to see the bigger picture he was working towards. He needed, we were told, a ‘narrative’. (Here comes the segue). Crystal Radios are in much the same situation. Granted, the decisions made by this shiny new local fourpiece on their debut EP aren’t going to have quite the same effect on future generations,

CASPA – Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening! (Fabric/Inertia)
Who: At one end of f the London dubstep spectrum are the tracks we hear on the Internet, all sublimely melancholic. At the other end are club bangers, which is Caspa. More yobstep than blogstep. What: The Terminator begins atmospherically, summoning visions of a sci-fi wasteland or at least the soundtrack of a movie set in one like its namesake, before suddenly a Cockney voice shouts, “Hold tight, rudeboy!” and then what Simon Reynolds accurately calls “robotic quacking” kicks in over the top of thumping, lowend bass. Lon-Don City features someone called Uncle Sam drenching it in that cosmetic autotune the kids like so much and Riot Powder is an ode to gak, both of them over strikingly simplistic, almost primitive beats. When he steps outside his genre ghetto the results aren’t inspired either. Back To ’93 is formulaic jungle and the saxophone added to Victoria’s Secret sounds incredibly cheesy. Well: Sometimes, like in Rat-Tat-Tat (featuring Dynamite MC) the effect of all that wobble bass is hypnotic, but at other times it’s just boring. !!

J DILLA – Dillanthology 1 (Rapster)
Who: Since his 2006 death producer J Dilla has enjoyed multiple posthumous s releases. Where the others are all about the rare and remixed, this is the first volume of a best-of. What: Dillanthology begins with an early production for The Pharcyde. Runnin’ shows off his downbeat, jazz-influenced style with quiet saxophone and crackling like you can hear the pot haze in the studio. Most of the album draws from ’90s material like this, showing Dilla working with a variety of rappers. He knows when to drop back and leave negative space, like he does for De La Soul in Stakes Is High, and he can make Busta Rhymes sound like he fits next to The Roots. Hip Hop Quotables is the first track to move away from jazz, upping the bass and complexity that heralds the warped, stretched and bent sound of Drop. It ends with a couple of less famous tracks, an Amp Fiddler song I didn’t know he worked on and Steve Spacek’s Dolla, which repeats a split-second vocal sample a bit too long. Well: This isn’t worth it for dedicated fans who already have most of these, but it’s an excellent gateway drug. !!!!

FERGUS BROWN – Burgers Frown (Juicy Turnip/MGM)
Singer with Glasses Part Two: Sydney singer/songwriter impresses with diverse debut album
The possibility that Sydney’s Fergus Brown may contain a degree of self-deprecation is evident within his debut album’s title, a schoolyard play on his own name. Titles like Nerds In Love and Shower Me With Pity add to possible Walter The Softy accusations, but Brown goes on to prove himself a versatile and quietly powerful songwriter. At times he sounds like Elton John if Reg never found the flamboyance, but kept writing heart-wrenching piano pop songs dressed in a uniform of tweed caps and sensible sweaters. At others, his tunes shimmer like Go-Betweens at their more atmospheric. But the possible radio magnet is opening track Nerds In Love, and despite its undeniably sensitive side, the song has a winning guitar pop charge. Burger’s Frown is an assured and ambitious record, while keeping Brown’s frequently airy melodies at centre stage. Whether you discover an indie Woody Allen in this bespectacled troubadour, or simply a talented and diverse songwriter, there’s much to enjoy in Brown’s smile-raising Frown. !!! " MATT THROWER

VARIOUS ARTISTS – The Revolution Present Revolution (Rapster)
Who: A band of varied Cuban musicians working with UK/US producers including Norman Cook (Fatboy Slim), Rich File (UNKLE), Marius De Vries (Björk, Massive Attack), Poet Name Life (Black Eyed Peas) and Guy Sigsworth (Madonna, Britney Spears). What: The amount of Cuban influence varies quite a lot. Norman Cook’s Shelter features Lateef The Truth Speaker on vocals and it sounds like typical Lateef. Rich File’s contributions sound more like lateperiod Radiohead than the Cuban mix of African and Spanish sounds. They’re not bad, but they sound like someone missing the point. On the mark are songs like Poet Name Life’s contribution 14ME (who’d have though he’d give a song a silly name?) which combines Cuban rap with bongos, and Yellow Moon, which marries Roisin Murphy to a Latin rhythm. Well: Ignore Sigsworth’s slick world pop with its lyrics worthy of Eurovision entrants who are confused about English (“UFOs are landing in Havana!” goes one chorus) and there’s a lot to like about this non-violent revolution. !!!!

THE RAKES – Klang (V2/Shock)
London art-rockers return with album girls will dance to
At the end of 2005’s Capture/Release and 2007’s Ten New Messages from London artrock quartet The Rakes, frontman Alan Donohoe could usually be found propped up at the bar, a sullen look of boredom stamped on his face. While the singer had reason to drown his sorrows on the back of their mediocre second album, Donohoe has since come round to join the party again. With their third album Klang, we find both singer and band making a beeline for the dancefloor. The sexually charged lyrics of songs like You’re In It and Shackleton




resides in the same stable as John Butler, Pete Murray and The Beautiful Girls. There are times when they lose their way and identity, but with songs like Flowers And Weeds, featuring one almighty reverb-drenched chorus, there’s more than enough to make up for the flaws. And did I mention the Bruce Springsteen-like harmonica work on Rolling Green Hills? Very nice indeed. Featuring just enough creativity to stand on their own two feet while tipping their hat to what came before, this is a very encouraging introduction to what this group is all about. LINDSEY CUTHBERTSON

EXTRA LIFE – Secular Works (Loaf)
Brutal, classical, post- ... punk? Sweet progressive sounds from New York
First things first: this is a deep, dark, tremendous record. Extra Life is fixed around guitarist and vocalist Charlie Looker, formerly of Zs and Dirty Projectors (coincidentally his vocal style is very similar to that of Dirty Projectors’ David Longstreth). There’s a distinctly European, medieval tone to his very intricate arrangements, and Looker proves himself as a learned student of composition throughout. The production is superb. The guitars are unbelievably penetrating, the drums are deliberate and powerful, and Looker’s voice cuts through the din like a knife. There aren’t swathes of noise or distortion but instead an incredible tapestry of complex guitar lines and purposeful repetition. The flourishes of strings are barely noticeable at first, but on repeat listens it becomes clear how much they contribute to the structure of particular tracks. See You At The Show goes through some intriguing phases and finale Bled White relies on Looker’s unique vocals, but the two standouts here are undoubtedly the two ten-minute tracks in its centre, I’ll Burn and This Time. The latter is simply a devastating track second for second, and sums up the album quite efficiently; nihilistic, destructive, but entirely captivating. Highly recommended. MICHAEL PINCOTT

STIMULATOR – Stimulator 2 (Dead Famous/MGM)
Stimulator 2 coming to you soon – and we’re not talking Ruddbucks
A modern band that makes the cheesiest, most blissfully outdated cruise ship music this side of The Beach Boys’ dreadful Kokomo? Yes, it’s possible – and even more so, hilariously-named Stimulator prove to be … kinda fun in a perverse, ‘80s-tragic way. Fronted by former Pillbox member/ MP3TV VJ Susan Hyatt and featuring among others ex-Faster Pussycat drummer Chad Stewart, the LA band’s self-professed mission is sharing the feel of things like “country clubs, yachts on a marina in Cannes, bluebirds, champagne, a box of Swiss chocolates, your prized romantic novel, dancing with strappy vintage disco heels” with the listener – yet the album feels like an instant red liquorice/mango daiquiri OD, depending on your liking. Accordingly, guileless escapism and “eternal vacation” are the main lyrical themes explored throughout, yet stylistically, Stimulator make Duran Duran (who they previously toured with) sound like Brian Eno-era Roxy Music. Gloriously daft Holiday summons disturbing images of painfully loud Hawaiian shirts and white slacks while In Fashion and single Gentlemen Prefer Polaroids are anything but tasteful nods to respectively David Bowie and Japan. Arr, me boaties! The cover alone deserves a review, so ridiculously tacky it is, star-shooting glitterball, pink font and all. As Mugatu yelled at the terrified Zoolander in the movie’s ‘mind-programming’ scene – “BAAAAAAD!” DENIS SEMCHENKO



(pictured) have been busy in the The UK’s Simian Mobile Disco s that they’re about ready the last year or so, and it seem studio for net rumours can shiny new album in tow. If inter to emerge with a porary coming release will be called Tem be believed, the duo’s forth high-profile guest vocalists. Gruff very Pleasure, and will feature some m s his voice to opening track Crea Rhys of Super Furry Animals lend called Gruel Intenip’s Beth Ditto sings on a song Dream, while Goss Alexis Off The Map, while Hot Chip’s tions. Jamie Lidell features on a rack album closes with Pinball, Taylor is on Bad Blood. The ten-t athe. Young Fathers and group Telep collaboration with indie electro . for more news on this one soon Chris Keating also feature. Look




KITSUNÉ GET READY FOR NEW COMPILATION More details of Kitsuné’s forthcoming Maison 7 compilation have been released, and the early indication is that it’s going to be another cracker. Maison 6 was called The Melodic One, as it showcased the pop side of the dance-based label; number 7 is The Lucky One, as one lucky purchaser will receive a year of Kitsuné music for free. The album comes in at a generous 19 tracks, with a number of highlights. Phoenix’s new single, Lisztomania, gets a sun-dappled, ‘80s workout from LA’s Classixxx, and Lifelike remix La Roux’s storming In For The Kill. Beni, Chateau Marmont, and Heartsrevolution – whose own debut album is due out in September – also feature. Maison 7 also features The Golden Filter, an upcoming New York disco crew whose Italo-tinged track Favourite Things is all about ‘coffee, sugar, ice cream, vintage dresses, kittens, rabbits, Paris, nice girls, cute boys’. Twee much?

electro birthday party featuring Ajax, Minx and The Stafford Brothers.

FRIDAY MAY 15 ! Back from his London crash pad (can you tell I watch the Lifestyle Channel?) Anjunabeats-signed ex-pat prog-trancer Jaytech will hyphenate a lot less as he does his thing at Planet, supported by Kardon, Cosmo Cater, Dan Burke, Maco, DJ Stone, Nadz85, Italesta, DJ Brooklyn, Wadza and Rollo. ! Fellow Berliners Jesse Rose and Oliver $ are in at GPO for a night of house-laden debauchery, with a long list of talent in support: Jordan Naumov, Van Miert, Killafornia, Knickers, Dominic James, JC-Edit, Binibee, Youth, Ju-That, LMAC and Lee Hamilton. ! DFA teamster Jacques Renault and UK’s Outlaws bring their A-game to Empire, as well as Mike Redfern & Fergus, Tim Fuchs, Wolfgang DJs, Ladyboy, Sampology, We Are You, Charlie Why, Christopher Robin and Schalkie. ! Parisian heavyweight Don Rimini plays Monastery, with Danny T Vs Habebe, Killafornia Vs Jmac, Fingajigg and Harry Adikt. SATURDAY MAY 16 ! More massive progressive house this weekend! In from the UK, Paolo Mojo takes over the Family main room, with Israeli Guy J playing upstairs at Uncle, with support from residents. ! For hip cats down the coast your choice is Elsewhere, with DJ Khris and Ben Abrahams giving some prog, tribal and acid house a thrash on the decks. SUNDAY MAY 17 ! You most likely will be stuffed for work on Monday, because the absolute, hands-down, must-see of the week is the first ever Brisbane appearance of Argentinean prog legend Hernan Cattaneo at Family - upstairs in Uncle, while all the Fluffy madness happens in the main room. Supporting this special set will be Rich Curtis, Kris-Ko, Cosmo Cater, Mag00 and Fergus Alexander. COMING UP ! With fresh beats secured, Zombie Disco Squad now look for fresh brains when they play Empire on Thursday May 21. ! Guess what? The Potbelleez will be back for a full show at The Met on Friday May 22. ! In honour of the album launch, TyDi gets a fivehour haul at Family on Friday May 22. ! Davy Jones’ Morass features Sydneysider Farj at Step Inn on Saturday May 23. ! Transmission with Headhunterz, Wildstylez and more hits Planet on Friday May 29. ! Ehsan Gelsi plays the next Ulterior party Empire on Friday May 29. ! The last Pharmacy party features Derb, A*S*Y*S, Kutski, Mr Sam and Hellraiser, catch it at Family on Friday May 29. ! Laidback Luke, Hijack, Popof and Justin Martin are all at Family on Saturday May 30. ! Tickets for Armin van Buuren and Matthew Dekay at The Met are apparently close to sold, so get in quick if you haven’t already – it goes down on Thursday Jun 4. ! The next instalment of Liquid Sessions is at Alhambra on Friday Jun 5. ! Ambient drum & bass crew Pitch Black plays Step Inn on Saturday Jun 6. ! Tickets are still available for The Presets and Van She at Gold Coast Convention Centre on Saturday Jun 6. ! Ladytron will perform at Hi-Fi on Saturday Jun 7. ! The boys are back in town – Kazu Kimura and Rohmel Johan play BarSoma on Saturday Jun 13.
DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890

ALEX LINDSEY JONES – If She Knew (Explode Entertainment) BEATEN BY THEM – Signs Of Life (Logicpole/AmpHead)
A meltin pot of ideas, sure, but a cast sculpture? No Beaten By Them play slow-burning post-rock that climaxes in spectacular fashion. The San Francisco/Melbourne five-piece mix standard rock instrumentation with cello and DJ to create a wide palette of sounds. These are built upon as the songs mince forwards, loosely mimicking the loud-soft pattern synonymous with the genre. Where the band bring freshness is in the dynamics, as volumes shift dramatically between sections and motifs. Introduced guitars stick out especially, though perhaps unintentionally. The music is busy at times, and though it never detracts from the songs, it doesn’t add much either. Verge is an exception, though worse for it. The mundane guitar pattern is repeated for three long minutes before the drums kick in, and meander along for another minute. The song then changes character altogether, adopting a funky indie rock riff and a fairly ordinary attempt at rapping about being on the edge. Yangtze is more straight-forward post-rock, and really quite pretty, though nothing mind-blowing. That’s telling, Beaten Have Them have some great ideas, but the songwriting lets them down. The record is replete with interesting parts, but the songs never transcend them. There’s good times here for postrock fans looking for inspiration, but not enough composition for the rest of us. JAKEB SMITH

Sydney singer-songwriter releases four-year labour of love
I’m not going to lie: I originally picked this album up from the Rave office mainly because of the fact that this singer-songwriter is the first male besides Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham who has their name spelt the same as me. Recorded over a fouryear period after Jones’ musical travels took him to the UK and back, If She Knew has just enough abrasive sheen to keep this collection of pop rock songs standing outside the box. Jones’ main arsenal is his unique, raspy voice – like a male equivalent of Renee Geyer. It drives songs like lead single Your Love Is Amazing and the contemplative Saint in a way that leaves Jones’ individuality lingering all over the otherwise by-the-numbers songwriting. And therein lies the struggle for If She Knew: an otherwise stereotypical album of lovesick pining kept together by an artist with enough character to help it stand on its own. LINDSEY CUTHBERTSON

BAT FOR LASHES GETS REMIXED One of the most fantastic, low profile releases of the year so far has been Two Suns, the second album from UK singer songwriter Bat For Lashes (pictured). Lashes, real name Natasha Khan, specialises in shivering, ghostly acoustic pop, tinged with the occasional bit of electro, as on her spine-tinglingly good single, Daniel. If you haven’t heard the track yet, check it out, but if you’re a fan, you might want to get your hands on an extremely limited edition 12-inch version, containing two brand new remixes. The first comes courtesy of Duke Dumont, who speeds up the vocals and swaps out the electro touches for skittering, blippy dubstep, while the second is a more straightforward (but still excellent) indie dance floor version from Death Metal Disco Scene. NO LOVE LOST BETWEEN LIFELIKE AND MENACE It seems that former production partners Lifelike & Kris Menace won’t be working together again anytime soon – the Franco-German pair, who collaborated on the 2005 hit Discopolis, allegedly fell out over ownership of a sample. In a recent, angry blog entry, Lifelike ranted about Menace’s track Metropolis, which uses a sample that he himself had set aside to use in a future track of his own. “I sent him this sample after Discopolis as an idea for a new track, but he wasn’t interested in doing it,” Lifelike said. “Hopefully this ‘Metropolis’ sounds like a bad German ‘90s trance anthem for a commercial advert for a beer.” He went on to rename Menace’s new track ‘Assholeopolis’. The question is – what will be the next lame feud of 2009? Here’s hoping for a belated spat between Benny Benassi and ‘The Biz’.

DEEKLINE AND WIZARD – Back Up, Coming Through (Against The Grain/Shock)
Dance music where the words matter
Deekline And Wizard are the production duo responsible for Breaks, Beats And Blondes. From the opening blast of scat and bouncy piano it’s plain that Back Up, Coming Through is less about sexy breakbeat and more about the funk. It’s still dance music, but with live drums mixed in on a few tracks and a strong emphasis on the vocals – so strong that they only once do that lazy endless repeat-the-hook thing. The songs are united by the nearly ubiquitous vocals of soulstress Yolanda, though other vocalists make appearances as well. Yo! Majesty add lesbian booty-rap to Show Me What You Do and DJ Assault adds wit to hip hop track, Make A Living: “You young and I’m an MC / so let’s bust a move.” As well as live funk instrumentation, songs like Baila Baila make canny use of big, dramatic strings and WOM WOM WOM. Recommended. JODY MACGREGOR

ISAAC PADDON & THE TIDES – Where We Once Stood (Tidal Records)
Acoustic reggae-roots group tick most of the boxes on their second album
Isaac Paddon & The Tides have been slowly carving themselves a positive reputation up and down the North Coast of New South Wales and South East Queensland. Paddon and company retreated to the small town of Bilambil to record Where We Once Stood in the town hall, and the intimate setting can be found all over this record. Paddon’s songwriting


WEDNESDAY MAY 13 ! Byron Bay institution LaLaLand is nine years old, would you believe? They celebrate tonight with a big


Jurassic 5 MC with the Chali 2na (pictured), the , has your speakers tremble voice so deep it makes his solo album. ced a release date for finally announ but n in the works for years, Fish Outta Water has bee feaTuesday Jun 23. It will on we can finally expect it Elzhi, ib Kweli, Beenie Man, ture guests including Tal and Stephen both Damian Marley Choklate and n , Lock Shit Down, has bee Marley. The Kweli feature impressive first taste. an leaked already and it’s




I stick to the point like whale blubber to harpoons. – Ozi Batla, Dishing Dirt ! Kottonmouth Kings (pictured) play the The Coolangatta Hotel on Thursday May 14 and The Hi Fi, West End, on Friday May 15, supported by Sen Dog featuring Cypress Hill. Wonder what exactly that ‘featuring’ means? ! Low Budget launch their album Laserdisc at Über with Eloquence And Truths, Surecut Kids, DJ Bacon and Sol Doubt on Friday May 15. ! For the kids and kids at heart, Yo Gabba Gabba! play the Brisbane Convention Centre on Friday May 22 and Saturday May 23. ! Motley plays The Sands Tavern on Friday May 29 a and The Step Inn on Saturday May 30. ! Post-punk laptop rapper MC Lars brings his new album This Gigantic Robot Kills to Thriller at Rosie’s on Saturday May 30. Support by the Wherewolves. ! In association with the Red Bull Music A Academy, Blu & Exile supported by Blunt Ins strument play Alhambra on Thursday Jun 11. ! DJ Dexter (formerly of The Avalanches) at E Empire on Saturday Jun 13. ! Bliss N Eso with Pez feat 360 & DJ Mattik an Diafrix at The Tivoli on Friday Jun 19. and ! Astronomy Class, supported by Thundamentals and Sir Robbo, hosted by The Tongue, at The Step Inn on Friday Jun 19, the Woombye Pub (Sunshine Coast) on Saturday Jun 20 and the Great Northern (Byron Bay) on Sunday Jun 21. ! Muph & Plutonic at The Hi Fi on Saturday Jun 27. ! On his first tour in Australia, Ghostface Killah comes to The Step Inn on Sunday Jun 28. Supports are Lazy Grey with 750 Rebels. ! Funkoars are on their Malfunction Tour with Phrase and Vents, coming to The Zoo on Saturday Jul 18. ! Bass Kleph & Stellar MC at Family on Saturday Jul 25.

RETURN OF THE LIVING STREETS Just in time for everybody to be really sick of hearing about Susan Boyle and her performance on Britain’s Got Talent, Mike Skinner of The Streets has sampled her and chucked some generic doof-doof underneath it. If that sounds like your sort of thing have a search for Skinner’s latest mp3 mix, skinimix 8. He’s also got a new song on YouTube called He’s Behind You, He’s Got Swine Flu, in which he raps about the coughing pig death over footage from zombie movies. He’s classy, our Mike. SMELL LIKE NELLY Nelly is branching out from rap and clothing lines to launch his own perfume. Apple Bottoms By Nelly Eau De Parfum is apparently, ‘infused with a burst of citrus and a subtle pink peony note. There’s also rose and coconut as floral layers, resulting in a sensual, feminine base of the fragrance. Sandalwood, golden amber, velvet musk, and a soft hint of apple blossoms creates the heady signature scent that lingers on the skin.’ IN BRIEF ! The video for the new Hilltop Hoods (pictured) single, Chase That Feeling, can be seen at www. youtube.com/hilltophoods. It’s another video about escaping the drudgery of office life, though this time with circus people and probably a bigger budget than any other Australian hip hop video. ! If you’re bored with the Wu-Tang Clan album covers that pop up when you listen to your mp3s, check out www.flickr. com/photos/loganmills for some awesomely oldfashioned alternate covers you can download. ! Here’s a collaboration you might not have been expecting: hippie garage punks Black Lips have got GZA to deliver a verse on a new version of their song Drop I Hold for an iTunes EP. ! The Cool Kids have a new mixtape called Gone Fishing available from coolxkids.com. ! Melbourne MC Illy’s new album Long Story Short, with guest appearances from Phrase, N’fa, Spit Syndicate and Pegz, comes out on Saturday. ! Kanye West and Malik Yusef’s themed day and night double album G.O.O.D. Morning, G.O.O.D. Night comes out Saturday Jun 6. ! De La Soul have recorded the latest in the Nike+ series of 45-minute mixes for jogging to.


A lot of new releases out at the moment, so at least now you have something to spend all those Rudd dollars on … if you have any of it left. It’s kind of asking how quickly you can spend $900 if you really put your mind to it. Next show you go to, be on the lookout for new guitars, amps, pedals the lot. Nothing makes you spend more money then being in a band. Send all your leftover cash and band info to paulvoge@yahoo.com.au



! Rumors have been circulating of a new Parkway Drive (pictured) tour in August; by the time you read this it may already be confirmed. If the rumours are true expect to see Parkway Drive touring with August Burns Red and Architects, tickets should be on sale soon … if all comes true. ! As expected Drunk & Disorderly tickets are selling fast. The tour features The Amity Affliction, Deez Nuts and more. ! Bridge Nine band Cruel Hand are heading our way soon as part of the 10th Hardcore Festival in Sydney. Their debut full-length Without A Pulse began to turn heads in the hardcore, punk and metal scenes in 2007. The former Outbreak side-project band released one of the hardest records of 2008 with Prying Eyes, and now Brisbane has a chance to catch them on their first trip to Australia. Cruel Hand play The Princess Theatre on Jul 8 and on Jul 9 at Byron’s Youth Activities Centre.

! A Wilhelm Scream are working on a brand new EP and a full-length album – both hoped to be out before the end of 2009. If their last release Career Suicide from 2007 is anything to go by, then this will be worth the wait. ! Metalheads The Red Chord are currently working on a new album with ex-guitarist Jonny Fay at his Backyard Studios. Looks like it will be out on Metal Blade, just like their 2007 release Prey For Eyes. ! In kind of weird news, Alexisonfire have signed to Roadrunner Records; must have been a sweet cash deal for them. Roadrunner Records will release their forthcoming fourth album, Old Crows / Young Cardinals in June 2009 … maybe they will tour with Slipknot soon! ! The Red Shore have released a new album called Lost Verses, featuring old reworked tracks. ! Good news for people like me: Circa Survive are currently writing new material for what will hopefully be a 2009 release. ! Blink 182 have started writing new material for their brand new album. The untitled long player will not be out before they start their US reunion tour later this year, but we will keep you updated. ! New album from The Devil Wears Prada has just dropped in stores. It is titled With The Roots Above & Branches Below. ! The rumour mill is working overtime this week with news that the new album from Brand New is scheduled for a Jun 23 release date. ! After putting out a double album last year was not enough, Say Anything have a new album due later this year. ! The War’s new EP Confront is finally in stores. They have some new Brisbane shows coming up soon.


Send gig listings and hate mail to hiphop@ravemagazine.com.au.


ASTRONOMY CLASS – Pursuit Of Happiness (Elefant Traks)
No, nothing to do with the Will Smith movie

Astronomy Class consists of MC Ozi Batla from The Herd and producers Sir Robbo and Chasm (whose album Beyond The Beat Tape impressed). That’s a line-up that suggests quality and it doesn’t mislead. If you were expecting that an album featuring one of the guys from The Herd wouldn’t involve any politics you would be mistaken – awesomely mistaken. War Of The Worlds, one of several tracks featuring smart-alec The Tongue, combines sci-fi references with anti-war sentiment. There’s also a lot of cynicism about the music industry on display in tracks like Dishing Dirt and Blood Transfusion as well as the excellent Award Show, which narrates the dull awfulness of the ARIAs and associated afterparties with hilarious venom (also, they were totally robbed). Another highlight is the fanfuckingtastic Pull The Track Up, which shines the bright, unblinking spotlight of arseholery on the guys who ruin hip hop gigs by being poster-boys for testosterone poisoning. Batla’s self-deprecating enough to admit that he made some wack shit in his early days right off the bat in track one, but he’s come a long way since then and wack shit this certainly isn’t. JODY MACGREGOR !!!!

! This Saturday make sure you head to Fat Louie’s for a Th make sure you head Fat Louie’s for r o Louie’s 4ZzZ Punk Show benefit gig featuring The Gift Horse (pictured), Stolen Bikes Ride Faster, Lookout Mountain, Measured By Minutes, Light Sleeper and The Dumpers. The show is free so you really should all be there. ! Thursday May 14 upstairs at The Jubilee Hotel catch Eleventh He Reaches London, Quiet Steps, King Of Red Lions, To The North and Soars. ! Earth Crisis tickets are finally on sale. This tour, as mentioned weeks ago, will have the reunited Day Of Contempt on all shows. Do you really need another reason to go?

! Every Time I Die (pictured) recently begun recording their new album with producer Steve Evetts, who did their last effort The Big Dirty. Singer Keith Buckley has said the album is fast and heavy and a legit punk record. Hopefully we will get to decide for ourselves soon. ! 88 Fingers Louie are doing reunion show in Chicago soon, so send all your Kevin Rudd cash to me so I can fly over and see this shit! ! New Gallows album is now in all good record stores. It is a little different to their debut, but still true to what the Gallows are all about. It is titled Grey Britain. ! Bad Brains have announced a heap of dates that see them all over the world, but sadly there are no Australian dates … yet? ! Straight edge, hardcore/metal band Until The End are planning a reunion show for later in the year.

! Melbourne punks Daysworth Fighting have called it a day and will play a final show down south in a few months. Their last release was Hold Fast, which came out last September on Poison City Records. ! Liferuiner seem to always have something going wrong … they just lost their vocalist and guitar player.


THE LIVING END / GYROSCOPE / TAME IMPALA The Riverstage Fri May 1 From what I get to hear of tonight’s openers, Tame Impala, I am quite impressed. They manage to give justice to the hype surrounding them, with their strong yet not overpowering sound proving to be a fantastic entrée of what is yet to come. Perth’s Gyroscope have had time out from touring recently, to concentrate on the writing of their next album. And it shows at first, but with each song they pump out (including an awesome cover of Beds Are Burning mixed into the bridge of their hit Fast Girl), the kinks are quickly ironed out into an almost solid set. The crowd is now swollen from the foot of the stage to the hill and it is an odd sight to see eight year-old children accompanying their parents to tonight’s show, but that’s the joy of all ages gigs, isn’t it? Headliners The Living End seem to think so, because they launch into their set with ferocity. Chris Cheney is riffing furiously, Scott Owen is twirling his stand up bass like a baton and Andy Strachan’s epic drumming has the energy of songs like Who’s Gonna Save Us? and Prisoner Of Society at unbelievable levels. At times, their improvised jamming is almost better than their penned songs, proving just how talented this Melbourne trio are. The crowd is going off, the call and response of Second Solution sending reverberations across the Brisbane River. The atmosphere is warm and friendly, the bands are on song, the crowd is lapping it up, and this reviewer finds himself walking away with a whole lot of happiness stuffed inside his back pocket. LINDSEY CUTHBERTSON


the massive queue snaking down Boundary Street as a success. A sell-out gig at any new venue in Brisbane is promising, even one that already has the confidence and branding of practically being an institution in Melbourne. A name like Felicity Groom conjures up mental images of a Dickensian Gothic, so it’s a surprise to see the sundressadorned Groom abounding with smiles on stage alongside her lead guitarist Andrew Ryan from The Black Black Smoke. Her dry and gloomy acoustic ballads are not easily swallowed by the crowd, but her sheer spirit ensures a positive response. You just don’t see enough autoharp being played these days. Melbourne’s Oh Mercy begin their set by paying tribute to the town that fostered The Go-Betweens, but the notes that spill out of their instruments provide much greater praise, evidencing the lasting influence of Forster & McLennan. It’s jangly, bright and shiny pop, with three part harmonies that are again all too rare in 2009. I wonder if the Steele parents keep tabs on which of their offspring are faring better in the Australia music scene … because after tonight’s performance, compared to Luke Steele’s attempts at being in the world’s most obvious MGMT tribute band (oh come on, we were all thinking it), Katy must be charging ahead with Little Birdy. Every song is met with hysteric applause from a predominantly female crowd, from the barre chord rock of Come On Come On to the charming Beautiful To Me, tonight presented in its original form with Katy on vocals and acoustic guitar, supported by a drum track. Even sneaking in their rendition of Six Months In A Leaky Boat into the encore, if their new album performs half as well as the band did tonight, they’ll be made in the shade. MITCH ALEXANDER

THE GRATES / CHILDREN COLLIDE / DZ The Hi-Fi Fri May 1 The Hi Fi are to be commended for getting support bands on at a decent time, but this means I miss DZ while looking for a park. I’m sorry DZ but: West End. They’re also to be commended for clear sound and a lack of electric shocks for Children Collide, who suffered both the last time they played. Opening with We Are Amphibious, they race through their set at lightning speed although maybe it feels that way because they’re so damn good. Highlights include Cannibal, Farewell Rocketship and frontman Johnny borrowing a pinwheel hat from someone in the crowd. Carve Your Name is The Grates’opening salvo. They’ve done the stage up with cactus and Patience Hodgson is dressed as a cowgirl complete with country dance moves. I’ve only seen The Grates at The Arena before, so this is the first time I’ve been able to actually hear them as well as enjoy Hodgson’s energetic stage presence. During Milk Eyes she does the hand movements with spirit fingers; later she climbs onto a patron’s shoulders for a song. Alana Skyring and John Patterson are indeed Hodgson’s left and right arms and the mysterious keyboardist/banjo player is some kind of non-vital but incredibly useful third appendage. The crowd is involved and extremely vocal. When it’s time for Burn Bridges everyone claps along and Hodgson’s howl is intense enough to sandblast all your worries away. Johnny Collide joins them for their encore, singing the Tim Fite part from Not Today, still wearing the hat. Nice one, The Grates and Children Collide, nice one, The Hi Fi – especially for keeping glassies circulating so the empties didn’t pile up too much – but to the girl snogging her way to the front, I hope you catch the coughing pig death. JODY MACGREGOR KATE MILLER-HEIDKE / END OF FASHION / MADELEINE PAGE The Hi-Fi Bar Sat May 2 Madeleine Page and her backing singer/guitarist sing pretty melodies, but since they’re one of those stealth support acts you only find out on the night are going to delay the bands you actually want to see, it takes me half their set to get over the seething resentment and realise how good they are. “Everybody should stand up!” End Of Fashion say to the people sitting on the steps in the middle of the floor, earning the ire of the short people who aren’t at the front. End Of Fashion crib pretty blatantly from bands like You Am I, who cribbed a fair bit from The Who themselves. But who cares? This kind of pre-chewed rock is perfect for the kids – everybody had to be spoon-fed once upon a time. If I had a little sister I would totally buy her their album and point out how hot the bass player is. They finish with Fussy, which is a genuinely great song even without rationalisation. One of her early songs, In And Out, kicks off Kate Miller-Heidke’s set. It’s a sign that tonight, probably the last chance we’ll have to see her this year, is going to be a crowd-pleaser for the fans. Several obscurities pop up, like The Day After Christmas (which gives Keir Nuttall a chance to show off his guitar chops) and a song about being a stalker that only seems to get aired live. There’s also the debut of a brand-new song about what happens when an evil ex-boyfriend tries to get in touch via Facebook, which is hilarious. All of the big numbers are here as well of course, including a huge singalong for award-winner Caught In The Crowd and an even bigger one for her trademark encore showstopper cover of You’re The Voice. JODY MACGREGOR CAXTON STREET SEAFOOD & WINE FESTIVAL: KRAM / ROGERTHAT / THE WINNIE COOPERS Caxton Street Sun May 3 The day has only just begun and there’s a guy being dragged out already – the cops pause to pull up his pants because God forbid he loses his dignity while being manhandled away, fall-down drunk in the middle of the afternoon, by five policemen. With that signal it’s time for The Winnie Coopers on the Hale Street Stage. In honour of the occasion they perform Bring

head projector often finds Quan’s shadow dominating the back screen. Between their lacklustre Regurgitator support slot a year ago and tonight, Ratatat’s live show has improved out of sight. It’s like watching a completely different band. This one has learned how to bait the audience toward the consistently satisfying climax inevitably reached by each of their wordless electronic creations. The pair proverbially stroll in with LP3 opener Shiller, pick up a light jog through Classics tracks Lex and Loud Pipes and sprint once they hit crowd favourite Wildcat. Central to our enjoyment is Evan Mast and Mike Stroud’s insistence to play the majority of non-percussion parts; dexterity is required to nail their trademark eerie pitch-shifted guitar tone and complex basslines. The shadow of Stroud’s best guitar hero stance is occasionally projected onto the equal-parts creepy/hilarious video montages of ABBA, Arnie and the appropriately ornithological-themed Bird Priest. Shempi draws the curtain on what’s been a fantastic hour; Seventeen Years during the encore is almost superfluous to the peerless set they’ve turned in tonight. ANDREW MCMILLEN

The Flavour among their danceable, easygoing hip hop set. Volunteers from the audience help out later on the na na nas, which is a good choice for easy-toremember lyrics. Get Up has the crowd getting down, but the highlight is Laptop with Young Tubs on keytar looking like he’s about to weep at the sad story of how he lost both his girl and his computer. Then he achieves catharsis via keytar-solo therapy and all is right with the world again. They finish by hauling some girls out of the crowd to dance with them while Eloquence hits the bongos and security hustles some overeager dudes off the stage. There’s a theory that Albert Einstein’s hair was responsible for the genius of his ideas; if only you could grow hair like that you too could be a brilliant physicist. If that’s true I suspect that Rogerthat’s beards perform a similar function, acting as some kind of vital inspiration for their propulsive psychedelic rock. They’re on the Petrie Terrace Stage after the sun goes down and as they play the stars fall from the sky and we feel the love inside, at least according to vocalist Jesse Bailey, and he and his beard would know. Back at the Hale Street Stage is the first solo gig in Brisbane for headlining performer Kram – who I am required by law to tell you is the drummer from Spiderbait in case you didn’t know. It’s a pretty auspicious debut, with Kram singing from behind the drum kit as his two guitarists belt out the blues rock. One of them switches to bass while Kram grabs a guitar and then harmonica, just to show off how multi-talented he is. Mid-set he takes to the front of the stage on his own with an acoustic guitar for a few gentler numbers, which unfortunately loses the attention of a chunk of the restless and boozy crowd. That’s a shame, because his cover of the Ramones’ Blitzkrieg Bop goes beyond the ironic ha-ha value of taking its punky blast and turning it into a country-esque acoustic ballad and instead betrays a genuine affection and reverence for it. When Kram returns to his place behind the kit and the electric guitars start up again is when the crowd really gets back into it, though. This is what he was made the headliner for. He finishes, of course, with an epic drum solo. JODY MACGREGOR

RATATAT / QUAN / DEL TORO The Hi-Fi Mon May 4 Tonight’s Valve Records Labour Day love-in is introduced by Del Toro, whose swirling instrumental pieces are afforded unexpectedly generous amplification from the mixing desk. The trio’s intricate rock sonics have never sounded better. Guitarist Adam Dodd and bassist Tam Patton lean into their instruments intently; the former investigates spidery melodic passages, while the latter furiously attacks his fretboard. The venue is mostly full already, owing in part to the mezzanine’s closure. Quan Yeomans’ solo act is wedged only slightly above the puerile humour that his regular band is known for. The Regurgitator frontman handles guitar, keyboard and microphone while energetically running through tracks from his debut album, The Amateur. His show is loud, dumb and fun: the full crowd thrive on his club beats, which are augmented by a female drummer and entertaining visualisations, though The Hi-Fi’s lack of an over-

MATT & KIM / LAST DINOSAURS The Step Inn Mon May 4 It’s a school night at the wrong end of a long weekend, but that doesn’t stop youngsters Last Dinosaurs from rocking out on their Strokes/Interpol/Libertines-coloured tunes. There’s a clear excess of musical talent here, but some songs to lift them above the obvious influences on show might assist the band in avoiding early extinction. Watch this space, I’d say the best is yet to come. Giving up her space on the merch desk, Kim Schifino joins bandmate and BF Matt Johnson on stage to play to a small but keen group of fans. Matt & Kim work best like this anyway, perched at the front of the stage behind drums and keyboard, bouncing out of their stools with alarming frequency. A random Guns ‘N Roses sample introduces Good Ol Fashion Nightmare from recent album Grand, and the high-energy keyboard punk pop the Brooklyn duo are known for is unleashed in all it’s kittenlike fury. Support DJ Fashion (with a gun) provides background cooling, wielding a pedestal fan as Matt & Kim start the party sweat running. They’re both completely hyped, Matt regaling the audience with memories from their last trip to town (playing the women’s changing room at Ithaca pool) and charging through songs old and new. Cutdown and first Grand single Daylight get a rapturous response from the in-the-know kids who turned up tonight, and a few bars of the synth line from Europe’s Final Countdown gets two hands in the air from pretty much everyone in the room. Closing with one of their oldest tracks, Silver Tiles, the couple end up standing on chairs, wringing every last drop of glee from the assembled punters. Who said Monday nights were boring? TOPHER HEALY LITTLE BIRDY / OH MERCY / FELICITY GROOM The Hi-Fi Wed Mar 6 Whether it’s a clever marketing ploy to look über popular or they simply did not anticipate the high demand, the managers of the newly minted Hi Fi must consider

BOB EVANS / STEVE POLTZ The Tivoli Thu May 7 Moments before Steve Poltz emerges to his own introduction, the lower level at The Tivoli starts to buzz as the punters trickle in. Beginning with a quick story about his journey to Brisbane, Poltz opens with an impromptu performance of a song he claims to have written in the bathroom at the Brisbane International arrivals gate, to hearty applause. The pretty basic song structures and quirky lyrics are delivered with a tongue-in-cheek but very genuine enthusiasm that immediately reveals a seriousness on par with tonight’s headliner. Armed with a handful of lyrically-driven satirical numbers, some of which are probably better known for their performances by other artists, but which mostly indicate a commitment to musical whimsy, as well as some wildly inappropriate though hilarious anecdotes of questionable historical accuracy, is plainly apparent the mustachio-ed San Diegan is already in the company of friends. But it’s his performance of the theatrical finale about a cave-dwelling monster that stitches little boys to the walls of a dungeon with his trusty sewing machine that says the most about Poltz. It’s good to see the new format hasn’t quelled Bob Evans’ enthusiasm for a good red. The ordinarily very chatty songwriter & Co. launch the new set with a quick swig of vino and a handful of brand-spankers from Goodnight, Bull Creek! A little tight-lipped but still vocally on-the-money, a slightly sauced Bob meanders next through a couple of the meatier tracks from Suburban Songbook but doesn’t really loosen up until Power Of Speech presents a rarely-missed opportunity to serenade a fan. A little more relaxed now, the rest of the set is dotted with spatters of conversation and a few instrumentals that can only be described as rockin’ jams. Apart from the older tracks though, current single Pasha Bulker is probably the best-received of tonight’s sonic delicacies, with the obligatory encore opened up for requests that mostly come from the debut record - not that this reviewer is too disappointed. Top shelf live music from a couple of seasoned performers. CHRIS DRIVER SCREAMFEEDER / MIDGET / BUTCHER BIRDS The Troubadour Sat May 9 Talking with friends, a common view has formed about one of Brisbane’s most reliable and frequent support acts, snarling rockers Butcher Birds. While their sets and belting mood change little from show to show, there seems to be some as-yet-indefinable quality that fluctuates, resulting in some scores of ‘Excellent’, and others only ‘Pretty Good’. Tonight’s veers closer to the latter, and while that Secret Ingredient X is still a mystery, watch this spot for updates. We’re told the last time Sydney’s Midget played our city was over a decade ago, but this attendee must admit it’s the first time he’s heard the trio. What an introduction. Attacking their guitar, bass and drums with the gusto of a hepped up Jay Reatard, though with a more warehouse melody, the apparent veterans come off like the freshest new band in town. Screamfeeder playing their 1996 Kitten Licks album from start to finish is the reason The Troub is comfortably packed tonight. The fact that album has become a true modern Brisclassic is the reason that the crowd is essentially a who’s who of the local indie scene, past and present. Since the band have rarely taken a break, it’s not surprising they sound as vital as ever, but what’s overwhelmingly evident is how fresh key tracks like Static, Dart and Explode Your Friends still sound. The key dual vocals from Tim and Kellie are as fun as ever, the crowd’s eyes darting left and right as lines are repeated and harmonised, in a conspicuously loud arrangement. As with most albums, there are a few tracks towards the end that don’t ring up the same dreamy-grin-inducing familiarity, but it’s all over before we realise. Playing us out with some B-sides and power pop staple Hi Cs, all from the time, Screamfeeder confirm their status as one of our most treasured bands. Brunswick Mall Star please. SIMON TOPPER
DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890


Tanglewood Sundance Guitar Giveaway Always wanted a sweet acoustic guitar but never had the money? Well, thanks to Guitar Brothers and National Music, we have a Tanglewood Sundance Acoustic Guitar to give away. You have up until the Brisbane Guitar, Amp & Vintage Show at Brisbane City Hall May 30-31 to enter. For a chance to win simply head to WIN STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU.




WILLY T teaches soundies all about MIKING GUITARS, and provides a little homework for guitarists to complete before their next gig.

Grinding Axes

Every guitar player has developed, or is scrambling to develop, their own signature guitar sound. One of the beauties of playing and/or mixing the axe is that ‘the sound’ is a combination of the player, instrument, the amp and speaker combo, and the mic-up technique used. This is because the one speaker – or type of speaker – In the amp hasn’t got a hope of reproducing the whole range of sounds that the guitar can make, the speakers themselves filter the sound. Because the guitar is a predominantly ‘middy’ instrument, almost any half-decent mic that can handle the very high Sound Pressure Levels from raging guitar amps will sound good. The distance between the mic and the speaker varies from actually hanging from the top by the lead and resting on the front of the speaker cover, to moving further and further away to get more ‘room-sound’. In the live music game they are generally placed up to maximum of roughly 20cm away. This helps to isolate the amp-sound while reducing the room-sound. It also helps in getting ‘separation’ and reducing the ‘bleeding’ of other instruments into the mic. Generally speaking a dynamic mic like the industry warhorse, the Shure SM-57, gives a very gritty sound, but often lacks the top-end sparkle that helps the guitar cut-through in a mix. A dynamic mic will tend to give a more full-bodied sound than a condenser because its inertia slows its response to fast transients in the sound. Resulting in the mic sounding like it has been ‘squashed’ or put through a compressor. Using a condenser mic will often give a more ‘open’ and detailed sound with more ‘fizz’, but often lacks bottom end frequency response and as a result can sound too thin. Condensers are more common in the studio than live as they are more fragile – and way more ex-

pensive – than the classic dynamic mic. Be careful not to put condenser mics too close to raging guitar amps. They may overload or even get damaged! (It is common to use the two types of mic on the one amp – one close up and one farther back. But that raises a swag of other sound problems which we’ll look at further down the track.) When using cabinets with more than one speaker – like the legendary Marshal quad box – listen for the best sounding speaker and mic-up that one. Don’t try to get stereo by pointing the mic in the space between the speakers. Pointing the mic close to the centre of the speaker cone gives the brightest sound, while moving towards the edge of the speaker gives a more mellow tone. As well as these standard practices, try miking the side or rear of the speaker cabinet to see what it sounds like. Lift the guitar amp or speaker cabinet off the ground to reduce bass; or stand it right in the corner for more. If the sound is too ‘brittle’, point the amp into the corner and mic it from behind. It’s also worth trying different mics – both dynamic and condenser – to see which one produces the best results. Time to be a samurai sound dude and jump in the deep-end and experiment.

HOMEWORK FOR GUITARISTS As usual the first rule of miking-up applies: shit in = shit out. This starts right from the wood and wire – the guitar. Always make sure the guitar leads and input jacks are in good condition. Before the gig, plug in, turn up loud and do the ‘wriggle test’ on the lead, listening for pops and crackles. If you hear anything suss, replace the lead or repair the inputs. I did a live recording gig recently that was really cooking! … except a lot of it was spoiled as the bass guitarist’s lead ‘crackled’ in

every second song! Use properly fitted new strings, and check both the tuning and intonation. If you don’t know how to properly set up ya axe for harmonics and intonation, go and visit a guitar tech. You’ll hear how good your instrument can possibly sound! Don’t forget to gently pull new strings to stretch them before final tuning, and don’t have any overlapping turns of the string around the tuning peg as the string will tend to slip, affecting the tuning. (Do all this long before stage time!) Also, if you’ve changed either the brand or gauge of the strings you’re using, check the octave tuning on all six strings to ensure the intonation is okay. Check your tuning before every set as it tends to drift in sweaty gigs. Ideally use a tuner with an audio ‘through’ socket and leave it connected at all times. Even better, use a rack-mounted tuner that you can see from anywhere on stage. Users of tremolo arms should be especially careful to check their tuning every chance they get. Especially if they have been making massive ‘surf guitar’ type swoops! To all you axe-warriors out there, sorry if I am teaching you how to suck an egg, but many players leave their old strings on, tune up and hope for the best. They think that the tone doesn’t matter because we’ll be able to fix it in the mix. More often than not – we can’t.

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Ms Martin & Co.
GEARED: What has touring the world taught you about the people who reside in it? DIANE PONZIO: That we are basically all the same, in the sense that the things that really matter at the end of the day are the same for all of us. G: How have folk and jazz influenced your style, and what effects you these days? DP: Folk gave me the green light to speak about authentic things in song, versus a “blah, blah, blah, baby baby”... but jazz informed the idiom for me with refreshing chordal choices, instead of staying in the same key, same tempo, etc. The unpredictability of jazz helps me to underline the authenticity of the lyric. G: You’re not the typical image of a Martin clinician. What do you teach that differentiates you from the other clinicians? DP: To be honest, to represent the Martin company is such a privilege to me! When I do a clinic for this amazing instrument, it’s all about them. In other words, my main focus is to help people understand why they sound so good, and hence, why they cost what they do … they’re still predominantly handmade. Martin also has a profound history; the history of the Martin guitar, is essentially the story of the western guitar as we know it, as they have invented proprietary features that everyone else copies. They are the true originals. The music part of my presentation is an honour – I have been inspired most of my life by the sound of a Martin guitar. Perhaps other clinicians may be more focused on themselves, rather than the product. G: It’s said that writing your first album is the easiest, the second the hardest. Has this been your experience over eight full-lengths? What happens from the third onwards? DP: I’m hoping that the music is getting better. I don’t think of any of it as “hard”, but rather, the longer you write, the more challenging it becomes because the easy solutions are not always the most rewarding. I

GEARED catches up with New York folk/jazz performer and Martin guitar clinician DIANE PONZIO.
agonise over every word, and make sure that the melodies move me. It’s deep work, but it’s a great journey. G: Having a signature Martin acoustic guitar is pretty sweet. What’s so special about it? DP: This is the second one I’ve designed. The JDP II incorporates many of the things I’ve learned about what makes a guitar tick, or be spectacular. The woods certainly; I chose Italian Alpine (Stradivarius liked this one too!) because the top of the guitar is rather crucial to its sound – it’s the speaker cone of an acoustic guitar. Further, the back and sides are of genuine South American mahogany. All my other Martins are rosewood, but I know that this species of mahogany is becoming very rare. This was my last chance to afford one! Now, I love the Martin Jumbo shape, because it has the balance of an OM with the engine of a dreadnought, due to its dreadnought depth. But add to that three other features: a large soundhole, a slotted headstock, and forward shifted braces, and the result is a clear voiced canon! This is the first Martin like this. Plus, the rosette features wood inlay instead of pearl, trying to use all the bits and pieces that we have available. It’s classy and elegant, sporting tasteful Waverly tuners. It doesn’t look like a standard Martin, and it isn’t! There are a few in Oz I think. It’s a huge balanced sound … very inspiring! G: It seems like you not only tell stories within songs but also between songs. Is that the mandate for a travelling songwriter like yourself? DP: I believe it helps the listener engage more with the music, and gives them a chance to identify with the story. G: You have quite a strong voice. Is it difficult to keep under control? DP: Not at all! Remembering that for a singer, your body is your instrument, I take care of myself. Lots of rest, no smoking, no drinking. I had great lessons years ago from an opera diva in NY, and those lessons have

...easy solutions are not always the most rewarding.
paid off – I never have vocal problems. G: Who is the most inspiring musician you’ve played with, and what was it about them? DP: The first musician I played with professionally, was a cellist named Julie Tanner. The combination of the voice and cello was amazing, and later we added a percussionist. I still love writing cello parts, because Julie was, and still is, a passionate musician (She is currently with the Nashville Symphony Orchestra). I’ve played with so many great players, but perhaps the person who influenced me the most was Hayes Greenfield, a gifted saxophonist in NYC, who introduced me to players like Wayne Krantz, Todd Turkisher, and the fabulous Paul Socolow, all of whom I’ve been lucky enough to play with. They all brought passion to the music, and a willingness to stretch, and learn. And every one of them took the meaning of the songs on board, and infused their talent into the delivery. That’s awesome.

DIANE PONZIO plays the Brisbane Guitar, Amp & Vintage Show, May 30-31, Brisbane City Hall. Visit www.guitarbrothers.com.au for more information.

MARTIN JDP II - Jumbo Signature Acoustic Guitar
Top: Solid Italian Alpine Spruce Rosette: Madagascar Rosewood/ Mahogany Triangle Design (Large Soundhole) Back Material: Solid Genuine Mahogany Side Material: Solid Genuine Mahogany Binding: Tortoise – Brown Neck Material: Select Hardwood Neck Shape: Low Profile Fingerboard Material: Solid Black Ebony Scale Length: 25.4’’ Frets Clear: 14 Frets Total: 20 Finish Top, Back & Sides: Polished Gloss Finish Neck: Satin Bridge Material: Solid East Indian Rosewood Tuning Machines: Waverly Nickel w/ Ivoroid Butterbean Knobs Electronics: Optional Other Options: Available left-handed at no additional charge RRP $7295 available from www. guitarbrothers.com.au


DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890




Signal Noise

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EMI MUSIC EARNINGS TREBLE… Billboard Magazine reported that EMI Music trebled its gross earnings to £163 million for the year ending March. This marks a 219.6% leap from the 2007-8 gross of £51 million. It was the first full year of ownership by private equity firm Terra Firma. EMI says the earnings rise was due to its slashing costs of up to £200 million, restructuring the company worldwide, and finding new revenue streams. Sales by Coldplay (Viva La Vida was biggest selling album globally in 2008), Katy Perry, Lily Allen, Darius Rucker and Herbert Grönemeyer helped sales. EMI said that the upcoming year was already off to a good start with Depeche Mode, to be followed by Norah Jones, Robbie Williams, Kylie Minogue and Beatles reissues. …WARNER REVENUES FALL Warner Music Group revealed a 17% fall in revenues to US$537 million for the second quarter ended Mar 31. Blamed was a lack of strong releases, aside from Seal, Jason Mraz, Twilight soundtrack and Nickelback. Music publishing revenue also fell by 12.9% to $135 million. Digital revenue of $173 million grew 5.5% and represented 25.9% of total revenue in this period. NEW SIGNING #1: GRAND ATLANTIC TURN OUTLAW Brisbane band Grand Atlantic have signed a deal with Sydney-based Laughing Outlaw Records, and will release their second album How We Survive on Jun 13 via Inertia Distribution. The CD was recorded at Aisle 6 in Brisbane and mixed by Magoo. No surprise they ended up on Outlaw: label boss Stuart Coupe had their first album, the pop-psychedelia This Is Grand Atlantic (2007) on repeat for four days straight. “It’s got a depth that reveals more with every listen,” Coupe says, “They are a great addition to the label.” Band singer and songwriter Phil Usher says “We’re really comfortable with Stuart and the Laughing Outlaw team – they really get what we’re trying to do on this album, and they are music fans first and foremost. We reckon they are the right sort of label for us – and we’re looking forward to those huge royalty cheques rolling in any day now!” NEW SIGNING #2: DEW PROCESS AND DANANANANAYKROYD Brisbane-based Dew Process’ latest signing is Glasgow six-piece band Dananananaykroyd, making waves for their “fight-pop” style. They will release their debut album shortly. Such is the band’s intensity they need two drummers and two singers. DIRECTORY DEADLINE Forms are due this Friday, May 15 for free listings in 70 categories in the next AustralAsian Music Industry Directory. Current listings were already sent their forms electronically, new listings must download one from www.immedia.com.au/amid and submitted electronically or by mail to 20 Hordern St. Newtown NSW 2042. Late fees apply after. Call (02) 9557 7766 for details or email justine@immedia.com.au. BIRD GETS ON WRITE Bird Jensen, manager of blues performer 8-Ball Aitken, has been busy with a number of projects due over the next few years. These include a handbook for blues, folk and country acts, a handbook on how acts can market themselves, and a PhD thesis on exporting music abroad. THINGS WE HEAR ! As ARIA looks at smaller venues in Melbourne and Brisbane for its recession-friendly ARIAs, there are mutterings the West Australian government should sell out bucks to get the awards over there. ! US teen sweeties The Jonas Bros have been quietly vacationing in Australia, with Joe catching up with Sydney model Amelia Than-Aye. ! Sony is to compete with mass retailers with its own brand stores. ! A number of students of a music business school are so pissed off with it that they’re consulting with a legal firm to look at a class action suit to recover monies they paid for tuition or to have certificates issued to them, which they feel they were wrongly denied. ! AC/DC, as is their tradition, have invited Bon Scott’s mum Isabelle, now in her 90s, to their show in Perth. GUDINSKI, BELL, HONOURED AT HELPMANNS Michael Gudinski and theatre director John Bell will be recipients of the JC Williamson Award for changing the live music sector. They will be presented at the Helpmann Awards at the Sydney Opera

House on Monday Jul 27. Organised by Live Performance Australia (LPA), they will be broadcast live on the Bio Channel Foxtel.


AIR TEAMS WITH D STAR MPE… Indie association AIR has partnered with D Star bring the Play MPE system to independent labels and artists around Australia. It allows media to listen to new tracks, download or burn them, read notes and get photos. Universal, EMI and Warner already use it, as do the larger indies as Shock, Inertia, Remote Control, Liberation and Shogun. More info www.dstarmpe.com …AND GETS LEGAL AIR has appointed TressCox as its legal representative. This follows the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s (ACCC) favourable ruling in January that allowed its 61 members to collective bargain regarding the best deals for broadcast rights of their music videos without being accused of pricefixing. These 61 include the four biggest indie labels Shock, Inertia, MGM and Stomp. LIFELINES ! Split: Rick Gradolfer, singer with Adelaide band City Riots, and Australia’s Next Top Model contestant Eloise Hoile. ! In Court: Noah Christian Morse suing Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger for punching him in the mouth in an alleged fight outside a Vancouver nightclub. ! Injured: Alexi Laiho, guitarist and frontman for Finnish metal band Children Of Bodom broke his shoulder after he fell off the bunk when the tour bus suddenly veered on the road. ! Recovering: Deftones bassist Chi Cheng is off life support, he’s been in a coma since a car crash last November. ! Charged: a 19-year old man for spraying down a Townsville nightclub with a fire extinguisher, forcing 200 to run outside. ! In Court: former manager of Newcastle’s Civic Hotel, Vicki Maree Good, 24, sentenced to periodic detention and ordered to pay back $44,000 she stole from poker machines over 12 months. She claimed the hotel owed her superannuation; it said she had a gambling addiction. ! Suing: Iron Maiden are suing a company which named its comic book Iron And The Maiden, as it cashed in on their trademark. ! Died: Lynyrd Skynyrd bassist since 2001, Wayne ‘Ean’ Evans, 48, cancer. GOLD COAST MUSIC/DRAMA PRECINCT OPENS The new state-of-the-art $6 million music, arts and drama precinct at Aquinas College on the Gold Coast officially opened last week. It includes a dance studio, film/TV studio, dark room, arts room and sculpture court. It will be used by the college’s 650 students as well as by those in other schools. See www.aquinas.qld.edu.au FETE DE LA MUSIQUE DEADLINE EXTENDED Musicians now have until Friday May 15 to sign up for Fête de la Musique being held across Brisbane on Sunday Jun 21. Performers of any age, any ability and any music genre can sign up at www.fetedelamusiquebrisbane.com.au. UNIVERSAL MUSIC, EBAY, LAUNCH NEW PORTAL Universal Music Australia and online marketplace eBay.com.au have teamed up to create a new music portal called www.play.ebay.com.au. It will give eBay’s users – about five million per month, it says – the chance to download their fave songs from Universal’s entire catalogue and some from Sony Music Australia. They do this through Universal’s Getmusic.com.au platform. Additionally it will feature exclusive releases, special offers and discounts. SONY COMPUTER BRINGS VIDZONE TO OZ Sony Computer Entertainment Australia partly unveiled its new music service, VidZone, which allows Playstation 3 owners to stream for free an initial 10,000 music videos from a number of labels. The service, due June, will also offer live concert footage and “behind the scenes” content including interviews. PlayStation 3 has sold almost 500,000 units in Australia. PRESETS MAKE CHART HISTORY The Presets’ My People made chart history after spending its 74th week in the ARIA charts – becoming the longest ever charting single by an Australian act. It is second place behind Justin Timberlake’s SexyBack, which accumulated 79 weeks.

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DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890

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Marshall jcm 800 combo, 50 watts, single channel c1982 $1350. Trace Elliot V4 ALL VALVE 220 watts bass head, original model $1900. 0409 626 886 FERNANDES ELECTRIC GUITAR WITH SUSTAINER P.U. Model:JDA115Y DOB, Great Japanese guitar with Sustainer Pickup, Excellent condition as new, Maple neck 628mm-Scale, Rosewood fingerboard 24F, Mahogany Body, BRIDGE:FRT-10, Deep Ocean Blue, $900. 0432347-000 www.fernandes.co.jp tsutai@hotmail.com GALLIEN-KRUEGER BASS RIG GK700RB amp, serious sound pressure levels and super clean precision with 480 watts of grunt. GK410RBX cab, 800 watt bi-amp ability. 4x10” plus horn. $2399 new, selling $1600 ono. joshua_feltham@hotmail.com GENZ BENZ GBE1200 BASS AMPLIFIER Absolute monster of an amp, check out the stats and reviews. 12 months old, offloading due to needing a smaller amp, will be missed. $1600 ONO. Need the quick sale, so get in touch. Call Jimmy. jimmyharden@me.com 0423 251 598 GIBSON LES PAUL STANDARD Very nice Desert Burst 2004, Flame Maple AA top, 50s profile neck, BurstBucker Pro original pickups, all in excellent condition, Gibson case with candy included, really worth a look, Call anytime, great guitar, genuine reason to sell, $2650 darrynjs@bigpond.com 0417 648 840 GUITAR ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC The brand is Martinez, $250 NEGOCIABLE. Call me anytime. didouchka25@hotmail.com 0424 948 897 GUITAR AMP LINE 6 VETTA 2X12 INCH COMBO The ultimate amp 4 gigging recording or just jamming. Nothing it can’t do. Get any tone or effect imaginable If u can’t create it download it from line6. com straight 2 the amp! Even has built in Navigational Screens & tuner RRP $3,999 VGC. $1,300! 0410 576 257 GUITAR EFFECTS UNIT Rack Rocktron Xpression, in box with manual, very little home use only, keen to sell, $345 ONO. 0439 300 778 GUITAR ELECTIC GIBSON EPIPHONE SG EX COND! Original soapbox pickups. Very fast neck action/easy to play. Professionally setup and fretdress with new pots, toggle switch, input jack gig case. Ready to gig/record with today. Never gigged/little use. $500 ono. http://www.angelfire.com/jazz/bringthefunk/gibson.jpg megachops@optusnet.com.au 0424 812 460 GUITAR FOR SALE LTD EX-260, gloss black, EMG passive pick-ups, hard case, excellent cond. $650. Never gigged or abused. Email for pics. michelinman1@hotmail.com 0431 571 387 HAND DRUM DOUMBEK Unwanted Gift. Comes with carry bag and spare skin. Great fun for all users. $180 NEG ONO. Will Swap for other items. jman0023@gmail.com 0421 690 000 or 3325 2888 IBANEZ GUITAR QUAD BOX FOR SALE This box is in good nick. Has Ibanez power jam speakers in it. Has switchable ohm settings. Only selling it cause I’m playing bass now. $350. metaltatz@hotmail. com 07 3311 4587 JACKSON AT3 ELECTRIC GUITAR Jackson AT3 electric 6 string guitar. Near new condition. Well looked after. Needs a new home. $550. 0432 663 520 JAPANESE VANTAGE LES PAUL 1980s, bolt on neck, humbuckers, solid body, thick tone, sunburst. All original, good condition. Great beginner/intermediate guitar. With original hard case (orange lining). Better value than the Epiphone equivalent. $350. jakeb@ravemagazine.com.au JBL EON G2S 1 pair of industry standard powered PA speakers. Each has built in bi amped 400 watt power amp and 15’ speaker. VGC. Cost over $4000. Sell $1500 the pair. kevglad@optusnet.com. au 0414 756 907 JBL EON POWERED SPEAKER JBL Eon 15” Powered Speaker x 1. Great for foldback or small venues. Fantastic condition, only selling because I have upgraded to the MPRO system. Retails $2400 will sell for $800 - a bargain. Check link for specs. www.jblpro.com/eong2/ motormouthmm@hotmail.com 0431 083 170 JBL PRX525 ACTIVE SPEAKERS Powered by Crown digital pwr amps, 2 way system. Each cabinet has dual 15 inch speakers & horn, is 650watts RMS & weighs 38kgs. Amazing sound, great all in one PA for band, no need for sub. Bought new 5 months ago. Retail $8990, sell $4000. sevross77@hotmail.com 0408 274 172 JOSE RAMIREZ FLAMENCO GUITAR 2007 Jose Ramirez fl2 flamenco guitar, spruce top, cypress back and sides $2000 email. davidheis@hotmail.com KEYBORD, TECHNICS KN5000 With manual, stand + roadcase, ten floppys + 2 cases lyric books setup to play. $1450. Ph 0400573334. LANEY 65 WATT AMP 4 SALE $270ONO 2channels. clean & Crunch, 3band EQ’s, distortion, reverb, CD/Line input, external speaker socket, headphone socket, global FX loop 4 connecting external effects & line out facility! Cost $600 new. securecorp@hotmail.com 0449 791 546 LARGE PA AND LIGHTING FOR SALE PA rack mounted 3000watt seperate power units, EQ, Berhinger 24ch desk, 24ch multicore, 2 large Jbin FOH speakers & Foldback monitors, Mics cables, everything cased, road cabnets. Lighting 8 x par64 stands with lighting console, gels & leads $2700ono stringsthatsing@hotmail.com 0466 326 273 LEFT HAND IBANEZ ACOUSTIC ELECTRIC GUITAR Black lefty ibanez high end acoustic guitar with built in pickup, eq and guitar tuner with led screen. Sounds and plays great. Has the cut away to access the higher frets. As new with little use. No dings or bad scratches $450 with a hardcase! 0410 576 257 LEFT HAND SCHECTER 007 7 STRING ELECTRIC As new! Transparent red! Duncan pickups 1 humbucker 1 single coil! Tonepros Locking bridge! Locking Grover Tuners! Neck through & string through body design! Great guitar sounds heavy and chunky! RRP $1,800 As new! Bargain at $750! 0410 576 257 LEFT HAND SCHECTER HELLRAISER 7 STRING NEW! Brand New 7 string Schecter Hellraiser lefty! EMG 707’s with coil tap! Very pro guitar! Transparent red! Stunning Albone binding! Tonepros locking bridge! String and neck through body design RRP $2,199 Selling at huge loss! $1,000 NEW! get_fragged@hotmail.com 0410 576 257 LEFTY 8 STRING GUITAR WITH CUSTOM CASE New Lefty 8 string The only lefty 8 string available! Comparable to the Ibanez RG2228 in quality but better specs! Mahogany sides with a 5 piece maple neck through entire body length! Single EMG 808 & Grover Tuners! Sounds & feels awesome! $1,800 0410 576 257 LINE 6 AX2 2X12 COMBO AMP PLUS FLOORBOARD Rare! Line 6’s 1st flag ship model good as the Vetta! Built in screen & tuner! Easy 2 use 5 band EQ plus all effects and amp models available! Comes with all access floorboard with wah pedal & volume pedal! Plus Dust Cover, all PC! $800. 0410 576 257 LINE 6 FBV EXPRESS PEDAL For use with Spider/Flextone/Vetta amps & PODs. Check website for compatibility. Switches for 4 channels. Tap tempo, wah/volume pedal, chromatic tuner, self-powered. As new in original box. $180 ono. martyseng@gmail.com 0424 640 250 LINE 6 FLEXTONE III XL 150 WATT COMBO AMP 1 of the best modeling amps available! Emulates the best amps ever made! You won’t need any distortion or effect pedals it has all the best built in! 2x12 inch speakers which have been upgraded! Comes with cover. Just check reviews PC Bargain! $800 http://reviews.harmony-central.com/reviews/Guitar Amp/product/Line 6/Flextone III XL/10/1 0410 576 257 LINE 6 UX2 HOME RECORDING DEVICE Plug into pc via usb. Comes with Gearbox software which has all amp models and effects available plus ableton live for recording. Takes 2 guitars a mic. Great quality recording at your fingertips as these things are very small and portable $200. 0410 576 257 MAPEX 6 PIECE DRUM KIT FOR SALE Mapex Fusion 6 piece Drum kit,Solid hardware! free mapex bags, also sound off mats to practice in silence paiste cymbals included in this price. PLEASE NOTE KICK PEDAL NOT INCLUDED $1450 ono email for more info or call to check em out. https://www.axemusic.com/Pictures/mapex_ SW5225UTX.jpg rhythm_dr@hotmail.com 0405 561 992 MARKBASS 6x10 mark cabinet for sale. $1500. matttankbass@hotmail.com 0406 8766 18 MARSHAL MG15DFX FOR SALE. Guitar practice amp, headphone jack, two channels, EQ and effects. Selling for $80. Contact Hannah. han73_is@hotmail.com 0439 386 299 MARSHALL AMP Marshall 60 Watt,all valve combo, JCM2000 TSL602 ‘Triple Super Lead’, 2X Celestions, 3X Channels & footswitch & on Caster wheels, “Loud”, As new condition $ 2000, will sell $1200. james_anton@hotmail.com 0437 532 094 MARSHALL QUADBOX 1960TV $800 4x 12” Celestion Greenbacks, 16 ohm. Classic vintage rock tone. Taller retro rock quaddy, perfect for any guitar amp head or extension for combo. $800. Rob. robert. worrall@bigpond.com 0407 570 970 MATON 808 PERFORMER New cond. $900(ono). Ph-0415 764 228. MATON EBG808CL PERFORMER Beautiful guitar in very good condition, perfect for live or personal use. Build date 05/08, bought less than a year ago. Regrettable sale but need money for travel. RRP$1599 without case. Selling for $1100 with hard case. lamb_96@ hotmail.com 0410 213 373

MIC, PEDAL, MIXER, GUITAR Epiphone Les Paul Studio, dark woodgrain sunburst, great condition, never gigged ($300). Shure SM58 microphone ($80). Digitech RP200 Guitar pedal ($50). Ashton MXL6 6 channel mic/line mixer ($50). henry.bennett@student.qut.edu.au 0407 158 884 MICROPHONE NEW E935 sennheiser, with manuals and carry pouch, unused and new only two months old, Selling as I bought one too many mics. Retails $420, very keen to sell at $225 ONO. 0439 300 778 MINT BOSS RV-5 FOR SALE Like New condition! Only $165 now. Please contact Jon Zhuang. j_bon_jovi@hotmail.com 0433 386 366 MINT MARSHALL AVT150 FOR SALE! In new condition, only gigged once, being used in a non-smoking studio. Great Marshall sound! Jon Zhuang. j_bon_jovi@hotmail.com 0433 386 366 MIXING DESK Mackie DFX6. Built in EMAC 32bit digital FX, monitor or main assignable 5 band graphic EQ. 6 channels with aux monitor send. Very compact size. Excellent condition, barely used, bought new 6 months ago. $300. sevross77@hotmail.com 0408 274 172 ORANGE RV 100 HEAD & ORANGE QUAD (BLACK)- NEW Immaculate tone monster-this head and rare black orange quad are new, still wrapped in plastic, with tags and it’s box!! Perfect working order- suit new buyer. $3650 firm (worth over $5000 new). Absolute bargain!!! niledsl@gmail.com 0408 062 005 PA SUB PEAVEY 15in Eurosub 150W in carpeted bin with built in crossover retail $600 ex cond $150 2 available cooking5@optusnet.com.au 3870 1600 PAISTE SET Paiste PST5 medium set with short boom stand, boom extension clamp and 10” splash, $300 the lot. roland_ub@yahoo. com.au 0434 910 684 PEARL EXPORT DRUM KIT $900 Comes with everything- Cymbals (Pearl, Paiste, Ufip), all stands, seat and sticks. Remo snareskin and new snare hardware. comes with practice pad and snare and tom case. Metallic black/silver. Good condition. Used this kit as a beginner and to gig. daydream_scream@hotmail.com 0421 764 691 PHONIC PA AND 500WATT SPEAKERS Phonic PMD800 stereo 8 chanel Desk, good working order, built in reverb, graphic equaliser, line in/out 200 watts per side $280 ONO. 2 Wesconic 500 watt speakers. 15inch with horn and tweeter $280 ONO. Sell complete package for $500. cruise318@hotmail.com 0418 757 637 PICK ONE OR BUNDLE YAMAHA Gr8Power-Rock Guitar. $500. Boss ZOOM 1010. $150. BOSS PW-10 COSM Wah Pedal. $300. M-AUDIO Fast Track. $250. EDIROL MA-15D: Digital Stereo Micro Monitors. $250. CAR FORD Festiva Hatchback. $2000. Contact or E-mail for Pictures or Comments. Greatdzer@hotmail.com 0422 391 370 PRS CUSTOM 22 Excellent condition, whale blue, birds, trem, w/t neck, 8 months old. RRP $5599. Sell $3700. cunno81@hotmail.com 0410 335 242 RANDALL AMP Randall rh150g3 plus, never gigged, good condition. rrp $999 selling for $700. alexclem@hotmail.com 0423 983 793 ROADCASES FOR SALE Cymbalsafe $ 50.00, Dim: 650 x 650 x135mm. Case 1 for miscellaneous gear $40.00. Dim: 670 x370 x 355mm. Misc case 2, $ 35.00. Dim: 500 x 500 x 450mm. Some a little rough looking, but great sturdy cases that will last forever. jalfheim@yahoo.com.au 0403 980 258 ROCKTRON PROPHESY PLUS MIDI MATE The most professional preamp available! tube powered & rack mountable used by Dave Mustaine, Rusty Cooley etc. Built in tuner, amp models and effects too many features to list please read reviews. Comes with midi mate foot controller & manual $1,500 0410 576 257 ROCKTRON VOODU VALVE Tube driven programmable preamp with effects, very little use, comes with manual, retails $1500, quick sale at $750. stealthms@hotmail.com 0439 300 778 ROCKTRON XPRESSION Guitar effects rack unit, near new, very little home use only, Comes with box, manual and power chord. $345 ONO. 0439 300 778 ROLAND RS-50 KEYBOARD Five octaves, touch sensitive keys, a broad range of high quality sounds and possibilities. Good for learner. $450. playvenetianchairs@hotmail.com 0432 566 630 ROLAND SH-201 SYNTH - RUDDS GIFT TO YOU! Brand new condition, 1 years warranty left. Still in box used only a few times. Really great synth. Get in quick, I am selling on ebay also so check it out. Rave readers get a better price though! Any questions please sms me. Thanks, price: $900. rossburbury@gmail.com 0431 266 745 SHURE BETA 87A MICROPHONE FOR SALE Shure Beta 87a $250. Top of the line Shure mic. Fantastic condition, handle a bit worn from usage, but sound still the best. Comes with pouch. This is a bargain for $250 considering they retail for $700 dollars or more.. Will not drop in price. motormouthmm@hotmail.com 0431 083 170 SHURE SM58 MICROPHONE Very good condition. $80. henry. bennett@student.qut.edu.au 0407 158 884 SILVER PLATED TRUMPET An Excellent Getzen, Eterna 700, Silver Plated, Pro Trumpet for sale. In its original case. Was used by a young student who lost interest. As new! $1100 ONO. mybeach@ gotalk.net.au 07 5562 2510 STUDIOSETUP On Sale HP Compaq nc6400 Laptop including SOFTWARE for Studio Setup such as Sonar 8, FL Studio 8, Pro-tools MP, Nuendo, Ableton, Sound Forge, Samplitude, Guitar Rig, Deckdance, poizone and lots more and with life time software BACKUP. $1000 only. Greatdzer@hotmail.com 0422 391 370 SUB WOOFER FOR SALE Alto Sub woofer for sale. SR500SA Used but still in working order. A Great workhorse. Boost your sound now. $500 as is. velvetkiss@live.com.au 0437 083 963 SUBS PEAVEY PAIRS 18in lowriders in carpetbins. 850 w rms vgc $1200 for both. 5526 0014 TECHNICS 1200 MK2 $649 Turntable is in superb condition. Comes with head-shell and all parts are in great condition. One of the best turntables on the market - retails for $1100. Save over $450! dale_cooper333@hotmail.com 0403 781 859 TECHNICS SL1200 MKII TURNTABLE Starting to look a bit vintage these days, but in perfect working order /w hard shell & Central Station slipmat. Keeping my other one, but downsizing my room some. The classic turntablist/vinyl enthusiast turntable. RRP $1100, sell $400. jakeb@ravemagazine.com.au VALVE AMP FOR SALE Epiphone valve junior, 5W Class A, with brand new valves (JJ Tesla & Sovtek). Nice crunchy valve tone, $180. anna.harch@gmail.com 0410 195 789 VINTAGE GUITAR Hagstrom Viking guitar. 1974 Mod. Restored to original cond. Comes with original case. Case needs work. This type of guitar was first advertised as the guitar with the fastest neck in the world. A real collectors dream. $1500. Ph Alan. giant45@iprimus.com.au 3395 8990 VOX DA20 COMBO AMP BUILT IN EFFECTS Light, compact and loud! This thing pumps for its size! Perfect practice amp or for small gigs it has 2 x 8” speakers and can run on batteries. Great tone! Many clean and distortion channels plus several great useable effects built in. As new! $400 0410 576 257 YAMAHA BB615 ELECTRIC BASS GUITAR Professional series 5 String electric bass. Absolutely as new. Black Alder Body, Maple Neck, Rosewood fingerboard. RRP $999. Cash sale only $770. bmmusic@tpg.com.au 0419 798 289 YAMAHA ELECTRIC DRUM KIT DTXpress 3 - excellent cond. 5 pce kit w/ Ride, HH & 2 Crashes. All manuals. Has stacks of programmed drum kits with dif sounds. Comes with Yamaha 50W Sound System (2 speakers & sub) Purchased from new over $3000. Can email photos. $1400 Marty. margejemo@hotmail.com 0421 159 133 YAMAHA PACIFICA Electric guitar, metallic blue, near new, comes with gig bag, PC, new strings $175. stealthms@hotmail.com 0439 300 778 YAMAHA STUDIO MIXER Studio Mixer Like New. Yamaha MW12 Studio Mixer, comes with programs/plug-ins And cables. $450 O.N.O. unique-38@hotmail.com 0411 402 380 ZOOM RHYTHMTRAK RT-123 DRUM MACHINE ($180) Handsize drum/rhythm machine lays down great sounding drums and bass. Great for your home recording, or just play along to it. Great sounds, all programmable. t.mccall1@hotmail.com 3265-6714

15 Y/O GUITAR/BASS PLAYER LOOKING FOR BAND I’m a experienced player looking for a band, I play bass, lead or acoustic. I have been playing for 4 years and I have had a lot of band experience. I can keep in time, and improvise on lead and acoustic. I am open to any genre, no heavy metal. jack_x_plorer@hotmail.com (07) 3893 0839 16 Y/O 80S METAL GUITARIST Looking for a drummer, bass player and a singer to start a band. Main influences being David Lee Roth, Van Halen, Dokken, RATT and White Lion. myspace.com/ ruairidh_lunny roz_lunny@hotmail.com 17 YR OLD EXP. LEAD GUITARIST SEEKS BAND Lookin for an originals band around my age. Good improv skills. Influences: psychedelic(late 60s), Hendrix, Jef. Airplane, Coldplay, Arctic Monkeys, Bowie, The Coral, Pink floyd. Open to most genres. No heavy metal. Also been playin keys for 8 yrs. geghead@hotmail. com 0402 092 120 ALTERNATIVE ROCK VOCALIST seeking professional and dedicated alternative rock band to record and gig with. Call or txt Dave. crazydave87@hotmail.com 0421 880 901 ANY JAZZ STYLE BANDS OUT THERE? I am an experienced ex pro Mature Drummer with good gear just wanting to play. Looking for a jazz style group on the Gold Coast.. congadude@gmail. com 0437 688 004 BANJO PLAYER AVAILABLE BLUEGRASS STYLE Banjo player available for gigs and or recording, 25 years experience. markbanjovi@hotmail.com 0407 406 166

BASS PLAYER 24y/o Looking for originals band you can jump to. Good gear, good attitude, good transport, Good experience. Will travel to Southside Brissy for rehearsals. Can provide limited backing vocals/screams if needed. Call to arrange a jam/meeting. yanikins@hotmail.com 0438 490 942 BASS PLAYER AVILABLE FOR SESSION WORK Bass player available for live or studio session work. Years of experience in well known bands. Toured with many international acts. Top of the range equipment. All styles. addicted.2bass@live.com BASS PLAYER WANTS WORK I’ve got lots of exp, good gear, good vox. Transport and I’m reliable. Hopefully you are a WORKING pro band, preferably goldy based. Call me or email me with songlist and gig details. bass_tones2003@yahoo.com.au 075 571 1005 BASSIST FOR SCREAMO/PUNK/HARDCORE BAND Sup? I’m looking for a band, into screamo, post hardcore/hardcore, punk sort of shit I’ve got good gear and my own transport. http://www.myspace. com/mikeymayhem89 michael.heber@live.com 0447 183 781 BONGO PLAYER AVAILABLE Professional bongo player available for DJ and session work. Contact Stephan. www.myspace.com/ninospace elmostephane@hotmail.com 0404 277 105 DRUMMER AVAILABLE Experience drummer available for cover gigs. Pro gear, pro attitude, have been a pro player for the past 15 years. Backing vocal ability, easy going and reliable. silavlom@hotmail.com DRUMMER AVAILABLE If you are a band looking for a versatile drummer for last minute cover shows, fill-in work, temporary work, give me a buzz. Have professional gear and own transport. scotterd@ tpg.com.au 0421 187 889 DRUMMER AVAILABLE No covers and awesome gear, 0447068855. DRUMMER experienced, reliable, good gear, transport, booking contacts, seeks competent covers band. bre7619@hotmail.com DRUMMER LOOKING FOR BANDS Looking for a funk band/ or fun band which is passionate about gigging and getting shit done. 6 years experience-have gigged in brisbane. Have a great kit and transport. daydream_scream@hotmail.com 0421 764 691 EXP DRUMMER SEEKING BAND 23yo with around 10 years experience. Have jam room for acoustic guitars etc and 3 kits. Am looking for covers/original band for practice and gig a week. andrew.churchill@hotmail.com EXPERIENCED DRUMMER AVAILABLE 31 yo experienced drummer available for like minded band. Influenced include Faith No More, Jesu, Failure, Deadboy and the Elephantmen, Funkadelic etc. azaslade@optusnet.com.au EXPERIENCED DRUMMER AVAILABLE Drummer available for fill in work or as a full time band member. Fluent in all styles, Master of Music Studies (Jazz performance). Excellent groove and sensitivity. Good knowledge of standard cover repertoire. Double-kicks available if needed. lukepammenton@gmail.com EXPERIENCED DRUMMER AVAILABLE Experienced mature aged drummer wants working band - prefer blues, country, rock, modern jazz, Latin. No time wasters. geoff49@hn.ozemail.com.au 07 3357 8850 / 0416 479 980 EXPERIENCED DRUMMER Of 15 years available for cover gigs. Reliable, professional, pro gear, bvox, easy going. 0403295895 EXPERIENCED PERCUSSIONIST available for paid work. Experienced in all genres from Latino to Rock. Specialize on Congas and Timbale’s to tuned percussion. Want the extra layer? Alex. alexnesevski@gmail. com 0416 678 184 EXPERIENCED ROCK/BLUES VOCALIST I’ve been playing music and singing ever since I was a little kid. I’m interested in getting into a serious band, with a good work ethic, that are looking to write songs and gig. If you need a singer, don’t hesitate to call me for a chat. Cheers. i_like_jello69@hotmail.com 0431 811 417 FEMALE PRO R/B GUTSY SINGER AVAILABLE Female Pro R/B Gutsy Singer With Balls available For working Outfit such as Trio/Duo so call me or Mail me... I have a Wealth of Experience !! jas3@tadaust.org.au 3299 5571 or 0421 002 108 FEMALE SINGER looking for covers band or duo with RnB/Pop/Reggae sound. I’ve had heaps of experience in bands (more so in NZ) and a duo act here on the Gold Coast. I’m more than happy to do BV’s or do lead. Would just love to start singing again! INouvai@hotmail. com 0450 206 601 FEMALE SINGER/BASS PLAYER AVAILABLE Trained Female singer/ writer bass play seeks guitarist to collaborate on originals with view to form band. Style PJ Harvey, Courtney Love, Evanescence, Paramore, Suze DeMarchi, Chrissy Amphlett, Rogue Traders etc. bandenquiries@hotmail.com FEMALE SINGER/BASS PLAYER Female singer/bass player seeks guitarist to collaborate on originals and form band. Style - PJ Harvey / Hole (Courtney Love)/ Rogue Trader / Killing Heidi / Evanescence but not limited to etc. bandenquiries@hotmail.com FEMALE VOCALIST SEEKS BAND Easy going 36 yr old female vocalist from Moorooka looking to join (or start) Covers Band. Contemporary Rock/Pop/top 40. Have some demo samples available on request. BettyB1973@hotmail.com 0419 448 194 FUNK GROOVE DRUMMER Slightly above average experienced drummer with backing vocal ability. Easy going, good gear, reliable transport. In for enjoyment, not for a career. Monthly gigs ideal. snare64@hotmail.com 0411 436 648 GUITARIST 23 SUNSHINE COAST Blues, Roots, Reggae and Psychedelic. Very creative. Acoustic and electric, rhythm and lead. Looking for local musos or band. qwerty69oj@hotmail.com 0448 544 320 GUITARIST AVAILABLE Lead guitarist available for touring or working band. Versatile, various styles and reliable. Learn material quickly including accurate interpretation of classics to current rock/pop. Top pro gear. Travel is not an issue for right opportunity. rodberger@bigpond.com 0401 099 701 GUITARIST AVAILABLE, LEAD Lead/rhythm guitarist available for paid gigs. Great gear and transport. Call Pat. guitarpat1@hotmail. com 0400 633 136 HARD ROCK/METAL VOCALIST Exp’d & versitile fem vox looking for covers or orig project (pref alt/industrial/prog rock or metal) strong range/melodic/growl/scream. Plenty of stage exp & presence. Established & proficient musos only. Inf- Karnivool/TBE/Skunk Anansie/7dust. angel_lee_bailey@hotmail.com 0421 852 391 HARD ROCK/ROCK/BLUES/METAL Hey, would like to be in a band doing originals, Influences Fugazi, Alkaline Trio, Kings of Leon, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Nazerath, Led Zepplin, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister etc. Jamming and recording. donaldmaclean77@hotmail.com I AM A 19 YO FEMALE SINGER Who loves a beer, I sing country mostly. Looking for a guitarist to jam with, must want to do pub work, open mic nights etc. Brisbane ph 0421 516 210 JAZZ GROUP WANTED I am an experienced ex pro Mature Drummer with good gear just wanting to play. Looking for a jazz style group on the Gold Coast. congadude@gmail.com 0437 688 004 KEYBOARD PLAYER AND SONGWRITER 18, looking for serious Electronica/Alternative/Industrial/Indie band who write original music. Influences: Chemical Bros, Propellerheads, Rob Dougan, Pendulum, Regurgutator, Blue Man Group and more. Must be of similar age group and location. blakejnewton@gmail.com 0410 796 012 KEYBOARDIST/SONGWRITER 23yr old male, experienced, dedicated, keyboardist/songwriter looking for a talented male vocalist to start a band. Originals already written. Music must be the main focus with a goal of getting signed. 0422 207 980 LEAD GUITARIST AVAILABLE for original or covers band. 39, own gear, transport and pro attitude. Prefer something with a Rock edge. sherbeehoney@yahoo.com.au 0411 777 481 LEAD GUITARIST AVALIABLE Pro lead guitarist avaliable for fill in gigs, bands, session work and 1on1 guitar tuition. Reliable, own transport and quick learner. www.myspace.com/christimmsguitar aussie2004@optusnet.com 0437 238 892 LEAD GUITARIST/VOCALIST Mature aged looking for Classic Rock/ Blues duo. Very experienced, great gear, own vocal PA and full production backings( no midi files). Must good contacts for work. Email for song list. kevglad@optusnet.com.au 0414 756 907 LEAD/RHYTHM GUITARIST AVAILABLE 24 yr old lead/rhythm guitarist looking to join rock/metal band. 5yrs experience. Main influences include The Butterfly Effect, Karnivool, Metallica, Trivium, Grinspoon, Stone Sour. chris.cooke@live.com.au 0439 467 056 LOOKING FOR ORIGINAL OR COVERS BAND I’m a 47 year old drummer - been playing in covers bands for last 5 years. Still lots to learn but hard working and easy going. Prefer rock but open to other styles. Playlist, audio etc on old band web site. Looking for long term band. http://www.sonicbids.com/epk/epk.aspx?epk_id=121887 p_g_young@yahoo.com.au 0403 812 181 METAL 5 STRING BASS PLAYER Hi I The sort musician witch im looking for is a lead guitarist or drummer but no singer i al ready found a singer/rhythem guitarist. So if you are interested just give me an Email. darkvirus2@hotmail.com

METAL BASSIST AVAILABLE Fem bassist wanting to start band. Inf include Atreyu, KSE, House Vs Hurricane etc. Text Jess if interested! 0421767959 METAL RHYTHM GUITARIST AVAILABLE Hey, my name is Josh and I am a rhythm guitarist seeking a metal band to join. My influences range from Soulfly, Death, Slayer and Hatebreed so I’m really into nearly all metal. I have own equipment and transport. willjo86@hotmail.com 0424 077 339 METAL VOCALS I’m 18 interested in metal/hard/grind core and thing heavy send me a txt or email if you interested. Can scream and sing. timoshi_hasaddandisproud@hotmail.com 0437 554 697 METAL VOCALS I’m 18 lookin to join metal/grind/post/hardcore band, infl r: carpathian, hatebreed, PwD, Amity, ETF & many more. timoshi_hasaddandisproud@hotmail.com 0437 554 697 MIXER/PRODUCER/ENGINEER I can find the best way to get your recording done without blowing the bank. Demo to release quality. All styles. Mixing/editing services available. Arranging/programming and musical development also. Free song critiquing. Great prices. www.myspace.com/davisproduction davis_production@hotmail. com 0427 664 589 ORIGINAL STYLE BASS Looking for a originals band (no metal) possibly with woodwind, keys, or percussion that has original sound. I can play electric/acoustic or double bass. Established or newly formed ok. coleisen@gmail.com 0408 180 436 OZ ROCK TRIBUTE BAND AVAILABLE FOR HIRE The Ozbornz. Available for hire. 5 piece band. Classic OZ from the 60s to now. Email for pricing guide and information. Own full production. Sunshine coast to the Gold coast. musicrepairs@optusnet.com.au 0438 788 346 POWER POP GUITARIST I’m an experienced 20yr old guitarist/ 2nd singer wanting to form/ join a band like Forever The Sickest Kids, Mayday Parade with riffage influence like Saosin. Must share influences! Wanting guitar keys bass vocalist. rav_johnson@hotmail.com 0433 449 477 PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER AVAILABLE 16 Years experience Playing all styles from latin, jazz to progressive and hard rock. Available for corporate gigs, covers, fill ins, original projects and session work. Have pro equipment, own transport and a positive attitude! Call Damo. 0421 696 746 PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER Available for Corporate Gigs, Covers Bands & session work. 22 years playing with 15 years professional experience, professional gear & transport. Available now, please contact asap for bookings. joelw_groove01@hotmail.com 0430 491 431 PROFESSIONAL DRUMMER Available for gigs and tours. Reliable, experienced and professional. Own excellent gear (PDP/DW endorsed artist). Please contact me for any further enquiries. www.myspace. com/paulbainaustralia prbain@optusnet.com.au 0416 290 094 PUNK BASSIST Good punk bass player, into Nofx Lagwagon, Strung Out and all that good stuff own gear and transport. Get in touch mr_sparkle72@hotmail.com 0414 934 247 RUPEN “CORE-NOISE” Available, 27yo/Bris for gig-up and paid-up or form a band-up. Advanced Theory-T-kal and Prak-T-Kal Knowledge With Experience Having Extra Skills in “Composing/Arranging and recording techniques” ASAP Let’s wind-up! Listen To-Me-At: www. myspace.com/corenoise Greatdzer@hotmail.com 0422 391 370 SINGER FEMALE. 3 OCTAVES, PROF Wants work/Lead harms or fillin/Look for local writers 2 record their songs/write lyrics/3 octaves/ jazz blues/rock/top 40/versatile. Prof. 2nd in Aust Idol “My Mum Rocks”. Gold Coast/surrounds please. elleroch@bigpond.net.au SONGWRITER Songwriter has songs available for artists to record or perform. Contact Lewis. www.kinglouie.net louiereg@hotmail.com 07 5536 6610 UPRIGHT BASS PLAYER LOOKING TO JAM 31yo bass player wanting to jam with others locally. Influances: lamb, tom waits, damien rice, murcof, fleet foxes, iron & wine, radiohead la la la. Email me if your open minded & easy going. Ta! www.myspace.com/jigai jigai77@gmail.com WANTED: SINGING WORK Mature female vocalist seeking to form duo/trio with working pianist/musician(s), GOLD COAST AREA preferred. Easy listening genres. Infl: Golden Oldies Country SoftRock Jazz Folk Celtic Eva Cassidy Mouskouri Buble Dion. Good Voice. Starting out. patriciaclayton63@hotmail.com 0405 239 771


For more info, phone Bob at Ellaways on 07 3290 5656 or go to
1 WAY TO GET YOUR BAND GIGS. Looking for ALL types / styles for hotels and clubs, private gigs. Covers / Indie / Original Acts Welcome. bandlist@optusnet.com.au 4 PIECE WANTING ROCK FRONTMAN 4 piece looking for frontman. Won’t crap on about who we sound like or what we have done, simply, if you like our sound and you fit the bill, get in touch. Email info and demos/links. stevewithsticks@live.com 90S INFLUENCED GUITARIST WANTED Bass player looking to start originals band. Love 90s era! Influences include RHCP, Soundgarden, Porno 4 Pyros, RATM, Mr Bungle, STP, Helmet, FNM, Primus, Pumpkins, Kyuss, etc. Studying diploma in music business. Gear/ Transort required. Ages 17-21. http://www.facebook.com/home. php?ref=home#/profile.php?id=843294113&ref=profile jordanbleiberg888@msn.com 0423 378 506 A VERSITILE BRASS PLAYER WTD 4 SIGNED BAND 2 be able to play simple TRUMPET 4 our ska and easy sax for our ragga. We are signed, hav m’ment, releasing cd and got gigs comming out of our ears. matchui@hotmail.com ACCORDION OR VIOLIN Either/both to join amped-up acoustic country-blues combo to play award-winning original material. t.mccall1@hotmail.com 3265-6714 AGENCY IS LOOKING FOR NEW ARTISTS The BUNKER music agency is looking for soloists, duos, bands, djs, specialty acts. Email us to register your act. The BUNKER music agency. www.bunkermusic.com.au agency@bunkermusic.com.au ALLMUSOS Wanted for originals and covers. To gig asap. Inf inc -Beatles, Stones, Foo fighters, White Stripes, Oasis. Rock’n’roll. All musos can apply with serious attitude. herd_adrian@yahoo.com.au ARE YOUR READY TO ROCK? The Pushworth Group is looking for original and cover bands to perform at Industry Nights currently being held Thursdays & Sundays at CBD venues. Please send bio & mp3 or myspace link to: andrew@pushworth.com www.pushworth.com 3124 4051 ATT: BASSISTS Moderate band looking for serious, motivated, reliable brother/bassist. Tastes such as Grinspoon, QOTSA, Foo fighters, Led Zep, appreciated age 18-25. www.myspace.com/pokerface2440 little_wing1970@hotmail.com 0402 580 748 BAND SEEKING DRUMMER AND BASIST Echoes of the fallen are a gold coast hard rock/ emocore band. We are in need of a drummer and bassist who are willing to perform and write with us. We write our own music and are in need of these instruments. If you are interested please contact me. www.myspace.com/eotfallen foley_4_eva@ hotmail.com BANDS NEEDED For COMPILATION ALBUM with record company interest. bandsneeded@optusnet.com.au BASS GUITARIST FOR NEW PROJECT ALL STYLES Bass Guitar Players Wanted For New Project All Levels and Styles. megachops@optusnet.com.au 0424 812 460 BASS GUITARIST/LEAD VOCALIST wanted for 3 pce covers band, experience and all round competency essential, reliability crucial, no rock stars please, good gig contacts available, audio demo preferred. bre7619@hotmail.com

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MUSICIANS WANTED CONTINUED BASS PLAYER NEEDED Guitarist and drummer are seeking a bassist and singer to complete band writing originals, influences include zeppelin, neil young, pearl jam, black keys etc wanting to record originals already written and create more. mangan58_31@hotmail.com BASS PLAYER WANTED 4 piece band chasing a bass player to join and write originals/jam, with a view to gigging and recording in the coming months. Mainly acoustic, alternative sound so far. Really laid back people chasing someone who can hold their own on bass. Cheers. mark.hutcheson@hays.com.au 0420 444 325 BASS PLAYER WANTED Established NSW North Coast working originals/cover band is looking for an experienced bass player for Pub/ Festival gigs. Call to arrange audition. www.smartartists.net smartartists@bigpond.com.au 0418 606 699 BASS PLAYER WANTED For Brisbane skatepunk band. Infl millencolin, descendents, nofx, blink 182. Must enjoy having fun and writing songs. Contact jonno 0400520132 or jervy_77@hotmail.com BASS PLAYER WANTED FOR COVERS SHOW Seeking someone with Good Gear And Professional Outlook. Must be available for regular weekend gigs and be prepared to commit. ausrock@live.com.au BASS PLAYER WANTED FOR SUCCESSFUL 60’S BAND Must be able to sing high. Good money, plenty of bookings. Immediate start. Experience not necessary. Talent is. 3352 6937 BASS PLAYER WANTED. EXP NOT NECESSARY Singer & Guitarist looking for rhythm section to start a FUN rock/blues cover band. NOT looking to gig (yet), just a bunch of 30/40 y/o looking to jam out. Pref. looking for people starting out and wanting to get in their first band. NO EGOS. milesandmax@hotmail.com 0402 83 4471 BASS PLAYER WITH HIGH VOCALS WANTED for multi award winning band with many bookings. Preferably male. Experience not necessary. Talent is. 3352 6937 BASS REQUIRED FOR ALT-COUNTRY 3-PIECE We’re ready to gig with the right player. Influences include Bright Eyes, Okkervil River and Augie March. Call Simon. www.myspace.com/alexandabell bigsky81@gmail.com 0401 824 355 DO YOU RIP ON THE GUITAR? Original rock band with cranking tunes needs a lead/2nd guitarist. Gold Coast based. Good gear and own transport required. Aged 20-30 yrs pref. Lets jam! justin_burford@hotmail.com 0404 064 739 DOUBLE BASS PLAYER WANTED Double Bass Player wanted for local Neo Swing Band. Professional, Fun Group. Must be able to read charts provided. Transport & quality gear preferred, committed to rehearsals as well as gigs, start asap. Preferable Contact via email first. kingkook1@hotmail.com 0418 189 949 DRUMMER & LEAD VOCALIST REQ Guitarist (44 yrs) & Bassist (33yrs) seek a DRUMMER & LEAD VOCALIST (with keys, or guitar ability, or just plain charisma) to FORM top 40 classic covers band. Must have commitment, Southside Rehearsals, Southside based. troy-campbell@live.com.au DRUMMER FOR THOROUGBREDS Our existing drummer is leaving for the UK so we need a replacement. We will be playing shows soon. Influences, J&MC, Velvet Und, Deerhunter, Joy Division. Listen to the demos on myspace. www.myspace.com/thoroughbred400 gqshoe@ hotmail.com DRUMMER NEEDED FOR MELODIC POST HARDCORE Infl: Underoath, Circa Survive, We Came as Romans, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa. Own gear n transport needed as well as diversity and creativity. Must be willing to commit and create. Weekly prac southside. www. myspace.com/cityversussleep cityversussleep@hotmail.com 0402 027 037 - msg only DRUMMER NEEDED FOR POP PUNK BAND We’re seeking a committed, experienced drummer with own transport and good gear. We’ve got shows lined up we just need a drummer! We’ve got some rough demos up on our myspace. Check them out see what you think and hopefully we will hear from you. www.myspace.com/guiltyhandsofficial guiltyhands@hotmail.com DRUMMER NEEDED Punk-Funk influenced, metal/rock group, with originals, seeks a drummer to complete the band. inf. L’ARC~EN~CIEL, Nightmare, Acid Black Cherry, Janne Da Arc, DIR EN GREY, Bloc party, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Living End etc. www.myspace.com/betenoire09 abp_1990@live.com 0400 859 400 DRUMMER Raw rock guitarist seeks partner in crime rock drummer 2 put some songs together, jam n have fun. Intermediate level is fine. rawtone77@yahoo.com.au 0403 658 852 DRUMMER WANTED EXP. NOT NECESSARY Singer,Guitarist & Sax looking for rhythm section to start a FUN rock/blues cover band. NOT looking to gig (yet), just a bunch of 30/40 y/o looking to jam out. Pref. looking for people starting out and wanting to get in their first band. NO EGOS. milesandmax@hotmail.com 0402 83 4471 DRUMMER WANTED Experienced Gold Coast Covers Band with work requires a solid drummer. Song list includes large variety of mostly 80s & 90s Hard Rock. No time wasters please. scuba.01@optusnet.com.au 0411 777 047 DRUMMER WANTED For a heavy reggae band. The idea is to play reggae but make it heavy. Transport and gear is required. salttreemother@hotmail.com 0437 184 313 DRUMMER WANTED FOR ALTERNATIVE/ROCK BAND? Drummer wanted for an alternative/rock Band. Influences are The Getaway Plan, A Day To Remember, Underoath, Bless The Fall and Escape The fate. Must Have own equipment, Be Committed. Be Prepared to practice. Age 15-19 Email us and let us know. www.myspace.com/facedownaus nathan.rawr_@hiptop.com.au 0427 579 371 DRUMMER WANTED For Indie rock band The Transmitters, EP released in 09, along with tours arranged must be reliable txt Nick. www.myspace/thevalleytransmission 0419722293 DRUMMER WANTED For the Barmaids. Young or old, female or male. Original swampin’ country-ish rock? Call Austin. www.myspace.com/ brisbanebarmaids ann.007@hotmail.com 3392 3660 DRUMMER WITH VOCALS WANTED For successful local band. Immediate work. Male under 30. Must have commitment. No rock gods please. 0407 644 350 ELECTRONIC MUSICIANS WANTED Looking for writing partner for electronic/rock/noise music. Infl- the prodigy, pendulum, atr. drum machines, hard analog synths, some guitars and vocals. Txt or email. sinamatic_music@hotmail.com 0404 044 750 EXPERIENCED FRONTMAN WANTED FOR The Ozbornz. A classic oz rock tribute band This is a share position and will alternate gigs with current frontman. Age 40s Call or email for details, vocal ability comparable to current vocalists. www.myspace.com/ozbornz musicrepairs@optusnet.com.au 0438 7883 46 EXPERIENCED MUSICIANS WANTED Exp mature drummer seeks female vocalist/guitarist & bassist to form blues, country, rock band. No time wasters. I love CAPS LOCK. geoff49@hn.ozemail.com.au 07 3357 8850 / 0416 479 980 FEMALE BASS PLAYER WANTED We = originals band, girls and boy, 2 eps out, lots of songs written, lots of shows played, lots of craziness. 0400 710 289 FEMALE SINGER SEEKS SERIOUS GUITARIST Looking for serious guitarist that is serious about gigging and has some originals. Influences are Paramore, Killing Heidi, Pink, Missy Higgins and more. Looking to get started right now and have fun of course!!! stephiep52@hotmail.com 0432 217 967 FEMALE SINGER WANTED 18-45YO required for duo work with experienced male singer/keyboardist. Wanting to do weddings, functions and upmarket restaurants etc. If you like pop, blues and jazz then please call me. info@leadaswimwear.com.au 0414 381 361 FEMALE SINGER WANTED For successful band/harmony group. Must have talent, good looks & harmony knowledge. Aged 15-22. Dancing ability a bonus. 3352 6937 FEMALE VOCALIST For working duo. Over 30 pref. Classic rock and some Blues, no karaoke pop. Must have good repertoire, male songs too, and have access to gigs or industry contacts. I have over 200 full production backings. Guitar an advantage. Contact for songlist. kevglad@optusnet.com.au 0414 756 907 FEMALE VOCALIST NEEDED Producer looking for female vocalist to work with, electro as well as a little acoustic work. 0416 869 661 FOLK/BLUES/ROOTS Looking for other guitarists/musos to jam and perform with. Already playing live and recording. Inf include Ben Harper, Bob Marley, Bob Dylan, Eric Bibb, Harry Manx etc. Pat 22 yo. www. myspace.com/pattierney pattiernz@hotmail.com 0418 440 908 GIGASTUDIO USER If you use “Gigastudio” let’s hook up for mutual benefit, I have been a user for 6 years or so. Cheers Bryan. congadude@gmail.com 0437 688 004 GOLD COAST MUSICIANS WANTED! Bassist previously from ETHICA starting a new Melodic Hardcore/Deathcore band. Influences are AILD, BMTH, architects, For The Fallen Dreams and misery signals. Only serious and dedicated musicians need apply. Contact Andrew. misled88@hotmail.com GOT PASSION? Willing to work your arse off? Dedication, professional, quality... have you got what it takes? Heavy melodic rock voice needed. You wouldn’t believe whats in front of us ... Call Sergio.. ado311@hotmail.com 0447 684 767 GRINDER SEEKS LEAD GUITARIST Prominant Brisbane originals band are searching for a Lead Guitarist 25-40 No Time Wasters!! MUST BE PROFESSIONAL. Must be Versitile and have Pro Equipment. Genuine People Only!!! www.myspace.com/grinderaus grinderbrisbane@ gmail.com 0412 420 542 GUITARIST FOR 5 PIECE INDUSTRIAL METAL BAND Talented & diversely influenced guitarist required for unique project as 5th and final member. We have many demos available. Pro gear and own transport a must. Knowledge of ProTools7 & Reason is a plus. ATHEIST ONLY. www.youtube.com/user/freakystyley4000 vote_the_ficus@ hotmail.com 0422 169 387 GUITARIST WANTED 2nd guitarist needed for GC-based working covers band. FOB, Foos, Killers, RHCP, RATM, JBT, Green Day etc. Pro setup and attitude. Gigs waiting. Serious and committed only. www.myspace.com/sectorsevengee sector7g.gc@gmail.com 0415 339 496

GUITARIST WANTED FOR MELODIC POSTHARDCORE Infl: Underoath, Circa Survive, We Came as Romans, Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa. Own gear n transport needed as well as diversity and creativity. Must be willing to commit and create. weekly prac southside. www. myspace.com/cityversussleep cityversussleep@hotmail.com 0402 027 037 - msg only GUITARIST WANTED Guitarist want to share lead in original rock band. Influences Motley, Gunners, Rob Zombie, Alice Cooper, AC/ DC, Velvet Revolver. Email photo and experience. Male or Female OK. management@theravenscourt.com GUITARIST WANTED Ideally with bv’s to join exp Singer/Guitarist, Bassist and Drummer to play original music. Songs, sequencer and rehearsal space all ready to go. 25 songs written and recorded - just need a good guitarist! www.myspace.com/reganmolloy edandsandrabenn@hotmail.com 0419 024 917 GUITARIST WANTED Trained Female singer/writer bass play seeks guitarist to collaborate on originals with view to form band. Style PJ Harvey, Courtney Love, Evanescence, Paramore, Suze DeMarchi, Chrissy Amphlett, Rogue Traders etc. Bandenquiries@hotmail.com HARD ROCK BASS PLAYED WANTED Hard rock bass player wanted, age 17-25, in the vein of players like Cliff Williams, Duff McKagan, John Paul Jones. timothy_cummings@hotmail.com 0413 978 021 HARD ROCK DRUMMER WANTED Hard rock drummer wanted, preferably around ages 17-25. Influences in the vein of AC/DC, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath. timothy_cummings@hotmail.com 0413 978 021 HARD ROCK SINGER WANTED Hard rock singer needed, age 17-25 preferably, in the vein of Roger Daltrey, Bon Scott, Robert Plant or all 3 if you think you’re that good. timothy_cummings@hotmail.com 0413 978 021 HARD ROCK/METAL DRUMMER wanted to ressurect an established Brisbane (dark prog rock/metal) band on hiatus or create new project with current members. Must have double kick ability/creative flare on top kit/good writing skills. Reliable & talented. angel_lee_bailey@ hotmail.com 0421 852 391 HEAVY METAL DRUMMER WANTED!! We are looking for a Brisbane drummer who is between the ages of 15-20 and keen to play in a heavy metal band, with influences of Metallica, Pantera, Skid Row and Black Label Society. spectrum-band@live.com 3820 9489 HELP WANTED Band needs help, reliable, punctual, cool. Heavy Lifting/Roadie/Hand/Roustabout for gigs. You’ll basically be part of the band, a permanent fixture. Must be over 18. Girls/guys welcome. www.myspace.com/flowers4lily flowersforlily@optusnet.com.au 0402 616 599 HORNS, KEYS OR MULTI TASKER WANTED A preference for someone who is happy to sing backup. Looking for member- dedicated, committed, long term and for recording. We sound like - Anti-folk, jazz, funk, folk, rock, pop, roots. www.myspace.com/nightillion nightillion@hotmail.com J. FRUSCIANTE / H. SLOVAK FOR RHCP TRIBUTE Blood Sugar Sex Magik The DEFINITIVE Australian R.H.C.P. Tribute Show is seeking a talented and professional guitarist to assume Frusciante / Slovak / Navarro duties. Pro gear, transport, fun and funky attitude a must. www.youtube.com/user/freakystyley4000 bloody_sugar_sex_ magik_4000@hotmail.com 0422 169 387 JAZZ GUITARIST WANTED for latin/swing quartet. info@honeyeaters.com 3391 1514 KEYBOARD PLAYER Keys player for originals electro jazz groove band with management and upcoming gigs. Email for info and links. http://www.efmmusic.com/beatronica info@efmmusic.com KEYBOARD PLAYER WANTED ON SUNSHINE COAST To play some solid organ sounds in original blues, roots, reggae music and also add trippy bits to colour the music. Vocals a bonus. qwerty69oj@hotmail. com 0448 544 320 KEYBOARD/SYNTH PLAYER FOR LIVE DNB BAND keyboard/synth player to complement 7 piece fusion band. Styles include DnB, AfroBeat, Funk, Latin, Electro with Didge. Creatively open ensemble Gold Coast/Brisbane based. www.wunluv.com.au music@wunluv.com.au Daniel 0438152148 KEYBOARDIST WANTED For established popular band. Must be brilliant musician, have all the sounds & be able to play them. 3352 6937 KEYBOARDIST/SYTHN PLAYER WANTED Keys/synth player wanted for dance/rock band in Brissy. Infl: FTSK, Motion City, etc. M or F. 18. Must be dedicated and creative. View to gig, record and tour. Check myspace or call Dave. www.myspace.com/themonstergoesrawrr d.soole@qut.edu.au 0408 981 980 KEYS WANTED to help start a new project in the style of apc, ashes divide, nin, karnivool. Have bass player guitarist, guys or girls welcome, 18plus only. sharpie_8-8@hotmail.com KEYS, GUITAR OR STRING PLAYER wanted for originals electro jazz groove band with management and upcoming gigs. Email for links and info. info@efmmusic.com KEYS/SYNTH PLAYER WANTED! Looking for a skilled keys/synth player for a christian heavy rock band. Infl- Skillet, Red, Falling Up etc. Must have equip., commitment, passion. danlechmere@msn.com 0420 879 626 txt only! LEAD GUITARIST & BACK UP VOCALIST WANTED Lead guitarist & back up vocalist wanted for original acoustic surf/roots band. Some touring involved. www.kymcampbell.com kym@kymcampbell.com 0405 720 187 LEAD GUITARIST WITH VOCALS For popular, successful local showband. Many gigs, good money. Covers and originals. Presentable & professional, great player. Phone for more details. 0407 644 350 LEAD GUITARIST/LEAD VOCALS wanted for 3 pce covers band, experience and all round competency essential, reliability crucial, no rock stars please, good gig contacts available. bre7619@hotmail. com LOOKING BAND MEMBERS! I’m an experienced 20yr old guitarist/ 2nd singer wanting to form a band like Forever The Sickest Kids, Mayday Parade with riffage influence like Saosin. Must share influences! Wanting guitar keys bass vocalist. rav_johnson@hotmail.com 0433 449 477 LOOKING FOR BAND MEMBERS Vocalist 21/F seeking rhythm & lead guitarist, bassist and drummer to form new band, influences Paramore, Green Day, Boys Like Girls etc. Must have own gear & preferably own transport. No time wasters, thanks. Interested? Call or MySpazz me. www.myspace.com/xluxlucisx rundle.tanya@gmail. com 0427 826 927 LOOKING FOR PAUL MCCARTNEY, Brian Wilson & Phil Everly all in one person. A bass guitarist who can sing high. Plenty of money for the right person. 3352 6937 MALE FUNK/SOUL SINGER SoulZU wants a permanent super-funky male vocalist who doesn’t have commitment issues and can share lead. We R semi-pro moving 2 the next level. Mostly covers but increasing originals. Regular gigs & hardcore manager ) www.soulzu. com soulzu@aapt.net.au 0408 542 281 MALE PIANO KEYBOARDIST /VOCALIST Music trio seeks male piano keyboardist/vocalist to play mainly folk, jazz, blues and be prepared to learn duets to the likes of chuck brown & eva cassidy among other artists. For more info phone or email us. mamarriott@optusnet. com.au 0421 507 165 MALE ROCK VOCALIST 19-22? Gigging gold coast originals band, previous recordings etc. Main influences include, rolling stones, JET. own rehearsing space. Throw us a line if you fit the bill and wanna have a jam. retroskeleton@hotmail.com MALE ROCK/POP SINGER WANTED Established band looking for male singer. 19-25 yrs old. Band has great management and national distro deal. Band influences include Anberlin, U2, Angels and Airwaves, Switchfoot. Frequent playing/touring. Only serious applications please. baxteristhatyou@gmail.com MANIAC DRUMMER Need a proper metal drummer original thrash band. Songs done and practise demo available. Give us a buzz if you want to have a go. me.talman13@live.com METAL DRUMMER WANTED Metal guitarist, just moved to Brisbane, 23yo, playing for 5 years, looking for drummer to jam with, influences include Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Pantera, mostly thrash and death metal, call or email Mitch. mitchduck@hotmail.com 0408 381 503 METAL VOCALIS WANTED!! Metal vocalist needed to complete a 5 piece metal band on the Gold Coast. Recently released e.p. and have a heap of new material! We are eager to get back into the gigging scene asap! Must have own transport. www.myspace.com/aggrevated aggrevated23@yahoo.com.au 0421 677 767 METAL VOX, DRUMS & GUITARS WANTED Fem bass player seeks rest of band to create sick lineup! Inf inc Atreyu, House Vs Hurricane, KSE, etc. Text Jess if interested – 0421767959. METAL/ROCK GUITAR DUO SEEKS BAND MEMBERS Two guitarists (17 yrs old) looking to form rock/metal band to play originals and some covers. Influences include Iron Maiden, Iced Earth, Metallica, Guns N Roses, Bruce Dickinson Metallium. Must be dedicated and have own gear. www.myspace.com/brady_dent91 the.wall250@ gmail.com 0424 057 142 METALCORE BASSIST Looking for metal bassist. Gigging asap weekly rehearsal in studio, influences as I lay dying, killswitch, bfmv, all that remains, caliban. viva-la-scredge@hotmail.com 0431 847 447 MUSICIANS WANTED FOR PINK FLOYD TRIBUTE I’d like to hear from singers, sax players, guitarists, keyboard players and anybody who can do more than one of the above. Project is on hiatus until I can fill out the line-up. ridingthegravytrain@gmail.com 0431 915 660 MUSICIANS WANTED Multi-instrumentalists needed for exciting new project! Looking for talented 18-25yo musos (strings, horns, woodwind, etc) to create indie-soundscape. Inf - Sufjan Stevens, The Decemberists, Elliott Smith, Rush, Zappa, etc. Northside. thesonofodin@hotmail.com MUSOS WANTED I’m 43 yr old muso wanting to form hard rocking country /punkabilly band. Trashing classic songs with tons of distortion, pref sth side musos, age n gender open. stevesworkstuff@msn. com 0402 496 796

NEED 5TH BAND MEMBER ON BASS Original northside, indie/alt rock band seek bass, we are drums, 1st, 2st, guitar, and vocals, need an energetic bass player with good gear good attitude, interested please contact us, for a MP3/weblink or rehearsal. Joel. toothfish@ aanet.com.au 0414 590 946 NEW BAND LOOKING FOR WICKED SINGER!!! Looking for a great male singer with a cool / good range and even maybe some decent husky yelling / screaming (Rise Against). Need your own transport. Call Adrian. drinsta1@hotmail.com 0406 638 980 NEW COVERS BAND Drummer seeks guitarist, male singer and bass player for new covers band, predominantly modern sets. Members need ability & commitment to travel to regular practices at my Rehearsal space. Any inquiries welcome. shannonsrealm@hotmail.com PAUL MC CARTNEY / BEATLES SHOW We need a Macca to complete our Beatles Tribute show. On offer Good Money, Good Gigs, Good Players to Play with. Suits, Wigs, Ricky’s is what we are about even better if you have your own hair. croaks1@optusnet.com.au 0424 179 691 PLANET DESTROYING DRUMMER WANTED! Double kicking death machine needed to add Brutality to Face melting Metal/Deathcore/ Hardcore band. Will to dominate world, and Transport a Must. If you are interested. Thor. Dread-0@hotmail.com 0432 481 613 POP PUNK BAND NEEDS KEYBOARDEST Too Late Escape! is after a keyboard player! Infl: Four Year Strong, New Found Glory, set your goals, a day to remember, FTSK check us out! www.myspace.com/ toolateescape crass101@hotmail.com POST-PUNK/ROCK/MAYBE SOME SCREAMO? No need to read if you just want to jam.... Drummer looking to get a new band together.. and anything else that will contribute that has an edge worthy of a gig or two.. I’m not here to waste your time, just keen folk need reply. Age 25 plus please. icansurf@gmail.com PUNK BAND Established band of 6 years looking for someone to slot in on gat/vox. Like spending time watchin vids with your gf or love your job? Don’t contact us. We need a good guitarist with good backing vox who enjoys band life. If you’re motivated email us. www. myspace.com/notokband not_ok_@hotmail.com ROCK BAND SEEKS DRUMMER Gold Coast rock/metalcore band seeks drummer. Influences include Bullet for my Valentine, Metallica, Motley Crue, Escape the Fate. Keen on jamming and writing original music soon. blazed21@gmail.com ROCK COVERS DRUMMER REQUIRED GOLD COAST Established Gold Coast rock cover trio still looking for a permanent dedicated & committed drummer. Next gig in 3 weeks, see website for song list. www.themagicnumber.com.au/songs 0404 053 099 SEEKING MUSOS 26 y/o guitarist (11 yrs)/songwriter (6 yrs) looking to form punk/metal/grunge band. Music and lyrics down, need dedicated musos to help manifest songs. See myspace page for elaboration. http://www.myspace.com/darrendavidcooper pink.panacea@ gmail.com SINGER / GUITARIST WANTED Want to Jam? Local Singer / Guitarist wanted for occasional jams at the moment. , Inf, Powderfinger, pearl jam, acdc, RHCP, Foo Fighters, Rolling Stones, U2 etc, 20-25yrs, pref. rollingthunder1968@hotmail.com SINGER NEEDED FOR POP PUNK BAND We’re seeking a committed, experienced drummer with own transport and good gear. We’ve got shows lined up we just need a singer! We’ve got some rough demos up on our myspace. Check them out see what you think and hopefully we will hear from you. www.myspace.com/guiltyhandsofficial guiltyhands@hotmail.com SINGER NEEDED Guitarist and drummer are seeking a bassist and singer to complete band writing originals, influences include zeppelin, neil young, pearl jam, black keys etc wanting to record originals already written and create more. mangan58_31@hotmail.com SINGER WANTED FOR SHREDDY MELODIC PUNK Serious new Brisbane band needs vocal front man (over 20) with good range & power (a combination of balls and melody) think a Willhelm Scream, Strung Out, Big Wig, Propagandhi, Rise Against, No time wasters. www.myspace.com/viciouscycle01 vgbombadore@hotmail.com 0447 142 021 SINGER WANTED to complete Led Zeppelin tribute band. Must be dedicated, have a professional attitude. North Bris preferred. Phone or email Rob. rob14042000@yahoo.com.au 3314 2389 SINGER WANTED!!! Looking for a 18-22yr old singer who has own transport and gear, likes slow/soft music like: Blind Melon, John Butler Trio, Pete Murray, Powderfinger, Foo Fighters, Kings Of Leon, Green Day, Incubus, James Blunt. Thanx heaps, Dave. www.myspace. com/f8australia davidwrightson123@hotmail.com 0449 095 282 SINGER/FRONTMAN Working GC covers band seeking talented singer/frontman. Must be dedicated, motivated and diverse. FOB, JBT, Foos, Killers, Carolina Liar, RATM, Green Day etc. Gigs ready to be booked. Serious applicants only. www.myspace.com/sectorsevengee sector7g.gc@gmail.com 0415 339 496 SINGER/LYRICIST WANTED to write and perform songs with guitar/ bass/keys/sequenced drums. inf: Phoenix, James, Nickelback (just kidding). Experienced musos. michaelerictimms@gmail.com 0413 605 475 SINGER/SONGWRITER/GUITARIST Our band Theory Of Value are after a dedicated singer/guitarist to join our band. Inf - Offspring, Rise Against, Millencolin, Regurgitator, Greenday. 22 yrs and over preferably. www.myspace.com/theoryofvalue theoryofvalue@hotmail.com 0405 131 894 SINGERS NEEDED FOR SOUL BAND Aretha, James Brown, Commitments, Blues Brothers. Local private gigs, great musicians. Call now! www.myspace.com/soulstarqld info@ashgrovefitness.com.au 0423 367 995 SINGERS WANTED for The Harmony Choir. No experience necessary. We meet every Thursday evening at St Andrew’s church hall, corner Ann and Creek Sts. 7pm till 8.30. theharmonychoir@honeyeaters. com 33911514 STARTING A BAND. Indie/Dance Guitar/Keys Player Looking To Start A Band. Into Midnight Juggernauts, Killers, Presets, Strokes, and others. Aged early to mid 20s. Email to discuss. j-d-skinner@hotmail. com SWEET FEMALE VOX required to complete indie/pop/rock band. All originals. Ready to gig. Demo just finished. Keys ability a bonus. Influences incl. Fiest, Stars, Belle and Sebastian, Red Riders and You Am I. http://www.myspace.com/thebettermousetraptreatment thebettermousetraptreatment@gmail.com 0413 251 034 TEEN BASSIST WANTED for Mudgeeraba band, been going for 3 years. We play shoegaze/noise rock, influences include Sonic Youth, Big Black, Smashing Pumpkins, The Cure. Need a decent bassist who can keep in time, that’s it. Contact me if any of the above appeals to you. www.myspace.com/slowriotsband james_hilan@live.com.au 0434 529 789 THE PAPER & THE PLANE LOOKING FOR A SINGER Must have great range, dedication, creativity, transport and not be a shit dude. In the vein of Circa Survive, At the Drive in, Manchester Orchestra, Radiohead. Eps recorded, album in writing. Only serious applicants need apply. www.myspace.com/thepaperandtheplane thepaperandtheplane@gmail.com 0413 455 358 TRIPPY HIPPY MUSOS WANTED SUNSHINE COAST 23yo Guitarist forming local band to create New Earth music, blues/roots/reggae with a psychedelic touch. qwerty69oj@hotmail.com 0448 544 320 UPRIGHT BASSIST WANTED We need a dedicated acoustic style upright bass player with a blues/roots sensibility to bring the right sound to our original material. Back up vocals an advantage. Gigging now. Email with lots of detail please. www.thejasonrecliners.com vyvyan@blackeye.com.au VOCALIST AND DRUMMER WANTED Vocalist and Drummer wanted for Pantera cover band. Bring it on! nick.lacey@gmail.com 0403 146 797 VOCALIST WHO CAN PLAY BASS WANTED for successful working 60’s pop covers band. Vocals and bass playing (same person) essential. Good money, plenty of gigs. 3352 6937 VOCALIST/FRONTMAN WANTED FOR BRIS ROCK BAND Looking for Vocalist/Frontman who knows how to rock and has the voice and attitude to go along with it! Songs and more details on myspace, just go to the ‘Auditions’ Blog. http://www.myspace.com/ladykillersmusic contact@theladykillers.com.au Wayne 0405 237 353-after 5pm

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DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890

Hey! Ho!

EMILY WILLIAMS plays email ping-pong with YO GABBA GABBA’s DJ LANCE ROCK in an attempt to Þnd out why Toodee is always doing the wrong thing… hildren’s programming received a shot in the arm when Christian Jacobs and Scott Schultz created Yo Gabba Gabba! in 2007, revolutionising and popularising the format across the age divide, much like Jim Henson’s Muppet Show did in 1976. Schultz and Lance Robertson were musicians in LA when the burgeoning YGG needed a host – Robertson re-invented himself in DJ Lance Rock, and the Nick Jr. program has since welcomed The Shins, Cornelius, Biz Markie and Rahzel, with Mark Mothersbaugh and Biz Markie recurring guests. Bringing the live show to Brisbane, DJ Lance Rock is not phased by the YGG gang being out on the road – even if he is wearing a lurid orange spandex number. “Heck no! We all love making new friends!” EMILY WILLIAMS: Who designs your clothes? DJ LANCE ROCK: It’s a collaborative effort. Christian and

YO GABBA GABBA! @ Brisbane Convention Centre May 22 & May 23

Don't Cha?
With The Pussycat Dolls (pictured) in town, the group’s two lead choreographers and dancers will be taking workshops at Woolloongabba’s Dance Works on Monday May 18. To be in one of Kenny Wormald and Jian Pierre Louis’ workshops, head to www.dance2xs.com.au for ticketing details!
Contact The Informer on (07) 3397 2760 or chris@ravemagazine.com.au.




to apologise. I really admire that. EW: Who has been your favourite friend on Yo Gabba Gabba? DLR: Mark and Biz are awesome, and I’m glad that they’re a recurring part of the YGG! family. As for guest friends, it changes all the time, because there are so many good ones. But today I’ll say Rahzel and Cornelius for Season 1, with I Monster doing one of my favourite jingles (It’s Halloween). For Season 2 I’ll say Jack Black and Money Mark, with The Roots and MGMT doing amazing Super Music Friends Show segments, and The Bird And The Bee doing a most awesome jingle. EW: What can you tell us about the house-band and special guests? DLR: All I know is the house band is called The

Lance At A Glance
And here’s what happens when – close your eyes kids – DJ Lance Rock is just plain ol’ LANCE ROBERTSON ☺ EMILY WILLIAMS: What were you doing when initially approached about the YGG concept? LANCE ROBERTSON: I was working at Amoeba Music and DJing at a club. EW: Did you ever have second thoughts about hosting a children’s program when you were initially considered as host? LR: No, because Scott asked me. We’d toured together in our respective bands, and I liked him and trusted him. After I met Christian that just sealed the deal. EW: How comfortable do you find that outfit? LR: It’s incredibly comfortable. I’m just glad the hat is so warm and fuzzy, because it keeps my head warm. EW: What do you make of the age crossover appeal of the show? My 27 year-old housemate loves his ‘Party In My Tummy’ t-shirt… LR: I’m not surprised at all. What appealed to me in the first place is that Scott and Christian set out to make a show that parents would enjoy watching with their kids. EW: How do you work together a ‘kid friendly’ DJ set? LR: I just try to play music that is fun and lively and profanity free!

I’m just glad the hat is so warm and fuzzy... it keeps my head warm.
Scott are very involved with the aesthetics and style of the show right down to the costumes, so they have a lot of input. Julia Knapp is in charge of wardrobe, and she finds great stuff, and better yet, she makes great stuff. I even make suggestions for what I wear. EW: Are there ever any disagreements between Muno, Foofa, Brobee, Toodee and Plex? DLR: Of course there are. Even best friends disagree, but they all listen to each other to work out their problems. I usually try not to interfere, but I do try to get them to empathise with each other. EW: Why is Toodee always doing the wrong thing? DLR: To me, Toodee is like your average kid, very curious and always getting into everything. What I love about Toodee is that even when she messes up or hurts someone’s feelings, she at least has the character Pookynoos, and I can’t wait to hear them. As far as the special guests go, they’re going to be great! Darren and Ian, the guitarists from Powderfinger are going to come by as well as Kram and Chris Cheney. Kellie from Architecture In Helsinki is also going to be joining us, which is cool, because we tried to get them on the show earlier, so we’re at least closer to making that happen now. YO GABBA GABBA! plays at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre on Friday May 22 & Saturday May 23, featuring the PookyNoos! Check out www.yogabbagabba. com.au for more info. Read the full transcripts with DJ Lance Rock & Lance Robertson at www.ravemagazine.com.au


in fashion



The Last High
“The best thing you can possibly do is make a legendary Þlm that’s no-one has seen,” laughs Þlm director BERT DELING. “As soon as it gets to be available, the legend will collapse!” Such was the fate of Deling’s Melbourne underground drug “comedy” PURE SHIT, released under a black cloud of controversy in 1975 and buried very soon afterwards. ANDREW LEAVOLD reports on the Þlm’s much-delayed second life. ediscovered in recent years by rabid fans Warren Ellis and Nick Cave, who re-introduced the film via his All Tomorrow’s Parties sidebar screenings, Beyond Home Entertainment are set to release Pure Shit next month in a deluxe three disc special edition, forcing Deling to face his delinquent child after all these years. Much to our collective relief, the legend of Pure Shit is entirely justified: a deft combination of Swiftian satire, social realism with the odd picaresque touch, and above all a smack-soaked odyssey of Homerian proportions following four hapless not-soinnocents over a manic 24 hours as they cruise in a classic FX Holden searching for that elusive pure hit. There’s a chemist break-in, several overdoses, a Drug Squad bust and a failed attempt at shooting Draino, all to a pounding soundtrack by a proto-version of Skyhooks. It’s manic, grim, paranoid, and above all, absurdly funny. And, shot on the hoof by Deling and cameraman Tom Cowan, its guerrilla aesthetic gives it a vitality, or in Deling’s words, “the kind of kinetic energy that their lives don’t have. William Burroughs said he spent an awful lot of time on a bed in Tangiers staring at his toe. Not very filmic...” Pure Shit was written partly as a document of a culture he was knee-deep in, compressed from Melbourne’s own junky folklore, and partly as a shocked reaction to finding his friends and colleagues around Carlton’s explosively talented Pram Factory playhouse flirting with heroin, many of whom comprised Pure Shit’s cast and crew. Garry Waddell, as the cocky sunglassed Lou, was a then-current user from a blue collar suburb of Melbourne who was adopted by the PF collective, and his self-assured performance led to a string of film and TV roles; not so for Anne Hetherington, who, according to Deling was “using, deep into it. Went to England, did some jail was the last we heard of her. We made a lot of attempts to find her, but we can’t.”
D DVD available May 13




Cinema’s timeless beauty is back on the big screen thanks to Metro Arts ... AUDREY HEPBURN was a babe en masse (translation: massive babe*). It seems no one in modern cinema has been able to replicate her infamous charm and beauty, with perhaps the exception of those most readily and frequently compared: Audrey Tautou and Natalie Portman – but admittedly, even that is a bit of a stretch. (Don’t worry though, Nat – you’re still my number 1 girlcrush!) amous for iconic films like Roman Holiday, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and My Fair Lady, Hepburn was the antithesis of the curvaceous blonde pin-up-esque beauties (ala-Miss-Marilyn-Monroe) popular at the time. The director of Breakfast At Tiffany’s did not even want her in the role, even though the film went on to earn her an Academy Award nomination and widespread acclaim. Skinny, boyish and decidedly cheeky (three things certainly not expected of women at the time), Hepburn fought against to the odds and managed to charm the world with her grace, wit, and outstanding sense of style. (The fact that she was ridiculously beautiful may have also helped, but hey – if you’ve got it, you’ve got it). One of fashion’s first true innovators, Hepburn dismissed the fact that most designer clothes of the day didn’t fit her small frame, and modified styles to make things work for her. This was groundbreaking stuff at the time, as she teamed her short haircut with men’s button-downs and suits, and showed the world that

Celebrating Audrey

visage and her body, their fine points and their faults. Later I tried to adapt my designs to her desires. She wanted a bare-shouldered evening dress modified to hide the hollows behind her collarbone. What I invented for her eventually became a style so popular that I named it ‘décolleté Sabrina’.” Hepburn’s sense of style still resonates strongly today, with some of fashion’s most essential items – button downs, ballet flats, cigarette pants and good posture! – derived from the iconic ballerina-turned-actress. And don’t think we’ve forgotten THAT LITTLE BLACK DRESS: the epitome of simple elegance, even to this day. (Add black gloves and a cigarette, and you have Hepburn at her most iconic ... And who doesn’t want to be Holly Golightly, right?) Still today many items of clothing and fashion accessories are named after her, or earn the exclamation “wow, that’s so Audrey.” What was also “so Audrey”, however – though perhaps not as famously – was her strong sense of charity.

There’s also fellow Pram Factory all-rounder Phil Motherwell and Monkey Grip author Helen Garner as a pair of coke-fired middle class eccentrics, Max Gillies playing methadone specialist Dr Wolf, and a VERY young Greg Pickhaver (aka H.G. Nelson), who was also the Pram Factory’s resident electrician! Always intended to deglamourise the process in a brutally honest and non-hysterical manner, the film’s refusal to lay on the sermon is frequently misread as a pro-drug message. “I really didn’t understand how powerful the whole Middle Class Taste was,” says Deling. “I thought what I was making was a drive in movie with a political message. And to my total, genuine amazement, the film got banned.” The decision was eventually overturned, but not without a half-page hatchet job by the Melbourne Herald’s Andrew McKay declaring it ‘The most evil film that I’ve ever seen.’“Don’t let anybody say that all publicity is good publicity,” laments Deling. “Because that was BAD publicity. So that killed it.” And how does Bert regard his wayward child, now almost 35 years old? “I reckon all the key people will say it was one of the best experiences of their lives. Because we were still young, we were still enthusiastic about what we were doing ... In a funny way, having no budget is a great freedom. We all moved on into the bigger industry and found it was never going to be like that again.” PURE SHIT screens at the Brisbane Powerhouse on Friday May 15 at 7 .30pm, followed by a Q&A with the director Bert Deling and lead actor Gary Waddell, chaired by Trash Video’s Andrew Leavold. Tickets are $20/$18, available from the Brisbane Powerhouse (www.brisbanepowerhouse. org). The DVD is available May 13. www. beyondhomeentertainment.com.au/pureshit.

... She knew exactly what she wanted. She knew perfectly her visage and her body, their Þne points and their faults.
women could look good in trousers. (A style fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent are still famous for). Hubert Givenchy, who soon became the man most famous for dressing Hepburn (as well as one of her closest friends), described his experience first meeting the actress in the 1950s: “When the door of my studio opened, there stood a young woman, very slim, very tall, with doe eyes and short hair and wearing a pair of narrow pants, a little T shirt, slippers and a gondolier’s hat with red ribbon that read VENEZIA. The disappointed couturier later admitted: “My first impression was of some extremely delicate animal. She had such beautiful eyes, and she was thin ... I told her, ‘Mademoiselle, I would love to help you, but I have very few sewers, I am in the middle of doing a collection, I can’t make you clothes.’ So she said, ‘Show me what you have already made for the collection.’ She tried on the dresses ... She knew exactly what she wanted. She knew perfectly her “What many people don’t know about Audrey,” says Kristian Fletcher, event organiser for an upcoming screening of Audrey’s films, “is that she worked heavily with UNICEF right up until her death in 1993. Actually, most people don’t even realise she’s dead – but that’s another story.” Hepburn would have celebrated her 80th birthday this month, so to acknowledge this landmark and “bring the social aspect back into cinema”, Kristian Fletcher and Metro Arts (109 Edward St) are treating us to a retrospective of her most famous Þlms this Saturday, May 16. Tickets are selling fast, so get in quick to book for Roman Holiday at 1pm, How To Steal A Million at 5pm, and Breakfast At Tiffany’s at 3pm and 7pm. Bookings: (07) 3397 3028. Tickets: Single $10 / Two Þlms $15. [*NB: earlier ‘translation’ not at all based on any actual language.]

C Comedy d THE COMEDIANS OF COMEDY: LIVE AT THE TROUBADOUR (Punchline/Beyond) A big bowl of comedy win Patton Oswalt hosted a series of shows with a killer line-up including David Cross, Sarah Silverman, Brian Posehn and others at concert venues across America where the crowd got to stand up just like the comedians and the comedians got to feel like rock stars. At the point Live At The Troubadour was filmed in 2007 Oswalt and his troupe of gonzo alt.comedians had been together long enough to have dedicated fans who will laugh at anything, so it’s interesting to see who gets lazy. It’s terrible to see someone who used to be funny build up an indulgent audience and then get bloated on their cheap laughs, but I’m not telling you anything you don’t know unless you haven’t cringed at Paul McDermott. Jon Benjamin and Sarah Silverman are the ones who flounder, doing some complacent, self-consciously edgy material, but it doesn’t matter. Oswalt’s a masterful host and he keeps the show moving over the bumps. Most of the performers get 10 minutes at the most and then bam, they’re off and someone else is being hilarious. Eugene Mirman gets surprising mileage out of mocking an awful band who tried to get in touch with him through MySpace and will probably regret it. Maria Bamford’s squeaky, girlish voice belies her gift for impersonation, so her sudden switches into perfect caricatures of the stuck-up and self-important are twice as funny. The short duration of each performance means it isn’t great value if you’re just after that one comedi-


a an you’re a fan of, but if you’re a fan of good c comedy in general this is delicious cake. JODY MACGREGOR !!!! " J JEFF DUNHAM: ARGUING WITH M MYSELF ( (Punchline/Beyond) A big bowl of comedy fail Whenever a stand-up comedian opens with a mother-in-law joke like Jeff Dunham w does you know it’s not a good sign. Dunham is a ventriloquist with an array of puppet characters, like a less funny version of David Strassman. His characters are a grouchy old man called Walter, a pimp named Sweet Daddy Dee, a redneck named Bubba J, some weird green-haired thing named Peanut and – this marks the point where he obviously got really desperate for ideas – a Hispanic jalapeño on a stick named José Jalapeño. His other character and YouTube sensation, Achmed The Dead Terrorist, doesn’t make an appearance. Though having a selection of characters to bring out over the course of the show might add variety to his set, it’s all the same humour: obvious stereotypes and telegraphed punchlines. The redneck says he met his wife at a family reunion, the old guy complains about The Kids Of Today and his nagging spouse – Th it’s like somebody built a time machine just to it revive 1950s’ jokes so they could enjoy a frail re second life today. Making matters worse are a se series of clips inserted for the DVD showing a se puppet’s unfunny backstage antics. Dunham’s p not even that good a ventriloquist. The audin ence laps it up though, hooting like baboons e at every cliché and exploding whenever he a a actually does say something funny – which h he manages a handful of times – because t there’s no accounting for taste. Avoid. JODY MACGREGOR !
DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890

THE MAXX #1–12 – Sam Kieth, William Messner-Loebs (Image) “Then it wasn’t all a dream! Unless I’m dreaming now.” Maxx is a hulking purple brute with claws who thinks he’s a hero although he lives in a cardboard box when he’s not crashing at the home of his social worker, Julie Winters. Spending all her time bailing out superhobo Maxx and other hopeless cases, she’s the real hero of the comic, suggested in the first issue when she wears an outfit that makes her look like she’s got her underpants on the outside. The Maxx turns superhero comics upside down and shakes them to see what comes out. These characters have another existence beyond the normal(ish) one, in a primeval world called the Outback where Julie is a leopard-print jungle queen and Maxx her fearsome protector. Confused as ever, he thinks these strange dreams of a savage land are about Australia. There they get to live out the escapist fantasies that never work out properly in the real world, where Maxx is so incompetent he accidentally glues his claws shut right before a fight. The two worlds overlap so that Maxx, half-convinced he’s crazy, sometimes sees MUST R both at once – a massive airwhale floating over the verdant grassland becomes COMICEAD S a Goodyear Blimp hovering over a city street, both occupying the same space. Pointing out that superheroes are a bit crazy, sexist, dodgy in the subtext, blatant in their status as escapist fantasies – none of these things are original to The Maxx. It just happened that for 12 issues they were combined together in a pleasant stew along with artwork that varied from psychedelic crayons to inky grimness. Also, it had plenty of sublime nonsense like a Seuss-ian cartoon character named The Crappon In A Hat, a tribe of giants who only know one song and tiny monsters dressed in floral prints who look like your grandmother.





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THE BEATLES: COVER BAND Do you really, really want to pretend you’re The Beatles? Good, because Harmonix’s The Beatles: Rock Band is going to blow your mind (and bank balance). Alongside little plastic replicas of Paul McCartney’s Höfner bass and Ringo’s Ludwig drums – which are only included in the Limited Edition bundle – you’ll be able to purchase John Lennon’s Rickenbacker 325 and George Harrison’s Gretsch Duo Jet. A mic and microphone stand will also ship with the LE version, suggesting that the game will focus on playing and singing at once. Indeed, some websites are claiming that harmonising between up-to-three vocalists will be the norm, which is making the game sound less like Rock Band 2 (feat. The Beatles), and more like The Beatles: Cover Band. Actually, with the LE being US$250, the guitars $99 each and the possibility of needing extra mics/stands, it’s probably cheaper to start a covers band – and you’d get paid/laid. IT HURTS WHEN I PC PCs are becoming the “largest gaming platform in the world” according to EA CFO Eric Brown. Consoles have reigned supreme for the last decade or so, but the increasing prevalence of digital distribution to the already massive installed user base means PC gaming is on the rise … again. “This is a big year for us. The online part of our business is growing as much as 60% year over year,” Brown said. “In terms of distribution, the way we look at a lot what’s happening in the future is, we’ve got probably a billion PCs out there in the world. Very rapidly the PC is becoming the largest gaming platform in the world,

DUKE! NOOOOOOOOOO! Apparently 3D Realms is shutting down, and Duke Nukem Forever with it. So much for George Broussard claiming they had “hit a major milestone” last month. Perhaps that milestone was running out of money? just not in a packaged-good product.” This is an interesting point. Consoles like the PS3 and Xbox 360 represent a premium tier of gaming, where the latest hardware and games are expensive. But the success of mobile and casual gaming has proved there are millions of ‘non-gamers’ willing to play games that are (a) targeted at them, (b) work on their current hardware and (c) can be bought remotely. Brown noted: “As you look at what that means in terms of distribution of product, we think that’s incredibly exciting because it’s going to open the market to new demographics, new countries and new types of gameplay”. STARCRAFT II BETA OPT-IN Want to be a StarCraft II beta tester? Head to the Beta Profiles page on Battle.net and sign up. You’ll need a Battle.net account, and then to download an app that will send your PC’s specs to Blizzard. You then upload the results and play the waiting game … but! If you look back to last July the WOTLK beta opt-in opened at the beginning of the month with beta testing starting two weeks later. We could be very close to getting our grubby hands on StarCraft II. 2x2 HANDS OF BLUE Due to overwhelming demand (we scratched our heads at the exclusion) Relic are adding 2v2 multiplayer maps to Dawn Of War II in the upcoming 1.3.0 patch. There are two maps, Medean Cliff Mines and Ruins Of Argus, in which “You will need to work well both solo and with your partner in order to control the map and win the game”. Sweet.

TENCHU TENCHU: SHADOW ASSASSINS Platform: Wii Rating: MA Developer: Acquire Genre: Stealth Action It’s hard to go wrong with ninjas ... right? Shadow Assassins is the eighth instalment in the long-running Tenchu series. The fact that after eight games in the series they still haven’t made much of a blip on the radar gives an indication that t the series has never quite risen above the average mark. Shadow Assassins, while having some enjoyable aspects, doesn’t do a lot to dissuade this view. The player takes control of ninja Rikimaru in the first half of the game and Ayame in the second, the game employing a traditional third-person perspective. Shadow Assassins, unlike ninja cousin Ninja Gaiden, places far more emphasis on stealth than on combat. Being simultaneously silent and deadly therefore makes up most of the game experience, and it can be quite fun. Your aim is to stay in the shadows and avoid confrontation, dispatching guards as you go. If there’s a sentry at the end of a hallway, you can skip along the rafters above before dropping down to break his neck. If there’s a foe standing on the edge of some water, you can sneakily swim up, drag him underneath and finish him off. Much of the game’s stealth system is based around light sources. By slinking between bushes you can remain out of sight, but if there is a lamp or torch lit you’ll need to snuff it out in order to proceed. It can be enjoyable to methodically stalk through an area, extinguishing candles by throwing shuriken and performing stealthy executions on unsuspecting goons. But beyond this, Tenchu is a decidedly average game. If you happen to be caught while sneaking around, you’ll either disappear in a cloud of ninja smoke and appear at the start of the area you were in or you’ll engage in a strange first-person sword fight minigame that has you waggling the Wiimote and hoping for the best. The visuals are drab, the sound and voice acting kill any atmosphere the game hoped to have, and aside from the occasional ninja thrill it’s a pretty uninspiring experience overall. If you like stealth games, it’s a passable effort. If you like ninja games, pick up Ninja Gaiden instead. TOASTFARMER !!


VIN V DIESEL WHEELMAN DEVELOPER: Midway / Tigon Studios D RATING: M R PLATFORM: 360 / PS3 / PC GENRE: Sandbox Hey Vin Diesel likes it! Make of that what you will... It’s not new news that Vin Diesel is an avid gamer. It seems that he says it in every interview, press conference and even to strangers in the street – ‘Hey, who has got two thumbs and likes games? The Vin!’ Now Vin has taken his Celebrity Endorsement status to all-new ridiculous heights, actually founding his own game development house, Tigon Studios, which focuses solely on games that feature ‘The Vin’. If that seems like a bit of a wank, thank your lucky stars Olivia Newton John doesn’t have one as well. Wheelman is yet another third-person sandbox action adventure title much in the same vein as Grand Theft Auto (although this is a very clogged and cholesterol-encrusted vein). If you have heard these words before, you know exactly what the game is like; “open ended”, “freedom”, “living breathing city”, “destructible”, “car jacking”, “high speed”, “big guns”... all words that fall on deaf ears for this reviewer, as I (and most gamers) are familiar with these experiences already. Where Wheelman makes changes to the GTA formula is by over-exaggerating the involvement of ‘Hollywood’ and ‘The Vin’; by replacing physics for pyrotechnics, adding bullet times, special moves and ridiculous middrive carjackings where ‘The Vin’ casually jumps from a moving car. Wheelman’s main problem is that it lacks subtlety. Character development is next to nil, cut sequences are moved along by a boorish tough-guyand-dangerous-women script, coupled with a uninspired missions, a poorly designed city u (wasted use of the Unreal engine if you ask ( me), and horrible controls. Gamers will likem ly wonder why they don’t just play GTAIV. l GTA is a better product, even on the very b basic level where a gamer can emotionally connect with the lead character because they are always new to the big city. With Wheelman the only gamer able to connect will be Vin Diesel. Blip does not endorse this product. BLIP !

The CGI is near-flawless and the outer-space action is frequently edge-of-the-seat tense, but the real strength comes from the cast. Newcomer Pine cuts a dashing figure as Kirk – good-looking and arrogant with a rebellious streak and deeply-held disrespect for authority. Pine’s comic timing is an asset here, and Abrams is unafraid to have fun at his expense – confident and self-assured, he is forced to undergo numerous humiliations and indignities as he grows into the leader we all know. Quinto is, likewise, excellent, and Spock, caught between duty and emotion, provides a perfect outlet for his eerie intensity. The supporting cast is stuffed with fine actors – Simon Pegg is clearly having a blast playing Scotty, while John Cho and Anton Yelchin, as Sulu and Chekov dive headfirst into their roles. Karl Urban is dry and self-deprecating as the ship’s doctor, Bones, and Zoe Suldana gives a sultry take on Uhura. Though their characters are peripheral to most of the action this time around, it will be thrilling to see what happens to these characters in the next instalment. In fact, I’m excited as hell for the next one – bring it on, Abrams. !!!!! ALASDAIR DUNCAN GOMORRAH In cinemas Thursday [MA15+] Director: Matteo Garrone Runtime: 137mins Gomorrah was the biblical place of sin and debauchery, which along with Sodom, was destroyed by God in his anger. The Camorra are the criminal gangs of Naples who control the drug-trade, and have a hand in any other lucrative business in the area such as waste disposal. Gomorrah the film takes a look at a cross-section of people caught up in this violent world. Don Ciro is a quiet man, a money-handler whose job is to distribute funds to the families of men affiliated with his clan who are currently in jail. Toto is a 13-year old boy eager to join the gang that operates in the grim housing block in which he lives. Roberto is a university graduate who is hired by a businessman, Franco, to assist with his disposal of toxic waste. Pasquale is a highly-skilled dressmaker, given a tempting offer to train some Chinese competitors of his own Camorra boss, and Marco and Ciro are young men with dreams of being crimelords, like Scarface. The camera follows these characters around and events are depicted in a neo-realist style rather than the heightened visual style of a Francis Ford Coppola or Martin Scorcese mafia film, although Scorcese lends his name as a ‘presenter’ of Gomorrah. The film is based on a book by Roberto Saviano, a journalist who went undercover to learn about and become part of this world, so I guess it’s as authentic as anything we’ll ever see. Saviano is now permanently in hiding under threat of death from those he wrote about. As a window into an underground world, Gomorrah makes no concessions to audiences used to amped-up crime thrillers. However, many of the images can’t help but stay with you, such as the scene where Toto and other young ‘hopefuls’ are made to wear a bullet-proof vest and shot, as a kind of rite of passage. The oppressive atmosphere of living in this concrete housing block is vividly conveyed, and a long shot proves that it’s a real place, it wasn’t built as a ‘movie-set’. Marco and Ciro’s Scarface dreams may seem wildly naive but you can understand given where they come from. The corruption of the gangs extends to the landowners, who rather than object to the dumping of toxic waste on their land, offer more land to be in on the scam. The consequences in lives lost, money made by the gangs and cancers created, is only spelled out at the end. While Gomorrah, a Cannes prize-winner, demands concentration, eschews sentiment and won’t be for everyone, it does tell it like it is, in a way you won’t forget. !!!! GARRY WILLIAMS

HUGH JACKMAN In a scene from X-Men Origins: Wolverine

CHRIS PINE In a scene from Star Trek

X-MEN ORIGINS: WOLVERINE In cinemas now [M] Director: Gavin Hood Runtime: 107mins X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a missed opportunity to new breathe life into a wonderful franchise. It is cheesy, very clichéd, has some very lacklustre action scenes and huge plot problems. Firstly, the story offers no new information on our favourite mutant. It rehashes the admantium back-story illustrated through flashbacks in X2, with hardly any development of Logan’s character outside of a hastily puttogether love story. Spoiler: the relationship ends with Wolverine screaming ‘Nooooo!’ as he clutches his lover’s lifeless body (surprise!). The movie fails as a prequel, because it does almost nothing to segue into the first XMen movie; the Wolverine/Sabretooth rivalry (apparently they’re brothers?) is not so much as hinted at in the original X-Men film. The rest of the movie is just one shoddy action-scene after another, peppered with contrived interactions between Wolverine and a litany of left-over X-Men characters. Hood’s attempts to jam old favourites like Emma Frost, Blob, Deadpool and Gambit into an already confused story makes a plotless mess of the film. The narrative lacks any depth, devoid of all the themes of discrimination, fear and individuality that the X-Men narrative has been consistently applauded for since the ‘60s; even Ratner’s much-maligned Last Stand explored assimilation and conformity with the ‘mutant cure’ plot. Jackman, as usual, is great as Wolverine. Like Bale and Batman, he owns this role, throwing himself into the character both physically and mentally. Liev Schreiber, an odd choice for the giant, bestial Sabretooth, does a pretty good job as antagonist. Like Jackman, he seems to take the comic-book persona quite seriously. It’s just disappointing that there is no marriage of acting talent and subject matter here; we’re never sure of his character’s motivations beyond being as much of a prick as possible. Ryan Reynolds, fan favourite for the beloved Deadpool, does a

great job for the 10 measly minutes that his character has before the writers go all ‘creative’ on us (you’ll have to see what they did to poor Deadpool for yourself). Dominic Monaghan also has a disappointingly short but enjoyable cameo as a childish and quirky techno-empath. This isn’t the film X-Men fans wanted, and certainly does not fulfil the high hopes we had for a movie with the much-anticipated Gambit and Deadpool in it. Expect a sequel based on the Miller/Claremont one-shot set in Japan. LUKE GRIMISH !! STAR TREK In cinemas now [M] Director: JJ Abrams Runtime: 126mins The year is less than half over, but I’m going to go ahead and call JJ Abrams’ Star Trek as the best movie experience of 2009. It’s elegant and refreshing, well-written and beautiful to look at, with great action sequences and CGI, a great cast and an economical running time of two hours, almost unheard of in these days of bloated, silly blockbusters. Leaving all that aside, though, it’s also, well, just awesome fun – a multi-million dollar flick that actually delivers on its promises. Given a whole galaxy to play with, Abrams clearly had the time of his life, and it’s a joy to come along for the ride. The movie tells the story of the maiden voyage of the star ship Enterprise – fresh out of Starfleet Academy, cocky young cadet Kirk (Chris Pine) finds himself in a bitter rivalry with cold, logical Spock (Zachary Quinto), but they must set aside their differences and find away to stop the evil alien Nero (Eric Bana), whose planet-destroying mission of vengeance threatens them all. Abrams plays fast and loose with the history and continuity of the Star Trek universe, altering certain historical plot points and recasting Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise crew with young actors; some of the series’ more hardcore fans have been outraged by these changes but, taken as a stand-alone movie, it’s pretty much impossible to find fault.

! Palace Centro continues screening HD-captured live theatre performances for international drama enthusiasts, showing Helen Mirren in Jean Racine’s Phedre as performed at London’s National Theatre from Jul 11. Screenings will run concurrently with the London season of the play, and it’s the first of four such productions scheduled to receive the simultaneous HD treatment. ! The 2009 Sydney Underground Film Festival is currently calling for entries from across the country. Features, shorts and documentaries will be considered for screening in the festival, set to run Sep 10-13 at Marrickville’s Factory Theatre. Entry details can be found at www.suff.com.au. ! According to the The Playlist, Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk is scoring French director Gaspar Noe’s (Irreversible, I Stand Alone) new film, Enter The Void, about a brother’s promise to protect his sister while both are hiding out in Tokyo. Daft Punk are also tipped to score Tron 2 (aka, TR2N, if you’re a sucker for marketing), due for release in 2011. ! The Wire’s Dominic West (McNulty) is set to star as Australian scientist Professor Howard Florey in a new BBC drama called Breaking The Mould, about the development of penicillin into a widespread practical medicine in the 1940s.


DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890

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UQ St Lucia. May 21 – 23. Ph: 3365 2552 !Macbeth: ‘The Contemporary Rock Opera’ re-envisions Shakespeare’s tale of treachery, incorporating punk rebellion with a choral rock opera score. Cremorne Theatre, QPAC. June 10 – 20. Ph: 136 246 / www. qtix.com.au !The Miracle Worker: The courageous story of Helen Keller, made accessible to the deaf and blind through “tactile tours” of the set, two sign language interpreters and hearing aids. Visy Theatre, Brisbane Powerhouse. June 17 – 20. Ph: 3358 8600 / www.brisbanepowerhouse.org !The Paris Opera Ballet: Comprising 100 dancers, and accompanied by The Queensland Orchestra, the company will perform Rudolf Nureyev’s production of La Bayadère, plus will host a one-off Grand Gala Performance for the re-opening of the Lyric Theatre, QPAC, on Saturday June 20. La Bayadère Season from June 24. Ph: 136 246 / www.qtix.com.au !Statespeare: Fast-paced self-devised work by shake & stir theatre co – four students debate the relevance of Shakespeare and become swept up into some of the Bard’s most famous plays. Roundhouse Theatre, Musk Ave. Kelvin Grove Urban Village. May 19 – 29. Ph: 3007 8600 / www.laboite.com.au VISUAL ARTS, ARCHITECTURE !BloodLines: Art And The Horse: Exploring the role of the horse in helping to define Australian identity and culture – Melbourne Cup, The Man From Snowy River, the Australian Light Horse Brigade, and more. QUT Art Museum, 2 George Street, Brisbane. Until June 7. Ph: 3138 5370 / www.artmuseum.qut.com !The China Project: A three-part display that considers contemporary Chinese art practice. GoMA, South Bank. Until June 28. www.qag.qld.gov.au/thechinaproject/ !Comic Relief: New works by Josh Cleary, using comic, stencils, and pop imagery. ‘The Tidy’, 29A Logan Rd, Wooloongabba. May 18 – June 12. www.myspace.com/ joshuacleary !Institute Of Modern Art: Current shows include Chinese artist Cao Fei in ‘Utopia’ and abstract sculptor Lincold Austin in ‘Field of Vision’. Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Fortitude Valley. Until June 27. Ph: 3252 5750 / www.ima.org.au !KNOWMORE (House of Commons): Interactive media artwork by Brisbane artist Keith Armstrong, in collaboration with Chris Barker, Stuart Lawson, Darren Pack & Luke Lickford. Info Zone, State Library of Queensland, South Brisbane. Until May 25. Ph: 3840 7666 / www.artworkers.org / www.slq.qld.gov.au !The Legacy Of Koorah Coolingah: Paintings by the child artists of Carrolup and contemporary works by Noongar artists combine to create a compelling exhibition exploring the rehabilitative Western Australian Carrolup Native Settlement art classes in the 1940s and 50s. Brisbane Powerhouse. Until May 17. Ph: 3358 8600 / www.brisbanepowerhouse.org !Queensland Centre For Photography: Various expressions of the human condition including our darkest and brightest days to the ordinary and extraordinary moments in our lives. Queensland Centre for Photography, Cnr Cordelia & Russell Sts, South Brisbane. Until June 7. Ph: 3844 1101 / www.qcp.org.au !Temperature 2 – New Queensland Art: Part of Brisbane’s 150 celebrations, a showcase of evolving Queensland art, including current work from more than 20 artists and examples of painting, photography, installation and multi-media. Museum of Brisbane, City Hall. Until June 8. Ph: 3403 8888 / www.museumofbrisbane.com.au !World Press Photo Exhibition: The exhibition’s third visit to Brisbane, showcasing the best press photographs of 2008 – memorable subjects include the Beijing Olympics, Middle Eastern conflict, Cyclone Nargis in Burma, and life on the campaign trail with Barack Obama. Turbine Hall, Brisbane Powerhouse. June 6 – 28. Ph: 3358 8600 / www.brisbanepowerhouse.org MIXED BAG !The Joke Factory: Australian and international comedy acts. The Joynt, Cnr Montague Rd & Hope St, West End. First Thursday of every month, from 8pm. www. myspace.com/jokefactory !Queensland Connections: Lunchtime talks on Queensland culture and history. Queensland Museum, South Bank. First Wednesday of every month until November. Ph: 3840 7555 / www.southbank.qm.qld.gov.au

MY YEAR WITHOUT SEX PASSES Opening in cinemas May 28, new Australian film My Year Without Sex is a kind of a love story about all the big questions, and even more of the small ones. Over one messy year, Ross (Matt Day) and Natalie (Sacha Horler) navigate their children, nits, housework, birthdays, Christmas, faith, football, job insecurity, more nits, and whether they will ever have sex again. Thanks to Footprint Films, Rave has 10 double sneak passes to giveaway for the weekend of May 22–24. To be in the running to win a pass, simply head to WIN STUFF at WWW. RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU. And don’t forget to check out the trailer at www.myyearwithoutsex.com. NECRO GIG TICKETS New York City’s ‘king of death rap’, Necro, is coming to the South East very soon, playing the Gold Coast’s Coolangatta Hotel on Thursday May 28. The controversial MC – who even metalheads rate – will be accompanied by Louis Knuxx (NZ) and Kings Konekted at the exclusive Queensland show. Thanks to Necro and his touring buddies, Rave has two double passes to the show to giveaway. For a chance to win some, simply head to WIN STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU. DEAD LETTER CHORUS & SKIPPING GIRL VINEGAR SHOW TICKETS Sydney’s Dead Letter Chorus and Melbourne’s Skipping Girl Vinegar are joining up for a double-headed indie/folk rock/alt-acoustic pop assault on local venues this month. They’ll be rolling into Bon Amici’s, Toowoomba, on Thursday May 14; The Troubadour Friday May 15; and Joe’s Waterhole in Eumundi on Saturday May 16, playing tunes from their acclaimed respective The August Magnificent and Sift The Noise releases. Thanks to both bands, Rave has three double-passes to giveaway to The Troubadour show, so if you’d like to head along, rush on over to WIN STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU for a chance to win some tickets to this certain to be fun show. ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW SCREENING PASSES Brisbane City’s Metro Arts theatre will be hosting an ‘interactive’ screening of the Rocky Horror Picture Show on Friday May 15 at 8.30pm, featuring Cards 4 Sorrow – a troupe of 15 performers – live on stage as a lip-synch floor show during the screening. You know the drill with the 1975 musical classic, but you might not have seen it like this before. For a chance to win one of four double-passes to the screening, Time Warp over to WIN STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU. RÖYKSOPP VINYL PRIZE PACKS To celebrate the recent release of the excellent album Junior by Norwegian electronic types Röyksopp – featuring The Knife’s Karin Dreijer and Sweden’s Robyn as guest vocalists – EMI have supplied Rave with three coveted vinyl packs to giveaway. Containing the double-vinyl release of Junior and the 12-inch release of single Happy Up Here (plus a digital download code for the album) it’s Röyksopp heaven for fans. To be in the running to win one of the packs, simply make Norway – sorry, your way – to WIN STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU. THE LAZYS EPS Sydney rockers The Lazys are barrelling into town this week with a show at The Globe on Saturday May 16 in support of their brand new self-titled EP. To get Rave readers familiar with the band’s thumping guitar solo-filled tunes, The Lazys have given us three copies of the EP to giveaway. For a chance to pick one up, simply head to WIN STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM.AU to enter.

FILM, FESTIVALS, ETC. !An Afternoon With Audrey Hepburn: A showcase of three of Hepburn’s classic films – Roman Holiday, Breakfast At Tiffany’s, and How To Steal A Million. Studio, Metro Arts, 109 Edward St, Brisbane. Saturday May 16, 7pm. Ph: 3397 3028 / www.kristianfletcher.com !Three Chinese Directors: As part of The China Project, GoMA profiles three filmmakers whose work defines key transitions in the emergence of contemporary Chinese cinema. Australian Cinémathèque, GoMA. Until June 28. Ph: 3840 7303 / www.qag.qld.gov.au/ threechinesedirectors !Valley Jazz Festival: Brisbane’s only multi-venue jazz festival, critically focused on jazz as an art form by showcasing the most innovative accomplishments in Australian jazz and creative improvised music. Various venues. Full program available online. May 12 – 17. Ph: 3358 8600 / www.brisbanepowerhouse.org

SEANNA VAN HELTEN reviews GATZ, a six-hour dramatisation of F . Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby by ELEVATOR REPAIR SERVICE.

Voicing The Great
Runs until June 6

6 BEERS OF SEPARATION PRIZES Extra Dry has challenged four ambitious Australians to put the theory of six degrees of separation to the test. Armed with a six-pack of beer and $12,000, 6 Beers Of Separation challenges each Aussie to meet their hero through no more than six personal introductions and in just 18 days. Heroes include Good Charlotte, comedian Will Arnett, music producer Dave Meyers and TV personality Bam Margera. Hot on the tracks of Bam is Sunshine Coast graphic designer Matthew Haynes. If successful, Matt has created a skateboard deck design to show Bam. Find out more and watch their journeys unfold at www.6beersofseparation.com.au. For a chance to win one of three prize packs containing the skateboard deck Matt designed for Bam and a case of Extra Dry, simply head to WIN STUFF at WWW.RAVEMAGAZINE.COM. AU and get clicking! ID will be checked. To enter a competition simply head to the WIN STUFF section of the rave magazine website www.ravemagazine.com.au. Good luck!

oving a novel passionately makes it hard to forgive a director’s artistic licence when it comes to adapting a book for the stage or screen, even if you can accept the likeminded passion of the director’s intention, and are open-minded to the variations a different medium may bring. In bringing F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby – a very well-loved American classic – to the stage, New York theatre company Elevator Repair Service have sidestepped this problem and do not, technically, adapt it at all. Instead, in GATZ, a narrator reads out the entire novel word-for-word in a marathon six-hour performance (plus two intervals and a dinner break). GATZ is far more than its slight premise suggests. With the novel as its score, GATZ is a virtuosic production that transforms the very act of reading into a communal and vivid theatrical experience. A man (Scott Shepherd) walks into an office, discovers a dog-eared copy of The Great Gatsby, and begins to read, slipping into the voice of the book’s narrator, Nick Carroway. In a low monotonous drawl, Nick stumbles over Fitzgerald’s verbosity in the opening pages but, as he slowly eases into the rhythm of the story, it becomes clear that he is transfixed. The other office workers arrive, the mail arrives, the phone keeps ringing, but Nick cannot stop reading. As the reader becomes engrossed in the book, the banal office space and its bored workers take on a sort of synchronicity with the story. The tomboy (Sibyl Kempson) flicking through golfing magazines slowly morphs into the character of haughty golf champion Jordan Baker, a soon-to-be love interest for Nick. The gruff office caretaker suddenly chimes in with the voice of brutish Tom Buchanan (Robert Cucuzza), husband to the frail Daisy (Australian actress Lucy Taylor), before a frumpy office assistant morphs into Tom’s mistress, Myrtle (Laurena Allan). Other office workers surface in supporting roles and then, of course, the eponymous Gatsby (Jim Fletcher) arrives, in as mysterious a fashion as his novelistic counterpart. The thirteen-strong ensemble has clearly relished working with Fitzgerald’s writing, sticky with intoxicating images. Shepherd perfectly captures the narrator Nick’s cool and cynical tone, and finds extra irony in the juxtaposition between what Nick tells us and how we see the characters behave. The text is revered, but it is not sacred: at times, the cast gently mock the book’s heightened, unnatural dialogue that rings false when read aloud (“I’d like to just get one of those pink clouds and put you in it and push you around,” says Daisy) and comically smooth over inconsistencies in the prose. The set design, by Louise Thompson, is an eerily lifelike reproduction of a low-rent office. The contrast between this environment and the Roaring Twenties environs of the novel could not be more striking; the glamorous details of costume and decor so vividly described in the novel are here replaced with overflowing archive boxes and faded OH&S posters. The story becomes timeless, in a way, as the ensemble becomes lost in the nostalgia latent in Fitzgerald’s writing. In the centre of the space, the narrator’s cluttered desk is gradually cleared until, by the end, nothing rests on its bare surface but the book itself. The literariness of this production is self-evident, yet the power of its literary source is such that it absorbs narrator, cast, and audience alike. GATZ is an unforgettable production, and one that transforms even the most impassioned devotee’s reading of The Great Gatsby. GATZ played at the Brisbane Powerhouse Theatre from May 8 – 10 before embarking on an Australian tour. For more information on Elevator Repair Service visit www.elevator.org.

THEATRE, DANCE, CIRCUS, ETC. – NOW THEATRE DANCE CIRCUS ETC !The 39 Steps: Fast-paced, comedic adaptation of classic spy thriller most famously realised by Alfred Hitchcock, starring Mark Pegler as an innocent man who learns too much about a dangerous spy ring. Twelfth Night Theatre, 4 Cintra Rd, Bowen Hills. From May 6. Ph: 3252 5122 / www.twelfthnighttheatre.com.au !The Boys Next Door: The story of four mentally challenged men and their social worker, directed by John Boyce. Chelmer Community Centre, Cnr. Queenscroft & Halsbury Streets, Chelmer. Until May 23. Ph: 3379 3937 / www.centenarytheatre.com.au !The Caucasian Chalk Circle: Two women claim the same child. How to decide the true mother? Bertolt Brecht’s Epic theatre parable links an ancient Chinese tale with the Biblical judgement of Solomon. Mina Parade Warehouse, 81 Mina Parade, Alderley. Until May 16. www.harvestrain.com.au !Food Of Love, A Shakespeare Cabaret: Shakespeare cabaret style – incorporating text and characters from Hamlet, Twelfth Night, As You Like It, The Tempest, Othello, and Troilus And Cressida. Harry Oakman Pavilion, Roma St Parklands. Until May 17. Ph: 1300 762 545 / www.oztix.com.au !God Of Carnage: Queensland Theatre Company presents this modern satire that explores the power struggle that ensues when two couples get together to discuss their children’s schoolyard scuffle. Cremorne Theatre, QPAC. Until June 6. Ph: 136 246 / www.qtix. com.au !La Traviata: Opera Queensland presents Verdi’s romantic masterpiece. Lyric Theatre, QPAC. May 16 – 30. Ph: 136 246 / www.qtix.com.au !Twelfth Night: Shakespeare’s comedy set to the tune of 90’s songs & pop culture – sexy glam rockers, drunken grunge boys, and bubblegum pop starlets. Centre Stage Theatre, 25 Quarry Street, Spring Hill. Until May 16. Ph: 1300 762 545 / www.oztix.com.au THEATRE, DANCE, CIRCUS, ETC. – SOON !The Debutante Diaries: Character comedy from Kate McLennan which won the 2006 Melbourne Fringe Best Comedy Award – a high school prepares for a big ‘deb’ ball. QUT Gardens Theatre, Gardens Point. May 22 – 23. www.gardenstheatre.qut.com !Inside The Island: University of Queensland Drama presents Louis Nowra’s post-colonial play exploring patriarchy, madness and isolation. Cement Box Theatre,

the information
! Grace Art Events are hosting a fortnightly Vaudeville Art Class on Tuesday nights at Little Jumbo (183 George St, the City), continuing this evening May 12. It’s a life-drawing class where artists get to work with burlesque queens, pin-up girls, circus performers, belly dancers and more. It’s $15 and you must bring your own drawing materials. More info at: www. graceartevents.com ! Final year photography students at QCA are having a fund-raising print sale this Wednesday May 13. Prints will start from $5 and the sale takes place at the White Box Gallery, Lv 4, QCA South Bank, from 5pm-9pm. ! The Lark in Paddington is hosting Whiskey Flights for Appreciation Society members on Wednesday May 13. Sign up to the Society at www.thelark.com. au and you could be tasting a wealth of fine aged

Glenfiddich whiskeys while snacking on items from the new food menu. ! Nine Lives gallery continues to shine light on artists a little closer to home with an exhibition this weekend featuring works from Brisbane-based artists Rob Scott & Georg. Scott is an artistic dabbler, working in oil painting, skateboard graphics, tattooing and installations, while Georg has just returned from a year in Berlin, the 21 year-old artist adding to a list of achievements including driving the emergence of West End’s S&M Studios. The profound impact of the German city on Georg is evident in his new works, which display a concentrated dedication to his craft. The show launches this Friday May 15 (not May 8, as erroneously listed last week) at Nine Lives gallery, situated above Mellino’s restaurant in the Valley Mall, and will run for one weekend only. (www.wehaveninelives.com)




Heading out to Australia in the shadow recently cast by Trivium, like-minded souls Five Finger Death Punch (pictured) grace Club 299 this August. ‘Playing a vintage style of thrash and groove’ the LA metal quintet will be bringing tracks from their 2007 LP The Way Of The Fist to Brisbane on Thursday Aug 14.


! Deerhunter (pictured) have sold out their Melbourne and Sydney shows, and Brisbane is proving just as popular. Remaining tickets are available from all regular outlets for $44+bf, with the announcement that The Rational Academy and Songs will open at The Zoo on Saturday Jun 13.

! Recently here for the Sydney Festival, New York based Reggie Watts has announced Yeo & The Freshgoods as support for his Saturday May 22 Powerhouse show. ! Violent Soho will support …Trail Of Dead at The Zoo Thursday May 28. ! Local launchers Ringpull have announced the supports for their Saturday May 30 Zoo show in Kiwis Not OK, Army Of Champions and Wheat Paste. ! Young duo Ellington will support ex-Veronica bf’s Short Stack when they play The Hi Fi on Sunday Jul 12.

! The Rocketsmiths will also perform at the sustainability festival Greenfest at Brisbane’s Riverstage on Saturday Jun 6, alongside Tame Impala, Ash Grunwald, Jeff Lang, The Boat People, Little Scout and more.

! Jane’s Addiction have sold out their Sunday Jul 26 Tivoli date – perhaps dropping a hint to festival organisers that Brisbane does enjoy the odd Splendour sideshow. Children Collide will support on the night.

! Already tipped to play Parklife on September 26 is Lady Sovereign…and joining the first lady of the East End may just be Claude Von Stroke. It’s all hearsay at present, but we’re quietly confident. We await details for full line-up soon…

! The pre-sale for the relocated Sounds Of Spring happening at Herston’s Victoria Park on Saturday Sep 26 is currently open. Head to MoshTix to save $20 on your ticket (while the early-bird rate lasts).

19 Pussycat Dolls / Lady Ga Ga Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall 20 fRETfEST: Catherine Stevens / Nick Hutchinson / JAC Stone / Jessiah / Adam Scriven Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe The Jezabels / Strange Attractors / DJ Redbeard / Penny Lame Ric’s Bar, Fortitude Valley The Melbourne Comedy Festival Roadshow The J, Noosa Wagons Winsome Hotel, Lismore Friends Of Hers / Kathryn McKee / William Barton Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley 21 You Am I Coolangatta Hotel Zombie Disco Squad Empire Hotel, Fortitude Valley Josh Pyke / The Jezabels Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay 22 Yo Gabba Gabba! Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane Josh Pyke / The Jezabels Coffs Ex-Services Club, Coffs Harbour Motley Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay Reggie Watts (NYC) Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi The Potbelleez / Andee / pete Smith / Murray Brown Met, The, Fortitude Valley fRETfEST: JAC Stone / Nick Hutchinson / Bernie Carson / Andy Redford Montegoes Restaurant, Sunshine Coast The Stabs / Deaf Wish / Slug Guts Rosies (Upstairs), Brisbane City Mark Olson & Gary Louris (The Jayhawks) / Chris & Joe (Halfway) Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley JD Set: You Am I / The Glass Ceiling / The Shiny Brights Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley 23 Mexico City (Launch) / Blackwater Fever Bon Amici, Toowoomba Yo Gabba Gabba! Brisbane Convention Centre, South Brisbane Reggie Watts (NYC) / Yeo & The Freshgoods Brisbane Powerhouse, New Farm The Stabs / Deaf Wish / Loomer (AA) Browning St Studios, West End The Black Sorrows Coolangatta Hotel Paniyiri Festival Musgrave Park Cultural Centre Zillmere Multicultural Festival: Spacifix (NZ) / Poetic Murriz / Impossible Odds / Cook Island Cultural Dance Group / Asha Bollywood Performers / Marama Tahiti / Rahim Zullah (IND) / Cuban Dance Company O’Callaghan Park, Zillmere Common People: Back To Basics Rosies (Upstairs), Brisbane City Gimmes (JAP) / Dangermen / Sweet Dreams / Sulphur Nights Step Inn, Fortitude Valley Behind Crimson Eyes / Sleep Parade / The Mission In Motion / Ellington The 2nd Degree, UQ St Lucia Fireballs / Dreamkillers / Spitfireliar The Hi Fi, West End Brisbane Sounds: Screamfeeder / Gentle Ben & His Sensitive Side / Blackwater Fever / Vegas Kings / New Jack Rubys / The Mercy Beat Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley 24 fRETfEST: Tom Doran / Simone Elias / Adam Scriven / Kim Bowden / Rene Ranke Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe Paniyiri Festival Musgrave Park Cultural Centre 25 Men In Blues Brisbane Cruises (Lady Brisbane) Lifeline Blues Cruise: Black Cat Band Aquarius Charters Lifeline Blues Cruise: Steppin Out Brisbane Star Cruises Lifeline Blues Cruise: Blonde On Blue Captain Cook Boat Charters fRETfEST: Ben Smith / Casey Fogg / Nick Hutchinson / Kim Bowden Chalk Hotel, Woolloongabba Tame Impala Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay Evermore / End Of Fashion / The Sundance Kids Ipswich Civic Hall Mick Hadley& The Atomic Boogie Band Kookaburra River Queen 2 Lifeline Blues Cruise: Panga & The True Blues MV James Cavill Lifeline Blues Cruise: Bushfire MV Mirimar 27 Dave Callan / JJ Whitehead / Asher Treleaven / Kitty Flanagan / Celia Pacquola Brisbane Powerhouse (Powerhouse Theatre), New Farm fRETfEST: Nick Hutchinson / Simone Elias / Claye Middleton / Catherine Stevens / Brett Whitmore Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe Wes Carr Redlands Performing Arts 28 Dave Callan / JJ Whitehead / Asher Treleaven / Kitty Flanagan / Celia Pacquola Brisbane Powerhouse (Powerhouse Theatre), New Farm Necro / Louie Knuxx Coolangatta Hotel Marcelo D2 (BRA) Family, Fortitude Valley






Pimmon (SYD) / Seaworthy (SYD) / Anonymeye Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley Wes Carr Nambour Civic Centre Johnny Clegg (RSA) QPAC Concert Hall, South Brisbane Starting Sunday / Wearing Rosco / Finabah Rosies, Brisbane City And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead / Violent Soho Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley 29 Fans: Leader Cheetah / Little Scout / Fergus Brown / Ed Guglielmino Alhambra Lounge, Fortitude Valley Dave Callan / JJ Whitehead / Asher Treleaven / Kitty Flanagan / Celia Pacquola Brisbane Powerhouse (Powerhouse Theatre), New Farm Marcelo D2 (BRA) Coolangatta Hotel Danger (FRA) / Passions (USA) / Guns & Bombs (USA) Empire Hotel, Fortitude Valley fRETfEST: Jessiah / Jessica Holz / David Di Marco / Kim Bowden / Rene Ranke Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe fRETfEST: JAC Stone / Nick Hutchinson / Bernie Carson / Jessiah / Rheanna Glades Tavern, Yamanto Peabody / Actor/Model Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay Troy Cassar Daly Ipswich Civic Hall Motley Sands Tavern, Maroochydore Bjorn Again Seagulls, Tweed Heads The Galvatrons / Thorny & The Tanks Step Inn, Fortitude Valley 30 Dave Callan / JJ Whitehead / Asher Treleaven / Kitty Flanagan / Celia Pacquola Brisbane Powerhouse (Powerhouse Theatre), New Farm Stylin Up: Jessica Mauboy / Impossible Odds, Indigenous Intrudaz / Street Warriors / Tha Deadly Boyz / The Last Kinection CJ Greenfields Sporting Complex, Inala Laidback Luke (NED) / Hijack (UK) / Justin Martin (USA) / Popof (FRA) Family, Fortitude Valley Red Riders (launch) Globe, The, Fortitude Valley Wes Carr Gold Coast Arts Centre Punkfest: Casino Rumblers / Charlie Greaser / Deputy Dipshit / The Brixton Rockers / Brass Razoo / Skinwalkers Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley Jessica Mauboy Mystique Nightclub, Fortitude Valley Have Heart (AA) Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba Common People: Stature::Statue Vs Idle Cranes Rosies (Upstairs), Brisbane City MC Lars Rosies, Brisbane City Motley Step Inn, Fortitude Valley The Galvatrons / Thorny & The Tanks Swell Tavern, Burleigh Heads Starting Sunday / Hey Carlisle / Damsels In Distress / Minus Penny The Hive (Valley PCYC), Fortitude Valley Troy Cassar Daly Toowoomba Bowls Club Peabody / Actor/Model Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley Ringpull / Not OK (NZ) / Army Of Champions / Wheat Paste Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley 31 Have Heart (AA) Byron Bay High School Pseudo Echo Coolangatta Hotel fRETfEST: Nathan Kaye / Tom Doran / Catherine Steven / Rene Ranke / Jessica Holz Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe The Last Kinection / Halfkast & The Grand Audio Family / Scripted Dialects / Jack & The Giant Killers / Sian Evans Globe, The, Fortitude Valley

Wes Carr Ipswich Civic Hall Troy Cassar Daly Pioneer Village, Petrie Cradle Of Filth / Neath The Hi Fi, West End

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fRETfEST: Nathan Kaye / Jessica Holz / Tom Doran / JAC Stone / Nick Hutchinson Chalk Hotel, Woolloongabba fRETfEST Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe All Time Low / Set Your Goals / Stealing ONeal (AA) Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba The Varukers (UK) / Anger In Motion / Perhaps, Maybe Step Inn, Fortitude Valley fRETfEST Chalk Hotel, Woolloongabba Misinterprotato / NoOsphere / The Quadratic Contingency Globe, The, Fortitude Valley Noiseworks Ipswich Civic Hall Armin Van Buuren Met, The, Fortitude Valley The Middle East Old Museum, Spring Hill All Time Low / Set Your Goals / Stealing ONeal / Values Here The Hi Fi, West End Steve Poltz & Gregory Page Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley Troy Cassar Daly / Felicity Urquhart Yamba Golf Club Jackson Jackson / Elana Stone Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley Jackson Jackson Beach Hotel, Byron Bay Greenfest: Jeff Lang / Tame Impala / The Boat People / Kevin Borich Botanic Gardens, City Ash Grunwald Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay Homoneurotic Cabaret Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley Grant Smillie / Zoe La La Land, Byron Bay The Stafford Brothers Met, The, Fortitude Valley The Brown Birds From Windy Hill Neverland, Coolangatta Queen: Its a Kind Of Magic QPAC Lyric Theatre, South Brisbane Mammal Sands Tavern, Maroochydore Steve Poltz SoundLounge, Currumbin RSL Nick Charles & Doc Span St Bernards Hotel, Mt Tamborine Paul DiAnno (Iron Maiden) The Hi Fi, West End Datarock / Art Vs Science Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley Greenfest: Ash Grunwald / Tame Impala / The Boat People Botanic Gardens, City Mammal Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay Noiseworks Mansfield Tavern Paddington Fair: Dave McCormack & Band / Halfway / Sabrina Lawrie / Madeleine Paige / Timothy Lee Carroll / Sue Ray Neal Macrossan Park, Paddington Nick Charles & Doc Span Palmwoods Hotel, Palmwoods Common People: The End Rosies (Upstairs), Brisbane City Pitch Black (NZ) Step Inn, Fortitude Valley Kingfisha / Fyah Walk / Kooii Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley Greenfest: Tame Impala / The Boat People / Ash Grunwald / Jeff Lang / The Rocketsmiths / Ryan Murphy Botanic Gardens, City The Presets / Van She / Architecture In Helsinki (AA) Brisbane Riverstage Nick Charles & Doc Span Curramundi Hotel, Sunshine Coast Jazz Club 4ZzZ Brain Banana: Front End Loader / Firehouse (SYD) / Alien Virus / Innasect (UK) / Nam Shub Of Enki /JJ Speedball / Paul Abad



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Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley Ladytron The Hi Fi, West End Noiseworks Twin Towns Services Club, Tweed Heads Green Day Out: Stage Invaders / CC The Cat / Three World Drummers / Jason Machado / Lauren Napier / Lily & Luke / Isaac Paddon / Juzzie Smith / James Grehan / Men Wot Sing Winders Park, Currumbin Mammal Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley Chermside Community Festival Merchant Park Cricket Grounds, Chermside Morbid Angel The Hi Fi, West End Lilly Allen Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley The Butterfly Effect Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley Blu & Exile (USA) / Blunt Instrument Alhambra Lounge, Fortitude Valley Drawn From Bees / The Dawn Collective / Chloe Turner BarSoma, Fortitude Valley Psycroptic (TAS) / The Amenta / Ruins Brannigan’s, Broadbeach Blu & Exile Lecture (USA) Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley Flipper (USA) / Sixfthick / The Vaginabillies / Slug Guts Step Inn, Fortitude Valley Cog / Oceansize (UK) / Calling All Cars The Hi Fi, West End Jamie Hutchings / Skinny Jean Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley Mick Thomas & The Sure Thing / The Killjoys Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley Drawn From Bees / Villains of Wilhelm / The Dawn Collective Bon Amici, Toowoomba Psycroptic (TAS) / The Amenta / Ruins Brannigan’s, Broadbeach P!nk / Faker Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall Ash Grunwald Coolangatta Hotel Treorchy Male Choir Empire Theatre, Toowoomba Renee Geyer Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe Pico / The Brown Birds From Windy Hill Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern TV Rock Plantation Hotel, Coffs Harbour Toy Balloon (launch) / Yeo & The Freshgoods / Re:Enactment / Moon Jog Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley The Delltones Victoria Point Sharks Sports Club Bluejuice / Philadelphia Grand Jury Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley Drawn From Bees / Villains of Wilhelm / The Dawn Collective Airport Tavern, Coolangatta Kazu Kimura / Romel Johan BarSoma, Fortitude Valley P!nk / Faker Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall The Delltones Caloundra RSL Pico / The Brown Birds From Windy Hill Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay fRETfEST: Jessiah / JAC Stone / Nick Hutchinson / Bernie Carson / Melinda Thornely Icon Theatre, Toowoomba Ash Grunwald Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi Puma Party: TyDi / Stafford Brothers / Baby G / Gemstar Monastery Nightclub, Fortitude Valley Treorchy Male Choir QPAC Concert Hall, South Brisbane Psycroptic (TAS) / The Amenta / Ruins Sands Tavern, Maroochydore The Getaway Plan (U 18) The Hi Fi, West End The Getaway Plan (18+) The Hi Fi, West End Deerhunter / The Rational Academy / Songs Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley Burl Ivers / Dave Killin & Jerram Gabriel Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley P!nk / Faker Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall P!nk / Faker Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall Simon & Garfunkel Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall Earth Crisis (USA) / Day Of Contempt / Antagonist AD (AA) Princess Theatre, Woolloongabba Simon & Garfunkel Brisbane Entertainment Centre, Boondall Astronomy Class / Thundamentals Del Plaza, Gold Coast Daryl Braithwaite Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe Earth Crisis (USA) / Day Of Contempt / Antagonist AD The Hi Fi, West End Astronomy Class / Thundamentals Step Inn, Fortitude Valley The 69 Eyes (FIN) The Hi Fi, West End Bliss n Esso / Pez / Diafrix Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley Pony Up (CAN) Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley


DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890

Bowery, The, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Ubique Trio Brisbane Powerhouse (Powerhouse Theatre), New Farm: Valley Jazz Festival: Elixir Courthouse Hotel, Southport: Kent Valentine / Mike van Acker / Bart Freebairn Kaliber, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Soundscapes Press Club, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Miguel Ric’s Bar, Fortitude Valley: Valley Jazz Festival: Trevor Hart Quartet Royal George Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Timbah Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: Jeff Martin & Wayne Sheehy Woodford Hotel: Mark Sheils BarSoma, Fortitude Valley: Valley Jazz Festival: Hannah Macklin & Steve Newcomb / Melissa Western Bowery, The, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: The Bowery Hot 5 & Mal Wood Caloundra RSL: Ladies & Mercedes / Luella Currumbin RSL, Gold Coast: Bud.com.au: Full Moon Hotel, Shorncliffe: fRETfESt: Adam Scriven / Rene Ranke / Brett Whitmore / Catherine Stevens / Dave Di Marco Gig Studio, South Brisbane: Rockschool Challenge Glass Bar, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Kristen Haynes & Adam Oscar Storey Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley: Valley Jazz Festival: Julien Wilson Trio / The Subterraneans Kaliber, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Ingrid James & East Coast Ensemble La La Land, Byron Bay: 9th Birthday: Ajax / Minx / The Stafford Brothers Press Club, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: LDG Latin! Queen Street Mall: Jan Powers Farmers Markets Ric’s Bar, Fortitude Valley: Comatosed / Payne Road / DJ Redbeard / DJ Bizzle Royal George Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Mark Sheils: Saltbar Beachbar & Bistro, Kingscliff: Kent Valentine / Steve Allison / Fiona McGary Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: Sinister Jazz: The 2nd Degree, UQ St Lucia: Jennifer Boyce / Layla Klinkert / Sue Ray The Pig & Whistle, Indooroopilly: Nigel McTrustry / Travis J Earsman Tivoli, The, Fortitude Valley: Trivium / Heaven Shall Burn (GER) / Black Tide (AA) Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: Nick & Liesl / The Good Ship Zuri, Forttitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Jazz Australis Birdee Num Num, Fortitude Valley: Mastar K: Bon Amici, Toowoomba: Dead Letter Chorus / Skipping Girl Vinegar Calypso Bar, Paddington: Timbah / Meet The Gypsys Coolangatta Hotel: Kottonmouth Kings (USA) / Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) Empire Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Butterz N Slynk: Gilhooleys, Albert St: Venice Mobster: Glass Bar, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Ingrid James & John Reeves Duo Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay: Jeff Martin & Wayne Sheehy Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley: 11th He Reaches London (WA) / To The North / Quiet Steps / King Of Red Lions Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley: Valley Jazz Festival: The View From Madeleine’s Couch Kaliber, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Damian Sim Quintet La La Land, Byron Bay: Daniel Webber: LocknLoad, West End: DJ Botski: Press Club, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Shannon Marshall & The Twenty Buck Dessert Queen Street Mall: Boom Crash Opera Queen Street Mall: Talia Fowler: Ric’s Bar, Fortitude Valley: Castel / Truth Serum Sands Tavern, Maroochydore: Tahuna Breaks (NZ) Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern: Kent Valentine / Terry Hansen / Casey Talbot / Stuart Fisher Sky Room, Fortitude Valley: Jimmy Styles & The Easy Company Story Bridge Hotel: John Malcolm Tin Billy’s, Brisbane City: House Party: Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: Vorn Doolette / Georgia Potter / Christopher Ernst Woodpecker Tavern: Lance Galloway Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Buick Six / The Goldentones / Wind & Brackets Zuri, Forttitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Wiley Reed Band Arana Leagues Club, Arana Hills: Darren J Ray Birdee Num Num, Fortitude Valley: Ron Walker / Teejay / Reverb / Mikey Bon Amici, Toowoomba: Madeleine Paige / Dan Parsons Book Nook, West End: Contraverse: Ryhs Rogers / MC Brent Downes


The enigma that is Henry Wagons trundles out on yet another national tour under his Wagons (pictured) moniker, replete with new LP The Rise And Fall Of Goodtown in tow. Mixed and co-produced Qua’s Cornel Wilczek, The Rise And Fall… charts Wagons’ typical eclecticism and wry wit, sealed neatly in the Roy Orbison-by-way-of-Creedence baritone of one Henry Wagons. Catch the collective at Miami’s Shark Bar Friday May 15; The Troubadour Saturday May 16; Bon Amici’s Sunday May 17 and Lismore’s Winsome Hotel Wednesday May 20.





Bribie Island RSL: Ladies & Mercedes / Luella Brunswick Street Mall: Jazz Festival: Jose McLaughlins Nu Group Casablanca, Petrie Terrace: Afro-Disa: Joe T / DJ Misqo Clarence Corner Hotel, Woolloongabba: Screamin Stevie: Club 299, Fortitude Valley: Align / Driven Fear / Provoke Elsewhere, Gold Coast: Steve Tamsitt / Audun Empire Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Radazza / Matt Frazer / Mitch Empire Hotel, Middle Bar, Fortitude Valley: Jacques Renault (NYC) / Mike Redfern & Fergus / Tim Fuchs / Wolfgang DJs / Ladyboy / Outlaws (UK) / Sampology / We Are You / Charlie Why / Christopher Robin / Schalkie Family, Fortitude Valley: Steve Hill (UK) / X-Dream (SYD) / Hektic / Baby Gee / Harry K / Chris Wilson / Karma / Danilo / Blaze & Oscar Fishermans Wharf Tavern, Gold Coast: Ali Hinchliffe: Globe, The, Fortitude Valley: Insinner / They Still Exist / Before Nightfall / Meat Snorkel GPO, Fortitude Valley: Jesse Rose Great Northern Hotel, Byron Bay: Mick Hart / Chocolate Strings Jubilee Hotel, Fortitude Valley: Punkfest: Blowhard / Plan Of Attack / The Clap / The Ordinarys Judith Wright Centre, Fortitude Valley: Valley Jazz Festival: Way Out West / Toby Wren Quartet & Jamie Oehlers Kaliber, Fortitude Valley: Jazz Festival: Renae Suttie & The Swing Collective Kedron Park Hotel: Bud.com.au La La Land, Byron Bay: Cutters Records Showcase Lansdowne Road Irish Tavern, Surfers Paradise: Stairway: LocknLoad, West End: Natural Ball Melbourne Hotel, The, West End: The Seeds Of Liberty Merrimac Tavern, Gold Coast: Don’t Fret Met, The (Bamboo Bar) Fortitude Valley: Liam Nasty / Mr Sparkle Met, The, (Coco) Fortitude Valley: Harvey / Dope & Dusted / Nick Galea / Matthew Macinante Met, The, Fortitude Valley: Andee / Pete Smith / Murray Brown Miami Shark Bar, Miami Tavern: Wagons / Felicity Groom & Andrew Ryan Monastery Nightclub, Fortitude Valley: Don Rimini: Music Kafe, West End: Brianna Carpenter Planet Nightclub, Fortitude Valley: Lemon & Lime Press Club, Fortitude Valley: Chaka / Paul Thorpe / Troy De La Roche Queen Street Mall: Lan Sana Kumara / The Rooftops Saltbar Beachbar & Bistro, Kingscliff: Tuff Sands Tavern, Maroochydore: Rogerthat Sit Down Comedy Club, Paddington Tavern: Kent Valentine / Terry Hansen / Casey Talbot / Stuart Fisher Sky Room, Fortitude Valley: DJ Marcus Welsby / DJ Wataru (JAP) SoundLounge, Currumbin RSL: Jeff Martin & Wayne Sheehy Southport Workers Club: Akasa: St Pauls Hotel, Spring Hill: Fiona McGary / Chris Hague Step Inn, Fortitude Valley: Tahuna Breaks (NZ) The Hi Fi, West End: Kottonmouth Kings (USA) / Sen Dog (Cypress Hill) The Loft, Chevron Island: Vorn Doolette Tin Billy’s, Brisbane City: DJ Toni Vegas (FRA) Troubadour, The, Fortitude Valley: Dead Letter Chorus / Skipping Girl Vinegar / Skinny Jean Victoria Point Sharks Sports Club: Boom Crash Opera / Taxiride / Sean Kelly Zoo, The, Fortitude Valley: Re:Enactment / Toy Balloon / Moonjog

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Local indie-pop lovelies Little Scout (pictured) have recently returned from a North Queensland odyssey with Josh Pyke. Sure to have tales to tell, Mel, Laura, Pat and Miro play a free show at The Powerhouse’s ongoing Live Spark event on Sunday May 17. Skinny Jean show up first to take notes from 3.30pm – it’s free!



DFA alumni, producer and DJ, Jacques Renault (pictured) started out as a post-punk Washington D.C. kid who then migrated to Chicago in 1997 for some further viola study. Instead, he got an education in dance music, with a major in drum & bass, and a minor in skewering genres. Currently based in Brooklyn, Renault heads to Brisbane playing Empire on Friday May 15.

Recent Rave Album Of The Week recipients Eleventh He Reaches London (pictured) head to Brisbane this week, unleashing some post-rock sonics into The Jubilee on Thursday May 14. The Perth quintet have been garnering feverish praise for their sophomore release Hollow By My Name, and will be supported on the night by Quiet Steps, King Of Red Lions, Soars and To The North.








DATE MAY 12 2009 ISSUE 890

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