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Tracking of EHC Load controller (a) Follow above cond LC = SC 0.15 locked (b) Follow Low (2) LC = SC 0.

0.15 This cond. hrmin =SC If hrmin is SC < Pr.C Then Prc = SC + 0.15 [ Tracking in Prc ckt] (1) Therefore, SC in action Now if SC > Pr.C [4v] Pr. Controller in action follow low absent Now [SC (hrmin ) Pr.C] Saterates local controller to -12 V [in LC ckt.] So down spike in LC SC NOT = 1v as hrpc NOT > hrrc Now if SC becomes < Pr C SC in action Follow Low present LC (-12) + SC (+) Satrates LC to + 12v [ in LC ckt] Now Pr C in action Follow low absent Now hrmin (LC) PrC again Saterates LC to -12 v Now this makes SC in action Follow low present After some -12 / + 12 Changes over LC = SC 0.15 , Pr C = SC + 0.15 Tracking starts LC remain at -12v Fromm cond 1 If LC is made > SC Then hrmin = LC Now Pr C = LC + 0.15 [ tracking in Pr C ckt] [4v] 3.85 Unit LC is also made > Pr c in action And LC = Pr C + 0.15 [ Tracking in LC ckt] In LP mode 1.8v comes to AP 027 B18 As long as Pr. dev is 716 < + 1.8 x 21 will become + ve This make top submit trigger to give max voltage + 12v Top[ most divide (DI) conducts + 12v comes top -100 jain block I Now hrmin can not read block I Block I O/P - ve sat So D - II, does not conduct In block II , if hr pc < 4v

Block II O/P ve D-III , conducts So ve voltage comes to -120 gain of block II - ve sat voltage selected thro MIV block and makes hrpc + ve sat voltage In this cond D III no more conducts In limit Pr. reached cond Pr. dev is = 16 > 1.8 v This make x 21 ve Scliritt trigger O/P ve sat D I cut off , hrmin reader BCI D- II starts conducting B/ II O/P + ve sat D- II cut off + ve voltage comes to Block II -120 gain Block IV O/P ve sat MIN Block O/P 0 This starts reducing hrpc from + 12 as soon as hrpc goes below hrmin is LC now, D-II cut off Therefore Pr. controller comes in to service In IP or LP mode if PR.C dev + ve intialy pr. controller in action But if LC or SC falls below 4.0 v Pr. C will track them in Pr. C ckt. If pr. deviation + ve then only Pr. C & hr tracking in pr. controller ckt. Pr. controller tracks hr (final O/P) Load controller tracks hrmin is min of LC & SC

If dev < -150 D1 will conduct D2 cuts off if dev > + 150mV hrmin reaches block I now hrmin = hrprc so D2 cuts off if hr Pr. C tends to fall below The limit of 4.0 v Then bl II O/P ve D- III conducts Block IV O/P + ve hrprc is boosted to 4v as D- III stops conductions as long as hrprc > 4v D3 cuts off Therefore Pr controller purely works on deviation When SC active & voltage < 4.0 v Pr. C dev is + ve > -150mw Pr. C = SC + 0.15 v Submitt trigger O/P ve sat D1 not conducting , hrmin comes to Block I Hrpr.C > hrmin in Block I D2 conducting hrprc < 4.0v in Block II , D-III conducting If hrmin increases D2 cuts off , -ve O/P of block II, comes to Block IV through D3 So, hrpr. C is boosted ,

This happens only if hrprc < 4v otherwise D3 cuts off So, hrpr C remain at 4v tracking with hrmin stops If hrmin decreases Block I O/P further + ve , comes to block IV and reduces hrprC. (1) if LC < 4v with SC < LC whether Pr. C tracks LC (2) on two occasions [ 06/08 14:40] Pr.C O/P suddenly goes down with the tracking on as Pr. C = LC + 0.32 with Pr. C in action. No change in SC Exeplanation In follow low mode , LC = SC -0.15 , Pr. C + sc + 0.15 , When SC < 4v [ Pr. dev Positive] If SC > 4v ,Pr. C in action with 4v Now SC > PrC LC shad keep on staying at -12 v ,Then how LC will track Pr. C Checked if SC has to come below Pr.C