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Statement of Purpose (Date:30/3/2012) I grew up watching 2 of my close family members, who had a large influence in my education, career and

planning. My father- a civil Engineer & my uncleElectronic and Communications Engineering back ground; 17 years back they started an organization on Partnership called., a Telecommunication Solution & Product Distribution Company in xxx. Because I grew up in a family that owned a successful business, I spent my vacation and free time working at the company, giving me invaluable first hand experience and the chance to build strong quantitative and analytical skills. It was there that my interest in technology took hold, and later grew during my studies at the University at xx for B.S. in Computer Science, and settling my choice of an exciting career path that brought me to where I am today: in pursuit of a Graduate Management degree. The good thing about family run businesses like ours is that we quite often stick to the basics and are quite focused. After I joined the company, we had a very long-term agenda decided by all of us as promoters. We could concentrate on these longer-term strategy and deliver these results in a prudent manner. The Governance issues were better than what is the general perception. However, the business dynamics have evolved and have changed the landscape, given competition pressures and technological advancements. Business sustainability is often challenged and as decision makers we will now have to prepare differently. As the environment has changed, so do the visionary of the driver, who heads the organization has to keep up with the changing business cloud. Few weeks back, I was having a casual discussion with my team, family and also some key persons in our organization. I understood that, to run a successful company, it is not only about the team, product, market, admin, management, investment and many other factors, but eventually an individual to coordinate the entire above factor and grow the organization as a team. My vision for our business is to have the ability to adapt and manage the business, according to the shift in the market, with new products and varied business focus, which can complement each other. I want to make our business, one among the top 5 Telecommunication Solution Provider in asia, by 2020. As I began creating new goals for myself, I realized that one thing was essential to the next step in my career an MBA. By getting an MBA, I would have an opportunity by gaining experience from the Group Discussion, Key Contacts, and knowledge to guide my business in future. I am a firm believer in Practical Experience than Academics. As I was browsing through the curriculum of xx MBA Program, I know that I can gain as much knowledge within a year and apply those practically not only after my graduation, but in the course duration itself. As I discussed this with my wife, colleagues, clients, my mentor, and others, my opinions were reinforced and I was encouraged to pursue this route. Today, I am confident and ready to gain the business education necessary to achieve the goal I've set for myself. I can promise you that I will take full advantage of the

Program and make you proud of the contribution I will make to the field. I hope the admissions committee will find me worthy of admission and financial support so that I can achieve my goals.