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A. System Reviews I.

Health Perception and Health Management Pattern Prior to confinement, the patient has been very careful in regards to his health. The patient doesnt smoke or drink. He considered himself healthy. He was experiencing episodes of headache later last year and self medicated himself. After a few months later the patient again was experiencing headache but this time more severe then suddenly at school he fell down and loss conciousness and was immediately brought to the hospital. During confinement, the patient is still quite bothered about his laceration in the head. He fears doing some daily tasks (such as sitting down, standing up and even changing positions in the bed). He hopes to be better in no time. II. Nutritional Metabolic Pattern Before confinement, at most times, the patient eats fish, meat and vegetables. He eats various fruits such as apple, orange and papaya. He drinks 5-6 glasses a day. It can be water and juice. He takes her vitamins daily. During confinement, the patient has a soft diet. He drinks 5-6 glasses a day. His appetite was very good because he eats a lot. He has no eating discomfort. III. Elimination Pattern Before confinement, the patient usually eliminates once daily. Althought at times he eliminates every two days. It's color is light brown and is soft in characteristics. Patient usually voids 5 to 6 times in a day. Urine is amber yellow in color and is pungent smell. He doesnt recall any urinary inconsistencies or retention.

During confinement, the patient does not experience constipation or incontinence . No discomfort experienced during urination nor in eliminating stool. IV. Activity Exercise Pattern Before confinement, patient can do activities of daily living independently such as bathing, changing clothes, grooming himself, cooking. He also loves to play basketball as his hobby and exercise at the same time. However, mabilis ako mahilo kapag kumikilos verbalized by the patient, impeding him to do other household tasks that require much energy. During the confinement, the patient is dependent to his mother in doing his daily activities such as bathing, changing clothes, grooming himself due to his current condition. He fears his laceration might accendentally open whenever he tries to move.


Sleep - Rest Pattern Before confinement, the patient does not suffer in sleeping. He gets to sleep for atleast 8 9 hours at night. He believes he is well rested and he gets the required hours of sleeping pattern. During the confinement, the patient still suffers from sleep disturbances due to Nurses taking vital signs and the hospital environment also. He doesn't fell comfortable sleeping in the hospital.


Cognitive Perceptual Pattern

Before and during the confinement, the patient is concious. He still remembers his name and also the names even the birth dates of his parents and siblings. He is also oriented to time and place where he is in.


Self-Perception and Self-Concept Pattern Before confinement the patient very excited to graduate because he was already in grade six and he was expecting to graduate being the calidictorian of his batch. He prioritizes his studies very much to make his parents very proud of him. He is very confident with himself and has high self esteem. He never lost her hope because he is an optimistic person who always finds a solution to his problems. During confinement, the patient felt very sad knowing that he will not be able to graduate this year. He had already incurred the maximum allowable absences in school because of the on and off headache he has experiencing prior to confinment. He cannot afford to be absent in his classes anymore, unluckily when he was brought to the hospital they found out he had cerebral mass and needed an operation. Due to the operation done to him he has no choice to be absent in clesses which resulted for him not to graduate this coming march. He is very much disappointed but somehow understand the situation. His perception about himself didnt change. He will do his best to excell this coming school year.

VIII. Role Relationship Pattern Before confinement, He lives with an extended family, He lives with both his parents, 3 siblings and his grandmother. He was currently in grade six and was running for validictorian that time. He has no said problem with any member of the family. He said that he helps in budgeting their money for their families needs. His family was worrying with their his condition (episodes of on and off headche) but still chose to self medicate because of financial reasons.

During confinement, his family felt less worried knowing that the mass was already removed and they believe that he will have a better lifestyle.


Sexuality Reproductive Pattern The patient was circumcise at the age of 11 yrs old. According to him, he wanted to get circumcised early to avoid being teased by his classmates which he states is normal.


Coping Stress Tolerance The patient does sometimes feel stress and pressure when it comes to studies. He gives out all his efforts in making his assignments and projects almost perfect. But he resolves this problem by balancing his time by also playing basketball. He sees to it that he would be very exhausted in school works.


Values Beliefs Pattern Prior to confinment the patient studies very hard to attain being the validictorian he always prioritizes his studies before other things. During confinment he simply plans to continue schooling next year and hopefully he also excells in his new batchmates. He is satisfied with what he has now and what she has happen to his life. He plans to move forward and just continue with his life. He also has emphasized that religion is really important to him and without it would be mislead in life. He places God in the center of his life.