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A Bloody Marriage Authors: Kyria and Desdemona Feedback: & rosaryangel@hotmail.

com Disclaimer: We don't own these characters and we're not making any money from this. Distribution: Kyria's archive. Desdemona's archive. If you don't have our stuff already, just ask us first. Rating: R-ish/NC-17-ish Summary: For the 2 heads Fic-athon. Buffy and Angel come from rival kingdoms. In exchange for peace these two barter with their bodies, minds and souls.


Lindsey grabbed her elbow, helping his mistress to kneel on the silken pillow before her hidden altar. With a flick of his wrist, he leaned forward and opened the stainless steel sliding doors. Glancing worriedly down at his charge, Lindsey's blue eyes narrowed. "My Queen, you just buried your husband and the army of Tir as Sneachta is less than a day's march away, don't you think we should be heading to the helicopter?" The woman he had helped to the floor looked up at him with disdain on her fine features. Once upon a time, she was a beautiful woman, but not anymore. No, youth and beauty went hand and hand. She was no longer youthful, thus she was no longer an object of indisputable lust. She was, she thought, well past aging and moving deep into the territory of ‘old'. She glared at her protector, wishing she had the time to have him horse whipped for disagreeing with her. Despite the fine lines on her face, her bright blue eyes burned through Lindsey, chilling him to the core. "Are you insinuating I don't know what I'm doing?" Lindsey faltered, taking a step back. "No, my Queen, I'd never…" She made a clucking sound, and shook her head. It was exactly what the young pup was thinking. He alone knew of the tension between and her recently deceased husband, so he understood her like no one else ever had, but he had didn't understand her unfailing devotion to her Goddess. To most, Aphrodite was an ancient Greek myth. To Darla, Queen of Oceania, Aphrodite was her only devotion. Currently, Darla knew her Goddess was her key to success. Her country was in peril. An army of thousands marched toward them, and only with the help of her Goddess, would they survive. The army was currently crossing a plain 400 miles long and 200 miles wide. During high tide, the plain flooded

and was impassable by foot, but low tide would last just long enough for them to cross and attack the mountainous, sometimes island, sometimes peninsula, she called home. She lived on a peninsula that jutted out from the kingdom of Tir as Sneachta. For years, the kingdoms had been at odds, and now, they were taking advantage of her country's disorganization at her husband's death. With no heir to the throne, they were marching on an aging Queen who supposedly was awash in grief. That just wasn't so, and she'd die defending her home. No, she wouldn't run to the helicopter pad and let the waspish vehicle fly her to safety – she'd stay until the bitter end. Ignoring the ache in her bones, Darla lowered her head in meditation. As she did so, the black pillar candles burst into flame. Darla didn't hear Lindsey's frightened gasp as his hand released her shoulder and he backed away. Darla was too busy. A sphere of light surrounded her as she called out to her Deity. "Mother, Aphrodite, Goddess your daughter comes to you in a time of great need. Hear my plea, Goddess of love. As you rose from the sea, my kingdom also rises from the depths of the salty ocean. Protect us, guide us, give us the power to defeat our enemy…" Tears of desperation tracked down her pale, wrinkled cheeks. Looking up, Darla gazed on the cold, steel altar to her Goddess. Once, a long time ago, she had filled her altar with lilies, pearls and roses, but no more. Darla knew without a doubt, that true love was not made of such things. Now, the altar was bare of any ornament except the black pillar candles whose blue-hot flames licked the stainless steel ceiling of her closeted her place of worship. Darla knew without a doubt love was a fiery flame in a cold, glittering world, and her altar reflected that fact. The aging woman sighed as she waited for a sign. She didn't have long to wait. The sphere of light that surrounded the prelate grew brighter until Lindsey was forced to shield his eyes. As it grew in intensity, it shrank in circumference until the light was a glowing orb hovering above Darla's womb. For a moment there was silence, then the light bled into the lower abdomen of Lindsey's charge. Darla screamed. One, loud shriek after the other came from her tiny, frame until she fell forward on her hands. Lindsey moved reaching out to help his Queen when the light shoved him away, throwing him across the room with a dull thud. As the Queen huddled on the cold, marble floor a disembodied, female voice purred, "My daughter, my mother, I am well pleased. I lend you my power, and from your barren womb, I will be reborn." Lindsey rubbed his temples, wondering if the voice was real or if he took one too many blows to the head trying to protect his Queen. As he gazed at Darla's limp form, the candles on the altar went out. As soon as the flames were extinguished, Darla rose as if on puppet strings. With preternatural speed, she raced from the room and out to one of the many balconies looking over the lengthy plain that daily flooded with the tide. Lindsey raced after her, wondering at her speed and grace.

As he took the stone steps two at a time, he came to an open balcony where she stood unassisted – hands raised above her head. Lindsey's mouth dropped open in awe as he watched the delicate beauty in front of him. A long, blond mane of hair moved across her shoulders, spilling down her back like corn-silk. Her skin was luminescent, glowing and smooth as cream. Ruby lips opened and one word left her abruptly youthful continence, "Rise!"Lindsey shuddered and a tingling flowed through him like electricity. As the Queen spoke, he saw a miracle. Water seemed to pour up through the plain. Moving at the speed of a mighty river, the water rose to flood the lowland between Oceania and the mainland. The lines of trucks that littered the plain like tiny ants toppled and swirled in the rising water until there was nothing left of the thousands that had been marching toward their small island state. Lindsey's attention shifted back to his Queen who stood with her hands still raised, a mercenary smirk on her lovely lips. "What the hell…" "Lindsey, there is no heaven nor hell except that of my making." Lindsey shivered, watching his youthful Queen as she single handedly destroyed an army with tide. *** "There are whispers, my Queen…" Darla's bright blue eyes glanced up at her advisor and confidant. Lindsey's boyish good looks had aged like a fine wine and the streaks of gray at his temple did nothing but increase his attractiveness in her opinion. "What whispers, my love?" Lindsey shrugged his massive shoulders and lifted an eyebrow while glancing pointedly at the Queen's "daughter." Darla turned her attention toward the girl that had been a gift from The Gods to her infertile womb. Darla had bore no child except Buffy, despite her many romantic liaisons and the constant companionship of her advisor and lover, Lindsey. Darla shrugged, "Of course there is talk, look at her! If a Goddess were to inhabit the body of a human, she would look like Buffy, don't you think?" Lindsey shuddered as he remembered the day a little over seventeen years ago that Buffy was conceived from the bright light that entered his Queen. Yes, Buffy very well could be the Goddess incarnate, not an idea that made him feel secure. Gods in human form tended to be martyred. This was not an acceptable outcome for the young woman he thought of as a daughter. Not acceptable at all. "The tabloids tell stories of men falling instantly in love with both of you, but with Buffy

I shouldn't be wasting my time with this. I'm negotiating your future wedded bliss. "Whatever." Darla watched as Buffy's shoulders stiffened. Every week for the last year we've caught at least two if not more men trying to sneak on the grounds to get to Buffy." Darla's attention was drawn back to Buffy. I can kick someone's ass with a utterly useless weapon!" The young woman sat on the steps leading to the small daises where Darla and Lindsey were currently dining and glared disgustedly at her mother. smooth hair was tied in a ponytail high on her head and cascaded down her back in a shiny stream of gold. Buffy rotated a broad sword with a flick of her dainty wrist and attacked her opponent. It was a daily ritual for Darla and Lindsey to adjourn to the royal apartments and observe Buffy's training as they lunched. . the tabloids call you sirens or worse. something Darla encouraged. Darla. a dark look on her features. "Look at me Ma'." Buffy snorted is worse. With a small grunt. but fell to his knees at the force of her blow. I need Lindsey to concentrate on the negotiations With King Giles this afternoon -. She was filled with motherly pride as she observed the child's finely toned muscles flex as if to strike. they'll come with guns. don't you agree Lindsey?" Buffy glanced up at her mother's advisor with a faux innocent look. The black sports bra and matching Lycra shorts did little to cover the young princess. The fact that you don't age has been fodder for…" "The tabloids aren't my concern. Darla insisted that her daughter be trained in every possible form of self-defense. show a little respect. ignoring the pleased smirk on her mother's face. "As you wish. one guy got all the way to her bedroom. As far as Darla was concerned. Buffy used the butt of the sword to strike the man in the temple. The much larger man parried her stroke. Last night. Buffy great physical beauty was meant to be on display and there was no outfit too revealing for the girl to wear. as much as I love it when you make the help squirm. You'd do well to keep your eye on the ball. Her long. Darla enjoyed it immensely when Buffy put people in the awkward position of choosing between the two of them." Lindsey bowed his head before answering. "If they come for me. succubae. him and his embargos. "My darling daughter." "Child.not on how to sooth your bruised ego when he sides with me. King Rupert Giles is the problem we should be concentrating on. Darla watched as a fine sheen of sweat covered the barely clad girl. Lindsey. He fell face forward with a low groan and Buffy strode toward her mother's throne.

It pained her to think of Buffy married to some." His father merely stalked off toward the bedrooms and Angel nodded to the guards who ."I can't believe you think I'll go through with this arranged marriage. Do you understand me?" Darla leaned back in her chair. His son was itching to bait him." Buffy looked up at her mother and let out a long sigh. Ripper's ire only raised another notch as he watched his son's dirty boots dangle idly from the armrest. I hear she's quite accomplished at making her negotiations over breakfast. "You bloody well know that crazy bitch won't listen to reason. "Kill him. Darla thoughtfully tapped long. suddenly very aware of the position she was putting her daughter in. "Or if you don't have the balls to do it anymore. "What would I have to do?" Darla smiled and an icy chill went down Buffy's back as her mother stated. "your meeting with Queen Darla was less than a success. The young man sprawled negligently across the velvet upholstered armchair. I take it." *** Ripper stormed into the lavish parlour of his rooms. pale. red fingernails on the wooden arm of her chair." Ripper snarled once again. "Do you not have your own rooms to dirty without destroying my antiques?" Ripper snarled angrily. How archaic! I'm not your property to barter off to make a deal with…" "Enough!" Darla's usually pale face was flushed red as she slammed her fist down on the arm of her chair. I'd be more than happy to oblige. boy who would drag her off to a land of ice and snow. "And is that my first edition Hemingway?" Angel's eyes barely raised from the text. "Both of us must sacrifice to make sure our homeland is safe. Darla leaned forward and glared down at her unfazed child. you will marry Giles' son. however. "We could make arrangements that would ensure your marriage wouldn't make it past the honeymoon. he could tell." "Then take her by force." his son drawled as he rose gracefully from his seat. Even the burly guards at the door shuddered in his wake as the heavy mahogany panels were flung against the wall. milk-toast. Our people are more important than your feminist notions. didn't bother even looking up from the book he thumbed through. If your arranged marriage will stop the embargos.

his eyes flashing in excitement at the prospect of battle. Her forces could very well rival our own. Gunn and I were just going to enjoy ourselves. to say the least. despite his wisdom. just as I could do with the silence. Angelus. "I'll be going out again tonight. "Oh ye of little faith." "Stay out of Oceania. I wouldn't put it past you" Rupert drawled dryly." The king frowned. the idea of utterly destroying Queen Darla's army intrigued him more than a little bit. Angelus" Rupert warned angrily. It had been a taxing day." "When has the threat of casualties stopped us? There's always a threat." "Well. and the last thing he'd wanted to do was start into another argument with his son. "I figured as much." Angel remarked bitterly. Angel was as blood thirsty as he had once been. And perhaps that was true. white flakes were falling quickly to the ground." "Doyle." "You've gone soft." Angel argued. We won't start any wars.silently closed the doors. tossed his coat carelessly across the foot of the bed for a servant to later hang and moved to stand at the window. Her very feminine exterior only hides Queen Darla's keen military mind. Fat. A fire warmed the room from the hearth and gave a comforting glow that the grey sky outside could not defeat. old man. not another destitute province. "Stay clear of their borders. "Why are you even bothering to chit chat with the enemy? Just get together a couple of contingents and wipe her aside. Angel carelessly tossed his father's priceless tome down on the end table and followed in his wake. "or whatever punishment Queen ." Angel announced." Rupert shook his head ruefully as he shrugged out of his fur-lined great coat. I mean it. However. It's what makes us fight harder. "It would not be nearly as clean a battle as you suggest. King Rupert could be such a drama queen sometimes. Rupert "Ripper" Giles. and his breath fogged the window which was streaked with ice. We need a lasting agreement with these people. but in his years he had learned the value of strong negotiations. I'll be on my best behaviour. tonight I will not impede on your dusty books and brandy. "There's no need to fight. King of Tir as Sneachta." "As much as I doubt your intentions are such. Arguing with his son like this always made him feel everyone of his 53 years. but since Angel's mother had died that's all they had ever managed to do. but Rupert didn't see the necessity of yet another war. Angel smiled darkly in return. He continued to stare out the window as his son fidgeted in the silence.

had been sharp with Angel. "this is nothing. and had only succeeded in instigating further violence. Angelus would marry. The king sighed dramatically.. Angel should marry. each cloaked in heavy leather. but now there was no one. the three men. "Place looks lively" Doyle drawled from his left. Gunn smiled. Fiona. _______________________ As the warm golden light of the cozy pub fell over them.. dividing the snowy vales of their small jet of land and the grassy hills on the other coast. His late wife. Beyond the stone building the snow sloped into the forest that separated their land from Oceania. No. And sure enough many shadows. Stepping out of the carriage of the sled baring the royal crest. and then he'd be the stable – if perhaps just a touch moody – leader that Tir as Sneachta needed. It would curb his wild ways to care for a child or two. Jenny had once been able to contain him. The snow swallowed them up to the knee. men and women alike. A smile lit his face as he crossed into the sitting room and propped his feet beside the fire. he'd been just as mercenary and wild until he'd had a family of his own. It was hypocritical to complain. Casually each tossed their coat to the valet who trailed after the crown prince like a lost . the crown prince was far too wild. The snow kept falling in heavy sheets. hoping to outsmart both his father and their rivals. he was quickly followed by two of his closest friends. fur-lined coats made there way into the pub. Nothing seemed to tame Angelus any longer. shifted against the frosted glass of the windows breaking the light briefly before retreating again." "Too true" Angel added with his own malevolent smirk. One small bridge crossed over the tepid waters. Rupert's legitimate daughter idolized her brother far too much to offer any sort of stability or reason. Angel savoured this small rebellion just as he savoured all the other tiny acts of anarchy he committed to bait the king of Tir as Sneachta. could be heard even behind the thick stone walls. her personality grating against his. but their stiff leather boots kept the chill out. And Rupert couldn't help but admit to the excitement that bubbled up inside him at the thought of a grandchild. the sooner the better. The soft harmony of some band.Darla lumps on your heads will be yours to reap. Wading through the snow." Rupert watched his son walk out his chambers with a smug smile. *** The lanterns outside the small pub flickered against the biting cold of the wind. they shrugged out of their coats. That was it. The party hasn't even started yet. No doubt he would race to the borders now. while the wind whipped up what had already settled on the ground. a woman's soft vocals eery against the night.

Throwing back his head. His half-sister was among them. Even those less fiscally endowed dressed under heavy layers of rough linens to combat the bitter cold. She wore a scrap of suede tied tightly around her chest to hold the fabric in place. Her big green eyes were glittering happily in the firelight and her supple flesh was dewy with a fine layer of sweat. He smiled as he realized that his father likely had no idea his princess danced in skintight. Angel smirked after his besotted friend. He and Gunn made their way to the opposite end of the bar. ." Doyle cut in his eyes caught firmly on the bartender's youngest daughter.puppy." "Excuse me. skin bearing garb. Even with a roaring fire in the hearth. Where the Oceanians were golden from the kiss of the sun. Cordelia was definitely easy on the eyes. It was easy to tell the difference. they still were conspicuously underdressed. burnt-out velvet. Angel smiled as the crowd of young people split to reveal the golden beauty hidden in the middle. She smiled darkly in return and went back to grinding against the boy who'd caught her fancy. "Buy my lady Faith another drink" Angel told the barkeep and winked at his sister who had caught only the sound of her name. Angel could discern the small shivers that played over the exposed flesh of the ill-equipped Oceanians. listening intently as the lofty Cordelia berated her beau. toned and golden midriffs of the Oceanian girls twisted erotically against the beat of the music. "Got to love the sun that turns all that creamy skin so golden. They were also dressed practically for the cold. But his attention quickly turned back to the golden beauty in the writhing throng of Oceanians. Furs and heavy leathers. Angel drank down the last of his beer and tossed down a handful of the golden coins only royalty possessed. Angel's eyes skimmed around the bar. Even though he had not officially crossed onto their rivals land. his subjects were pale and bore the same dark hair and eyes as he did. boys. All of them had learned to simply ignore his presence. Angel noted there were a few of the local revellers as well. A few burly men with bared arms crossed over their chests watched closely. Her hair was pulled up into a clip but the dancing had loosened it to drop in a tousled mess against her shoulders. Though they did allow a heavier coat and the same thick boots all his subjects wore." Gunn drawled beside him. The Oceanians still wore their light. Suddenly his own leather pants felt too tight. Each ordered one of the dark lagers that the barkeep had on tap and sipped as they watched the other revellers. "Mm-mm-mm. The bared. Her tight leather pants shaped erotically against her thighs and buttocks. but the ears were something else entirely. they were dangerously close and a mingling of the seedy elements from each kingdom littered this pub. suedes and velvets made up most of his wardrobe.

her own face tilting closer to his." he replied. The bar's dynamic had shifted suddenly from merry to murderous. Angel noted Gunn and Doyle had drawn their weapons as well. her gaze lacked focus and her eyes were a little too wild. Before he could even register the sensation he felt something crack down against the back of his head. The constant chill of his flesh warmed against her skin as his hand slipped under her top. His fingers splayed against her warm. Her back was melded against his front as she swayed. his eyes taking in the six weapons now trained on his and his small contingent. but her smile was welcoming as she stepped closer to him. The two feuding countries stood at a standoff. Her soft pink lips begged for his attention. Angel leaned closer. "Suits. As she nestled her body close to his own the rest of the revellers faded away. forcing him to move with her.45 calibres out of their hidden hip holsters. amply exposed by her top. "Are you here often?" she asked coyly. "I suppose you could say that. though the Oceanians had a severe disadvantage." was all she said. "Who the fuck are you?" he snarled at the burly blonde whose sword was clasped tightly in his large fist. It wasn't a gentle kiss. She was slightly intoxicated. All that mattered was the feel of her silky skin. She cooed appreciatively. and then she pressed her lips to his. Her eyes looked briefly over his shoulder. my lady?" Angel asked when she made no offer of it. and the warm flesh of her thighs hidden beneath leather that pressed against his own. It was rough and fleeting. She giggled. Her smile reflected her amusement. taught belly as her shirt was bunched between his fingers. "And your name." "Do you have a name?" she asked in return. pulling her back further against him. reaching up to twine herself around his neck. taking his eyes off Angel for even a second was a . Eagerly his hands crept around her front. Slowly she turned in his arms. The beefy guard said nothing. "Angel. As he came up beside the girl her eyes caught his. Gunn was still busy mocking Doyle who'd been rejected yet again. However.Angel strode purposely through the crush of tourists toward the prize in the middle. each clasped a fully loaded semi-automatic trained on his attacker's accomplices. He managed to stay on his feet. Faith's bodyguards had pulled their larger . but he staggered a couple steps before regaining his balance.

But tonight the house was silent. he sensed it. Instead he concentrated on his fatherly pride and his beautiful children. "Angel?" he called anxiously. His eyes alighted on the injured bodyguard herding the little blonde he'd kissed far too briefly back toward their borders. Angel had been ecstatic on both accounts. She couldn't have gone anywhere. up and down stairs. then another and another. Angel snarled as he was shepherded from the fight by Gunn and Doyle grabbing an arm. his son was always into something. The hallways . taking the steps two at a time. torn away by the gunshot. His cheeks were rosy not only from the cold but from the excite thrumming through his veins. Her head was covered by the dark blue cape she wore but she was staring intently at the bar where breaking glass and gunshots could still be heard. despite his name. A princess worthy of the title. Rupert took off at a run. As the younger men from both countries broke into hand-to-hand combat. A roaring fire painted the windows with golden light despite the grey chill outside. the place where the emblem that proclaimed him a member of the royal guard. "Jenny?" No one replied. Immediately. was a terror. Her head covered with dark curls. Angel quickly pulled out the . Angel. her dark eyes bright and inquisitive. throwing random and often misplaced punches and kicks. No Angel hollering after his mother or his nanny. Faith. There was no scents of supper wafting through the house. not even his angry shrieks at being given yet another time out. toppling tables and chairs. After four long years of an empty marriage. A cold knot of dread settled in the bottom of his stomach. Despite her hired help Jenny genuinely enjoyed the domestic aspects of life and insisted on at least helping care for her son and to cook his dinner.37 calibre he carried at all times and fired a shot at the guard's shoulder. At eight years old. In a bizarre twist of fate Jenny had conceived again only thee months after Fiona. Faith was covered with her heavy velvet cloak and carried into one of the awaiting carriages as Angel strained to get back inside to throw another punch.potentially deadly mistake. He knew Angel would be excited to hear he had a little sister. *** Rupert pushed open the heavy wooden door of the lavish cottage on the edge of the city. The bar erupted into screams. Rupert ignored the flare in his gut that reminded him that she was only Angel's half sister and that Angel's mother would be far from happy to hear that Fiona had whelped an heir. He desperately wanted to be a big brother. Queen Fiona had finally birthed a daughter. The guard quickly lead her away. Running carelessly around the house. There were no dirtied dishes in the sink and nothing had been set on the table. Poking his head into the kitchen Rupert noted that Jenny wasn't in the kitchen. *** Something was wrong. the guards of both royal families ushered their charges from the bar. Perhaps he was at one his friend's houses. And Rupert had been just as excited to be a father twice over. disturbing his poor puppy who tried to find the quiet places to nap.

staring helplessly at the red stains on the white sheets. Angel knelt beside his mother's bed clasping her cold hand to his cheek. The sheets were pushed back and Jenny was laying silently. "Daddy?" A small voice whined from down the hall. Fine scars traced along his palm from where the glass had shattered. Both Jenny and the tiny baby boy he'd named Colin had died because he hadn't been there to take care of them. With a sickening crack the glass shattered as his fist closed tightly around it. clad only in one of his large white shirts. Fiona had only the finest doctors and Faith had always been the perfect baby in every regard. Nothing could have prepared him for the sight that met him on the other side. She'd spontaneously aborted and bled out. please" he cried. He'd avoided visiting Jenny for the month or so before Faith's arrival because he hadn't wanted to risk Fiona's health by upsetting her by flaunting the mistress they both knew he loved. And their son was the absolute reflection of that love.upstairs were dark. the love of his life had been dying in their bed. was cold and dark as well. Rupert stepped closer his body feeling cold and leaden. "Daddy!" Angel screamed. Rupert shook in fear as he stepped closer to the door. Tears stained his face and his eyes reflected nothing but utter anguish. A barely touched whiskey rested in his fist. his face pale and his forehead soaked with sweat. *** Rupert sat upright in his bed. "Make her wake up! Make her wake up. Dad certainly. He'd been forced to marry Fiona but Jenny had loved him just as purely as he'd loved her. had always blamed him and rightfully so. Angel blamed him. That scared him more than anything else. And Jenny had died because of it. At some point the nanny who'd rushed out to send someone for help burst into the room and pulled a screaming Angel from his mother's side. Angel never called him Daddy anymore. The old wounds still brought tears to his eyes and Rupert tried to blink them back but it was to no avail. Rupert watched it all with dead eyes as he waited in the cold dark parlour of the cottage. but never Daddy. and remained without a fire in the hearth to help heat the space. The doctor arrived and filled out the death certificate listing unforseen complications with the pregnancy as the cause of death. He called again for both his son and the woman he loved more than life. Daddy!" Everything blurred. "Help her Daddy. A quick glance at his hand convinced him it was more than a dream. The nursery where Angel still slept in close proximity to his mother and nanny. he went to pour himself a stiff drink. father occasionally. The sheets and her thighs were stained with blood. Drawing in huge draughts of air to pacify his racing heart he closed his eyes against the painful memories. Rupert stumbled to his knees beside his son. Jenny's door was propped open just slightly. Rolling out of bed. While he'd held court and waited the arrival of his newest child. .

She tempted and lured men to do her bidding. because God help him on the day Angel found out he was negotiating his marriage behind his back. "Darla just brings out my inner bitch. Like a good leader he held firm against her charms. Darla's little mind games would not affect him when he was planning to offer something as crucial as his son's hand in marriage. When asked about it. Lorne became fiercely aggressive. Lorne was immune to women. It was said her daughter had the same uncanny ability and it would be interesting to see if Angel possessed his father's restraint. He could only pray the negotiations ran smoothly. Darla in particular. Queen Darla. your daughter will be spending most of her time in our lands and the first male offspring will be considered Angelus' heir. He hated meeting with Queen Darla. King Rupert was currently being led through one of the many long. taken care of. but he couldn't deny they were there. not to mention the fact that her usual ability to charm men into doing her bidding was completely ineffective on this annoying individual. In fact. Like the mythical sirens. Rupert had a secret weapon.*** Oceania's highest point was an extinct volcano. "So." It was a stroke of genius. No one in his high court knew what he had planned besides Lorne. Lorne simply stated. Rupert had already made it quite clear that any questions at all had to go through his advisor and he would not be answering any of the Queen's questions himself. twisting halls of the ancient castle to the meet her royal highness. "Why isn't his majesty negotiating the terms for his only son's marriage? Are you trying to insult me by making me deal with your underling?" . This time. and Rupert had no reason to contradict the rumour. when in the Queen's presence. a stark contrast to his usually passive way. She detested this man and his gaudy predilection for paisley and florescent. *** Darla's mouth twisted into an ugly sneer as she glared at Rupert Giles' advisor. Her wiles were legendary. and the flat peak was perfect for the massive stone structure that adorned it. And each meeting was a lesson in restraint. according to our agreement. as well as her own. she'd counted on using every ounce of charm she possessed to get all of her daughter's needs. he'd decided to let Lorne facilitate the negotiations on his behalf. When she'd heard the proposal to marry her daughter to Rupert's son in exchange for peace. he smirked. Glancing at his advisor. however. due to both her beauty and her inability to make concessions." Darla leaned back in her chair and glanced at King Rupert. it was said Darla could turn mens minds to mush. Negotiations with Darla were always infinitely frustrating.

The last thing he'd wanted was any relation of this scheming vixen living under his roof all year long. but seeing there is only a month left until we propose they take their vows." Rupert shuddered at the thought of his son's ire as Darla fumed over having to do something she'd never had to do before: meet someone half way. Ripper. It was a much better deal than any of them had anticipated. Vows made without the . "This is unacceptable. I'm supposed to pledge my devotion to this. And Rupert inwardly cheered. his highness has laryngitis. It was going to be a long afternoon." Lorne nodded." Lorne declared. I could tolerate six months in Oceania and six months in Angelus' home. in order to move the negotiations along. Now. "Buffy being away from me for a year is unacceptable. it doesn't matter. but nothing less. That is my last offer. "Queen Darla. was he? "As I stated before. or a train. If you do not accept. I accept your proposal.Rupert merely shrugged and offered a knowing smile. "Darling. No doubt the daughter was as conniving as her mother. As for the heirs. ignoring the shattering glass as she stood and began to pace. We've negotiated a peace treaty that cannot be broken once you are married. no doubt horribly disfigured. "So. you'll be free to do as you wish." Darla suppressed a groan. Turn your charms on Angelus and talk him into doing something grisly to prove his devotion to you – try asking him to throw himself in front of a bus. not our Goddess. mother! How do they expect me to put up with the ice and snow for six months?" Buffy slammed the glass she was drinking from on the table. moving on to the dowry. He was playing his own game." Buffy glared at her mother before replying. we didn't think it wise to delay. "We would have called off the negotiations for the marriage. man one day and kill him the next? Does my word mean so little to you?" "You'll be taking vows before their senate. I will have to assume you are not negotiating in good faith and call off the wedding. *** "Six months out of the year? Goddess. Once he is dead." Darla shrugged. I do expect the first female offspring to someday rule this kingdom and expect them to live here after they reach five years of age.

the very image of bodily sin. She was smiling as she shut the door." "Good. "Get up. I presume?" Rupert drawled his lips pressed tight in disappointment. His son had always been fiercely independent. "Very well. The kind of responsibility only a family could provide." The guard lifted the girl up from her place on the floor and pulled her towards the stairs that led down to the kitchens. Rupert entered his son's chamber to find that clothes still littered the sitting room. dislocated his shoulder and sprained his wrist. Hot house flowers were being carefully tended so that hall could be decked in festive blooms. and he'd flat out refused to admit he was wrong. In fact he'd said it was poor Karina's fault." Rupert ordered. "Kristian. Angel was too fond of his cheap drink and even cheaper women. He needed responsibility. His son had been doing this far too long. stilettoed boots were in her hands. The trail led into the shadowed bedchamber." . No doubt Angelus would break into a frightful rage. And if necessary four guards were posted at the door to keep him from fleeing. and her coat was thrown over her arm. Setting his shoulders Rupert strode purposely toward the doors to his son's suite. allowing the dull sunlight to flood the room. and on some level Rupert recognized it was rightfully so. "He treated you well." *** Rupert paced anxiously outside his son's room. but as she turned all mirth left her features. It had been nearly impossible to keep Angel from finding the alterations being made to the great hall in order to accommodate the astounding number of guests expected to see these two feuding nations align in marriage. the door opened. A tiny squeak escaped her as she sank into a curtsy at her liege's feet. Her tall. The brewers and kitchen staff were hard at work preparing the requirements of the great feast that would follow. because if she hadn't said no she could have watched to make sure he was okay. "I expect to see you dressed and in my chambers in my chambers in fifteen minute. and he got away with far too much. Everyone within the castle was excited about the upcoming nuptials. his head obviously still filled with drink. Before he could reach the latch. Rupert had no illusions that his son would docilely submit to this union. the locks on the windows had been welded shut preventing his escape. He'd fallen. where his son was still sprawled lavishly under the silk sheets and velvet covers. of course." he returned. From the time he was four years old and disobeyed his nanny and tried to climb down the tree outside his bedroom window in the dead of night. Angrily he strode to the windows and jerked the blinds aside. that is.Goddess's blessing are meaningless. Her back was to him so he could not see her face. Unbeknownst to Angel. He smiled at the memory. It had taken him three weeks to rack up enough courage to make it even this far. her hair mused and clothing wrinkled tiptoed from the room. She didn't look up. A young girl. please show our guest out once she's had something to eat. Angel groaned. who had no idea he'd be married a week from tomorrow. Except for the groom. your highness. But the boy had not cried. The sight was overtly carnal.

Sons beg to join your hunting expeditions and carousing parties. didn't she. Angel was silent for once in his life.Angel just smirked as he stretched out his frame. "Well then you can go to war. "It is for the best. illegitimate though you may be. our people have fawned over you. no longer. well they would do anything to have you notice them. "You've gone far too long without discipline. Princess Buffy. You'll see. The deal is based as much on her virginity as it is based upon your compliance with the marriage. you'll be wed to Queen Darla's only daughter." "The bitch refused to put out." "I assure you. He eagerly accepted the cup of dark coffee that was placed before him. . my son." "I had a feeling you'd resist." Rupert called after them. "Or what?" "Or you'll be escorted under guard" Rupert returned. "I do not want some coddled whore for a wife. Settling back into his chair. Never had he seen his father so mad. *** "There's something not right about Julian. yes." The young man snarled. he sipped from his cup of tea and lifted the first piece of correspondence from the pile set on the table. Angelus. Angel." Angel drawled as flopped into the chair across from his father at the breakfast table. The bargain I made. Dad?" Angel teased. "That is enough" he shouted. Princess Buffy is no whore. Women pray you'll notice their craftsmanship. "He gets far too much pleasure from manhandling me. "Touchy this morning are we?" "I have made an arrangement with Queen Darla." "Perhaps that is what you need" Rupert returned darkly. the dispassionate chill he used in battle was suddenly turned on his son." Rupert admitted with a wry grin. because I will not marry this Princess Buffy. Byron and Viktor posed in the doorway to intercept him. The decorator had to be paid upon completion of the bridal suite. Something he'd never thought he'd have to do. involves you too. but at this point he was at his wit's end. One week tomorrow." Angel could only stare stupidly at his father as Julian and Byron each caught one of his arms and began to pull him back towards his own chambers. The chair couldn't contain him and soon the king was pacing irritably in front of the hearth. Angel drank deeply of the fragrant brew. "You intend to arrest me unless I obey?" Rupert's smile did not waver. And Angel would be married next week. "Essentially. But you've become arrogant. "What is this?" he asked his father with a laugh. Men long to have you recognize their hard work. Abruptly his father's hand slapped down upon the polished surface of his Louis XIV table. And daughters. You expect to be forgiven for every sin. Well. Angel stalked angrily to the door throwing them wide only to be faced with Julian." "The hell I will" Angel exploded. As Crown Prince.

you take yourself far too seriously. Not one of his favourites. But. but somehow he didn't think they go for that one. Angelus just smirked as Viktor continued to stagger. your highness" Viktor finally announced. Kristian wisely hung back. but there must be something. Freedom would be nice. but the world began to spin as he made his way back towards the door." Kristian's eyes flew to him. Both of the men eagerly drank from the crystal." Viktor drawled. He handed off two of the glasses. He moved to place the glass back on the side board. Kristian wisely forbidding Viktor from fully letting his guard down. neither seemed particularly inclined to go back to work. He'd always dreamed of the day when he could say he was part of Prince Angelus' inner circle. "Did you need something. Who will know if we step in for a drink?" "I couldn't have said it better myself. "Viktor. Kristian and Viktor scrambled to their feet. and the effects had not reached him quite yet. He'd sipped his drink much more leisurely." Angelus remarked with a smirk. He didn't need his head fogged with any sort of alcohol.*** Angel twisted the doorknob and flung the door wide. Kristian hesitated only a moment longer before stepping in the parlour and quickly shutting the doors behind him." "Kristian. but I need to get out of here for a few hours. asking about their girlfriends and their family. "Thank you. sliding down the shining wood to pool on the floor. It was nearly one in the morning. "The sun has not yet risen and everyone is still asleep. He turned as if to block the door but instead stumbled and slumped against them. His path to the cabinet was straight. are you alright?" Kristian asked in concern. Angel raised his brows dubiously." He poured a splash of amber brandy into three glasses. "Does my father expect you to sleep on the floor?" he asked instead. leaving his waiting on the side board. Angelus politely chatted with them. As the younger of the two guards eagerly stepped into the room." Viktor's eyes lit in excitement. The boy was so stupid. No doubt Byron and Julian. "I apologize for the mess. At least not without some bodily persuasion in the form of a fist or two to the face. "Don't take it personally boys." "Why don't you come in for a drink? I'm not sure what I have left. . my rooms have little to offer except a steady stream of drink. The rest of the house was silent. Kristian shrugged. "Your father would not appreciate us deserting our post. Though they stood perched at the door. "it is much worse in the tents on the battlefield. your highness?" Viktor asked politely. The guards looked over the mess of bottles that littered the floor as their charge headed to the liquor cabinet once more. had made off to their beds when it appeared that their captive would be staying put for the night. but the liquor cabinet had quickly been emptied during the last three days. and he didn't need the wretched taste in his mouth either.

" Kristian slurred drowsily. Not that being married would stop him from having a good time. He didn't have time to waste. Viktor was already snoring where he lay dangling off the edge of the couch. She turned and smiled. "Don't wait up. but the tingling burn down the back of his throat assured him it would do its job. It was overly sweet. Her blonde hair was loose down her back. golden blonde was dancing amid her circle of friends. Threading through the crowd he sent her friends scattering with a telling look. She had no more accounted for the weather than last time he'd seen her." Darla's cheshire-grin was more than Buffy could take as she slammed her apartment's door behind her. Who knew a couple of roofies could be so useful? *** "I feel a palpitation coming on. Angelus smirked. "Y-y-y. ornate mirror reflected the duo's beauty perfectly. Angelus nudged the only half lucid guard aside. He snagged a drink off a passing tray. The tall. can't. The music continued to pump loudly from the speakers that hid amid the tangled gardens. smiling at the common looking waitress who blushed and continued on through the crowd. "I'll come back as quick as I can. Why her virginity was a point of contention at all amazed Buffy. *** The party was still in full swing as he arrived. What a way to spend his last night as a bachelor." Darla shrugged as she put her arms around her daughter's waist and peered into the mirror over Buffy's shoulder. The same. Angelus swallowed the last of the cocktail and carelessly set aside his glass." Darla taunted as she put her hand over her heart. The abandoned hot house was over grown with flowering vines. Angelus' reputation as a womanizer was legendary. we meet again. He sipped the vodka concoction that he'd snatched. but it only enhanced the decadent feeling." "I can't believe you haven't already done so.Unconcerned. Dru's parties were always fantastic. but she had out done herself this time. "be a good boy and sleep quietly while I'm gone." Buffy deadpanned as she squirmed out of Darla's hug and headed toward the door. sex is too." "From what I hear. After all. "I can't believe you're encouraging me to fuck a random stranger. silk skirt of her dress.. It was eerily similar to the last time he'd seen her: his Oceanian goddess.. "Virginity is overrated.. A small snort escaped her. Peace between the two countries hinged on Buffy using her inexplicable powers of attraction to convince Prince Angelus to stay married despite her lack of virginity. you. "So." Thank God for Doyle and his half baked scheme to drug Cordelia.. Buffy glared at her mother while adjusting the soft." he remarked with a patronizing smile... except this time no brainless guards lingered at arm's length. It was hard to miss a shining black Jaguar careening through the only partially opened gates of the palace. The dress was part of Darla's plan for Buffy to make a cuckold of her husband before she married him – something Buffy wasn't entirely comfortable with." . Her halter dress clung to her skin in a wash of sapphire silk. He smiled. go. No doubt his father would be alerted soon to his less than entirely stealthy exit. He circled the edge of the dance floor.

"You want to get out of here?" she whispered against his ear. He led to his car. Neither of them said anything. It was another thing entirely to actually screw the nameless joe. hovering just above the shift. He slid into the driver seat and turned on the car. Every ounce of her being . She snuggled against his warm back to avoid the chilling breeze. This was not how she had pictured losing her virginity. always allowing the girl to chase him. he wasn't entirely nameless. "I don't suppose you'd have a place near by. His wool pants stroked the inside of her thighs. he pulled her closer. Lover. She caught and conquered with one quick glance of her hazel eyes.He returned her smile as he slipped an arm around her and drew her against his chest. The car chirped and flashed its headlights as he unlocked the doors. wrenching every sensation he could. But this one. She responded eagerly. Despite the pounding music he heard her perfectly. She could feel the smooth lines of the leather seats." she returned. He had just opened his mouth. "Whatever you want. She shivered not only from the cold that was quickly seeping into the car. There was nothing elegant about it. She slid her hands along his front. A sleek. no.. Their bodies swayed but not in time to any music but their own. She didn't chase. when she pressed her lips over his. It was one thing to think about screwing some random guy just to piss off her mother's rival. His name was Angel and she knew that name suited him to a tee. Never had he felt like this. Her heart was knocking rapidly against her ribs. an overeager mashing of mouths. his head dipping to catch her lips in a searing kiss.. Well. Her arms looped casually around his neck. never making the first move." He turned off the car. her tongue tangling with his in a mockery of what was yet to come. She cringed internally." "Not exactly. His hand reached down to shift the car into gear but stopped short." He pressed her closer. her fingers twined in his hair. Her nails scraping lightly against his chest. but also from nerves. His breath panted harshly against the shell of her ear as they caught their breath. draping her over his body. There was nothing less than angelic about the body she had fantasized about for the last six weeks. He was usually reserved. "We would have met again sooner if I'd known your name. probing her mouth with his tongue. So utterly unsure of himself. black sports car entirely unsuited to the snowy climate he lived in. She had prayed he would be here tonight. "Then what should I call you if you won't tell me your name?" That sexy little smile crossed her lips again as she replied. But instead of pushing her away and trying to contain his laughter. if he hadn't yet figured out she was a virgin he'd know it now. no doubt to make some lame excuse. Her skin became super sensitive. It held no finesse. The kiss was carnal. "What is it?" He laughed ruefully. He slowed the kiss. His cashmere sweater slid against her silk covered breasts. merely captured her hand in his own and tugged her toward the door. but it would have to do. So out of control. He held the door as she slid against the black leather of the passenger seat. *** Her skin prickled with goosebumps as her exposed skin met the frigid air. and sure enough he'd answered her prayers. He said nothing." "I like to be mysterious.

She pushed at his pants and boxers trying to get them over his hips. She barely noticed. Going to Doyle or Gunn would have been inviting the guards to drag him back to his sentence. And no doubt his father would have already sent men to track his credit cards. Her elbow bumped the horn and the car beeped loudly. His lips spread in a smile against her chest. She was caught on the edge of a pleasure like she'd never known and he refused to let her fall back over the other side. They rested perfectly in his hands. even the fraction of an inch that breathing required. He devoted his attention equally between the blushing pair. He didn't go around fucking girls in the driver's seat of his car. and she was oh so responsive. He suddenly seemed so huge. His tongue came out to trace the lines of her stomach ." She relaxed." he whispered in her ear. She gasped and moaned as his tongue lashed against her skin. His fingers wrapped in her hair. It was delicious. her eyes wide and innocent. He sure as hell couldn't take her to his rooms at the castle. The cool air only heightened the sensation as he switched from one breast to the other . The dress dripped to her hips as his fingers moved to trace the rosy circles of her nipples. but then her expression calmed and she pulled his face back to hers for another searing kiss. Angel slipped his free hand along the outside of her thigh. but a bigger portion of him refused to let her go. spreading himself over her sprawled form. He moaned his own approval as his lips moved to nibble at her neck.the heat of his mouth replaced by the icy air. For a moment she looked unsure. His lips meandered down one side of her neck then the other.was steeped in sensation. The back of her fingers brushed against his erection eliciting an agonized groan from deep within his chest. "Let's just enjoy this. "Let's take this back where we have more room. But where else could they have gone. The hard ridge of his arousal nestled against her cleft. that ached with a want unknown to her. were somewhat satisfied by the hard planes of his chest. Nothing mattered but the feel of him. He drew his fingers up the inside of her thigh yet again. On some level he wanted to break their kiss and catch his breath. He was . His smile was devilish. Eventually the need for air was too great and he had to wrench his lips from hers. Her muscles jumped under his fingertips. He followed her back. His hand caught her wrist. He doubted she even realized the soft coos and moans she made as his hands danced along her body. Her breasts. His fingers slipped the knot at her nape loose and her dress sagged against her chest held in place only by tight seal of their bodies. His hand brushed against the front of her lacy thong and she jumped. She tentatively let herself rest against him. His cock throbbed against her thigh as he bent down to kiss her once again. The car was still cramped but it didn't matter. His head lowered and he caught one of the blushing crests in his mouth and his fingers toyed with the other torrid peak. Her skin was as soft as the silk of her dress. She managed to work the button of his pants free before slipping the zipper down inch by inch. The feel of his hands on her skin. looming above her. His hands slipped between them to cup her breasts in his palms. stopping at her shoulder to place a hard kiss in the crevice. stopping to tease along the edge of her bellybutton. leaving her chest bared to his greedy gaze. And besides. She felt oddly both safe and threatened with his weight pressing her down into the seats of his car. His fingertips traced the delicate line of her spine. He had more class than this. She somehow managed to keep her hands from shaking as she undid his belt. He leaned her back to get a better look at her. He felt languid and dazed." Crawling over the seats she spread herself across the backseats of the car in invitation. Even through the fogged windows he could see a few patrons turning startled eyes toward the darkened car. circling around her breasts but never stopping where she needed him the most. drawing a startled gasp of relief from her. he wasn't entirely sure he would have been able to keep his hands off her for that long. His lips against her own. A helpless cry of frustration broke past her lips. The top of her dress fell over the back of his hands. His lips moved down her chest. She arched her back in wanton display. Her cheeks flushed a charming shade of pink. "Calm down.

hunched over her. He didn't dare look at her as he pulled up his pants and fished his shirt out from where it had been pushed under the seat. It was as if she knew all of his secrets. his lips flushed from her kisses. Wanted to know her. In some far corner of her mind she felt him jerk against her before toppling into the same abyss of pleasure she enjoyed. pressing his naked skin against her own. He simply couldn't wait any longer. his hair in wild disarray from her fingers. broke her light embrace. The heat from her skin kept the chill of the night air at bay. Her deep hazel eyes were shuddered. She had never imagined the intimacy she felt at that very moment. Hell. Her eyes held steady with his. she sat . Poised at her entrance. her brows drawn together. her lips pressed tight. her body awoke once again and soon she was lifting her hips to meet him. This was insane. he sighed as her dewy warmth coated only the very tip of his cock. She'd known his chest was toned. They all thought they'd get to be the next princess. Wanted something completely out of his reach. They both shuddered in pleasure. Finally. He didn't feel like asking her to leave. she shuddered against him. but purposefully. He wasn't going to be able to hold off much longer. He ran a hand along her thigh again. She wrapped her arms around his shoulders and enjoyed the companionable silence. His finger graced against the small pearl that controlled her desire. lacy covering. As he rocked against her. His finger traced the edge of her panties before slipping inside the thin. Her eyes were hazy but calm. She was in utter awe as he pulled his shirt over his head and allowed the expensive wool to fall carelessly to the floor. His cock throbbed at her response. but his weight was nice and reassuring. Pressing forward he sank into her warmth barely registering the thin barrier that broke against his intrusion. He didn't think he could say no to that look in her eyes. get to hang off his arm at balls. If he looked at her he'd see that hopeful look in her eye. He wanted to talk to her. They were fused together for one brief moment. He'd collapsed on top of her. he couldn't say no to anything she asked for. And then absolute pleasure obliterated everything. She was Oceanian and he was supposed to marry her future queen in just a few days. *** He wasn't entirely sure how long he'd lain there. He couldn't see the moisture gathering behind her lids. His arms and chest tensed and relaxed as he moved over her once again. but he suddenly felt awkward. How could he even possibly be contemplating bringing her home to Dad? He slowly. Again. but the well formed body that was bared to her eyes was more than she had expected. He deftly pushed his pants and boxers over his hips and pulled her thong down her legs until she could kick it away. He didn't even know her name. mind. Nothing in her life had ever prepared her for such a truly decadent sight. body and soul. but it didn't matter. nor did he feel like just rolling over and going to sleep. and he hers. She felt nothing but warmth. His stomach tensed as her thigh bushed against his groin. his pants half undone. The one all girls he slept with had. He couldn't even hold himself off from fucking her in the backseat of his daddy's car like some stupid freshman. His thumb circled against the damp lace that covered her as his index finger traced around her center. She didn't move for a long while as he refused to even look at her. He'd never felt so connected. Her eyes closed. get to pick and choose the very best of everything. Her sun bronzed skin felt as if it burned. The pain only lasted for a moment. She quivered against him.

she couldn't even get some coffee before her mother's inquisition of her sex life! And. her mother was already bugging her about it. The tiny blond almost choked on her breakfast as she tried to keep from laughing. A small thrill went through her as she watched Darla's mouth gape open and close as if she were some sort of fish pulled out of water. Goddess. you really thought I'd go out and fuck the first random guy I came across?" Buffy gave her mother a very prudish look before shovelling another spoonful of cereal in her mouth. She had no intention of sharing with her mother. She took a few deep breaths before primly lying to her very pushy mother. Ew! "So. back towards the party that was just now beginning to wrap up for the night. The Guy. The thought of comparing notes about sex was giving her the willies. Anyway. Buffy was surprised it didn't shatter. really! Like it was anyone's business but her own! Buffy hunched over a bowl of frosted corn flakes. "So. tell me!" Buffy looked up at her mother with innocent eyes and returned. shovelling in one mouthful after the other. It was then he remembered the stray tear that had leaked over he cheek despite her best efforts to stop it and the startled jerk as he'd first tried to touch her. His head fell back against the seat with a groan. Buffy shrugged her slim shoulders.up and awkwardly righted her hopelessly rumpled dress. She'd been a virgin. "Tell me what happened last night!" the queen roared. she'd refer to him as. She disappeared into the crowd. From now on. she never did get the guys name. likely trying to find her friends again. He saw the faint outline of her form walking through the snowy parking lot. Like the coward that he was. a mischievous smile moved across her lips as it suddenly came to her what she'd say. Angelus didn't even look up as the door opened and closed. "I'll have you . *** "So?" It was the morning after her sexual escapades with… …shit. "Tell you what?" A look of complete fury passed over Darla's features as she clenched her glass of orange juice so hard. The Guy. what?" she replied insolently. "You gotta be kidding.

He couldn't have cared less. The windows were slightly fogged from the heat trapped inside. He'd never see the little nameless blonde again. He was alone. He pulled his cell from his pocket and frowned as he noticed that the battery was almost dead. and beginning to make some boundaries between her and her mother seemed like a good place to start. you know." Buffy couldn't help letting out a titter when the glass in Darla's hand shattered.know. The car still smelled faintly like her perfume and sex. It was about time she started doing what she deemed best. He climbed out of the car and slid back into the front seat. icy trees and the crisp snow. He sat until dawn. *** Neither Doyle nor Gunn had opened the door or answered his calls. There were no other cars or snowmobiles or sleds in the area. It was an old. His mildly attractive daughter had loomed in the door frame. I'm going to be a virgin bride and there will be no talking my husband into taking a walk in front of a bus to prove his love to me. With a sound of disgust he left the key in the door and got back into his car and drove away. he was utterly and completely alone. Instead. he drove himself to the closest motel and layed down the last of the cash he had on his for a room. At this point all he wanted was a warm shower and a bed. the young woman thought to herself. There was no point in waking up Doyle or Gunn just so he could crash on their couches. The shower looked like a biohazard and the bed was stained and likely the nesting ground of whatever couldn't survive in the shower. They were probably already posted at the door. No one came to disturb his brooding. *** Angel sat patiently in his car." He could hear them arguing as he left the office with the key in hand. And as far as he could tell there still wasn't anyone out looking for him. Julian? The sun was casting a warm yellow glow over the barren. Even the . why wasn't he already caught? Why hadn't he been dragged back to the castle by the much too eager to please. The hot house was dark and quiet now. Wait. For the first time in his life. smelly bastard who owned the place and demanded cash per night. The guards would be there soon enough. It was odd to say the least. The only problem was he opened the door to find a vermin infested box of filth. it'd be the first place the guards would look. She obviously recognized him because she looked appalled when her father told him he'd be paying double for the room because it had already been booked "on account of the royal weddin'. Hell. If he was caught he'd be married to her queen before the end of the week.

maybe he'll fall in love with my daughter!' kind of way. Where she was from. There were no guards hot on his heals. She had to be freezing to death. "Excuse me. he didn't notice the little blonde girl stop beside him. he asked. Standing in the cold outside the nearly barren restaurant he'd finally stopped into to use the phone. Nothing.locals looked surprised to see him not in a ‘Oh. just smiled. Impulsively. Those waters clung turquoise to the sunny shores of the island where the icy blue waters of his home could only mingle harmlessly within their warm waves. "but shouldn't you be at the palace?" He had been about to offer some retort when he glanced down and saw her." He felt oddly inclined to help this child. He didn't know her name. None of his friends were home. His wedding was a day away." she said. an odd combination of both blue and green. You can be my guest. She stared him straight in the eye and replied. Her hair was in ragged curls. "did you want to meet the princess?" She shook her head. . Something wasn't right here. But nothing seemed to be happening." The more he looked at her. It was almost the color of the waters dividing Oceania with Tir as Sneachta." Her smile was bright and cheerful. Blonde hair was a rarity in Tir as Sneachta as were blue eyes. I found Prince Angelus. "Why would you say that?" he asked instead. "she'll make the war stop. that didn't stop him from falling in love with some girl he saw twice. "What is so special about this princess?" he returned. And I have to go. "The princess is arriving today. But her eyes weren't quite blue. the more he realized she had to be a street urchin. Then again. His father should be frantic to get him back and make it look like this wedding was the fairytale the people wanted it to be. In love? No. And there was no royal decree the he return to the palace. but the typical ‘Prince Angelus is in my shop. imagine the reward!' kind of way. your highness." "I'll get you a pretty dress and take you to the castle. they were turquoise. but she had both. "I don't have pretty dress to wear. "Where are your parents?" She didn't say anything. Her clothes were streaked with grime. She tugged at the edge of his coat with grimy fingers. She stood in a drift of snow up to her knees but she was only wearing some worn leather ankle boots.

A rush of heat surrounded her as she made it through the entrance and she was relieved to finally not be cold. As Buffy glanced up at the monstrous. Tripping up the stairs. He glanced down the empty street to his left and his right but there was no one." the young woman growled before stepping on the ice covered walkway that would lead her to her husband to be. "You're twisted. gilded doors toward warmth. If nothing else . The limo's door opened. gothic castle that would serve as her home. The little girl must have slipped it into his pocket. The only word that came to mind as she glanced at . Darla's corn-silk hair fluttered around her face and The Queen slipped her hands deeply into her muff. he'd already lost the girl he loved so what was the difference? There was that ‘love' word again. She was right. *** She was cold. the car door he slid behind the wheel and turned on the car. He turned it over and found the mark of the Oceanian Royal Guard embroidered on the other side. and Buffy glanced at her mother as cold wind blasted inside. though it was very tempting. He stared at the scrap of fabric in confusion. Buffy tried not to hurry through the nine-foot-tall. she decided that life probably couldn't get much worse. Buffy had always felt that she should be aligned to some sort of moral compass that wasn't pointing her directly to hell." Buffy's eyes narrowed to slits as she glared at her mother. guards in arms saluting as she and her entourage entered the building.he liked her that was all. It was a dark shade of blue. His fingers were numb and he slid his hands in his pockets as he started to walk toward his car. "How am I supposed to live like this?" Darla shrugged. The fabric was ripped and slightly singed. She was gone. Really cold. and the creamy fur-lined cape wrapped around her tiny body wasn't helping at all. blond man who reached for her coat. "Have him walk in front of a bus and you won't have to. She turned and smiled at the tall. She was DAMN cold. he was going to put his country before himself. He glanced down to try to convince the little girl to come with him once again but she was no longer beside him. His fingers grazed across some kind of cloth in his right pocket. And for once in his life. "Princess Buffy?" a voice asked. He couldn't possibly fall in love with a girl he'd never spoken more than a handful of words with. After all. but why? Opening. Darla's views on love weren't exactly helpful in this instance. his marriage to this princess would stop the wars. Kind eyes smiled down at her as she raised an eye brow. He pulled it out. Darla didn't share this point of view.

sweetheart. arching ceiling as they moved closer and closer to Buffy's perceived doom. bouncing from the marble flooring to the tall." Buffy interrupted and colored slightly. shit." She hissed as The Guy who took her virginity scowled down at her. "It'll be O. Lorne's voice announced her and her mother to the sea of people waiting." . Lorne came to a pair of enormous. Blinking she looked up into cold. Angelus… she briefly wondered what he'd look like. The sound of their steps echoed loudly through the hall. *** As soon as Lorne guided the press out the royal hall." "Oh. Princess Buffy. By Venus. Angelus. if he was as ruthless and cruel as the tabloids hinted. "Is there anything you need before…" "No." Buffy nodded and stepped into the room. Lindsey slunk up behind her mother and quietly took her coat and muff. Goddess.the man's outfit was paisley. let it not be Angelus.. She smiled as camera lights flashed. Angelus. Please. "My name is Lorne. may I introduce your future bride. "Prince Angelus. "I'm quite ready to meet my future husband. angry eyes. Buffy's steps seemed frozen for a moment. double doors and she took a deep breath as he opened it. this couldn't be Angelus. blinding her for a moment as she was guided forward. it was simple to yank her away from the group. but a hand at her back moved her comfortingly forward." Lorne eased the cape off of Buffy's shoulders. Lindsey smiled down at her before pressing a small kiss to the crown of her head. He bowed. King Giles asked me to greet your highness before your introduction to your future husband. "What the hell is going on here?" he hissed as he pulled her into an alcove just beyond where the court officials were filing from the great room." Lorne nodded a small smile on his lips as he gestured for the group to follow him down the hall. and stated.K. "My father said you were suppose to be a virgin when we married. leaving a fuming Darla to cope on her own.

It was nothing like the night before when he'd been cajoling and playful." "If we're just going to go our separate ways. Angelus growled. "Take her."I was." "So. what the hell was last night?" "I think you know. on both counts. "Excuse you?" "Is this some trick you thought would get you out of this marriage? Or are you just as conniving as your mother and thought I'd be some dumb fop you could walk all over?" "You better believe I'll be pulling the strings around here. You and I are going to get married. A throat clearing near by broke them apart. Lover. why should even bother with this marriage?" He grabbed her and angrily pressed his lips to hers. "Your plan backfired. stepping back to let her pass. your Highness. Julian stood just outside the alcove casting his shadow back over them. but she didn't resist and gave as good as she got. "I am to escort the princess to her chamber. And we're going to play all nicey nice for my father." Her face flushed an angry red and her eyes bore into his with firey rage. "So." Without another word he turned and walked to his own chambers his back straight and proud." he announced with a smug smile pulling at the corner of his mouth. what? You're going to call off this farce of wedding? Thank Goddess. I'll stay here and hopefully we will never cross paths again." Julian announced. She didn't cringe in the face of his fury. *** . "That's too easy. "This way. Lover. Then you can go back to your country." "You came on to me like a bitch in heat. but she couldn't exactly meet his eyes either. This was a punishment. We're finished here." He laughed at that. Buffy was left to contemplate what that kiss meant." His smile was cruel. For what. she didn't know. your Highness." she returned. You picked the wrong guy.

"You could say that. "I had an interesting morning." Rupert drawled as his valet left with the royal attire worn only at formal state functions. Darla lied to me. Angelus growled beneath his breath and stalked off to the liquor cabinet. he returned.." Angelus held his tongue instead taking a drink from his half filled glass." "Is that surprising?" "Do shut up." Faith scowled as Rupert frowned at both his children.. couldn't they have taken after their more mild mannered mothers? "Faith. "Didn't see you at the party last night. She'd changed out of the elegant red velvet dress she'd worn to court in favour of some skin tight leather pants and a cropped black t-shirt. Why.. "the wedding's still on. I take it you know the princess?" Swallowing back a healthy shot of what ever it was he'd poured himself." "Calm down. Angelus. "But she– . "You did what?" "It was completely consensual." Angelus drawled as he tossed back another shot and refilled the glass again and took a seat. But you– ." "You haven't done anything stupid I hope. to say the least. I'll kill her." "You mean like fuck the girls brains out last night in the back seat of my car?" Rupert sipped from his tea. "Cutting it close. No one needs to know. The doors were thrown open as Faith happily sauntered into her father's chambers. Faith. They were so like him." "That's not the point." "From the looks you shared. Please. oh why." his son drawled." Rupert tiredly pulled his glasses from the bridge of his nose and wiped them clean. than quickly spit it back out all over his Aubusson rug. weren't you?" she asked her brother with a mischievous smile. Rupert was pacing now. ."You came home.. I'm not sure I understand why my son who drugged two guards and stole a car in order to escape his wedding is suddenly willing to marry his tarnished bride when he has an east escape.

"I have not. for the moment. Why else would you have come back? That night at the bar? She had you wrapped around her little finger. "I saw that kiss in the hallway. "You fell in love with her." Rupert began to smile and then began to laugh." his father teased." Angelus just stood and set his glass aside. before turning to his son. Angelus smirked. but that's all. I just want this to be done." "Wasn't she kissing you back?" Faith replied. Angel drained his cup and sat petulantly in his father's chair. "in order to offer my congratulations. That is." . "It looked like it from where I was standing anyway. Can't say it's a surprise she's royalty with the artillery she was carrying. I need to get some sleep. She's going back home after that." Faith returned." "But– why?" Rupert asked. Dad. if you want to call it a kiss." Angelus scoffed into his glass while Rupert stared incredulously at both his children. please." "Oh get off it. She threw back the rest of the amber liquid with an unrepentant grin. "I admit I have some feelings for her.Faith grinned. Ripper. "I'm tired and my wedding is early tomorrow. "Princess Buffy isn't as saintly as she appears?" Rupert rolled his eyes." "I will ignore the fact that my daughter was at a bar." "I don't care. I was means to an end. "Brother dearest has got feelings for the little princess. reconsider this." "I'm marrying her. She'd completely forgot about the glass of whiskey she'd pilfered when no one was looking but now both her fath and brother were staring at her. "It's so obvious. neither particularly pleased." "Angel. but that doesn't mean they're returned." Rupert announced with a frown at his youngest. Nothing more. You can't hope to make her return your feelings if she's miles away.

no one except Angelus. wishing she could be anywhere but here. The was no tenderness or caring in his look and as their eyes met. In fact. now do we?" Buffy blinked back tears as she plastered on a smile. Smoldering eyes glared down at her as strong fingers wrapped around her bicep and pulled slowly. sweetie. He paused. Angelus hissed. Buffy's eyes fluttered open to meet his dark. surrounded by friends." the priest intoned sanctimoniously. "Smile and wave. His forehead pressed to hers and he gave her a small. and a crisp white shirt that was buttoned low enough to give Buffy a promising view of his muscular chest. Surrounded by a bevy of beauties all vying for his attention on this. remembering distinctly how smooth his skin was to touch. Buffy tried to draw away. Not quite drunk anyway. The wedding party had retired to his father's private apartments hours ago. When he finally moved away from his bride to be. she looked up to meet his eyes wondering if he'd go ahead and give the crowd what they wanted and kiss her. she had been a virgin the night . Don't want to disappoint. and abruptly his kiss turned hard and cruel. "You may now kiss the bride. and dipped his mouth down to hers. One hand seized her arm while the other tilted her chin up in a punishing grip. the crowd of friends and family cheered. toward him. angry stare. Through gritted teeth. Now his bride to be stood on the opposite side of the room. Dinner had been served with the hype and fanfare a royal dress rehearsal deserved. *** Make no mistake about it. Angelus was not drunk. His lips brushed her mouth softly. Gulping. Goddess knew she wanted to touch him like that again. but he held her in his embrace until she began to grow light headed. To be sure. a showman to the end. half smile and the crowd seemed to give out a collective sigh at their Prince's actions. deliberately down to kiss her. The crowd seemed to lean forward in anticipation as Angelus turned to face his future bride. None of them heard the small whimper Buffy let out when the kiss ended. family and well-wishers. the last night of his bachelor existence. she'd pretty much give up anything to erase the damage she had inflicted on their relationship. Buffy stared at the hard expanse of chest. She closed her eyes.*** The guests crowded the only partially finished hall for a practice run of the ceremony that would take place at dusk the following day. More than once he had caught her wide green eyes sorrowfully glancing his way. She didn't see the flash of tenderness that crossed Angelus' face as he bent leisurely. The Prince was dressed informally for such a sacred occasion in low slung leather pangs. he was having a hard time choosing. tongue lightly grazed her lips. but not low enough to make him look like a gigolo.

which confused her more." Angelus shook off her hand and tried to think of something intelligent to say. we can continue fight and fuss. "You fucked me in the back seat of my car like some cheap…" Buffy put a hand over his mouth. Something to ease the embarrassment that was pulsing through him. His features were cold and angry. so don't go on pretending you have the highroad in this situation. asshole. and that thought gave him some small satisfaction." she retorted. "I'm not your wife yet. effectively silencing him. Royals didn't divorce. Angelus moved forward until Buffy could feel his hot breath on her face. strong fingers wrapped around her arm. he intended to find out. and there was no way she could lure him to his death as her mother had previously suggested. but she wasn't. *** Buffy followed him docilely enough to the hallway. "As my bride." He glanced down at Buffy from hooded eyes and snapped. "Now. quick gesture. Nothing came to mind. hot anger burned through him as he clenched and unclenched his fists. as his long." Angelus barely contained his rage as he bit out. "You were in the back seat of that car too. "What are you suggesting. you fucking hypocrite. she laughed. or we could try to make the best of the situation in front of us. It just wasn't done. Something that would make her the bad guy in this. "So. He wondered if she'd been so vengeful as to be with another since their last encounter and. She really didn't know what to expect." He had expected her to be cowed by his aggressive behavior. He took a step away and folded his arms across his chest. he gulped down his scotch and headed toward his future wife.he had her. everything about you is my business. . White. but she did know they had to figure out a way to get along. how many other men have you been with since our encounter the other night?' A confused look crossed her face as she glanced up at her intended. "I'm not sure how that is any of your business. With one. Instead of cowering and begging for his forgiveness.

searing kiss. Crown Prince of Tir as Sneachta. takes this man to be your lawfully wedded husband?" Angelus glanced askance at her." Her eyes briefly caught his and she offered a smile. Angelus William Giles. Her golden curls were pinned to her head with tiny diamonds and a golden tiara surrounded the cascading mass. take this woman to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Angelus dutifully replied." "Do you. He drew her close and kissed her." Her hand traced the corded lines of his neck before sinking into the silk of his hair and pulling in down for another kiss. Buffy glanced up. Taking the platinum ring from the officiant's hand. He held his breath until she replied. His thumb gently caressed the smooth flesh of her arm as she tremblingly looked up . On this occasion she had made adjustments for the cold climate. A blush crept up her neck as she took a deep breath and continued. both were breathing heavily. She was just as enticing tonight as she had been at the dance club. Duke of Leac Oighir. "I'm suggesting that both of us seemed to have a good time in the back seat of your car. He stepped forward. but a deep V in both front and back exposed her golden skin. Her dress had long sleeves. "That's the positive implication I was talking about. he carefully slid the ring onto her finger repeating the words he was told to say. pulling her against him. When the pair pulled apart. a sly look on her imp-like features.Princess Buffy?" He almost laughed as she nervously bit her lip and glanced down at her shoes. The dress swept the floor with a slight train. She was donned in a pale blue dress of silk. a thorough. Princess of Oceania. and maybe we should focus on that positive implications instead of the negative ones?" Angelus considered her suggestion carefully as his eyes roved over her petite form. *** "Do you. "I do. suckling the wet heat of her tongue as he explored the cavern of her mouth with a hungry passion. . "I do. Buffy Anne Summers. She looked beautiful.

We begin the story when the two lands enter into a series of rocky negotiations for a peace treaty that will double their power and give them an unbreakable stronghold on the world. thus solidifying the union between the two lands." Without delay.. both coming to a stale mate when neither refuses defeat. has been groomed to take over the kingdom when her mother passes. She accepted a kiss on the cheek from her father-in-law and her new sister. You may kiss the bride. Her daughter.She did the same with her own vows to love. but she has proven herself and her kingdom to all those who dare challenge her. While the calculating Queen of Oceania ginned maliciously. Let her scheme. neither Rupert nor Darla trust one another. and cherish til death do them part. The bride and groom slowly made their way out of the hall stopping to receive congratulations from the crowd gathered to witness what would go down in history as the marriage of the century. Her hand clasped in his.. The only problem. "I now pronounce you man and wife. he eagerly leaned forward to kiss his bride. but she was smiling as well. Kingdom 1 (you make the name and location) is ruled by King Rupert Giles. Their lips clung to one another's as the assembly cheered. mankind is driven by power and wealth.. For the last decade two opposing kingdoms have been waging an open war against each other for a tug-of-war power struggle. Many underestimate her because she is a woman. and soon enough she'd bee shipped back to her little island never to be welcomed back. her daughter didn't share her murderous bent. It is decided that the Prince Angelus & Princess Buffy are to marry. His son. Prince Angelus (age 22-26). as Angel placed a kiss to her mother's cheek. . has been groomed to take over the kingdom when his father passes. He couldn't help his smile. beauty and vindictiveness. Buffy turned to meet her new people. nicknamed "Ripper" for his ruthless method of conquering all neighbouring lands. He couldn't resist stealing another kiss from her as she smiled back at him. honour. Princess Buffy (age 17-18). he smiled back with all the joy he felt. She is known through out the world for her grace. The End Challenge #40 "Bloody Marriage" sired by: Dani & Hannahbee Type: AU Rating: NC-17 Pairing: Buffy/Angelus In a land ruled by Kings and Queens. (You pick her last name). Kingdom 2 (you make the name and location) is ruled by Queen Darla.

or take the blonde vixen as his bride? Plot Requirements: 1) Buffy is told by Darla that she is to murder her husband in the marriage bed.. and unknowingly picks up Angelus and they have a night of wild passion. Little things to incorporate into the fic: 1) Buffy's having two black panthers as pets. Angelus knows they are in violation of the treaty. and the princess and prince are not supposed to have contact until the wedding. so does he go against his father and keep his mouth shut. 3) A lamb being sacrificed. They are something akin to a species of sirens and can bend a man's will with their charms. because he had sex with her. comes up with a secret plan to go against King Rupert's terms.. Imagine their surprise when Angelus and Buffy see each other again on the eve of their wedding. 2) A reference to the episode "I Will Remember You". 4) Something terribly pink. 2) Darla and Buffy are famous through out the lands for their captivating beauty. So she goes out. Time goes by. Buffy is more than happy to oblige. Rupert believing that only the purest of women is suitable for his son and fit to co-rule his country when he passes.One of the stipulations on the trade agreement is that Buffy shall give her virginity to Angelus on the night of their wedding. She has learned from her mother to be strong willed and independent.. in her cleverness. She sends Buffy off. telling her what needs to be done.. Darla. .