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A Lesson in Manners by DittoSpikette, Disclaimer: The magnificent Joss Whedon owns all. Rating: NC-17.

Feedback: That would be nice. Pairing: Angelus/Buffy. Timeline: Angelus is back from hell, but his soul didn’t make it. Summary: Angelus has Buffy tied up at the mansion, it doesn’t look good for our heroine, there again, it all depends on your point of view! PLEASE BE WARNED, NONCONSENSUAL SEX/RAPE. ====== Buffy’s at Angelus’ mercy... Buffy came to and groaned where Angelus had chained her to the wall of the mansion. He made a point of ignoring her for several moments before looking up. He noted she wore a pretty flowered sundress and slip-on shoes; he grinned at how easy it was going to be to get her naked. She shuddered when she saw that grin. Her blonde tresses were pinned up and Angelus stood up and unfastened it, letting it unfurl around her shoulders. “So my pretty, you’re awake at last?” he grinned his most evil Angelus grin, the one where he looked like a satyr. “Let me go, you pig,” she hissed at him in desperation. He tsked and shook his head pretending to be shocked at her response. “That’s the problem with you young people nowadays, you’re just not brought up right. Now I on the other hand had a good Irish Catholic upbringing. That’s what I think you’re short of, Buff. I think maybe I should teach you a lesson." he pretended to think about it whilst slyly keeping his eyes trained on her to gauge her reaction. She tried to free herself from her restraints but he only laughed. “You won’t be getting out from those in a hurry, my sweet Slayer, they’re magicked, so they are. One of the Wiccas at our local coven owed me a favour.” Buffy groaned in frustration; it was true, she couldn’t free her hands whatever she did. The restraints held her fast. Her struggling only seemed to delight him. He paced up and down saying “Yes, that’s it, Buff, I think you need a lesson in manners and some good corporal punishment, just like the nuns used to dole out back in the day. Especially with what you’ve been getting up to lately.” “Wha...what do you mean?” she asked him in trepidation. She knew he was just trying to wind her up, but she couldn’t help but rise to the bait. “Well, I was over at your house the other day…you’re really gonna have to get an uninvite spell done again, that Wicca owed me more than the one favour; she’s a treasure so she is...however, I digress. Yes, I was in your house..your bedroom to be exact and guess what I found under the mattress?” He looked at her as if waiting for an answer. She lifted her chin and glared at him, refusing to say anything and panicking about what she could have put under the mattress recently. She didn’t have to panic long for he then held up a magazine which she and Willow had been having a good laugh over; just a bit

pulling her petite body up and making her stand almost on tiptoe. slipping off her shoes and placing her feet together he reached up and tugged at her skimpy panties.” She looked at him like he was crazy. Buff? The pictures of the men without proper attire? I’ll bet you were. Tell me the truth now. She ground out.” Buffy felt herself colour up and tried to close her ears to his taunts. Buffy. you sick bastard” but he smiled on getting at least some reaction. “Yes. “I can see you now. “You’re going to answer me. Angelus knelt and gripped her ankles. I’d have made you go to confession d’ya hear. “Let me go” she cried as he grabbed her wrists and pulled her across to and over the table set in the middle of the room. “I’ve decided to punish you as the nuns punished me. not fit to be seen by young gentlewomen such as yourself. weren’t ya?” He paused as if awaiting her answer. “I wonder what ye were doing when you looked at the magazine?” he mulled.of fun of course.. Angelus. “Let me go.” At this she laughed “How dare you call on God.” Buffy’s breath hitched in her throat. Buffy. “You thrust your fingers inside yourself. The move was sudden enough to startle the Slayer and she found herself with her arms spread over the table. “Now then. I’m going to have to punish you good. isn’t that so?” Buffy glared at him as he insinuated. He tried a different tack . It was backfiring on her now though. She looked at him with hatred in her eyes. my precious young filly. tell me you did. Her short skirt rode even higher and her legs were slightly parted. lying down upon your bed. you fiend from Hell. a filthy rag. so help me God. touching her skin caressingly as . “I know you lay in the darkness rubbing your wet pussy and thrusting your fingers in and out until you exploded. “Were you turned on by the pictures. Angelus stared lustfully at the backs of the Slayer’s thighs as Buffy jiggled about trying to find some comfort. Make sure you won’t want to read this type of putrid journalism again” he grinned as he leafed through the offending reading material. your nipples got hard didn’t they and your pussy got so wet that you had to keep with the rubbing. I can see you did. you did. thinking of the naked men” and Buffy had the grace to look sheepish. If you’d have lived in my village.” She turned her face away. which in fact he was. Then began to pace again. didn’t you?” “I did not! Go to hell” she screamed at the dark haired vampire. He continued to tease her “I’ll bet you couldn’t help but rub your legs together and squeeze your thighs trying to get some relief. Buff. “Did your clitoris swell up when you rubbed it little one? You did rub it didn’t you?” he grinned at her. I want you to tell me why you shouldn’t be reading such things.because it’s sexually explicit and not fit to be seen by young girls. but he gripped her chin and made her meet his eyes. “Don’t lie” he yelled in a fit of pique.” When she wouldn’t he said “Right then. He held the magazine up for her to peruse. Buff. a good spanking never did me any harm. I’ll tell you why you shouldn’t be reading it….” He had the audacity to grin before going to a drawer and removing a short switch. She gasped at the feel of his cool hands on her as he pulled them down. “Yes. “Don’t you dare” she screeched at him in desperation.

not got the tee-shirt. he could hardly control himself and had to take a few unnecessary and very ragged breaths to try and calm himself down.” but he only hit her harder. a condition she was not used to. She tried to struggle but was too weak to resist him.he did so. Her legs threatened to buckle and she began to slip down the table. he flexed the switch getting ready to strike. the demon in him baying for the Slayer’s blood. She didn’t expect the ferocity of his blow. Buff?” She yelled at him to “Shut the fuck up about my mother. She was at the mercy of this monster she had once called her love. when she began to regain her composure. Buffy’s chin trembled and tears welled in her large eyes at the thought of her predicament. which only made him laugh and lust after her more.” Grabbing her. pressing it into the small of her back. “Y’kiss your ma with that mouth. done that. throbbed with longing. She was so shaken she could hardly move and it was a few moments before she attempted to do so. even with her Slayer strength. The lustcrazed vampire struck her again and again. been there. his demon wanted to possess this pretty little trinket. though didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. She couldn’t help it though when the weapon continued to fall across her pert bottom turning it cherry red. though. His cock became almost painfully hard. A thin film of moisture covered her body and she made no move to cover herself. He cracked the switch with a flick of his preternaturally strong wrist across her cheeks and she screamed in surprise and pain. His cock was straining even harder in his pants. knowing what was coming. Buffy stiffened. perfect ass. Buff. they were all out” he grinned . He eventually stopped hitting her and not before time as Buffy. biting her lip as much as she could. “I hate you” she ground out. was weak from the beating and the shock of this happening to her. Her asscheeks were now crimson. The dark haired vampire pushed her down on a makeshift bed saying “Sorry Buff. but now maybe you’ll heed me when I tell you how you should behave towards me” but she only hissed “Go to hell. raised her dress exposing her creamy thighs and then her taut. Angelus laughed maniacally saying “It’s for your own good. Angelus. straining against the leather of his pants. he pulled her through into another room. Her asscheeks glowed redly and her moist pussy was glistening. she felt helpless. He took in an unnecessary breath at the sight of her peachy cheeks and quickly bunched the material. She had Slayer healing. Buffy could feel her hands sliding and pulling feet up from the floor. Angelus couldn’t take his eyes off her. Her legs stretched wider and Angelus’ eyes dilated when he saw her opening in plain view. but this still hurt and felt unbearable. you’re short on chastisement so you are.” “Sorry. a rather fetching colour to Angelus’ eyes and his cock. Tears threatened to fall. He held himself back however. less than a hairsbreadth away from her pretty pussy. with a deliberate motion. As her screams became desperate this incited Angelus’ lust further. varying his strokes so that several flicked across her thighs and she screamed harder. above average size anyway. She is begged him to stop and when he refused she hurled a stream of abuse at him and his parentage. Her eyes were tight shut and she cried out. he continued to rain blows down on her and her scream turned to a continuous wail.

“Don’t do this. realising her predicament. Buff.” “I hate you!" she screamed in frustration. Her frightened eyes drifted down to his enormous erection and he grinned in satisfaction and began to stroke it. but her mind was working ten to the dozen.” he replied as he reached for the hem of her sun dress. would I?” he smirked and cut the dress from her body. He stood then and his lust was plainly visible to the Slayer as he unbuttoned his shirt and began to remove the ubiquitous leather pants.” she She almost relaxed onto the covering. now. “Beautiful” he exclaimed softly. “S’okay Buff. literally. let me think. almost like Angel would." she said. Buffy whimpered for her lost love as Angelus took a jar of petroleum jelly and proceeded to smear her with it. Kick me and you’ll get more of this” he said reaching for the switch and holding it before her threateningly.. She didn’t really begin to struggle though until he started rubbing her stomach and reached between her thighs. not gonna hurt you. Buff. letting him have his wicked way with her. I know you’ll like it. hate glaring from her eyes. I mean. Angel. but he was not Angel. knowing she was temporarily beaten. she must succumb to him or suffer a further beating. was this her punishment? His losing his soul and in unknown circumstances this time did not bode well for her. pushing it up and admiring her nakedness. “Now. “Umm. “Just trying to take the sting out a bit Buff. letting it loose about her shoulders. She closed her eyes in shame as his black lust filled eyes travelled up and down her form. rolling and trying to pull her wrists from the restraints. burying her face sideways into the pillow. this was really the first time he’d seen her naked. but this made him lose his temper and he growled at her. see how I think of you” he massaged the Vaseline into her skin. Buffy squirmed and tried to kick her legs.. She knew she couldn’t break free from the enchanted bonds and was powerless to stop this happening to her. Meanwhile he was tying her wrists to shackles at the side of the bed and she did struggle then. “Let me go. He smiled. Don’t worry. trying to figure out how Angelus came to lose his soul yet again and how she can escape. He began to climb between her legs and she struggled even harder when he cupped her knees. he was a devil in disguise. He fetched a knife and Buffy’s breath hitched in fear. I’m going to give it to you. Buffy realised she had no choice. thinking he had won and she would give into him. . She protested but he held her down and continued to massage her with the jelly. her. The one time they were together it was dark and over rather quickly. She reared away as much as she was able. but he held them in place. Maybe it was her fault in the first place for sending him to hell. “Like what you see. you bastard. Having removed her dress he reached up and unfastened her hair. moistening her and making her ready for him. “What….what are you doing?” she whispered in horror as he rubbed her all over passionately. He only laughed and walked to the foot of the bed. She felt her whole body blush.

” Her litany was music to his ears. raining obscene kisses over her shoulder. Buff. still holding the jar aloft. her delicious heat enveloping him and her muscles convulse around his aching shaft. ciphers both. the meaning of everything happening.” . His penis strained towards and she became hysterical. you’re sublime so you are. let me go. He lifted himself off her and backed up. being a vampire.” He keeps up a monotone of words disgusting to her ears. he just continued his preparations. come on now. spreading her pussy around his cock. but which turn her on despite herself. He is in ecstasy. please. you exquisite little thing. His tongue fills her mouth and he can feel her hot tears on his cheeks. He falls over her tiny body. all shown to be false.. He pushed forward slowly. He feels her perky nipples pushing against his chest and he wraps his arms around her. pressing her into the narrow bed. lips. Angelus just tsked and grabbed her hips he pushed his way inside her. everything she was. unwilling to admit to herself how good it feels. filled by the greatest fear of all. surrender the pink” and his tongue came out. wanting to consume her and touch her as much as possible. the Vaseline enabling him to enter without resistance. playing his fingers over the pert nipples which were erect despite her not wanting him. Buff. She opened her eyes and followed his hand as it stroked his shaft making her plead “Don’t do this Angelus. Settling himself just below her knees he moved his right knee inbetween hers and then his left. please. Domination is what he wants. her heat surrounding him and the tight pressure making his eyes roll back in his head. His cock waved obscenely in the air over her navel and she closed her eyes and bit her lip. lying before him completely nude. he wants to prolong the moment. He sank his entire length inside her. He pulled her body until she lay stretched out and she knew resistance was futile. Her arms were taught. She kept her eyes closed and refused to look at him. slightly parting her legs. He slows down in an attempt to stave off his impending orgasm. fear of the unknown. Wanting her to admit he is the alpha male. for her to submit to him. Angelus simply grinned that grin. “Please. His hands rubbing wherever they reach and pushing himself forward. why won’t you stop?” and at this he took one dimpled knee in each hand and pushed her legs apart as far as they would go.Everything Angel was. I won’t say a word honestly. her safety. being the Slayer. He straddled her and began to manipulate her breasts. She was afraid. throat and finally. Her pretty peach of a pussy lay before him and licking his lips. but he was adamant he would have her. but sure. there was no escape she knew. she was a sight to behold. Her back arching in her desperation and her beautiful face contorted with her efforts. He drank her in with his eyes. please don’t do this. biting her bottom lip to keep from screaming aloud. feeling every inch of her warm skin against his cool body. licking his lips lasciviously as her folds parted revealing her to him. he pushes in hard and deep. you precious little fucktoy. She closes her eyes again at the feeling of him inside her. He could feel the emotion pouring off her in waves as her eyes pleaded for mercy. Her fear adding to his pleasure. “That’s it. was she about to die at the hands of her most loved and most hated? Angel and Angelus. hoping to soothe her with lilting words “Ye’re mine so you are. please just let me go. “Oh my god. frantically trying to escape. trying to pull her wrists free. He rocks against her. he took a dollop of Vaseline and smeared it from root to head of his awesome erection. He withdraws only to push forward again and he hears her take a sharp breath.

She can hardly think straight however. He laughs all the more and putting the camera down. but apart from that she is unhurt despite her ordeal. she doesn’t protest too much. She protests. but instead he pushes in and his orgasm explodes. She lies looking thoroughly loved. despite herself.. Angelus has fazed her mind with his mind games. Instinct demands he pull out. eh. but glad that she is alive. He puts a couple of the Polaroids in his pocket and then grabbing her by the’re letting me go?” she ask amazed. Buff?” he taunts. but continues to lick and suckle as he grips her to him. causing him to eject his cool seed deep within her body a second time.She arches up into him. loathe to let her go. thinks Angelus. pulling on his clothes quickly he reached for something under the narrow bed. Her pussy becomes slicker and as a result he speeds up.” “You. She clings to him her mind. you fill it out better than I do myself” he gazed at her appreciatively as she buttoned up the shirt once he’d released her from the restraints. As his rocking increases in speed she feels waves of sensation coursing through her body and she responds in kind. They lay for a time spent and then the vampire moves away. Her wrists are red from all the tugging and pulling and she is sore between her legs. THE END . with Buffy following not far behind. penetrating motion. she doesn’t know herself. As they near Giles’ abode. looking thoroughly demented. What did you think? That I’d kill you? I’m mortified and cut to the quick” he grabs his chest in the region of his unbeating heart and she looks at him with disdain. Buffy lay spent and spreadeagled and opens her eyes in time for the flash. He reaches into his pocket and taking out a Polaroid. he suddenly turns her in his arms and kisses her hard. When she is melting into his kiss he wraps his hands around her throat and squeezes. They’ll soon have their Slayer back. pulls her out of the mansion and towards the Watcher’s house. He doesn’t withdraw. She is taken by surprise and before she has time to retaliate her oxygen is cut-off and her world turns black. He is in his element. but whether she’s asking him to stop or for more. He laughs some more and gets her one of his silk shirts to wear. As he caresses every inch of her skin he is soon hard again and resumes his rocking. Buff. He snaps off a couple more in swift succession as she screeches and tries to cover herself. “One for the family album. Her face is flushed and her body covered in moisture. o’course I’m letting you go. mouthing wordless pleas. His fluid slowly leaks from between her thighs. ye’ll just have to wear one of my shirts. empty of everything except the memory of that crescendo of pleasure. feeling her clitoris swell and her nipples harden. he lays it artfully on the tummy of the unconscious Slayer. He feels his cool cum enters her and he continues to hold her as the moment washes over them. He can hear the hates Scoobies inside having one of their interminable meetings and worrying about the Slayer and where she can have gotten to. he moves to help her dress. She grips him with her strong thighs. She looks at him quizzically as he eyes the sundress “Don’t think we’re going to be able to save this now. Angelus scoops her up and lays her at the foot of Giles’ door. looking at the puzzled Slayer with glee on his handsome features. with her swollen breasts and her pouty beestung lips. “I must say. Then he knocks on the door and retires to hide in the shadows. “Well. He grins and waves the camera at her.