(Prosecution) Hi, my names are Samuel Osagie. I am here to argue that globalization is bad.
The concept of globalization was introduced as an ongoing process of greater economic, political, and social interdependence among countries and its citizens. But toady, globalization has brought gross negative economic, cultural and climatic impact to many part of the world. The negative impact of globalization far outweighs the short term gains. • Globalization has rendered the governments of developing countries powerless and Left them at the mercy of foreign investors. Through this idea of globalization, many Developing countries are being exploited by international corporations from developed countries. Globalization has made many international corporations richer by the billions. What most people are not aware of is that these international corporations go to developing countries to set up businesses and use women as their labour force and pay them penults, one of horrible things about all these, is that, these women are suffering enormously due to the barbaric and despicable working conditions that these outsourced international corporations subject them to. These women do jobs which citizens of their country wouldn’t do. According to estimate from ‘World Development Indicators’, “Women work two-third of the world working hours, produce half of the world’s food, earn only ten percent of the world’s income, and own less than one percent of the world’s property”. Another reason why globalization is bad is that, globalization is another level of social inequality. One out of six people, globally, do not have a safe home, clean water, health care or food. Since globalization took effect, there is substantial increase in the number of people living in poverty in Africa and Asia. Statistic has it that for every 10% rise in wealth, there is 18% more fall in poverty level. Globalization makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. Thirdly, why globalization is bad? Globalization is bad, because it is ripping many developing countries of their cultural beliefs and values. The introduction of social networking systems like the Youtube, Facebook and so on, which indoctrinate youths of non-western countries with western cultures, thereby giving up their noble cultures. Lastly, from my own point, globalization is bad, because of its negative impact on the global climate system. As a result of the rapid industrialization and free flow of goods and services around the world which globalization has created, there has been huge increase in emissions of greenhouse gases that are deploring the global climatic system, which in turn is making human inhabitation unsafe.

NAME: Samuel Osagie COURSE: Research Method ASSIGNMENT: DEBATE ON GLOBALIZATION • I would conclude by saying, globalisation is nothing else other than “a barbaric western ideology to enslave and exploit developing countries”, thank you!