British units deployed to Bosnia

This is a list of the British forces that served in Bosnia as part of any peackeeping force either NATO, EU or UN. It is NOT our intention to ignore any unit which served. We wish to get the facts correct and produce a accurate list of all the units who served.

Due to time pressures and a lack of staff, we can no longer update these pages. This may change in the future, please bear with us.

RAF Army Navy Royal Marines Joint Units British Element Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe As part of Op Grapple 2 Feb/Mar 93, several British Army & RAF personnel stationed at SHAPE in Belgium were sent to serve in the HQ BH Command at Kiseljak. They were commanded by a Lt Col in the Welsh Guards who become SO1 G1, and I was the Chief Clerk RAOC of G1. Thanks to Ron Frayne for this entry.

Royal Air Force


Aircraft Base

E-3D Sentry AWACS BAE/McDonnell Douglas Harrier GR7 SEPECAT Jaguar Operation Deny Flight: July 1993 to July 1995 - based in southern Italy for missions over the former Yugoslavia.

SEPECAT Jaguar Operation Vulcan: August 1995 - a similar role in Bosnia Herzogovina. SEPECAT Jaguar based from coltishall, six aircraft from 13/6/1998 operating out of Itay. SEPECAT Jaguar Operation Defiant Falcon: June 12/13 1998 - six Jaguars were sent to Albania/Macedonia as part of a Nato show of force against Serbian aggression in Kosovo. The force was given 24 hours' notice to be there and had 100 support personnel within 48 hours. Lockheed Tristar Tanker based from Brize Norton, operating out of Ancona in Italy. 3 Squadron Harrier GR7 Operation Engadine based at Gioia del Colle

23 Tornado F3 23 Squadron deployed to Gioia del Colle in April 1993 on "Operation Deny Flight" to enforce the No - fly zone over Bosnia with Tornado F3. Thansk to David Richardson for this entry. 25 33 Tornado F3 Aerospatiale Puma Deployed as part of the rapid reaction force in July 1995.

33 Aerospatiale Puma Detachment to NATO for service with Stabilization Force as part of Operation Platine. October 2002 to March 2003. CO Squadron Leader Paul Webster, based at Banja Luka Metal Factory in the Multi-National Division in South-west Bosnia. 101 VC10k's Op Grapple/Deny Flight.1993 101 Sqn is a Tanker Sqn, flying VC10K's. I deployed to Sigonella air base in Sicily on 22 Apr 93 having flown a mission supporting 4 USN f18's and 2 F14's. My next mission was on 28 Apr 93 in support of 4 11 Sqn Tornado F3's,led by Sqn Ldr Mick Mercer. The refuelling mission took place over the islands off the Adriatic coast of Croatia. I went home sometime after that because on 4 May 93 I was back over the North Sea but we as a Sqn remained in theatre for a while longer. The boss was Wg Cdr Geoff Simpson and he was the initial detcom. 216 Tristar Operation Engadine based at Ancona in October 2001. July to October 1995, on OP Grapple 6 attached to 24 Airmobile

1 Squadron, RAF Regiment Brigade. Based at Ploce Docks. 2 Squadron, RAF Regiment 34 Squadron, RAF Regiment Luka and Split. 2620 (County of Norfolk), RAuxAF

Bosnia 1996 Jan 97 to July 97, awarded wilkinson sword for peace, Banja

Op LODESTAR in Bosnia.

Croatia. as a EUFOR force. tasked to provide armed escort to humanitarian aid convoys. manning the medical at Split. RAF medical personnel have deployed with army formations. These troops operated in the volatile and dangerous area around Vitez. Thanks to Paul Taylor for this entry. Tactical Communications Wing UNPROFOR(FWD) Sarajevo 1993 . backed up by Scimitars and other equipment. Thanks to Ali Stuart for this entry. Additionally. Royal Air Force I served as part of a two man EOD team operating out of Banja Luka metal factory in 2006. either individually or in small "formed" units Tactical Supply Wing UK Mobile Air Movements Sqn (UKMAMS) UKMAMS were deployed from 1992 in various locations through theatre. Air Transportable Surgical Support Team No1 & No2 ATSST1 (RAF) Located Sipovo attached to 16 Armd Fd Amb. & aeromed flights back to the UK. . nursing staff. providing aeromed (casevac) with all helicopter deployments (including 845 NAS). RAF Fire Service 13 personnel providing 24 hour fire cover for RAFSHF at Divulje Bks in split and detachments in support of Defence Fire Service at Sipovo & MG. Flt Lt Pete Larkin and Flt Lt Stu Binns. NCOs and Airmen rotated through on 4 week roulements but invariably returned 5-6 times. Dets included Zagreb (Pleso) under Flt Lt Erica Best and Split. 6 month detachments.5131 (BD) Sqn.400 troops deployed to Bosnia and Croatia became operational on 13th November. The Det was commanded at various times by Flt Lt Carl Keith. 45 Warrior IFVs formed the main protection. From Feb 96-Oct 96. Army Operation Grapple 2.6 month tours. you could say we were a miniture hospital. The Split Airport Det operated until 1996 when it became Split Airport Unit. theatre staff and ward assistants including medical assistants dealing with the moral of the group. Thanks to Robert Richardson for this entry.1995 Tactical Medical Wing RAF medical personnel have been deployed to FRY for many years. I am unaware of how long RAF EOD was based there and it was in support of Op occulus. The core was provided by 1st battalion the Cheshire Regiment under Lieutenant Colonel Bob Stewart. ATSST No2 was deployed to Sariavo and not used. RAF Police Providing security for all British Military Aircraft and personel and working with UK Mams at Split Airport. surgical team.

Units deployed to Bosnia. The team was based in a house in Vitez initially during the fighting a later moved to Banjaluka. HQ ARRC. The role was to keep the folks back home informed about what the Army was doing and also to provide support for the national and international press within the Britfor area of responsibility. United Nations Public Information Team UNPROFOR British Battalion Public Information(PInfo) was a 6 man team that rotated every 6 months. A Staff Sergeant Army Professional Photographer from the Royal Army Ordnance Corp/Royal Logistics Corp. Cpl or LCpl. a Captain(SO3)escort officer. Started off at Gorni Vakuf then moved up to Banja Luka halfway through the deployment. during our tour 1 UK ADSR (VERDEN) was disbanded and renamed in Herford. If we are unsure. Sarejevo run by HQ Coy)the Bn was tasked with providing support to HQ ARRC (all were based in Rhiendahlen. 14 Transport Sqn RLC. dates given where available. 1 UK ADSR (VERDEN) 1 UK ADSR forward was deployed to DJ barracks in Split in May 1993 till NOvember 1993. On OP Resolute from Decemmber 1995 to June 1996. A Government Information Officer(GIS)(Civil Servant) and a military clerk. the force is not indicated. Armoured units . SOFR or UNPROFOR. REME). It consisted of a Major(SO2) PInfo Officer who could be from any regiment or arm. again from any regt or arm. 1 (UK) ADSR took over Operation Resolute from 3 (UK) ADSR in June 1996. Their Headquarters were in Banja Luka but had detatchments all over Bosnia and one in Croatia (Split) When the unit withdrew in December 1996 so did the trunk communications network Ptarmigan. Germany) for the duration of the tour IFOR which ended in Nov 96. Where known the any international force they were part of is indicated by either IFOR. 170 Pioneer Sqn RLC deployed to Bosnia in Dec 95 setting up 4 headquarters (Rear Support Command RSC in Divulje Brks Split) (Main Headquarters in Ilizde Complex Sarejevo run by 14 Sqn) (Alt Headquarters in Kisejak run by 170 Sqn) (Mobile Headquarters in Zetra Stadium. ARRC Sp Bn. RS. It was replaced by EUROMUX. 1 (UK) ADSR. 3 (UK) Division HQ & Signal Regiment. Germany. provided comms for MND SW. The Support Bn made up primarily of HQ Coy (RE.

Light Dragoons OP Grapple 3 Nov 93-May 94 Tomislavgrad.Mar 98-Oct 98 Sipovo.19/5 Battery Royal Artillery. The main part of the Squadron was in Split with a Troop in Gornji Vakuf. Deployment of communications sites and provided the Commanders armoured TAC. OC Maj Ogden SFOR . Brigade Headquarters to Bosnia in November 1993. Providing strategic comms for the 24 Airmobile Bde which was eventually based at Ploce. then Dole camp. 1 Royal Anglians. to Bosnia in 1998 (SFOR) C Squadron to Maglai. The Queen's Royal Lancers B Squadron. OC was Major Tony Morphett and RSM was Neil Turnbull. in April 1995 & to Bosnia in 2002. As part of the Brigade we had 1 Sqn RAF Regiment. 24 Airmobile Brigade I served at Ploce with HQ 24 Air Mobile Brigade.4 Armoured Brigade. Only Unit citation was for the swift relocation of the Britbat HQ/Ops centre in Vitez for Britbat 1. OC Maj Whittaker SFOR . Elements of 30 Sig regt and 21 Sig Regt came under 210 Sig Sqn control. 11 Bde where based in Split(divulje Barracks. C Sqn. 7th Armoured Brigade HQ and Signal Sqn (207) Served as the Britfor Signal Sqn on Op Grapple 4 between May .November 1994. (211)11th Armd Bde Hq and Signal Squadron The brigade headquarters and signal squadron arrived in Croatia in 1992 and set up logistics.Oct 02-Apr 03 Banja Luka. 20 Armoured Brigade & Signal Squadron Britfor Sig Sqn for Op Grapple 6/7. OC Maj Hamilton . The Light Dragoons Two Reconnaissance squadrons to Bosnia in May 1994 to support the Duke of Wellington's Own Regiment and The Royal Anglian Regiment. The sqaudron was responsible for pre recces into Bosnia. The signal squadron(80 Pers) was commanded by Maj Donald steele and WOII(SSM Duncan Hall). Zepce. Bosnia.Dec 95-June 96 Glamoc. 210 Sig Sqn deployed in June 1995 to Split initially. 200 Signal Squadron 200 Signal Squadron were deployed to Sipovo and then onto Banja Luka Metal Factory. OC MAj Darling IFOR . then Ploce. communications and landing capabilities for the main ship-ments of men and materials. Ans as well as 33 Squadron with Pumas there was 7 Squadron with Chinooks. 210 Signal Sqn 24 Airmobile Brigade.

9/12 Lancers deployed to Bosnia in Nov 92 as Recce SQN attached to the Cheshire Regiment. Kiseljac. Light Dragoons OP Grapple 4 May 04-Nov 04. Zepce. The Queen's Royal Hussars A regiment of tanks sent to Bosnia in January 1995 to form part of a rapid reaction force for UNPROFOR. Abrahams and was split between Vitez and Tuzla. They were the last MBT Sqn to serve there. CO Lt/Col Webb-Bowen.B Sqn. Light Dragoons OP Grapple 2 May 93-Nov 93 Tuzla. OC Maj McKenzie IFOR June 96-Dec 96 Banja Luka Wood Factory. OC Maj Browell OP Gapple 6(MNB)/IFOR Aug 95-Feb 96 Bugojno. OC Maj Polley SFOR Mar 00-Sept 00 Banja Luka. The King's Royal Hussars. The Sqn was command by Major A. RHQ was in Mrconij-Grad. 9th/12th Lancers (Prince of Wales's) A reconnaissance squadron was sent to Bosnia in June 1992 tasked with safe passage of humanitarian aid alongside the Cheshires. and C Sqn was in Sipovo formed as a Formation Recce Sqn attached to the Infantry Battle group based in Jace. B Squadron. OC Maj Bate SFOR Oct 98-April 98 Banja Luka D Sqn. 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards . OC Maj Elwood SFOR March 98-Oct 98 Banja Luka. Tomislavgrad. Maglai. B Sqn returned to Mrconij-Grad between June and December 1999. The Royal Dragoon Guards A Squadron deployed to Bosnia in the summer of 1998. Banja Luka Wood Factory. The KRH served in Bosnia between June and December 1997. Maj Frost BRITCAVBAT Feb 94-Aug 94 Maglai. Mt Igman. Maglai. OC Maj Good A Sqn. B Sqn was in Birachi on Challenger MBT. Light Dragoons OP Grapple 3/4 Feb 94-Aug 94 Busovaca.

All as part of SFOR. Infantry 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards. 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards.June 1998 the Regiment deployed minus C Sqn. Household Cavalry Regiment. 1st Battalion Welsh Guards. November 1997 . RHQ deployed as BRITCAV BAT to Zepce D Sqn HCR (RHG/D) also deployed at the same time under BRITCAV Bat command to Magalaj Sqn Ldr of D Sqn was Maj David Waterhouse the Commanding Officer of the HCR was Col Rollo. A Squadron (Life Guards). On 1 December 2004 NATO SFOR handed over command to the European Headquarters and we became part of the first EUFOR operation. formed part of Task Force Alpha.Jan 98 D Squadron (Royal Horse Guards).May 95 Op Grapple 5.5 C Squadron (Royal Horse Guards). A. Deployed Nov 94 . 1st Battalion Grenadier Guards took over as Battle Group from the PWO on 28 September 2004 and came under command of NATO SFOR. D and HQ Coys based at Banja Luka Metal Factory as part of . Based at Banja Luka metal factory.5 B Squadron (Life Guards). D Sqn OC Major Stafford in Banja Luka Metal Factory. Nov 94-May95 Op Grapple 5.May 95 Op Grapple 5. The Blues and Royals ? Squadron deployed to Bosnia in 1994-5. deployed to Bosnia in November 1993 and relieved in May 1994 by 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment. Household Cavalry Regiment. Household Cavalry Regiment began to deploy in Split from 17th? June 1995. Commanding Officer was Lieutenant Colonel DJC Russell-Parsons.RHQ. deployed to Bosnia as part of SFOR in 2002. Commanding Officer Nick Everard. B Sqn OC Major Charrington in Sipovo and Regimental Headquarters & HQ Sqn in Mrkonjic Grad. Household Cavalry Regiment. B Squadron deployed to Bosnia in August 1996 in an infantry role. Household Cavalry Regiment. Location Glamoc Sqn Ldr Maj McCullough also attached was a Sabre Troop from the 9/12 Lancers-July 96 . Returned to Windsor middle of March 2005. C & D Squadron plus elements of HQ Squadron to Bosnia betwen the 16th and 20th June 1996 (IFOR). 1st Battalion The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders Deployed on Op Oculus on 1st April to 28 September 2005 as part of EUFOR. part of UN Multi-National Brigade in September 1995. Deployed Nov 94 .

the besieged enclave of Gorazde. 22nd Cheshire Regiment. Green Howards deployed in October 1996. Pte S Taylor C Company was killed in Gorazde 1994. but moved to Jajce in early December taking over from a Dutch Armoured Infantry Regiment. we were based at Zetra stadium in Sarajevo. The Highlanders. lst Battalion Duke of Wellington's Regiment ? & March 1994 to August 1994. later. Travnik and. C Coy our of Previa. we did the fist 6 month tour. HQ coy. The Battalion was part of 20 Brigade and had its Battalion HQ in Gornji Vakuf. Bugojno. . CO Lieutenant Colonel David Santa-Olalla. Lt. 3rd Battalion Duke of Wellington's Regiment I was deployed with 6 others from out T. D coy Banja Luka. Thanks to Gary Little for this entry. relieved the 1st Battalion The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment in October 1995. a platoon from 1 QLR was also attched to 1pwo . 1st Battalion Queen's Lancashire Regiment. Bob Stewert. all hell broke loose on the 4th month which ended up with Vitez in ruins 5 platoon. May 1995 until relieved by 2nd Battalion Light Infantry in October 1995. A and B Companies in Gorazde.Multinational Task Force North West but operated throughout the whole country. Relieved by The Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment. taking over from The Worcester & Sherwood Foresters. 2nd Battalion Light Infantry. The Gordon Highlanders. B coy Sipovo. during this tour the battalions area included Bugojno. to Bosnia June 1992 tasked with safe passage of humanitarian aid.A. HQ Mikonj grad. Relieved by Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire in May 1993. Op Oculus Sept 2003. Col. Vitez. Vitez. Op Grapple 1 served in Vitez & Tuzla. Thanks to Tom Gaynor for this entry. Corporal Wayne Mills became the first recipient of the Conspicuous Gallantry Cross while on duty here. The Green Howards. 1992-1993 Gornji Vacuf. B Coy were co-located with Battle Group HQ in Gornji Vakuf. 1 QLR deployed for Op Resolute (IFOR) in 1996. in the recently evacuated "anvil" then moving to Gorji Vakuf. 1st Battalion The Cheshire Regiment. Operation Grapple 6.. August 1994 to March 1995. 1st Battalion The Royal Gloucestershire Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment.May 2004. Lt Col Simon West CO. 1st Battalion The Devonshire and Dorset Regiment. 1st Battalion King's Own Royal Border Regiment deployed to Bosnia in 2000 as part of SFOR. unit in MayNovember 1996. tour was 1993 vitez and tuzla. Platoon attached to PWO spread out through C coy. First locating to Sipovo. B company. commanding officer was Bob Stuart.

2nd Battalion The Middlesex Regiment 2 Battalion the Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment. Attached to Scots Dragoon Guards. B Company was based in Gornji Vaakuf. D(sp)coy. 3 PWO mobilised a platoon in Dec 1995 which was the first IFOR unit to arrive in theatre. CO. 2 Royal Anglian Op Grapple 4 May to Nov 1994 there was also 36 soldiers from 2 PWRR on that 6 month deployment. 20 soldiers from 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment. 1998 & again in 2001. Vitez. Bugojno in 1995 and then mount igman during that same year. 1996-7. 1 WFR deployed a Sniper Pln made up of 1 WFR and 3 QUEENs personnel including one SNIPER MARKSMAN from Royal Engineers on GRAPPLE 1 . Royal Welch Fusiliers.2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment in Bosnia June 1999. Bosnia Apr to Oct 1998. Royal Regiment of Fusiliers landed @ Split airport and transported to Bihac. 1st Battalion. 3rd Battalion. 2nd Battalion The Royal Green Jackets deployed to Bosnia as part of SFOR in 1996. Gornji Vakuf. 2nd Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment relieved the 1st Battalion The Coldstream Guards in May 1994. Sfor "Op Loadstar" Apl/Nov 1997. Commanding officer was Lt Col Duncan. 2nd Battalion deployed to Bosnia in 2000 as part of SFOR.Jackson. Two platoons manned Tuzla. responsible for Gorade in January 1995 when 33 were part of a group of 350 UN troops taken hostage by Bosnian serbs. then onto Vitez and Gorni Vacuf as part of UN then as part of IFOR 1995-1996. basted at Vitez in 1994. rather than individuals. Thanks to Alan Kennedy for this entry. The platoon formed the Defence Force and Quick Reaction Force at HQ NSE in Divulje Barracks and was deployed on tasks thoughout the theatre. on active service since Suez. based in The Shoe Factory . 1st Battalion The Royal Green Jackets Jajce. Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire. The Prince of Wales Own Regiment of Yorkshire returned to Bosnia in March 2004 for a six month tour operating from Banja Luka metal factory. BCoy Gorji Vakuf. The Regiment was based at Vitez in 1993 with A and C Companies. 1st Battalion The Royal Regiment of Wales deployed to Bosnia as part of SFOR in 1999. Mrkonjic-grad Bosnia. A company. Vitez HQ Coy complete. arrived in Bosnia May 1993 and relieved the 1st Battalion The Cheshire Regiment. all as part off Grapple 4 Capt S Wormald Killed during the tour Landmine. It was also the first TA unit to be deployed as a unit.

Royal Artillery 6 months at Split North Port. SFOR. my unit redeployed to Sippovo in support of 4 Armoured Brigade under Brigader Dannett. On the assumption of command by NATO from the UN on 20 Dec 1995. C Coy. We were awarded both UN and NATO medals for our service in the Balkans in 1995 and 1996. 1st Royal Horse Artillery B/L bty Deployed in May of 1996 at Glamoc until Jan 1997 as Ifor. 83rd and 87th and Ulster Defence Regiment) For Operation Grapple 1. In July 1995 my Headquarters and 19/5 (Gibraltar 1779-1803) Battery deployed to Ploce. My unit comprised 2 light gun batteries provided by 19/5 Battery and an additional battery 8 (Alma) Commando Battery from 29 Commando Regiment. Returning to UK in Sep 1995. Commanded by Lt Col Edwards. two kilometres from the front line. Grapple 4. My unit was split between Gornji Vakuf (8 Bty) and Mt Igman (HQ and 19/5 Btys). 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Rangers Op grapple 1. B Company in Gorni Vakulf. The regiment was attached to 1st Battalion the Cheshire Regiment from November 1992 to May 1993. Commanding Officer was Colonel Bob Stewart. 2nd Battalion The Royal Gurkha Regiment deployed to Bosnia as part of SFOR in 2001. b coy sanski most.1st Battalion The Royal Highland Fusiliers Gorni Vakuf from November 1994 to May 1995 under the UN. when HQ and 8 Btys returned to the UK and 19/5 remained under command 26 regt until returning in May 1996. d coy nail factory. . Croatia in support of 24 Airmobile Brigade whilst their indigenous artillery (19 Regt RA)was deployed on Mt Igman in support of the multi-national force. c coy gorni ribnik. 22nd Special Air Service Regiment Royal Regiment of Artillery AMF(L) UK Force Artillery. During that time my unit deployed to the Balkans twice. C Company then stationed in Tuzla for last six weeks. co was lt col p mercer deployed to Bosnia as part of SFOR in 1998. I commanded the AMF(L) Force Artillery from May 1995 to Nov 1997. 6 Artillery Support Squadron. 1st Battalion The Royal Scots deployed to Bosnia as part of SFOR in 2002. to relieve 19 Regt in place. bhq located at bus depot m/g a coy shoefactory m/g. one of the few units to receive both. We were relieved by 26 Regt RA in Feb 1996. my unit re-deployed to Mt Igman in late Nov 1995. Detachments to C Company in Vitez. 2nd Battalion The Royal Irish Regiment(27th Inniskilling. b coy Gornji Vakuf 1 Battalion The Worcestershire & Sherwood Foresters Regiment 1wfr tour dates apr 96 taken over from 2li as part of IFOR replaced by the green howards oct 96.

Mar 95. Radar Troop. 13 (Martinique 1809) Headquarters Battery 25/170 (Injim)Battery 25 battery. 57 bty. CO ltcol Applegate 28/143 (Tombs Troop) Battery 26 Regiment. 38 bty. The troop was 60 strong and came under command of the French Army at the time because the Brits had not deployed in the city the nearest major brit unit (RGBW) was in a small town called Kiseljak outside the city. Royal Artillery HALO (Sound Ranging) Troop 22 Locating Battery. HQ Bty 26 Regt RA radar troop with 40 Regt RA attached personnel was deployed to the Sanski Most area of Bosnia in Jan 1996 as part of the new IFOR contingent. Royal Artillery. Royal Artillery sanski most. Op Grapple 6. Halo troop. 159 colenso battery. the troop was based in the wood factory in Sanski Most itself. with 6/36 bty attached.19th Field Regiment Royal Artillery deployed in June 1995. 40 regt RA Lowland Gunners Fort Glamoc. with radar positions over looking the newley formed front lines between the muslims and serbs. mt igman. G Motar Locating Troop 40th Regiment Royal Artillery The Radar troop was on operations in Sarajevo from Sep 94 . Royal Artillery Halo troop originally deployed in Bugojno. 19 regiment. the radars were transported from Sarajevo to Sanski Most when NATO took over operations from the UN. Royal Artillery. Capt Andy Lewis RA was the commander. 1997 SFOR tour. Vitez and Sarajevo in January 1995 and was replaced by 22 bty in May -Halo troop also withdrew from Bosnia in May 1997. June 1999 . three units deployed in Kiseljak. 32 Regiment. May 1995 .Dec 1995. 32 Regiment. The Radar command post was situated in the TV studio office complex just off sniper alley. Artillery observation post.Jan 2000. op blue. Royal Engineers . Lt Col M Robinson. Visoko. two guns troops c and d. A troop (ops) were at donji lubija with 6 czeh mech. Royal Artillery. 39 regiment. plus mt troop (b troop). formed part of UN Multi National brigade in September 1995. 40 Regiment. Sarajavo in September 1995. The Radar positions were at Sarajevo airport and the old Turkish Fort at the very eastern end of the city. 6/36 bty with 38 bty personnel attached.

77 engr sqn. 26 Armoured Engineer Squadron relieved 31 Armoured Engineer Squadron in Sept 1995 and was based in Kiseljak Brick Factory and on Mount Igman. lots of snow. 38 Engineer Regiment Deployed with 38 Engineer. Thanks to Paul Ford for this entry. Mountain Troop. 26 engr sqn all part of 32 engr regt. HQ sigs was part of 32 Engr Regt. based in Gornji Vakuf. Circle and Diamond.1st Field Squadron. fill up then drive back to sipivo! I left with most of regt jun/jul 96. Gornji Vakuf. Gorni Vacuf 1997. part of UN Multi-National Brigade in September 1995. 22 Regiment. Thanks to Cpl Paul Ian Wilkie for this entry. abandoned cars. go to a pol point. TSG. Thanks to Ex Cpl Wayne (Titch) Shenton for this entry. .) Our Co ran 7 armoured brigades ops room in sipivo because top guy was visiting or hob nobbing every day. Bugonja. and attaching/unattaching of snow chains! The plant troop earned every penny. I was in country for 12 months training un troops mine awareness. we moved the team upto Banja Luka from where we sent teams to monitor the demining teams. Roukes Drift.000 antipersonal mines over the 12month period. September 1994 to March 1995 attached to RGBW. 2 HQ Squadron 32 Engineer Regiment. Deployed on Op Grapple 2 1993 maintaining routes from Tomislavgrad to Vitez primarily Routes Triangle. Thanks to Danny Crangle for this entry. We where responsible for the destruction of upto 100. Royal Engineers. 26 Armoured Engineer Squadron. Royal Engineers formed as part of Task Force Alpha. 29 Field Squadron Royal Engineers. 15 Squadron. Maj Stewart as OC (GingeBat) based in Vitez School. Happy Eater and one section north of the Magli Finger. in October 1995 as part of Op Grapple 7. left Emden on 6th June 1995 for Bosnia. a record im proud of.1 Troop. 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron. Operation Lodestar SFOR. and Bugojno carrying out force protection and maintenance of routes again. Ripon. Then returned on Op Grapple 6 in 1995. The regt was there (31engr sqn. Op Grapple 7 / Op Resolute 1 . In December 2005 the Troop relocated to Mrkonjic Grad Bus Factory which subsequently burned down. Unit was commended by US 1st / 10th Special Forces group. but split throughout whole AOR. 21 Engineer Regiment. Elements of? 21 Engineer Regiment. 4 Field Squadron. Royal Engineers based at gorni vakuf in the persision factory attached to the mines team. Deployed on Op Grapple 5 Nov 94 to May 95. I went with advance party mid Dec 95. When john major visited I was put in a land rover and told to drive for two hours in one direction. Gorazde. Returned to Bosnia as 4 Armoured Field Squadron in March 2000 as part of Operation Palatine. in the 12months i was training britfor pax an other nations in mine awareness we had no solders killed or wounded from mine strikes.

Thanks to Brian O'Donoghue for this entry. REME Workshop Op Grapple. to build a camp for 24 Air Mobile Bde. 38 Engineer regt Deployed supporting Dukes initially to set up Bugonjo then within a large section to set up camp at Gorazde (along with a French engineer troop)and 4 lads from 33 EOD RE. Camp construction was priority and the mani highlights that people remember were the floods and gales oh yes and the sewage along with 'Shindlers Showers' I know 35 has been listed but it was a fast ball deployemt. The OC was Major Jamie Sage RE. Doing two week turnarounds from Sep 98 to Mar 99. Banja Luka. Returned to Honhe April 97. The Squadron was located in Vitez School with elements deploying to Rorkes Drift (route maintenance . Op Grapple 1 Vitez. 65 Corps Support form 28 Engrs and 51 Airmobile Sqn from 36 Regt. The Squadron deployed from Hameln in October and was complete in theatre by 13 Nov 92. based initially in Tomislavsgrad the Squadron was responsible for construction and maintenance of routes across mountains to Gorni Vakuf and Vitez and built and maintained the camps at Redoubt. Deployed with 35 Engineer Regiment on Op Grapple. 42 Field Squadron 35 Engineer Regiment. Sipovo. Deployed a Special Task Section to Sarajevo in August returning to Igman on the day of the Marketplace bombing 28 Aug. No White vehicles as we were Surge deployment. 3 Troop. and Camp construction and convoy support was supplied by 9 troop who stayed in Vitez. 37 Field Squadron 35 Engineer Regiment. 38 Engineers for this entry. Jul . 32 Field Squadron. Elements of 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) Troop and Squadron sized detachments from initial UN deployment to the present day. 33 Engineer Regiment (EOD) We were based at Gorni Vakuf. + 1 other to enable easier route construction and maintenance.Kiseljak tour finished Oct 95. We took Sqns 37. 21 Field Squadron. Happy Eater. The 35 Engr REgt Gp deployed during 1995 to Ploce on Op Grapple Surge. 35 Engineer Regiment Group. 44Hq from 35 ENgr Regt.7 Troop. MG.31 Armoured Engineer Squadron 31 AES deployed as part of UNPROFOR on Grapple 6 (June 1995) subsequently changed to Taskforce Alpha and deployed to Mount Igman in July to help in prep for Air Strikes. Tuzla . 35th Engineer Regiment.Oct 92 ish Extended runway' leveled and expanded port. Took over Brick Factory . 42. Led by Lt Col NMH Fairclough RE (got his OBE for it). Deployed June 95 came home November 95. The Squadron deployed from Hameln in October 92. Thanks to Cpl Paul Newcombe.8 Troop. Had a quiet construction tour. . Returned to BiH Oct 1996 as part of IFOR based at Mrkonjic Grad Bus factory and Banja Luka.

field defences. 36 Engineer Regiment. It was also during a very harsh. GV. Rebuilt Baily Bridge in Mostar after original bridge destroyed. I myself in the 6 month tour conducted well over 250 major recovery tasks thus keeping the route open for all traffic. Detachments in Tomislavgrad. Bugojno and Vitez. 5000 ft up a lonely mountain. Supplying power to british camps. however there were elements based in Split & Gorni Vacouf. Operation Grapple 4 from 1994. Most of the plant operators and myself spent many a night living out of our trucks at the side of the road. Germany to Split in December 1995 and subsequently established itself in Kiseljak in late January 1996. Main job keeping mountain supply routes open especially routes circle and triangle. freezing and snow filled winter. On deployment the Squadron was supported by 19 Specialist Team Royal Engineers and reinforced by soldiers from the School of Military Survey and 42 Survey Engineer Group. The road was little more than a loggers mud road over the mountain. 11 Field Squadron. as well as exposive work when supporting the members of 33 EOD on larger tasks. Deployed as part of 35 Engineer Regt Group in Oct 92 on Op Grapple 1 initially to split as advance party to prepare Split port and Divulje Brks for arrival of rest of regiment. I deployed as the Sqn Recovery Mechanic from Oct 93 until Apr 94. Royal Engineers 14 Topo Sqn deployed from Moenchengladbach. The squadron served a 6 month tour and worked closely with the Coldstream Guards. Our detachment was resposible for the maintainence and route clearence of route triangle between Tomislavgrad at the bottom of the mountain and the quarry situated to the North of Lake Prozor. Headquarters based in Tom Factory in Gornji Vakuf under CO Robbie Burns. who remained in Kiseljak until November 1996. The Squadron was replaced in theatre in July 1996 by 13 Topographic Squadron Royal Engineers. The Squadron's role was to provide geographic support to IFOR. terrain analysis. Vitez and beyond.The majority of the squadron was based in Vitez. Every humanatarian aid convoy had to use this route to get up country. Thanks to Gordon McAndrew for this entry. Moved to Tomislavsgrad (TSG) (leaving RHQ elements and a resources cell in Split) to set up as a Field Support Squadron providing heavy plant and artisan tradesmen to build the roads and camps from Split to Vitez. including field survey. 14 Indep Topo Sqn. route clearance. Redoubt Camp. 38 Engineer Regiment The advance party of the squadron deployed on the 28th October 1993. Thr RE lads did a fantastic job of rebuiding and maintaining the tarck.42 Field Squadron was responsible for camp at Gorni Vakup not Rourkes Drift as posted on site. 44 HQ and Sp Sqn 35 Engineer Regiment. . (Rourkes Drift was built by 5 or 12 Field Squadron can not remember which (part of squadron history relates to Lt Chard of Rourkes Drift hence camp name)(This Squadron joined 35 Engineer Regt Group during Op Grapple 1 tour)). map production and map supply. The squadrons main rolls were to maintain and keep open the main supply routes (MSR).

Supervised Bosnia. 27 Regiment. 38 Engineer Regt deployed on Sept 97 till Mar 98. man design team deployed on Op Grapple 2 from April to October 93. 519 Specialist Team. the tour lasted until February 1996. Royal EngineersThe first STRE in Bosnia as part of Op Grapple. some American mine monitors. and served on Grapple 2 from April 1993 .) Designed most of the accommodation packs for the road teams. CO Major Cox. 32 HQ Sqn. Mine awareness training team started at gorni vakuf in pressision factory with 22re then moved upto Banja Luka. with detachments deployed in Tomislavigrad and Vitez providing logistic support to the Cheshire Regiment and 42 Field Squadron Royal Engineers. 15 Field Park Sqn (Based In Split) 11 SQqn are already listed but different tour. Sept 97 . Team of 17 specialists and support. then returned to Lipa. UNPROFOR.Split. Thanks to J Carslaw for this entry. Royal Army Ordnance Corps 31 Ordnance Company Op Grapple 1 Nov 1992. Kiseljak. we ran teams out of here operating in most areas.38 Engineer Regt. The Regiment was then sent to Tuzla as a huge UN convoy to help support the Norlogbat. 522 Specialist Team Royal Engineers.Maj M Hood RCT. Royal Corps of Transport We were based at Omis Camp. G Vakuf. 11 Fd Sqn (Based in GV under WO2 SSM Tony Cork RE). RE Part of OP Grapple September 1994 to March 1995. . spent a week at Dole camp. Royal Corps of Transport OC . Mountain Troop). Nov '92 to May '93 . Spanish. 27 Transport Regiment. Royal Corps of Transport 7 Squadron. 42 Squadron RCT AMF(L) 42 Son RCT AMF(L) sent 8 Drivers to support Royal Artillery. and Special Forces Teams aboard RFA Argus and HMS Ark Royal during 1993 . The regiment remained there about 2 weeks. OC Des Maj R Castell RCT.Mar 98 Op Lodestar 2. TSG. Vitez. Croatia. Czech. Belgian. returned 93. deployed on 15th July 1995. Trained Canadian. Based in Tomislavgrad and various locations along Route Triangle (Fort Redout & Fort Invicta. 8 Squadron. developed Divulja Barracks and provided Clerk of Works support at Tomislavgrad and various road stops (happy eater etc. Thanks to the 35 Engineers lads our journey along Route Triangle was much improved during our tour. 10 Corps Transport Regiment. Croat and Serb demine teams. the Sqn went there more than once! 64 HQ Squadron. 17 Squadron. The regiment collected supplies daily for the thousands of refugees on the airbase/camp at Tuzla. Main company deployed in Split. Deployed in 92.October 1993.

RAMC Banuluka. Unit HQ was Sipovo with sect's in TSG Gorni Vakuf. formed as part of Task Force Alpha. Op Hanwood. Col. 3 Field Ambulance. 1997 OP LODESTAR July-Dec. Force Medical Squadron/ 2 Armd Fd Ambulance Served at: Split with RAF Tomislavgrad with NSE 27 Regt Gornji Vakuf with 1 PWO Vitez with 1 PWO Tuzla with 1 PWO and Light Dragoons This was for 6 months and I was the medic for the CSE show which included Bradley Walsh. RAMC British Medical Battalion. MSG. part of UN Multi-National Brigade in September 1995. where a Fd Hosp was set up (33 Fd Hosp?) and deployed a full med section to every British base in theater.Tesanj in support of various units armoured/infantry/Artillery as part of General Rose. Thanks to David Irving for this entry. attached to regular units. 4 Armoured Field Ambulance. I was at Sipovo with them then transferred to Split in 1997. another at Vitez and an Armoured ambulance at redout with the Engineers. Croatia Dec 1992 . preador.June 1993. The Section was split up to cover several areas and operations.Oct 96 Nato. 5 Armoured Field Ambulance. RAMC this unit had three detachments in Bosnia. Sipovo. 19 (Airmobile) Field Ambulance RAMC 1995 deployed with multi-national NATO Rapid Reaction Force. RAMC one section of 16AFA attached to 5AFA Sept/Oct(Op Grappel 4+5 1994 posted to Zepca. including Mt Igman. supporting Cheshires & PWO's. Based in Clothing Factory. RAMC 5 General Service Medical Regiment. April 96 . one at TSG. RSM: WO1 McClennan. Commanding Officer: Lt.s Augumentation Force. RAMC 2 AFA were the second medical unit into Bosnia. .I was 1 of many T. Thanks to John Lambert for this entry. 2 Armoured Field Ambulance. The unit had detachments operating anywhere between Split & Tuzla from the start of April 1993 onwards. Based at Ploce Dockyard Camp in Croatia but had elements detached into Bosnia. RAMC.Royal Army Medical Corps 1 Field Ambulance. RAMC 1 AFA medics based at all UK bases.Maglij. Kluch (sp) etc. 1 Armoured Field Ambulance. one at GV. Thanks to Roy Hayes for this entry. 16 armoured Field Ambulance.A. Edmundson-Jones. The unit deployed to Bosnia in 1992 as the first medical unit to enter Bosnia.

Local residents began to return to Sipovo half way through the tour and started rebuildingthe town. 72 Aircraft Workshop REME 72 AC Wksp REME deployed to Croatia in June 1995 as part of 4 Regiment AAC. The Coy was commanded by Maj Heelis and was in situ a full 2 weeks before the lead elements of 1 Ches arrived in theatre. The main body moved from GV to Split on 5/6 Feb 1993. 15 Field Workshop REME (6BN) 15 Fd Wksp REME (Catterick) deployed with elements from 9 Fd Wksp (also 6BN) in April '96 -Oct '96 on Resolute 2. overlooking 'keyhole camp'. Knin Split.Nov 1996. The Coy completed a 7 month tour. The Bde shared the port with elements of a French Aviation Militaire Unit.23 Parachute Field Ambulance. 7 Armoured Workshop Company. main force to Cable Factory Tomislavgrad with outposts at Split. RAMC 24/6/1992 to Croatia. Operation Hanwood 1992 Zagreb. Almost 50% of the platoon was made up of Territorial Army volunteers and Reservists. GV. Tim Pitcher CO. Sipovo Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers 6 Bn REME 9 Fd Wksp Packs Platoon Located at the Salona Factory in Split. The BDE deployed to the Croatian port of Ploce remaining on station until the signing of the Dayton Peace Agreement in late 1995. Op Resolute 2. 24 Field Ambulance. Kupres. 24 Airmobile Brigades Operation Hampden. I was the Coy clerk for the tour and was Major Heelis's driver on the pre advance party. . 21 engr Regt WKSP REME OP Grapple 6. Croatia between April .7 Armd Wksp Coy detachments at every location and is proud to boast they were "First Over The Mountain". Sarajevo and various other locations. RAVC main base was in BLMF. Main workshop was based at "Aluminka" factory in Sipovo. Royal Army Vetinary CorpsRAVC served in Bosnia since the start of the war and continued as SFOR until they withdrew in 2004-5. fially arriving back in Fallingbostel in May 1992. Komensko. RAMC Deployed July 1996. etc Col. Based throughout AOR. but also ran dog sections in MG and Sipovo Royal Army Chaplains Department Banja Luka. We actually sourced and hired our base in Gornji Vakuf and the one further North in Vitez before the advance party even arrived in Split on the LSL's. We deployed to Split from Fallingbostel on 7 Nov 1992 and moved through Tomislavgrad to Gornji Vakuf on the night of 9/10 Nov 1992. Royal Electrical And Mechanical Engineers 7 Armd Wksp Coy was the first major unit to deploy into Bosnia.

When planning the opereation the manpowere limits placed on the squadron were so tight that HQUKLF (the mounting HQ) would not initially allow the troop commanders to deply with their men. Lower Saxony Signal Regiment. This unit was formerly 1 ADSR but was renamed as HQ 1st Armd Div pulled out of its long term base at Verden in Germany. 220 Sqn provided Air support at Tomislavgrad. Led by Maj Carey and RSM Roy Boulton 21 Signals Regiment (Air Support). Signal Sqn. The highlight of the tour was spending a week lapping up the adriatic coast on the Makerska Riviera when it was realised that our lovingly prepared camp in Ploce was 3-5 metres below the local water table . 2 Squadron of what was temporarily known as Lower Saxony Signal Regiment. Based at Hotel Terme. Bosnia from 1995 onwards. These few individuals working unarmed and in civilian clothes provided communications for the EU monitors. and its base in Verden was handed back to the Germans shortly afterwards. 7th Signals Regiment Sarajevo. The officers were therefore listed on the manifests as linemen! Tragicaly one soldier was killed in a road accident as the squadron's vehicles were moving to emabark from Hamburg. 2 Signal Squadron. I stayed on as part of the rearguard eventually arriving back in the UK on 23rd December 1995. under UN. 2 Squadron. The vast majority of the Bde left theatre in August. Verden.a unit created during the "drawdown" operations in Germany. Croatia in June 1995. They were lead by a Staff Sergeant (Yoeman of Signals) from 2 Squadron 4 Armd Div HQ and Sig Sqn The first large scale deplyment of signallers was the deployment of a composite squadron based on 211 Signal Squadron which had just given up its role as a brigade signal squadron and been incorporated into 4 Armd Div Hwq and Sig Regt as the Div Alt HQ squadron.leaving us knee deep in sewage! Royal Signals The first signallers deloyed to Bosnia were in support of the EU monitoring mission in 1991. . and served on Op Grapple 2 (May-November 1993).A Battalion of Royal Anglian's (may have been 1st Btn) deployed with the Brigade. This Squadron had 10 days notice to deloy to Bosnia and it is a tribiute to the officers and men of 4 Armd Div HQ and Sig Regt and in particular 211 Sig Sqadron that they were able to deply so quickly and efficiently. 21 Sigs personnel (220 Sqn and 244(?) Sqn) first arrived at Dole. 2 Squadron of this regiment was an armoured Signal Squadron. Formerly 2 Squadron (1ADSR) located in Verden deployed May to November 1993. Soon moved to Ploce dockyard camp and then to Split as part of NATO in support of 1310 flight RAF and 845 Naval air Sqn. Detachment of 2 Signals Regiment at UN Multi-National Brigade Tactical Headquarters at Mount Igman in September 1995. The unit disbanded on its return. LSSR (Lower Saxony Signal Regiment-ex 1 ADSR).

During 1994 there was at least 5 detachments in theatre inclduing an Echolon in Split. 209 Signal Sqn. Assigned to the 4th RLC.July 1997. Thanks to Chris Ardron for this entry. parts of the squadron were also based in Kuprez during this time. I believe it was a Major Robertson who was initially in charge. OP Resolute 1. 19 Mechanized Brigade we were a armored sig sqn . Typical tour of duty for 30SR personnel was 6 months. indeed the first couple of months the detachment used the classrooms as accomodation. part of 19 mech bde. Dec 1997 . Split North Port. we deployed in Nov 94 to May 95 on Op Grapple 5. I served with the Squadron fitter section.30 Signals Regiment. Vitez was an untouched school when we first arrived. 4 GS Regiment 75 SQN RLC REME Wksp Deployed to theatre in Dec '95 on Op Resolute 1. Royal Logistics Corps 3 Tank Transporter Squadron. Malaysians and Spanish. 8 Regiment. accompanying Colonel Bob Stewart of the Cheshire Regiment. 19 mech bde hq & sig sqn) also served as part of SFOR between Oct 1997 and May 1998 at various locations.June 1998. Gornji Vakuf and out dets with the Canadians.Igman. Kupres from JAN 1996-June 1996. Hq being at Banja Luka Metal Factory as part of MND(SW. was in Bosnia from 1991 and continue to provide a presence in the country. we had soldiers in Split. Turkish. Our OC was Maj Humphreys and Our RSM was Peter Woodward. Dalma Warehouse.RSM was John Howell Warmsley. Just to emphasise that detachments of 30 Signal Regiment are usually amongst the very first troops to enter any Theatre of Operations. Also attached to 3CS REME Wksp Sipivo. 30 Signal Regiment was at UN Multi-National Brigade HQ (SW) in September 1995. with SSM O'Connor as well. They took over from 207 sig sqn and were replaced by 3 uk div sig regt. Split. Good tour with some dodgy moments! . 7 Transport Regiment RLC Dec 1995 . Had been expecting to be based in Lipa but sqn was moved to Kupres after a few days. Provided convoy support and regt admin support for 4 GS until June '96. This was in late 1991. A detachment was one of the first in to Vitez. we landed in Split Airport December the 6th 1995. Split. Spent 6 weeks in GV then 4 months living under trucks and in tents provided by the Dutch!! Resuplying the lads on Mt.June 1996. This was prior to the Warriors arriving as part of the main force a few weeks later. Op Lodestar 3. 209 Signal Squadron. Jan . Responsible for Military/Civil Operations in the 4th RLC sector. Royal Logsitics Corps Attached to 19 Arty end of may 1995. 230 Signal Squadron 230 Squadron deployed with the signing of the Dayton agreement. Dalma warehouse. Op Lodestar 1. US Army. 415 Civil Affairs. 30 Signal Regiment's role to be do all OOA Ops and regularly deploy to all hotspots regardless of size. the tour ran through till I left theatre at least until end 1996.

(Note PTE Anthony Pike REME died early on this tour in Kuprez from a gunshot wound. 7 Transport Regiment RLC April . Op Grapple 4 11 Tank Transporter Squadron October 1995 . April-Oct 2004. OC Major Martin. 3 Close Support Regiment RLC Op Grapple 5 Oct 94 .Gorazde. his repatriation ceremony was held at SNP about 2 weeks later where he was flown home draped in a flag.9 supply regiment . 16 Tank Transporter Squadron 19 Tank Transporter Squadron 23 Pioneer Regiment RLC Divulje Barracks 1995 (6 Month Tour). Dalma Warehouse Split. dalma warehouse 1995. Op Grapple 3 elements in TSG and Vitez also Op Resolute 1995-1996 based in Lipa.). 94 sqn. 4 General Support Regiment. Vitez. Pioneer Defence Section UNPROFOR 66 Fuel Squadron RLC Dalmer Ware House. Thanks to Lee Duncan for this entry. Oversaw the final shut down of Dalma Warehouse Complex. OC Maj Mee.My det was with 2 Royal Anglian and A sqn Light dragoons.Apl 95 Dalma Warehouse Split with attachments in GV.split. Omis 61 Ammunition Squadron Part of 9 Transporter squadron. Zepce. Detachments in Tomas slav grad. Split .April 1996. Before ending up at Sipovo where we finally were able to stay in one place for the remainder of the Tour. OC Major Wickes. They were replaced by 7 Transport Regt.based in Omis Croatia as the Brit Transport SQN. RFA Fort Grange had left that January. Gorni vakuf. Op Grapple 4. Gorazda. 21 brigade support sq 3 close support regt rlc 21 brigade support squadron was a part of 3 cs regt rlc but was deployed with 4 gs regt rlc on operation resolute 1 between dec 95 and june 96.Kislejak. Maj Shoesmith Officer Commanding. 14 supply Regt RLC 14 Supply Regt RLC where in theatre for UN then the first IFOR. 9 Tank Transporter Squadron. 60 Artillery Support Squadron. Op Grapple 7 & Op Resolute 1. Combat Supply Battalion 6 month DOT from march to september 2000. Again relocated to Kuprez Bosnia for the final drawdown before the engineers came to dismantle all the corrimecs. Sarajevo. key hole camp sipovo 1995-96. 32 Brigade Support Squadron.21 squadron was base at the old woodmill Sipovo later to be named Keyhole camp.October 1994. Dalma warehouse and up country dets (Tomislavgrad etc). troop sgt. Royal Logistics Corps oct93-apr 94 Op Grapple 3.(Only EFI was left) Then relocated to shutdown SNP.4 regt was based in Kupres. 33 Supply Squadron 33 Sup sqn based in Split. First time TA deployed (MBLU etc) as they could not under UN regulations at that time. Omis Camp & Dalma Warehouse. sgt Butler.

RMP and the CSM WO2 Linda Kilbride. Croatia at the end of Nov 00 to BLMF. In addition. We were based throughout Sector South West during UNPROFOR then throughout the 4th Armd Bde AO during Op RESOLUTE 1. I served with them as a Reg Reservist cap badged QOH from 17th Dec 00-6 June 01. and the shadowy world of Electronic Intelligence was also around.3 TROOP 148 EFI SQN RLC served from start of op grapple 2 to close down after op lodestar i personally served 5 tours of 6 months from op grapple 7 to op lodestar The MOD took the bold step of establishing the Defence Debriefing Team. As an Australian CAPT on exchange duties with RMP in Germany. Thanks to Jason Kellner for this entry. a unit of volunteer tri-service reservists about 60 strong based at Ashford Kent but working (when in UK) from home. Adjutant Generals Corps Intelligence Corps The Int Corps was active throughout the Bosnia operations. RMP. When NATO took over. the British-run HQs such as HQ Sector SW had the usual Int Sections. They'd moved from DJ Bks in Split. These men and women learnt the language on intensive courses and then worked in both UK and Bosnia. was based in plit(dalma). including REME. The 2IC was LT Eric Tomlinson. Royal Military Police 3 RMP i was attached to 3 rmp i was in the reme in the lad in banja luka metal factory. RLC and AGC(SPS) members. I was the OC of this unit which deployed to Bosnia between 1 Oct 95 and 14 Apr 96 first as the BRITFOR Force Military Police Unit (FMPU) during OP GRAPPLE 7 (UNPROFOR) then in our accustomed role supporting 4th Armd Bde during Op RESOLUTE 1 (NATO).and sarajevo.kupres. HQ BITFOR minor unit. with individual soldiers and officers detached to contingents such as the Turks and Canadians. there was an acute shortage of any Serbo-Croat speakers. taking a lot of the strain off the regular Int Corps. there was a large deployment of three JFITs (Joint Force Intelligence Teams) who carried out Human Intelligence (HUMINT) duties throughout Bosnia. 4th Armoured Brigade Provost Unit RMP. they supplied and employed all the LECs for Bosnia. both in Bosnia and in UK where it collected information from refugees for the UN and NATO to support Ops in Bosnia. Under the UN the deployment was rather piece-meal. as were the image analysts pouring over the latest satellite images. At first. The unit eventually consisted of 64 all ranks. Several members of the unit were fired upon . since no-one had predicted the rapid disintigration of Yugoslavia. 908 PLSU : I Served with 908 Pioneer Labour Support Unit who came under MND(SW).

UNPROFOR. Time of my life. Places like the burned out bus junction. left for Split by air in June 1995. but no casualties were incurred. seem surreal now.02 in Adriatic. during UNPROFOR operations Apr 94oct 94. HMS Sheffield (F96) was deployed to the Adriatic in dirsup of Operations inland. 820 and 849B NAS embarked. Army Air Corps 9 Regiment with two Lynx helicopters. happy valley. HMS Invincible relieved HMS Ark Royal 8/1994 with 800. was killed as a result of enemy action. We were a close Sqn they are sorely missed. Sgt Dave Kinsley and Cpl Chris Addis were killed when their aircraft crashed just outside camp. IIRC. HMS Illustrious (801. Kiseljak. 846 and 849A NAS embarked. UNPROFOR. Germany. I was based in Vitez other unit members were based in Gornji Vakuf. 669 Squadron The Sqn was based in the Tom factory at GV between Dec 98 and Jun 99. 814 & 849A NAS embarked. HQ BRITLOGBAT. I wish to add a peice of information which I believe has not yet been mentioned and that is that during my tour Cpl Philip Bottomley. Maglaj and Split. a flight of 899. 820 846 and 849B NAS embarked. 820 and 849B NAS embarked) relieved HMS Invincible in Adriatic 3/1995. supporting UN operations in the former Republic of Yugoslavia from 23/4/1993 with 801. Transport Sqn. Royal Navy HMS Ark Royal led TG. HMS Invincible relieved HMS Ark Royal 7/1993 with 800. HMS Ark Royal relieved HMS Invincible 1/1994 with 801. During the operation I was one of 34 members of my unit. OP Grapple support. 814. We provided some interesting support and I had the chance to see the very professional British Army at first hand in Split / TSG and more! I was totally bowled over by the troops. whilst on a resupply mission. 4 Armd Bde Pro Unit RMP was drawn from 115 Pro Coy RMP in Osnabruck. On the 22nd Dec 98 Capt Phil Jarvis. Thanks to Ian Smith for this entry.612. the quarry at vitez. I will never . 664 Squadron with Lynx Mk 7.and involved in mine incidents during our tour. 111 Pro Coy RMP I was part of the Military Police (FMPU) support. 661 Squadron with Lynx Mk 7. A rear ech was located at DJ Barracks Split and a forward base was situated at Banja Luka.

HMS Boxer. Avenger was acting as Fleet Contingency Ship 1. Srebrinca. HMS Broadsword. 845 NAS (Sea King MK4). 1993 with Sea Harrier FRS1. HMS Broadsword was on operations in 1993 after BOST at Portland. She was deployed to the Adriatic as part of the Western European Union Flotilla under Operation Sharp Vigilance to enforce the UN/NATO blockade of the former Yugoslavia. 845 arrived in Split on 19th November and disembarked 14th December to Divulje barracks. RFA Argus. . 820 NAS (Sea King MK6). one in May who was severely burnt across his upper torso and the other in July who had been shot in the arm. We in 845 also took part in the very sad evacuation of the people who lived in the Muslim enclaves of Zepa.? HMS Brave. RFA Olwen. HMS Boxer was on operations in the Adriatic from July 1993 . deployed alongside other NATO forces in specialist detached roles. Operation Grapple 1/1993 to 8/1993. I personally took part as a crew member rescuing two Canadians from Srebrinica. We handed over to HMS Boxer in July of that year. Naval Party 1061 Approximately 12 Royal Navy personnel served as part of NP1061 prior to 2001. Operation Grapple 1/1993 to 8/1993. embarked on RFA FORT GRANGE and OLWEN. The personnel were spread throughout theatre. HMS Avenger on returning from duty as West Indies Guardship in early 1992. I'd love to wipe the smile off his face now. RFA Fort Grange. 845 was the longest serving constantly in theatre unit. accompanied Ark Royal to Adriatic in 1993. Based at Split for two years upto January 2000. HMS Cumberland deployed to Adriatic in October 1994 relieving HMS Nottingham.forget the serb mayors face as that idiot watched the muslim women and children and old folks leave the buses and be handed over to us. HMS Brave was on operations from May 94 to November 94 as part of NATO forces. and Gorazde. Operation Grapple. 800 NAS (Sea Harrier FRS1). from 1992 to 2002 and took part in many casevacs for the deployed units from all countries. HMS Coventry deployed to Adriatic in October 1994 relieving HMS Brave. Thanks to Daz Morris for this entry. after which we suffered a catastrophic AAMR fire that killed two Stokers. Operation Grapple 1/1993 to 8/1993.

GV and Tuzla from April 93 until Dec 93 alongside 2 x RM TACP teams from Stonehouse barracks in Plymouth. Both had a Capt RM . flying up for jobs. Work could include the resupply of Viterog by lifting 20' containers with Chinooks or unit moves for deployments or Ex. Based in Tuzla and GV they operated throughout the region as independant cells. doing the gun lift or re-supply then hopping back down to Split for tea and medals. Most if not all the work was done up country. "The best job I had in 22 years" I did five 4 month tours from 97-01. marking & oporation including under-slung loads. LO (Capt RM). it is a joint Army/RAF unit commanded by an RLC Maj. The unit first deployed to Bosnia in 1995 when the op changed from UN to NATO and only left with the drawdown of the Chinook force in 2000-2001. CO Gen Pennefeather.May 2002 as Part of the Naval Contingent. Driver/signaller Mne or Cpl RM in most cases) and an interpreter. . and Mnes Kev Vacher and Mark Wren. Cpl & 2 RM signallers per team.Served a 6 1/2 Month tour at banja Luka Metal Factory (BLMF) from Nov 2001 . OC of our TACP team was Capt Si Coldrick. Rapid Reaction Force Operations Staff Kiseljak Jul-Dec 95. Thanks to Mark Stevens for this entry. It is responsible for HLS selection. Thanks to Steve Thorp for this entry. Joint Units Joint Helicopter Support Unit (JHSU) JHSU is based at RAF Odiham in Hampshire. JHSU started working down on the coast south of Split until the camp was washed away then moved to the barracks by the airport and was attached to the SHF for admin. Cpl Ade Goodyear/Stu Bulley. TACP Royal Marines I served as an UKLO RM signaller in Vitez. Royal Marines Various individuals drafted as either UNMO's or UKLO's throughout the TAOR and from as early as 19923 onwards.

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