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Make sure youre getting all the capacity and
performance your storage environment is capable of
Are you condent that your current IBM

N series or NetApp

storage environment
is optimized to its fullest? Is it maximized for performance? Are you condent of the
security and stability of your environment? Are you concerned about consolidation
and growth potential, or your environments capacity for High Availability or Backup
and Recovery?
What you can expect from your assessment
Storage experts from the Sirius Infrastructure Consulting Services team can perform
an independent assessment of your current N series/NetApp storage environ-
ment according to industry-best practices, and taking into consideration your overall
corporate objectives.
Areas of assessment may include (but are not limited to) the following:
A review of overall corporate objectives for consolidated storage
Autosupport messages and Syslogs
Network conguration (VIF conguration and trafc separation, e.g. between CIFS
and NFS)

conguration and schedule

Data de-duplication conguration and storage savings
Aggregate conguration laid out for best performance (RAID group sizes)
Volume and LUN sizing and conguration aligned with Host type
Snapshot reserve space and scheduling
A review of cabling
Verication of multi-pathing on all hosts
A review of Fibre Channel zoning
A review current storage consolidation, as well as high availability and backup/
recovery procedures
A review of security risks and exposures
Documented ndings and recommendations
Deliverables and recommendations you will receive
Detailed ndings that provide a well documented view of your storage environ-
ment, including potential risks and exposures to stability and performance
A clear look at how your current environment compares with industry standards
for best practices, and recommendations for how best to achieve them
An opportunity to maximize stability, growth and performance in your storage
environment at minimal cost

IBM N series/NetApp
Health Check Assessment
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Sirius certied storage professionals
provide the following assessment
Storage Discovery
Identifying business and/or IT
objectives and strategies
Identifying disaster-recovery and
fault-tolerance objectives
Conducting architecture reviews of:
Current infrastructure design
Future infrastructure requirements
Identifying data migration paths
Developing concepts
Storage Planning
Reviewing project objectives
Performing host identication:
Service level agreements
Assessing network availability and
SAN Fabric
SAN Switch Port Requirements
High availability and remote copy
Storage Design
Designing and documenting logical
equipment and the physical
Ensuring system interoperability
Ensuring that design meets known
Ensuring scalable architecture
Diagraming the conguration
depicting the hosts, network and/or
SAN connectivity, and other related
storage products
Producing and delivering the
requested document(s)




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February 2009
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Solutions to your storage challenges
Sirius employs nationwide teams of certied, experienced storage specialists and consultants dedicated to providing clients with
innovative technology solutions across leading storage hardware and software products. Sirius teams are organized to help you
with specic business challenges in todays ever-changing IT landscape, including Storage Simplication, Data Protection and
Data Management.
Storage Simplication: Simplifying a storage architecture is a daunting task. Companies have seen demand for storage in-
crease dramatically as they struggle to keep up with the latest hardware, software and services options to meet their needs.
Integrating and simplifying your environment may seem like a job that will never see the light of day. Sirius helps by assessing your
current environment, creating a long-term roadmap for simplication, and outlining the phases that you can take to attain your
objectives. Within storage simplication, we focus on solutions and best practices such as:
Data classication
Storage consolidation
Storage virtualization
Storage management
Data Protection: The proliferation of data within a company leads to many challenges, especially since this information is not in a
single protected and secure database -- its just about anywhere you can imagine, including e-mail communications, image les,
faxes, and personal and departmental database les. Protecting these assets is a growing challenge, and one that is being driven
not only by corporate needs but also by compliance regulations. Sirius can help increase the protection of your storage environ-
ment by focusing on these key issues:
Disaster recovery
Backup and recovery
Tape strategies
Regulatory compliance
Data encryption
Data Management: The proliferation of data also puts additional burden on IT teams to manage it effectively across the enter-
prise. Using a combination of high-productivity management tools, including professional services, hardware appliances and soft-
ware that can be integrated with your application, desktop, server and storage environments, Sirius can help your IT team manage
data in a context that is more meaningful to them, without having special storage-management skills.
Software management tools
Managing and archiving e-mail
Content management

Additional Storage Services

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