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The Return of the Argo

Background The last known position of the Imperial Transport Argo was near Minerva in the Armageddon Sub Sector, a recording of the last garbled transmission it made just before it was due to make its warp jump mentioned Orc Pirates attacking and a Xeno swarm. Nothing more was heard of the Argo for over 300 years, it was logged as lost, probably destroyed, along with all crew and cargo. But now its suddenly reappeared, drifting into Imperial space just off the star cluster of Pyran. The nearest Space Marine force has been contacted by the Mechanicum that the ship must be investigated and its cargo recovered, their records show that it was carrying a newly discovered ancient tech machine which the Lords of Mars are keen to examine. As the Space Marine ship approaches the dead Argo, scans show many Xeno life forms on board, using the schematics of the Argo supplied by the Mechanicum a plan of attack is formed. Firstly, using boarding torpedoes, a bridgehead will be established roughly halfway between the command deck and the cargo hold. From there Terminator teams will push into the ship. One team will take control of the command deck and try to reactivate the ship, while the other will proceed to the cargo bay to check on the precious machine. Once these second objectives have been achieved

Terminators will sweep the ship flushing out and destroying all Xeno life forms.

Mission 1 Bridgehead.
Space Marine Forces: Squad A Space Marine Sergeant with Power Sword and Bolter. Space Marine with Flamer 3 Space Marines with Bolters and Powerfists. Squad B Space Marine Sergeant with Thunder Hammer & Shield Space Marine with Assault Cannon and Powerfist Space Marine with Lightning Claws 2 Space Marines with Bolters and Powerfists. Genestealers There are 2 blips in play at the beginning of the game, roll 1D6 for each blip and place it in the centre of the relevant room. The Genestealers receive 2 blips per turn until either of the Space Marine objectives are met. Then the number of blips are reduced accordingly.

Space Marine Victory Space Marines must reach Rooms A & B and stand in the corner squares. This means that the entry ducts have been successfully shut down, stopping the Genestealers from infiltrating the bridgehead. Room A controls Genestealer entry points 1-3, Room B controls Genestealer entry points 4-6. As soon as a Space Marine has stood on the correct square and has expended 2APs operating the mechanism the relevant entry points are closed. The closure of 1 set of entry points reduces the Genestealer to 1 blip of reinforcements per turn. The Space Marines are victorious when the entry points are closed and all the Genestealers within the bridgehead area are destroyed. Genestealer Victory Kill them all Boarding Torpedoes Place each squad on a 5 square corridor length in the order you wish them to disembark. At the beginning of the game roll 1D6 for Squad As torpedo and attach it to the relevant Space Marine entry point. Then roll 1D6 for Squad B and attach their torpedo. However if the number Squad B rolls is the same as Squad A they cannot board the Argo at the beginning of the game and will be delayed. Roll 1D6 1-2 Squad B will arrive at the beginning of turn 3. 3-4 Squad B will arrive at the beginning of turn 4. 5-6 Squad B will arrive at the beginning of turn 5. When they arrive it will be in the same corridor length as Squad A.

Genestealer Entry Points 1-6 Genestealer Starting Rooms 1-6 Room A Control Square 2 3 2 1 1 3 4 6 5 4 6 5 Room B Control Square

Space Marine Torpedo Entry Points