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World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

your planet needs

UNite to combat
climate change

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World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

World Environment Day • 5 June

World Environment Day was established by the UN General Assembly in 1972 to Interest in World Environment Day grows each year, as evidenced by the number
mark the opening of the Stockholm Conference on the Human Environment. of countries which lend their support to this important United Nations Day, by the
expanding list of municipalities, businesses and communities that participate, and
Commemorated every year on 5 June, World Environment Day is one of the principal
by hundreds and thousands of individuals who visit UNEP’s World Environment
vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the
Day website.
environment and enhances political attention and action. The day’s agenda is to:
Activities organized to celebrate the Day range from tree-planting, street rallies,
• Give a human face to environmental issues;
bicycle parades, green concerts, essay and poster competitions in schools, clean-up
• Empower people to become active agents of sustainable and equitable campaigns and recycling drives. The Day also provides opportunities for seminars,
development; workshops and symposia on issues that top the environment agenda.
• Promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing The media is an important stakeholder and plays a critical role in amplifying the
attitudes towards environmental issues; issues, engendering public awareness and interest, and in building pressure for
• Advocate partnership, which will ensure all nations and peoples enjoy a safer action among global leaders on concerns such as global warming.
and more prosperous future. The Day aims to stir political attention and action. In the past, policies on
The theme for World Environment Day 2009 is ‘Your Planet Needs You! Unite to environmental management and economic planning were announced and
Combat Climate Change’. It reflects the urgency for nations to ‘seal the deal’ at the international conventions ratified.
crucial climate convention meeting in Copenhagen some 180 days later in the year. World Environment Day is ‘a people’s day’, which means it is your opportunity to be
It also raises a call for everyone to get involved, rethink actions and ways that result part of the global action to promote the protection of our planet, the sustainable
in wastage and heavy greenhouse gas emissions, and adopt a greener lifestyle. use of our natural resources, and the adoption of a lifestyle that is friendly to the
Each year a different city is chosen as the principal venue for the global celebration environment. Join the call for all peoples of the world to unite and take positive
of World Environment Day. This year’s host is Mexico which affirms the growing action to combat climate change. Be part of the growing voice that calls for political
role of the country in the fight against climate change, including its growing leaders to ‘seal the deal’ in Copenhagen. Remember – ‘Your Planet Needs You!’
participation in the carbon markets.
Mexico is also a leading partner in UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign. The country, YEAR HOST CITY COUNTRY YEAR HOST CITY COUNTRY
with the support of its President and people, has spearheaded the pledging and 2009 Mexico City Mexico 1997 Seoul Republic of Korea
planting of some 25 per cent of the trees under the campaign. Mexican President 2008 Wellington New Zealand 1996 Istanbul Turkey
2007 Tromsø Norway 1995 Pretoria South Africa
Felipe Calderon states that the World Environment Day celebration will “further 2006 Algiers Algeria 1994 London United Kingdom
underline Mexico’s determination to manage natural resources and deal with the 2005 San Francisco USA 1993 Beijing China
2004 Barcelona Spain 1992 Rio de Janeiro Brazil
most demanding challenge of the 21st century – climate change.” 2003 Beirut Lebanon 1991 Stockholm Sweden
2002 Shenzhen China 1990 Mexico City Mexico
This year’s World Environment Day will also highlight the ‘Green New Deal’ – a 2001 Torino/Havana Italy/Cuba 1989 Brussels Belgium
solution to the global financial meltdown and global warming by calling for 2000 Adelaide Australia 1988 Bangkok Thailand
1999 Tokyo Japan 1987 Nairobi Kenya
increased investments in renewable energy sources, ecosystem infrastructures and 1998 Moscow Russian Federation
energy-efficient production processes.

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World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

Finding Green
Amidst Climate

Message of United Nations

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon
The economic and financial turmoil sweeping The Earth faces the grave threat of climate
the globe is a true wake-up call, sounding an change. While all countries will suffer, the
alarm about the need to improve upon old poor will bear the brunt of the impact. We do,
patterns of growth and make a transition to a however, also have an opportunity to change
new era of greener, cleaner development. The course. Crucial climate change talks will take
theme of this year’s World Environment Day – place in Copenhagen in December. Together,
“Your planet needs you” – is meant to inspire all we must press governments to “Seal the Deal”
of us to do our part. for a new climate agreement.

Primary forest in Fjorland park, New Zealand

© Film “HOME” – une coproduction
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World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

The world also needs a “Green New Deal” On this World Environment Day, I encourage
focused on investing in renewable sources all people to take concrete steps toward
of energy, eco-friendly infrastructure and making the planet greener and cleaner. Switch
energy efficiency. This will not only create off the lights. Take public transportation.
jobs and spur recovery but also help tackle Recycle. Plant a tree. Clean up your local
global warming. If we invest even part of park. Hold corporations responsible for their
the substantial new economic stimulus environmental practices. And urge your
packages in the green economy, we can turn government representatives to Seal the Deal in
today’s crisis into tomorrow’s sustainable Copenhagen.
growth. Moreover, countries that make
the transition to a low-carbon society will
reap more than significant environmental
benefits; they will be well-placed to share
their new technology with others.

But our planet needs more than just action

by governments and corporations; it needs
each of us. Although individual decisions
may seem small in the face of global threats
and trends, when billions of people join
forces in common purpose we can make a
tremendous difference.

Permafrost in Siberia, Russia

© Film “HOME” – une coproduction
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World Environment Day 2009

Leading the
Global Green

Message from Mexico’s Secretary of

Environment and Natural Resources
Juan R. Elvira
The United Nations has granted Mexico the
privilege of hosting the 2009 World Environment
Day. Under the overall theme of “Your Planet
Needs You! Unite to Combat Climate Change”we
have proposed as sub-themes ‘forests, poverty
and climate change’ because we recognize that
conservation and the sustainable use of forest
ecosystems are connected in a virtuous cycle
with public welfare, the abatement of poverty
levels, climate change mitigation, and limiting
vulnerability to the adverse effects of global

Courtesy of the Ministry of Environment and

Natural Resources of Mexico

© Gallo Images/ AFP
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring

We also recognize that it is crucial We are working to increase the standard of Our National Strategy on Climate Change will Our people are the best spokespersons to
to achieve sustainable patterns living of the people of Mexico through the soon be unveiled and several states within communicate this message. The Mexican people
of production and consumption generation of new development opportunities Mexico are working on State Action Plans to wish to show the world their commitment to
in order to diminish the pressures based on the sustainable use of natural Combat Climate Change. conservation and the protection of natural
on ecosystems and to secure resources. Allow me to give you just some wealth.
economic growth. In fact, economic examples. The people and owners of close to The recovery of our forest ecosystems is a
2.3 million hectares of forests and rainforests national priority. Among other initiatives, a Each crisis presents new opportunities if we
growth can only be achieved and
in Mexico currently receive support, so that significant number of Mexicans, from young to have the courage to draw on the lessons
maintained if it is positively related
they can sustainably use this resource through old, participated in the campaign “Let’s Plant learned and to put them into practice, our
to the public’s welfare and to the
reforestation, land conservation and restoration for the Planet”, contributing 25 per cent of the differences notwithstanding. The current crisis
conservation of the natural wealth
activities, among others. This is part of the international goal, by planting close to 530 has resulted in an unprecedented international
that sustains it.
payment for environmental services program million trees. cooperation mobilization. We have realized that
The celebration of World of the Mexican government through which the global processes demand global perspectives.
Environment Day takes place owners of forest lands receive payment for the We are also working to reduce our carbon We need to continue designing our problem
care and protection of forests. footprint through a number of different solving processes in an inclusive manner that
in the context of the greatest
mitigation actions with the industrial, transport gives due regard to each and every country
international economic crises
In the more than 23 million hectares of Natural in the world. In sum, we need to promote
in the last 70 years and during a and staples industries, among others.
Protected Areas – which cover close to 12 per multilateral action.
key negotiation process where
cent of our territory – we work with and support
the engagement of all nations of On June 5th, we want to celebrate the environ- In this 2009 World Environment Day, we wish to
local communities to develop alternative,
the world is necessary in order to ment and to acknowledge that it is only one plant a seed in all the inhabitants of this planet.
sustainable and productive activities. These
combat climate change; without earth we have and that our communities and We hope that this seed engenders a stronger
activities not only contribute to increasing their
doubt, one of the major challenges countries are interconnected through environ- environmental conscience and a commitment
family incomes, but to secure the conservation
facing humanity. Courtesy of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of Mexico mental, economic and social interactions. to conserve and protect our shared natural
of the ecosystems they protect.
foundations of economic development and treasures, in order to support efforts on the
It is of the highest importance for the govern- In Mexico, we are working to develop a country In Mexico, we are also aware of our role in solv- This year, the global celebration will be hosted
public well-being. climate change front, and also to encourage
ment’s leadership role, that economic recovery of equal opportunities, one that is productive, ing the global environmental problems we in Mexico. We will share with the whole world and participate in a new green economy.
policies incorporate environmental criteria efficient, competitive, and at the same time face, such as climate change. That is why we our heritage as a mega-bio-diverse country,
and encourage the sustainable use of natural respectful of its natural assets. We seek the On the international front, the Mexican Green are solidly engaged with and committed to the awakening the environmental conscience, with Today, every people on Earth shall take an
resources, the efficient use of energy, and the full public and economic recognition of such Fund proposal calls on all countries to join a international community to face this threat. We five ecosystems that show signs of recovery as action for the environment, one each day. Let
conservation of ecosystems, just as proposed natural assets, which will consider not only the common commitment against the effects of are the only Non Annex I country to have sub- witnesses: deserts, forests, rainforests, wetlands us look into the protection of the environment
by the Green Economy Initiative of the United goods, but also the environmental services the climate change: All countries can and shall do mitted three national communications under and coasts. as a central element that will allow us to achieve
Nations Environment Programme. ecosystems provide, and that will represent the something. the United National Framework Convention on development and the eradication of poverty
Climate Change. for all the peoples of the world.
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World Environment Day 2009

Global Leaders Must ‘Seal the Deal’

from climate change to bringing environmental heaters, has an installed solar water heater
goods and services into the mainstream of capacity of around 100 million cubic metres
national and international economics. and has created 600,000 green jobs. Thus,
by 2020, Mexico might have the potential to
Mexico has no formal responsibility under the
generate jobs for some 150,000 people in this
Kyoto Protocol – the current emission reduction sector alone as a result of the new project.
treaty – but the country has nevertheless
given its clear intent to set a voluntary target Mexico is now second only to Brazil in this region
supported by a comprehensive greenhouse in terms of accessing the Clean Development
gas-cutting strategy. Mechanism with projects ranging from wind
power to biogas.
This is the kind of leadership that is capable of
Message of Achim Steiner, resolving long-standing debates and ultimately Over 1.5 million people are paid in the rural
areas to manage forests and water-sheds as
unproductive disagreements that have divided
UN Under-Secretary General and the international community for too long. part of a deliberate policy linking decent jobs
with the environmental, climate and overall
Executive Director, Mexico has also recognized the abundant op- Green Economy agenda.
United Nations portunities that are emerging from the existing
agreement, and that will flow even faster and WED 2009 comes just under 190 days before the
Environment Programme firmer if governments ‘seal the deal’ on new, sci- UN climate convention meeting in Denmark—I
entifically-credible arrangements in December. would urge everyone across the globe to join
the people of Mexico.
I am delighted that Mexico and its people will The country has, for example, developed a
multi-billion dollar export business in solar Let us together send the simple request: ‘Seal
be the 2009 global hosts of the annual United the Deal’ in Copenhagen. In doing so world
panels and is, with the UN and the Global
Nations WED celebrations on 5 June under the leaders will be delivering perhaps the most
Environment Facility as partners, embarking on
theme “Your Planet Needs You! Unite to Combat an ambitious solar water heating industry. transformational and far-reaching stimulus
Climate Change”. package of them all, now and for the coming
The aim is to reach an eventual target of 23.5 decades.
Mexico is among a group of nations showing million cubic metres of installed capacity by
Courtesy of the Ministry of Environment and
real leadership on the challenges of our age – 2020. China, the world leader in solar water Natural Resources of Mexico

World Environment Day 2009 World Environment
InspiringDay 2007

© The bigger picture

© The Bigger Picture

Your Planet Needs You!
Climate change is now widely recognized as the defining challenge of Every voice counts. Show your support by taking practical action, Endorsing and publicizing the campaign by featuring the Unite banner “This year, let us unite to combat climate change. Let us join
our time. Addressing climate change is central to the work of the Unit- such as: on your homepage together to seal a deal in Copenhagen that is ambitious, fair,
ed Nations. Yet everyone has a role to play in reducing the threat that
and effective. Let us use this unique opportunity to protect
climate change poses to peace, security, sustainable development and Adopting the ‘Unite’ call to action by making it the theme or slogan for Spreading the word within your own networks to help get the Unite to
quality of life. your company or organization’s long-term activities and campaigns on Combat Climate Change message out to as many people as possible, in
people and the planet, and to power green growth.
climate change every corner of the world; “I am committed to doing all I can to realize this vision. The
Whoever you are, wherever you’re from, there are many ways you can
United Nations needs your support. Your planet and your
help combat climate change. World Environment Day is the perfect time Making a statement and creating your own legacy by arranging a Registering your activity with UNEP on any new, interesting and creative
to make the commitment and step up your activities by joining a global tree planting activity for World Environment Day on 5 June 2009 and campaign ideas that you are developing or that you want to collaborate children are counting on you. Together, we can make a
movement. registering your activity on the UNEP WED site with us on! difference.”

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World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

© Still Pictures

© Still Pictures
Let’s “Seal the Deal!” in Copenhagen Protect the Planet, Power Green Growth!
On 7-18 December 2009, some 190 governments will meet in Join the Seal the Deal! Campaign and add your voice to the global The message to world leaders in 2009 is simple but urgent: Seal where you can dip the ‘People’s Seal’ in paint and add your stamp
Copenhagen, Denmark to negotiate a comprehensive global chorus calling on world leaders to unite, agree and act to combat the Deal! Agree on ways to cut greenhouse gas emissions before to a global petition. Or you can sign the petition on-line.
climate agreement for the period after 2012, when the first climate change. it’s too late.
Check out what’s happening in your area during Climate Action
commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol expires. Led by the UN, this powerful campaign has one vital aim: To Seal the Deal! is about mobilizing millions of individuals, Week from 20-26 September 2009. Or plan your own activity to
With just six months between World Environment Day 2009 and encourage the governments of the world to agree on a deal that businesses, community groups and other organizations around support the campaign and share it with us.
the start of this crucial UN climate convention meeting, the time will protect people and the planet when they meet to negotiate a the world in the lead-up to the Copenhagen meeting.
Climate change affects every one of us. Unite and be part of the
to act is now. new climate change agreement in Copenhagen.
To get involved, you can: solution. Help to Seal the Deal!

Stamp your right to be heard and to determine your fate on this

Make your voice

heard! planet by attending a Seal the Deal! rally in your town or city
Climate Change

Support the Climate Heroes

A highlight of this year’s World Environment Day is the launch of the
Climate Heroes, which supports individuals who are undertaking
exceptional personal feats, high-profile expeditions, and other acts
of environmental activism to demonstrate their commitment and to
raise awareness for one simple idea: Your planet needs You!

UNEP collaborates with these Climate Ultimately, the Climate Heroes call on each
Heroes to help inspire and motivate people of us to do what we can: from adopting
to unite to combat climate change. Through the simplest habits like turning off running
their acts, and the attention they generate, water when we are brushing our teeth, to
they will give voice to individuals and organizing a public or workplace event for
organizations across the globe that care World Environment Day or taking a stand
about the state of our planet and want to and participating in the Seal the Deal! on-
see real change and real commitment. line petition. Through our united efforts, we
can all be Climate Heroes and help make a
difference. Here are some of their inspiring

Globe: Courtesy NASA

World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring

Unite to Combat Climate Change: Pull Together

Roz Savage is an environmental campaigner known for her

Roz Savage
inspirational solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. She will now row
solo across the Pacific Ocean and walk from London to Copenhagen
armed with an environmental mission called Pull Together. This
initiative aims to inspire people to take action on CO2 levels by
walking more and driving less. Calling upon her supporters around
the world to Pull Together, Roz will challenge them to match her
10,000 oar strokes each day with 10,000 steps. All the steps logged
by participants around the world on the site will be aggregated and
expressed by a number of laps around the earth completed during
the challenge. For every 53 people that complete 1,000,000 steps,
an earth lap will be added. Just before her 24 May launch, she will
provide the opening remarks to attendees of Al Gore’s Climate
Project Summit and become a Climate Change Ambassador.
This grassroots participation will be channeled towards the
upcoming climate change conference in Copenhagen in December.
In partnership with, on 24 October -- a designated global day
of action on climate change -- Roz and thousands of supporters will
assemble at Big Ben in London and, over a period of six weeks, march
more than 600 miles to Copenhagen to address the conference
delegates. At this time, Roz will deliver the results of the initiative,
essentially a walking petition, as a symbol of commitment to taking
immediate, aggressive action to reduce global  CO2 levels. Using
photos, videos, blogs and several social media platforms, including
Facebook and Twitter, her mission is to connect and engage people
of all ages around the world, and demonstrate that every action, no

© Shutterstock
matter how small it may seem, does indeed matter.

w w w. r o z s av a g e. c o m
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World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

Unite to Combat Climate Change: Pull Together

Ride Japan
This father and son team, Charles & Sho Scott, will embark on
a two- month bike ride across the entire mainland of Japan
on connected bikes. The 4,700-kilometer journey will take
them from the northernmost point of Cape Souya to the
southern tip at Cape Sata, through 11 World Heritage Sites.
They will begin promoting the trip in New York City on 5 June
to coincide with a World Environment Day-related activity
to encourage participation for the summer ride. The two
were inspired to use this ride to encourage action on climate
change after watching the BBC’s Planet Earth documentary
and recognizing the critical and immediate need.
They will simultaneously be supporting a call to action for
people to help UNEP’s Billion Tree Campaign achieve its goal
of planting seven billion trees – one for every person on the
globe – this year. Currently, three billion have been planted
and five billion pledged. They will also promote the Seal the
Deal! effort and eight-year old Sho will address the UNEP/
© Gallo Images/ Getty Images

TUNZA International Children & Youth Conference in Korea by

video-telegram from a remote location during his expedition
as an inspiring example and youth ambassador.

w w w. j a p a n b i ke r i d e. co m
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World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

Unite to Combat Climate Change: Pull Together

Plastiki Expedition
Inspired by a UNEP report on marine litter, The voyage will sail through a number of
David de Rothschild made it his mission to exciting, challenging and environmentally-
conduct further research on the topic. He sensitive regions, including the ominously
wanted to create a compelling and pioneering named Great Eastern Pacific Garbage Patch, an
adventure that would inspire people to act area six times the size of England where plastic
more responsibly towards our planet. Moved to outweighs plankton by 6 to 1 – essentially,
action, David and a handpicked crew of leading the world’s largest waste dump. Supported
scientists, sailors, adventurers, thought leaders by Adventure Ecology’s network of global

Photo: Curtesy Plastiki Expedition

and artists plan to set sail approximately 10,000 supporters and institutions, Plastiki will use

Photo: Curtesy Plastiki Expedition

nautical miles across the Pacific. The boat, the expedition not only to raise awareness
called Plastiki, is a distinctive, one-of-a-kind 60- on out-of-sight and out-of-mind issues facing
foot (20m) catamaran made out of reclaimed our planet but also to act as the catalyst to
plastic bottles, srPET plastic and recycled activate change by bringing smart solutions
waste products. Their mission: To beat waste by to the forefront. The vessel will be outfitted
thinking smart and showcasing how refuse can with satellite phones and computers ensuring
be used as a resource thus inspiring sustainable regular feedback for the world.
solutions for a better way of living.

w w
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World Environment Day 2009 Climateexamples
Inspiring Change

Unite to Combat Climate Change: Pull Together

Project Kaisei
Project Kaisei consists of a team of innovators, ocean lovers, sailors, Currently, there are no proposed solutions to
scientists, sports enthusiasts and environmentalists who have come resolve the issue of plastics in the oceans.  Most
together with a common purpose: to study how to capture plastic believe it is not possible to clean such a vast
waste in the ocean, detoxify, and recycle it into diesel fuel. space, and aim for more responsible handling
of waste on land. However, using advanced
This first research mission, scheduled for the summer of 2009, will technology, Project Kaisei’s objective is to test
be critical to understanding the logistics that will be needed for a catch methods, and demonstrate that at least
successful clean-up operation as some of the technology required some of the Plastic Vortex can be recycled and
for such a feat has never been utilized under oceanic conditions. cleaned through a first-of-its-kind,  patented
solution. National Geographic will cover Project
Why is this a critical mission? Every year over 60 billion tons of plastic Kaisei’s work for a documentary film and Google
Earth will track its progress with imagery and

Photo: Curtesy Project Keisei

are produced, much of it for one-time use and less than 5 per cent of
the world’s plastics are recycled. National Geographic estimates that high tech overlays.
over 85 million plastic bottles are used every three minutes. Much of
plastic waste that is not incinerated, which is toxic in its own right, or
land-filled, makes its way to the oceans. As the waste breaks down, it
is mistaken for food, kills hundreds of thousands of birds and marine w w
life, and is now making its way into our food chain.

Photo: Curtesy Project Keisei


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Daily Do-something Tips

Easy Ways to Green Make your WED commitment Find homes or charitable Insulating your water heater will Use towels for drying your face Many of us like to leaf through the As you leave the house, don’t Radical as it may seem, in today’s
today. Try to incorporate all of organizations that have use for help save valuable energy, and you and hands instead of tissues that paper as we munch on breakfast, forget to switch off all the lights “the easier the better” society,
Your Routine these into your life as a matter of things that you no longer need can go the extra mile by installing are used and thrown away. Also, but consider reading the dailies in and appliances at the wall unit the easiest way to reduce your
World Environment Day is about routine. Get others to do the same. or want rather than throwing it showerheads with a low flow hang your towels to dry so that communal spaces like the office (if you have this feature) and carbon footprint is by avoiding
taking action to be part of the And get involved! away. in your bathrooms to help save they can be reused several times. or coffee shops. However, if you unplug chargers as they continue driving altogether. Power down
solution, and going green is not water. You can also put a timer on You are, after all, clean when you prefer to have your own copy, to consume even if they are not and Instead try biking, walking,
as difficult as you might think. We IN GENERAL: DAILY ROUTINE: your heaters to save power. use them! make sure you recycle! charging; saving energy helps carpooling, public transport or an
can all do our part to protect the reduce air pollution. occasional telecommute.
planet by using less and acting Plant a tree! Help achieve UNEP’s MORNING… Using an electric razor or hand Breakfast: When packing your lunch, opt
more. Here we walk you through Billion Tree Campaign target of Bathroom: razor with replaceable blades for reusable containers for food GETTING TO WORK: If you have no other choice than
30 easy ways to green your daily planting seven billion trees – one Many of us forget that we can instead of disposable razors goes Juice or yoghurt lovers can storage instead of wrapping the to drive to work, look for the most
routine, from the moment you for every person on the planet – save water in simple ways like not a long way to cutting back on do their bit by buying juice in food with aluminum foil or plastic Don’t go anywhere without your fuel-efficient car model for your
hit snooze on your solar-powered by the end of this year. On every letting the tap run while shaving, waste. And plant a tree. concentrates and yoghurt in wrap. cloth bag so you can just say no to next purchase and keep your tyres
alarm clock to the point when continent in the world trees can washing our faces, or brushing our reusable containers instead of plastic whenever you shop. inflated to the correct pressure.
you crawl into your eco-washed, be planted in June, so start your teeth. single serving packages.
organic cotton sheets. efforts on WED.

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Daily Do-something Tips

If you’re one of the lucky few For those who suffer from road alternative to non-biodegradable If there isn’t an office recycling Most computer accessories like Turning off all unnecessary lights, to spread the cooled air more When cooking dinner, match the
blessed with clear stretches of rage, remember that aggressive styrofoam or plastic cups. system, start one yourself! ink cartridges, CDs and DVDs especially in unused offices and effectively through your home. size of the pan to the size of the
road on your way to work, use driving lowers your mileage, so Recycling our trash actually are made of materials that could conference rooms, is an easy way While you’re at it, in winter, lower heating element to lower energy
cruise control, as it saves fuel and if you want to save on fuel and Leave a cup and reusable bottle contributes to reducing global be reused. Computer cords and to save energy. your thermostat and put on a wastage.
also helps you maintain a constant save the planet while you’re at it, for water at work to eliminate warming emissions. And it is speakers are fairly standardized, jumper. In summer, increase it and
speed. accelerate gradually – something buying drinks, which get served estimated that 75 per cent of meaning they can be used for a If you’re in search of something wear lighter clothes, you will also When you are feeling at your
to keep in mind the next time that in plastic cups or bottled water. what is thrown in the trash could variety of computer models and to personalize your workspace, save money! laziest, don’t throw clean clothes
If you’re among the majority of bad driver cuts you off! Just count Eighty per cent of plastic bottles actually be recycled, though makes. look no further than the humble in the laundry basket to avoid
drivers who spend their mornings to 10 and say The planet needs are recyclable but only 20 per cent currently only 25 per cent is. houseplant. Houseplants are good Don’t place lamps or TV sets near hanging them up! Wear jeans
stuck in traffic, consider turning me! are actually recycled. Lower your office’s carbon footprint for the environment because they your air-conditioning thermostat more than once.
your engine off if you will be idling When you must have a paper copy, by setting computers, monitors, remove quantities of pollutants as it senses heat from these
for long periods of time. And plant AT WORK: When you need a pad for lists make sure you default your printer printers, copiers, speakers and present in the air. appliances, which can cause the When you wash, use only eco-
a tree. and messages, turn over an old option to use both sides. This is an other business equipment to their air-conditioner to run longer than friendly products in your home. It’s
Do you have a morning hot drink document and write on the back easy tree-saver! energy saving feature and turning AFTER A LONG DAY: necessary. best for you and the environment!
routine? Using a washable mug of that instead. them off at the end of the day. And And did we mention plant a tree!
is an environmentally friendly plant a tree! In the summer/warmer months,
consider using an interior fan in
conjunction with an open window
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples


World Environment Day can be celebrated in many ways. The following are a
selection of inspiring examples of how World Environment Day was celebrated in
2004 with the theme: Wanted! Seas and Oceans – Dead or Alive?; in 2005 with the
theme: Green Cities: Plan for the Planet!; in 2006 Deserts and Desertification: Don’t
Desert Drylands! and in 2007 Melting ice -a hot topic?

© The Bigger Picture

34 35
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

AFRICA BURUNDI and proposed simple solutions for better, more around Mau forest, an area that is severely affected
Bujumbura environmental and healthier communities. by human activities leading to massive degradation.
ALGERIA In 2004, the Ministry of Environment organized The event included sensitization of the local
Algiers week-long festivities to celebrate World ETHIOPIA people and officials to the need to conserve the
In 2006, with the theme deserts and desertification, Environment Day throughout the country. From 4 Addis Ababa forest. A clean-up effort was carried out whereby
the choice of Algeria as the host of the main to 11 June, the people of Burundi were sensitized In 2006, Ethiopia maintained its tradition of forest officers and experts in forest management
international World Environment Day celebrations, to the need to protect their country’s natural celebrating World Environment Day at the national addressed the participants.
was most appropriate. resources, while decision-makers were urged to level. The event was liberally dotted with white
consider the environment when planning for T-shirts and caps emblazoned with the WED logo Nairobi
One of the many events was a workshop in Ghardaia development and post-war reconstruction. The and the names of the sponsors, Coca-Cola, National For World Environment Day 2006, the Network for
- a 2,000-year-old city in the Sahara desert. The activities held during Environment Week included Motors Company and UNEP, to name a few. At the Youth in Combating Desertification, a group
workshop brought together experts who produced a competition among youth environmental clubs, the venue, school children sang and participated which has been actively involved in international
a call to action on the fight against desertification, workshops, clean-up campaigns and the naming in skits highlighting the negative effects of conventions such as the United Nations Convention
which, in turn, led to the drafting of a charter on the of the Environmental Journalist of the Year. They desertification and the importance of halting this to Combat Desertification - Conference of the Par-
world’s deserts. also addressed deforestation, wildfires and land growing phenomenon. Following this, participants ties 7 (UNCCD-COP 7), the Convention on Biological
Algeria degradation. were invited to plant indigenous trees in the school Diversity (CBD) and the United Nations Framework Kenya
In Algiers, the UNEP publication Global Desert compound where the celebration took place. In Convention on Climate Change - Conference of the
Egypt Outlook was launched. The report highlights the CAMEROON the afternoon there was a WED ceremony at the Parties 12 (UNFCCC-COP 12), organized a big event. Kenya
fragility of desert environments and the pressure Kumbo National Palace, home of H.E. President Girma The main activities of the day was a convoy compris-
they face from forces such as climate change and To commemorate World Environment Day 2008, Woldegiorgis. ing youth from community groups in Kenya, school
human activity. UNEP also used the occasion to the Kumbo Development and Orientation Centre based environmental clubs and NGOs, among oth-
launch a publication on tourism and the deserts. introduced the ‘Green Award’ to acknowledge KENYA ers. The convoy toured the streets of Nairobi before
The President of Algeria graced the main event students who actively participate in environmental Homa Bay stopping at Uhuru Park where a youth advisor to
where he spoke on the Day’s theme and presented activities in the district. This year, seven young green To mark World Environment Day 2008, Homa Hills UNEP recognized various young people who have
prizes to the winners of UNEP’s International laureates received the prizes. Community Development Organization engaged been in the forefront of combating desertification
Children’s Painting Competition and to the Algerian the surrounding communities, schools, and in Kenya. The convoy carried banners and placards
journalists who wrote the best articles on the WED EGYPT environmental conservation groups in planting with conservation messages. The youth wore T-
theme. In the City centre the public celebrated the Alexandria over 50,000 trees on a nearby hill top which has shirts and caps bearing the message, ‘Environmen-
Day with a parade, marching bands, flower girls In 2008, the Wadi Environmental Science Centre suffered from serious encroachment. tal Soundness is our Key Business’.
and a hot air balloon which carried the WED slogan (WESC), the British Council Egypt and the
‘Don’t Desert Drylands!’ Bibliotheca Alexandrina raised awareness of the Egerton
negative environmental habits that have become In 2007, Egerton University organized an event to
highly embedded in the fabric of Egyptian society help make ‘Kenya Green’. The aim was to plant trees
36 37
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

LIBERIA MAURITIUS in Boane District – 20 km from Maputo. The facility rooting them instead of drying or burning. They
Monrovia Port Louis covers 50 hectares, and six will be used in the initial also planted trees.
The Environment Theme Group of Liberia, under the To emphasize the Mauritius Ministry of stage. The landfill is owned by the state, through
direction of the Environmental Protection Agency Environment’s focus on environmental stewardship, the National Environment Fund (FUNAB), but it was SOMALIA
(EPA) and the support of UNEP, UNDP and UNMIL, the Ministry launched an environment mascot paid for by the aluminium smeltery MOZAL. The Hargeisa
led the 2005 celebrations in the capital Monrovia design competition in May 2007. landfill can process 3,500 tonnes of industrial waste The Environment Protection Organization (EPO)
with the theme: Green Cities – Plan for the Planet! A mascot named kudme, which in the local a month. The disposal of waste from industries in organized protection campaigns on the occasion
A Liberian National Police band led a march of language means ‘let’s work together hand in Maputo, Matola and Boane is thus solved for at least of World Environment Day 2007. The campaigns
approximately 150 World Environment Day banner- hand’ won the contest. The mascot symbolizes the next five years. promoted EPO’s motto: Stop the war; war destroys
wielding EPA staff and students through the streets cooperation and collaboration for the protection of the environment. The campaigns sought to stop
of the capital. The march culminated at City Hall the environment. NAMIBIA soil erosion and the cutting of trees, and advocated
with the delivery of remarks by the EPA, the UN, Kudme will be used in all sensitization programs as Windhoek for mass environmental education.
academia and NGOs. UNHCR adopted the theme, well as in various communications by NGOs and Environment and Tourism Deputy Minister Leon
‘Green Your Camps: Improve Natural Resource other organizations. Jooste announced at the World Environment Day SOUTH AFRICA
Management’, whereby major stakeholders planted 2005 celebrations that his Ministry, the City of Cape Town
Mauritius trees in a transit camp. MOROCCO Windhoek and the Namibia Chamber of Commerce To commemorate World Environment Day 2006, Nigeria
Ifrane and Industry had initiated an environmental the City of Cape Town organized its 8th Youth
Madagascar To mark World Environment Day 2008, the Centre management planning programme for the Environmental School (YES) programme with the Nigeria
MADAGASCAR de l’environnement, Aui Ceird, held an interactive capital. He also announced that the Ministry was theme, ‘Local Solutions for Global Challenges’.
Ambatondrazaka lecture on the impact of carbon dioxide on climate finalizing the Pollution and Waste Management The programme was hosted at 72 satellite venues
Madagascar hosted the regional celebrations change and calculated the carbon footprint Bill and associated regulations. These laws would across the city. A total of 60 organizations with
for World Environment Day 2007. This was in of participants. It also organized a visit of the make environmental assessment mandatory in all 87 participants presented 73 different activities
recognition of this country’s commendable efforts community to the integrated project: Ecovillage developments, including construction projects in with more than 30,000 students from 140 schools
in environmental management and particularly of the CEIRD (solar/wind systems, bio-organic towns. benefitting from the observance. On 10 June,
in preserving its unique, abundant and endemic agriculture, wetlands and biodiversity, cedar and YES hosted an eco-schools workshop for some
biodiversity. The choice of Madagascar was also oak trees forest conservation areas). There was also NIGERIA 150 teachers and service providers. The vision of
consistent with the theme for this year, ‘Melting Ice a Peace tree-planting in the CEIRD. Abia State Cape Town’s YES is to form partnerships towards
– a Hot Topic?’ as islands are among the countries To commemorate World Environment Day 2008, conserving, protecting, nurturing and caring for the
that would suffer most from the impacts of MOZAMBIQUE the Green Citizens Club, Abia State University environment through education. It aims to invoke
climate change. UNEP supported the organization Maputo initiated a project to compost organic waste in in young people a sense of pride and responsibility
of weeklong activities, such as exhibitions, Environment Minister Luciano de Castro celebrated the campus instead of setting waste on fire as was that promotes environmentally sustainable
environmental walk, speeches and conferences on World Environment Day 2005 by inaugurating a the practice. They organized source separation of lifestyles, behaviour and actions.
climate change, and street parades. landfill for the disposal of industrial waste at Mavoco campus wastes, using clippings from hedges and
38 39
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

TANZANIA ASIA AND THE PACIFIC Sydney authorities. The aim was to clean the entire town
Iringa On the occasion of World Environment Day 2007, by disposing the waste collected in a designated
In 2008, the Friends of Ruaha Society brought AUSTRALIA Clean Up the World, a non-profit, non-government, landfill where it would not be burned.
together the entire community to participate in a Adelaide apolitical organization that unites communities with
drawing competition, singing, and dancing among Conservation Volunteers Australia (CVA) got into a common focus to clean up the world, invited its CHINA
other activities. the World Environment Day action early with a member organizations around the globe to conduct Beijing
corporate breakfast at the Adelaide Zoo on 4 June environmental activities with a focus on climate Beijing Jia Ao Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
TUNISIA 2008. change. Activities such as cleaning up local parks organized a photography competition for the office
Hammamet The aim was to help Australian businesses make and waterways, planting trees, conducting walk-to- tenants on the occasion of WED 2006. The theme
To celebrate World Environment Day 2007, Magic a difference to the environment through two school or work days and organizing environmental of the photography competition was ‘Deserts and
Life Africana Imperial organized a beach clean-up programme options – Action for Climate Change education exercises were undertaken. Desertification - Don’t Desert Drylands!’.
with school kids from its partner school and staff. which helps companies reduce their carbon Clean Up the World, held in conjunction with the
The programme involved training the children and footprint; and Wild Futures which enables them to United Nations Environment Programme, mobilizes Shenzhen, Guangdong
the inauguration of a new environmental corner. actively protect and repair places that are critical for an estimated 35 million volunteers from more than Hitachi Global Storage Technologies hosted in 2005
the survival of some of Australia’s most threatened 120 countries annually making it one of the largest a celebration entitled “Green City, Green Home”, at
Tanzania ZIMBABWE species. community-based environmental campaigns in the Shenzhen Red Forest Eco-Park. Activities included a Bhutan
Harare world. clean-up of the park from the waste left by tourists,
Zimbabwe Arundel Environment Club celebrated World EAST TIMOR an environmental quiz, and a photo exhibition. India
Environment Day 2008 from 2 to 5 June with Oecusse BANGLADESH
a range of activities such as a debate on Since 2001, Oz GREEN has been celebrating World Rajshahi INDIA
climate change, a special chapel service, a Environment Day in Oecusse East Timor with The Department of Botany at the University of Ahmedabad
green ribbon day and an interactive talk. school and community programmes. The events Rajshahi organized a discussion about World The Gujarat Council of Science City (GCSC)
have in the past involved over 200 members of Environment Day 2006 and the desertification in organized several activities for school
the local community and the activities included northern Bangladesh and its causes: unplanned children, teachers and the general public to
public speaking, quizzes, water testing and a poster expansion of agriculture, deforestation and lack of mark the celebration of World Environment
competition based on the World Environment Day conservation. The forum also covered actions that Day 2007. Students and their teachers were
theme. For 2007, sporting and vocal competitions can be done at an individual, local and national invited to the Science City to join various
were added to the agenda, plus a student congress level to address these concerns. activities that helped them to understand
on 5 June where young people discussed their the science of climate change and its impact.
environmental concerns and designed action plans BHUTAN About 300 science teachers of primary and
to help address these. On World Environment Day 2008, a massive clean-up secondary schools participated in a workshop
campaign took place in Bhutan involving students, on ‘Climate Change: a Concern for the Future’.
district staff, the business community and local Students from Class 1 to Class 12 participated
40 41
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

in various activities, including poster painting and INDONESIA occasion of World Environment Day 2006. On 5 Development hosted its Fifth National Environment
Green Quiz Competitions. Riau June, an exhibit of environmental caricatures and Day Speech Contest with selected high school
Third grade students from Sekolah Mutiara Harapan paintings by the leading ecology expert in Central students from the nation’s four states. The theme
Guntur were tasked to prepare brochures with tips on how Asia and professor of geographic science, Dr. Emil was “Climate Change - what does it mean to our
Vikasa Dhatri released an e-book on the subject to save water and electricity for WED 2008. Fourth Djaparovich Shukurov, was launched at the UN small islands?”
‘Towards a Low Carbon Economy’in Telugu language Grade and 5th Grade students were monitoring House. Due to the great interest shown in this
that has been made available for free download. their homes to determine daily and weekly usage of exhibit, CARNet network and portal www.caresd. MONGOLIA
Vikasa Dhatri also organized a youth orientation on water and electricity. They did this for a few weeks net organized an Internet version of the exhibit, Ulaanbaatar
climate change for WED 2008. to determine a baseline of usage. Students and their giving a wider audience an opportunity to see In 2005, the Mongolian Nature and Environment
parents implemented some “savings” initiatives, and these unique works. This initiative was undertaken Consortium established a community-based tree
Hyderabad continued to monitor usage. Students presented at the same time as the exhibit opened. Cartoons nursery in Uliastain. The nurseries were placed
‘Take a photo!’, the contest organized by the Institute reports to show the effects of saving within their presented at the exhibit highlighted environmental in areas that will be able to provide sustainable
of Chartered Financial Analysts of India University households. They started the same programme issues, as well as the interlinkages between donor seedlings for the next 10-20 years and with the
to mark World Environment Day 2007, gathered on their “blocks”. Brochures were passed out, organizations, NGOs and state bodies. aim of greening the Uliastain area in the next five
hundreds of entries, accompanied by a slogan in monitoring is continuing, and the student whose years. The Mongolian Nature and Environment
India relevance to environmental issues. The photos were “block” saves the most was recognized. MALAYSIA Consortium provided technical and professional Malaysia
exhibited and winning entries were announced on Sandakan support to community members.
Indonesia 5-6 June. IRAN The Rainforest Discovery Centre of Sabah Forestry New Zealand
Tehran Department organized a four - day student camp NEPAL
Mumbai In 2005, the United Nations Information Center, in from the 2 - 5 June 2007. There were 36 students, Kathmandu
World Wide Fund for Nature- India (Mumbai Branch) cooperation with the NGO Green Front of Iran and aged 16 – 18, and six teachers participating in The South Asia Young Scientists and Practitioners
celebrated World Environment Day 2007 with Mellel (Nations) Cultural Centre, held a ceremony the World Environment Day Student Camp on held a meeting in June 2008 on Climate Change
several events: and panel discussion on green cities. Some 70 Climate Change. The locations were at a rain forest, and Disaster Impact Reduction Disaster and
- A 16-day course on Identification of Common participants attended the event. UNDP As an mangrove forest and The Orangutan Rehabilitation Development Centre (DDC), Northumbria
trees. The aim was to raise awareness of common additional feature, a poster and picture exhibition Centre in Sepilok. The main focus of the camp was University. The seminar was attended by climatic
trees from India and the ecological role they play. was held at the Cultural Centre. on ways in which human beings contribute towards disaster risk reduction scientists and practitioners
Emphasis was on global warming and melting ice climate change and what can be done to reduce the from Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brazil, Turkey, Nepal,
in polar regions, which are detrimental to coastal KYRGYZSTAN impact of this environmental crisis. India, Japan and the United Kingdom.
cities and towns Bishkek
- A forest clean-up, in association with the Forest The United Nations Development Programme MICRONESIA NEW ZEALAND
Department of Sanjay Gandhi National Park. School Country Office in Kyrgyzstan and Information Palikir Wellington
children and college students participated. Network CARNet used a new Internet-based To celebrate World Environment Day 2008, the In honour of the World Environment Day 2008
method to promote ecological issues on the President’s Council on Environment and Sustainable celebrations, the Natural World Museum in
42 43
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

partnership with UNEP presented an exhibit PAPUA NEW GUINEA and can be degraded by micro-organisms within 4 competition. Environmental associations and young
‘Earth in the Balance’ at the Te Papa Museum. Southern Highlands Province and Gulf Province weeks and, in turn, become natural nutrients. people from the federation for non-denominational
This contemporary exhibit featured works by To promote World Environment Day 2006, the charities participated in the unveiling of billboards
27 artists from 20 countries. It was designed to WWF Kikori Programme organized: awareness SRI LANKA aimed at building awareness about the need to
generate awareness of global climate change, with patrols to villages, market areas and schools; tree Colombo protect Panenoo Valley.
an emphasis on moving towards a low-carbon planting at areas around Lake Kutubu that have In 2005, the Centre for Environmental Justice
economy. The exhibit highlighted issues while also sparse vegetation; and a theatre performance by -- a team of environmental activists in Sri Lanka The programme ‘Ambassadors for the Environment’,
inspiring a positive change in people’s attitudes and a local group based on the theme ‘Deserts and -- organized workshops and seminars in tsunami- launched on the ocean-liner Paul Gauguin, ran from
actions towards the environment. Desertification’. affected areas to enhance understanding of the June to August, and used the knowledge of trainers
importance of green belts in coastal areas. It also from Jean-Yves Cousteau’s Ocean Futures Society
Wellington PHILIPPINES conducted a replanting programme on the coastal to educate children on the need to protect the rich
The New Zealand Minister for the Environment Manila belt. resources of the ocean. The “Saga Vanille” campaign,
presented Green Ribbon Awards in recognition The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the United geared towards less advantaged children, was also
of the outstanding contributions of individuals, States Agency for International Development Galle, Southern Province associated with the programme. Open-days were
organizations and businesses to sustaining, (USAID) in partnership with the governments In 2004, Rainforest Rescue International launched also organized at various diving clubs around the
Pakistan protecting and enhancing New Zealand’s of Australia, Japan, Norway, and the United an awareness programme for 10 selected schools in islands to raise awareness amongst vacationers Sri Lanka
environment. 2008 marks the 18th year the awards Kingdom, and the Asia Pacific Partnership for Galle and Matara districts. The initiative was part of of the need to protect marine and lagoon
Manila have run. Award recipients were recognized at a Clean Development and Climate (APP) hosted the a national programme coordinated by the Ministry ecosystems. Vietnam
special ceremony at the Wellington Town Hall on 3 Asia Clean Energy Forum in June 2008. The event of Environment and Natural Resources with the
June. offered a platform for exchanging experiences and participation of the relevant Municipal Councils of VIETNAM
forging new partnerships to act on clean energy the two districts, which are the main coastal towns Ho Chi Minh City
PAKISTAN opportunities in Asia. It brought together a diverse in the country. The main event took place at the To celebrate World Environment Day 2006, the
Multan group of stakeholders that included policy makers, Town Hall on 5 June and was followed by a tree International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) together
To celebrate WED 2005, the National Urban Poverty finance professionals, civil society members, and planting. A beach clean-up was organized by the with the Ministry of Agriculture, and the Voice of Ho
Alleviation Programme, a joint project of UNDP and private sector experts. Matara Municipal Council, the University of Ruhuna, Chi Minh have produced an environmental radio
the Government of Punjab, Pakistan, organized an and various environmental organizations. The film soap opera for rural Vietnam that was launched
event entitled “Green Development Forum: Plan SOUTH KOREA ‘Biodiversity and the Sea’, screened at the main bus in Hanoi by the Minister of Agriculture. This was
for the City” at the Multan Arts Council Hall. On this Seoul station, attracted more than 1,000 participants. followed by a site launch in Can Tho city. The drama
occasion, the environmental actions undertaken in South Korean designer, Lee Kyoungjae, and his series is broadcasted on the Voice of Ho Chi Minh
Multan were presented to the citizens. label Eco-dress for Earth participated in World TAHITI twice a week for a year. It incorporates environmental
Environment Day 2007 by holding an exhibit that In 2004, the Ministry of the Environment of issues using education-entertainment methods.
showcased Eco-Wedding Dresses. The dresses are French Polynesia organized radio public service This project is supported by the World Bank
made from 100% bio-degradable natural corn starch announcements, a film screening and a poster Development Marketplace Award 2005.
44 45
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

EUROPE area. The public was also invited to try a solar BULGARIA Day 2007. The festival was co-organized by
powered ‘ear’ chair telling those who sit in Sliven Green Circle, a member of the UNEP National
ARMENIA it legends about the sun from all over the To mark World Environment Day 2006, SOS Committee, and the Czech Environmental
Yerevan world, as well as to visit a bookshop focused Health, a Bulgarian NGO, organized a number Information Agency, under the theme
The Association for Sustainable Human on the sun and solar energy and an art room of activities that involved children and youth ‘sustainable consumption’. It brought
Development/UNEP National Committee with children’s solar graphics and paintings. from different schools and the Friends of together around 20 environmental groups
of Armenia celebrated World Environment The attractions also included two tents the Environment Centre. These activities which provided information and services
Day 2006 at the UN office in the capital. The where children were able to experiment comprised making posters, painting, related to the theme, ‘Environmental
day was organized by the United Nations with solar generated voltage, while parents photography, web design and drawing Labelling, Fair Trade and Organic Products’.
Development Programme (UNDP), United listened to a solar power consultant and, exhibitions, as well as essay, poem, slogan,
Nations Department of Public Information, every two hours, a speech by professors from greeting card and collage competitions. FINLAND YOU!
your planet needs
the Ministry of Nature Protection and the
Association/UNEP National Committee.
the nearby university about the topic of the
day – The Sun. CYPRUS
To commemorate World Environment Day UNite to combat climate change
Representatives of all sectors of the society, Nicosia 2007 Päijät-Häme Ornithological Association
including the mass media, were present at BELGIUM In 2006, UNDP’s initiative on the island, guided a bird-watching trip in the night of 5
the event, which included the screening of Brussels Action for Cooperation and Trust (ACT), June. The trip started at 10 pm and returned
a movie on illegal logging entitled ‘From In 2004, Green Week, organized by the participated in an environmental stakeholder at around 2 am. During the day there was a
Need to Greed’. The event was followed by a European Commission (EC) and the Director- fair entitled Ecoforum 2006. The Fair featured presentation on environmental information
discussion. General (DG) of the Environment, took place a series of lectures on desertification and on for small and medium size enterprises in the
on 1-4 June. The EC and the DG announced the environmental principles of the Global city of Heinola organized by the Vanamo
AUSTRIA the launch of the new “Clean Marine Award”, Compact, an exhibit of NGO environmental project. Lahti City’s environmental balance
Graz which was presented for the first time. projects supported by UNDP-ACT and sheet 2006 was also presented.
The Hospital of the City of Graz (LKH) The awards, in keeping with the theme workshops for environmental businesses and
celebrated World Environment Day for the seas and oceans, were announced in the NGOs. In parallel, they provided small grants FRANCE
first time in 2007. Visitors were invited to European Commission’s Communication for four-month environmental projects, such Grenoble
walk down a virtual path of the Sun, where on a European Union strategy to reduce as the Olive Tree Rescue project and the On the occasion of World Environment Day
several attractions on the use of solar energy atmospheric emissions from seagoing ships. Management of Artificial Wetlands project. 2007, 800 employees from three of the Alcan
were displayed. They were able to see a The objective is to give positive publicity sites in France organized an event with the
solar thermal power for the indoor pool for to environmentally responsible shipping, CZECH REPUBLIC main theme of ‘Water’. There was also a game
children’s rehabilitation and a solar voltaic to specifically low-emission initiatives, and to Prague with 20 questions and a conference about
charge a battery of accumulators for electric disseminate best practice. The Commission For the first time in Prague, a large-scale water stakes. After the event each employee
powered motorbikes that will replace cars plans to celebrate these ceremonies on a environmental event EKOFESTIVAL was got a water saver to place on to taps, this
for documents transportation within the biannual basis, through high profile events. organized to celebrate World Environment was part of a promotion pitch by the Water
Museum in Pont en Royans.
Unted Kingdom 46 47
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

Paris the Forum, invitees were given an opportunity to NORWAY Expeditions; ‘Let’s Help Our Environment’ school
UNEP’s Division of Technology, Industry and promote their activities, highlight the problems that Stavanger poster competition finale; and an exhibit of photos
Economics in Paris organized a number of they faced and illustrate possible solutions. In 2006, environmentalists joined forces with and videos about local environmental problems.
activities for WED 2005, including: entertainers and set up a family day at the
- The posting of a WED banner on a leading GERMANY amusement park Kongeparken (The King’s Park), ROMANIA
newspaper’s website. The French Ministry for Hamburg nearby Stavanger. There was a show, exhibits and a Constanta
Ecology posted the WED logo and link on their In 2004, the United World Philharmonic Youth Orchestra variety of activities concerning desertification, clean School Constantin Brancusi Medgidia celebrated
website. They also showed the Ozzy Ozone video launched on its web site a seven-minute video-clip. The drinking water, recycling and other environmental World Environment Day 2007 with many activities
and a Transport Ad on 2 June at the Ministry, orchestra played the second movement Jeux de Vagues issues. The event was co-organized by the Young culminating on 5 June. Themed ‘What can I do for
which was open to the public. The showing was of Claude Debussy’s La mer, which was synchronized Agenda 21 foundation, Kongeparken and the our earth?, the activities which took place between
part of the events organized for the 3rd edition with images of seas and oceans. Norwegian UNEP Committee. February and June included:
of the ‘Semaine du développement durable’. - A Kid, A Tree: children planted 30 lime-trees in
- Rennes University broadcast a special radio GREECE Tromso Medgidias parks
programme. Serres The city of Tromso hosted the main celebrations - The Earth, An Energy Source: an essay session
- On 5 June, the Mairie de Paris ‘advertised’ WED PRAXIS, a non governmental organization, participated of World Environment Day 2007. The city has the about pollution
and carried the slogan on billboards throughout in World Environment Day 2008 celebrations by world’s northernmost university and the Norwegian - Energy Is Our Future: 200-word reports with a pic- Poland
Paris. carrying out a public awareness programme on actions Polar Institute, both of which are key players in the ture about energy saving in houses
- RFI broadcasted a special WED programme live that students and farmers in the Kerkini area could research arena. Several events were organized - Turn On: posters representing power saving Romania
from San Francisco. Special programmes in Arabic undertake to protect the environment. They also during the first week of June, and they included: - Reducing energy consumption in buildings, how
were broadcast on Radio-Orient and Radio Monte carried out a tree planting activity in the wider area of street celebrations, international conference, plastics help: a talk by Dr John Feldman, Member
Carlo Moyen-Orient. The WED logo also featured the Kerkini Wetland publications and a youth film festival. of the Board of Executive Directors, BASF, Germany
in the magazine for youth ‘Ca m’intéresse’. and Vice President, Plastics Europe, Brussels, Euro-
ITALY POLAND pean Schoolnet
GEORGIA Rome Zakopane - An Ecological School: children planted flowers in
Tbilisi To promote World Environment Day 2006, New Age In 2008, students from Gimnazjum Secondary school gardens
In 2005, the association Green Way launched a Productions organized an event titled“MUSICAMBIENTE” School, working on the environmental project - Trash Recycling: presentations on ecological
project entitled “Earth Festival” which included a (4th Edition) which included: Act-Eco, held an environmental seminar with the themes.
Forum on the Day; the establishment of a “Green - A conference on the WED theme, with the participation participation of the Town Mayor and local officials.
Fund”; the launch of a Small Grant Competition; of members of the Italian Minister of Environment, Among the events planned for the day were: tree
and activities to benefit charities. The Forum Regione Lazio, Rome Town Council and environmental planting; a lecture on global warming by Dr. Michal
involved environmental NGO representatives, organizations Offierski, a member of several Polish Antarctic
legislative and executive bodies, the business - An open door concert with international artist Chiara
Greece sector, donors and the diplomatic corps. During Civello.
48 49
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

SLOVAKIA competition to raise awareness on the issue of the London LATIN AMERICA AND THE CARIBBEAN
Bratislava day. Students of all ages were encouraged to enter The CarbonNeutral Company ran various
The city of Bratislava hosted the Ekotopfilm a piece of their artwork (poster, painting, collage, initiatives among its customers, business ANTIGUA AND BARBUDA
International Festival of Sustainable Development poem, and drawing) to show their understanding relations and in the media for WED 2008. One St. John’s
Films in June 2008. The Festival gathered experts of how individuals, schools or communities may of the campaigns was ‘Cut out a Kilo of CO2’ In 2007, the government of Antigua
and environmentalists to discuss solutions to contribute to a low carbon economy. In the school which encouraged companies and individuals and Barbuda hosted their first World
sustainable development issues not only in the garden there were games and activities as well as a to save CO2 emissions through a number of Environment Day ceremony in the
Slovak Republic but also globally. It has a 34-year concert by the school’s band which uses recycled ways. Everyone who registered what they did country’s only botanical garden and
history, membership in Euronate, and a broad materials as musical instruments. received a certificate to commemorate their organized an inter-school street parade.
international cooperation with more than 5,000 involvement. Presently there are 13 schools on this twin
partners in more than 68 countries. UNITED KINGDOM OF GREAT BRITAIN AND island state which run the Environmental
NORTHERN IRELAND Somerset Cadet Programme. Students from these
SPAIN Braintree To celebrate World Environment Day 2008, schools marched with placards written
Grupo VIPS designed a special paper tablemat Braintree District Council marked World Environment the Somerset County Council encouraged with environmental tips through the
dedicated to the World Environment Day 2008 Day 2007 by organizing a large exhibit on how to residents of the five major towns around streets of St. John’s.
Greece theme. The 200,500 tablemats were used from 2 live sustainably, reduce carbon footprints, and the county to cut their carbon emissions by
June to 8 June in all the 97 VIPS cafeterias around improve energy and water efficiency. Other themes recycling, walking, cycling and car pooling. ARGENTINA
Unted Kingdom Spain. The artwork reflected UNEP’s campaign “Kick explored by the participating artists included They also held the following events within Chamical
the Habit – Towards a low carbon economy”. renewable energy, sustainable transport, bio-fuels, their council: measuring carbon footprints The main World Environment Day 2006
cycling, recycling and waste minimization. There and setting up a tented area where staff could activity was held in Chamical, La Rioja,
SWITZERLAND were also local food stalls, school workshops on see how long it would take to get to work via Argentina, and was chaired by the Governor
Zurich waste reduction and recycling, Weapons of Sound, other modes of transport, using static bikes of the Province and the Mayor of Chamical,
On the occasion of WED 2005, the city of Zurich a group using musical instruments from waste and walking machines. They planted a tree to as well as the Minister of Environment and
organized a series of activities on 3 and 4 June. materials, and community recycling networks. commemorate the 500,000th passenger on Sustainable Development of Argentina.
Participants learned more about 20 environment their park. Around 1,300 attended the ceremony,
and health topics, including: air pollution, noise Buckinghamshire where an environmental exhibit was also
protection, renewable energy, city animals, city On World Environment Day 2008, the Low Carbon organized with the participation of NGOs,
safaris, and city cleaning. Economy Limited celebrated the launch of their schools and governmental entities. After
website, a central resource for the low carbon the event, the authorities visited two
TURKEY economy that connects people and businesses schools that developed outstanding works
Antalya with low carbon information, products, services, on environmental education.
To mark World Environment Day 2008, Antalya jobs, and business opportunities.
Karatay Lisesi ran an amateur art and poetry
50 51
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

BELIZE COSTA RICA first was a WED Essay competition for the Annai
Belmopan Las Delicias Secondary School students in an indigenous
In 2007,The Ministry of Natural Resources & the Environment, along with The Sea Breeze Mountain and the children of community that is located over 200 miles from
its inter-sectoral and non-governmental partners, hosted environmental the Costa Rica Blue zone planted 1,000 trees for the country’s capital Georgetown. The second
education activities that highlight the need to ensure environmental health World Environment Day 2008. Education is a key project was the third annual World Environment
while enabling national development. These activities which led up to World component of sustainable development and the Day secondary schools’ banner competition. A
Environment Day included a national symposium on impacts of climate Sea Breeze Mountain eco-residential community is contingent of the Company’s staff participated in
change on Belize, and the launch of environmental education multimedia proud to have contributed to this effort. a ‘local Green Walk’. The company also donated a
packages for students and teachers. number of garbage bins to the Botanical Gardens.
One of the primary activities was the On-the-Spot Painting Competition, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC These bins were painted and designed by the
which attracted some 420 arts students countrywide. The students were San Domingo children of Banks’ employees.
asked to draw or paint on the theme: Belizeans Changing Behaviors to Adapt In support of World Environment Day 2008,
to Climate Change. Winners of the competition received prizes ranging FIADASEC held conferences, courses, hikes, HAITI
from a computer and printer for their school to a bicycle and environmental plantings, and exhibitions in its associates’ home In 2004, the global theme ‘Wanted! Seas and
educational packages. Additionally, the competition culminated in the countries on the theme: ‘Leave the habit, eliminate Oceans: Dead or Alive?’ was transformed to ‘SOS!
display of all paintings at the House of Culture in Belize City, Orange Walk the use of coal’, and become active agents of Let’s Save our Mountains, Coasts and Seas’. Activities
Town and Benque Viejo Town, commencing on 5 June. sustainable and equitable development. were held in the large coastal cities such as Port-
au-Prince, Gonaïves, Saint-Marc, Jacmel, Cayes
BRAZIL ECUADOR and Jérémie, and included: a press conference
Joinville - SC Quito to launch Environment Week (organized by the
Whirlpool S.A. Appliances, subsidiary to Whirlpool Corp. celebrated World La Selva Jungle Lodge organized a bird list count on Ministries of Environment, Public Health, Public
Environment Day 2007 with workshops focusing on the company’s initiative 5 June 2008. Guests were split into two groups and Works, Agriculture and Planning in collaboration
for sustainable development: Sustainability Trek. Other activities included a were to identify as many species of birds as they with Civil Society, the City Hall of the Metropolis,
children’s drawing competition and tree planting ceremony. could. Although the bird experience was already and environmental associations); statements by
a priceless gift, the group that accomplished the Prime Minister and the mayors of the cities
CHILE the highest bird list was given an award for their concerned; development of educational materials
Talcahuano efforts. distributed to members of the country’s coastal
Thomas Jefferson School, a private high school, marked World Environment associations; clean-ups of important canals, drains
Day 2007 with a presentation of videos on the theme, ‘Melting Ice – A Hot GUYANA and sewage openings in the metropolitan area
Topic’; a runway show with costumes made by students from recycled Ruimveldt and the bigger cities in the country; an awareness
materials; a musical presentation by different rock bands; and a display of Banks DIH Limited sponsored two projects to building campaign; a parade through all the cities
posters created to promote care for the environment. commemorate World Environment Day 2006. The targeted followed by the cleaning of beaches and
forests; hoisting of banners at all major intersections
52 53
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

in the capital and provincial cities; broadcasting of environmental painting, music theme and poetry. PANAMA PERU
awareness-building public service announcements The function was presided over by Anna Lindstedt, Panama City Huancavelica
in the capital and other targeted cities; launch of Ambassador of Sweden in Mexico, along with the To celebrate World Environment Day 2007, Alianza In 2005, the Regional Department
two nationwide competitions: one to decide on Municipal President of Atizapan Zaragoza. Pro Ciudad organized a Walk for Our City family walk of Health of Huancavelica organized
three zones where botanical centres would be set through the neighbourhoods of Panama City. The a poster competition with the
up and another to select an environment anthem. Tecate city was suffering from disorderly constructions of participation of educational
Over 4,000 people joined in the festivities at high-rise buildings as part of an overwhelming real institutions for pre-primary and
JAMAICA the Fundaciinns on 5 June 2008 which aimed to estate boom that was destroying its character and primary schools.
Kingston educate and inspire the citizens of Tecate to respect green spaces, including urban forests in the nearby
The Jamaica Environment Trust (JET) promoted and celebrate the environment. Fun-filled activities Panama Canal area. The area was among the World TRINIDAD AND TOBAGO
Jamaica Carpool Day on Friday 3 June 2005, under included: visiting zoos (including marine life), Monuments Fund’s 100 most threatened areas. Mayaro
the theme Cities On The Move. JET asked all drivers to insect exhibitions, desert mushroom exhibitions, Alianza Pro Ciudad is a group of citizens aiming to The members of Mayaro
show their support for a greener city by carpooling car oil disposal workshops, regional watershed make Panama City green and clean. Environmental Wave carried out a
to work, thus helping to reduce air pollution and education, face painting, dramatic storytelling, and beach clean-up and sand sculpturing
traffic congestion in the cities. Supporters of a live theatre. Festival participants were treated to PARAGUAY event in commemoration of World
Mexico greener city shared their carpooling experiences by delicious traditional Mexican foods, regional music Asuncion Environment Day 2008.
e-mailing JET. and dance. In 2006, the Ministry of Environment and the
United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),
MEXICO NICARAGUA through Project Wild Paraguay, presented on 27
Cuajimalpa Nicaragua celebrates Environment and Natural June a dance performance entitled Y amai (Water
Mexico On the occasion of World Environment Day 2008, Resources Week by National Law, and it is carried for life, in Guarani). Y amai is a collective creation
the Bilbao School held a tree planting activity. out every year during the first week of June. In from the National Ballet and the non-governmental
The pupils also participated in an energy saving 2006, activities took place from 3-9 June with the organization, Survival Earth Friends. The
campaign that involved removal of three fluorescent opening ceremony taking place in the Ministry performance was produced as part of the campaign
lights from their respective homes in exchange for of Environment and Natural Resources. A video- Water for Life and the Day’s theme. A photographic
energy saving bulbs. conference was organized to address the conflict exhibit on National Parks, such as Rio Negro, Paso
of dry lands in Central America. An exhibit for Bravo, San Rafael and Medanos del Chaco was also
Atizapan de Zaragoza businessmen that work with recycled, organic organized.
Tecnologico De Monterrey celebrated World and cleaner production was presented with the
Environment Day 2007 with 550 school children National Institute of Small and Medium Business.
from 164 primary and secondary schools of A cycling competition for environmental quality
Atizapan along with the Municipal Government of protection was organized and various universities
Atizapan Zaragoza. Prizes were awarded for the best held conferences on the environment. Trinidad and Tobago
54 55
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

NORTH AMERICA natural history, human history, green technologies, and energy efficiency. The
Falls Brook Centre’s Climate Change Bus, a traveling exhibit on climate change
CANADA and energy efficiency, which has its own onboard wind turbine and solar
For more than 30 years, Canadian Environment Week has been held the first panels, was at the Centre for the weekend. Interactive exhibits from Science
week of June each year to coincide with World Environment Day. East, as well as various environmental presentations, film screenings, and a
In 2004, the commuter challenge was organized as a friendly competition mini-trade show on energy efficiency were offered.
between Canadian communities to encourage as many people as possible
to use sustainable and active modes of transport. People committed to walk, Ottawa
jog, cycle, in-line skate, take the bus, carpool or telework during Environment The Secretariat of the Convention on Biological Diversity (CBD) launched the
Week (May 30 - June 5, 2004). Ice and Snow publication at the Offices of the International Joint Commission
in 2007. Participants included representatives from the International
Kirkland Development Research Centre, the Canadian Commission for UNESCO, the
In 2007, many Alcan Global Pharmaceutical Packaging plants organized special Defense Science Advisory Board, the Ministry of Public Safety, the Department
activities and events. The activities ranged from tree planting, local area clean- of Foreign Affairs, the Canadian Centre for Antarctic research, and the Canadian
up, informative gathering, and educational sheets to a recycling contest. Polar Commission. Presentations were also made on indigenous knowledge
and ice formation and on permafrost research in the Arctic. Partners agreed
Montreal to disseminate the publication and its messages to educators and policy
Valorisateurs Ecologiques held a Focus on Trees, photo and text contest in June networks.
2008. This contest encouraged citizens to spend some time focusing on the
trees found in their urban surroundings. It also emphasized on sensitization of Saint John
the general public to the importance of trees in combating climate change and To mark World Environment Day 2008, the Canadian green centre launched a
helping to mitigate carbon emissions. At the Vernissage, which took place on reverse vending machine for aluminium cans and plastic bottles with a focus
5 June, presentations on renewable energy sources and other “green-lifestyle” on “green community green living”. There were workshop sessions, one game
choices were made. The contest was open to two categories: general public, booth and a large-scale exhibit. More than 21,000 people attended.
and elementary and high school participants.
New Brunswick Alaska
The New Brunswick Climate Change Hub and the Cape Jourimain Nature In keeping with the theme ‘Melting Ice - A Hot Topic’, Barrow, Alaska was
Centre hosted ‘Our Climate - Our Change’, on 4 and 5 June 2005. The event named the 2007 North American host for World Environment Day. On 5
coincided with Canadian Environment Week and Clean Air Day. The public June, UNEP gathered the holders of both community-based and science-
was invited to take part in a weekend of informative, interactive and fun-filled based knowledge to explore the impacts of climate change, and how arctic
activities on Climate Change, held at the Cape Jourimain Nature Centre, an communities can adapti to this phenomenon. The Town Hall meeting offered a
environmental education and eco-tourism facility that offers programs about unique opportunity to various members of the Inupiat community, including
56 57
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

an elder, a hunter and a fisherman, to share their observations on how climate Chicago native and hometown hero, Dr. Mae C. Jemison, a scientist, educator,
change has affected their daily lives. Community members in the audience and the nation’s first African-American female astronaut.
also shared their own observations. In keeping with the tradition of being An afternoon plenary session brought together local, regional, national, and
a people’s event, World Environment Day in Barrow also included a colorful international experts on global warming to discuss ways to reduce individual
demonstration of native Inupiat dances and the annual Eskimo blanket toss, carbon footprint. Speakers included Dr. Ashok Khosla, former director of
which marks the beginning of the Nalukataq Spring Festival. UNEP; Amy Fraenkel, Director of UNEP’s Regional Office for North America;
Suzanne Malec-McKenna, Commissioner of the City of Chicago, Department
Boulder of the Environment; and Mary Gade, Region 5 US EPA administrator.
In 2006, Grove/Atlantic, Inc. organized a reading at the Boulder Bookstore,
given by renowned scientist and bestselling author Tim Flannery. Dr. Flannery New York
discussed his new book, The Weather Makers: How Man is Changing the Climate World Environment Day 2008 was observed at the United Nations
and What It Means for Life on Earth. Participants learned what they can do to do Headquarters in a variety of ways:
reduce their emissions and stop global warming.
On the morning of 5 June, the Secretary-General participated in the launch
Chicago at Times Square of the US version of the “Together” campaign -- an initiative
The Chicago Botanic Garden was the North American host for World of the Climate Group dedicated to bringing together the average consumer
Environment Day 2008. At the Garden, events highlighted resources and with big businesses, major NGOs and local authorities to help solve climate
initiatives that promoted low carbon economies and lifestyles, such as change. In his remarks, Ban Ki-moon noted that UNEP had launched the UN
improved energy efficiency, alternative energy sources, forest conservation guide to climate neutrality ‘Kick the Habit’ earlier that day.
and eco-friendly consumption.
Among other VIPs were NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg and CEOs from several
Throughout the day on June 5, the Chicago Botanic Garden featured a US banks and retail outlets. Copies of Kick the Habit were distributed to 75
“Knowledge and Action” marketplace where non-profit, academic, student, media members at a luncheon at NASDAQ.
government, cultural, and environmental organizations demonstrated the
many ways that individuals, businesses, and governmental bodies could help The evening before, the New Zealand Mission and the UNEP New York Office
reduce their carbon footprint. (NYO) co-hosted a reception/cultural event at the Mission, with numerous
Ambassadors in attendance. This was followed on the 5th by a panel
Visitors to the Fruit and Vegetable Garden received the Melrose Pepper, which discussion on this year’s theme co-organized by the UN Department of Public
is an easy-to-grow, carbon-absorbing plant. Information (DPI ) and NYO, involving the New Zealand Ambassador, and
representatives from Environmental Defense Fund, National Geographic and
The Garden unveiled UNEP’s North American International Children’s Painting NYO.
Competition exhibit at an awards ceremony sponsored by Bayer Corporation.
Kindergarten through fifth grade students from Chicago area schools also met
58 59
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

New York 3. Use of natural pest management and Virginia WEST ASIA individuals carrying the globe, is made KINGDOM OF SAUDI ARABIA
To raise awareness of the quality and composting. Portovert Magazine, a new, sustainable almost entirely of scrap steel except for the Jeddah
environmental benefits of organic coffee publication about eco-friendly weddings, IRAQ continents, which are made out of recycled To celebrate World Environment Day 2006,
production, leading organic coffee Providence, Rhode Island raised environmental awareness on 5 June Sulaimania aluminium cans. The Hussaini Drawing about 60 school students aged 10 to 12
companies under the Organic Coffee The Ocean Project (TOP) is a relatively new 2007 with a campaign for World Environment On the occasion of World Environment Society for Islamic Arts was behind the planted trees at one of the parks in the
Collaboration hosted Media Breakfast in and unprecedented public awareness Day. The campaign linked the word WED Day 2008, a big festival organized with the project and received support from the city of Jeddah with the help of Glaxo staff
New York City on 5 June 2007. Seven leading initiative among more than 520 aquariums, with the concept of people taking actions support of the Green Kurdistan Association Manama Municipal Council and Municipality. and volunteers. The participants started by
brands of environmentally sustainable zoos, science, technology and natural to stop global warming on and after their was held at Park Azadi, in the center of The Atlas Construction and Transportation cleaning the park, then they placed banners
organic coffees were sampled. history museums, as well as conservation wedding day. Sulaimania. Company made the sculpture for free on and environmental awareness posters in the
organizations and government agencies. The behalf of the Society. park. They concluded the event by planting
The benefits of organic coffee highlighted aim is to significantly increase the success of Washington ISRAEL five Bazromia trees with different names:
include: ocean conservation by creating in people a The Institute for Local Self-Reliance joined the Igbesa Jordan
1. Coffee bushes build biologically diverse lasting, measurable, top-of-mind awareness Global Alliance for Incinerator Alternatives Gateway Polytechnic Igbesa organized in
forests including native shade trees which of the importance, value and sensitivity of (GAIA) and Eco-Cycle (based in Boulder, 2007 a seminar and a paper presentation on
attract birds and wildlife and absorb carbon the oceans. TOP launched this initiative on Colorado) to release a report dubbed ‘Stop the topic: Melting Ice - A Hot Topic. The event
dioxide, a primary cause of global warming the occasion of World Environment Day Trashing the Climate’, on the occasion of concluded with the planting of trees.
2004 and World Ocean Day. WED 2008. The report documents the link
2. Replenishing and maintaining soil fertility between climate change and unsustainable JORDAN
and helping to reduce soil erosion Riverside, California patterns of consumption and wasting, Aqaba
The Ecomodels, real life action figures who outlines policies needed to effect change, The Royal Marine Conservation Society of
practice and promote a positive and offers a roadmap for how to significantly Jordan (JREDS) carried out a clean- up of the
lifestyle, shared sustainability reduce GHG emissions within a short period. Southern beach. The event was held on 5 – 7
related artwork and comic strips The report concludes that a zero waste June 2007 and involved about 10 different
printed on recycled promotional approach is one of the fastest, cheapest, groups in the community, including schools,
products, on the occasion of and most effective strategies for combating youth clubs and diving shops. An estimated
World Environment Day 2005. climate change. 200 people took part.
The Ecomodels also promoted
the use of friendly cosmetics and KINGDOM OF BAHRAIN
household products. In addition, Manama
they volunteered for WED by In 2005, a new 500-kilogramme steel
assisting in picking up trash, setting monument was erected at the King Faisal
up, and getting the word out in the Corniche in Manama on 3 June. The 18-
week of the celebration. foot symbolic structure, depicting eight
60 61
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

Deserts and Desertification - Don’t Desert little acts would develop into daily habits. OMAN outdoor games, and stationery materials; Doha
Dry Lands; Embedding Culture of Care; Green The organization proposed the following: Sohar - carried out a capacity building and The International Academy for Intercultural
Cities -Plant for the Planet; Foundations for - Reducing the lighting levels at On the occasion of World Environment improvement course for the teachers at the Development celebrated World Environment
the Future; and Water, Two Billion People are home, or using one less bulb; Day 2008, the National Mining Company mentioned kindergartens; Day 2007 by organizing a painting
Dying for It. - Turning up the central air educated the population of Sohar on the - held six open days of fun and entertainment competition. The event was held on 1 and
conditioning by 1°C; importance of waste management and under the theme saving the environment; 2 June and had participants from various
KUWAIT - Switching off computers and encouraged recycling on a large scale. - built small gardens for the children and schools and other educational institutions
Ahmadi TVs instead of leaving them on named them by their names; in Qatar. The winners were announced in the
In 2008, the Health, Safety, & Environment standby; OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN TERRITORY - made each child responsible for watering local newspapers on 5 June.
(Technical Services) Team, Kuwait Oil - Car pooling to work or when going Bethlehem and looking after his/her garden; and
Company (a subsidiary of KPC), invited out in the evening; The Environmental Education Centre (EEC) - organized painting workshops on nature, SYRIA
colleagues to perform simple activities that - Planting a tree, or purchasing has been celebrating World Environment followed by an exhibit of the children Homs
contributed to reducing CO2 emissions. indoor plants; Day since 1992. In 2004, EEC celebrated artwork. The Syrian Red Crescent Organization Homs
Activities included calculations that - Spending 1 minute less in the this occasion with the Bethlehem Peace Branch invited photographers from around
demonstrated the amount of CO2 reduced shower; and Centre (BPC). EEC and BPC had an open QATAR the world, amateur or professional, to
on that day for each activity per person. - Turning down the heating setting day on 5 June with lots of environmental Doha participate in its 2005 World Environment Dubai
Organizers hoped that once participants of the washing machine. and recreational activities. Their target was In 2008, the International Academy for Day Photo Gallery, which was exhibited in The Emirates Diving Association in
realize the benefits to the environment, these students from 12 schools in the Bethlehem Intercultural Development (IAID) with the the Museum of Azzehrawi Palace on 5-9 collaboration with the Ministry of
LEBANON area. The students were chosen from the support of Faber Castell, Germany, Friends June. Environment, HSBC Middle East, Tadweer,
Beirut environmental clubs EEC and BPC established of the Environment Centre (FEC), Qatar and Dubai Eye 103.8 FM, and Jumeira celebrated
In 2007, the Youth Environment Parliament in their schools. The programme began with QAPCO held the following events: UNITED ARAB EMIRATES World Environment Day 2006 with the
(YEP), together with the Environment & a presentation about biodiversity, followed - A painting workshop for short Abu Dhabi following events:
Development magazine, held a public by group discussions on local and global listed students of various schools Abu Dhabi Gas Liquefaction Company Ltd- - Special diving excursion to the
screening of a UNEP documentary on environmental problems. and educational organizations of ADGAS marked World Environment Day 2008 Dibba Marine Protect Area-UAE
climate change and another film prepared Qatar; by implementing Paperless Day. Employees East Coast participated in by more
by the students. The event also saw a display Hebron - A press conference attended by committed to repeat the campaign and than 25 staff from HSBC Bank and
of award-winning paintings and drawings To commemorate World Environment environmentalists, artists and progressively lead ADGAS to a significantly Tadweer (Recycling Company);
in a nation-wide contest organized by a Day 2008, the Palestinian Centre for sponsors supporting the World paperless environment in the future. The - Radio show to mark the day from
magazine called, ‘Me and the Environment’. Communication and Developmental Environment Day Celebrations in activity demonstrated the company’s the East Coast- Dubai EYE 103.8
A message from UNEP’s regional director Studies: Qatar. support to the environmental programmes FM, Siobhan Live;
Habib El-Habr on climate change was - developed six kindergartens in Hebron - A free seminar on WED; of the UAE Government and Environmental - Green sail illumination at the Burj
read to the participants. An exhibit called villages by providing them with indoor and - A painting competition for all Agency. Al Arab for 1 hour on 5 June.
‘Impact of War on the Environment’ was also age groups and an exhibit of the
inaugurated. winning paintings
62 63
World Environment Day 2009 Inspiring examples

Courtesy of the Ministry of Environment and

Natural Resources of Mexico

64 65