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Puppy remarks: All forms of life are worshipped in India says Modi
NEW DELHI, JULY 12: In order to assuage the feelings after his puppy remarks Gujarat Minister Narendra Modi on Friday said all forms of life are valued and worshipped in Indian culture, in an apparent bid to assuage feelings. "In our culture, every form of life is valued and worshipped," Modi said on Twitter, hours after his remarks that one would feel sad even if a puppy comes under one's vehicle kicked up a storm. "People are the best judge," he tweeted. Modi, in an interview to the Reuters new agency had said, "Another thing, any person if we are driving a car, we are a driver, and someone else is driving a car and we're sitting behind, even then if a puppy comes under the wheel, will be painful or not? Of course, it is. If I'm a chief minister or not, I'm a human being. If something bad happens anywhere, it is natural to be sad." Modi came under

Vohra visits Amarnath Yatra camps stresses on sanitation

SRINAGAR, JULY 12: It was hectic day for Governor N N Vohra as he under took a comprehensive tour on Friday of various camping sites enroute the pilgrimage at Panjtarni, Domel and Baltal and inspected the arrangements made at the holy cave.Vohra, who is the chairman of the Shri Amarnathji Shrine Board (SASB), inspected the arrangements at the cave shrine and the enroute camps and held meetings with the concerned officials, an official spokesman said. The Governor also inspected the functioning of the Access Control Gate at Domel, functioning of the Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) and the arrangements at the Baltal Base Camp. He also chaired a high level review meeting involving the camp director and the senior most officers of all concerned state government departments and the security forces, the spokesman said. Vohra, accompanied by Chief Executive Officer, SASB, Navin Choudhary, took an extensive review of the arrangements put in place Contd p2

'Hindu Nationalist' is an oxymoron: Salman Khurshid

NEW DELHI: Taking pot shots at Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi External affairs ministers for describing himself as "Hindu nationalist", saying it is an oxymoron. He also said the BJP strongman was gradually becoming his "own worst enemy". Reacting to Modi's controversial remarks during an interview to Reuters in which he said that had done "absolutely the right thing" during the 2002 riots and described himself as a "Hindu nationalist", Khurshid said, "Religion can't have nation. Religion has no identity. Nation has an identity. Nationalism falls in a different category than religion." On Modi's remarks on the riots that even if a "puppy comes under the wheels" of a car, one feels sad, Khurshid said "what is important is what do you think of your driver and what action you have taken and whether you have taken the responsibility"


sharp criticism from the Congress over the interview in which he also said that he had done the 'absolutely right thing' in 2002 when the state was hit by riots and that an SIT set up by the Supreme Court had given him a 'thoroughly clean chit'. Political rivals attacked Modi's statement as "insensitive and reflective of his mindset" over

the death of Muslims in the 2002 post-Godhra riots. Samajwadi Party accused Modi of comparing Muslims to progeny of dogs. BJP defended Modi's remarks, saying he has been "misinterpreted completely" and "a controversy has been created where it does not exist". Describing the controversy as "absolutely despicable", Contd p2

1871 pilgrims leave for Amarnath shrine

JAMMU: From the base camp of Jammu 1,871 pilgrims left for Amarnath cave shrine on Friday. A convoy of 61 vehicles, carrying 1,871 devotees, left from Bhagwati Nagar base camp in Jammu at around 04.45 AM for the upward journey of the Amarnath cave shrine, police said here today. The 16th batch of pilgrims, including 1,404 men, 365 women and 27 children, apart from 75 priests, are on their way to twin base camps of Pahalagam and Baltal in the Kashmir Valley. With today's batch, a total of 34,694 pilgrims have left Jammu base camp for Amarnath so far.

Industrial turnabout not in sight, exports decline

NEW DELHI: with industriC M al production not increasing Y K and exports declining the In-

Taliban, Jihadis are afraid of women Legendary Bollywood actor Pran passes away at 93 education: Malala Yousafzai
UNITED NATIONS: The Pakistani teenager shot Malala Yousafzai by the Taliban for promoting education for girls, celebrated her 16th birthday on Friday by addressing the United Nations. The UN has declared July 12 'Malala Day', and to mark the occasion the teen, who returned to school in March after medical treatment in Britain for injuries suffered in the October attack, will address more than 500 young leaders from around the world at a Youth Assembly. Highlights of Malala Yousufzai's address: If we want to achieve goals, let us empower ourselves with weapon of knowledge, let us shield ourselves with peace & unity. One child, one teacher, one book and one pen can change the world. Let us wage a global struggle a global struggle for our brothers and MUMBAI, JULY 12: Dadasaheb Phalke awardee and veteran Bollywood actor Pran Krishan Sikand, known to his fans as only Pran passed away due to a prolonged illness on Friday. The actor was famous for portraying negative characters and playing supporting roles. He passed away at the Lilavati hospital in Mumbai, where he was undergoing treatment. "He passed away at around 8.30 pm. His cremation will take place on Saturday at 12 pm at Shivaji park," his son Sunil said. Pran was admitted to Lilavati Hospital after he complained of uneasiness in breathing on May 30. According to doctors treating him in

Neha secures highest merit in JU
JAMMU, JULY 12: Neha Choudhary has secured highest merit across different subjects after she topped in Zoology with 82.08 per cent in the open merit list declared by the University of Jammu (JU) today. The merit was so high among the nine students figured in the open merit list of Zoology that the last student had 77.91 per cent marks out of academic and entrance. Neha also topped in Chemistry securing 78.09 per cent. The second highest merit was there in Contd p2

dian economy is not out of woods. The key economic data released today revealed contraction in industrial production and exports coupled with near double digit retail inflation. While the Index of Industrial Production (IIP) contracted by 1.6 per cent in May, the lowest factory output in 11 months, the trade figures suggest 4.6 per cent decline in exports in June. The retail inflation inched up to 9.87 per cent in June mainly due to rise Contd p2

sisters who wait for a brighter future. Terrorists are misusing the name of Islam for their own benefits. Islam is a Contd p2

Lilavati hospital, he has been in and out of the hospital for respiratory problems. The

doctors said he had many illness which included extensive pneumonia, Contd p2

Create circumstances for the resolution of Kashmir: Mehbooba

cratic Party (PDP) patron Mufti Mohammed Sayeed and president Mehbooba Mufti said the best tribute to the martyrs would be to "create circumstances for resolution of Kashmir". The party said it has a clear vision of how to achieve the goals of democratic self-rule, economic self reliance and social growth in the state. "The martyrs had risen against a system that sustained itself on exploitation and denial of democratic rights. PDP recognises their great sacrifice and pays glorious tributes to them not only through speeches, but by actually working Contd p2

Fake encounter case: 13 policemen awarded life imprisonment

MUMBAI, JULY 12: Twenty one people, including 13 policemen, were sentenced to life imprisonment by a sessions court on Friday in connection with the 2006 fake encounter killing of Ram Narayan Gupta alias Lakhan Bhaiya, an alleged aide of fugitive gangster Chhota Rajan. The court had held 21 people guilty, while former encounter specialist Pradeep Sharma, who is credited with gunning down over 100 criminals, had been acquitted. Sessions judge VD Jadhvar sentenced all the accused to life imprisonment under various charges including murder, kidnapping and destruction of evidence. The court also imposed fine on them. As soon as the court hearing started, the judge said that accused No. 1 (Sharma) is acquitted of all charges and shall be released forthwith if he is not wanted in any other case. The court later began pronouncing the sentence. Senior inspector of police Pradeep Suryavanshi, who led the encounter team, was awarded life imprisonment on five different counts. Immediately after pronouncing the sentence, special public prosecutor Vidya Kasle told the court that some strict conditions should be imposed on Sharma. "As per the Bombay high court, the trial court has power to impose strict conditions on the acquitted person till the end of the appeal period," she said. Kasle also told the court that the prosecution intends to file an appeal in the Bombay high court to challenge the acquittal. She also told the court that Sharma should not be allowed to leave the country and his passport should be Contd p2

Chinese intrusion: India to redeploy surveillance equipment damaged by PLA

NEW DELHI, JULY 12: After rejecting the Chinese contention of no infrastructure development on the border and irked by the latest Chinese intrusion in June, Indian Army has decided to again put in place the surveillance camera in Chumar sector which was taken away by the Peoples Libration Army (PLA). The camera was said to have taken away by the Chinese side on June 17 when it had become non-functional and was returned to the Indian side on July 3 there after a protest was registered. The camera was used to keep an eye on the movement of the Chinese Army troops in that area. The surveillance camera would be put back there for the same purpose, highlyplaced sources told. Such cameras have been put up at several places along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) and Indian troops sitting in their posts can keep an eye on the PLA troops, they said. The particular camera in Chumar area was used several times by the Indian side to monitor and intercept the PLA patrols in the areas claimed by the Indian side as its territory, sources said. India and China have been working towards signing a border pact to maintain peace and Contd p2

Pakistanis fire along international border

JAMMU, JULY 12: Pakistani Rangers fired on Friday on Indian posts along the International border in R S Pora sector. Pak Rangers fired on Border Out Posts along IB in Pindi forward area along IB of R S Pura belt of Jammu district around 0935 hours, the officer said. The small arms firing went on for a brief period, he said, adding that Border Security Force (BSF) troops guarding the border fired back, resulting in exchanges. However, there was no loss Contd p2

SRINAGAR, JULY 12: The main opposition party the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) on Friday while paying tributes to martyrs said that it is essential to create circumstances for the resolution of Kashmir. People's Demo-


ROHIT SINGH RANA Come Martyrs Day (being observed on 13th July) and political mercury rises in the valley. Perhaps few will remember that till some years ago the day was only a National Conference (NC) affair. No other political party espoused the Martyrs Day leave aside Maulvi Farooqs Bakras who had inherited sworn enmity with National Conferences Shers. For clarity it must be mentioned that the followers of National Conference were called Shers and those of Moulvi Farooq as Bakras. They would fight pitched battles with one another in which men on either side would get grievously injured. It is an interesting chapter of Kashmir politics which should not be forgotten by any person evincing keen interest in Kashmirs recent history. Having said so, the plot in the valley has changed. The enmity between two Farooqs has persisted but Sher and Bakra classification has lost its characteristic sting. It happens when the political climate in which the two diametrically opposite persons are busy carving and projecting their own base. While as Omar Farooq, the National Conference poster boy and Chief Minister is nursing his own grudge against the Centre for not repealing AFSPA and declaring autonomy for the State, Umar Farooq is busy as head of a separatist conglomerate who oscillates between plebiscite and freedom. His organization will also not mind if Kashmir becomes a part of Pakistan. A typically confusing seesaw situation in which India or to be more direct Hindu India is the spoiler of the game. Back to Martyrs Day observed every year on 13th July. With National Conference, this day is a historical one because it perceives that the day in 1931 marked beginning of dawn of freedom from the tyrannical Dogra rule whose last Maharaja Hari Singh was a monster who was cruel and despotic especially according to NC towards Muslims. The riots of 1931 in which jail premises were breached and the government of the day fired at violent protestors resulted into few deaths. The aftermath of this struggle is still enshrined in the minds of minority Hindus. Many were lynched. Property was looted and houses set on fire. It is forgotten that in a freedom struggle all people irrespective of religion are taken along which never happened in Kashmir in 1931. If anything has been sacrificed in Kashmir over the years it is truth. It has become the first causality because in a polarized environment usually the dubious and deceit thrives. Now for political expediency, the Martyrs Day has not remained confined to NC only. It is a full competitive concern that propels all and sundry to take a quick dip on Martyrs Day and project itself as saviour of Kashmiris. Preparations for its observance are now a hot competition. The Democratic Freedom Party Chairman, Shabir Shah sees the day when Kashmiris rose against Dogra oppression. All Party Hurriyat Chairperson, Umar Farooq has charted ambitious programmes and different protest marches which will culminate at the Martyrs grave yard. A happy blending of ideology between National Conference and the different separatist organisations which otherwise are at daggers drawn and would not like to see each others face. In this run for having larger political share or impress the masters across the border, it is peace and the ordinary Kashmiri who suffers. He has been thrust upon with many saviours. First it was National Conference and its autonomy, in between came Mahaz-iRaj Shumari , Geelani was followed by terror heroes like Mast Gul, Mushtaq Lartram, Bitte Karate, Hamid Sheikh, Yasin Malik, Shabir Shah and the doyen himself Syed Sallahudin. Some sizable Afghan and other brother terror heroes from Middle East too, were offered the traditional Kashmiri Wanwun and Wazwan in ample measure. What they did in return is not a secret. PDPs Self Rule too is some magic formula for Kashmiri though nobody has yet de-coded what it is. The cacophony is on, the drum beating is about to reach a crescendo and in between the true facts of Martyrs Day are relegated to background.


The State of Jammu and Kashmir has won many awards quite recently in health care. India Today Magazines award in best health care followed by Population Stablisation Award. With the chests expanded and boast reaching sky high, the authorities of health department must have felt proud. But as everybody knows these awards are not so convincing in the face of chronic shortage of consultants in the hospitals during evening time. Out they are, in their well furnished private clinics attending to their patients who are a great source of income. The High Court has taken cognizance of the absence of Consultants in main hospitals of the State and ordered that they be available to the patients in the hospitals. It is common sight that in the evening hours and during the night no senior doctor is available to attend to emergencies and specialized needs of the patients. It is one thing to feel proud over winning some sundry awards and other to provide effective and good Medicare to the patients. With shortage of consultants and Para -medics running into hundreds how the government shall boast on providing better health care to the patients? RANASAHIB



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schools and the recruitment of school-aged children by armed groups. According to the report, while the number of primary school age children who are not getting an education has fallen to 57 million in 2011 from 60 million in 2008, during that period the percentage of youth in conflict-affected countries who aren't at primary school rose to 50 per cent from 42 per cent. "Across many of the world's poorest countries, armed conflict continues to destroy not just school infrastructure, but also the hopes and ambitions of a whole generation of children," Unesco's directorgeneral Irina Bokova said. roles with elan and was conferred the country's highest cinema honour -Dada Saheb Phalke award - in April, was admitted to Lilavati hospital a month ago. Born on February 12 in 1920 in old Delhi, Pran was educated at places like Kapurthala, Unnao, Meerut, Dehradun and Rampur as his father Lala Kewal Krishnan Sikand was in government service. Initially, Pran wanted to become a photographer but destiny had different plans for him. A chance meeting with a film producer got him his first break in Punjabi film Yamla Jat in 1940. There was no looking back for the actor after that as he went on to star in films like Chaudhary (1941), Khandan (1942), Kaise Kahun (1945) and Badnami (1946). After Partition, Pran came to Mumbai with his wife Shukla and sons Arvind and Sunil but found it difficult to get work as an actor in the city of dreams. He had almost given hope when writer Saadat Hasan Manto helped him get a role in Dev Anand starrer Ziddi in 1948 which revived his career. Pran will be forever remembered for bringing villains on par with the heroes, ruling the industry from 1969 to 1982. He commanded equal money and respect for his negative characters in Madhumati, Jis Desh Mein Ganga Behti Hai, Ram Aur Shyam and Devdas. The actor's baritone and good looks helped him bring charm to his villainy which was very unique to Pran. Such was the magic of his onscreen roles that parents stopped naming their children Pran at the height of his fame. His chameleon-like ability helped Pran transform himself from one of the most hated onscreen villains to one of the most beloved character actors -- be it the Mangal chacha in Upkar, Sher Khan of opposite Amitabh Bachchan in Zanjeer or the disciplineloving but soft-hearted grandfather in Gulzar's Parichay. tion of the Kashmir problem," the party said in a statement. Royal soldiers had shot and killed 22 people who were demonstrating against Maharaja Hari Singh of Kashmir on 13 July, 1931 in Jammu and Kashmir. Meanwhile, CPI(M) state secretary, MY Tarigami said making Jammu and Kashmir a "true democratic unit and doing away with the autocratic tendencies in the system" is a real reward to the great people who laid down their lives for this cause. "Sacrifices offered by July 13 martyrs were aimed at fighting autocracy and inspired people to strive for establishment of a true democratic setup in the state which so far seems a distant dream," Tarigami said in a statement. "One may disagree, but ground reality is that institutions of governance have not come to the expectations of the people for dispensation of justice and better delivery of services. The polity of the state has also so far failed to inculcate real democratic values that could facilitate people to get the maximum out of existing democratic and political institutions of the state," he said.

have any direct access to the LAC.

BJP on ...
BJP spokesperson Nirmala Sitharaman said "I appeal to all to read the interview in full and not to speak out of context. It is risky." On the 'puppy' comment, she said Modi meant anybody would feel sad even if a human being came under a car. "Clearly, this is done with an intention to appease a particular section. It is part of Congress' vote bank politics. It is part of Congress' strategy before elections," she said.

gold and other precious items. The trade data showed that the trade gap narrowed to USD 12.2 billion in June as against 20.1 billion in the previous month.

Fake encounter ..
impounded. At this, Sharma's advocate informed the court that the former's passport has expired and said that they did not have any objection to the rest of the conditions. The court later passed an order that Sharma will not leave the country without the permission of the court and he should furnish all the details regarding his passport with the prosecuting agency. The court also directed Sharma to file a bail bond of Rs 10,000.

Neha secures ..
Botany wherein highest number of 343 students qualified the entrance test that too for just 13 seats in the open category. Anjali Gandotra obtained highest 79.97 per cent. Department of Botany has 30 seats, including five payment seats. Merit was also on higher side in English with Swati Vijay topped with 78.09 per cent while the last candidate figured in the merit list had 57.66 marks. In Mathematics, Khalid Hussain topped the first list of open merit with 74.5 per cent. As compare to Sciences, the merit was on lower side in Dogri wherein Sanjogita Choudhary secured 58.17 per cent to top the list.

Taliban, Jihadis ..
religion of peace. There was a time when women's activists asked men to stand up for women's rights. This time we will do it ourselves. Extremists are afraid of women, education. They are afraid of change. We realised the importance of books and pens when we saw violence in Swat. There was a time when women's activists asked men to stand up for women's rights. This time we will do it ourselves. We not succeed when half of us are held back. Unesco and 'Save the Children' released a special reported entitled "Children battling to go to school", ahead of Malala's speech. The report found that 95 per cent of the 28.5 million children who aren't getting a primary school education live in low and lower-middle income countries 44 per cent in sub-Saharan Africa, 19 per cent in south and west Asia and 14 per cent in the Arab states. Girls make up 55 per cent of the total and are often the victims of rape and other sexual violence that accompanies armed conflicts. The study found that in 2012 there were more than 3,600 documented attacks on education, including violence, torture and intimidation against children and teachers resulting in death or grave injuries, as well as the shelling and bombing of

Vohra visits ...

to facilitate the yatris. While inspecting 'Langars', the Governor said that such organisations must maintain hygienic conditions and cleanliness. He issued instructions to the camp director, deputy commissioner and SSP to enforce stringent sanitation measures for ensuring that the entire camp area is kept neat and clean, the spokesman said. The Governor checked the yatra permits of some of the pilgrims and enquired from them about the yatra related arrangements.

Chinese intrusion: ..
tranquillity along the LAC where a number of incursion incidents have been observed in the recent few months. A Defence Ministry official said that during Defence Minister AK Antony's meetings with the Chinese leadership, the broader issue of incursion and other incidents were raised but no specific incident was highlighted. Chinese troops last month intruded into the Chumar sector in Ladakh - the same area which had sparked off tensions in April - and smashed some bunkers besides cutting wires of cameras installed at the border post.Chumar, located 300 km from Leh, has always been an area of discomfort for the Chinese troops as this is the only area along the China-India border where they do not

Legendary Bollywood ...

chronic kidney diseases, Parkinson's, COPD and sepsis. He was on ventilator and passed away at around 8.30 pm today. Pran has been known for his remarkable roles in Bollywood films like Zanjeer, Don, Amar Akbar Anthony, among hundreds others. The veteran actor, who played villain and character

Pakistanis fire ..
of life or injury to anyone in the firing, he said. Pakistani troops had violated ceasefire along the Line of Control on June 26 by resorting to unprovoked firing for nearly 30 minutes in Poonch district of Jammu and Kashmir. There were five ceasefire violations by Pakistan in the last month.

Create circumstances ..
on the ground for a permanent and dignified resolu-

Exercise can alter your DNA: Study

LONDON: Exercise - even in small doses - can alter your DNA, slashing the risk of obesity and diabetes, according to a new study. Swedish researchers have described for the first time what happens on an epigenetic level in fat cells when we undertake physical activity. "Our study shows the positive effects of exercise, because the epigenetic pattern of genes that affect fat storage in the body changes," said Charlotte Ling, Associate Professor at Lund University Diabetes Centre. The cells of the body contain DNA, which contains genes. We inherit our genes and they cannot be changed. The genes, however, have `methyl groups` attached which affect what is known as `gene expression` - whether the genes are activated or deactivated. The methyl groups can be influenced in various ways, through exercise, diet and lifestyle, in a process known as `DNA methylation`. This is epigenetics, a relatively new research field that in recent years has attracted more and more attention. In the study, the researchers investigated what happened to the methyl groups in the fat cells of 23 slightly overweight, healthy men aged around 35 who had not previously engaged in any physical activity, when they regularly attended

Industrial turnabout ..
in vegetable and fruit prices. These key data will have a bearing on first quarterly monetary policy review to be unveiled by the Reserve Bank on July 30. The central bank is faced with a tough task of maintaining a balance between pushing growth and containing inflation. However, the silver lining is the narrowing of the trade deficit mainly on account of steep decline in import of

Name Correction
I Govind Sharma S/O Sh.Roshan Lal Sharma G 27, Shanti Nagar,,Toph Sherkhania,Jammu. Declare that my Mother Name on the Birth Certificate issued by Jammu Municipality corporation is Wrongly Printed as kanta Sharma instead of Kamal Sharma Which should be corrected as earlier Possible. Any Body Having any objection Please contact with Jammu Municipality corporation with in Seven days.

Want to get fit? Throw away your cellphone

spinning and aerobics classes over a sixmonth period. "They were supposed to attend three sessions a week, but they went on average 1.8 times," said Tina Ronn, Associate Researcher at Lund University. Using technology that analyses 480 000 positions throughout the genome, they could see that epigenetic changes had taken place in 7,000 genes (an individual has 20-25 000 genes). They then went on to look specifically at the methylation in genes linked to type 2 diabetes and obesity. "We found changes in those genes too,

which suggests that altered DNA methylation as a result of physical activity could be one of the mechanisms of how these genes affect the risk of disease," said Ronn, adding that this has never before been studied in fat cells and that they now have a map of the DNA methylome in fat. In the laboratory, the researchers were able to confirm the findings in vitro (studying cell cultures in test tubes) by deactivating certain genes and thus reducing their expression. This resulted in changes in fat storage in fat cells. The study was published in the journal PLOS Genetics.

Higher BMI increases risk of gallstones

WASHINGTON: Elevated body mass index (BMI) is tied to increased risk of gallstone disease, especially in women, a new study has claimed. Researchers led by Dr Anne Tybjaerg-Hansen from Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital in Denmark studied 77,679 participants from the general population, employing a Mendelian randomisation approach. Its a method using genetic variation to study the impact of modifiable risk factors as the cause of a disease. There were 4,106 participants who developed symptomatic gallstone disease during the 34 years of follow-up. The National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) in US describe gallstones as pebble-like material, which can develop when there is excess cholesterol - accounting for 80 per cent of all gallstones - bile salts or bilirubin in bile stored in the gallbladder. Prior studies have shown that greater BMI is associated with increased risk of gallstone disease; however it is unclear if it is the cause of the disease. Participants with gallstone disease in the new study were more likely to be older, female, and less physically active. Researchers found that those with gallstones often used hormone replacement therapy and drank less alcohol than those without the disease. Analyses show that increased BMI was associated with gallstone disease risk with an overall hazard ratio (HR) of 2.84. When looking at BMI and gender, the team found that women had a higher risk of developing gallstone disease than men (HR=3.36 and 1.51, respectively). Findings indicate that gallstone disease risk increased 7 per cent for every 1 kg/M2 increase in BMI. "Obesity is a known risk factor for gallstone disease and our study suggests that elevated BMI likely contributes to the development of this disease," concluded Tybjaerg-Hansen. "These data confirm that obesity adversely affects health, and lifestyle interventions that promote weight loss in overweight and obese individuals are warranted," Tybjaerg-Hansen said. The study was published in Hepatology, a journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.

NEW YORK: Spending too much time with mobile phones can harm your health, a new research has revealed. The study conducted by Kent State University found that students, who spent lot of time on their phone- up to 14 hours each day- were less fit than those spending about 1 and a half hour a day, New York Daily News reported. The report also said that people, who spent more time on their mobile devices, were more likely to engage in other sedentary forms of entertainment, like playing video games or watching

films. The authors wrote that the possibility that cell phone use could encourage physical activity among people who use it heavily while disrupting physical activity and encouraging sedentary activity among high-frequency users may help explain the significant negative relationship between cell phone use and cardiorespiratory fitness identified in the study. The study has been published online in the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.

New method targets dengue virus using artificial microRNAs

WASHINGTON: A novel therapeutic approach in which key regions of the dengue genome essential for viral replication are targeted and silenced, can prevent dengue virus from reproducing in humans. Pei-wen Xie, Yu Xie, Xiujuan Zhang, Hai Huang, Lina He, Xue-jun Wang, and Sheng-qi Wang, Beijing Institute of Radiation Medicine and Second Artillery General Hospital, Beijing, and Central South University, Changsha, China, identified multiple regions in the dengue virus genome that have maintained the same nucleic sequence over long periods of evolution. These highly conserved regions are ideal targets for antiviral drug development as they are unlikely to mutate and allow the virus to develop drug resistance. In the article `Inhibition of Dengue Virus 2 Replication by Artificial MicroRNAs Targeting the Conserved Regions,` the authors describe how they constructed artificial short strands of nucleic acids called microRNAs that specifically target these conserved sites in

the dengue virus genome. Their experiments led to the identification of the most effective combinations of microRNAs capable of

inhibiting the virus from replication in humans. The research is published in the journal Nucleic Acid Therapeutics.

New treatment `starves` cancer cells Todays 90 year olds living longer
WASHINGTON: Researchers have found a new treatment to kill cancer cells but leave the body`s healthy cells undamaged, unlike traditional therapies such as radiotherapy. Chris Proud, Professor of Cellular Regulation in Biological Sciences at the University of Southampton said that the cancer cells grow and divide much more rapidly than normal cells, meaning they have a much higher demand for and are often starved of, nutrients and oxygen. He said that his team discovered that a cellular component, eEF2K, plays a critical role in allowing cancer cells to survive nutrient starvation, whilst normal, healthy cells do not usually require eEF2K in order to survive. Proud said that by blocking the function of eEF2K, we should be able to kill cancer cells, without harming normal, healthy cells in the process. Almost all cells in the human body contain the same basic components, meaning that to attack one of them in a cancer cell, that component will also be affected in normal cells. This study has identified a specific protein that is not necessary in normal cells but seems to be important to the survival

with less mental decline: Study

NEW DELHI: People surviving past the age of 90 today are living with better cognitive performance than ever before, says a new Danish study. The research was conducted on two groups of Danish nonagenarians born 10 years apart and compared their cognitive and physical functioning. Researchers found that the group of 95year-old Danes scored better than the group of Danes born 10 years earlier, who had been tested when they were about the same age. In a standard simple test, for example, 23 percent of them scored in the highest category, compared to 13 percent of the earlier-born group. Out of the 30 questions and tasks, members of the laterborn group averaged two more correct responses than the earlier-born group did. Why the better mental performance? It wasn`t just better education, but beyond that the researchers could only guess at things like more intellectual stimulation and better diets earlier in life. The mental testing compared 1,814 elderly Danes examined in 1998 to the

of cancerous cells. A treatment that could block this protein could represent a significant breakthrough in the future of cancer treatment. Traditional chemotherapy and radiotherapy cause damage to healthy cells, and other more targeted treatments are usually only effective for individual types of cancer. Contrastingly, this new development does not damage healthy cells

and could also be used to treat a wide variety of different cancers. Proud and the team are now working with other labs, including pharmaceutical companies, to develop and test drugs that block eEF2K, which could potentially be used to treat cancer in the future. The research has been published in the journal Cell.

later-born group of 1,247 Danes tested in 2010. The researchers also found that later-born Danes were better able to carry out basic living tasks like getting out of bed or a chair. So they were functioning better overall, the study concluded. Lead author Dr. Kaare Christensen, head

of the Danish Aging Research Center at the University of Southern Denmark in Odense, said he imagines that in the future, Danes who live into their 90s will continue to be better off than their predecessors. The study was published Wednesday in the journal Lancet.

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2013-14 against a sales target of Rs. 14 crore for the last fiscal against which the corporation actually achieved a turnover of Rs. 1595.89 lakh which is 114% performance in relation to the target. He said it is for the first time ever that the Corporation has not only achieved the target but exceed/surpassed it and generated resources to meet almost entire expenditure for the year. "The annual growth in sales has been approximately 4 % at an average during last decade as against targeted growth rate which the Corporation has achieved about 46% during last fiscal", Mr. Muzafar added. He said the short term measures taken by the management of the Corporation during last fiscal mainly focused on increase in turn over, achieving sales target as fixed by Board of Directors, increase in resources generation, impacting expenditure and controlling cash deficit, reducing dependence upon budgetary support and clearance of accumulated liabilities.

Omar describes 13th July Martyrs heroes of struggle

Pays them rich tributes
SRINAGAR, JULY 12 Chief Minister, Omar Abdullah has paid rich tributes to the Martyrs of 13th July describing them heroes of the struggle against suppression and autocracy. In a message on the eve of Martyrs' Day, the Chief Minister said that the sacrifice of the Martyrs to free the society from autocracy and lay edifice for democracy and human dignity is one of the richest chapters of the history of Jammu and Kashmir. "The best way to pay homage to the Martyrs is to help create equitable and palatable environment for everyone to grow and nurture in a democratic atmosphere. Let all of us join hands to develop a society based on justice and principles of secular democratic temperament", he said adding that tolerance and respect for each others' viewpoints, whether we agree to these or not, is the soul of democracy. He said the Martyrs of 13th July laid their lives to uphold this principal of natural justice and democracy. Omar Abdullah prayed for peace and tranquillity in the State.

Kichloo for brand promotion of handicrafts

Handicrafts Corp. achieves highest ever sales turnover of Rs. 1600 lakh
SRINAGAR, JULY 12: The Minister of State for Industries and Commerce, Mr. Sajjad Ahmad Kichloo today called for exploring new marketing channels to enhance sale and export of State's world famous handicrafts in a big way. He urged for closing down of all loss making units (sales outlets) of the J&K Handicrafts (Sales and Export) Corporation and enhance its market presence by setting up showrooms in locationally advantageous places especially in metropolis and tourist spots. Speaking at the 119th meeting of the Board of Directors of J&K Handicrafts (S&E) Corporation Limited held at Civil Secretariat, Srinagar this afternoon, Mr. Kichloo urged for devising strategies to ensure increase in customer traffic to showrooms. For this purpose, he called for roping in taxi drivers attached to stands of five star and deluxe hotels besides house boat owners registered with tourism department, tour operators and travel agents by

Yatra arrangements finalized

BHADERWAH, JULY 12A meeting to finalize the arrangements with regard to celebration of yatras, fair and festivals which include annual Mani Mahesh Yatra first starting on August 14, 2013, Machail Yatra starting on August 18, Kailash Yatra on August 26 to September 04, 2013, Mela Pat September 10 to 12, 2013 and Asha Pati Yatra on October 03 was held under the Chairmanship of Divisional Magistrate Bhaderwah, Dr Ravi Kumar Bharti here today. Security and other arrangements like uninterrupted power and water supply, availability of essential commodities were discussed in the meeting. Tehsildar Bhaderwah was nominated as Nodal Officer during the celebration of the yatra. Among others Tehsildar Bhaderwah, Naib Tehsildar, SHO Bhaderwah, AEE PHE, Electric and officers from other department's representatives of religious organizations attended the meeting.

paying them genuine facilitation charges. The Minister also called for a comprehensive purchase/procurement policy so that targeted sales turn over with projected financial result in achieved. He urged for special sales promotion drives coupled with a sustained publicity campaign about State's handicrafts. He said brand promotion needs to be uti-

lized as a marketing tool to boost sales turnover of the Corporation. He said effective and constant performance monitoring and target revision on monthly basis can be pivotal for improving the fiscal base of the Corporation. The Commissioner/Secretary Industries and Commerce, Mr. Shantmanu, Director Codes, Dr. Mohammad Ishaq Wani, MD J&K Handicrafts

(S&E) Corporation, Mr. Muzafar Hussain Munshi and Director Handicrafts and concerned officers were also present in the meeting. The meeting accorded approval to the revival cum business plan for 2013-18 for the Corporation which engages to broad base marketing activities, branding of Kashmir Government Arts Emporium, increasing market

share by reaching out to appropriate market segments. The meeting also approved the proposal regarding implementation of 6th pay revision and one time relaxation in service rules. The Managing Director, Mr. Muzafar Hussain while briefing about the performance of the Corporation said that the Corporation has fixed a sales target of Rs. 18 crore for the

Army organizes medical camp at Gundna

World Population Day observed at Udhampur

UDHAMPUR, JULY 12 World Population Day was observed at Udhampur under the theme "Chhota Parivar: Sukhi Parivar". The main function was organized by District Health Society Udhampur in the premises of District Hospital Udhampur here today. District Development Commissioner, Udhampur, Mrs. Yasha Mudgal was the chief guest on the occasion. Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Anil Amla, Deputy Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Santosh Sharma, Medical Superintendent District Hospital, Dr. Chander Parkash, District Health Officer Udhampur, Block Medical Officers of various blocks, Multi Health

Cabinet approves promotion in Forest Department

SRINAGAR, JULY 12: The Cabinet which met here today under the Chairmanship of Chief Minster, Omar Abdullah approved the following promotions and postings in the Forest Department. Mr. Vinod Ranjan, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, J&K has been placed in the apex scale of Rs. 80,000(fixed) and designated as Head of Forest Force (HoFF). Upon his promotion Mr. Vinod Ranjan has been transferred and posted as Chairman Pollution Control Board. The post has been upgraded in status and responsibility to that of the post of Head of Forest Force till it is held by Mr. Vinod Ranjan. Mr. A.K. Singh, Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests has been promoted to the level of above super time scale II (Principal Chief Conservator of Forests) in the pay scale of HAG + 75500 - 80,000 with effect from 01.03.2013 against the Cadre Strength of PCCFs. Mr. Abhai Kumar Additional Principal Chief Conservator of Forests has been promoted to the level of above super time scale II (Principal Chief Conservator of Forests) in the pay scale of HAG + 75500- 80,000 on ex cadre basis prospectively. Mr. Abhai Kumar upon his promotion has been posted as Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, J&K vice Mr. Vinod Ranjan. Mr. Manoj Pant of the rank of Chief Conservator of Forests has been promoted to the level of above super time scale - I (Additional Chief Conservator of Forests) in PB-4 Rs. 37400- 67000; GP 12000 on proforma basis. Mr. Pramod Kumar Singh of the rank of Chief Conservator of Forests has been promoted to the level of above super time scale - I (Additional Chief Conservator of Forests) in PB-4 Rs. 37400- 67000; GP 12000 on ex-cadre basis prospectively. Mr. Om Prakash, Mr. Roshan Jaggi, Mr Jigmat Takpa, Mr. S.K. Gupta, Mr. T.S. Ashok Kumar, Mr. Ashif Mehmood Sagar, Mr. N.A. Darzi and Mr. M.A. Tak have been promoted to the level of above super time scale - II (Chief Conservator of Forests) in PB-4 of Rs. 37400-67000, GP 10,000 on ex-cadre basis prospectively. Mr. Mohit Gera, Smt Neelu Gera, Mr. B.K. Singh and Mr. Sarvesh Rai have been promoted to the level of super time scale - II (Chief Conservator of Forests) in PB-4 of Rs. 37400-67000, GP 10,000 on proforma basis. Mr. Senthil Kumar, Mr. A.R. Hazari, Mr. M.P. Dogra, Mr. M.M. Hussain, Mr. Mian Javaid, Mr. Sameer Bharti have been promoted to the level of super time scale - I (Conservator of Forests)in PB-4 of Rs. 37400-67000, GP 8900. The Cabinet also approved release of non-functioning grade of Joint Secretary to Mr. Jigmet Takpa and Mr. S.K. Gupta with effect from 09.11.2012.

DODA, JULY 12: Doda Battalion of Rashriya Rifles organized a free medical camp at Village Gundna of District Doda. A large number of patients turned out for treatment during the camp from nearby villages and areas of Gundna belt. The medical team comprising of army doctors who provided the much needed specialized medical treatment along with free medicines to the people of far flung areas. More than hundreds of patients including a large number of ladies, chil-

dren and elders were treated by the camp. The people of this area highly lauded the efforts of the Army for organizing such camp in their area through which more hundreds of people of this area got benefited. They appealed the Army Officers for organizing such more camp in the area. The Army on this occasion interacted with the public of Gundna area and highlighted the aim of such people friendly endeavors launched by Army.

Workers and ASHAs were present on the occasion. While speaking on the occasion the DDC stated that World Population Day is observed in order to raise awareness on global population issues, such as to stabilize the population or to lower the population growth. He said that this event is a vehicle to build awareness in

population issues and the impact they have on development and the environment. Mrs. Mudgal said that the family planning is the need of the hour, increase in population would also create hurdles in the progress and development of the country, he added. He called upon the ASHA

workers to educate and motivate not only the women folk but also the men and aware them regarding health care and their role in controlling the increasing population of the country. The Chief Medical Officer while speaking on the occasion highlighted the aim and objectives of the world population day.

I-Day arrangements discussed at Samba

SAMBA, JULY 12 - A meeting to discuss arrangements for the celebration of Independence Day 2013 was convened here under the Chairmanship of DDC Samba, R.K Varma today at Samba. In the meeting it was decided that Independence Day celebrations shall be held at Govt. Boys Higher Secondary School Ground, Kehli Mandi, Samba and National Flag hoisting ceremony shall take place at 7:55 am. It was informed that during the celebrations, the Chief Guest shall take salute from various marching contingents drawn from police, Ex -Servicemen, NCC, School students etc. Thereafter, cultural programme based on patriotic theme will be presented and function will end with the prize distribution ceremony. For the celebrations various committees like site/venue preparation committee, Hospitality & Protocol Committee, Prize Selection C o m m i t t e e , Beautification/Illumination Committee, Refreshment Committee comprising of District Officers were constituted. DDC directed all the officers to put in best efforts to make all arrangements for the celebrations and further discussed in detail the arrangements related to barricading, seating, sanitation, security & traffic, power, water, fire tenders etc. DDC also directed the committees concerned to make necessary and befitting arrangements for the gallantry award winners, Ex-Serviceman, press, prominent citizens and general public. He impressed upon the cultural committee to select cultural items based on patriotic theme, befitting to the occasion.

Indu Pawar highlights activities of J&K Mahila Cong in Mumbai convention

JAMMU, JULY 12: Jammu and Kashmir Pradesh Mahila Congress president Mrs Indu Pawar, MLA highlighted problems being faced by the women in Jammu and Kashmir during two days national convention of the Mahila Congress at Mumbai. Mrs Pawar, who represented Jammu and Kashmir in national convention at Mumbai convention, presented a detailed report about activities of Mahila Congress in Jammu and Kashmir. She informed the national convention that Mahila Congress has organised meetings at all block levels including Leh and Kargil recently to strengthen organisation. Mrs Indu Pawar told the gathering that it was all due to the result of the revolutionary policies of the UPA government headed by Dr Manmohan Singh under the guidance of UPA chairpersons Smt. Sonia Gandhi that large number of women were coming forward to join Congress. Further informing the national convention about activities of Mahila Congress in J&K, Mrs Indu Pawar said that during the last three months, Mahila Congress have been organizing awareness camps at village level so that maximum number of women should take benefit of central sponsored schemes. Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithivi Raj Chouhan, Gurudas Kamat and other senior leaders attended the convention.

Pingla Mata Yatra to commence on July 14

UDHAMPUR, JULY 12:Shri Adi Shakti Sewak Sanstha, Udhampur is organizing annual aakhand jyoti cum procession of Pingla mata on July 14, 2013, this was informed in a meeting convened under the chairmanship of President Shri Adi Shakti Sewak Sanstha, Mr. Ashok Kumar Gupta to review arrangements for the event at Udhampur. The Sanstha is holding 7th Pingla mata akhand jyoti yatra in which a Shobha Yatra will be taken out from Pandav Mandir which after passing through various locations of the town which like Hospital road, Sallan Talab, Chabutra Bazaar, Main Bazaar, Gool Market, Mukerji Bazaar, Ramnagar Chowk and Salathia Chowk will culminate at the starting point. The Akhand Jyoti would remain at Pandav Mandir and carried forward to Pingla mata darbar onJuly 16, 2013 morning in a procession of devotees. The President said that devotees would be served with bus services in this year like every year from Udhampur to the Pilgrimage point. He said that free langar facility would also be provided by the sanstha at the shrine cave. A large number of devotees from and outside the state would be expected to participate in the annual pilgrimage of Pingla Mata. Among other, Vice President, Sanjay Kumar, General Secretary, Rajinder Singh and members of the Santha participated in the meeting.

Several deputations call on Sadhotra

Asserts on time bound completion of dev projects

I-Day celebration arrangements discussed at Kathua

KATHUA, JULY 12 - A meeting of officers was chaired by District Development Commissioner Kathua Jatinder kumar Singh to discuss arrangements for the celebration of Independence Day, 2013 here at Kathua. SSP Kathua, Mohan Lal, Additional District Development Commissioner Kathua, Rohit Khajuria, Additional Deputy Commissioner, Kathua, Rahul Sharma, DC Excise, Lakhanpur Mushtaq Ahmed, Executive Engineers of different works departments; District Officers including police officers, Officers from CRPF, Principals of government and private educational institutions were present in the meeting. The meeting decided that the main function will be held at Sports Stadium, Kathua where the VIP will unfurl the National Flag and take salute

from the mega parade comprising of the contingents drawn from District Police, CRPF, Forest Protection Force, NSS, NCC boys and girls, platoons drawn from various Government and Private schools. The celebrations on the day will begin with the playing of Shahnai Vadan and patriotic songs by Information Department in the wee hours

at Deputy Commissioner Office and SSP Office, Kathua. DDC, Kathua Jatinder Kumar Singh directed the officers to make proper arrangements well in time. He also issued necessary directions to the concerned officers to ensure arrangements like security, sanitation, seating, barricading, water and power supply, prize distribution issuance of

invitation cards, transportation and illumination of important buildings on Independence Day. Regarding presentation of cultural programme, the DDC directed the institutional heads of government and private school/colleges to organize cultural programme with innovative ideas based on patriotic and cultural themes.

JAMMU, JULY 12 Minister for Planning & Development, Labour & Employment, Ajay Sadhotra met several deputations at summer Secretariat today to listen to the demands and problems of the people. A Deputation of members of Chamber of Commerce led by its President Y.V.Sharma met the Minister and apprised him with their problems and demands which mainly include providing uninterrupted power supply for ensuring smooth business activities, time bound completion of the ongoing projects in the city, improvement of traffic scenario and various other developmental issues for welfare of the people. Giving a patient hearing to their demands Mr. Ajay Sadhotra assured due consideration to their genuine demands and said that various important projects have been taken up to speed up

the developmental scenario in the region and thrust is being laid on their time bound completion. He exhorted the need for active participation of people for strengthening the initiatives of the government to carry forward the development process in the state. He stressed that Omar Abdullah led Coalition Government is committed for even handed development across the three regions of the state and all efforts are afoot to ensure that people are pro-

vided all the basic amenities adding that the flagship programmes have been launched under health, education, rural development sector to improve the living standard of the people, especially the weaker sections of the society. Various other Deputationists from different parts of the Jammu region apprised the Minister with their demands pertaining to improvement in power supply scenario, adequate water supply, up-gradation of transformers, repair of lanes and

drains and better civic amenities. The Minister assured the deputations and individuals that all their demands would be met in a phased manner. He also directed the concerned officers to take up necessary steps to sort out the public issues and stressed that the concerned departments should ensure that the projects undertaken are completed in time frame and there should not be unnecessary delays which causes inconvenience to the general public.

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spread an infection to the rest of the mouth; fillings in the treatment of cavities; Surgery of the mouth and jaw; replacement of extracted teeth through surgery or other processes; cleaning of the patient's mouth and teeth; corrective work to align or straighten teeth; dentures i.e. the making and fitting of false teeth and preventive work which involves routine check-ups for both adults and children. Dental Assistants and Hygienists in addition to assisting the dentist during a variety of procedures such as clean and scale teeth, place temporary fillings, does other specific tasks including taking and developing dental radiographs (x-rays), sterilizing instruments and equipment and making impressions of patients' teeth etc. Excellent employment opportunities are available for dentists in dental departments in hospitals, nursing homes, dental clinics and health departments as well as teaching departments in dental colleges. Apart from this, dentists could also work in the Research and Advisory functions of a pharmaceutical and other companies producing oral care products and medicines like toothpaste, mouth wash, gum care products, etc. Self-employment is also a promising avenue. With gaining experience, one can start his/her own individual practice. Many dentists prefer to be in private practice, as it provides the best financial prospects as well as greater independence. Private practitioners work either alone, often setting up a clinic on their own premises, or in partnership with colleagues, sharing resources and overheads. Besides these, in dentistry one can also take up work as a Dental Hygienist, Dental assistant or as a Dental consultant to models and film artists which could fetch a lot of money. REMUNERATION In government hospitals, freshly trained dentists could begin around Rs 8,000 a month (including allowances), while in private hospitals it could be from Rs 5,500 to Rs 7,000. Postgraduate degree holders can expect to start on Rs 9,000 upwards. Dental surgeons can earn good money through their own practice. The consultation charges could be Rs.500 upwards for cosmetic filling and can be as high as Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 depending upon the nature of dental problem the patient is undergoing. A well established dentist can make around Rs.20,000 - 1,00,000 or more per month.

Careers in Dentistry
INTRODUCTION Dentistry, a lucrative profession, is concerned with all health problems afflicting the mouth, teeth, gums and other hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity. It is accepted as a professional field which includes dental care and correction. Dentists help people maintain their health and appearance. Dentistry is changing rapidly, creating many opportunities and challenges. To an extent, it includes cosmetology where corrective treatment is involved. Dentists improve patients' appearance by using a wide variety of cosmetic dental procedures. These days, dentists are assuming very important roles in the whole healthcare system. With an increasing awareness of the importance of oral health and the introduction of new fields like periodontics (care of gums and the diseases that might afflict them), oral pathology (diagnosis for diseases that affect the mouth ) and orthodontics (straightening and aligning teeth and jaws) have all enhanced the scope of this field. Dentists or dental surgeons provide surgical, medical and other forms of treatment for oral and dental disorders and diseases by examining teeth and mouth of the patients. They treat a diverse group of patients in a variety of settings using a variety of techniques and procedures such as computers and magnetic resonance imaging. This may include filling, crowning and scaling of teeth, extracting teeth, treating gum diseases and fitting artificial replacements where necessary and surgically handling injuries or other irregularities of the teeth and jaw. Problems dealing with the jaw or any invasive oral procedure are usually undertaken by an oral surgeon. Dentists perform trauma surgery, implants, tissue grafts and laser surgery to correct them. The core function of a dentist is prevention and treatment of diseases related to the oral cavity, including the floor of the oral cavity, the 'roof' of the mouth, teeth, gums, tongue etc. Their job include educating patients about oral hygiene and ways to preserve a healthy mouth and prevent dental problems. ELIGIBILITY & COURSE AREAS To practice as a dentist one must need at least a Bachelor's degree in Dental Science (BDS). There is no specialisation at the bachelor level. If you want your career to grow, then you will have to be a specialist with a Masters (MDS) degree. approved by the Dental Council of India. Duration: The BDS (Bachelor of Dental Science) degree programme is a 4 years course divided into 4 parts each of 1 years duration, followed by one year of rotating internship. Subjects such as basic anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and microbiology are covered in the first two years. Specialization in dentistry and hands on training are provided in the last two semesters. Those who have completed the BDS should be registered to practice dentistry by the Dental Council of India. An MDS (Masters in Dental Science) requires two years of additional training. The annual fees may range from 1 to 3 lakhs and the private institutions under management quota may charge 5 to 10 lakhs as capitation fee. Personal Skills: Today Dentists must have an artistic sense besides scientific knowledge. He is the scientist dedicated to the highest standards of health through the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of all oral diseases and conditions. He must have an artist's esthetic sense as well to realign an entire jaw or to brighten one tooth, to help patients look their best. It is a very hard working profession that requires craftsmanship and skill as much as theoretical knowledge. The foremost attribute required for a good dentist is patience, stamina to work hard for long periods, good health, power of concentration, manual dexterity and accuracy. Besides these they must have a keen eye for detail, ability to memorise and recall scientific facts, comprehensive medical understanding, cool temperament and strong interpersonal skills. The best dentists are skillful communicators and their analytical and logical reasoning skill should be above average. JOB PROSPECTS & CAREER OPTIONS A dentist's job is to help the patients to maintain a healthy mouth and teeth. This requires an examination of the mouth and teeth when there is a problem, and the preparation and execution of plans for the treatment and restoration of teeth. The main work of a dentist's involves treatment of diseased mouths and gums; extraction of teeth that cannot be saved, or might

Northeast India's first IIIT to open next year in Tripura

AGARTALA: An Indian Institute of Information Technology (IIIT) will be set up for Rs 128 crore in the northeastern state of Tripura next year to boost the growth of the domestic IT market, an official said here on Friday. The IIIT will be set up in Bodhjungnagar, one of the northeastern region's biggest industrial hubs, 25 km north of state capital Agartala. It will be the first such institute in the northeast and will start functioning from the 2014-15 academic year. "Two state-owned companies, ONGC (Oil and Natural Gas Corporation) and NEEPCO (Northeastern Electric Power Corporation), and a private industrial house from West Bengal have expressed willingness to partner for the Tripura IIIT," higher education department secretary Kishore Ambuly told reporters here. "Of the Rs 128 crore, the Union ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) would give Rs 119 crore and the remaining amount would be shared by ONGC, NEEPCO and the private organisation," he added. He said that the state government had allotted 50 acres of land for the institute. Besides Tripura, the MHRD had last year given its approval to the setting up of IIITs in Assam and Rajasthan. "The human resource development ministry has planned to establish 20 IIITs on a not-for-profit publicprivate partnership (N-PPP) basis in the country," the official said. So far, 11 state governments have identified land and are in the process of identifying industry partners and fulfilling other criteria. Currently, there are four IIITs in India at Allahabad, Gwalior, Jabalpur and Kanchipuram. These autonomous institutions provide undergraduate as well as postgraduate technical education. The major objective in establishing IIITs is to set up a model of education which can produce best-inclass human resources in IT and harness the multi-dimensional facets of IT in various domains. These institutions are conceived to be self-sustaining, research-led institutions contributing significantly to the global competitiveness of key sectors of the Indian economy and industry with the application of IT in selected domain areas.

The main specialization areas of Dentistry are Orthodontics which deals with straightening and aligning teeth and jaws; Periodontics which specializes in the care of gums and the diseases that might afflict them; Operative Dentistry or Endodontics for root canal jobs, fillings and cosmetic surgery; Prosthodontics which involves the making of artificial teeth; Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery which deals specifically with operations on the mouth and jaw, Pediatric Dentistry for treating children and Oral Pathology which provides the diagnosis for diseases that affect the mouth. Eligibility: Candidates who have passed 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry and Biology, with at least 50% marks are eligible for admission in the Bachelor of Dental Science (BDS) course. Selection: Admission to graduate courses in dentistry is through a general, nationwide competitive examination. The All India Pre-Medical/Pre-Dental Entrance Exam conducted by the CBSE is common for both the MBBS and the Bachelor of Dental Sciences (BDS) . The allocation of institutions is based on merit. Other than the centrally run medical institutions there is at least one dental college in most states, where admission is governed by domiciliary status. A merit waiting list up to a number of 1 to 2000 is made on the base of marks obtained in the Exam. The candidates are assigned their merit list and choice. There are also private colleges which under the management quota admit students on an all India basis. But to be eligible for practice, one must ensure that the course chosen is

Question banks uploaded to benefit PGCET aspirants

AHMEDABAD: Question banks for each of the subjects for the Postgraduate Common Entrance Test (PGCET) exam were uploaded. They can be accessed on the official website of the Admission Commission Professional Committee. The PGCET is conducted for students seeking admission in ME and MPharm courses. Students who have not appeared for the GPET, the national entrance test for admission in PG courses in pharmacy, and GATE, the national entrance test for admission in PG courses in engineering, will have to appear for the PGCET. The PGCET exam will be conducted on July 21 and 22. Officials said that the question banks will have 2,000-3,000 questions each so that the students get sufficient preparation material for PGCET. Officials said that the question banks were made as most of the students who have not appeared for the GPET and GATE exams have little knowledge about how to prepare for the entrance test. Gujarat Technological University officials said that a cutoff for minimum eligibility will also be kept for the PGCET exam.

SC to hear plea against high court verdict on nursery admissions

NEW DELHI: The Supreme Court on Friday agreed to hear a plea challenging the Delhi high court's order that the Right to Education (RTE) Act is not applicable to nursery admissions in unaided private schools. A bench of justices HL Dattu and Dipak Misra issued notice to Delhi government seeking its response on an appeal filed by an NGO, Social Jurist, challenging the high court's order. Advocate Ashok Aggarwal, appearing for the NGO, submitted that the high court erred in holding that the RTE Act applied only in the matter of admission of children between the age of 6 years to 14 years and that is not applicable to nursery admissions. "The Delhi high court has clearly erred in law in holding that the provisions of Section 13 of the Right of Children to Free and Compulsory Education Act, 2009, apply only in the matter of admission of the children between the age of 6 years to 14 years and are not applicable to the admission of children below 6 years in unaided private schools," the NGO has submitted in its petition. "Section 13 of the act was formulated in the context of rampant screening practices being adopted by the private unaided schools in nursery admissions which had resulted in a comprehensive round of litigation in the high court. It was to correct this mischief the said provision was incorporated," the petition said. The high court had passed the verdict on February 19, holding that the RTE Act and subsequent government notifications were not applicable to nursery admission in unaided private schools. It had, however, asked the Centre to consider amending the act to include nursery education as well, saying that the schools could not be allowed to run as "teaching shops" as it would be "detrimental to equal opportunity to children". The high court had said, "Though we have held that the Right to Education Act is not applicable to nursery schools, in our opinion there cannot be any different yardstick to be adopted for education to children up to the age of 14 years irrespective of the fact that it applies to only elementary education." "It is the right time for the government to consider the applicability of the Right to Education Act to the nursery classes as well, as in many of the states admissions are made right from the nursery classes and the children so admitted are automatically allowed to continue from class I. In that sense, the provisions of Section 13 would be rendered meaningless insofar as it prohibits screening procedure at the time of selection," it had said.

18,500 board students seek paper revaluation

MUMBAI: This year, more state board examinees are apparently upset with their scores and are looking to rectify their marks than their counterparts last year. But these students have little hope to get into better colleges with revised marks, given the fact that the state board has been running behind time in providing them with answersheet photocopies. Within a week of the HSC results being announced on May 30, the state board received 7,000 applications from candidates in the Mumbai division, seeking copies of their answersheets so that they could go in for revaluation. At the end of the deadline -three weeks after the result -the figure shot up to 14,000. Officials said the number of students looking for revaluation has gone up drastically than last year, when 2,500-odd had asked for copies of their answersheets. The scene is similar with Class X board students, 4,500 of whom have applied for the copies of their papers this year. the figure is much higher than that last year. Close to 200 Class X and XII students have already been told the board had not calculated their scores correctly. and so, the marks have gone up. "A very small number of students found errors in their totals and we are rectifying it. Teachers might have made those mistakes," said Laxmikant Pande, chairman of the Mumbai division of the board. , adding that the board had to hire extra people to tackle the rush of applications it received for photocopies of candidates' answer sheets. "In HSC, the subjects that witnessed most applications for answersheet copies are physics, chemistry, maths and biology. Their syllabi were revised last academic year," added Pande. Since last year, the state board has introduced a policy under which students are allowed to request for the photocopy of their answersheets. Candidates upset with their marks can get the copies evaluated by their teachers and then apply for revaluation. But many have been complaining about the amount of time the board has been taking to merely give them the copies. But officials blamed the delay on the rush of applications. "My daughter applied for a copy almost six weeks ago, but we are yet to receive it. When do we go for revaluation? Most colleges have already started classes," No college will entertain us if we try to shift to a better one with the revised marks,"said the father of an HSC student. Some students found the board had not added their marks properly or not included their internals or practical scores. "First, the board gave us a copy of my son's chemistry paper after three weeks of application. Then, to make the matter worse, we were told that the board had forgotten to add his marks from the practical exams," said P Iyer (name changed) mother of an HSC student whose total increased from 81.6% to 87% after the rectification. The board has, so far, revised the marksheets of 238 students (200 totalling errors and 36 after revaluation), the figures are likely to go up at the end of the process. "Students are still applying for revaluation and we are in the process of giving out photocopies of answer sheets. The huge number of applications is the reason behind this delay but we will try and speed up," added Pande.

Plan to reduce internal exam scores gets nod

MUMBAI: The Mumbai University's management council (MC) ratified the proposal on reducing the internal assessment scores of undergraduate students, which are disproportionately higher than their marks in the varsity exam. The Management Council, however, asked the university to review the system of giving 40% weightage to internal assessment; a few members even suggested bringing it down to 2025%. The proposal to reduce internal marks if there is a difference of 20% or more in the internal and external scores was earlier passed in the academic council. The Management Council also approved a proposal to put a cap on sanctions given to the number of additional seats allotted to colleges this year. Meanwhile, a local inquiry committee, which visited Lord's College, said it did not have not enough approved teachers.

Online payments create chaos at CET

BANGALORE: The newly introduced system ofe-payment of fees in CET 2013 resulted in chaos for both students and officials. Hundreds of students who had baggedundergraduate professional college seats were unable to get their admission tickets due to complications arising out of the fee payment mode they chose. The students who wanted to pay fees for the seats bagged after the first round of counselling had to go to the KEA ( Karnataka Examination Authority) website. They had to log in using their password as in the option entry process and choose either net banking or challan payment. The downloaded challan would contain name of the CET applicant, reference number, amount to be remitted and the account to which payment was to be made. But many students chose to go directly to the banks instead of the website and transferred the amount through net banking. Since most students had no accounts, the transfer was made through their parents' accounts. The KEA records reflected the parents' names and not the names or CET numbers of the students concerned. "There were some 14,000 direct payments. We were unable to reconcile and generate admission orders as we did not know who was paying the money. It is a Herculean task for us. We sorted out 9,000 of them. We hope to finish the rest soon," said SP Kulkarni, administrative officer, KEA. "KEA has only one account. It is for all courses, including PGET. With no reference numbers, things are unmanageable," he added.

Ignou invites applications for Rajiv Gandhi international prize for education and technology development
NEW DELHI: Indira Gandhi National Open University (Ignou) has invited nominations by individuals or institutions or organizations for the award of Rajiv Gandhi International Prizefor Education and Technology Development worth Rs 5 lakhs. The last date for nomination is July 27, 2013. The individual(s)/institution(s) who have made outstanding contributions in any of diverse areas in the last five years shall be considered for the Award viz Technology enabled education and development; Innovation in the field of educational processes: pedagogy, delivery, affordability, dissemination, community involvement, etc; and utilisation / novel ICT- based intervention(s) in the field of education; Research and Development in educational technology. The nominated individual(s)/institution(s) should be engaged in School or Tertiary education and training at national/ international level from developing countries. Nominated individual could be self employed or should be working for a 'not-for-profit' institution/ organisation. Same is applicable to nominated institution/organisation. Nomination can be made by the vice chancellor(s) of a university, chairperson(s) / president(s) of Academies of all India character,head(s) of the Institutions of national importance, director(s) of IITs / IIMs, Director(s) General of the major R&D organisations such as the ICSSR, ICAR, ICMR, CSIR, among others. The nomination for the award should be made in the prescribed format specifically indicating the outcome/ impact of the work of the individual/institution / organisation. Prescribed Nomination form and the detailed modalities are available in the Ignou website

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The Supreme Court has rightly thwarted the Congress-led UPA Government's bid to reclaim control over the investigations that the Central Bureau of Investigation is conducting in the coal block allocation irregularities. Both the CBI and the Government had been smarting from the dressingdown which the apex court had earlier given them for being complicit in a bid to compromise the investigations, and they were looking for ways to wriggle out of the situation. They thought they had found the way out when the CBI asked the court for permission to share some portions of the ongoing probe with the Government on the pretext that the investigating agency would require the Government's sanction to prosecute certain officials. The CBI also argued that it needed to share details of the probe with the Government because the Government's prosecutors had to be kept informed and prepared to face the court in subsequent hearings. In other words, the CBI requested the apex court to modify the latter's earlier order directing the probe agency not to share details of the investigation with the Government. Mercifully, the court saw through the game and struck down the request to share the details, and also demanded to know why the Government's sanction to prosecute was needed since the investigations were being carried out under the direct supervision and monitoring of the Supreme Court. We may not have heard the last word on the latter since the Government has to get back with a response, but the court's mood is obvious. Since the Government no longer has a role to play in the probe, it should not be placing obstacles under the garb of following rules. Nevertheless, the court's line of thought on Wednesday is important in that it can restrict the cases where Government sanctions are mandatory for prosecution. Investigating agencies may not require Government clearance for prosecution of officials in matters that the courts are monitoring. This is as it should be, because we have seen in the past and many senior officials who have served in the Government and as heads of investigation agencies are on record to confirm it that the Government often takes its time to accord or deny permission to prosecute officials, thereby making a mockery of the probe process. Unfortunately for the Government, its woes do not end here. The Supreme Court has pulled up the Congress-led regime for causing roadblocks in the speedy investigation of the scam by not supplying the CBI certain crucial documents. The Government cannot dismiss the issue because it is the probe agency which has made this allegation in its status report to the apex court. The regime's attempt to drag its feet only reinforces the belief that it is doing everything it can, openly and surreptitiously, to sabotage the inquiry. The fact that the court observed it had found nothing substantially different in the three status reports that the CBI has given it over a period of time goes to demonstrate that the agency is not getting fresh material to take the probe forward. If the Government has nothing to hide, why is it withholding material? Attorney General GE Vahanvati's defence that the CBI's remarks are not true across the board, is neither here nor there. The Government will have to do more to earn the trust of the apex court.



Just because a case is hanging against an MP or MLA, it is unfair for the person to be assumed disqualified due to the hyped-up fear of a future conviction, as the allegation could well have been fabricated to score political points
The Supreme Courts recent landmark judgement, which ensures that convicted politicians will now get immediately disqualified from contesting in elections or holding office, marks an end to almost a two decade long tug-of-war between political parties and the Election Commission over the right of electoral candidacy to tainted candidates. While it is surely a landmark judgement and it is not fair to be critical about everything, yet, the board is split into equal halves in their opinion towards the Supreme Court ruling, as pros and cons of the judgement seem to weigh equally. On the one hand, just because a case

is hanging against a candidate, it is grossly unfair for the person to be assumed disqualified (due to the hyped-up fear of future conviction) as the allegation could well be fabricated. As it often happens in the political domain, a candidate could be debarred based on false allegation brought about by vested interests to stonewall him from standing in an election. Its quite easy and simple: Just file a case against him, tom-tom the fact that the candidate could end up getting convicted, and he is done for good. Morally, it is our constitutional right to remain innocent until proved guilty. And if that doctrine is applicable to all Indian citizens, it is only fair that the same applies to the politicians as well. It is not that the Supreme Court judgement goes against this. But the scrutiny that politicians will face now, especially the honest ones who have trumped up cases against them, could well be unfair. The attempts over the years to enforce stringent rules against political candidates has been to stem the growing criminalisation of Indian politics and to debilitate the nefarious nexus of politicians with goons and unlawful activities. But I have to admit, in this attempt to secure a fine balance between being just and unjust, it is debatable how far the strings should be pulled in curbing criminal activities in politics and how much latitude should be given to electoral candidates. The fact also is that a mind-numbing high percentage of Indian politicians have got criminal cases pending against them, most of which are genuine, but they are not convicted due to their muscle power. The Supreme Court ruling also makes the prospect of money and muscle power becoming increasingly in vogue in Indian public life, as often the outcome of investigations are manipulated by ruling parties to their benefit, where evidences are hushed up or conjured up, based on the ruling parties benevolence. I should mention, all this doesnt mean a truly innocent person would be punished just because an allegation is laid against him. At the same time, the leeway given by the Supreme Court can be a shot in the arms of politicians and particularly the candidates

belonging to the ruling Government. And characteristically, parties are being generally silent on the judgement and are giving only guarded statements on the issue. A large number of eminent politicians have faced or currently face criminal charges. From our former Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao to former and some present Chief Ministers of Punjab, Bihar, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Himachal Pradesh and Jharkhand, all have faced charges that range from misappropriation of money, cheating to other illegal activities. Political parties of all sizes, spread and ideologies are affected by this issue, and these include national parties like the Congress and the BJP, to regional ones like the Akali Dal and the Rashtriya Janata Dal. But then, this powerful bunch of people can easily win a pending case eventually on the strength of their money and muscle power and also with their high level contacts. There is hardly any case in India where a powerful politician is convicted and punished in the court of law. Comparatively, while there are a number of examples of Chinese lawmakers being incarcerated and even executed on account of their corrupt practices, Indian counterparts are mostly acquitted or are under the blessings of neverending pendency of charges brought against them. In other words, there is quite some possibility of honest politicians, without the muscle power, being affected by the Supreme Court judgement than politicians and ruling parties who shrewdly control investigating authorities like the CBI that are supposed to provide evidence to court. In this light, the apex courts ruling is perhaps skewed. It is exactly what powerful politicians had been waiting for and may work diametrically opposite to an attempted fight to root out corruption by our political masters. There is clearly no love lost between the Supreme Court and the politicians. One cannot forget the attempt by the Union Law Ministry to change the system of appointment of Supreme Court judges from the present system to a participatory process involving both the executives and the judiciary; that was clearly a subversive attempt to disrupt the

neutral image of the Supreme Court. This is apart from various attempts of politicians to stifle a very impartial institution like the Supreme Court when it comments on political issues. All these are being done to protect tainted politicians and office holders from being prosecuted. Scams like 2G spectrum, Coalgate, and the very recent railway recruitment scandal are increasingly becoming an embarrassment and an impediment for the current Government. Its the same case with the Opposition parties, which in their ruling States are culprits of the same kind of scandals and corruption. The essence of democracy that politicians of yesteryears, like Mahatma Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel stood for to serve the countrys people and provide them clean, healthy and corruption-free governance has long been relegated to the trash can. Under these circumstances, in the current state, the Supreme Court ruling is more of tokenism rather than being a judicial revolution. Not only will it allow powerful politicians to settle their scores, but in the long run, it will see itself being misused and abused. Today, elections in rural belts are mostly fought on caste and communal equations, while the integrity of the candidates usually takes the back seat. Hunger, social and caste discrimination, education and basic dignity of life are killing issues; clean legal records of electoral candidates are hardly points of contention. These are subject of discussion in the drawing rooms of State capitals and never in the impoverished villages of the hinterlands. Considering all this, the Supreme Court should, in the course of time, come out with a more fool-proof and holistic legislation in order to make the political corridors relatively cleaner and ethical, and a fair entry field for honest politicians without money and muscle power. But then, as they say, something is better than nothing. This one law may show the way for the future, but in the case of the Indian political system, the less said the better. (The author is a management guru and honorary director of IIPM Think Tank)


Liberals fear and loathe Narendra Modi not because he is loved by voters who are bigots but because he appeals to some voters who arent. The Bharatiya Janata Partys gamble on Modi is based on the calculation that he will galvanize the BJPs core vote (bigots), and yet attract swing voters who arent particularly stirred by the prospect of a Ram temple or excited by the sangh parivars favoured sport and raison detre, minority baiting. On the face of it, this seems counter-intuitive: wouldnt the party be better served by nominating someone less divisive like Sushma Swaraj or Arun Jaitley? As leaders of the Opposition in the two houses of Parliament, they have a reasonable degree of name recognition without the burden of infamy: neither is accused of being the chief patron of a pogrom. Since bigots are likely to be motivated voters, shouldnt the BJP have assumed that Swaraj and Jaitley would get their votes anyway while their moderation and parliamentary mien might attract the uncommitted voter who is put off by Modis latter-day Lohpurush manner, his pitch-perfect performance as the bhagwa (saffron) Don? The BJPs answer to this question was no. The sangh parivars cadres made it clear that Modi enthuses them in a way that no other BJP leader, provincial or pan-Indian, does. They love him because Modi is what they signed up to be: a virile Hindu with a magical knack for making Muslims invisible. While bleeding hearts might ventriloquize on behalf of his states wounded Muslims, in Gujarat, politically, Muslims count for nothing. That, in a sentence, is the very definition of Hindutva heaven: a country where politically neutered Muslims are properly subordinated to potent Hindus. In Hindutva lore, Muslims are feral beasts and in this narrative Modi is a fearless ringmaster, who makes no apology for showing them their place firmly and, if necessary, with a touch of the whip. The fact that the occasional Muslim alim or businessman from Gujarat makes the news for praising Modi, is read by the parivarfaithful as a tribute to Modis ability to make even recalcitrant creatures jump through hoops. The reason for Modis hold on Hindutva cadres is that he never tries to play Dr Jekyll; hes always Mr Hyde. So unlike Advani, Swaraj and Jaitley, he has no interest in respectability as defined by the republics political history: in essence, Modis project is the re-making of Indias political culture in the image of Hindutva. This can be properly real-

So in this reading of the BJPs election strategy we have Modi as Janus, whose fierce visage rouses the faithful, while his other, more technocratic, managerial profile draws in desis yearning for decisive, coherent governance that will free them from the economic and political dysfunction of Congress rule. It suggests that the the swing voters who turn against the United Progressive Alliance will do so by suppressing their queasiness about Modis past because the good governance he offers is ideologically neutral and will lead, if you like, to a secular good: economic progress.
ized only through the constitution of a 2nd Republic which isnt going to happen any time soon, but meanwhile cadres want a true believer at the helm, not temporizers in republican motley. This still leaves unanswered the question we raised earlier: how does this help the BJP reach out to the ideologically uncommitted voters it needs to win close to 200 seats? The prevailing wisdom seems to be that Modis stewardship of Gujarat has been so efficient, particularly in terms of economic development, that Indians committed to economic modernity shareholders looking for a return on their investment, corporate houses frustrated by red tape, young people looking for jobs, farmers hungry for irrigation and electricity, the urban middle classes thwarted by bureaucratic irrationality and corruption, ordinary citizens maddened by absent infrastructure will vote for a Modi-led BJP because their first priority is governance, not an unfortunate spasm of violence that happened more than a decade ago. So in this reading of the BJPs election strategy we have Modi as Janus, whose fierce visage rouses the faithful, while his other, more technocratic, managerial profile draws in desis yearning for decisive, coherent governance that will free them from the economic and political dysfunction of Congress rule. It suggests that the the swing voters who turn against the United Progressive Alliance will do so by suppressing their queasiness about Modis past because the good governance he offers is ideologically neutral and will lead, if you like, to a secular good: economic progress. But this is not, in fact, the deal that Modi is offering. Modi has done nothing to ease undecided voters over the hump of the Gujarat pogrom: no anodyne word of regret, nopro forma murmurings about reconciliation. He has doubled down on the violence in an explicit, public way. Maya Kodnani, who in the aftermath of the Naroda Patiya massacre was widely believed to have organized the killings of Muslim women and children (a belief legally borne out by the verdict of the special court who found her guilty), was appointed by Modi in 2007 to the post of of minister of women and child development. She only left that office after she was arrested in 2009. More recently and this is revealing given the imminent elections Amit Shah, Modis protg, out on judicial bail as one of the accused in the kidnapping and killing by the Gujarat police in 2005 of Sohrabuddin Shaikh, his wife Kauserbi and Tulsiram Prajapati in a fake encounter, was appointed by Modi as the man in charge of the BJPs election campaign in Uttar Pradesh. A man accused of organizing an encounter killing, forbidden from entering Gujarat till the disposition of his bail petition lest he tamper with the evidence, was given political charge of UP in spite of concerns voiced within the BJP.The Times of India reported at the time that muscle-flexing by Narendra Modi has forced top party-men to fall in line. Less than a week ago Amit Shah visited the improvised temple on the site of the razed Babri Masjid and declared to reporters that he wanted to build a massive Ram temple there as soon as possible. Theres only one way to read this: in his appointment of Amit Shah as the chief of the BJPs UP operation and in Shahs subsequent reiteration of the sangh parivar position on the Ram temple, Modi is announcing, as if on a megaphone, that good governance and Hindutvavadi nationalism are joined at the hip, that the former grows out of the latter. On cue Amit Shah followed up his Ram Mandir declaration by saying he had also prayed to god to uproot Congress misrule and replace it with good governance. The idea that Modis mantra of governance is an attempt to sugarcoat the BJPs appeal to those who have mixed feelings about Hindutva in general and Godhra in particular, is flat-out wrong. Modis pitch is more radical and more ambitious than that. There is no attempt at misdirection; on the contrary, Modi has asserted in every possible way that the many episodes of violence against Muslims on his watch in Gujarat were, variously, understandable, excusable or legitimate. He is, in effect, making the case that Kodnani and Shah are instruments of good governance because a nations economy can only progress once its society and polity are secured against its enemies. His obduracy on Godhra, the Gujarat model premised on Muslim subordination through violence and discrimination, the patronage extended to Kodnani and Shah, all these are policy statements that make a single argument: the consolidation of a Hindutvavadi State apparatus is a necessary preliminary to good governance because the decisiveness that creates the one is the quality that makes the other possible. Modi is offering Indians good governance in the service of an alternative nationalism: majoritarian, discriminatory and decisive. He is not trying to live down Godhra; hes trying to live up to it. He is saying to the swing voter as explicitly as he can, that he isnt just pitching for an electorates votes, he is bidding for the republics political soul. We should take him at his word.

The shield has gone. The Supreme Court has taken away the protection to legislators offered by Subsection (4) of Section 8 of the Representation of the People Act, 1951 by ruling that it is unconstitutional. This sub-section allowed a legislator convicted of any of the crimes listed in Section 8 of the RPA three months in office after conviction. More, if the convicted member of parliament or member of a legislative assembly or legislative council appealed to a higher court within these three months, he or she could continue in office till the matter was sorted out. Which could easily mean the full term. In the first place, this was highly discriminatory. No one convicted of a crime is allowed to contest elections, appeal or not. The Supreme Courts ruling aims at a level playing field. A convicted legislator is to be disqualified from the moment of conviction, and would not be allowed to contest elections for six years after imprisonment if there is any. There is to be no exception to the rule, even if the offence does not warrant imprisonment but only a fine. The real, and welcome, effect of this ruling would be in the sphere of experience, not just principle. It would be one of the best-defined steps in cleansing Indian politics of its criminal strain, something that proponents of electoral reform have been calling for through the years. Although the ruling is to be applied prospectively, that is, from the day it was made and not retrospectively, it would be immensely powerful in invisibly directing the composition of legislative bodies, for political parties would have to be careful about whom they consider as candidates. Apart from the fact, of course, that no convicted legislator will be allowed to linger in the House. That is a huge moral boost as well. It is not clear what would happen if a higher court finds the convicted legislator not guilty; he may go back, but how would his exile be compensated for? It is a question of fairness. Perhaps this is a risk the court is willing to take, since the moral tone of a House that has hitherto made convicted criminals welcome would be immediately elevated. Predictably, politicians have greeted the ruling with apparent enthusiasm while keeping low profiles. No one has said anything about firm implementation yet. That is the governments headache. It remains to be seen how willing it will be.


Cricketing Talent in Valley

Dear Editor, It is a matter of delight to note that Parvez Rasool from Kashmir has been selected for Indian cricket team; his selection in team is celebrated throughout the state and well highlighted by all media channels both electronic and print, as deserved. However, what the media missed out is that prior to him another lad from Kashmir is already a part of countrys cricket team who is none other than Suresh Raina, originally a resident of Rainwari, Srinagar, and Kashmir. The lad had migrated from Kashmir Valley in wake of unprecedented mass migration because of disturbances in Valley in 1990. Undoubtedly, it is by dint of his hard work and self made efforts enabled him to earn name.One wishes that his selection at a young age and in difficult period ,if were highlited earlier, would have inspired many others in achieving such feats till now. Nevertheless, both the boys have made our state proud by earning a place in the national team and deserve kudos. God helps those who help themselves. Yours Etc, P. K Mam Shankar Vihar Talab Tillo, Jammu

an Ordinance for food security is born not out of concern for the poor. It is aimed at securing more votes in the Lok Sabha election. The grand old party which has gained notoriety for administrative failure, resulting in scams of serious nature, has no other way to go. Yours Etc, Reshmi jamwal Jammu

Let the sun shine

Ploy to get votes

Dear Editor, The UPA governments decision to promulgate

Dear Editor, India is one of the countries where the sun shines all year round on most of its land. Due to a widespread increase in the consumption of electricity, India faces an acute power shortage. A developing country like India must have enough electricity at affordable tariff, otherwise, it would seriously jeopardise its growth and progress. Further, in view of the protests from the public against the building of new nuclear plants for producing electricity, and the depleting supply of coal, and related environmental issues, it is the time for India to focus on producing electricity through solar power. India must cash in on this opportunity as much as possible. If India can use solar power to run rickshaws, it should be able to produce enough electricity to meet its day-to-day needs. yours Etc, P Dorje Leh

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NEW DELHI, JULY 12: Nearly a month after a flash flood deposited nearly a 10-foot-high mound of debris around Kedarnath shrine in Uttarakhand, not much progress has been made in clearing it, an official said on Friday. "Not much progress has been made in clearing the debris at the Kedarnath shrine," M Shashidhar Reddy, vice chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA), told a news agency. Reddy cited challenges like inclement weather which have been delaying the clearing of debris. "It was planned earlier that JCB machines will be carried on helicopters to clear


the debris. But due to bad weather we are not able to

take the machines there. Without the right kind of

machines, it is tough to clear the debris," Reddy

added. Thousands of people have been reported missing after torrential rains wrecked havoc in the hill state last month and authorities fear that bodies buried under the mound of debris in Kedarnath Valley may start decomposing, leading to an epidemic. Kedarnath, one of the revered pilgrimage sites for Hindus, is situated at an altitude of 3,586 mt near the head of Mandakini river in Himalayas. It can be reached after a steep 14km-long trek. The incessant and intense rains that hit Uttarakhand over three days starting June 14 triggered flash floods and landslides, leading to hundreds of deaths.

Shiv Sena backs Modi for 'Hindu nationalist' remark

NEW DELHI, JULY 12: Shiv Sena on Friday came out in strong support of Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi saying it believes that the nation's leadership should be in the hands of a Hindutva leader. "We welcome Modi's stand. It was our strong belief from the time of Balasaheb Thackarey that the nation's leadership should be in the hands of a Hindutva leader. Modi's stand will benefit NDA," party spokesperson Sanjay Raut, MP, said. His remarks came close on the heels of Modi's interview to Reuters in which he described himself as a "Hindu nationalist". "I am nationalist. I'm patriotic. Nothing is wrong. I am born Hindu. Nothing is wrong. So I'm a Hindu nationalist. So yes, you can say I'm a Hindu nationalist because I'm a born

Hindu," he said. Raut said that Modi's remarks were praiseworthy as it was considered an "offence" earlier to proclaim oneself a Hindu till Thackarey declared himself a Hindu unapologetically. Accusing the Congress of practising the politics of appeasement, he said that the leadership of the country should always be with a

Hindu, who have always remained "neglected". Claiming that Hindutva was "another name of nationalism", Raut said that proponents of Hindutva are not against any religion. Shiv Sena is the oldest ideological ally of the BJP which has shared power with it in Maharashtra and at the Centre around a decade ago.

Returning Singur land to farmers my lifes mission

ment. She said her government [which completed two years of governance in May 2013] had kept its promise of not acquiring land by force. I feel very bad when land is taken away forcibly farmers are reduced to beggars. Agitations at Singur and Nandigram [against plan to set up a chemical hub under the special economic zone policy] were like a beacon for all those protesting forcible acquisition of land for industry, she said. Ms. Banerjee mentioned her sit-ins at Singur, where once she had to spend the night sitting near a drain staving off mosquitoes. The Chief Minister mentioned her 26-day fast on the Singur issue in Kolkata in 2006. She also recalled the various development projects, including a college and two railway projects, that were rolled out for the area around Singur.

Monsoon disrupts life across India, 2 dead in

MUMBAI, JULY 12: Monsoon rains threw normal life out of gear in Maharashtra, Odisha and North India, leaving 2 dead and several missing. Heavy rains continued to lash most parts of Maharashtra, especially Mumbai for the second consecutive day on Friday, affecting road and rail traffic since morning, said officials. Railway tracks have been flooded at various points on the Central Railway and Western Railway networks serving the city. A railway official said that several trains in both directions on the two routes (Mumbai-Ahmedabad and Mumbai-New Delhi) have been regulated at various stations until the water levels recede. In Mumbai, several lowlying areas have been waterlogged in the city and suburbs, hitting vehicular movement badly. Weather Bureau Director

KOLKATA, JULY 12: I feel very bad when land is taken away forcibly farmers are reduced to beggars West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said returning land to the Singur farmers is her lifes mission. I will get one of my lifes greatest rewards if we get

back the land, she said at an election rally in Hooghly district on Thursday. Ms. Banerjee said, We passed a law to return the land [400 acres acquired from unwilling farmers for the Tata small car plant] to the Singur farmers ... I will not be able to pardon myself

if I cannot give back the land as we had promised. On Wednesday, the Supreme Court asked Tata Motors to make its stand clear on its leasehold rights on the land as it had moved its car plant out of the State. Ms. Banerjee had described it as a moral victory for the Singur move-

V.K. Rajeev said that heavy rains are expected to continue over Mumbai, coastal Konkan and other parts of the state for the next two days. Meanwhile, in Odisha, two women were killed, while two were swept away after a flash flood ravaged Malkangiri district, Revenue

Minister Surya Narayan Patro said on Friday. At least 100 people were given shelter in a local school after flood water gushed through their homes in the region, he added. Agra too was hard hit by three spells of heavy showers since Friday morning. Water-

logging was reported from different parts of the city, but the Taj Mahal stood washed and sparkling. Traffic snarls have affected otherwise busy commercial areas. Heavy rain had lashed the city on Thursday too. Low-lying colonies were inundated.

Court dismisses CBIs plea to put Radia tapes on record

NEW DELHI, JULY 12: A Delhi Court on Friday dismissed CBIs plea seeking to place on record a CD of former corporate lobbyist Niira Radias taped conversations and the transcripts of her calls purportedly pertaining to the 2G spectrum allocation. Special CBI Judge O.P. Saini dismissed the plea saying that it seems that the agency is not much serious about its petition as it has not provided certain documents to the accused. In view of the failure of the prosecution to supply annexure A to the aforesaid letter to the accused, it has not pressed the application seriously. Since the application has been vehemently opposed by the defence as well as complete application has not been supplied to the defence and the prosecution itself does not appear much serious about the application, the same deserves to be dismissed and is accordingly dismissed, the court said. It said, The (plea for) filing of the CD on record has been vehemently opposed by the defence on various grounds including that the same would prejudice the defence as the same is being attempted to be placed on record belatedly, when the accused have already disclosed their defence. It is further submitted that this CD cannot be taken on record through an incomplete application as annexure A of the aforesaid letter has not been supplied to them, the judge said. The court noted that CBI had not supplied to the accused the annexure A to the letter dated May 20, 2010 which was received by it from the Income Tax department having the details of intercepted calls stored in a USB hard disk. During the brief arguments on Friday, Special Public Prosecutor U.U. Lalit told the court that he is unable to supply the documents as it contains other details which are not relevant to this case and cannot be disclosed in the interest of security of the state. The court dismissed the plea and asked the agency to proceed with the ongoing trial. The plea is dismissed, the judge said, adding, How many applications will you (CBI) move? Let the case proceed.

Anti-Sikh riots case: SC Now, Badrinath faces threat of lake burst refuses to hear Tytlers plea
NEW DELHI, JULY 12: The Supreme Court on Friday refused to entertain Congress leader Jagdish Tytlers plea seeking a stay on an order of the trial court directing CBI to conduct further probe into his alleged role in the 1984 anti-Sikh riots case. A bench headed by Justice P Sathasivam said that the apex court should not interfere in the matter at this stage as the case is pending in the Delhi High Court which is scheduled to be heard on September 18. Sensing the mood of the bench, senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi agreed to withdraw the petition which was allowed by the court. Mr Tytler approached the apex court challenging the high courts July 3 order refusing to grant interim stay on the trial courts order. The high court had refused to stay the probe saying, Only investigation is ordered and this court will not stop the investigation. Mr Tytler had on May 30 moved the high court challenging the trial court order setting aside the CBIs closure report giving him a clean chit in the 29-year-old case and directing the probe agency to examine eye-witnesses and people claiming to have information about the riots. Mr Tytler, in his plea before the high court, had said that the trial court order is contrary to the scheme of code of CrPC. The method and mode of investigation by a probe agency is the absolute prerogative of the agency and it is not for the court to direct the agency that which witness should be examined by it, he had said. The trial courts order of further investigation had come on a plea by the riot victims against CBI giving a clean chit to Mr Tytler and filing the closure report. DEHRADUN, JULY 12: Uttarakhand Disaster Mitigation and Management Centre (DMMC) has issued a warning on the formation of a lake near Mana village on the Alaknanda River. This was in response to a National Remote Sensing Centre (NRSC) report that warned of a lake forming to the west of Mana in Badrinath in Chamoli district. The report, called Monitoring of Glacial Lake in Bhagirathi and Alaknanda Basins, said the heavy rainfall forecast between July 5 and 8 in the State raised fears about formation or burst of glacial lakes near the village. As the report e-mailed to the DMMC does not clearly present the study as a warning, the DMMC authorities have asked the NRSC to clarify if the report was to be treated as such. But, given the present situation of the State, the DMMC has issued a warning for the area which is

UPA counts on RIL poll funds, says Dasgupta Defecting Congress leader plays spoilsport in M.P. Assembly
the contract agreement. Elections are in the offing and RIL is the biggest political investor. Several other parties too are maintaining silence on the issue for this precise reason. Mr. Dasgupta ridiculed the Finance Ministrys contention that RIL would receive the present rate ($4.2 per mbtu) until after the shortfall in production the company had assured was bridged. Finance Minister P. Chidambaram was trying to distance himself from the Cabinets decision as he had to contest the next election from Tamil Nadu, one of the States which would be worst hit by the abnormal hike in natural gas price. Why didnt Mr. Chidambaram oppose it when the issue came up in the Cabinet? He has made the statement only following the uproar in the State. The CPI leader said the government had surrendered to RILs arm-twisting tactics as was evident from the fact that the corporate, which had met the stipulated production levels in the first year, recorded a drop in the past three years. The governments decision to allow hike in gas prices would result in a cascading effect on all sections and it was nothing short of national betrayal. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Finance Minister P. Chidambaram and Planning Commission Deputy Chairman Montek Singh Ahluwalia are pauperising the country. The economic crisis arose due to overdependence on foreign investments. The governments intentions were exposed when it did not consider production costs, international prices and automatic benefit accruing to RIL through fluctuation in exchange rates. In the first place, why is the company being paid in dollars when [the price of] coal and petroleum products is calculated on rupee basis? Mr. Dasgupta asked. CPI(M) Polit Bureau member B.V. Raghavulu alleged that the flawed price fixation mechanism would mean windfall gains to RIL. The Rangarajan panel fixed the prices based on the international scenario. BHOPAL, JULY 12: Aaya Ram Gaya Ram politics reinvented itself in the Madhya Pradesh Vidhan Sabha on Thursday, when Deputy Leader of the Congress Legislature Party himself opposed a no-confidence motion against the BJP government, saying Lord Ram had been insulted. Bhind MLA Chaudhri Rakesh Singh Chaturvedi, who after the end of the days proceedings joined the BJP, interrupted Leader of the Opposition Ajay Singh as he rose to move the motion. After Speaker Ishwardas Rohani asked Mr. Ajay Singh to present the motion, Mr. Chaturvedi stood up and said: This motion has no mention of the 721 pilgrims of M.P. missing in Uttarakhand. Honourable Speaker, this motion also does not talk of former minister Ragahvjis CD scandal. There are people who are saying Bachcha Bachcha Ram Ka, Raghavji Ke Kaam Ka! [Every child is Rams and is of use to Raghavji]. This hurts my sentiments and the sentiments of Hindus who form 80 per cent of this country. Mr. Chaturvedi was referring to a tweet by the former Chief Minister and Congress leader Digvijaya Singh, who on July 9 said this slogan, first used by BJP leader L.K. Advani during his Rath Yatra in 1990, was being raised in Bhopal ostensibly to mock Mr. Raghavji, accused of sodomy. Raghav is another name for Lord Ram. Mr. Chaturvedis intervention surprised the Opposition and most of the treasury benches alike. He continued his speech repeating the slogan as BJP leaders stood up and chanted Shame and, Name the man who made the comment. Amidst the din of sloganeering by the BJP, it dawned upon the Congress that it had been betrayed. Mr. Ajay Singh stood up and asked Congress MLAs who supported the motion to stand up with him. All except Mr. Chaturvedi and Mahendra Singh Kalukheda stood up. Mr. Kalukheda raised his hand in support. The disruption forced the Speaker to adjourn the House for half hour. The Congress was unable to present its 27point charge sheet against the government, which included allegations of corruption against Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhans family, even after the House reconvened. The BJP and Shivraj Chouhan dont have the guts to face the charges. Honourable Speaker, you cant dismiss the no-confidence motion because of one MLA, said Mr. Ajay Singh. On a request by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Narottam Mishra, Mr. Rohani adjourned the House indefinitely. This was the last session before the Assembly polls. Soon after, Mr. Chaturvedi drove with Mr. Chouhan to the State BJP headquarters, where he accepted the membership of the party. BJP State president Narendra Tomar said, It is a rare moment in democracy when one follows his soul over his party ... The doors of the BJP are open for you. Mr. Chaturvedi replied, I am grateful for your help in my battle of principles. I will give every moment of my life to the BJP. Mr. Chaturvedi has won four Assembly elections as a Congressman since 1990. He was dismissed from the Congress on Thursday evening. His father Dilip Singh was a BJP MLA. Mr. Ajay Singh told the press that Mr. Chaturvedi, his second-in-command, had literally stabbed him in the back as he sat right behind him. He never raised any objections at CLP meetings. This could not have taken place without a suitcase from Shivraj. These tactics to prevent debate is fascism. Thakur- Brahmin rivalry In an exclusive interview to The Hindu, a senior BJP leader, who, according to multiple senior sources, plotted the defection, said the roots of the drama lay in caste rivalries in the Chambal Valley. Rakesh Singh Chaturvedi [a Brahmin] was stifled by the presence of Govind Singh [a Thakur], a greater leader than him, in Bhind. We began working on him after he was expelled [and later readmitted] from the Assembly in the previous monsoon session.

HYDERABAD, JULY 12: Chidambaram wriggling out as he has to contest election from Tamil Nadu CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta on Thursday criticised the UPA government for accepting the Rangarajan Committee recommendation on natural gas price hike with a view to keeping Reliance Industries Limited in good humour. (Petroleum Minister M. Veerappa Moily has since announced that no such price

$8.4 mbtu had been fixed or approved by the Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs. He said the price levels under the Rangarajan formula in April 2014 would be applicable to domestically produced gas.) The MP alleged that the Manmohan Singh-led dispensation was looking at funds from RIL for election expenditure and hence, was not acting against the company in spite of several violations in

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Security forces regain control of Indonesia prison after riot that killed five people
MEDAN, July 12: Hundreds of prisoners, including convicted terrorists, escaped from the prison where inmates set fires Security forces regained control of a crowded prison in western Indonesia on Friday where inmates set fires and started a deadly riot that left five people dead and hundreds of prisoners, including convicted terrorists, on the loose, officials said. About 500 policemen and 300 soldiers have been deployed around Tanjung Gusta prison in Medan, the capital of North Sumatra, where the riot broke out on Thursday night while fire brigades were battling the fires. The situation is fully under control after soldiers managed to enter the prison without resistance, said Akbar Hadi, spokesman for the prison directorate. Two prison employees were trapped and killed in an office building that was burned by prisoners during the riot, which appeared to have been triggered by a power blackout that knocked out water pumps, leaving inmates without water since Thursday morning. Another employee was injured, Hadi said. The facility holds nearly 2,600 prisoners while its normal capacity is 1,054, Hadi said. That includes 22 persons convicted for terrorist acts. In Jakarta, senior Security Minister Joko Suyanto said 64 of the escaped inmates have been caught. Earlier, local police chief Lt. Col. Nico Afinta said the rearrested included two terror-

Ireland votes to allow life-saving abortions

LONDON, JULY 12: Irish lawmakers on Friday overwhelmingly voted in favour of a groundbreaking law that will allow abortion in limited cases in the predominantly Catholic country, following an outcry over the death of an Indian dentist after a miscarriage in 2012. PM Enda Kenny and his coalition government pushed through the Protection of Life in Pregnancy Bill, which will allow for abortions only when a womans life is under threat if her pregnancy continues or if she is suicidal. The Bill was voted through early morning, shortly before 12:30 am (local time), by 127 to 31 against after marathon discussions on 165 amendments. Ireland was forced to review its abortion law in cases where the mothers life is at risk following the death of Indian dentist Savita Halappanavar in a Galway hospital last October after she was denied an abortion. An inquest into Dr. Savitas death earlier this year was told that a timely abortion may have saved her life. Doctors had denied her pleas for an abortion, even though her uterus had ruptured, because the 17-week-old foetus still had a heartbeat. By the time it stopped, Dr. Savita had already contracted lethal septicaemia or blood poisoning, investigations into her death later revealed. Opponents said the Bill, which still needs the Upper Houses approval, could lead to more widespread abortions. Others argue the Bill is too limited as it does not allow for terminations in cases of rape or incest, or when there is a foetal abnormality. Nor does it allow for termination when the foetus cannot survive outside the womb.

ists. Medan, home to more than 2 million people, is Indonesias third largest city in economy and development after Jakarta and Surabaya. Witnesses said gunshots were heard from inside the prison on Thursday night,

and television footage showed security forces carrying a white body bag into an ambulance from the burning prison. The fire sent raging orange flames jumping several metres into the air and a huge column of black smoke billowed over the jail. Vice Minister for Justice

Denny Indrayana, who is in Medan overseeing the operation, appealed to those who escaped to give themselves up to the police. Legal action will be taken to chase them, and tougher action will be applied to those who refuse to surrender, Mr. Indrayana said.

Chidambaram calls for closer Indo-US economic ties

WASHINGTON, JULY 12: Pitching for closer business ties between India and US, Finance Minister P Chidambaram has said the two nations should not let a few cases of business rivalry stand in the way of good relations. Delivering the key note address at the 38th annual Leadership Summit of the US India Business Council (USIBC) on Thursday, Mr. Chidambaram expressed concern over provisions of an immigration legislation passed by US Senate that would make it harder for Indian IT professionals to get temporary work visas. Stating that economic woes back home had been exacerbated by the global economic slowdown, he asked for patience as India creates jobs for its young and growing population. India had paid a price for its earlier period of rapid growth in terms of a high fiscal deficit, high inflation and now a high current account deficit. But these are not problems that we cannot overcome, Mr. Chidambaram said. Competition Noting that business competition is the foundation of a free market and free economy, Mr. Chidambaram said business rivalries should not be brought to the political table. I therefore appeal to you there is great opportunity to work together for the two countries, he said in his speech. We are a country where we are building our economy brick by brick, and in that process we seek your help, Mr. Chidambaram told the audience that included executives, officials and lawmakers from both India and the US.

No evidence of mechanical problems in US plane crash

SAN FRANCISCO, JULY 12: The focus of the probe into Asiana Flight 214 switched squarely to the pilots after investigators found no evidence of mechanical problems, the head of the U.S. National Transportation Safety Board said. In her final briefing before the agency concluded its on-site detective work, NTSB Chairman Deborah Hersman said on Thursday that the airplane showed no signs of a breakdown, and on voice recorders, the pilots of the Boeing 777 fail to notice that their approach is dangerously low and slow until its too late. There is no mention of speed until about nine seconds before impact, when theyre at 100 feet (30 meters), she said on Thursday. Just seconds before the impact, two of the pilots call for the landing to be aborted. Investigators have stressed that nothing has been definitively ruled out and no firm conclusions reached. The agencys final evaluation is expected to

Egypt to investigate Morsy for 2011 jailbreak

CAIRO, JULY 12: Prosecutors will investigate allegations that Egypts ousted president escaped from prison during the 2011 revolution with help from the Palestinian militant group Hamas, officials said. Chief prosecutor Hesham Barakat has received testimonies from a court in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia that will be the base for an investigation by state security prosecutors into the jailbreak by Mohamed Morsy and more than 30 other Muslim Brotherhood leaders, according to the officials who spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak to the media. The question of whether Hamas helped them escape amid the chaos surrounding the 2011 uprising that toppled Hosni Mubarak has been debated in the media for months and proved a political headache for Mr. Morsy during his one-year rule as Egypts first freely elected president. Critics in the opposition and judiciary have suggested that proof of foreign intervention on Egyptian soil could lead to treason charges. The issue has taken on more significance since Mr. Morsy was ousted on July 3 by the military following a wave of protests in which millions of Egyptians called on him to step down. The toppled Islamist leader has been kept at an undisclosed Defence Ministry facility and no charges against him have been announced. Hamas has denied any role in the January 29, 2011, jailbreak at Wadi el-Natroun prison northwest of Cairo. Mr. Morsy and other Brotherhood leaders have said local residents helped them escape after most inmates left the Wadi el-Natroun prison northwest of Cairo. The investigation by the state security prosecutors will be rooted in a court case against a former inmate, but Judge Khaled Mahgoub turned what was in effect a low-profile trial into a public inquiry into the escape by Mr. Morsy and the other Brotherhood officials. A series of prison officials, police and intelligence agents testified before the country, some behind closed doors.

take more than a year. The jet itself, though heavily damaged, had no malfunctions in any critical systems, including the engines and flight-control surfaces, the autopilot, the auto throttles and the flight director, Ms. Hersman said. Casualties Two Chinese teens were killed and 180 of the 307 people on board were hurt last Saturday when the airliner slammed into a seawall at the end of the runway. The impact ripped off the

back of the plane, tossed out three flight attendants and scattered pieces of the jet across the runway as it spun and skidded to a stop. The battered passengers, some with broken bones, were told over the jets public address system to stay in their seats for another 90 seconds while the cockpit consulted with the control tower, a safety procedure to prevent people from evacuating into life-threatening fires or machinery.



INFOSYS 2802.75 WIPRO 375.50 TCS 1606.10 L&T 994.10 DRREDDYSLA 2349.90 +10.92% +3.34% +2.94% +2.72% +2.57%

IIP growth hits 11-month low; contracts by 1.6% in May

NEW DELHI, JULY 12: Reflecting a persistent slowdown, industrial production in May contracted by 1.6 percent, lowest in the past 11 months, on account of poor show by the manufacturing and mining sectors. The Industrial of Index Production (IIP) was 1.9 percent in April and 2.5 percent in May last year, as per the data released by Central Statistical Organisation. During April-May the factory output measured in terms of IIP worked out to be meagre 0.1 percent, down from 0.6 percent in the corresponding period last fiscal. Manufacturing sector, which constitutes over 75 percent of the index, contracted by 2 percent in May as against a growth of 2.6 percent in the year-ago month. The mining sector output too declined by 5.7 percent in May, compared to a dip in the production by 0.7 percent in the year-ago period. The capital goods output also saw a contraction of 2.7 percent during the month, as compared to a decline in production by 8.6 percent in the yearago period. Power generation, however, reported an increase of 6.2 percent in May as against a growth of 5.9 percent in same month last year. Overall, 11 of the 22 industry groups in manufacturing sector have shown positive growth in May. In the April-May period of 201314 fiscal, manufacturing grew by just 0.1 percent, compared to 0.4 percent in the first two months of 2012-13. The Mining sector saw a contraction of 4.5 percent in April-May, compared to a dip in the production by 1.7 percent in the year-ago period. The capital goods output also saw a contraction by 1.5 percent in AprilMay, compared to decline in production by 15.2 percent in the two months last year. Electricity generation grew by 5.3 percent in April-May, compared a growth in production by 5.2 percent the year-ago. The consumer goods output also saw contraction of 4 percent in May, compared to a growth of 4.4 percent in same month last year. The production of these goods also declined by one percent in April-May compared to a growth of 4 percent in the period last fiscal. The decline in the output of consumer durables stood at 10.4 percent in May, from a growth of 9.7 percent in the same month of 2012. The segment also saw a decline in output by 9.6 percent in April-May period compared to a growth of 7.5 percent in the corresponding period last fiscal. Consumer non-durables output grew by 1.7 percent in May against a contraction of 0.1 percent in the month a year ago. This segment grew by 6.7 percent in April-May period this fiscal compare to a meagre growth of 1.1 percent in the same month 2012-13. The intermediate goods production grew by 1.5 percent in May, compared to a growth of 3.4 percent in year-ago period. The segment grew by 2.1 percent in AprilMay period compared to a growth of 0.8 percent in the two months last fiscal. The basic goods output declined by 0.4 percent in May, from a growth of 4.4 percent in May 2012. The production of these goods grew by 0.7 percent in April-May period compared a growth of 3.2 percent in the two months last year.


INFOSYS IDFC L&T TCS TATA MOTOR 2804.20 134.85 995.50 1609.85 292.50 +10.91% +3.33% +3.18% +2.90% +2.67%


MARUTI SUZ ONGC MAH&MAH HINDALCO ITC LTD 1452.70 296.30 905.60 101.65 349.80 -3.58% -2.72% -1.38% -1.12% -0.95%


MARUTI SUZ 1447.95-3.83% JAIPRAK AS 52.40 -3.32% ONGC 296.55 -2.69% ULTRATECHC1939.70 -2.04% INDUSINDBA 502.85 -1.54%

Infosys Q1 net up 3.7%, keeps revenue guidance unchanged

ulatory regime and a volatile currency environment, we have done well in Q1 and are cautiously optimistic about rest of the year," Infosys CEO and Managing Director S D Shibulal said.While, India's second largest software services exporter kept its US Dollar revenue guidance unchanged at 6-10 percent for 2013-14 fiscal, it revised its rupee revenue guidance upwards to 1317 percent from 6-10 percent earlier on account of depreciation in the Indian currency. Infosys maintained its "cautiously optimistic" approach due to cross currency movements and regulatory changes in the US, Canada and Australia. "We operate in an environment which has several challenges. Discretionary spend continues to be under stress. There are regulatory changes happening in various parts of the world. We have seen changes in Canada and as recent as a week back, in Australia. US immigration bill is in progress. We remain cautiously optimistic. We have not revised our guidance," Shibulal said.

Trade deficit falls to $12.2 bn in June; exports down 4.56%

NEW DELHI, JULY 12: Subdued import of gold and silver pulled down the trade deficit in June to USD 12.2 billion despite 4.56 percent contraction in exports during the month. Gold and silver imports dipped to USD 2.45 billion in June from USD 8.4 billion in the previous month. However, as compared to June 2012, the imports grew by 22.8 percent. Trade deficit had widened to a sevenmonth high of USD 20.1 billion in May. "The decline in gold and silver imports can be attributable to the steps taken by government specially by the RBI in May and June by which gold imports for domestic use was discouraged. I think that might have translated into lower imports of gold," Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) Anup Pujari told reporters here. Imports declined marginally by 0.37 percent to USD 36 billion during the month.


COPPER COPPER MINI ALMOND DEL SOYMEAL INDR 417.80 417.80 542.75 3864.00 +1.95% +1.95% +0.65% +0.43%
BANGALORE, JULY 12: IT major Infosys on Friday posted a near 4 percent increase in its consolidated net profit for the AprilJune quarter, meeting market expectations, even as the firm maintained a "cautiously optimistic" approach keeping its US dollar revenue guidance unchanged for this fiscal. The Bangalore-based firm, which last month saw the return of its cofounder NR Narayan Murthy in the backdrop of a below than expected performance in the past quarters, added that wage hikes announced in June would have an impact of about 300 basis points on its margins in the next quarter. The company's consolidated net profit rose by 3.7 percent to Rs 2,374 crore for the April-June quarter against Rs 2,289 crore in the year-ago period. Its consolidated revenues rose 17.2 percent to Rs 11,267 crore from Rs 9,616 crore in the year-ago period. Reacting to the results, Infosys shares shot-up by nearly 15 percent in early morning trade to Rs 2,905 on the BSE, one of its highest in almost three months. "Despite facing an uncertain macro environment, changing reg-


SOYMEAL 34000.00+100.00% IND 28.5 MM 42700.00+98.34% YELLO SOYA. 36125.00+96.33% SESAME SEEDS11076.00 +82.05%

Exports stood at USD 23.79 billion against USD 24.9 billion in June 2012. Pujari said that global demand has still not recovered and there was fall in Chinese and Japanese exports too. The chairman of trade promotion body EEPC India, Aman Chadha, said that the two largest markets EU and the US are not supporting. "We have to urgently devise a strategy to reach out to newer markets in Africa and Latin America." Oil imports in the month grew by 13.74 percent to

USD 12.76 billion, compared to USD 11.22 billion in June 2012. Non-oil imports declined by 6.7 percent to USD 23.2 billion. Petroleum exports too grew by 4.42 percent to USD 4.34 billion from USD 4.15 billion in June 2012. For the April-June period this fiscal, exports were down by 1.41 percent at USD 72.45 billion over the same period last year. However, imports during the period were up by 5.99 percent at USD 122.6 billion.

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Team India Australia England South Africa Sri Lanka Pakistan West Indies New Zealand Bangladesh Zimbabwe Ireland Netherlands Kenya Matches 43 34 38 29 44 37 36 29 23 18 10 7 4 Points 5244 3861 4257 3188 4745 3744 3234 2593 1754 986 394 88 40

Rating 122 114 112 110 108 101 90 89 76 55 39 13 10

Tri-series final: India beat Sri Lanka by 1 wicket lifts Celkon Cup
PORT OF SPAIN, JULY 12: India captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni dragged his side to a pulsating one-wicket victory over Sri Lanka in the final of the Tri-Nation Series at Queen's Park Oval on Thursday. Returning to the team after seeming to be ruled out from the rest of the tournament with a hamstring injury eleven days ago, the inspirational wicketkeeperbatsman smashed 16 runs off three deliveries in the final over, bowled by Shaminda Eranga, to take the tournament favourites to 203 for nine in reply to Sri Lanka's 201 all out off 48.5 overs. Less than three weeks after lifting the Champions Trophy to add to the World Cup title of 2011, Dhoni held a rapidly imploding innings together in compiling an unbeaten 45, carting the hapless Eranga for a six, a four and then a six off successive deliveries. "I thought I could target the bowler in that last over because he's not as experienced as some of the others," said the India captain. "I didn't want to take any chances against someone like a (Lasith) Malinga or a (Angelo) Mathews. I think I'm just blessed with good cricketing sense." Last-man Ishant Sharma was only required to survive at the other end and managed to

India retain No. 1 spot in ICC ODI rankings

DUBAI, JULY 12: With back-to-back title victories, world champions India have retained the top spot in the ICC ODI rankings following the annual update of the list announced on Friday. Following their Champions Trophy triumph, India clinched the Tri-Nation Series in Caribbean on Thursday. Under the leadership of MS Dhoni, India held on to the No. 1 position since beating England 3-2 at home in February. At the June ICC Board meeting, the board agreed to change the ODI rankings period from three years to four to ensure that all ODIs played over the four-year cycle between ICC Cricket World Cups count towards a team's ranking at the next event. The 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup will be a 10-team affair and only the top eight boys with the way we fought in defence of a small total though." Sangakkara's wicket was key to India wresting the initiative from their very familiar opponents for he played with assurance and excellent awareness until the urgency of the batting powerplay triggered the risky stroke that brought about his sides on the table will gain automatic qualification. The other teams will have to battle for a place via the qualifiers in 2018. ICC also decided that the annual update to the Test, ODI and T20I rankings will be done on May 1 every year, rather than August 1, to better align with the current international calendar. The updated table now reflects all ODI matches completed after August 1, 2010. All ODI matches played until the start of May 2014 will be added to this table, so that by May 2014, the ratings will be based on just under four years of results. Now, Australia and England have swapped spots after the update. India are on the top with 122 rating points, followed by Australia (114) and England (112). demise to a good catch at mid-on by Vinay Kumar. Kumar's namesake, Bhuvneshwar, made the early strikes for India on a bright, humid morning with the wickets of openers Upul Tharanga and Mahela Jayawardene, the former captain falling for 22 in his 400th One-Day International.

St. Peter's Catholic Church-A enters final

JAMMU, JULY 12: St. Peter's Catholic Church-A today entered into the final of the ongoing Inter Church Cricket championship at Alexander School ground, here. In the semifinals, played today, St. Peter's Church outplayed Church of North India (CNI) by 29 runs. Earlier, batting first, Catholic Church bating first made 155 runs for eight wickets in allotted 12 overs. Ravi and Avinash were main scorers with 56 and 46 runs respectively. From CNI Church, Flavious took four wickets, while Ambrose and Vasu shared apiece each. In reply, CNI Church could not chase the target and completed their 12 overs for 126 runs with four wickets in hand. Tiny Kalyan made highest 65 runs studded with eight sixes and four boundaries. Ambrose contributed 35 runs. From Catholic Church, Avinash took three wickets while Neetu and Ravi bagged one each. Avinash was declared man of the match for allround performance. Today's semifinal was officiated by Rakul, Rajesh Mattoo, Sandeep and Amit as umpires while Sanjay Bhatti was scorer. Now, in the second semifinal, scheduled for Saturday at 3.30 pm, Evengical Church shall take on Catholic Church Akhnoor.

achieve just that, although there were a few anxious moments between his arrival at the crease at 182 for nine and when the captain took responsibility to win the match on his own in the final over. India were actually cruising along at 139 for three in the 32nd over in the best weather of the tournament. But the dismissal of Suresh Raina triggered a collapse which saw four wickets falling for 13 runs, left-arm spinner Rangana Herath turning the screws with two wickets in two balls to finish with the best figures of four for 20.

Opening batsman Rohit Sharma's top score of 58 was inevitably overshadowed by Dhoni's heroics. Sri Lanka endured an even more calamitous collapse after they were put in at the start of the day, losing their last eight wickets for 30 runs after at one stage being promisingly poised at 171 for two in the 38th over. A 122-run secondwicket partnership between Kumar Sangakkara (71) and Lahiru Thirimanne (46) had placed their side in that excellent position. However a succession of injudicious shots saw batsman after batsman gifting his wicket away.

Dhoni marshalled his forces superbly while effecting three stumpings and playing his part in strangling the opposition when they would have been expected to be flourishing and racing towards a formidable total. Ravindra Jadeja benefited most from the rash of indiscretions, claiming four for 23 with his left-arm spin. "We kept taking wrong options because if we had batted properly we would have gotten 230-240," said a rueful Sri Lanka captain Mathews in reflecting on another opportunity for silverware lost. "I'm really proud of the

Gautam Gambhir helped me evolve as Delhi Wrestler Tinu bags Kundra Kesari title opener, says Shubham Khajuria
JAMMU, JUL 12: For young Shubham Khajuria, who became only the second cricketer from the valley to earn a place in the India Under-19 squad, Gautam Gambhir played a key role in shaping up his career. He credits the out-of-favour India left-hander for helping him evolve as an opener. "There were some questions which I used to ask myself as an opener and Gautam Gambhir really helped me to find out answers to those," said Shubham. Gambhir told me how to prepare for a big match and what mindset a player should carry to the field while opening the innings," said the 17-yearold lad from Jammu. Shubham plays for ONGC in the off-season tournaments and it was there he got to meet the likes of Virender Sehwag, Gambhir and Virat Kohli. "It always helps being in the company of players like Virender Sehwag and Gambhir. There is always a lot to learn from their experiences," said a confident Shubham, who was not surprised at his selection in the India U-19 team. JAMMU, JULY 12: Wrestler, Tinku of Delhi clinched the 7th Kundra Kesari dangal title outplaying Kaka of RS Pura in the main bout played near Dev Sathan in village Kundra of district Reasi. Dangal was organized by Kundra Dangal Committee in collaboration with J&K Indian Style Wrestling Association under the overall supervision of Makhan Singh. For winning the title bout, Tinku was awarded with cash prize of Rs 4,000 while runners-up, Kaka got Rs. 3,000. President of J&K Indian Style Wrestling Association, Shiv Kumar Sharma was chief guest, who gave away the prizes. Sarpanch Bodh Raj presided over the function. Sarpanch Karnail and Sarpanch Rattan Singh were the guests of honour. In all, 41 bouts took place in this day-long event. The second main bout won by Bobari of Sarore in Jammu, who defeated Rambir of Haryana. Third bout went to Mohd. Akram of Chouadi in

"It was not a surprise. If you look at my recent record in U-19, I was the highest run getter in the Cooch Behar Trophy with 707 runs, including three century knocks. So I knew I will get my opportunity," he added. Shubham, a right-handed opening batsman, however does not forget to thank his coaches. Asked about the influence former coach Bishan Singh Bedi has left on the Jammu and Kashmir team, Shubham said: "Bedi sir instilled an attitude of playing fearless cricket in us."Bedi sir taught us the mental aspect of the game. He stressed upon mental and physical fitness and that has

helped us a lot. If you see every player has got some talent but it is these two aspects which differentiate best from the rest," said Shubham. Shubham was also full of praise for his childhood coach Virender Sharma. "Virender sir has been coaching me since I was eight or nine. He has been instrumental in my success. Whenever I am in doubt I rush to him for advice and he has always been welcoming," he said. Shubham is a big fan of Suresh Raina, who had made a great impact on the youngster. "His (Raina) passion for the game is amazing. His energy on the field and his

fearless is always great to see him playing. I was lucky to have spent 12 to 13 days with him at the NCA. It was really amazing," recalled the youngster, who has has already played three Ranji Trophy matches for his state apart from six List 'A' and five T20 matches. Asked about the selection of Parvez Rasool in the Indian team for the upcoming tour of Zimbabwe, Shubham said: "His selection has been a morale booster. "It has opened the doors for other cricketers of the state. It has always been great playing alongside him and he has always been helpful," he said.

President J&K Indian Style Wrestling Association, Shiv Kumar Sharma gives away Kundra Kesari dangal title to Tinku of Delhi. Jammu beating Vijay of Bai Bajaltha. The fourth bout went to Murad Ali of Domana outplaying Rahul of RS Pura while Ajay of Landon Power House Udhampur beat Sadiq Ali of Domana Akhara for the fifth bout. In sixth bout Devinder of Domana Akhara downed Balwam Singh of Mahore and the seventh bout won by Deepu of Jammu. Members and technical officials who helped in the conduct of dangal included Sarpanch Bodh Raj, Shakti Paul Singh, Makhan Singh, Bodh Raj, Sudesh, Baldev Raj, Kaka Ram, Yash Paul, Ravi Kumar, Ram Singh, Gul Mohd., Sansar Chand Panch, Mohd. Fareed, Deepak Wazir, Murli Dhar (Munna), Dheeraj Kesar, Bittu Raina, Mukesh Khajuria, Nazir, Master Ram Krishan (Retd.) and Retd. Capt. Lehar Singh. OTHER RESULTS: Teg Singh of Panasa beat Dinu of Domana, Devinder of Domana beat Ajay of Landon Power House, Gur Dayal of Panipat beat Hossiar Singh of Mahore, Laikat Ali of Panthal beat Raju of Matura, Billa of R.S Pura beat Bir Singh of J&K Police, Billa of Patti beat Jagdev Singh of Narkote, Dalip Singh of Narkote beat Jamat Ali of Domana, Sandeep of Delhi beat Mohinder Singh of Ser Suddian Reasi and Teg Ali of Reasi beat Gur Dayal of Haryana.

Chopra Club wins in Friendship Cup

JAMMU, JULY 12: Chopra Club outplayed Poonch House Club, Panjtirthi by three wickets to advance in the next round of the ongoing Friendship Cup Cricket Tournament at DBN ground, Mubarak Mandi, here. Batting first, Poonch House bowled out for 45 runs. Sarabjeet remained top scorer with 16 runs. From Chopra Club, Ali and Ashu were most successful bowlers, who took three and two wickets respectively. In reply, Chopra Club chased the target in nine overs of the 12 overs game for seven wickets. Waqar scored maximum 13 runs, followed by Ashu, who added 12. Gagan took three wickets from Poonch House. For taking three important wickets, Ali was adjudged man of the match. Chinu and Yuvi were umpires in this match while Lavlu was scorer.

India thrash Australia to take Under-19 title

Aniket to represent India at US Golf World Championship

NEW DELHI, JULY 12: Delhi golfer Aniket Sawant is all geared up for the international challenge as he will represent India in the US Kids Golf World Championship and Teen World Championship starting July 25 in North Carolina. The 17-year-old made it into the tournament after winning the qualifying round held last month and will be India's only bet in the championships to be played till August 3. "I am very proud to represent my country. It will be a tough challenge competing against some of the talented juniors of the world. It's a dream to play in the US. It will be a good platform to showcase my skills and get international exposure," Aniket said.

Ganderbal women win district cricket title

SRINAGAR, JULY 12: Ganderbal women registered a fine 100-run win over their counterparts from Bandipora in the final to clinch the District Women's Cricket Championship, organized by Jammu and Kashmir Cricket Association (JKCA). Earlier, after winning the toss and decided to bat, Ganderbal set a huge total target of 162 runs in allotted 20 overs. Shazia Mushtaq played forceful innings of unbeaten 106 runs. Later, Ganderbal bowled out Bandipora for a small total of 61 runs to make it a big 100 runs win. Shazia was adjudged player of the match. District secretary, JKCA, Sheikh Mohammad Shafi appreciated the winners and encouraged those from Bandipora side. He later gave away winners and runners-up trophies as also other individual prizes.

DARWIN, JUL 12: Indian bowlers ripped through the Australian line-up as the team thrashed the hosts by eight wickets to be crowned champions in the Under-19 International Series after a lop-sided final clash on Friday. Opting to bowl after winning the toss, the Indians bowled out Australia for a paltry 75 in 24.4 overs before overwhelming the target in 15.3 overs, losing just two wickets in the process. India never looked troubled in their run chase as they finished the series unbeaten. The Aussies, who spent Thursday night watching one of last year's under-19 representatives, Indian captain Vijay Zol won Player of the Series award after a dominant performance with the bat. The Australian

openers - Matthew Short (25) and Damien Mortimer (10) put 36 runs on the board before the remaining side folded out after adding just 39 more to the total. Left-arm seamer Chama Milind triggered the Australian downfall by getting Short caught by Deepak Hooda at short midwicket. Milind struck again getting Ben McDermott (3) to flick one to square leg. Hooda then grabbed three wickets in his 10 overs that cost just 22 runs. The Indian chase was never in any trouble expected for the early loss Akhil Herwadkar (0). But opener Ankush Bains (40) and No 4 Sanju Samson (20) steered the side home with ease. The only other wicket to fall was of Zol, who departed after scoring 9 runs.

Saina Nehwal ready for World Championships

NEW DELHI, JULY 12: India's top badminton player Saina Nehwal is determined to come out of the rough patch and says she is in perfect shape for next month's World Championships in China. Since winning the Olympic bronze medal in the London Games, the World No.3 has hit a rough patch. Her last win was at the Denmark Open Super series in October. This year, Saina failed to defend her titles at the Thailand Open Grand Prix and Indonesia Open Super Series and only reached the quarterfinals at the Singapore Open. "After the Indian Open (April), I got six weeks' break. I was suffering from a knee injury and then again I fractured my toe. Then I couldn't get much time to prepare for the tournament in Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore," said Saina on the sidelines of the launch of Indian Badminton League (IBL) school programme initiative. After the Thailand Open she dropped to No.4 but again moved up a place after rising star Ratchanok Intanon failed to participate in Indonesia and Singapore. It pushed the Hyderabadi shuttler to No.3 as only 462 points separated

them before the latest rankings. Saina also said that she was eagerly waiting for the inaugural IBL. "I think it (IBL) is the best thing that happened to Indian bad-

minton since the London Olympics. The money is good and the experience of playing with international players will be great for local players," she said.

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